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Horizon Hobby Review

Thursday, May 30th

2024 Remote Control Toy Store Reviews

Horizon Hobby Review 2 Star Rating

Horizon Hobby

2 Star Rating
  • Prices from $19.99 to $1,399.99
  • Offers a range of vehicles
  • Free shipping on $99+
  • Free shipping for military servicemen/women
  • 30-day limited returns

Since its founding in 1985, Horizon Hobby has become a major player in the radio control products and accessories industry. The company is fueled by a dedicated team that is committed to inspiring its customers. Horizon Hobby offers a collection of brands that reflects the pinnacle of RC innovation and performance, providing advanced technology, convenience, and enjoyment to RC enthusiasts across the globe.

Clean and modern UI

Shopping at Horizon Hobby is a breeze. The company offers an easy-to-find "shop" tab if you want to get right into toy browsing. If you know what brand you want to shop for, you can start with brand names instead. On top of easy searches and quality filters that allow you to limit your options by 14 different filter types, you can easily see how popular items are. There are start ratings available at a glance on individual listings as well as the total number of reviews offered by customers who have purchased an item before. The design of the site is clean and modern and makes it easy to get what you need quickly.

Sorry, no drones

To compare prices at Horizon Hobby with other companies in our review, we examined the price ranges of remote control drones and vehicles separately at each store. Additionally, we analyzed the least expensive and most expensive RC items. In terms of drones, we were disappointed to find that Horizon Hobby doesn't have any. We checked a typed-out search and the helicopter section to see if the popular quad-copters were included there, but there just aren't any high-end drones at this retailer. So, if that's what you're looking for, you'll need to shop somewhere else.

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Good variety of other RC options

For vehicles, Horizon Hobby offers a variety of options. You can choose by your skill level or just start browsing ready-to-operate products. There are a total of 191 planes, 353 ready-to-run RC cars, 13 helicopters, and 46 boats. Through all these items the prices range from $19.99-$1399.99 which also reflects the prices for the cheapest item ($19.99 for an RC plane) and most expensive item ($1399.99 for an RC truck) at Horizon Hobby.

The company sometimes offers repairs

While Horizon Hobby does offer repairs, at the time of our review this service was unavailable. The company notice states that once the updates to the website are complete, you can go back to getting your items repaired by their experts. However, there is no statement about how soon this will happen. They appear to work on most types of RC when the service is working - except for JR products, including DSMX add-ons to JR radios.

Free shipping on $99+ or for military members

If you're looking for free shipping, you're in luck. Horizon Hobby offers a deal for free shipping on orders $99+. On top of that, Horizon Hobby offers free shipping to demonstrate its support for military servicemen and servicewomen, extending this benefit to APO/FPO addresses. However, it is important to note that LiPo batteries cannot be shipped to overseas military addresses due to regulations set by the United States Postal Service.

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30-day limited returns

Horizon Hobby is committed to delivering products that bring joy and satisfaction to its customers. Within a 30-day window, customers can initiate returns for a full refund or store credit. The returned merchandise should be in new and unused condition, with its original packaging, parts, accessories, and materials. Unfortunately, if you do decide to make the return, you will be charged for shipping as well as any applicable fees, duties, and taxes related to returning the package, which isn't ideal.

No customer service

In terms of reputation, Horizon Hobby isn't the most impressive. It holds a passable "B-" rating from the Better Business Bureau. However, its star ratings are much less positive. With a 1.5-star average on the BBB site and only a 1.7-star average on Trustpilot, customers aren't particularly pleased with their experiences at Horizon Hobby. Review after review for this company shows that customers struggle to get a hold of customer service. Many reviews complain that Horizon Hobby has "zero" customer service at all. Customers struggled to reverse charges, cancel orders, or even get a representative to talk to them after opening a claim. Overall, it seems safer to go with a different RC toy company that you can trust to have your back.

Check out a different RC shop

While there's a truly massive selection of RC toys at Horizon Hobby, it doesn't seem worth the hassle to buy them here. With all the complaints about customer service, mistaken charges, and customers unable to get their money back, there isn't a lot of security to ensure customers feel good about their purchases. So, with that in mind, this is one of the lowest-rated remote control toy stores on our list. You'd be better off checking out another company where you can guarantee returns and positive customer service experiences.

Where is the Best Place to Buy Remote Control Toys?

Remote control toy stores are a paradise for all toy enthusiasts, young and old alike. With buzzing drones, lightning-fast race cars, graceful RC helicopters, and futuristic robotic creatures, there are tons of new and exciting ways to enjoy remote control toys.

Whether you're a seasoned RC hobbyist or a curious newcomer, remote control toy stores cater to all skill levels and interests. With options out there for kids who want to pilot their favorite sci-fi ships or for aviation fans who want to fly their favorite plane small-scale, there are lots of toys out there for everyone.

