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Reading Glasses Review

Sunday, March 3rd

2024 Reading Glasses Store Reviews

Top Consumer Reviews Best-In-Class Blue Ribbon Award Reading Glasses Review 5 Star Rating

Reading Glasses

5 Star Rating
  • 3,000+ options for reading glasses
  • Prices between $15 to $529 per pair
  • Free same-day shipping
  • 6-month warranty
  • 30-day return window
  • "A+" rating from the BBB
Top Consumer Reviews Best-In-Class Blue Ribbon Award

Established in 1996, Reading Glasses has been a leading online platform for designer reading glasses, offering an extensive collection that surpasses any other worldwide.

Wide range of styles and brands

Catering to diverse styles and preferences, their inventory encompasses classic, funky, retro, bold, colorful, trendy, and bookish options, ensuring a wide variety for both male and female customers. Reading Glasses showcases renowned luxury brands like Prada, Coach, Tory Burch, Kate Spade, Ray-Ban, Oakley, Maui Jim, Persol, and many others, solidifying its reputation as a trusted destination for stylish eyewear.

Free bonuses when you shop at Reading Glasses

There are tons of bonuses when shopping with Reading Glasses. The company offers free same-day shipping, a meticulous 20-point quality inspection on every pair of glasses, and each purchase comes with a free high-quality case and microfiber cleaning cloth, ensuring that your glasses are protected and kept spotless. Delivered in a sturdy box, not a flimsy plastic bag, your eyewear will arrive in pristine condition.

Best Reading Glasses

3,000+ readers available

Like other specialized retailers on our list, Reading Glasses' entire site is made up of readers of different types. And not only do they have standard readers and reading sunglasses, but they also offer a massive inventory of name-brand items. We added up their inventory and found there are 3,000+ individual items available for reading glasses at this retailer, which is one of the highest inventories for readers out there today.

Pricing is higher but covers luxury brands

To compare prices at Reading Glasses, we added to our price check since there is so much inventory at this retailer. So, we compared the prices for women's readers, men's readers, and the on-sale merchandise at Reading Glasses.

  • To start with, there is an extensive sale section at Reading Glasses; however, the prices start much higher than the clearance options at other retailers. Sale readers at Reading Glasses cost from $24.50 to $114.50.
  • For the full-price products, women's reading glasses range from $21.95 to $529 and men's reading glasses range from $49.95 to $493.

So, prices are much higher overall, but this does include international and luxury brand items. On the bright side, there is a "budget" section of this website where you can find some package deals where you get 2 pairs of readers for the price of 1 ranging from 2 for $32 to 2 for $45 which makes the lowest price for a single pair of glasses as low as $16 per pair.

Best Reading Glasses

6-month warranty

Additionally, Reading Glasses goes the extra mile to ensure the satisfaction of their customers by providing comprehensive coverage for manufacturing defects for a generous period of 6 months from the date of purchase. Furthermore, to assist customers in keeping their glasses in optimal condition, Reading Glasses offers free replacement nose pads and screws, eliminating the need for additional expenses and making it convenient for customers to maintain and prolong the life of their eyewear. With these added benefits, customers can have peace of mind knowing that their satisfaction is a priority at Reading Glasses.

30-day returns

In addition to the repair warranty, Reading Glasses further supports customer satisfaction with its return policy. They offer a hassle-free return policy, allowing customers to send back any product within 30 days for any reason, without any complications. The return process is made easy with free shipping.

Top-rated by the BBB

When we checked out Reading Glasses on the Better Business Bureau, we were happy to find the company has a stellar "A+" rating and accreditation since 2000. However, in terms of reviews, there isn't a lot out there, which surprised us for a company that's been around this long. While there are loads of positive testimonials on the Reading Glasses website that talk about the quality of the merchandise, speed of shipping, and delight with customer service, without verified third-party reviews to back up those claims it may be helpful to take those testimonials with a grain of salt. On the other hand, with their comprehensive warranty and return plans, it's still very low-risk to take a chance on Reading Glasses even without more third-party reviews.

Best Reading Glasses

Higher prices, but best inventory by far

When it comes to finding the perfect reading glasses, Reading Glasses stands out with its unparalleled inventory. With over 3,000 individual items available, including a wide range of fashion-forward options, they offer one of the largest selections in the market. While their pricing may be higher compared to other retailers, it reflects the inclusion of luxury and international brands. However, Reading Glasses compensates for the higher prices by providing free bonuses such as same-day shipping, a 20-point quality inspection, and complimentary cases and cleaning cloths with each purchase. Additionally, their commitment to customer satisfaction is evident through their 6-month warranty, free replacement nose pads and screws, and hassle-free 30-day returns.

Stands out as the top option

Despite the higher costs, if you value an extensive inventory and exceptional customer support, Reading Glasses is worth considering for your reading eyewear needs. For these reasons, Reading Glasses stands out as the top option in our review.

Where Can You Find the Best Store for Reading Glasses?

