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The Best Reading Glasses Stores

Where Can You Find the Best Store for Reading Glasses?

Are you looking to refresh your glasses with a new and exciting look? Getting reading glasses is a must-have for those without 20/20 vision, but that shouldn't mean you can't love your new accessory. Whether you're looking at your first pair of glasses, or you've gone through a few pairs and need something more exciting, it can be hard to pick the best option for your needs.

According to current research, there are 197.6 million adults who need vision correction. Reading glasses are essential for individuals who have difficulty seeing clearly up close. As people age, the flexibility of the lens in the eye diminishes, resulting in a condition called presbyopia. This age-related condition leads to a gradual loss of near vision, making it harder to read books, newspapers, or even digital screens.

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2024 Reading Glasses Store Reviews

Top Consumer Reviews Best-In-Class Blue Ribbon Award Reading Glasses Review 5 Star Rating

Reading Glasses

5 Star Rating
  • 3,000+ options for reading glasses
  • Prices between $15 to $529 per pair
  • Free same-day shipping
  • 6-month warranty
  • 30-day return window
  • "A+" rating from the BBB
Top Consumer Reviews Best-In-Class Blue Ribbon Award

Established in 1996, Reading Glasses has been a leading online platform for designer reading glasses, offering an extensive collection that surpasses any other worldwide.

Wide range of styles and brands

Catering to diverse styles and preferences, their inventory encompasses classic, funky, retro, bold, colorful, trendy, and bookish options, ensuring a wide variety for both male and female customers. Reading Glasses showcases renowned luxury brands like Prada, Coach, Tory Burch, Kate Spade, Ray-Ban, Oakley, Maui Jim, Persol, and many others, solidifying its reputation as a trusted destination for stylish eyewear.

Free bonuses when you shop at Reading Glasses

There are tons of bonuses when shopping with Reading Glasses. The company offers free same-day shipping, a meticulous 20-point quality inspection on every pair of glasses, and each purchase comes with a free high-quality case and microfiber cleaning cloth, ensuring that your glasses are protected and kept spotless. Delivered in a sturdy box, not a flimsy plastic bag, your eyewear will arrive in pristine condition.

Best Reading Glasses

3,000+ readers available

Like other specialized retailers on our list, Reading Glasses' entire site is made up of readers of different types. And not only do they have standard readers and reading sunglasses, but they also offer a massive inventory of name-brand items. We added up their inventory and found there are 3,000+ individual items available for reading glasses at this retailer, which is one of the highest inventories for readers out there today.

Pricing is higher but covers luxury brands

To compare prices at Reading Glasses, we added to our price check since there is so much inventory at this retailer. So, we compared the prices for women's readers, men's readers, and the on-sale merchandise at Reading Glasses.

  • To start with, there is an extensive sale section at Reading Glasses; however, the prices start much higher than the clearance options at other retailers. Sale readers at Reading Glasses cost from $24.50 to $114.50.
  • For the full-price products, women's reading glasses range from $21.95 to $529 and men's reading glasses range from $49.95 to $493.

So, prices are much higher overall, but this does include international and luxury brand items. On the bright side, there is a "budget" section of this website where you can find some package deals where you get 2 pairs of readers for the price of 1 ranging from 2 for $32 to 2 for $45 which makes the lowest price for a single pair of glasses as low as $16 per pair.

Best Reading Glasses

6-month warranty

Additionally, Reading Glasses goes the extra mile to ensure the satisfaction of their customers by providing comprehensive coverage for manufacturing defects for a generous period of 6 months from the date of purchase. Furthermore, to assist customers in keeping their glasses in optimal condition, Reading Glasses offers free replacement nose pads and screws, eliminating the need for additional expenses and making it convenient for customers to maintain and prolong the life of their eyewear. With these added benefits, customers can have peace of mind knowing that their satisfaction is a priority at Reading Glasses.

30-day returns

In addition to the repair warranty, Reading Glasses further supports customer satisfaction with its return policy. They offer a hassle-free return policy, allowing customers to send back any product within 30 days for any reason, without any complications. The return process is made easy with free shipping.

Top-rated by the BBB

When we checked out Reading Glasses on the Better Business Bureau, we were happy to find the company has a stellar "A+" rating and accreditation since 2000. However, in terms of reviews, there isn't a lot out there, which surprised us for a company that's been around this long. While there are loads of positive testimonials on the Reading Glasses website that talk about the quality of the merchandise, speed of shipping, and delight with customer service, without verified third-party reviews to back up those claims it may be helpful to take those testimonials with a grain of salt. On the other hand, with their comprehensive warranty and return plans, it's still very low-risk to take a chance on Reading Glasses even without more third-party reviews.

Best Reading Glasses

Higher prices, but best inventory by far

When it comes to finding the perfect reading glasses, Reading Glasses stands out with its unparalleled inventory. With over 3,000 individual items available, including a wide range of fashion-forward options, they offer one of the largest selections in the market. While their pricing may be higher compared to other retailers, it reflects the inclusion of luxury and international brands. However, Reading Glasses compensates for the higher prices by providing free bonuses such as same-day shipping, a 20-point quality inspection, and complimentary cases and cleaning cloths with each purchase. Additionally, their commitment to customer satisfaction is evident through their 6-month warranty, free replacement nose pads and screws, and hassle-free 30-day returns.

Stands out as the top option

Despite the higher costs, if you value an extensive inventory and exceptional customer support, Reading Glasses is worth considering for your reading eyewear needs. For these reasons, Reading Glasses stands out as the top option in our review.

