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The Best Prenuptial Agreement Services

Where is the Best Place to Get Help with Your Prenuptial Agreement?

Are you getting married and want to protect your assets and rights? Navigating the world of prenuptial agreements can be complex and overwhelming. Anything legal can feel like a lot - especially when it involves your happily-ever-after. Fortunately, there are professional services available online to assist you every step of the way.

Creating a prenuptial agreement requires careful consideration, thorough research, and a deep understanding of family law. Prenuptial agreement services are dedicated to helping couples protect their assets and establish clear terms for their marriage by offering comprehensive guidance and support throughout the agreement process. With the help of the best prenuptial agreement services, you can ensure that your interests and rights are properly safeguarded.

Monday, May 20th

2024 Prenuptial Agreement Service Reviews

Top Consumer Reviews Best-In-Class Blue Ribbon Award Law Depot Review 5 Star Rating

Law Depot

5 Star Rating
  • Cost: $39 one-time charge for a single document or $107.88 for the year of pro service
  • Option for a 7-day free trial
  • Quiz-based document fill in
  • Easy links to related materials
  • Link to online notary
  • 100% quality guarantee with $10,000 covered in damages
  • "A+" rating and accreditation by the BBB
Top Consumer Reviews Best-In-Class Blue Ribbon Award

Founded in 2001, LawDepot began with a Promissory Note and has since grown to offer over 150 document templates for all 50 states, empowering millions of users to create and customize their own legal documents. With a team of legally-trained professionals, LawDepot ensures thorough and up-to-date templates, providing safe and affordable legal resources. Users can simply answer a few questions to create and edit custom documents, saving money on costly legal fees while maintaining accuracy and confidence in their legal matters.

Quiz-based process

LawDepot has two options for marriage documents: a prenuptial agreement and a postnuptial agreement. These are both started through a detailed quiz. LawDepot asks detailed questions regarding the two parties' residences and personal details, their assets and debt situations, whether or not they have children, issues of spousal support, and so on.

3 pricing options

Once you've gone through the quiz process and included all of the details you want in your prenup document, including choosing whether you want a public notary or if you want to involve lawyers to review your document, you will be asked to select a license to download your prenup. You have three options here:

  • Trial license: this lasts for 7 days and is free. It will auto-renew at $35 per month if you forget to cancel.
  • Agreement license: this is a one-time payment just for a single document. This costs $39 and doesn't renew.
  • 1-year pro subscription: This is purchased for a full year in advance at the cost of $8.05 per month or a total purchase of $107.88 for the year.

It's important to note that this cost is equal to many other DIY law services for the single document but is much cheaper in the pre-paid year-long subscription.

Best Prenuptial Agreement Services

State-by-state documents

One notable feature of LawDepot is its state-specific approach. When you enter your state of residence, you'll be directed to the relevant forms and questions specific to the laws of your jurisdiction. This personalized approach sets LawDepot apart from some of the other prenuptial agreement services we evaluated. Even before you begin creating your document, you can scroll down the page and find helpful information at your fingertips.

View all related materials in one place

LawDepot also offers the convenience of providing several related documents on the same page. For instance, if you determine that a cohabitation agreement is more suitable for your needs, the website conveniently presents this option alongside helpful articles about prenuptial agreements and estate planning. This ensures that you can consider long-term factors while planning your life with your partner.

Online notary available

LawDepot assists users in connecting with notaries when necessary to fulfill the notarization requirements for their prenuptial agreements. While notarization is not typically mandatory for prenups, it serves as a means of validating the document's authenticity and legitimacy, which can be crucial if the agreement is ever contested in court. LawDepot provides quick links to an online notary service where couples can conveniently and expeditiously notarize their prenuptial agreement to reinforce its credibility and legal standing if that's something they want.

Best Prenuptial Agreement Services

100% quality guarantee

In a demonstration of their dedication to excellence and of the superiority of their products, the company provides a set of guarantees. These include a 100% Quality Guarantee, where the company pledges to compensate individuals with $100 if they are the first to discover any errors in the output document. Additionally, they offer a $10,000 Legal Guarantee, assuring customers that they will cover any damages incurred in a legal judgment resulting from the company's failure to maintain the accuracy, validity, and currency of the product documents, up to a maximum amount of $10,000.

Happy customers love LawDepot

As a popular site with customers, LawDepot stands out as a top performer for clients looking to create their own prenups. With an "A+" rating from the Better Business Bureau as well as accreditation, the site stands out as a customer-focused service. As a bonus, the reviews for LawDepot have gotten even more positive recently. For example, across two different third-party review sites, LawDepot has an impressive 4.3-star average rating out of 5 stars across thousands of reviews. Customers rave about this site being easy to use, and they loved the quick download and low cost overall.

