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Fresh N Lean Review

Saturday, June 25th

2022 Prepared Meal Company Reviews

Fresh N Lean Review 3.5 Star Rating

Fresh N Lean

3.5 Star Rating
  • Protein + is $10.36 per meal, $155.35 weekly
  • Keto is $10.63 per meal, $159.50 weekly
  • Paleo is $10.63 per meal, $159.50 weekly
  • Vegan is $8.45 per meal, $126.80 weekly
  • Meals arrive already prepared and with refrigeration packets
  • Organic, non-GMO, and certified-humane ingredients
  • Weekly delivery
  • Variety of Meal Plan choices, including Vegan and Keto

Are you interested in eating fresh meals without any preparation? Is your goal to eat more organic foods, but you don't want to make the effort to find the ingredients? Fresh n' Lean is a California-based healthy-meal delivery service. Their meals are made fresh and delivered weekly, directly to your home or workplace. Whether you are going keto, low carb, or something in between, there is a meal plan for you. It's possible to even add desserts, snacks, or make an a-la-carte order.

Healthy and organic

Fresh n' Lean wants to make healthy eating accessible to everyone. They offer fresh, refrigerated, vacuum-sealed, organically-grown, whole-food meals to support a healthy lifestyle. The meals for the week arrive every Friday, already prepared, ready to heat and eat. Their ingredients are non-GMO, and any animal products are free-range and certified humane.

10+ years in business

In 2010, 18-year old Laureen prepared meals for her family, then started delivering them to her community in Tupperware containers, and thus began her company. A year later, the company went online. By its sixth year, over 1 million meals had been delivered across the nation, and by the following year, they had 75 dedicated employees. Two years later, the company had grown to over 225 employees, sold over 7 million meals, and donated over 200,00 meals to those in need.

Four meal plan choices

Fresh n' Lean has four plans to choose from: Protein +, Keto, Paleo, Plant-Based, and Lo-Carb/Low-Cal Plant Based. After choosing one of the meal plans, you are able to make certain customizations, such as allergies. Additional a la carte items can be ordered, such as snacks and desserts. The weekly meals are portioned for a one-person serving. This way, each person in the household with a subscription can choose their own meal plan.

Plenty of subscription options, plan choices, and customization available

Subscriptions for the whole week are required. The meals are made from scratch with the whole week in mind. If you want meals for just a few days, feel free to freeze the remainder of the meals and reheat when you're ready. A few customizations are possible. To order only lunches, deselect breakfast and dinner while making your choices. One-time orders are possible via phone order, where they will start and end the subscription in the same phone call. Pausing a subscription for a period of time is also an option via phone call to the company. Subscription cancellations must be made on or before the Saturday before the Friday delivery. A la carte items, without the subscription, are available with a minimum-priced order. Another way to try out the service or to reduce the number of meals delivered per week, besides the lunch-only option, is to phone the company and order a bi-weekly subscription. Fresh n' Lean meals are open to people of all ages, and many families enjoy these plans, though no children's menu is available.

$11 to $15 per meal

The cost per weekly delivery is between $125 and $160, or between $11 and $15 per meal, shipping included. Delivery is available across the US, but not to a PO Box. The items will be delivered to your front door or to your workplace. It is best to refrigerate the meals right away. Freezing is possible, but for taste, refrigeration is recommended. After freezing, thawing in the refrigerator for 36-48 hours before heating and eating is recommended for best quality.

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Committed to sustainability

Fresh n' Lean is passionate about sustainability. The cardboard box is recyclable, as are the plastic trays and seals, which are BPA-free. The ice-gel packs have instructions on them for after use, and the padding/insulation is biodegradable.

Weekly billing, no refund guaranteed

Billing is weekly, as is each order. If you are dissatisfied with your order, for any reason, refunds are not guaranteed, and are on a per-case basis. Contact the company by phone, and they will do their best to accommodate you.

Good freshness and quality

Customers rave about the freshness and quality of the food. Meals are appropriately prepared, not overly soft and mushy, or too crisp. If you are a person who prefers to control the crispness or lack thereof of your cooked food, it would be better to order your meals from the companies that send the portioned ingredients for you to cook, rather than Fresh n' Lean's prepared meals. With Fresh n' Lean, you have less mess, but also less preparation control.

Complaints about customer service

The complaints we have seen are regarding the lack of customization, and shipments not arriving on time. Fresh n' Lean does have a guarantee of arriving on Friday, Saturday at the latest, so if a delivery is after Saturday, it would be best to contact the company regarding any delay. Other complaints are regarding long hold times and no call-back when that option is chosen, and continued weekly billing, even though a subscription had ended. The reviews of the variety of meals vary: some complain of repetition, others praise the wide variety.