Readers Review 4.5 Star Rating


4.5 Star Rating
  • 500+ reading glasses options
  • Pricing from $8.89 to $41.95
  • Eye doctor finding tool
  • 90-day returns
  • 90-day warranty
  • "A+" rating from the BBB

With a vision to revolutionize the online shopping experience for reading glasses, the co-founders of Readers set out to establish a platform that combined convenience, affordability, and exceptional customer service. Founded in 2012, Readers has emerged as a prominent internet retailer, providing customers with an extensive selection of reading glasses in various styles, all while prioritizing affordability and delivering top-notch customer support. The company's approach is rooted in its team of knowledgeable eyewear experts who specialize in reading glasses.

500+ options for reading glasses

This site specializes in reading glasses, so every item in stock is going to be a pair of readers. The site promises 500+ individual products available at the time of this review. This includes not only traditional reading glasses but also reader sunglasses with a range of products including bifocal and single-vision glasses. The only thing they don't have is brand name options. However, if you're looking for dupes for popular brands like Ray-Bans, Readers offers styles that match the top styles pretty closely for a much lower price.

Huge selection in a reasonable price range

Since the entire website is full of reading glasses, we needed to do our price comparison a little differently here. So, we checked out the pricing for Women's readers, Men's readers (which includes reading sunglasses) as well as the prices for clearance items. For example, across the board, the prices for on-sale reading glasses ranged from $8.89 to $20.98. The prices for women's reading glasses ranged from $20.95 to $41.95 at full price, and the prices for men's reading glasses ranged from $21.95 to $41.95. With so many options in that price range, customers have a massive variety of unique and fun styles to try. While these aren't the cheapest prices out there, the glasses from Readers have been praised for quality, and the prices remain highly competitive overall, so this retailer is definitely worth browsing for any budget.

Find an eye doctor

Readers provides a helpful feature where customers can access the "Find an Eye Doctor Near You" page. This page allows users to conveniently search for certified eye care professionals in their local area using the locator tool. The page automatically populates nearby eye care options based on the user's current location, but it also allows users to manually enter an address or postal code to find eye doctors in other areas. Additionally, Readers offers valuable information about different types of eye doctors and the recommended frequency of prescription check-ups, which proves helpful to customers who may be unsure about scheduling regular eye examinations.

Best Reading Glasses

90-day happiness guarantee

To make sure that you've gotten the best possible pair of reading glasses, Readers has a Happiness Guarantee to further solidify their commitment to customer happiness. The guarantee offers a 90-day return policy and a 90-day limited warranty. This means that if your purchase does not meet your expectations, you have the option to initiate a return within 90 days of the purchase date. This allows you to request a refund or an exchange for your item, ensuring your satisfaction with the purchase. The warranty (for damage-related concerns) provides peace of mind on any pair of eyewear purchased from Readers for the same 90-day period.

Good reputation, but no buzz on review sites

In terms of company reputation, there are a few layers with Readers. The company is owned by FGX International Inc, so we had to look up the parent company to find them on the Better Business Bureau. We found that FGX has an impressive "A+" rating on the BBB. In terms of third-party reviews, there are under 10 total reviews out there on all the verified review sites. However, according to testimonials on the Readers website, there is tons of praise for the quality of the frames, the quality of the lenses, and the quick shipping. Further, Readers has generated a lot of buzz with online blogs and eye-journalists who generally agree with the testimonials - confirming that quality is top-notch at Readers.

Top option for budget readers

While some customers who need different kinds of glasses might not like the fact that Readers isn't a one-stop shop, people who only need readers are going to love it. Readers focuses completely on providing a range of reading glasses in different styles, even those that look like dupes for much more popular brands (see the Wayfarer style if you're a Ray-Ban fan!). On top of having a huge selection, Readers also has competitive pricing making it budget-friendly for any customer. Plus, with 90-day returns and a 90-day warranty, Readers provides a longer-than-average period to try your glasses on and make sure that they're exactly what you want. Overall, we can't see any downsides to Readers (unless you're only in the market for luxury brands). For this reason, it makes the #2 spot in our review just under the top pick.

FramesDirect Review 4.5 Star Rating


4.5 Star Rating
  • 11,000+ options for reading glasses
  • Prices range from $40 to $1,831
  • Custom lenses in any frames
  • Optical specialists on staff
  • 30-day return window
  • "A+" rating from the BBB

With a quarter-century of experience in the industry, Frames Direct has established itself as a reputable eyewear provider. A key aspect of Frames Direct's commitment to quality is their direct sourcing from trusted eyeglass suppliers, ensuring that customers receive only genuine, brand-new products and eliminating the risk of off-market or refurbished items. Additionally, Frames Direct goes the extra mile by offering a 12-month lens warranty, providing peace of mind to customers by covering any potential manufacturer defects that may arise.

Staggering variety of frames

If you thought some of the other retailers on our list had a lot of reading glasses, you're going to be blown away by the sheer number of options at Frames Direct. The "designer readers" section of the site hosts 11,498 different items. This includes reading glasses styles for men, women, and children. They have an extensive number of filters to help you sift through the thousands of different reading glasses. You can limit your choices by gender and age, brand name, material, shape and design, color, dimensions of the frames, and how well-rated the items are by customers. With so many products, it's no surprise that Frames Direct also offers name-brand glasses including Alexander McQueen, Armani, and Burberry among others.

Custom readers in any frames

The pricing at Frames Direct is all based on custom options. So, the price you see on the listing for the reading glasses isn't exactly what you'll pay when you get to the shopping cart. But we'll get to that in a minute. First, the pricing across the site (and the huge range of frames) starts at $40 per pair. At the upper end, you can find designer frames for $1,831. So, if getting name-brand glasses is your goal, this might be the top place for you.