Earns the top rating

While we found it difficult to find reviews specifically about prenups, the guarantees offered by LawDepot showcase how seriously they take the correctness and usefulness of documents offered by the service. For all these reasons, LawDepot earns the highest score in our review of online prenuptial services.

Hello Prenup Review 4.5 Star Rating

Hello Prenup

4.5 Star Rating
  • Cost: $599 per couple
  • 3-step prenup in hours
  • Online notary available
  • Helpful legal details for each state
  • Created by lawyers
  • Instant download
  • "A+" rating and accreditation by the BBB

Started in 2021, Hello Prenup is one of the newest services in our review. Promising that the company is committed to changing the perception of prenups, the creators of the company offer a fully online model for creating a prenup with your special someone. Driven by a shared vision, Julia Rodgers, a family law attorney, and Sarabeth Jaffe, a software developer, recognized the challenges faced by couples seeking prenuptial agreements and created Hello Prenup to make prenuptial agreements affordable, approachable, and accessible to all couples.

Easy 3-step process

To get started with Hello Prenup, there are only 3 steps.

  • Step 1 includes completing individual questionnaires as part of the prenuptial agreement process. Hello Prenup provides comprehensive guidance on crucial topics that hold significance for both partners, including separate and marital/community property, debt, pets, joint bank accounts, spousal support/alimony, gifts and inheritances, business ownership, financial disclosures, and more.
  • Step 2 is participating in a guided process and access to relevant content: couples can collaborate on the terms and specific areas pertaining to their prenup, ensuring their ideal situation for their marriage.
  • Step 3 is to generate the agreement and download it. Once both parties sign the prenup and have it notarized, all will be set in preparation for their wedding day.

Hello Prenup promises support through each step, so couples don't have to feel overwhelmed by trying to handle it all themselves.

Low cost for full service

So, what's the cost for this all-in-one prenup service? Hello Prenup offers their program for a flat, one-time fee of $599 per couple. You can download your document right away, and it's ready for notarization by the time you're done. Compared to many services that cost thousands for a prenup, this service offers comprehensive prenup assistance for a fraction of the usual cost.

Best Prenuptial Agreement Services

Helpful hints for each state

One thing we love about Hello Prenup is the detailed pages for prenup, family, and marriage law that are separated by state. Hello Prenup recommends that you follow the laws for the state that you and your spouse plan to reside in (rather than the state you currently reside in). And, to that end, they provide a full range of articles to help couples understand the laws in states where they may be less familiar with the ins and outs. For example, in the state we checked out, Hello Prenup offered tips on legal terminology for that state specifically, what that state allows in a prenup (and what can't be included), updated acts and cases that are relevant to prenuptial agreements in that state, and even the relevant statutes.

Fast and painless notarization

If you're worried about getting your prenup notarized, don't be. Hello Prenup has tons of affiliate lawyers and sites that they partner with to help make the prenup process as smooth as possible. While we do wish the notarization was done in-house, Hello Prenup offers a fast and easy way to get your prenup notarized online. By following Hello Prenup's quick link to Notarize, all you have to do is upload your completed document, verify your identity, and hop on a 15-minute video call with a notary to have your prenup legally signed and ready to go.

Impressive service

Hello Prenup is a top-rated business no matter how you look at it. With an impressive "A+" rating from the Better Business Bureau as well as accreditation, the company stands out from the pack. On top of that, Hello Prenup has amazing ratings from customers across multiple third-party review sites. Considering this company has only been open for a few years, the overwhelmingly positive feedback is especially impressive. Hello Prenup has an average rating of 4.5 stars out of 5 with customers raving about how easy it is to use the service. One couple used the services just two days before their marriage and was able to complete the process in that timeframe. Customers especially love the ability to easily collaborate with their soon-to-be spouses with the online Hello Prenup platform.

Say "Hello!" to Hello Prenup

Hello Prenup has quickly established itself as a game-changer in the prenuptial agreement arena. With a simple 3-step process, Hello Prenup guides couples through just a few hours of work rather than the 3-4 months seen with traditional prenups. Offering comprehensive guidance, state-specific resources, and streamlined notarization, Hello Prenup stands out as a top-rated service with an impressive "A+" rating from the BBB. On top of that, customers love how easy the process is, and the helpful software takes away the stress of DIY-ing your prenup. With its innovative approach, Hello Prenup is revolutionizing the prenup experience, making it accessible and stress-free for all couples, and for these reasons, it stands out with an excellent rating in our evaluation.

