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Are you on the hunt for the best resume writing service to give your career a boost? Crafting a standout resume is essential in today's competitive job market, but it can be a daunting task. Whether you're a recent graduate looking to land your first job, or a seasoned professional aiming for a career change, finding the right resume writing service is crucial to showcase your skills and experiences effectively.

With countless applicants vying for the same positions, your resume needs to stand out from the crowd and grab the attention of hiring managers. That's where professional resume writing services come into play. They understand the intricacies of resume writing and can help you create a powerful document that highlights your strengths and captures the interest of potential employers.

Monday, February 26th

2024 Resume Writer Service Reviews

Resume Writers Review Top Consumer Reviews Best-In-Class Blue Ribbon Award 5 Star Rating

Resume Writers

5 Star Rating Top Consumer Reviews Best-In-Class Blue Ribbon Award

Resume Writers has been around since 1999 and is a go-to network of professional resume writers with loads of experience. The best part is that they work with you collaboratively, getting you a personalized resume that's just right for you in no time. On top of that, if you don't score a job interview within two months, they've got your back with a free resume rewrite. With these things considered and the competitive prices (especially given the collaborative and tailored writing process), Resume Writers earns the top spot in this review.

My Perfect Resume Review 4.5 Star Rating

My Perfect Resume

4.5 Star Rating

My Perfect Resume has been rocking the resume game for almost two decades, helping over 15 million people worldwide boost their opportunities and find career happiness. They've got a super easy three-step process that lets you choose and customize your resume to reflect your style. Plus, with two pricing plans to choose from, My Perfect Resume gets you results without breaking the bank. It's no wonder they've got a stellar reputation and thousands of satisfied customers landing their dream jobs. For all these reasons, we highly recommend you check them out.

Resume.io Review 4.5 Star Rating


4.5 Star Rating

Resume.io is a reliable and low-cost option for creating resumes online, with over 23 million resumes completed. The platform offers a simple 3-step resume builder and a 7-day trial period, along with a money-back guarantee within that timeframe. With an impressive presence on Trustpilot, Resume.io has garnered over 40,000 reviews with an average rating of 4.6 stars, highlighting its user-friendly interface and excellent customer service. While it may lack some extra features found on other platforms, Resume.io still scores high due to its massive review presence and low-cost commitment for the services.

Blue Sky Resumes Review 4.5 Star Rating

Blue Sky Resumes

4.5 Star Rating

Blue Sky Resumes has been around since 2002, and the company is built around a team of pros. Customization is the most important factor at Blue Sky Resumes: each resume they create is tailored to the individual. This can make them a little expensive, but they've got some free features like a resume writing course. While they've got some recognition from big names like Oprah's magazine and the Washington Post, there's not a ton of buzz or verified reviews out there. Still, people seem to particularly appreciate the customer service here. With one of the most comprehensive lists of services in the industry, Blue Sky Resumes stands out as being worth their high price.

TopResume Review 4 Star Rating


4 Star Rating

TopResume is one of the go-to places for crafting your perfect resume and boosting your career. They've been at it since 2014, with a team of skilled writers covering a whopping 65 industries. You can get a free resume analysis to see where you stand, and if you decide to dive in, they've got three packages to choose from, each with attractive extras. With their 60-day guarantee and rave reviews from happy customers, TopResume is a great option. Just remember, their guarantee doesn't extend to the cheaper resume writing tiers.

Resumeble Review 4 Star Rating


4 Star Rating

Resumeble is a top-rated online service that's all about getting you a resume that locks in your dream job. They've got different pricing plans to fit your needs, whether you're just starting out or aiming for the top. Plus, with their satisfaction guarantee, you know they've got your back in your job search. While other options in this review offer better pricing or more specialized packages, Resumeble is still worth checking out for your next resume.

ResumeEdge Review 3.5 Star Rating


3.5 Star Rating

ResumeEdge is a resume writing service with extremely high client satisfaction ratings. With a satisfaction guarantee plus free revisions and tweaks to your resume within a 30-day period, ResumeEdge ensures customers are happy with the final product. While the UI here is a little cluttered and isn't the most intuitive, it's still a solid choice for getting your next resume.

PRW Review 3 Star Rating


3 Star Rating

Professional Resume Writers (PRW) offers a unique approach to resume writing, allowing clients to choose from a wide range of top-rated writers. However, the lack of extensive reviews and presence on third-party review sites makes it challenging to evaluate the service's overall performance. Considering PRW against platforms that have better pricing and better guarantees, this service only rates as a middle-of-the-road resume writing service overall.

Resume Companion Review 2.5 Star Rating

Resume Companion

2.5 Star Rating

Resume Companion offers a comprehensive range of resources for job seekers, including resume templates and informative blogs covering various aspects of the job search process. While the free offerings, such as templates and learning blogs, are standout features, the service does not receive high ratings from customers, with an average score of 2 out of 5 stars. Although the pricing is reasonable, the lack of positive reviews and limited extra features make Resume Companion a lower-rated option compared to other resume writing services.