Best Reading Glasses

Lens costs are separate

Now, on top of the price of the frames, you'll have to add the type of lenses you prefer. Getting reading lenses put into your frames is fairly low in terms of extra cost (about $3 more depending on the pair you buy). However, once you get into the design, you are offered three tiers of readers:

  • Standard: no extra cost
  • Premium: extra $40 (approx)
  • Transitions: extra $50 (approx)

Custom style costs more

Overall, there is a noticeable increase in cost between Frames Direct and other sites that sell reading glasses since Frames Direct does offer you access to pretty much their entire stock of frames and they add in the lenses for you instead of shipping them to you stock. Many customers will love the custom style of Frames Direct, but for some who just want a quick cheap pair of readers, this might be a lot more fuss than they want.

Run by optical specialists

One thing we love is that Frames Direct has got your back with their team of optical specialists who know their stuff. These certified opticians have over 20 years of experience, so you can count on them to help you find the perfect pair of eyewear and sort out any questions or concerns you might have. So whether you're just shopping for reading glasses or looking to invest in some extra pairs, you know that Frames Direct has a professional team ready to help you out.

Best Reading Glasses

Blurry photos are a drawback

While there's lots we love about Frames Direct, their website could use a little sprucing up in the graphics department. The slightly fuzzy photos of the glasses don't exactly give you a crystal-clear view of what you're buying. It wouldn't hurt to sharpen those images and make the shopping experience even better. It seems particularly ironic that the products are blurry when they are selling glasses to people who have poor eyesight.

30-day returns

Frames Direct values customer satisfaction and offers a flexible return policy to ensure that you are completely happy with your purchase. If for any reason you're not satisfied, you can process a full return within 30 days of receiving your order. Whether it's the fit, style, or any other aspect that doesn't meet your expectations, Frames Direct makes it easy to initiate the return process. This 30-day term is competitive with many rivals in our evaluation and gives customers plenty of time to try out their reading glasses before deciding.

Customers love shopping with Frames Direct

Satisfied customers can't stop raving about Frames Direct, with an impressive average rating of 4.7 stars from verified third-party review sites. This shows a whopping 81% of reviews have a perfect 5-star score. On top of this, Frames Direct holds an "A+" rating from the Better Business Bureau. Customers have praised the coordination between Frames Direct and their insurance providers, even when the company was out of network. The regular sales and tempting deals on the website have also been a big hit, making it a breeze for customers to snag their desired glasses and keep coming back for more. The 5-star reviews consistently highlight positive experiences with friendly customer service, hassle-free returns and replacements, and top-notch product quality.

Best Reading Glasses

Some customer frustrations

On the flip side, a small number of one-star reviews express frustrations with certain products being out of stock or experiencing delays due to backorders. While the overall sentiment of the reviews leans heavily towards the positive, it's wise to reach out to Frames Direct's customer service to double-check the availability of your desired item before making a purchase.

Great ratings despite the price

While Frames Direct may not be the most budget-friendly choice, it compensates with peace of mind with your purchase (and easy returns if needed). With an impressive 90% of customer reviews giving positive feedback and a top-notch rating from the BBB, Frames Direct instills confidence in the overall customer experience. Plus, whether you're in the market for premium or regular frames, Frames Direct offers a solid selection and stands out as an above-average option for eyewear shopping (though a little website refresh wouldn't hurt).

EyeBuyDirect Review 4 Star Rating


4 Star Rating
  • 272 styles of reading glasses
  • Priced from $6 to $72
  • Coupon codes available
  • Accepts vision insurance
  • 14-day returns
  • "A+" rating from the BBB

Founded in 2005 by Roy Hessel, EyeBuyDirect launched its website in 2006. Known for its user-friendly ordering process and competitive prices, EyeBuyDirect has gained popularity as a direct-to-consumer online retailer offering a vast selection of eyeglass frames, including prescription and nonprescription eyeglasses, blue light glasses, and sunglasses. Headquartered in Austin, Texas, EyeBuyDirect caters to a wide range of customers by offering both luxury and budget-friendly eyeglass frame brands.

Impressive variety with custom options

If you're looking for variety, you may never run out of new things to look at on EyeBuyDirect. With 10+ pages and 272 individual products for reading glasses, this retailer hosts one of the largest selections out there. The best part of EyeBuyDirect is that you can make your glasses completely custom. So, you can choose from bifocal, progressive, or have your reading glasses match a specific prescription. The options can be easily filtered with selections like gender, brand name, size, shape, color, material, price, or even how they fit you. On top of readers, you can also buy all your other eyewear here, which some customers may appreciate if they have more than one prescription (or more than one person in the family needing some new eyewear).

Competitive pricing from $6

While we usually compare the regularly priced products to the clearance options, there doesn't appear to be a clearance section on EyeBuyDirect. However, this doesn't mean the glasses aren't affordable. For this shop, the prices start as low as $6 per pair. The highest-priced product is $72 for a single pair of titanium reading glasses, so there are plenty of styles for every budget. It is worth noting that popular name brands like Ray-Ban or Oakley are not available in the reading glasses section, which might be disappointing to some users who are specifically looking for luxury brands.

Takes coupon codes and insurance

EyeBuyDirect offers a range of enticing coupons and discounts on its landing page. In addition to these extra savings opportunities, they accept your vision insurance which can make your reading glasses even more affordable. So, whether it's utilizing insurance benefits or taking advantage of special offers, EyeBuyDirect ensures that customers can obtain stylish eyewear that meets their vision needs and budgets.

Best Reading Glasses

14-day returns

EyeBuyDirect offers a 14-day return policy that allows customers to obtain a one-time replacement for their glasses or receive a full refund without any hassle. This customer-friendly policy lets you shop with confidence, knowing that you have the flexibility to return or exchange your eyewear if you are not completely satisfied. It is important to note, however, that this return policy isn't as long as other similar policies in this review, so you might need to decide on your return (or not) a lot faster with EyeBuyDirect than with other retailers on our list.

