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The Best Refrigerators

Which Brand of Refrigerators is the Best?

Whether you're equipping the kitchen in your brand-new home or replacing the trusty appliance you've had for years that finally gave up the ghost, you're making a major purchase that needs to be reliable and give you a good value for your money.

Today's refrigerators range from your basic side-by-side (or even a more old-fashioned freezer-on-top, fridge-on-bottom style) all the way up to cutting-edge designs that have a touchscreen in the door - for displaying recipes, checking the weather, or even listening to your favorite Spotify playlist.

Tuesday, August 9th

2022 Refrigerator Reviews

Top Consumer Reviews Best-In-Class Blue Ribbon Award GE Review 5 Star Rating


5 Star Rating
  • Just under 200 models to choose from, including options for mini fridges and plenty of high-tech features
  • Prices range from $379 to $10,929
  • 70-90% "made in USA" content in each refrigerator
  • 1 year warranty on parts and labor; some models go up to 5 years on the sealed refrigeration system
  • "A+" rated and accredited by the BBB
Top Consumer Reviews Best-In-Class Blue Ribbon Award

GE has been around for over 100 years. You'll find their headquarters in Louisville, Kentucky, and several manufacturing facilities in Alabama, Tennessee and more - which is why 70-90% of all GE refrigerators' components and assembly can be labeled as "made in the USA" . The company claims a lot of "firsts" , from the first residential refrigerator to the first full suite of WiFi-connected appliances on the market. You'll find hundreds of options for refrigerators across GE's brands, which also include Haier, Monogram, and Cafe.

Best overall inventory

GE has the broadest selection of refrigerators in our review. Looking for something small you can keep by your desk? They've got it. A basic top freezer design? That too. How about a top-of-the-line built-in with a water dispenser? You guessed it. With right around 200 different refrigerators in their inventory, GE has a model for every kitchen and every budget.

Great features and lots of five-star reviews

At the time of this review, one of GE's most popular refrigerators was the Profile 4-Door French Door model with door-in-door and water dispenser, and an MSRP of $4199. Over 4,000 owners gave this model a 4- or 5-star rating. It's easy to see why: you get fingerprint-resistant stainless steel, a hands-free autofill water dispenser, LED lighting, and GE's innovative door-in-door design with a handy rotating bin. This fridge has smart capabilities as well, with instant alerts sent to your phone and customization of the LED light wall's brightness if you like. Plus, this is one of the only brands we saw that has refrigerators with an optional Shabbos mode to help observe the Jewish Sabbath and holidays. And although this model didn't have it, some GE refrigerators have a Keurig K-Cup brewing system in addition to the water dispenser, giving you single-serve brewing right at hand.

Refrigerators for any budget

You can also get a terrific refrigerator that's a little lighter on bells and whistles - and that makes a smaller dent on your savings. At an MSRP of $939 and over 5,000 five-star reviews, the GE 25.3 cu.ft. side-by-side in stainless steel is a steal (see what we did there?). It's got plenty of space, an in-door ice and water dispenser, LED lighting and adjustable door bins: not bad for under $1,000.

Best Refrigerators

Basic warranty but above-average longevity

What about warranty coverage? All GE refrigerators have a one-year limited warranty on parts and labor, but some higher-end models extend the period to five years on the sealed refrigeration system. You can always look for extended warranty plans for that extra peace of mind, but you'll be happy to know that the majority of GE fridges last an average of 15 years with minimal servicing over that time period. Another plus is that GE replacement parts tend to be affordable and easy to find, unlike some of the brands we evaluated.

Impressive reputation

That lines up with what we found when we looked into the reputation of GE, for refrigerators and appliances in general. The Better Business Bureau gives the company an "A+" and accreditation, and problems get handled quickly and appropriately by GE support representatives. Customers are typically very satisfied with their GE fridges for a long time: you'll find the occasional report of an ice maker that stops working after a few months or something that didn't go quite right with installation, but those aren't the norm.

Top brand for refrigerators

All of this adds up to GE earning our highest recommendation for shoppers looking for a new refrigerator. They offer the perfect mix of features and value, no matter which style of appliance best suits you, and they back their fridges with a good warranty and even better customer support. GE is our first-place winner for refrigerators.