Craft Resumes Review 2 Star Rating

Craft Resumes

2 Star Rating

Craft Resumes offers a bunch of services to help you nail that dream job, like resume and CV writing, cover letter writing, and LinkedIn profile optimization. However, it doesn't stand out from the pack as well as it should. For example, their prices might be a bit steep, but at least they're upfront about it and won't sneak in any hidden costs. On top of that, there isn't a ton of buzz or reviews about them, and we spotted a few typos on their website: not a good look for a resume writing service. For these reasons, Craft Resumes has been given the last-place spot in this review.

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Using resume writing services provides a range of benefits for job seekers, including expert advice on resume structure, tailored content that aligns with your career goals, and the ability to showcase your accomplishments in a compelling manner. By collaborating with skilled resume writers, you can ensure that your resume not only meets industry standards but also stands out as a unique representation of your qualifications.

With the abundance of resume writing services available, it can be overwhelming to choose the right one for your needs. It's important to select a service that understands your industry and has a track record of success in helping individuals like you land those dream jobs.

If you're not sure where to start, here are a few things to look for:

  • Price: If you're searching for a new job, odds are you don't want to be burning extra cash when you don't need to be. There are tons of pricing options for resume writing services. Some offer free trials and others start in the hundreds. Knowing how much you're willing to spend on a resume is important to help you narrow your options.
  • Hands-on or DIY: Are you looking for a resume writing service to take your work history and make some magic? Or do you want to be involved in the process? Some services are better for DIYers than others, so if you want to work on your own resume, keep an eye out for services that offer free or low-cost templates. If you don't want to touch your resume until it's ready to submit, there are plenty of full-service options out there just for you.
  • Range of services: Not all resume services are the same. Some focus only on the basics: resumes and cover letters. Others offer a total package including updates for your LinkedIn profile as well as thank-yous or follow-up letters for employers. So, it may help you to decide what exactly you want updated: just your resume or something more comprehensive?
  • Success stories: Getting a new resume isn't super helpful if you don't get the interviews from it, right? Keeping an eye on the reviews and feedback from customers as well as a company's BBB ratings can help you get a clear idea whether a resume writing service is turning out job-finding resumes or not.

Get ready to take your career to new heights with the help of a trusted resume writing service. To make sure you've got the best fit possible, Top Consumer Reviews has evaluated the top resume writing services on the market today. This way you can take the stress out of the job search and let a professional worry about highlighting your accomplishments and optimize your resume for applicant tracking systems. Armed with this information you should be able to find the perfect resume writing service that will propel your career forward!

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Resume Writer Service FAQ

Resumes are sent to prospective employers to display interest in a job opening they have. It is usually a one-page summary of your work experience, skill level, educational background, special achievements, and any other relevant information that would show you are qualified for a job.
Resumes are not optional when it comes to job applications. They are usually one of the very first requirements a company asks for when applying either online or in-person. Without a resume, companies almost never even consider an applicant since it shows a lack of effort on a candidate's part. You also can't demonstrate to an employer that you are a good fit for a job if you have nothing to show for yourself. Having a professional resume is critical to being hired for most jobs.
Yes, resumes are written in a bulleted list-like format to display a lot of information in as few words as possible. They usually contain headers for organizational purposes and between 3 and 5 sections highlighting qualifications. Resumes are not written in paragraph format like cover letters are. Professional resume writing services will know the standard practice for how your ideal resume should be written.
Resumes often make their way through a few different people before a candidate is hired. Depending on the position, resumes usually first go to an HR department where they are reviewed to make sure the candidate fits the basic job requirements and presents themselves professionally on paper. This could be done by an automated computer system or an individual working for the company. Then, for further review, they might be passed up to the head of a department or manager of the position you are seeking.
It depends on the resume writing service and if you're working one-on-one with a writer or filling in blanks that are auto-formatted into a basic resume. Some companies sell cover letters with resumes, which is usually an added cost. For a custom resume from scratch, you should expect to pay between $150 and $300. However, many free services exist for simpler resumes or even to have your existing resume analyzed.
Absolutely! Your resume will contain information that gives a good overview of your past experience and what types of jobs you would be qualified for. However, it is also helpful sometimes to adjust your resume to highlight skills that are needed for a specific job you're applying for. This may take a little bit of work each time you go to apply for a job, but it pays off in the end!
Resume writers take a list of your work experience, education, professional skills, and other relevant information and format it into a resume. They make sure it is free of spelling errors and displays good flow and design. The final product is yours to send to prospective employers to highlight why you are a great fit for their company and prove that you have what it takes to be successful there.
It never hurts to put together a rough draft of a resume yourself. Getting help from a resume service is extremely beneficial because sometimes a writing professional is able to view your resume from an employer's perspective and come up with ideas and wording that you wouldn't have thought of on your own. They can also make sure the resume is free of errors like spelling mistakes or unnecessary repetition. Hiring a resume writer makes sure your resume is fine-tuned and presentable.

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