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The Best Robot Vacuums

Which Robot Vacuum is the Best?

Robot vacuums have soared in popularity over the past few years. And what's not to love? Imagine waking up to a freshly vacuumed house every day without lifting a finger. That's the promise of robot vacuums, a marvel of modern technology designed to make your life easier.

Gone are the days of dragging around a heavy vacuum cleaner, trying to reach under furniture, or struggling to clean tight spaces. Robot vacuums glide effortlessly across your floors, sucking up dirt, dust, and pet hair, navigating around obstacles with ease, and even docking themselves to recharge.

Thursday, May 30th

2024 Robot Vacuum Reviews

Top Consumer Reviews Best-In-Class Blue Ribbon Award Shark Review 5 Star Rating


5 Star Rating
  • Starts at $179.99
  • Well-established brand with two decades of experience
  • "A+" rating from the Better Business Bureau
  • Top brand for multi-function robot vacuum cleaners in the U.S. according to The NPD Group
  • Offers 8 different models to cater to various cleaning needs
  • Advanced cleaning technology across models for efficient cleaning
  • Features like self-emptying systems and 2-in-1 vacuuming and mopping
  • Offers a 10% discount on the first order with email sign-up
  • Provides a one-year limited warranty for most products
  • Free shipping and a 60-day satisfaction guarantee for most products
Top Consumer Reviews Best-In-Class Blue Ribbon Award

Shark is a well-established vacuum brand that has been in business for over two decades. They have a perfect "A+" rating from the Better Business Bureau and have been accredited since 2014. Shark has been recognized as the top brand for multi-function robot vacuum cleaners in the United States by The NPD Group, a reputable market research company.

8 different models

If you want a hands-free experience, Shark has self-emptying systems that automatically dispose of collected dust into a bagless base. For those who want to tackle two tasks in one go, their 2-in-1 vacuuming and mopping robots are a perfect choice, as they vacuum and wet mop simultaneously, saving you time. However, if your priority is deep-cleaning, they offer vacuum-only robots that can effectively clean carpets and hard floors throughout your entire home.

Matrix vacuums move in a precision grid

If you're looking for the most straightforward robot vacuum you can get from Shark, the Shark Matrix Self-Empty Robot Vacuum is a great choice at $499, featuring advanced cleaning and mapping abilities. If you need a device that can both vacuum and mop, consider the Shark Matrix Plus 2-in-1 Self-Empty Robot Vacuum and Mop, available exclusively online for $449.40. For the ultimate in convenience and cleanliness, the premium Shark Matrix Plus 2-in-1 Robot Vacuum and Mop at $699.60 comes with a larger self-emptying base and a 3-year VIP warranty. Each model increases in features and complexity, so you can choose the one that best fits your needs and budget.

Detect Series vacuums won't get stuck

The Shark Detect Pro series uses advanced technology to automatically adjust to different types of dirt and floor surfaces. It can easily transition from hardwood flooring to raised carpet without getting stuck. The standalone vacuum, priced at $599.99, has neat features like DirtDetect and NeverStuck technology, and a special seal to help contain allergens. If you want more, there's an $899.99 bundle that includes a cordless vacuum. Why would you want a manual vacuum if you're shopping for a robot vacuum, you might ask? Shark explains that the robot is for "thorough maintenance cleans" , while the cordless stick vacuum is for deep cleaning of not just floors, but furniture and stairs, too.

Best Robot Vacuums

Cheapest option is $179.99

The Shark ION Robot Vacuum, priced at an affordable $179.99 (at the time of our review, down from $279.99), is a great starter for anyone new to robot vacuums and is Shark's lowest priced robot vacuum. Its Tri-Brush System is designed to clean all types of surfaces, edges, and corners effectively. Plus, you can control it easily from your phone with the SharkClean app, or even by using voice commands with Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant. It avoids obstacles like stairs and furniture and provides up to 2 hours of cleaning time, which should be enough for cleaning your whole home (unless you live in a mansion, in which case, you can probably afford to hire a housekeeper). But keep in mind that, among the Shark vacuums discussed, this is the only model that doesn't come with a self-emptying feature.