Samsung Review 4.5 Star Rating


4.5 Star Rating
  • Over 200 models to choose from
  • Prices range from $749 to $9,825
  • Some of the most innovative features on the market
  • Most models have a 1-year parts and labor warranty with 5 years on sealed refrigeration systems and 10 years parts / 5 years labor on digital inverter compressors
  • "A+" rated and accredited by the BBB

Samsung is a brand name that's practically synonymous with technology. Almost all of us own something that's a Samsung, from a mobile phone to a washer and dryer set. They're a huge part of the appliance marketplace: their French door models alone comprise over 30% of all refrigerators sold in the US, and that shows no signs of slowing down. No wonder you're asking if a Samsung fridge is the right one for your kitchen.

Not limited to black-white-stainless steel color choices

When some new feature or style grabs our attention, it's almost always a Samsung refrigerator. One of their newest offerings is simply called Bespoke, and it lets you customize the color panels of your fridge. Maybe you're a huge college football fan and you want a perfect match with the colors of your favorite team, or you prefer colors that pop instead of the basic white/black/stainless options everyone else has. At the time of this review, Samsung was even discounting the Bespoke line by $400.

The ultimate in smart refrigerators

Another feature we think most people would "ooh" and "aah" over is the Family Hub. There are almost too many functions to try and list here, and we encourage you to go read about it yourself. Not only can you use it to add items to shopping lists, but you can also plan meals based on what foods are currently in the fridge. Order food from Grubhub if nothing sounds appetizing at the moment, or peek at what's inside with the fridge's three remote cameras before you leave work so that you can pick up any missing ingredients on your way home. Samsung refrigerators with the Family Hub feature are so advanced that they feel like they ought to come with a robot housekeeper too.

One of several brands with available Sabbath mode

A less-used feature but one that we didn't spot with every refrigerator brand is Sabbath mode. Many of the Samsung models we checked out allow you to engage that setting so that your appliance's panel and lights don't respond in any way, even if the door is opened or the button is pushed.

Best Refrigerators

Good options for affordable fridges too

Even if you're on a tight budget, Samsung still has fridges for you - maybe not with the top tech they offer, but still plenty large enough to keep your favorite foods cold. For example, a 28 cu.ft. side-by-side is usually priced around $1449 for the full-depth style (counter depth was $100 extra) and it has Wi-Fi connectivity, LED lighting, and an in-door ice maker.

Perfect score with the BBB

Despite having over 9,000 complaints registered with the Better Business Bureau over the 12 months leading up to this evaluation, Samsung Electronics America still has an "A+" rating and accreditation there. That means the BBB has evaluated the way Samsung has responded to those consumer reports and judged it as being professional and appropriate.

High marks for reliability and warranty coverage

Samsung refrigerators also rank pretty well when looking at reliability. It starts with their better-than-average warranty coverage: one year on general parts and labor, but five years on the sealed refrigeration system. If your particular model has a digital inverter compressor, that coverage goes up to 10 years on parts and 5 years on labor. Also, a recent study showed that Samsung has one of the lowest service rates out of all available refrigerator brands, so you should be able to own your fridge for a long time with few to no needed repairs.

Excellent choice

Samsung is one of our preferred refrigerator brands, especially for any customer who places top priority on having the most up-to-date features and capabilities on the market. These appliances are capable, well-made and reliable, and shoppers should have no trouble finding a model that works well for their kitchen space and household needs.

Whirlpool Review 4 Star Rating


4 Star Rating
  • About 75 models to choose from
  • Prices range from $629 to $4299
  • 1 year warranty on all refrigerators, with a total of 5 years on the sealed refrigeration system
  • In business for over 100 years
  • "A+" rated and accredited by the BBB

Whirlpool Corporation got its start in 1911 as a small business in Michigan. They introduced the first-ever automatic washer in 1948 and have continued to innovate ever since. You'll find around 75 different refrigerator models that are specific to the Whirlpool brand, but this company includes many other brands in the family (many of which we've reviewed separately).

Check out the features

Whirlpool offers some features we liked that we didn't see in every brand on the market. If space is an issue, look for models that have the Drink Loft: it lets you hang cans in an overhead storage area, to give you more room for other things on the shelves (you'll just have to get out of the habit of shoving pizza boxes in that upper space). In some side-by-side Whirlpool fridges, you'll get in-door ice storage, freeing up space in the freezer for more food. And in the French door styles, you'll enjoy panoramic LED lighting and an Infinity Slide Shelf that moves out of the way when you need to fit taller items like wine bottles or juice pitchers. There's also a "Platter Pocket" on some models that lets you store those pizza boxes we mentioned or any other wide, flat items without running the risk of having other foods stacked on top.