Customers love EyeBuyDirect

Customer reviews for EyeBuyDirect are overwhelmingly positive, with an impressive average rating of 4.4 stars across different third-party review sites. The company is highly regarded by customers and holds an accredited "A+" rating from the Better Business Bureau. Positive reviews highlight the user-friendly website interface, the exceptional quality of the glasses, and the overall satisfaction that makes for a lot of repeat customers here. Furthermore, reviewers consistently praise the top-notch customer service provided by EyeBuyDirect. While there are some lower-rated reviews, they constitute a minority. These reviews mention specific issues such as certain coupons not applying to premium frames. Still, the majority of reviews - comprising 72% of all feedback - are 5-star ratings.

Top one-stop shop

EyeBuyDirect provides customers with a diverse array of prices to cater to different budget preferences. Their product range encompasses low-cost and more expensive items, though name brands aren't included in the reading glasses section. With an impressive majority of 4- and 5-star reviews, accounting for over 75% of customer feedback, EyeBuyDirect has solidified its reputation as a top-tier service if you don't mind generic frames or glasses from EyeBuyDirect's particular brand. With a much shorter return window than many competitors, EyeBuyDirect didn't quite make it to our top three. Overall, though, EyeBuyDirect is still a solid option for reading glasses.

Eyeglasses Review 3.5 Star Rating


3.5 Star Rating
  • 55 styles of reading glasses
  • Prices from $8 to $285
  • 30-day return policy
  • "A+" rating from the BBB

Established in 1999, Eyeglasses has been catering to online shoppers for over 20 years, offering a wide range of designer frames at discounted prices. Featuring an impressive lineup of 400 renowned designer brands such as Oakley, Ray-Ban, Gucci, Dolce & Gabbana, and Tom Ford, among others, Eyeglasses boasts one of the largest collections of eyewear available on the internet.

Good range of reading glasses to choose from

Although their collection doesn't extend totally into the reading glasses department, there are a good number of name-brand styles there too. Through direct sourcing from manufacturers, Eyeglasses ensures the provision of top-quality lenses and designer eyewear at highly competitive prices. Building upon its online success, Eyeglasses has expanded to include two physical store locations in Connecticut, further enhancing its presence in the eyewear industry.

55 styles and fashion brands included

Eyeglasses offers a total of 55 different products for reading glasses on the website. These include not only standard style eyewear but fun and unique historical eyewear like pince-nez or a monocle, which make the listings at Eyeglasses stand out from the pack. They even include some recognizable name brands in their reading glasses like Vera Bradley for the fashionistas.

Best Reading Glasses

Wide range of prices starting at $8 a pair

Like a few other retailers on our list, Eyeglasses doesn't have dedicated clearance options. However, their overall prices are low enough that customers may not feel like they're missing much by not having a sale. For example, the lowest price for a pair of reading glasses at Eyeglasses is $8 which is highly competitive with other low-cost eyewear stores. The highest-priced pair of reading glasses costs $285 for the novelty French historical lorgnette handheld glasses. This is more expensive than some of the low-cost services we evaluated, but with novelty and name-brand glasses, the prices make sense at Eyeglasses.

Not the best user experience

Navigating through Eyeglasses can be a challenging task when it comes to finding specific information. With an extensive range of eyewear options, the website's organization may appear lacking, making it a daunting experience to locate the reading glasses you want. The interface can be overwhelming with way too much visual information all over the site pages. Further, sometimes clicking on a filter will reset other filters you've already selected which can be frustrating. If you prefer a website with a streamlined and user-friendly interface, Eyeglasses might not be the ideal choice for your shopping for reading glasses, especially since reading problems might be part of why you need the glasses in the first place.

30-day return policy

In terms of its shipping and return policies, Eyeglasses offers notable features such as complimentary shipping and a competitive 30-day return policy, allowing customers to shop with confidence. While this isn't the longest return window we've seen, it would definitely give customers enough time to try out their reading glasses and get a feel for how they fit on their faces or help with reading across their different daily activities.

Best Reading Glasses

Mixed customer reviews

While Eyeglasses has an impressive score of "A+" from the Better Business Bureau, there is a warning of open complaints against the company. Additionally, Eyeglasses receives a mixed bag of reviews, with an average rating of 3.9 from shoppers. Satisfied customers highlight the significant cost savings they enjoyed compared to purchasing glasses from an eye doctor. They appreciate the efficient and fast shipping service provided by Eyeglasses.

Customer service isn't their strong suit

However, unhappy customers express concerns over their eyeglasses experiencing issues post-purchase. Some reported cracked or deformed lenses, while others shared their disappointment when frames were returned in a broken or even "melted" condition. Additionally, one customer mentioned the lenses clouding over just a month after the 30-day guarantee period, only to be presented with a costly replacement estimate. These reviews shed light on the varied experiences and emphasize the importance of carefully assessing the quality and durability of Eyeglasses' products before committing to a purchase.

Wide variety but misses the mark with service

Eyeglasses boasts an extensive selection of reading glasses, leaving little room for disappointment with their wide range of options. Their favorable 30-day full return policy and complimentary shipping make it tempting to give this eyeglasses retailer a chance. Nonetheless, there have been reports from some customers highlighting defects in their glasses and problems with refunds and customer service. These mixed reviews raise concerns about the quality at Eyeglasses. Additionally, the website's challenging navigation and overwhelming interface may have you looking for a retailer with a more streamlined service that provides similar pricing.

