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Prom Girl Review

Sunday, April 14th

2024 Prom Dress Store Reviews

Prom Girl Review 4 Star Rating

Prom Girl

4 Star Rating
  • "A+" Better Business Bureau rating
  • Customer reviews available on all dresses
  • Free shipping on orders of $149+
  • Over 1,270 prom dresses

PromGirl was founded in 1998. They are run by Occasion Brands, along with the company SimplyDresses. Despite their name, PromGirl also sells homecoming, graduation, military ball, wedding guest, quinceanera, cocktail, and casual dresses in addition to shoes, accessories, and other clothing. The company is dedicated to making the top special occasion fashions available on the market affordable for everyone and easy to find in one place.

Most dresses are in-stock

PromGirl has over 1,270 dresses to choose from in their inventory. Many of them are labeled as in-stock, meaning they can ship out within one business day. If a dress isn't in-stock, you can select your color and size and then a "due to ship" timeframe will appear, giving you an idea of when you might expect the dress to leave the warehouse.

Wide price range

You can specify the length, color, size, event, style, details, body, and brand of dress you're looking for to narrow down the results to find options to best fit your taste. Prices range anywhere from dresses on sale for $19 to full-priced items for $640. When you spend $149 or more at PromGirl, your items will ship to you for free. For additional savings, you can sign up for their email list and unlock a 10% off code.

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Something for everyone

You can find prom dresses sized anywhere from 00 to 26 at PromGirl. The styles here are elegant, modern, chic, and vary greatly by style and fit. There really does seem to be something for everyone in their big selection of dresses. Customers are able to leave reviews on the dresses to help other buyers make better decisions about which one is the highest quality and how well it might fit.

7-day return policy

If you need to make a return to PromGirl, you'll need to request one within 7 days of receipt. Once you receive a return authorization number (RMA), you can send back your dress for a full refund as long as it was a regular-priced item to begin with. You can request a prepaid shipping label, which will deduct $8.95 from your refund.

Mixed reviews from customers

PromGirl has very few customer reviews. They have an "A+" Better Business Bureau rating and from the little feedback there is from customers, this company seems to do an average job of making people happy with the dresses they sell. Some people are really pleased with their purchases while others say they get the runaround when trying to return their merchandise and that the quality of dresses are bad. However, we are satisfied with the big selection at PromGirl and we like that customers can leave unfiltered reviews too. Our hope is that if you double-check your measurements and find a dress you like within your budget and that has positive customer reviews, you'll be able to find something lovely at PromGirl.

Where is the Best Place to Buy Prom Dresses?

One of the biggest, most memorable events for people in high school is going to prom. It is such a notable event that entire TV episodes and movies have centered around it. It's a time to dress up as fancy as you want, feel like a princess, and dance the night away with the guy of your dreams (or not!) and your friends. Once you get asked to prom, the first thing you'll do is start looking for your perfect dress.

It's not often you get to wear big, beautiful dresses just for fun, so most girls set the bar high for the type of prom dress they want. Not only can it make a bold fashion statement throughout the night, but it also lets the wearer feel confident and beautiful. Whether you want your dress long or short, bedazzled or plain, flowy or straight, sleeveless or not, there are thousands of options to choose from online.

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Prom Dress Store FAQ

For teenagers, prom is usually the most formal dance put on by a school or other organization. This means that the dresses worn are fancier than you might wear to other special occasions. Prom dresses are usually long, fitted, and might have glitter or other details to make it elegant. Typically, a prom dress stands out much more than a dress you might wear to another dance or day-to-day.
To choose a prom dress, first identify what style you want. It might help to browse photos on different websites to get an idea of what's out there. Do you want it to have a high or low neck? Should it be strapless? What about the shape of the dress? There are so many unique styles out there, so if you narrow down some basic features you want in a prom dress, it will be much easier to find! Also, keep your budget in mind to help filter through your options.
The sky's the limit when it comes to prom dress designs. You'll find strapless dresses, short sleeves, long sleeves, high necklines, low cut, long, or short prom dresses. Some of them have slits in the skirt and some are bedazzled with rhinestones. Prom dresses come in all colors, so you can be sure that there are many options out there that you'll love. The hardest part will be deciding which one!
Prom dresses usually range from $100 - $800. Although that is a big price range, it is not hard to find prom dresses on the lower end of that scale between $100 and $300. Sometimes dresses need alterations, so if you choose to either have the prom dress retailer or a seamstress make adjustments to the dress, this will be an added cost to bear in mind.
Some retailers give options for prom dress rentals, but it is becoming rarer. A long, fancy, formal gown worn for an entire night can easily be damaged and might only last a few wears. Buying a new prom dress ensures that it is in perfect condition and fitted exactly to your body type. If you're renting a dress, you won't be able to get any alterations done and it might be harder to find your ideal fit.
Of course! You do you! There are other formal occasions in one's lifetime that merit wearing a fancy, beautiful dress. This might be a wedding, formal dinner, other dances, or let's be real - just for fun! If you find a prom dress you love, you can also find other occasions where you'll be able to show it off.
To clean your prom dress, pay close attention to the label and/or instructions that come with your order. Most of the time, prom dresses will need to be dry cleaned. You'll almost never be able to put a fancy dress in the washing machine. Depending on the material, you might be instructed not to dry clean, but just to do spot washes on areas that need some touching up. When it comes to prom dresses, handle with care!
You have a couple of options when it comes to getting the perfect fit for your prom dress. Of course, you'll want to order a size that you'll feel comfortable in. If your prom dress arrives much too big or too small, hopefully the retailer you purchased through allows for refunds or exchanges. Because prom dresses can't always be made to fit every possible length, bust, or width, it is not uncommon to get alterations after you've bought your prom dress. You might be able to get alterations done through the retailer or find a seamstress near you to make some tweaks. Small alterations can ensure that you get the perfect fit that is both comfortable and flattering.
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Gone are the days of driving to your local dress stores trying to fight off other prom-goers for the dress you want. Shopping online gives you limitless options to make sure your dress is unique and fits exactly the way it should. Instead of having a hard time finding a dress you like, you'll have a challenge narrowing down all the options you love to just one when you look at dress retailers online.

As you browse different retailers for prom dresses, there are some important things to keep in mind:

  • Selection: Are there plenty of styles, patterns, and colors to choose from? Do you feel limited in your options? Make sure the online store you're buying from has the prom dresses you like in stock so that yours will arrive in plenty of time for your dance.
  • Quality: Are customers able to leave reviews about the dresses you see or include pictures of themselves wearing them? Does the retailer sell copycat gowns from other designers or do they have their own original patterns?
  • Return Policy: If your dress arrives and doesn't fit, are you able to return it and get your money back? What if the color or sizing doesn't match what was in the item description? You'll want to be sure you can get a refund if something doesn't turn out as you hoped.

TopConsumerReviews.com has reviewed and ranked the best prom dress stores available online. We hope this information helps you find the perfect dress to wear for your memorable night out!

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