Low-tech = lower prices

Prices on Whirlpool refrigerators tend to stay towards the middle of the range: you probably won't find any that are over $5,000. That's largely due to the absence of high-tech features: we didn't see any models that incorporated WiFi capabilities or other expensive extras often seen in competitors' most costly refrigerators.

Is it in stock?

One thing that surprised us about Whirlpool was availability - or more accurately, the lack of it. Although they make about 75 different refrigerator models, many of them were out of stock during the time of this evaluation. In some cases, it was only in stock for one of three available finishes (only in white, but not in black or stainless), but in others it wasn't in stock at all. You may have better luck at the time you're shopping for a fridge.

Best Refrigerators

BBB gives Whirlpool top marks

Even though there were more than 1,500 complaints filed against Whirlpool with the Better Business Bureau in the last 12 months, the BBB still gives the company an "A+" rating and accreditation. As the note at the top of Whirlpool's BBB listing explains, "the number of complaints represents an extremely small percentage based on unit volumes throughout the USA" . In other words, given that Whirlpool sells about 26 million products every year, 1,500 complaints isn't so bad.

Reliable and better-than-average warranty

Whirlpool refrigerators have good warranty coverage. They all come with a one-year parts and labor warranty on the whole appliance, and then an additional four years on the sealed refrigeration system. If you're like most Whirlpool fridge owners, though, you shouldn't need to use it: these refrigerators have a relatively low rate of repairs, and even outside of the warranty period their parts tend to be inexpensive and not hard to find.

Great choice for more basic refrigerators

Whirlpool isn't going to be your brand of choice if you want the latest, greatest refrigerators on the market, but it's definitely worth considering if a reliable fridge with decent (and sometimes novel) features is what matters most.

LG Review 4 Star Rating


4 Star Rating
  • 100+ models to choose from
  • Prices range from $549 to $9,499
  • Warranty coverage of 1-2 years, depending on model
  • High-tech features

LG is often at the cutting edge of technology, bringing the most novel features to homeowners around the world. If you've seen something mind-blowing in a refrigerator ad and are dying to get it for your own kitchen, chances are good that it's an LG.

Nice features even on less expensive refrigerators

You may be surprised to find out that you don't have to buy LG's most expensive fridge to get some fun features. For example, at the time of this evaluation, the 27 cu.ft. Side-by-Side model with the knock-to-activate InstaView feature in the door, three types of ice (cubed, crushed, craft), and a UV-C light that cleans the water dispenser nozzle was priced at under $2,000.

Affordably priced

Even LG's most spendy refrigerator, the 26 cu.ft. side-by-side built-in, is more affordably-priced than comparable models by other brands at an MSRP of about $9,500. This model also boosts the warranty coverage: where most LG fridges give you the standard one year of labor and parts, you'll double that with some of their higher-end appliances.

Downgraded to "Not Rated" by the BBB

At the time of this evaluation, the Better Business Bureau listed LG as "Not Rated" , due to the company having to respond to complaints that had previously been closed. There were over 2,000 complaints filed with the BBB in the year prior to our review, and it's not a positive thing when a company's rating changes to "NR" . That was enough to bump LG down a bit in our rankings, where otherwise they might have taken a top slot.

Best Refrigerators

Getting repairs could be a challenge

Additionally, looking through the reviews left on the BBB site (since complaints are no longer visible when a company is listed as "Not Rated" ), most of them specifically refer to problems with LG refrigerators. Every fridge brand is going to have breakdowns, but as long as they service them under warranty there's no issue - but customers report having a very hard time getting repairs, going months without a working refrigerator, even during the warranty coverage period.

Feedback is good overall

Of course, with millions of refrigerators sold every year, LG's reviews left on a website where most people go to file a complaint may not be the only indicator to consider. When we look at repair statistics for LG described elsewhere, it paints a more reassuring picture. For most models, under 25% of customers will need a serious repair within the first five years of ownership - which may not sound encouraging, but some brands' fridges have repair averages of 30% and higher.