Are you looking to refresh your glasses with a new and exciting look? Getting reading glasses is a must-have for those without 20/20 vision, but that shouldn't mean you can't love your new accessory. Whether you're looking at your first pair of glasses, or you've gone through a few pairs and need something more exciting, it can be hard to pick the best option for your needs.

According to current research, there are 197.6 million adults who need vision correction. Reading glasses are essential for individuals who have difficulty seeing clearly up close. As people age, the flexibility of the lens in the eye diminishes, resulting in a condition called presbyopia. This age-related condition leads to a gradual loss of near vision, making it harder to read books, newspapers, or even digital screens.

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Reading Glasses Store FAQ

Reading glasses improve vision for seeing things at close range. Activities like looking at a computer screen, sewing, reading a book, or drawing can strain the eyes if there is an issue with your sight. Reading glasses give your eyes a little boost to see things more clearly so you can continue doing important tasks and hobbies that require you to see up close.
Despite their specific name, reading glasses can be used for a variety of activities. Many people require the use of reading glasses to sew, text on their phone, use a computer, paint, draw, cook dinner, read a map, or even watch a movie. Anything that involves seeing at close range may require the use of reading glasses.
It's not uncommon for anyone in their 40s and beyond to start experiencing blurry vision or headaches when they are viewing things up close. If you have to read a book at arm's length or take a break from your phone because the text is blurry, this is a good indication that reading glasses would help you.
It is always a good idea to visit your eye doctor since they often look for more than just vision problems at your check-up. They can identify muscle issues, cataracts, dryness, and glaucoma that may not currently affect your eyesight. However, seeing an eye doctor before buying reading glasses is not absolutely necessary. Reading glasses can be purchased over-the-counter, meaning anyone can buy them online without a prescription.
Depending on the retailer, brand, and lens type, reading glasses usually range anywhere from $10 to $400. It is not hard to find high-quality reading glasses for $100 or less though. Usually if you're spending a lot of money, it's because you are getting a name-brand pair of reading glasses and going all out with customizations. Reading glasses are usually quite affordable and don't need to be something that hurts your wallet.
Start by deciding what color, shape, and style you want. Do you want glasses with a pattern? Or a solid color? You'll also want to consider what power to buy for your reading glasses. Anywhere from a +1.25 to a +2.5 should be adequate for computer work or reading books. There are resources online to help you decide what power to buy to get the most out of your reading glasses.
Over-the-counter reading glasses offer the same prescription in each lens, even though most people have one eye that is stronger than the other. Reading glasses usually always come at a low power and are meant to be worn occasionally when doing tasks that require you to see up close. They are not meant to correct vision, but rather give a boost to your eye muscles to help them see at close range when needed. Prescription eyeglasses are meant to correct vision issues and are usually worn all day long. They typically require a visit to the ophthalmologist to find out what prescription you should use.
It is a common misconception that wearing reading glasses will weaken your eyesight. Some people worry that by "handicapping" their eyes and wearing reading glasses, their muscles will relax to the point that their vision gets worse. However, this is not something to be concerned about. Your eyes are still working hard to do their job, but reading glasses just make things clearer and sharper to make up for what your natural eye cannot do.
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Reading glasses provide the necessary magnification to help individuals with presbyopia read comfortably. In terms of cost, reading glasses typically range in price, with many consumers reporting spending between $100 and $150 for frames. However, it's important to note that the expense can vary depending on factors such as frame material, brand, and additional features like prescription sunglasses.

Getting the right reading glasses is important for your health and personal style. With different shapes, colors, sizes, lens types, and more, there are almost an unlimited number of frames to fit your face. There are even some that are provided by premium brands, so you can look for your favorite fashion designers for your eyes. However, it can be hard to decide which one to get, much less where to get them. Fortunately, that large variety of options means there's a perfect pair of glasses out there for everyone.

So, how do you find the best reading glasses store for your needs? There are a lot of things to consider. If you're not sure where to start your reader journey, here are a few things to help you sift through the options:

  • Price: Are you looking for designer readers? Or maybe just a replacement for your favorite pair? Are you okay with dupes for fashion brands, or do you need to have the real thing? Keeping your budget in mind can help you find a place that caters to your wallet as well as your fashion sense.
  • Function: Do you just need standard readers Or maybe bifocals? Do you just want a pair of snazzy reading sunglasses for catching up on your favorite book by the pool? Knowing what kind of readers you need can help you decide where to shop. Some places have bifocals and sun glasses, while others only have standard clear readers.
  • Return Policy: You're buying reading glasses online without trying them on. It can feel a little scary. So, checking out the return policy and warranties offered by different companies can help you with your peace of mind.
  • Popularity: Do you want to order from a company with a top-notch reputation? Or are you more worried about inventory and price than customer feedback? Keeping an eye on customer comments can help you guide your decision if you're stuck between two standout options.

To help you find the right reading glasses store for your needs, Top Consumer Reviews has evaluated and ranked the most popular retailers on the market. We hope this will help you find your perfect pair of reading glasses and get back to enjoying your relaxation time with a good book or your trusty Kindle!

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