Smart Buy Glasses Review 3.5 Star Rating

Smart Buy Glasses

3.5 Star Rating
  • 1,133 different styles of reading glasses
  • Prices from $18 to $204
  • Price matching with Canadian stores
  • Return within 100 days

Smart Buy Glasses is a global online omnichannel with over a decade of experience in modern entrepreneurship. The company has established itself in the eyewear e-commerce industry, operating in more than 20 countries worldwide.

Extensive range of eyewear products

Their extensive range of products includes prescription lenses, designer eyewear, contact lenses, and reading glasses with the goal of offering customers an interactive and personalized shopping experience. It is worth mentioning that the prices displayed on Smart Buy Glasses are in Canadian Dollars (though they do ship to the US, no problem), which means that if you are purchasing from a different currency, such as USD, you may need to consider the exchange rate. At the time of this evaluation, the Canadian Dollar was valued higher, which could result in a more favorable exchange rate for customers paying in USD.

User-friendly filter system

If you're in the market for reading glasses, Smart Buy Glasses provides an abundance of choices with 1,133 different options. You have the convenience of using quick suggestions to narrow down your search based on gender or specific sales, or you can delve into more specific details by searching through brands, lens styles, special features such as adjustable nose pads, or more traditional filters like frame shape and color. All the filters are easily accessible along the left side of the screen, allowing for a seamless browsing experience. Moreover, the inventory itself offers a wide range of colors and materials, including some name brands like Gunnars or even Porsche so you can find reading glasses to reflect your unique style.

Best Reading Glasses

Mid-range for prices

To compare how the total prices stack up against other retailers, we checked out the pricing for clearance items at Smart Buy Glasses as well as the full-price products. In the clearance section, there were 94 pairs of glasses that ranged in price from $18 to $61. This isn't the lowest-cost clearance section out there, but it does offer some affordable products in a range of styles. In terms of the fully-priced glasses, the prices go from $24 to $204 which is a reasonable range, though it leaves out some of the designer options seen at other retailers.

Best price guarantee for Canadian stores

One feature we loved at Smart Buy Glasses was their Best Price Guarantee. If you find the exact same eyewear model and color at a lower price, just let Smart Buy Glasses know within 14 days of placing your order and they'll match that price. All you need to do is send them the web address of the cheaper item. Just keep in mind that certain frames or shades may not be included in this offer, and the offer is only valid for items sold by authorized Canadian dealers, so you won't be able to take advantage of the price match if you're buying from US competitors.

100-day returns but shipping is on you

In terms of returns, Smart Buy Glasses offers a 100-day money-back guarantee. If you're not satisfied with your reading glasses, you can request a return within 100 days of receiving your shipment. You also have the option to get a refund or exchange for another item(s). Just keep in mind that outbound shipping fees and shipping protection fees are non-refundable, and you'll be responsible for the return shipping fee. It's worth noting that for US shoppers, returning items out of the country may incur additional costs, which could offset the benefits of the 100-day money-back guarantee.

Best Reading Glasses

Worldwide praise from customers

Smart Buy Glasses has garnered positive ratings when it comes to customer service. Despite a somewhat lackluster "B-" rating from the Better Business Bureau, this retailer maintains an average score of 4.4 out of 5 stars across various third-party review platforms from customers around the world. Shoppers who awarded the company 5 stars expressed their satisfaction with the website, praising it for offering great deals on typically expensive brands. They also appreciated the responsiveness of the customer service team, which promptly addressed any issues that arose during the ordering process.

Some customer grumblings

However, there were some customers who gave Smart Buy Glasses a 1-star rating, expressing dissatisfaction with the time it took to resolve their concerns. Some even reported not receiving their glasses at all. While there are a few comments highlighting potential scams, it's important to note that these negative reviews make up a small fraction of the overall feedback received.

Great business except for international shipping

Bottom line? Smart Buy Glasses has a competitive array of styles at mid-range prices compared to other retailers. While Smart Buy Glasses has received high customer ratings, positioning them favorably in the industry, it is important to note that their location in Canada may present challenges for certain customers, especially those looking to take advantage of the return policy. The associated inconvenience and potential shipping costs for international returns could overshadow the benefits of their money-back guarantee. As a result, it receives a slightly lower ranking in our review. Nevertheless, it remains worth exploring due to its exceptional selection and attractive pricing.

Discount Glasses Review 3 Star Rating

Discount Glasses

3 Star Rating
  • 15 styles of reading glasses
  • Prices from $4.47 to $35
  • 30% discount for students and military
  • 1-year return window
  • "A+" rating and accreditation from the BBB

Discount Glasses is a company that aims to provide customers with affordable eyewear options without compromising on quality or customer service. With a commitment to competitive prices and excellent customer support, Discount Glasses offers frames of all types including reading glasses. The website provides a user-friendly experience with a simple search function and multiple filters that allow customers to easily narrow down their choices based on price, age range, brand, colors, frame shape, lens type, and other preferences.

Only 15 styles of reading glasses

While the prices are definitely on discount, there isn't a lot of variety for reading glasses at Discount Glasses. There were just 15 different options for reading glasses available from Discount Glasses at the time of this review. Although more than 50% of the reading glasses were on sale, this selection is lacking in terms of variety and all the frames appear generic with no name-brand styles available at all.

Low prices especially on clearance

In terms of prices, we looked at two things to compare all the reading glasses retailers on our list to one another: the range of reading glasses at full price and on sale. That way, you can see whether you're getting the best deal regardless of whether the website is having a promotion at the time that you're shopping. For example, the price range for reading glasses at Discount Glasses at full price includes 7 items from $14.95 to $35. Regarding the glasses that were on clearance at the time of this review, there were 8 different options and the prices ranged from $4.47 to $22.47.