Solid brand most of the time

We give LG high marks for selling refrigerators with plenty of features at competitive prices. If you've found that one of their fridges is the perfect match for your decor and kitchen space, you'll probably wind up loving it (and, with any luck, you'll be part of the 80%+ group of LG customers who have zero problems in the first five years of ownership - or longer). While not quite ranking as our favorite brand, LG is a good choice for a new refrigerator.

Kenmore Review 3.5 Star Rating


3.5 Star Rating
  • Over 100 models to choose from
  • Prices range from $315 to $3,699.99
  • One-year warranty on the fridge, Elite models also include 5 years of coverage on the sealed refrigerant system and 10 on the linear compressor

Kenmore proudly proclaims that the company has been "providing trusted performance and home innovations for over 100 years" . You'll see that reflected in their inventory, which includes some models not offered by rival brands (like freezerless refrigerators and mini fridges, as well as higher-end "smart" designs).

Affordable - when you can find them in stock

The good news is that you won't pay an arm and a leg, even for Kenmore's top-of-the-line refrigerators. We found a Kenmore Elite side-by-side in stainless steel with a bigger-than-average capacity of 28 cu.ft. for under $2,000 at the time of this review. However, it's worth pointing out that you might have a hard time finding Kenmore fridges in stock: many of the models we liked, especially on the upper end of the features/budget spectrum, were temporarily unavailable with no indication of when they'd be restocked.

Nice selection of mid-range features

What are Kenmore's more advanced features? They include compatibility with Alexa that make it a smart fridge - allowing you to control the temperature and monitor filter life through the app or via voice commands - and a slim in-door ice maker that won't take up a lot of space in the refrigerator compartment. These aren't the most innovative additions we've ever seen in a fridge, but it's nice to be able to get them even on a smaller budget (assuming you can find an in-stock model with those features).

Go Elite for longer warranty coverage

With respect to warranty coverage, Kenmore's Elite line is more generous. All of their refrigerators have the industry-standard one-year warranty, but Elite models include a five-year warranty on the sealed refrigerant system and ten years on the linear compressor.

Best Refrigerators

Formerly a Sears company

At a corporate level, Kenmore's reputation is a little confusing. You may associate this brand with Sears - which declared bankruptcy and was acquired by Transform Holdco LLC. That business has an "A+" and accreditation from the Better Business Bureau, but there were over 3,000 complaints filed there in the last year. However, that "A+" is an indicator that, across all sub-brands, they're responding appropriately to customer issues.

Made by different manufacturers

But, that doesn't tell you much specifically about Kenmore appliances like refrigerators. Here's the tricky thing: they're made by several different manufacturers, depending on the style you buy. For example, most of the top-freezer models are produced by Electrolux, making them very similar to Frigidaire. High-end French door fridges? Those are made by LG. Side-by-side? Whirlpool. And, as you'll see in the rest of our reviews, some of those brands perform significantly better than others. It's well worth your time to do the research on the specific model you're thinking of buying and find out which manufacturer is behind the Kenmore label.

Scores well with respect to reliability

And, in terms of longevity and without breaking it down by manufacturer, the Kenmore brand performs relatively well. Repair metrics we researched showed that they're on par with our highest-rated brands in most categories, especially for the popular bottom freezer with ice maker design.

Better than average

Kenmore doesn't quite reach the level of a top refrigerator brand. You may have a hard time finding the model you want in stock, and you'll have to spend some extra time determining if the one you like is coming from a reputable behind-the-scenes manufacturer. Overall, though, these affordable refrigerators tend to be good enough to consider for your next purchase.

Amana Review 3 Star Rating


3 Star Rating
  • Under a dozen models to choose from
  • Prices range from $749 to $1699+
  • "A+" rated by the BBB

Founded in Iowa in 1934, the Amana brand focuses on affordability: "the features you need without any of the hassle" .

Fewer than a dozen "get it done" models to choose from

You'll get that impression right away as you start to browse the available refrigerators in the Amana line. Where most of their competitors try to "wow" you with all of the newest tech features, Amana simply states that they keep everything you need in sight and within reach. There are under a dozen models to choose from: two side-by-side styles and the rest with top and bottom doors (some with the freezer above and some below). No fancy color choices either: just black, white or stainless steel.