AI Ultra vacuum is forgettable

The Shark AI Ultra Self-Empty Robot Vacuum seems to offer advanced technology, but when you look closer, you might find it doesn't stand out much from other Shark models. With features like Precision Home Mapping with 360° LiDAR, object avoidance, and systematic cleaning patterns, it shares much of its core technology with other models, particularly those in the Shark Matrix series. While it promises a range of great features, including reducing allergens, it's not clear if it's worth the higher price - about $600. At the time of our review, it wasn't even available for purchase. We wonder if its "advanced AI" label truly means it's better, or if it's just a clever marketing strategy to stand out among other similar products.

Get 10% off

Shark offers a 10% discount on your first order when you sign up for their email list. By subscribing, you'll get updates on their latest products and sales. This is a great way to stay on top of the best ways to save some money when purchasing their products.

Best Robot Vacuums

One-year warranty

SharkNinja offers a one-year limited warranty for most of its vacuum products, but only if you bought it from an authorized retailer. If anything goes wrong with your vacuum that's not your fault within the first year of purchase, SharkNinja may fix it or replace it. If they give you a new vacuum, the warranty lasts another six months or until the end of the original warranty, whichever is longer. However, parts that wear out from regular use (like filters or pads) aren't covered, and you can't use the warranty if you break the vacuum yourself, use it incorrectly, or get it fixed by someone who's not approved by SharkNinja. Also, the warranty only applies to products purchased and used in North America.

Free shipping and 60-day guarantee

Depending on where you buy, shipping for your Shark robot vacuum will probably be free. Most vacuums also have a 60-day satisfaction guarantee.

Some cosmetic issues

You're not alone if you're having trouble with dust collecting inside the plastic compartment of your Shark Detect Pro Cordless Stick Vacuum. Many people have called Shark Support about this issue, but it seems there's no easy way to clean or remove it. Shark has replaced the vacuum for some users, but the problem appears to persist. If you're facing the same issue, you might want to contact Shark Support. They may offer a replacement or even a full refund. It looks like this could be a design flaw that Shark is already aware of.

Best Robot Vacuums

Vacuums might get a little depressed

One customer reported that their Shark robot vacuum seems to be having an existential crisis, thinking it's perpetually on the edge of a cliff. Just when they're ready to replace it, the vacuum perks up and gets back to work for a few weeks.

Thorough and doesn't take much maintenance

On the other hand, Shark has its fair share of happy customers. One has been in a steady relationship with their Shark vacuum for over 3 years. Sure, it occasionally forgets its map and schedule (don't we all?), but it's no biggie. It just takes a little nudge and it's back on track. Generally, customers also really appreciate that hair doesn't get tangled in the rollers and the thorough matrix cleaning, which covers the same area twice, but in two different directions.

#1 brand for robot vacuums

It's a good sign for Shark that we didn't find any "this brand totally sucks (and not in a good way)" callout posts on social media. Yes, you can find complaints about individual models and some less-than-stellar experiences with customer service, but you'll also find plenty of people happy with their Sharks. (Their "A+" from the BBB speaks to that, too.) Shark has all the markings of a good robot vacuum company, and we're happy to recommend them as our #1 pick.

iRobot Review 4 Star Rating


4 Star Rating
  • $499 to $1,399
  • Established in 1990 by a group of roboticists from MIT
  • Roomba's two-brush system is especially good for cleaning carpets
  • Interactive quiz available on the iRobot website to help recommend the right model
  • Roomba Combo j5+ model can vacuum and mop your hard floors
  • i5+ model can empty its own bin into a bag that holds up to 60 days of dirt
  • All models work well with smart home systems for voice commands
  • j9+ model comes with a P.O.O.P. (Pet Owner Official Promise)
  • 60-day satisfaction guarantee and 1-year warranty on all models
  • High customer satisfaction with the cleaning performance of the vacuums

iRobot, the creators of Roomba, was established in 1990 by a group of roboticists from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Initially, their focus was on robots for space exploration and military defense. However, in 2002, they introduced the first Roomba, a key development in making robots a common household item. They've been in business for 34 years and have an "A+" rating from the Better Business Bureau. Roomba's two-brush system, especially good for cleaning carpets, was patent-protected for a long time. But since the patent expired in May 2023, other brands have started using similar systems.

