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Diet To Go Review

Tuesday, March 28th

2023 Prepared Meal Reviews

Diet To Go Review 2 Star Rating

Diet To Go

2 Star Rating
  • 4 meal plans: Balance, Balance-D, Keto-Carb30, Vegetarian
  • "A+" rated by the BBB
  • In business for over 30 years
  • $19.98 shipping

With a name like Diet To Go, it's no surprise that this company's prepared meals are centered on weight loss. In business for over 30 years, Diet To Go wants to make it as easy as possible for you to eat healthy, with nutritionally-balanced entrees that come frozen and can be eaten whenever you need them.

What does it cost, exactly?

Diet To Go isn't really what we'd call straightforward with respect to pricing. Yes, we got some pop-up discounts: 50% off our order if we gave them an email address and an extra 5% if we included a mobile number and consented to marketing texts. Those offers didn't give us any savings on the regularly-priced shipping fees of $19.98/order, though. And, we were well into the sign-up process before Diet To Go gave us an inkling that we'd be paying $200/week or more on our prepared meals.

Website oopsies

When you start the process of ordering prepared meals here, you're asked for your age, gender, activity level, height and weight. That seems to be for the purpose of calculating your BMI: we were briefly given a page that displayed that information (though it looked incorrect), but then it disappeared without a trace or an explanation anywhere else.

Set your meal preference

Once you've verified via zip code that Diet To Go serves your area, you'll choose a meal plan. These include Balance (no pork or red meat), Balance-D (the option for diabetics), Vegetarian, or Keto-Carb30 (30 net carbs daily). The Balance and Keto menus ask you to indicate if you'd prefer original or "no seafood" entrees. Next, choose either the men's or women's plan, depending on how many total calories you want each day (1200/women, 1600 or less/men). Last, you set whether you want meals for five or seven days per week, and if they should include just lunch and dinner or breakfast as well.

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Swap out any meals you don't like

Once you've finalized your choices and paid for your first week, you'll customize your plan. All of the prepared meals go through a five-week rotation, which you can preview on the Diet To Go site before you make a commitment (whew). If you get any selections you don't like, it's no problem to swap them with other options in that week's menu. That can be done online or on the app through Diet To Go's menu management feature.

Hard to find recent, positive customer reviews

It's fantastic that the Better Business Bureau still offers an "A+" rating for Diet To Go, and that only one complaint was filed there in the past three-year period. That listing is found under DTG's parent company, New Century Food Corp. So why are there many more negative reviews elsewhere? We found references to low-quality packaging, disappointing food, and struggles to get help from the customer service team with such problems. Positive or negative, most comments were from several years ago and not recent at all. Maybe that's why the BBB grade is so high.

Not a satisfying way to lose weight

We're not convinced that Diet To Go is a great way to shed some pounds. There are so many weight loss strategies out there, and portion control is one of them - but that doesn't mean you have to settle for poor quality food (and maybe even worse customer service) to do that. TV dinners from the grocery store can do that, and for a lot less money. We don't think Diet To Go is a prepared meal company you'll like.

Which Prepared Meal Company is the Best?

We've all got so many tools at our disposal these days when it comes to mealtime: the traditional drive-thru run on our way home, getting our groceries delivered by Instacart, or even having our favorite take-out brought right to our house by DoorDash or UberEats. But, let's face it: many of those options are unhealthy, expensive, or both. And even with getting our shopping done online and our supermarket hauls delivered, we still have to do the cooking. Ugh!

Fortunately, prepared meal companies can help you eat healthy at the end of a hectic day (or even on the job). These aren't your average grocery store TV dinners, either. Sure, you can opt for frozen meals if you prefer, particularly for longer-term storage, but you've also got the option of having freshly-made, refrigerated meals that only need to be heated for a few minutes in the microwave.