Legal Nature Review 4.5 Star Rating

Legal Nature

4.5 Star Rating
  • Cost: $39 per month or $119.04 per year
  • Free trial available for 7 days
  • Questionnaire-guided process
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Checklists to help DIYers
  • "A+" rating and accreditation from the BBB

Legal Nature is a one-stop-shop website that helps customers get the legal documents they need for any purpose. The dedicated team at Legal Nature comprises law, business, and technology professionals who work remotely from various locations across 12 cities and 6 countries. Their collective ambition lies in delivering fully-compliant legal products to customers, accompanied by outstanding customer service. In terms of marriage-specific documents, Legal Nature offers both a prenuptial agreement and a postnuptial agreement for customers who want financial security before and after their marriages.

Questionnaire-guided process

Like a few other sites in our review, Legal Nature utilizes a questionnaire to guide the process of creating your prenup document. The steps are simple: first, users are prompted to gather necessary information about their future spouses and the terms they wish to include. Then, they proceed to complete a concise questionnaire, guided by Legal Nature's interface, which assists in customizing the document to meet their specific needs. Finally, it is essential to thoroughly review the agreement to ensure its accuracy and completeness. Once satisfied, both spouses sign the document, solidifying its legally-binding status.

Middle-ground in terms of cost

So, what does it cost to use Legal Nature? The company offers something called the Legal Nature+ subscription. With this membership, individuals gain access to all the features offered by Legal Nature for a monthly fee of $9.92 if they sign up to pay annually ($119.04/year). Alternatively, users can choose a monthly subscription, which starts with a free 7-day trial and costs $39 per month, allowing flexibility to try the service before making a commitment. This is competitive with other services in this review, though the year-long subscription is a slightly higher cost than our top option and a middle-ground cost for DIY document services.

30-day money-back guarantee

One of the standout features of Legal Nature is its satisfaction guarantee. Legal Nature provides customers with a 30-day money-back guarantee, ensuring their satisfaction with the service. If customers are not content with their experience, Legal Nature is dedicated to resolving any concerns. While it doesn't say what the exact parameters are that Legal Nature uses to determine if you get your money back, they do provide easy links to access their customer service team to get the process started.

Best Prenuptial Agreement Services

Previews available

Customs may appreciate the ability to preview a sample prenuptial agreement. While it may not be tailored to your specific situation, Legal Nature provides a good overview of what to expect before entering your personal details. Additionally, their Help Guide offers valuable information on topics such as separate and shared property, execution of the agreement, and the binding nature of prenups.

Checklists to keep you on task

Those who are more nervous about the DIY process may also benefit from the checklist feature at Legal Nature. To keep you on track, Legal Nature provides a handy running checklist on the side of the page, allowing you to see at a glance how much of the document has been completed. Notably, you have the flexibility to skip certain sections if you're not ready to fill them out, like assets or liabilities, and return to them later when necessary. This can make the document feel more manageable as you fill it out.

Easy to use according to customers

Looking at the overwhelming number of positive customer reviews, with over 3,000 independently-verified ratings, it's clear that Legal Nature excels at keeping its clients happy. With an average rating of 4.3 out of 5 stars, their service is highly regarded and trusted. On top of that, Legal Nature has a great score with the Better Business Bureau: a top rating of "A+" as well as accreditation. Customers loved the easy directions and the ability to quickly download the documents and print them at home.

Competitive DIY site

Legal Nature is a fantastic option for creating your prenuptial agreement online. The process is straightforward, and their pricing plans provide flexibility whether you need a single document or access to a range of legal forms. It is highly competitive with other services that help you to do it yourself, and for these reasons, it's one of our top competitors.

Rocket Lawyer Review 4 Star Rating

Rocket Lawyer

4 Star Rating
  • Cost: $39.99 per month for membership
  • 7-day free trial
  • Offer prenup and postnuptial agreements
  • Free 30-minute consultation
  • Lawyers on call
  • "A+" rating and accreditation by the BBB

Rocket Lawyer offers a unique membership-based service. This feature sets it apart by offering a diverse array of legal assistance.

Wide range of legal services

Whether you find yourself in need of expert guidance for patent filings, incorporating your business, drafting a will, or creating a prenuptial agreement, Rocket Lawyer is equipped to cater to your particular legal needs. By providing a wide range of services under one roof, Rocket Lawyer ensures convenience and accessibility for individuals and businesses seeking comprehensive legal assistance. One of the best parts? They offer a 7-day free trial which could allow an industrious couple to complete their prenup document completely free of charge.