Fun, interactive quiz available

Not sure what you want from your vacuum? You can take a quick quiz on the iRobot website that will help recommend the right model for you. The quiz will ask you about your lifestyle and home. It will inquire about who lives in your house - kids, adults, pets, or shedding pets. It will ask if your living space is spotless or lived-in, which helps determine whether you need a Roomba with obstacle detection. You will be asked to indicate the level of mess in your home using an entertaining slider, and items will appear on the floor in the animation as you adjust it. (It's a fun process that reminds us a little of those online dress-up games from the early 2010s.) The quiz will also ask about the type of flooring in your home, whether it's carpet, hard floors, or a mix, the number of levels in your home, and your preferred level of cleaning customization.

Mops can be used with your favorite cleaning solutions

We were recommended the $729 Roomba Combo j5+ Self-Emptying Robot Vacuum and Mop. It can vacuum and mop your hard floors, switching between the two with just a simple change of a bin. It's smart too - it learns how to clean different rooms and messes, and can even avoid obstacles. Plus, you can use it with any floor cleaner you like. This means you can keep using the cleaning products that you trust and love.

Best Robot Vacuums

Mopping feature on Combo models isn't great

If you buy the Roomba Combo j5+, you'll find it's great at vacuuming different surfaces like tile, carpet, and wood. To get the best results, try to declutter your rooms before the first use, so it can map your rooms accurately. Although many reviews focus on a robot vacuum's navigation skills, the real value of the Roomba is in its cleaning performance. For example, if you have carpets, Roomba is a top choice. The mop feature, however, might not be as effective as you'd like. It's more like a damp cloth dragged around the house and might not clean up small dirt spots as you'd expect. While it's not designed for deep cleaning, you might expect a bit more from the mopping feature - one customer recommends you avoid the combo models altogether and opt for just the vacuums. Roomba's has two vacuum-only models, priced at $499 and $899.

i5+ is a good basic robot vacuum

With the $499 i5+, you're getting a dependable vacuum that navigates your home in neat rows, thanks to its Imprint Smart Mapping technology. This model is good at picking up everyday mess and pet hair from different floor types, and it won't get tangled. One of the best features is that it can empty its own bin into a bag that holds up to 60 days of dirt, so you won't have to think about vacuuming for two months. If you have a smart home assistant like Alexa, Siri, or Google Assistant, you can control your Roomba with just your voice.

J9+ comes with P.O.O.P. Promise

On the other hand, the $899 j9+ model takes cleaning to the next level with its high suction power and special features for pet owners and larger homes. This model shines because it's great at picking up stubborn dirt, pet hair, and debris due to its strong suction and three suction power levels. The j9+ uses a smart navigation system to avoid obstacles and focus on cleaning areas where people walk the most, so you get a deep clean. If you have pets, you'll like the P.O.O.P. (Pet Owner Official Promise) - if the vacuum fails to avoid pet waste, you'll get a free replacement. Just like the i5+, the j9+ can empty its own bin and hold up to 60 days of dirt, and it works well with smart home systems for voice commands. But what makes the j9+ stand out is its advanced navigation, better pet features, and focus on deep cleaning.