Nothing over $2,000

Of course, the benefit to buying a simple refrigerator is a lower-than-average price. No refrigerators offered by Amana come with a MSRP above $1600. Their top model, a 29" wide bottom-freezer refrigerator, has adjustable door bins and gallon door storage that can hold milk jugs or even a six-pack of your favorite beverage, plus humidity-controlled crisper bins. You'll only get 18 cu.ft. of capacity, but hey, you're also spending far less than you'd pay for most fridges. It's also got a 4.5-star rating, and most customers would recommend it to prospective customers.

Best Refrigerators

Responsive customer support

Amana has its own listing with the Better Business Bureau: an "A+" , just like parent company Whirlpool. We were also pleased to see support reps responding to less-than-positive reviews on each refrigerator model, offering to help address any issues. Be aware that those reps ask customers to reach out via Amana's Facebook and Twitter channels, though they also provide a toll-free number.

Warranty info, please

How about reliability and warranty coverage? Unfortunately, Amana doesn't make it easy to see what your coverage is: it's only listed in the owner's manual, and they don't publish that to their website. We didn't find anything saying that Amana refrigerators are overly problematic, probably because they're so basic in their construction.

The right choice for an inexpensive fridge

Amana could be a decent choice if all you need is a fridge that will keep your cold foods cold and your frozen foods frozen - and you've got a budget in mind. You'll definitely need to look somewhere else if you want high-tech features, but Amana isn't a bad option for affordable refrigerators.

Frigidaire Review 2.5 Star Rating


2.5 Star Rating
  • About 50 models to choose from, including compact sizes
  • Prices range from $309 to $4,299
  • Parent company Electrolux is "A+" rated and accredited by the BBB

When it comes to refrigerators, Frigidaire has been around for a long time. In fact, their very first product offered in 1918 was an electric fridge. Frigidaire is now an Electrolux brand, which also has been in operation for just under a century..

Mini fridges available

Frigidaire is one of a small handful of brands in our review that offer compact refrigerators. If you need something for a dorm room or to keep at the office, Frigidaire is an option. These models also tend to get better shopper feedback than their full-sized counterparts - probably because there are fewer components that can act up (there's no ice maker or water dispenser).

All the essential styles

Overall, you'll have about 50 different types of fridges to consider with this brand, in all of the traditional configurations: top freezer, side-by-side, bottom freezer, and French door. Most styles are available with or without an in-door ice and water dispenser.

High prices for mid-range features

At the time of this review, Frigidaire's highest-end refrigerator was the four-door French door model in the Professional line, with an MSRP of just under $4300. For that price, we were surprised that the appliance didn't have more knockout features. Sure, it has a few novelties, like a Custom-Flex Temp Drawer (with available temperatures between -6 and 45 degrees, allowing storage of anything from beer to frozen pizza), flip-up shelving, and automatic humidity controls in the crisper drawers - but we've frequently spotted those same capabilities in other brands at a much lower price.

Best Refrigerators

Decent rating from the BBB

How about reputation? Parent company Electrolux gets an "A+" rating and accreditation from the Better Business Bureau, despite having over 1100 complaints filed there over the past year. That's pretty good compared with other brands whose BBB listings show more than 4,000 complaints over a 12-month period.

Performs poorly over time

However, Frigidaire refrigerators don't measure up so well with respect to reliability. One statistic we found said that if you own a bottom-freezer model with an ice maker in the top, the chances of it needing serious repairs within the first five years is a startling 35%. This brand is known for making fridges that are extremely loud, but we also saw lots of complaints about weak seals, inconsistent cooling, and ice/water accumulation in the interior. You'll even see those kinds of comments when reading reviews on the Frigidaire site (though we do give the brand credit for not filtering out the negative ones): most of the positive remarks come from people who had only owned the appliance for a month or two, and the negative ones usually arrive just when the one-year warranty period is over and things have started to fail.

Look at other brands first

We're all about long-lasting brands, but they need to have long-lasting products to match. Sadly, Frigidaire refrigerators don't measure up. You could luck out and get an appliance that can go the distance, but we wouldn't advise buying a Frigidaire unless you get an extended warranty too. Plus, you may want to see what rival brands have to offer first: you could get more for your money elsewhere.