DIY documents

Rocket Lawyer provides two documents for couples looking for financial clarity: a prenuptial agreement and a postnuptial agreement. Both documents follow the current legal conventions for each with the prenup usually being signed prior to the wedding and the postnuptial for those who want to enter into a financial agreement after the actual wedding day. However, it is important to note that Rocket Lawyer does not file the documents for you, though they will review the documents to ensure everything is correct. You will need to check with a lawyer during the process to ensure that you're following all the laws and requirements for your particular state, as this will change depending on where you're located.

Best Prenuptial Agreement Services

Low-cost membership with free trial

Joining Rocket Lawyer is a straightforward process with various memberships to choose from.

  • One particular benefit of Rocket Lawyer is their free trial. You have 7 days of free services to try out the site and draft your prenup without any financial commitment.
  • The monthly charge for membership at Rocket Lawyer costs $39.99 per month.
  • Alternatively, there is an annual payment option priced at $239.99, which offers a 50% discount compared to monthly payments for a year.
  • For a more comprehensive experience and to explore all their services, you can try the Premium plan for just $5. It's worth noting that the $5 Premium trial may not be immediately visible on the Rocket Lawyer website, but becomes available as you progress through your prenuptial agreement documents.

Could complete your document for free

Although Rocket Lawyer previously provided the option to purchase documents for a fee, it seems that this feature is no longer offered. On the other hand, with the 7-day free trial, a very prepared couple could complete their prenup document before the trial is over. And, if you need more time, subscribing to their monthly plan for only one month at a cost of $39.99 would still be cost-effective. This subscription grants you access to Rocket Lawyer's extensive library of services, making the benefits more well-rounded compared to just doing the prenup (maybe get your will drafted at the same time).

Access to legal help included

With a Premium membership, you get a cool perk: a free 30-minute consultation for your prenup with Rocket Lawyer. This will be especially handy if you need to ask about your state laws to complete your prenup forms or ask any important questions about how to fill it out to best serve you and your future (or current) spouse. On top of this consultation, Rocket Lawyer also includes a feature called Document Defense. If any issues arise with your prenuptial agreement, Rocket Lawyer's on-call attorneys will review your situation and guide you in getting back on track. If you require the services of an attorney, Rocket Lawyer offers a 40% discount on hourly fees when you hire a professional through their platform.

Best Prenuptial Agreement Services

Best for couples who can do it themselves

It's important to note that this service, despite some options for legal help, is mostly DIY. You and your spouse will need to fill out the documents with the relevant information, and you will have to file them yourselves. Compared to some other prenuptial agreement services online, Rocket Lawyer is helpful and informative, but it feels a little more hands-on than some couples will want. On the other hand, we do love that the prenuptial agreement here comes with a lot of reading material to help you understand how to complete the process: confident and prepared DIYers may be well-suited to this cost-effective service.

Top-tier for satisfied customers

If you're looking for a service that has an awesome reputation, Rocket Lawyer is one for you, no doubt about it. They've got an "A+" rating and full accreditation from the Better Business Bureau, and reviewers on the BBB site give them an impressive average of 4.6 out of 5 stars. They also score a solid 4.7 out of 5 stars on trusted third-party review sites, with thousands of reviews backing up that rating. People love how easy it is to use their legal documents and feel they're getting bang for their buck. While not many of these reviews specifically mention prenuptial agreements, it's clear that Rocket Lawyer is a top player in the world of online legal services. They're winning over customers left and right.

Great if you want to be hands-on

Rocket Lawyer offers an affordable option for couples seeking prenuptial agreements. While it may not be one of the top performers of the requirement for users to handle the filing process themselves, it does have several advantages. Their membership model provides budget-friendly access to a wide range of legal services, making it a convenient choice for individuals and businesses with diverse legal needs. Additionally, Rocket Lawyer has a stellar reputation, with high ratings and positive customer reviews from reputable sources. Although the service is mostly DIY, confident and prepared users can benefit from the informative resources provided. Overall, Rocket Lawyer stands out as a top player in the field of online legal services, earning the trust and satisfaction of many customers.

Legal Templates Review 3.5 Star Rating

Legal Templates

3.5 Star Rating
  • Cost: $39.95 per month or $95.88 per year
  • Fill-in-the blanks style document
  • Save for later feature
  • Preview your information in the document
  • Legal resources available
  • "A-" rating and accreditation by the BBB

Founded in 2015, Legal Templates was established with the goal of empowering individuals to make informed legal decisions by simplifying the process of dealing with legal paperwork.

Variety of automated services

Through collaboration with legal experts, they have developed automated solutions that are significantly more cost effective than traditional lawyer fees. With over eight and a half million legal documents and contracts created, Legal Templates has emerged as a leading form builder in the nation. They offer comprehensive assistance in generating various documents for business, real estate, and personal purposes, ranging from starting a startup to navigating divorce proceedings, planning wills, and (you guessed it) prenuptial agreements.