Best Robot Vacuums

60 day satisfaction guarantee, 1 year warranty

If you're not happy with your iRobot purchase, you can return it within 60 days for a refund, but shipping costs aren't covered. (However, this only applies if you bought your vacuum from their website.) If you want a full refund, you must return any free gifts or promotional items with your iRobot vacuum. Your iRobot vacuum comes with a one-year limited warranty from the day you buy it. This warranty covers any issues with the materials or workmanship if you bought your vacuum from iRobot or an authorized dealer. The warranty does not cover normal wear and tear, damage from misusing the product or accidents, or if you used parts or cleaning solutions that aren't approved by iRobot. Also, remember that this warranty is only good in the country where you bought the product.

Technical support could be better

Despite their great rating from the Better Business Bureau, we found many unhappy customers elsewhere. On Trustpilot, we encountered numerous complaints about how iRobot's customer service handles issues with Roombas. In one case, a customer's vacuum broke three times and was returned to them still broken after supposedly being fixed. They had to spend 20 minutes troubleshooting the robot themselves. Another wrote that while they were generally satisfied with the product during the warranty period, the customer service was subpar. They had to wait four working days for a response and were given insufficient information to make informed decisions about out-of-pocket repairs. Another customer tried seven times to get assistance from iRobot's customer service and tech support to no avail. They had a brand-new vacuum that wouldn't connect to the app despite trying all suggested solutions.

Overall a good robot vacuum

Remember, a robot vacuum, even the ones from iRobot, can't completely replace a traditional vacuum, especially if you have carpeted stairs. It does a decent job, but it's not perfect. If you're expecting the power of a high-end vacuum, a robot vacuum might not be the right choice for you. However, iRobot's Roombas can generally get about 95% of the dirt and hair on your floors, making it possible for you to relax a bit between more thorough cleanings. While we think iRobot's vacuums have a lot going for them, their customer service has room for improvement. Still, they earn a highrating in our review.

eufy Review 3.5 Star Rating


3.5 Star Rating
  • Pricing starts around $120
  • Wide range of 17 vacuum models available
  • Offers both vacuum-only and vacuum + mop models
  • Entry-level vacuum models are compact and efficient
  • High-end models have advanced features like obstacle avoidance and auto-detangling roller brush
  • Offers replacement parts
  • Provides a 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Some customers praise their responsive and helpful customer service
  • Products are generally durable, lasting 2-3 years without issues

Anker Innovations Co., Ltd, known as Anker, is a company from China that makes many kinds of electronics like phone chargers, earbuds, speakers, and 3D printers. eufy, which is part of Anker, makes security devices and smart home appliances, including - you guessed it - robot vacuums.

17 models available

You have a wide range of options when shopping for a eufy vacuum. There are 8 vacuum-only models with prices ranging from $119 to $259, depending on where you shop. If you're looking for a vacuum and mop combo, there are 9 models available with prices ranging from $179.99 to $837.98.

Entry-level vacuum for $250

The eufy 11s max is a budget-friendly vacuum that's often recommended as a good maintenance cleaner. It's compact, operates quietly, and can clean effectively for up to 100 minutes on hardwood floors. You'll find it easy to set up and maintain, plus it's great at picking up pet hair from carpets and floors. However, you should be aware that you'll need to empty it after each use, and it might not cover every inch of your floor daily due to its random path design. Also, it might get stuck on carpet fringes or under low furniture, and it can't clean deep into sharp corners. If you buy it, you'll get the RoboVac 11S MAX, remote control, charging base, AC power adapter, cleaning tool, a side brush, user manual, and a 12-month worry-free warranty. It costs about $250 depending on where you buy.

Best Robot Vacuums

X10 Pro Omni 2-in-1 for $799

The eufy X10 Pro Omni is a higher-end vacuum model that many eufy fans have been eagerly anticipating. Priced at $799.99, the X10 Pro Omni boasts a powerful 8,000 Pa suction that can effortlessly remove hidden debris, including pet hair, from your carpets. It also features the MopMaster 2.0 system that uses dual mop pads to eradicate stains, leaving your floors spotless. The vacuum also includes an advanced obstacle avoidance feature, which can identify more than 100 different objects, even in low light conditions. Additionally, the X10 Pro Omni has an All-in-One Station for hands-free cleaning. The vacuum's mop pads are washed with clean water and dried with heated air to prevent bad odors and bacteria growth. The dust bin is emptied into a 2.5L dust bag in the station, which needs replacement every 2 months. This vacuum also has an auto-detangling roller brush and iPath Laser Navigation for efficient cleaning routes.