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Prepared Meal FAQ

Prepared meal subscriptions are popular for the same reason your favorite fast food joint has a long line at the drive-through at dinnertime: they're convenient! Imagine never having to go grocery shopping again! However, most people who subscribe to a prepared meals plan use it to supplement their regular cooking rather than replacing every single meal (e.g. just for a few dinners a week, for all weekend meals, etc.).
That depends on the service you select. Some specialize in reheat-and-eat meals similar to a traditional TV dinner, while others deliver all of the ingredients you need to prepare the recipes they provide. There are also options for holiday meals, special occasion dinners, plus sides and desserts if you want to impress the crowd at your next office potluck - without having to do the work yourself!
Two words: convenience and taste. Would you rather come home to another dinner of ramen or PB&J, or to a box of fresh ingredients that you can pull together into a restaurant-quality meal in just a few minutes? Subscribing to a prepared meals service can help you get out of your fast food rut, spare you the agony of yet another week of meal planning and grocery shopping, or just add some welcome variety to your eating habits.
You might be surprised. Most prepared meal services let you see customer comments on each dish - while some might not have been a huge favorite, most have hundreds (if not thousands) of rave reviews. And, if you're not known for being terribly creative or skilled in the kitchen, prepared meals can help you get out of your comfort zone and expand your taste horizons.
It will definitely cost more than if you bought all of the ingredients and prepared them yourself. But, the per-meal cost is typically less than what you'd spend in a restaurant. Expect a cost-per-serving somewhere between $8 and $12, depending on the plan you select.
Most services offering prepared meals have several options to choose from, either as an overall plan (like vegan or gluten-free) or on a meal-by-meal basis where you choose from a menu of meals for the month and can avoid any ingredients that you prefer not to have.
Unfortunately, most prepared meal plans aren't going to be affordable if you're feeding a crowd every night. There are a few that cater to larger families (or that have more portions per delivery so that you can have leftovers, feed houseguests, etc.). These services even have some menus that are designed to be more kid-friendly.
That depends on the service. If your meals arrive in bad condition - rotten ingredients, thawed meals that were supposed to be frozen at the time of delivery, and so forth - you'll usually get a refund or a replacement. A few providers of prepared meals offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee with a refund or store credit, regardless of the reason.
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Continued from above...

Prepared meals are especially useful if you're trying to follow a special diet. Getting used to "going keto" , managing diabetes-friendly foods, or knowing what to eat on a renal diet can be frustrating and time-consuming. When you choose a prepared meal company, it relieves some of that burden from your shoulders - until you feel confident doing it on your own, or for as long as you like.

Some customers order prepared meals to help out in a time of need. For families of seniors who are struggling to get adequate nutrition - because they can't get to the store, their mobility or cognition is impaired, or they've got other challenges - these services offer them the peace of mind that their loved ones are consistently getting meals that are well-balanced and easy to prepare.

How does it work? Many companies require you to sign up for a recurring subscription: you choose the number of meals per week and the servings per meal, and they'll be delivered regularly unless you pause the plan, skip a particular delivery, or cancel the service. Others allow you to place orders as needed, but you'll often pay a higher per-serving cost for a la carte prepared meals.

Not sure which provider to pick? Don't worry. Here are a several criteria you can use to narrow down the options for prepared meals:

  • Fresh or Frozen. Do you have a preference? Keep in mind that most meals that are delivered fresh can still be put in the freezer for at least a few weeks.
  • Preferred Menu. Are you trying to follow a particular eating plan, like a weight loss diet or a strictly vegan lifestyle? Choose the prepared meal company that has recipes you'll actually want to eat.
  • Flexibility. Will you need to commit to a delivery schedule? If so, how easy is it to change days or skip a shipment? Can the meals be modified to be more to your liking, such as changing fish for chicken or adding more protein? Are there any extras you can add to your box, to save you a trip to the store?
  • Value. How much will you pay per meal, and how does that compare with what you'd normally spend at the store? Is it worth the cost for the convenience you'll get? Are there any discounts or other ways to save money?
  • Customer feedback. What do people say about the prepared meals and the company providing them? Does everything arrive well-chilled or still-frozen, or are there problems with thawed ice packs and other delivery issues? How's the taste? Does the company's customer service team handle problems poorly or professionally?

TopConsumerReviews.com has made it easier for you to find the right prepared meal company for your needs, by evaluating and ranking today's most popular services. We hope that this information will help you spot the perfect menu and take advantage of this fantastic time-saver. Let's eat!

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