Fill-in-the blanks

The process for creating a document with Legal Templates is simple for anyone familiar with doing their own taxes. The click-through method allows you to fill in boxes with relevant information and skip through the navigation tab to fill out what you want and to come back to other steps later. In addition, there are some helpful features, like a save button to return to your document later, which will prompt you to make an account. There is also a preview button that will allow you to see your prenup as an image with all of your (currently added) details filled in.

Full access for a monthly payment

In terms of pricing, Legal Templates used to have a price for a single document; however, that's changed recently. Following many of their competitors which use a monthly subscription for legal documents, Legal Templates offers two payment options:

  • Monthly Plan: This costs $39.95 per month
  • Annual Plan: This costs $7.99 per month but is billed annually for a total of $95.88 per year (the cheapest annual plan in our review)

Either payment plan gets you unlimited access to all legal forms at Legal Templates, unlimited copies and downloads, and the ability to update and save forms digitally on the Legal Templates platform.

Best Prenuptial Agreement Services

Great resource to get started

Among all the services we reviewed, Legal Templates offers truly competitive and comprehensive information prior to creating a prenup document. If you're just starting your research, Legal Templates could be an excellent starting point to gain a better understanding of the various issues and considerations involved. The website provides valuable insights through blogs and info pages on what a prenuptial agreement entails, who might require one, the pros and cons, and most importantly, how to ensure the validity of your document.

Refunds available within 30 days

It took us a while to find it, but Legal Templates does have a refund policy. While this isn't the same as the satisfaction guarantee offered by competitors, it's nice to see the company working to provide customers with some protection. Refund requests need to be made within 30 days of purchase in order for the company to process them. However, there are no details on how Legal Templates decides when to issue a refund.

High star ratings, but BBB score has gone down

Legal Templates is one of the top contenders with customers in our review. Across the board, the company has received no lower than a 4.5-star rating average with some third-party review sites showing a score as high as 4.8 stars out of 5. However, compared to most of the "A+" services in this review, Legal Templates only had an "A-" from the Better Business Bureau, which is lower than it was previously. But, it's worth noting that the business is still accredited. While the rating is still an "A" -level score, we want to be more cautious with a company whose rating has fallen recently.

Lowest price, but not a top performer

Considering Legal Templates' annual prices are lower than most competitors, this option is great to consider. However, with some things like a less-than-stellar refund policy or their score at the BBB falling recently, we can't rate this service as high as its low pricing might deserve. For this reason, it gets a solid 3.5-star rating from Top Consumer Reviews as it definitely isn't outperforming the "A+" services in this review. On the other hand, if price is one of your driving factors, this site may be a great service for you, especially if you want more legal documents than just your prenup.

Prenup Planner Review 3 Star Rating

Prenup Planner

3 Star Rating
  • Cost: starts at $1,485
  • Three options to tailor the price and experience
  • Process is completely hands-off for couples
  • Articles to educate on prenup concerns

Established by a legal professional, who claims to be licensed and accredited by the Better Business Bureau, Prenup Planner is a service whose primary goal is to simplify the process of obtaining a prenuptial agreement online, allowing customers to focus on more important aspects of their lives. With expertise in prenuptial agreements, they offer a reliable and affordable solution, avoiding the risks associated with free online boilerplate forms.

Prenups personalized through a survey

Prenup Planner simplifies the process of creating a personalized prenuptial agreement by providing a comprehensive and efficient four-step approach that allows customers to be truly hands-off during the process.

  • First, individuals are guided to choose the most suitable coverage plan from options like Basic, Deluxe, or Premier,
  • Second, Prenup Planner offers an online relationship survey that collects detailed information to tailor the prenuptial agreement precisely to the individual needs of each couple. The goal is to avoid generic templates and treat customers like individuals.
  • Third, Prenup Planner's network of experienced independent lawyers takes over the process from here. They expertly draft the prenuptial agreement and thoroughly review the coverage to guarantee its accuracy and effectiveness. Throughout this phase, individuals have the advantage of being paired with a dedicated lawyer who specializes in their specific case, offering professional guidance and addressing any concerns or queries.
  • Fourth, once all parties involved are satisfied with the final prenuptial agreement, Prenup Planner facilitates the signing process. The agreement is signed by respective legal counsels, and a final copy is promptly delivered to the individual's email. At this point, the prenuptial agreement is ready for implementation, requiring only the printing and signing of the document in the presence of a local notary.