Loyal customers like the X10

We dug into some customer reviews to get the dirt on the X10. First off, they think the mapping feature is spot on. On the first run, one customer's vacuum got the layout of their house 95% correct, and by the second run, it had filled in the gaps. They think it's even better than their old robot vacuum from a top competing brand at getting hair off the carpet. They like that the roller has actual brushes and the suction power is high, so it really gets the job done. And get this, after about 14 cleans of their 900 square foot space, they haven't had to untangle a single hair from the roller brush. They also mentioned that the vacuum's mopping function is pretty solid. It can get most of the stuck-on dirt off in just two passes, most of the time. But what really makes their day is the base station. It cleans the mop pads and empties the debris every single time, no issues. Lastly, they love the obstacle avoidance feature. It's gentle with their furniture, dodges their dog's toys, and gets around the house without getting stuck. Now that's a smart vacuum!

A few issues with the X10

While early users are pretty happy with the X10 Pro Omni so far, some have been having problems with the app's room boundary settings, hair wrap issues with long-haired pets, and the mop pads drying out quickly. Some people have said that the robot often makes cleaning mistakes because its wall sensor is very sensitive. It also might fall off steps, which means a boundary needs to be set up in the app. One person said that while it was easy to guide the robot and use the app, they were unhappy with how long the battery lasted. That's a common complaint we've found about eufy vacuums - the batteries don't last through a whole clean, and sometimes need to be replaced.

Best Robot Vacuums

eufy sells replacement parts

Fortunately, eufy is one of the robot vacuum brands in our review that allows you to replace parts instead of buying a whole new vacuum. Whether you need a new side brush, a soft brush roller, a battery pack, or a whole kit of replacement parts, they've got your back.

30-day satisfaction guaranteed

If you purchase an eufy robot vacuum directly from their online store, you have a 30-day money-back guarantee for any reason. As long as you return it (and all its gadgets) in the original box and undamaged, they will refund you. Just know, if you're returning it because it's not your cup of tea, rather than due to a defect, you're on the hook for return shipping costs. But what if your eufy starts acting up, like a motor having a meltdown? If it's within the warranty period, eufy will replace the motor or even give you a brand-new vacuum if they don't have the right part. But remember, this warranty is void if the vacuum has been traveling internationally.

Customer service is a dream for some...

Like with any robot vacuum brand, you're going to find some customers who are happy with their eufy purchases, and others who think their vacuum was put on this planet to inconvenience them personally. What matters is how the company deals with customer complaints. Unfortunately, it's a little bit hit-or-miss at eufy. On the sunny side, some customers have been lauding them for their politeness and helpfulness. Case in point, one customer had a grumpy robot vacuum that refused to work. The support team sprang into action with a suggestion for a new part. Although the new part proved not to be useful, the company was quick to refund the cost and even provided a return label. (Oddly enough, the act of taking the vacuum apart and putting it back together again seemed to be the equivalent of a good night's sleep and the vacuum was back to its cleaning duties.)

Best Robot Vacuums

...but a nightmare for others

On the flip side, there are eufy customers who've had less than stellar experiences. One person lamented about their vacuum developing a serious case of confusion less than six months into use. Despite numerous attempts to reach out to eufy, they felt like they were stuck in a loop with an AI, receiving the same canned responses over and over again. Their attempts to file a warranty claim have so far been unsuccessful, leading to quite a bit of frustration. We looked into eufy's reputation and found that their parent company, Anker, has an "F" from the BBB and is not accredited.