Bonus discounts for students and military

On top of ongoing discounts available on the website, Discount Glasses extends special offers to students and military personnel for their eyewear needs. With a valid school ID or military ID, customers can enjoy a generous 30% discount on their purchases. Furthermore, for those buying a backup pair of glasses for a child, an extra 30% off can be applied to their order. These additional discounts provide even more savings and value for customers, ensuring that they can find affordable eyewear options while receiving exceptional service.

Best Reading Glasses

1-year return policy

In addition to providing attractive discounts, Discount Glasses goes above and beyond by offering a generous one-year return policy. With the assurance of 365 Day Returns, the company makes it easy to reach out to their dedicated customer service team. After you start the process and indicate the reason for your return, Discount Glasses is committed to making the entire return process hassle-free and convenient for you.

High ratings but mixed reviews

If you're thinking Discount Glasses is a top competitor for customer service, you'd be right. According to Discount Glasses's page on the Better Business Bureau, the company has a stellar "A+" rating as well as accreditation. When examining customer reviews, Discount Glasses receive an average rating of 3.5 stars, which is a little lower than we expected given the benefits at Discount Glasses. While some positive reviews highlight the functionality and prompt resolution of issues related to shipping and prescription accuracy, negative reviews highlight scratched glasses and replacements, and delays in expedited shipping without proper communication or refunds. While the high BBB rating points to a commitment to customer service, some users disagree.

Good but not the best low-cost option

With competitive and low prices Discount Glasses is worth checking out if low-cost reading glasses are your goal. However, we did find alternative options that offer more dependable customer service at comparable prices, and other competitors also have a larger selection of reading glasses. You might want to keep Discount Glasses as a backup if you don't find your perfect eyewear with one of our higher-ranking retailers.

Glasses Shop Review 2.5 Star Rating

Glasses Shop

2.5 Star Rating
  • 304 different styles of reading glasses
  • Prices from $2.99 to $55.95
  • 35% student discount
  • 1-year return window (limited)
  • 30-day warranties

Established in 2004 in Michigan, Glasses Shop has built a dedicated team and a comprehensive industrial chain that encompasses every aspect of glasses production, from design to material selection. Guided by its core principles of delivering superior quality, diverse styles, and competitive pricing, Glasses Shop promises the finest eyewear products available at low costs.

304 different frames

In terms of selection, Glasses Shop offers 304 different frames for reading glasses. While none of these are name-brands, there are a wide variety of styles, shapes, and colors. The filter system at Glasses Shop is also robust, offering the option to narrow down your search by shape, gender, color, material, and vision features. This showcases a competitive variety overall but is definitely missing name-brand and luxury styles. So, if you're looking for Ray-Bans, you might need to keep shopping.

Fair pricing for generic brands

When we looked at the prices for Glasses Shop we checked out the ranges for their sale items and regularly priced glasses. At Glasses Shop, there were only 4 total items on sale in the reading glasses section. These were priced from $2.99 to $9.95, offering some of the lowest sale prices on the market at the moment, though there weren't many styles to choose from. In terms of the regularly-priced glasses, prices start as low as $12.95 and go up to $55.95. This is right in the middle in terms of full-price options. There aren't any brand names, so the prices aren't too high, but for generic brands, the pricing is perfectly fair.

35% student discount

One special feature of Glasses Shop is that the company offers an enticing 35% student discount to eligible customers. Students can take advantage of this discount by registering and verifying their student status through Student Beans, a platform that provides exclusive student discounts. To enjoy the discount, students simply need to apply the provided Glasses Shop student discount code at the checkout.

Best Reading Glasses

365-day guarantee and limited 30-day returns

Glasses Shop offers an impressive 365-Day Frame Guarantee, ensuring customer satisfaction with some of their eyewear. Within one year from the date of purchase, customers have the opportunity to replace their frames once, free of charge. Additionally, Glasses Shop provides a 30-day return policy and a 30-day warranty on glasses. With this return policy, customers can exchange their glasses within 30 days, with the exception of shipping costs. In the case of a refund, Glasses Shop only offers 50% of the total amount. This return policy applies to every order. However, with shipping costs being the customer's responsibility, it isn't as good of a deal as some other return policies in this review.

Some complaints about quality raise questions

Glasses Shop has received positive reviews overall, with an average rating of 4 stars across different third-party review sites, and satisfied customers have commended the fast shipping, affordable prices, and helpful customer service, particularly in resolving order mix-ups and ensuring accurate prescription details. However, there are some lower-rated reviews, accounting for approximately 11% of the total, where customers expressed disappointment in the perceived low quality and flimsiness of the products. Some also raised concerns about lens issues and the fact that the products were not manufactured in the US. As an additional point of concern, Glasses Shop is not accredited by the Better Business Bureau, so it's important to consider both the positive and negative aspects of this retailer before making a decision.

Budget-friendly, but no standout features

Ideal for budget-conscious shoppers, Glasses Shop stands out as an affordable choice. However, there are businesses out there with more favorable return policies and warranties that cover return shipping. With the addition that this store isn't accredited by the BBB, there are definitely better shops out there for reading glasses. This online store could be worth considering if you're in search of cost-effective reading glasses, but if you have a preference for brand names or higher-end options, Glasses Shop may not meet your specific needs.

AC Lens Review 2.5 Star Rating

AC Lens

2.5 Star Rating
  • 16 options for reading glasses
  • Prices from $4.47 to $35
  • Works with some insurance companies
  • 1-year returns with free shipping
  • "A+" rating from the BBB

AC Lens brands itself as one of the leading full-service eyewear supply companies online, thanks to the visionary idea of its founder, Dr. Peter Clarkson. In 1995, Dr. Clarkson recognized the untapped potential of the internet as a platform for selling contact lenses, even though some were skeptical. A favorite online for contact lenses, AC Lens offers a range of reading glasses too. As one of the oldest retailers on our list, AC Lens offers some great industry knowledge and competitive pricing.