KitchenAid Review 2.5 Star Rating


2.5 Star Rating
  • About 50 models to choose from
  • Can get built-in or freestanding designs
  • Prices range from $1,600 to $11,499

KitchenAid is one of several brands in our review that are owned by Whirlpool. This label in particular comes with some of the highest-end appliances on the market: a basic under-counter fridge will cost you about $1600, and their top-of-the-line Professional model is jaw-droppingly priced at a MSRP of $11,299. Fortunately, you've got about three dozen other refrigerator styles to choose from in the $2,000-$4,000 range.

More models than most brands - if available

If you've got the right cabinetry, KitchenAid can provide you with built-in refrigerators that some other brands don't offer. Otherwise, there are plenty of freestanding designs to consider. Either way, you may have some challenges with product availability: at the time of this evaluation, many fridges in colors other than stainless steel were out of stock.

Attention-getting features

How about features? We took a look at KitchenAid's top-of-the-line freestanding fridge on the market with an MSRP of $4,299 and found a few things we liked. This particular model has a five-door configuration with two soft-close drawers; one with several preset temperatures for drinks, cheese/deli, or thaw/marinate, and another specifically for produce. It also uses under-shelf LED lighting that makes it easier to see everything you've got inside (no more lurking, expired items staying hidden way in the back). Finally, the water dispenser on this KitchenAid refrigerator lets you do a measured water fill: get exactly the ounces, cups or liters you need for your bottle or recipe, and customize up to two amounts for anything you fill regularly (like a favorite water bottle or coffee pot).

Best Refrigerators

Poorer performance than we expected

How do these refrigerators perform? Because KitchenAid is a Whirlpool subsidiary, it shares the same BBB rating: an "A+" and accreditation. Overall, Whirlpool has a fairly solid reputation, but that doesn't necessarily carry over specifically to KitchenAid refrigerators. Customer feedback on this brand is lackluster: it's hard to find any models with a rating over 4.2 out of 5 stars, and many wind up with averages in the three-star range. That's one thing if you're buying a small undercounter refrigerator for $1,600, but if you're shelling out over $11,000 for KitchenAid's top-of-the-line 48" wide side-by-side? You're probably not going to appreciate paying that kind of money for an appliance that may need a half-dozen repairs in the first year that you own it (if owner reviews are any indication).

Room for improvement

Worse than that, KitchenAid support reps don't seem terribly anxious to help customers get their fridges fixed. We found more than one person who had issues like a produce drawer failing to get below 48 degrees and were told "that's not a problem, that's just the way the refrigerator works" . Add that to several class action settlements against Whirlpool that included KitchenAid fridges - false advertising about energy efficiency, defective control panels, leaky bottom freezers, and so on - and you'll understand why KitchenAid refrigerators earn a less-than-impressive rating from us.

Maytag Review 2.5 Star Rating


2.5 Star Rating
  • About a dozen models to choose from
  • Prices range from $790 to $2,399
  • 1-year full warranty, 10 years limited parts warranty

Maytag has been a recognized brand in home appliances for over 100 years, personified by "The Maytag Man" . You won't find any overly-fancy fridges here, just basic and budget-friendly options under $2400.

Very narrow selection

There are only about a dozen refrigerators currently offered by Maytag. These include top freezer, side-by-side, bottom freezer and French door styles in black, white and stainless steel finishes. With such a small selection, you're less likely to get the exact configuration you're hoping for. For example, the French door style without an in-door water dispenser was out of stock, and none of the bottom freezer models had water dispenser options at all. But, if you're easily overwhelmed by having dozens of models to browse, Maytag can eliminate some of that hassle.

Features that don't really impress

cYou won't find too many advanced features with a Maytag fridge. We didn't spot any that had smart features like Wi-Fi connectivity or touchscreen doors. The only capability that popped out at us is the PowerCold option on some models: push a button to cool your fridge down quickly, even if the doors have been open for a while as you loaded groceries (or because someone forgot to close them). Maytag also promotes a Beverage Chiller compartment with some fridge styles, but it doesn't seem like much more than an in-door place to store juice or milk.

Watch out for the deli drawer

And, one feature we don't love (usually on the French door styles) is the deli drawer. In our experience, those drawers get crammed with food and then the sliding cover pops out of place, or the plastic see-through cover gets cracked when people drop food on it. That's a feature we actively avoid when shopping for a new fridge, but you'll have a hard time avoiding it at Maytag if you're specifically looking for French door models.