The Best Remote Control Toy Stores Compare Remote Control Toy Stores Compare Remote Control Toy Store Reviews What are the best Remote Control Toy Stores Best Remote Control Toy Store Reviews

Remote Control Toy Store FAQ

You're never too old to have fun! Thousands of adults enjoy remote control toys - with their kids or by themselves. In fact, some of the most advanced RC toys aren't suitable for younger users because of the vehicles' complexity and power.
Cars and trucks are perennial favorites in the RC toy world. Drones are one of the newest products to take the market by storm, both for fun and for professional use. Some hobbyists still have a love of trains, while others eagerly await warm weather to use their remote control boats on the lake.
If you're fortunate enough to have a hobby shop near you, we're all for supporting small businesses. But even our favorite local stores don't always have the parts we need or the latest-and-greatest remote control toys on the market. Shopping online makes it more likely you'll find what you're looking for.
Absolutely! Having a reliable source of parts is essential to enjoying remote control toys. The deeper you get into the RC hobby world, the more interesting and complex the parts get!
In all honesty, it can be. Hobbyists easily spend thousands of dollars a year in pursuit of their remote control joy. But who can put a price on happiness? And, it's only as expensive as you make it, so if you're just looking for something fun to give your favorite pre-teen, there's no need to go all out (yet).
Unfortunately, most of them specialize in sales and not service. They may only be able to make recommendations for fixing it on your own.
If you're buying your RC toy from the online store of a mass merchandiser, the advice probably won't be expert level. If you're looking for experienced insights to make the right purchase or get parts you need, choose an online retailer whose focus is remote control toys. Their customer service team will be overjoyed to help: what RC enthusiast isn't eager to talk about their favorite pastime?
Most RC toy stores have decent return policies, but it needs to be in unused condition to get a refund in most cases. On the other hand, if the product is defective it should be covered under the product warranty; you might have to contact the toy manufacturer to make a claim and get a refund or replacement.
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If you're tired of browsing the same old collection of remote control toys cluttering up your playroom - those outdated models you've outgrown or the broken ones that have seen better days - we've got some exciting news for you. It's time to revamp your remote control toy collection.

One of the biggest draws in the RC world these days are drones. These fancy flying machines are used by YouTubers and film crews who want to get crazy cool footage from the sky. There are even some modified options for drone footage underwater, meaning viewers can go on a video adventure anywhere in the world with the wonders of RC technology.

Remote control toy stores are a treasure trove of joy, packed with the latest models and timeless classics that will leave you mesmerized. As an added bonus, some stores take things a step further by offering recycling and repair services or even parts to build your own RC gadget to your specifications.

If your beloved RC companion ever needs a fix or a bit of tender loving care, these stores have your back. Rather than tossing aside a faulty toy, their expert technicians work their magic to revive it, saving both money and the environment.

If you're ready to dive into the world of remote control excitement, it's time to visit your nearest RC toy store. Whether you're looking for an exhilarating outdoor adventure, a tech-savvy indoor toy, or a gift that will light up someone's day, these stores have something for everyone.

Not sure where to start to get your next RC gadget? We've checked out all the best companies for you. Here are some key factors to consider when browsing remote control toy stores:

  • Price. When you're looking for something new and fun, sometimes price isn't the biggest influence. However, with remote control gadgets that can cost $2,000+, it can help to know what your budget is. With some retailers offering RC toys for under $100 and others offering high-end models for drone filming, it's important to know how much you want to spend to narrow down the options.
  • Style. Are you looking for an RC racer? Or maybe you're a film enthusiast looking to score some drone footage? Or perhaps you're an amateur aviator looking to fly some mini RC planes? Whatever you're looking for, make sure that the company you're shopping at has it. Some retailers specialize in parts more than actual remote control vehicles whereas others don't offer drones at all. Knowing what style of remote control toy you want can help you tailor your shopping trip.
  • Age. While remote control toys are for all ages, there are some that are better suited to kids than adults. If you're looking for cartoon-based toys or smaller, less expensive RC cars, you may want to check a retailer that focuses on kids' toys. If you're a grown-up looking for something more high-tech, keep that in mind as you browse.
  • Customer satisfaction. If you're uncertain about where to shop, one way to narrow it down is by checking out the customer feedback and BBB scores. This can give you extra confidence that what you're buying is worth the money, and you can keep an eye out for sites that might not be so honest.

To help you get one step closer to a fun new remote control toy, Top Consumer Reviews has evaluated and rated the best options out there for remote control toy stores. We hope this helps you get back into the carefree fun of a shiny new toy with the marvels of modern RC technology.

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