Articles and details in the learning center

One thing we really love about Prenup Planner is the Learning Center. Even though the site takes all the stress off your shoulders by handling the prenup writing, they still go the extra mile to make sure customers feel like they're fully educated on the process. With helpful articles that provide information on how marriage works as a contract, why you might want a prenup and what you should include in the document, and understanding the details like spousal support and alimony in different states makes it a great resource for people just curious about prenups. And you can access all this for free.

Best Prenuptial Agreement Services

Fully hands-off packages

So, what does this amazing hands-off approach cost? There are three packages at Prenup Planner, and they're not the cheapest, but the flat-rate fees are transparent. For a process that takes the stress completely out of the prenup, it may be worth the cost. The price options include:

  • Basic package: $1,485
    • 1 attorney
    • Free initial consultation
    • 3-day turnaround
    • Extensive individualized survey
  • Deluxe package: $2,650
    • 2 attorneys
    • Free initial consultation
    • 3-day turnaround
    • Extensive individualized survey
    • Spousal support clause
  • Premier package: $3,650
    • 2 attorneys
    • Free initial consultation
    • 3-day turnaround
    • Extensive individualized survey
    • Spousal support clause
    • Significant Asset & Liability Protection

No guarantee available

One thing we would have loved to see with Prenup Planner is a satisfaction guarantee of some kind. Since this option is much more expensive than other services available for prenuptial agreements, it would have been nice to see a clearly-stated guarantee or refund policy. We're not sure if the company doesn't have one at all, or if it's simply not clearly visible. It might be worth it to check with their customer service before securing their services if you're particularly worried about cost.

Best Prenuptial Agreement Services

Not verified or reviewed

In terms of reputation, the company claims to have been started by a lawyer that is accredited by the BBB. However, upon searching the database we couldn't find information to support that. Neither Prenup Planner nor its parent company Legal Solutions, LLC has a presence on the BBB site, which was disappointing. On top of that, the site doesn't have any reviews at trusted and verified third-party review sites. For this reason, we don't feel overly confident recommending this expensive service over others that are accredited and have verified reviews.

Most hands-off service

Prenup Planner offers a convenient and efficient solution for obtaining a prenuptial agreement online. While the packages offered by Prenup Planner may not be the most affordable, the transparent flat-rate fees provide peace of mind for those seeking a stress-free experience. But when you consider the absence of a satisfaction guarantee and the lack of verification or reviews it raises some concerns about the credibility and reliability of the service. As such, individuals may want to explore other accredited alternatives with verified reviews before committing to the higher-cost Prenup Planner. However, if hands-off prenups are your primary goal, this is definitely worth your time to check out.

US Legal Forms Review 2.5 Star Rating

US Legal Forms

2.5 Star Rating
  • Cost: between $8-$39 per month or $15-$59 per month
  • Pre-made packages for your specific state
  • Packages include all relevant documents

US Legal Forms has been open since 1999 and offers a diverse range of legal document packages, catering to various legal situations. With over two decades of experience in the industry, the company should have a solid reputation; however, when diving into the specifics of US Legal Forms, this appears to not be the case, especially once we checked out the reviews and ratings for the company overall. But, in terms of marriage agreements, US Legal Forms offers both prenuptial and postnuptial agreements, catering to all couples who want to enter into a more financially secure marriage agreement.

Find your forms and choose your state

To get started with the premarital agreement package at US Legal Forms, you just need to specify your state. US Legal Forms specializes in state-specific document packages, and the company recognizes that legal requirements can vary from state to state. This attention to detail helps address any state-specific legal issues, making the documents more accurate and reliable.

Package includes all relevant documents

The packages for prenuptial agreements offer a comprehensive set of forms that cover various aspects such as the marriage itself, disclosure of assets and debts, and property rights following the marriage. Included in the package are essential forms such as:

  • Prenuptial Premarital Agreement without Financial Statements
  • Amendment to Prenuptial or Premarital Agreement
  • Financial Statements only in Connection with Prenuptial Premarital Agreement
  • Revocation of Premarital or Prenuptial Agreement

These forms clearly outline the rights, duties, and obligations of the prospective parties during the marriage, as well as in the event of its termination through death or divorce.

Best Prenuptial Agreement Services

Competitive pricing if you only want prenups

The pricing for US Legal Forms is offered in both a month-to-month payment style and an annual payment style. Each payment period offers two different memberships: Basic and Premium. The fee schedule for these options appears as follows:

  • Basic: $39/month on the monthly schedule or $8/ month on the annual schedule ($96 total per year). In the basic package, you get access to over 85,000 forms, templates, planning forms, and business and corporate forms.
  • Premium: $59/month on the monthly schedule or $15/ month on the annual schedule ($180 total per year). With the premium package, you get all of the items in the basic package as well as services for Last Will, Power of Attorney and Living Will/Health Care Directive, and a 50% off special for business formation services.