Decent overall

If you're looking for organic, freshly-prepared meals with sustainable packaging, Fresh n' Lean offers a variety of choices, from high protein to vegan friendly, Although creating your meal subscription is quick and easy, contacting customer service may be more of a challenge. All in all, Fresh n' Lean offers tasty, organic meals delivered weekly right to your door, and the company has assured us its customer care will improve. In comparing similar meal delivery companies, Fresh n' Lean has the advantage of single-serving, organic ingredients and a variety of meals from one week to the next. Other, more highly rated companies have better customer service, customizable meals, or family-sized options, earning Fresh n' Lean a ranking that is just a little above average.

Who Has the Best Prepared Meals?

How many times have you come home after a long day and stared blankly at your refrigerator or pantry, trying to figure out what to eat? Or stopped at the drive-thru for fast food because the thought of coming up with something for dinner was just too much?

You're not alone. For people who'd like the convenience of fast food with the benefits of home cooking, Prepared Meals are the answer. For every imaginable palate and preference, there's a prepared meal service that can help. Several of today's most popular services send you high-quality, often organic ingredients - including fresh produce like shallots and herbs - saving you the hassle of planning your meals and going to the store.

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Prepared Meal Company FAQ

Prepared meal subscriptions are popular for the same reason your favorite fast food joint has a long line at the drive-through at dinnertime: they're convenient! Imagine never having to go grocery shopping again! However, most people who subscribe to a prepared meals plan use it to supplement their regular cooking rather than replacing every single meal (e.g. just for a few dinners a week, for all weekend meals, etc.).
That depends on the service you select. Some specialize in reheat-and-eat meals similar to a traditional TV dinner, while others deliver all of the ingredients you need to prepare the recipes they provide. There are also options for holiday meals, special occasion dinners, plus sides and desserts if you want to impress the crowd at your next office potluck - without having to do the work yourself!
You might be surprised. Most prepared meal services let you see customer comments on each dish - while some might not have been a huge favorite, most have hundreds (if not thousands) of rave reviews. And, if you're not known for being terribly creative or skilled in the kitchen, prepared meals can help you get out of your comfort zone and expand your taste horizons.
It will definitely cost more than if you bought all of the ingredients and prepared them yourself. But, the per-meal cost is typically less than what you'd spend in a restaurant. Expect a cost-per-serving somewhere between $8 and $12, depending on the plan you select.
Most services offering prepared meals have several options to choose from, either as an overall plan (like vegan or gluten-free) or on a meal-by-meal basis where you choose from a menu of meals for the month and can avoid any ingredients that you prefer not to have.
Two words: convenience and taste. Would you rather come home to another dinner of ramen or PB&J, or to a box of fresh ingredients that you can pull together into a restaurant-quality meal in just a few minutes? Subscribing to a prepared meals service can help you get out of your fast food rut, spare you the agony of yet another week of meal planning and grocery shopping, or just add some welcome variety to your eating habits.
Unfortunately, most prepared meal plans aren't going to be affordable if you're feeding a crowd every night. There are a few that cater to larger families (or that have more portions per delivery so that you can have leftovers, feed houseguests, etc.). These services even have some menus that are designed to be more kid-friendly.
That depends on the service. If your meals arrive in bad condition - rotten ingredients, thawed meals that were supposed to be frozen at the time of delivery, and so forth - you'll usually get a refund or a replacement. A few providers of prepared meals offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee with a refund or store credit, regardless of the reason.
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If you have a loved one that needs to start eating a special diet for diabetes or other medical issues, you can choose a prepared meals company that offers ready-to-reheat meals packaged similarly to a TV dinner and that have been carefully created by nutritionists specifically for that condition.

On the other hand, maybe you've been tasked with bringing a mind-blowing main course to an important company function, but your skills in the kitchen are limited to boiling water and burning toast. No problem: just choose a Prepared Meals service that focuses on gourmet-level, special occasion entrees like chicken cordon bleu or even surf-and-turf.

When deciding which company is a good fit for your delivery of Prepared Meals, you'll soon notice that there's a wide variety to choose from. How do you select the one that's best for you? Here are some things to consider as you look at each service:

  • Menu. What does the provider offer? Can you choose from many different plans, like Vegetarian or Mediterranean? If you're trying to meet a special dietary need, like gluten-free or keto-friendly, will there be options for you? Does the type of Prepared Meals they send - reheat-and-eat vs. some cooking required - work for your situation?
  • Price. What will it cost to get your Prepared Meals? Can you choose to buy specific entrees a la carte, or do you have to buy a package?
  • Amount of Food. If you have a large family, is there a plan that will satisfy everyone? Are the serving sizes enough to fill you up?
  • Customer Service and Reputation. What have other people said about the experience of buying Prepared Meals from this business? Are packages delivered on time, with ingredients that are still fresh and properly refrigerated? If not, does the company's customer service department respond appropriately with a refund or credit?

TopConsumerReviews.com has reviewed and ranked the best Prepared Meals Delivery Companies available today. We hope these reviews help you find the right company to deliver the kind of meals you want, directly to your doorstep!

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