Not a lot to choose from

While this site is a favorite for people who buy contact lenses online, it may not be a top contender for reading glasses. AC Lens only has 16 total options for readers. None of the styles are super exciting either. However, if you're just looking to pick up a quick pair, the at-a-glance shopping might be helpful for you. But, if you're a fan of fun styles or name-brands, you're not going to get them from AC Lens. There are also some filters to help you narrow down the products if needed or organize the products by price - though those are probably not necessary given you only have a little over a dozen options here anyway.

Budget-friendly but low stock

To do our price comparison of AC Lens against other companies in this review, we checked out the reading glasses that were on clearance as well as the ones that were full price. At AC Lens there were 8 readers that were on sale at the time of this review (which makes up 50% of the total inventory). The prices for the on-sale reading glasses ranged from $4.47 to $7.50 which is competitive in terms of clearance options across rival retailers on our list. The full-price pairs of reading glasses ranged from $14.95 to $35. These are definitely competitively low prices, making AC Lens a good budget-friendly retailer overall.

Works with some insurance companies

AC Lens collaborates with various vision insurance plans as an out-of-network provider, including Davis Vision, EyeMed, Spectra/United Healthcare, VSP, and many others. If you have one of these insurance plans, you may be eligible for reimbursement when you make a purchase at AC Lens. The reimbursement process typically involves filling out an out-of-network reimbursement form and including the itemized receipt, which AC Lens provides with every purchase.

Best Reading Glasses

1-year returns no questions asked

AC Lens offers hassle-free returns with no additional charges. If you're located in the United States, you have the flexibility to return items for free within 365 days from the shipping date. Making a return is simple: just get in touch with the Customer Service Team and provide them with your name, order number, reason for return, and whether you prefer a refund or exchange. They will promptly email you a link to print the shipping label, or alternatively, they can mail it to you if that's more convenient. Each label comes with a unique Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) number, which is essential for the return process. The best part? You're not responsible for any costs for return shipping.

Mixed reviews across the board

When we checked out AC Lens, we found the company has an impressive "A+" rating and accreditation from the Better Business Bureau. Further, AC Lens also has a 4-star rating on the BBB. On other third-party review sites with verified reviews, there isn't as much buzz with under 20 total reviews available when we checked AC Lens. This was a little surprising given how old the company is. Those scores were decidedly average with 3 stars being the most common rating overall. The feedback is split with some customers noting that they couldn't complete their purchases and didn't receive merchandise while others praise AC Lens for their next-day shipping and customer service. Considering how long the company has been open, we expected a lot more buzz on AC Lens, so it might be better to try somewhere else before you check this retailer.

Not bad, but there's better out there

While AC Lens has some impressive features like its 1-year return window (and customers don't pay for return shipping) as well as highly competitive prices, the other features of the company just don't stand out from the pack. They have very few pairs of glasses in stock and absolutely no name-brand items. Further, they do offer insurance, but only through select providers. And with mixed reviews and a 3-star average from customers, we tend to feel that there are better options out there with low-cost reading glasses. Check out the higher-ranking retailers of reading glasses on our list first.

Yes Glasses Review 1 Star Rating

Yes Glasses

1 Star Rating
  • 267 options for reading glasses
  • Prices from $19.50 to $99
  • Student discount for 30% off
  • 14-day returns or replacement
  • "A" rating from the BBB

Yes Glasses is a recently established online eyewear company. Since its launch in 2017, this US-based company has offered a range of stylish and affordable glasses and sunglasses for women, men, and kids. With prices starting as low as $19, Yes Glasses aims to deliver quality eyewear that meets the demands of budget-conscious shoppers without compromising on style. However, in practice, this company isn't a standout in any category, especially not for reading glasses. So, if you're looking for the best place to buy your next pair of readers, you might want to keep browsing.

267 frames for reading glasses

At Yes Glasses, there are 267 different options for frames, which is fairly competitive with other retailers out there but isn't anything particularly exciting - especially when you consider there are no name-brand glasses available at Yes Glasses. However, you can get some fun or colorful styles or frames that look like dupes for name-brand glasses, which some customers might enjoy.

Prices are average across the board

To compare the prices at Yes Glasses to other major retailers in this review, we checked out both the pricing for sale readers as well as their price range for the items that are sold at full price. At Yes Glasses, there were 10 items on sale at the time of this review. The price for the sale readers ranged from $19.50 to $37.05. In terms of the regularly-priced products, the prices ranged from $39 to $99. While these numbers aren't the highest we've seen, they start pretty high for a retailer that doesn't have any name-brand items in stock. The prices aren't particularly low in the sale department either, so across the board Yes Glasses is a little average.

Student discount available

Yes Glasses makes it super convenient for students to get a discount. They've got a student discount right there on their main page, so no need to go on a wild goose chase. All you have to do is log in through your student organization, and you'll receive a special student discount code that'll knock a solid 30% off your order. Just keep in mind that you'll need to register with a third site, Student Beans, to get that code. So, it's not super seamless, but it might be worth it for the extra discount.

Best Reading Glasses

14-day returns or replacement

For returns, Yes Glasses provides a one-time replacement option for each pair of glasses in the order, allowing customers to easily exchange them for a different frame. However, it's important to note that if a one-time replacement is selected, refunds or additional replacements for that specific pair are not available. Alternatively, customers can opt for a refund if they are unable to find a suitable replacement. To be eligible for a refund, the request must be submitted within 14 days from the delivery date of the glasses.