On the bright side, for couples who only want a prenup, this could be a relatively cheap option.

Previews are not detailed

While US Legal Forms offers valuable document packages, one drawback is the limited preview available for potential customers. Although they provide a glimpse of the premarital agreement forms for your state, the preview is restricted to the initial few introductory pages. This limitation hinders customers from fully evaluating the content and structure of the documents, which could be an important consideration in the decision-making process.

Recent fall in reputation

While many of the aspects of US Legal Forms are competitive, when we got to the reviews and reputation, it stood out in a bad way. Formerly holding an "A+" rating from the BBB (listed on the website for US Legal Forms), the company has fallen all the way to the "NR" (not rated) label. Even more concerning, based on BBB records, this company has a history of receiving complaints from customers who have experienced difficulties obtaining refunds for annual subscriptions. Consumers claim that the terms and conditions are misleading, and the purchasing process is confusing, leading to unexpected charges for customers. With an alert for the business active at the time of our review, we don't recommend using this service over others even if it is cost-effective.

Reputation makes us a little concerned

Overall, US Legal Forms is a mid-range option, but the fall from an "A+" service down to an "NR" service doesn't set it apart as a company you want to trust your money with. With this in mind, we recommend checking out some of the other services in our review first. While this isn't the worst service out there, there are many higher-rated services with similar pricing to US Legal Forms and they have more reputable grades from the BBB.

Nolo Review 1 Star Rating


1 Star Rating
  • Cost: $24.49 for downloadable eBook or $27.99 for eBook + printed book
  • Created by lawyers
  • Offers worksheets and financial assistance
  • "A+ rating by the BBB

Nolo has been a prominent player in the legal document resources industry for nearly five decades, selling close to two million books and products and boasting a network of over 30,000 local lawyers. However, when it comes to creating a prenuptial agreement, Nolo takes a different approach compared to other services. Instead of a step-by-step questionnaire, they offer a book titled "Prenuptial Agreements: How to Write a Fair & Lasting Contract," currently in its 6th edition. This book aims to assist you in planning for future peace of mind.

Workbook for a true DIYer

Nolo's process doesn't help you make the prenup. Instead, the company provides a book to teach you how to do it yourself. To make it transparent what you're getting with this purchase, Nolo provides prospective customers with the complete table of contents and a sample chapter, ensuring that you are fully informed before purchasing the eBook for $24.49 or opting for the eBook/printed book combo priced at $27.99. The book includes worksheets that can help you calculate your financial outlook, analyze your credit history, and evaluate your spending habits.

Web and book combo

It is worth noting that Nolo's process may seem cumbersome, as they mention that the book comes with a website. In today's digital age, having an accompanying website is expected, and the other online services in the prenuptial agreement market offer this as a standard feature. The book's first appendix contains the URL where you can access all the forms included in the book, as well as any updates that may have been posted on the website. However, other providers integrate these updates seamlessly into their services, without requiring users to seek them out separately.

Homework for the happy couple

If you're hoping for extra help with this service, you shouldn't. Nolo is a service for the true do-it-yourself couple. While the book was written by legal experts, you're not going to get much help along the way. While some hands-on folks might like the worksheets and financial calculations in the book, we can't imagine a lot of couples wanting extra homework while they're in the process of planning their wedding.

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Add a lawyer to the mix

Oh, and if you were excited about doing it alone, there's a catch. Nolo emphasizes the importance of working with a lawyer during the prenuptial agreement process. This is due to the book's generic information approach, as it provides only an overview of each state's laws. Without the guidance of a lawyer, there is a risk of creating a document that may not be legally binding or clear. In contrast, higher-ranked services in our review have been designed to address state-specific intricacies and offer comprehensive legal guidance.

Customers have lots of complaints

Nolo has a decent reputation with the BBB, but that's where it ends. Their "A+" rating is a compliment to the service, but customers who have actually used Nolo are saying that it may not deserve such a high score. Across different third-party review sites, Nolo has only received an average rating of 2 stars out of 5. According to customer complaints, it falls short when compared to other online providers of prenuptial agreements. Customers complain that the site doesn't have tech support and many of the on-site features don't work. Other customers have noted that they struggle to get a hold of customer service and don't feel supported by Nolo.

Say "No thanks" to Nolo

Overall, the services offered by Nolo pale in comparison to the benefits provided by its competitors. With numerous alternatives offering free access to document creation, choosing another provider is likely to result in a smoother and more cost-effective experience. For this reason, Nolo is our lowest-rated service for prenuptial agreements: it's pretty much the same as going directly to a lawyer, but you have to buy a book first.