Best Refrigerators

Might not last very long

Maytag is one of several refrigerator brands in our review that are part of the Whirlpool family, and so it shares Whirlpool's "A+" rating from the Better Business Bureau. Unfortunately, that doesn't mean that Maytag has refrigerators that are just as reliable. While some models average a 4-star rating or higher, a few score much lower. On average, Maytag refrigerators seem to last 10 years at the most, which is below average compared with many rival brands that go 15+ years before needing to be replaced. Frequent issues include condenser coil failure (that will lead to a fridge full of spoiled food), malfunctioning ice maker assemblies, weak door seals and excess moisture. You've only got a one-year full warranty on any Maytag fridge, plus 10 years limited parts coverage (where the fine print says it only includes the compressor).

A history of recalls

And, although it was over a decade ago, there was a huge recall of Maytag refrigerators back in 2009: originally, over 1 million units were recalled (across several Maytag-affiliated brands) and an extra 40,000+ of just Maytag-branded models were included later. Why? Electrical failures caused overheating and even fires. We're sure that Maytag has taken care of that in subsequent designs - after all, there haven't been any big recalls since - but you'll still see that mentioned as you do your research.

Low ranking among refrigerator brands

Maytag doesn't have a lot going for it among refrigerator brands. Small selection, lackluster performance and less-than-impressive features keep it from ranking very high among the companies in our evaluation. Is it the worst brand you could buy? Maybe not, but we suggest checking out the higher-rated options first.

Bosch Review 2 Star Rating


2 Star Rating
  • Just over 30 models to choose from
  • Prices range from $2,399 to $8,999
  • Available high-tech features like faster-than-average ice makers and FarmFresh System
  • 1-year full warranty, 2 years on non-electronic components, 5 years on electronic components, lifetime coverage against rust-through on stainless steel

Bosch aims to "create technology that is invented for life" . Because this company actively seeks to make connected living a reality - through products and solutions that either use AI or that are developed with its help - it should come as no surprise that Bosch refrigerators have some of the most cutting-edge features you'll find on the market.

Check out the tech

As you'd expect with high-end tech, Bosch refrigerators tend to be on the upper end of the price scale: you're unlikely to find any models under $2,000 here. Then again, some of the features they offer might seem well worth the money. For example, the FarmFresh System included in some models can keep your food edible longer: up to three times as long as a regular model. It balances temperature and humidity according to the food setting you select for each area of your fridge, filters out naturally-occurring ethylene that can speed up ripening in produce like strawberries and lettuce, and keeps air circulating evenly to keep temperatures consistent.

Fast ice and foolproof filters

How about water filtration and ice? If your household goes through a lot of ice in a day, Bosch refrigerators have the fastest ice makers in the industry: up to 40 glasses of filtered ice every 24 hours. Bosch's water filters take up very little room and are easy to replace, too.

Some models with connectivity

You can also choose from several models of connected Bosch refrigerators. Using the Home Connect app, you can remotely monitor and control your appliance. In our experience, this isn't the most useful feature on any fridge - how often do you really need to change its temperature remotely? - but at least you don't have to wonder if you left the door ajar.

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Care for a drink?

Another unique feature you'll see with some Bosch models is the Refreshment Center. "Like a wine cellar in your refrigerator" , it uses a display drawer with tempered glass to show you at a glance what you've got chilled and ready to serve: from 17 standard wine bottles or up to 6 magnum bottles. Not a wine aficionado? It works for bottled water, sodas, juice, or any other beverages you'd like to have on hand. Just choose the corresponding temperature and humidity setting for what you put there and you're good to go.

BBB warns against buying a Bosch

Sadly, that's where the good times stop. We weren't thrilled to see that Bosch has a "D-" rating from the Better Business Bureau. At the time of this evaluation, an alert at the top of the BBB listing said there was a pattern of complaints where consumers claimed delays in repair or replacement of defective appliances, canceled appointments and incomplete repairs, and Bosch's refusal to replace appliances under warranty (1-year full warranty, 2 years on non-electronic components, 5 years on electronic components, lifetime coverage against rust-through on stainless steel). Worse, Bosch didn't respond to the BBB's attempts to contact them.

Owners aren't happy

That matters because Bosch refrigerators have several issues frequently reported by owners. We've seen plenty of complaints about circuitry and wiring problems that make the fridge lose its cool (pun intended), ice makers and dispensers that stop working or slow down after a few months of use, loud operation, and frost accumulation. Plus, Bosch replacement parts can be expensive and hard to come by, making it a costly hassle to get your fridge fixed when it (inevitably?) breaks down in some way.