Customers aren't pleased with Yes Glasses

Yes Glasses doesn't seem to have a lot of fans based on the limited number of reviews available. While Yes Glasses does have an "A" rating with the Better Business Bureau, the BBB shows that customers have only left it 1.2 out of 5 stars. On top of that, out of the handful of reviews, only a couple managed to reach a rating above 2 stars. It's clear that customers aren't too thrilled with the overall experience and products offered by Yes Glasses.

Frustration with customer service

Many reviewers expressed frustration with the customer service, particularly in regard to obtaining refunds. Instead of offering refunds, some customers felt pressured into exchanging their items. Interestingly, the positive reviews lacked substantial details and simply mentioned that the service was "good" without diving into specifics. With this feedback in mind, it might be wise to explore other options in our review that have garnered more favorable responses from customers.

Say "No" to Yes Glasses

Despite offering student discounts and children's glasses, Yes Glasses falls short in terms of variety and pricing compared to other options available. Additionally, their customer service experiences have been reported as challenging, making it inconvenient to obtain a refund when issues arise. Given these limitations, it's probably not worth the hassle to purchase your reading glasses from Yes Glasses when there are numerous other highly regarded alternatives that offer a wider range of choices and better overall value.

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Reading glasses provide the necessary magnification to help individuals with presbyopia read comfortably. In terms of cost, reading glasses typically range in price, with many consumers reporting spending between $100 and $150 for frames. However, it's important to note that the expense can vary depending on factors such as frame material, brand, and additional features like prescription sunglasses.

Getting the right reading glasses is important for your health and personal style. With different shapes, colors, sizes, lens types, and more, there are almost an unlimited number of frames to fit your face. There are even some that are provided by premium brands, so you can look for your favorite fashion designers for your eyes. However, it can be hard to decide which one to get, much less where to get them. Fortunately, that large variety of options means there's a perfect pair of glasses out there for everyone.

So, how do you find the best reading glasses store for your needs? There are a lot of things to consider. If you're not sure where to start your reader journey, here are a few things to help you sift through the options:

  • Price: Are you looking for designer readers? Or maybe just a replacement for your favorite pair? Are you okay with dupes for fashion brands, or do you need to have the real thing? Keeping your budget in mind can help you find a place that caters to your wallet as well as your fashion sense.
  • Function: Do you just need standard readers Or maybe bifocals? Do you just want a pair of snazzy reading sunglasses for catching up on your favorite book by the pool? Knowing what kind of readers you need can help you decide where to shop. Some places have bifocals and sun glasses, while others only have standard clear readers.
  • Return Policy: You're buying reading glasses online without trying them on. It can feel a little scary. So, checking out the return policy and warranties offered by different companies can help you with your peace of mind.
  • Popularity: Do you want to order from a company with a top-notch reputation? Or are you more worried about inventory and price than customer feedback? Keeping an eye on customer comments can help you guide your decision if you're stuck between two standout options.

To help you find the right reading glasses store for your needs, Top Consumer Reviews has evaluated and ranked the most popular retailers on the market. We hope this will help you find your perfect pair of reading glasses and get back to enjoying your relaxation time with a good book or your trusty Kindle!

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Reading Glasses Store FAQ

Reading glasses improve vision for seeing things at close range. Activities like looking at a computer screen, sewing, reading a book, or drawing can strain the eyes if there is an issue with your sight. Reading glasses give your eyes a little boost to see things more clearly so you can continue doing important tasks and hobbies that require you to see up close.
Despite their specific name, reading glasses can be used for a variety of activities. Many people require the use of reading glasses to sew, text on their phone, use a computer, paint, draw, cook dinner, read a map, or even watch a movie. Anything that involves seeing at close range may require the use of reading glasses.
It's not uncommon for anyone in their 40s and beyond to start experiencing blurry vision or headaches when they are viewing things up close. If you have to read a book at arm's length or take a break from your phone because the text is blurry, this is a good indication that reading glasses would help you.
It is always a good idea to visit your eye doctor since they often look for more than just vision problems at your check-up. They can identify muscle issues, cataracts, dryness, and glaucoma that may not currently affect your eyesight. However, seeing an eye doctor before buying reading glasses is not absolutely necessary. Reading glasses can be purchased over-the-counter, meaning anyone can buy them online without a prescription.
Depending on the retailer, brand, and lens type, reading glasses usually range anywhere from $10 to $400. It is not hard to find high-quality reading glasses for $100 or less though. Usually if you're spending a lot of money, it's because you are getting a name-brand pair of reading glasses and going all out with customizations. Reading glasses are usually quite affordable and don't need to be something that hurts your wallet.
Start by deciding what color, shape, and style you want. Do you want glasses with a pattern? Or a solid color? You'll also want to consider what power to buy for your reading glasses. Anywhere from a +1.25 to a +2.5 should be adequate for computer work or reading books. There are resources online to help you decide what power to buy to get the most out of your reading glasses.
Over-the-counter reading glasses offer the same prescription in each lens, even though most people have one eye that is stronger than the other. Reading glasses usually always come at a low power and are meant to be worn occasionally when doing tasks that require you to see up close. They are not meant to correct vision, but rather give a boost to your eye muscles to help them see at close range when needed. Prescription eyeglasses are meant to correct vision issues and are usually worn all day long. They typically require a visit to the ophthalmologist to find out what prescription you should use.
It is a common misconception that wearing reading glasses will weaken your eyesight. Some people worry that by "handicapping" their eyes and wearing reading glasses, their muscles will relax to the point that their vision gets worse. However, this is not something to be concerned about. Your eyes are still working hard to do their job, but reading glasses just make things clearer and sharper to make up for what your natural eye cannot do.

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