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The best prenuptial agreement services understand that each couple's situation is unique, and they tailor their approach to meet your specific needs. Whether you're a young couple starting your life together, or individuals with significant assets, these services offer personalized solutions to help you create a prenuptial agreement that suits your circumstances. And with the convenience of online platforms, accessing such services has never been easier.

With just a few clicks, you can connect with experienced professionals who will guide you through the agreement process. These services provide a seamless experience, offering secure document sharing, clear communication channels, and timely updates on the progress of your agreement.

In the United States, there are different options for prenuptial agreements. These include traditional prenuptial agreements, which outline the division of assets, debts, and financial matters in the event of divorce or separation, as well as potential spousal support. Postnuptial agreements serve a similar purpose but are established after the marriage has taken place.

Property agreements focus on clarifying ownership and division of specific assets like real estate, businesses, investments, or valuable personal items. Financial agreements cover a broader range of financial matters, including the management of income, expenses, debts, and financial responsibilities throughout the marriage. Additionally, some couples opt for lifestyle clauses within their prenuptial agreements, which address various lifestyle choices such as fidelity, division of household chores, and religious practices.

So, if you and your special someone are looking to create a safer situation for your assets or just help each other be more transparent with finances, there are plenty of services out there to help you get started. If you're looking at all the options and feeling like you don't know where to start, don't stress. Here are a few things to consider that might help you narrow down the service you want to pick for your prenuptial agreement:

  • Price. Are you looking for a service that allows you to buy your documents in one go? Or are you looking for something where you can subscribe and get legal help along the way? Prices vary greatly for prenuptial agreements online. They can range from $39 for a few documents up to thousands of dollars. Keep your ideal budget in mind to help narrow your options.
  • Work. How much work do you want to put in on your prenup? Are you easily stressed out by the process and want a service that will take the task off your hands? Or are you a DIY fan ready to get those documents together with your future spouse? Keep an eye on the workload to help you determine which service is right for you.
  • Guarantees. Not all services offer guarantees for their work, but the ones that do are amazing when you find them. Look for return policies or guarantees if you want to feel super confident in the service you choose.
  • Customer satisfaction. Reading reviews can serve as a valuable tool for gauging your confidence in a specific service. You don't want to start with a prenup service only to find out couples like you have had a horrible experience. Checking on the user ratings and consulting the Better Business Bureau (BBB) rating can provide valuable insights into a company's overall reputation and standing and help you make a more informed choice.

If you're looking for some help with prenuptial agreements, Top Consumer Reviews has got your back. We've put together a list of the best - and the worst - online prenuptial services out there. So, instead of stressing about postnuptial finances, you can get back to doing what you love: building a strong and happy relationship and enjoying your happily-ever-after.

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Prenuptial Agreement Service FAQ

A prenuptial agreement (often shortened to "prenup" ) is a legal contract that is most often used to establish expectations surrounding assets within an upcoming marriage. Getting married combines financial assets and debts, and a prenup can be used to protect each spouse from being burdened with the other's obligations in the event of a separation or divorce.
We all know lawyers are expensive. If you go that route, with each of you hiring an attorney, you'll spend thousands of dollars. On the other hand, there are a number of DIY options that allow you to create, download and print all of the required forms for a legal prenup.
Most agreements include tangible property like homes, cars, and belongings, as well as financial assets like bank accounts, investments or business ownerships. Debts can also be addressed as property, establishing that a spouse won't become responsible for the other's financial liabilities if the marriage ends. If either spouse has children from a previous relationship, a prenup can specify whether or not marital income can be used to support those children.
No. If there have been big changes since the agreement was drawn up (like a lottery win, for example), it could be overturned in a divorce. A prenuptial agreement offers good legal protection, but it's not a guarantee.
That's lovely (no pun intended) , but with 50% of marriages winding up in divorce it's clear that love isn't always enough. If you and your future spouse have significant student debts, plan to run a business together, or are bringing assets into the marriage that you don't want considered as marital property, a prenup is a wise choice.
Yes. But, all is not lost if you didn't get it done before "I do" : you can also arrange for a "postnup" at any time. The cost and price will be the same as a prenuptial agreement, and you can still specify all of the same terms regarding assets, debts, and so forth.
Yes. There are a number of services that walk you through the process of creating the prenup. Most of them go to great lengths to frequently review and revise the documents they offer, to make sure they include the most up-to-date information and requirements of state and federal laws as applicable.
Different laws may apply to legal agreements and marital property. If you relocate, it would be wise to determine what the laws are in your new state and potentially rework your prenup (thus making it a postnup).
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