Better choices elsewhere

Sleek, high-tech, high-end... and unreliable. That's what you may get if you choose a Bosch refrigerator. This brand comes up way short of providing the kind of value you should expect when paying top dollar for an appliance. We strongly suggest looking at a different manufacturer when shopping for your next fridge.

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Choosing the right fridge requires taking several factors into account. First, what's your budget? Believe it or not, you can find models for less than $500 and for more than $5,000, so having an idea of what you want to spend can help you narrow down the possibilities.

Next, how much room do you have? Taking accurate measurements is a must, otherwise your fridge may not fit on installation day - and don't forget to account for the room needed to open the doors. Also, how much room do you need inside? A good rule of thumb is four to six cubic feet of interior space for every adult in the household. Finally, what features are must-haves (or must-avoids)? Not everyone wants an in-door water/ice dispenser or a Wi-Fi capable appliance.

Once you've come up with a general overview of the refrigerator that will best suit your needs, it's time to see which brands fit the bill. Some manufacturers are more reliable than others: a few makers have a reputation for dropping the ball when it comes to customer service after the sale, and at least one has experienced major recalls due to fire hazards. No matter which brand and model you eventually decide, it's a smart idea to see what extended warranty coverage is available to help mitigate any costly problems you might experience down the road.

To recap, here are the criteria you should have in mind as you shop for a new refrigerator:

  • Budget. How much can you afford to spend? Are you willing to go above that limit for a must-have feature or top-notch warranty coverage?
  • Size. How much space do you have where the fridge will be installed: height, width, and depth? How much room does it need to have inside to accommodate your household (and remember that your small kids now will be adult-sized in the not-so-distant future).
  • Features. What features are absolutely essential, nice to have but not required, or an absolute "no way" ? What color will complement your current decor - or will your fridge pave the way for a whole new look? Energy-saving vs. bells and whistles (or both)?
  • Reliability. What do current owners of the brand and model you like have to say about the longevity of the refrigerator? How long will it be under warranty? How easy is it to get repairs completed while under warranty?

TopConsumerReviews.com has evaluated and ranked the most popular brands of refrigerators on the market today. We hope this information helps you choose the right model for your next major appliance purchase!

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Refrigerator FAQ

In the past, the only option was the freezer-on-top, fridge-on-bottom style, and then customers got the option for side-by-side styles. Today's refrigerators also offer the French door design, usually with two doors on the top and a pull-out freezer drawer (or two) on the bottom. Even more modern features include see-through doors, doors with touchscreens that can display calendars or stream music, and ice makers for cocktail-sized cubes!
Prices vary widely: by brand, features, size, and so forth. You could buy a mini-fridge for a dorm room for under $100, or a top-of-the-line professional model for almost $15,000! Fortunately, most refrigerators for average home use cost somewhere between $7,000 and $4,000.
Yes. Maybe you want a fridge in the house and a freezer in the garage. You can indeed buy refrigerators with no freezer, but be ready for a much more limited selection.
Yes. Not everyone wants to give up the space in their fridge that's taken up by the components of a water dispenser. You can find a decent range of options for refrigerators with no water dispenser in the door.
Most refrigerators will take anywhere from 3 to 24 hours to reach the FDA-recommended temperature of 40 degrees. Keep that in mind as you're planning the logistics of clearing out your old fridge and getting the new one set up: you'll want a way to keep food cold while you're waiting for your new appliance to cool down.
Refrigerators have the longest lifespan of most home appliances: about 13 years, according to the National Association of Home Builders. Your fridge also comes with a manufacturer's warranty, usually about a year. You can buy extended protection if you like, which generally extends that coverage for up to 5 years.
Buying your refrigerator online makes it much easier to narrow down all of the possibilities and zero in on the appliance that best fits your needs. In an appliance store, you could easily wander back and forth between several models, trying to keep all of the features and differences straight in your head. Shopping online, you can easily compare two models side-by-side (pun intended) and keep track of your favorites. Plus, most stores near you will have a very limited floor selection, as opposed to the vast inventory featured online.
That will depend on the store where you get your refrigerator. You could get free delivery or pay a small fee to have it brought to your home and installed. If you need your old fridge hauled off, that's usually included at an extra cost as well.
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