Loses points for unreliable customer service

eufy vacuums seem to be good quality for the price, and they typically last a good amount of time. (We found lots of customers who said they'd used their vacuum for 2-3 years without issues.) But, if you're unlucky and your vacuum goes on strike, you may or may not have a hard time getting resolution from customer service.

ILIFE Review 3 Star Rating


3 Star Rating
  • Some models under $180
  • Offers five different models of robot vacuum cleaners
  • Most models are vacuum and mop combinations
  • Strong suction power in higher-end models
  • Multi-floor mapping capability in some models
  • Extended warranty of 18 months for selected models
  • Wide global reach, serving millions in over 40 countries

ILIFE doesn't offer up much info about their background. After some digging, we learned that they are located in Shenzhen, China, with additional research and development centers in Hong Kong. According to their website, ILIFE started in 2010 and prides itself on being a global leader in producing robot vacuums, floor washing machines, and other household cleaning devices. Today, the company has over 1000 employees and 300 engineers, serving millions of families in more than 40 countries around the world. However, they don't have a listing with the Better Business Bureau.

5 models to choose from

Depending on where you shop, ILIFE offers five different models of robot vacuum cleaners, priced between $120 and $439. Among these models, most are combination vacuum and mop machines, with only one model that doesn't include the mop function.

Entry-level vacuum for $165

The ILIFE V3s Pro Robot Vacuum Cleaner, priced at $164.99 on their website, is advertised by ILIFE as the best entry-level robotic vacuum for novices. Ideal for hardwood or vinyl floors laden with pet hair, the V3s Pro boasts a tangle-free suction opening, a built-in motor for strong suction power, and two high-performance filters for maintaining high suction and reducing clogging. Its ultra-thin design allows the robot to reach under furniture and its large wheels facilitate smooth transitions from hard floors to low-pile carpets. However, users have experienced a few drawbacks: it's not programmable and its random path can miss areas, it needs to be emptied daily, the absence of rotary brushes may make it less effective on carpet, it can be difficult to empty, and it often struggles to find its way back to the charging station (especially when the battery is low).

Best Robot Vacuums

$400 2-in-1 vacuum has some issues

On the higher end of ILIFE's offerings, you'll find the T10s Robot Vacuum and Mop Combo, priced at $400. It's advertised as having a strong suction power of up to 3000Pa, making it efficient for sweeping away debris, dust, and particles from various floor types including hardwood, tile, and carpets. It also has multi-floor mapping capability, allowing it to scan multiple floors of your house and save up to five different maps. This vacuum features a "Y" path cleaning method - which is better than the random pattern of the entry-level vacuum we mentioned, but not necessarily as thorough as robot vacuums that use a grid pattern. The ILIFE T10s can self-empty for up to 60 days. But let's take a look at what customers say the vacuum-mop combo is like in action. We found some complaints, including the robot getting tangled with cables, needing frequent refilling of the mop, and difficulties in vacuuming edges of rooms and getting caught on low-profile door mats. One disgruntled user said the vacuum didn't like to go through doorways, instead preferring to give the hallway three or four passes it didn't need.

12-18 months of warranty coverage

If you buy a new product from ILIFE, you can usually expect a warranty that lasts for 12 months. But here's some good news: if you choose to buy one of four specific models (the V3s Pro, V5s Plus, T10s, or W90) ILIFE offers an extended warranty of 18 months. So, you'll have a year and a half of coverage for these selected models.

No customer service or replacement parts

You might face some serious issues with ILIFE's customer service. Some customers couldn't get help when they had connectivity problems - the phone rang, but no one answered. If you like to fix your belongings when they break instead of replacing them, you should know that ILIFE doesn't sell replacement parts. One customer spent six months searching for parts for the T10s model and couldn't find any. (We'd put our money on this being an example of planned obsolescence.) One customer sent customer service a video to show the issues they were having with their robot vacuum, and customer service only replied to ask (somewhat disdainfully) why the customer was sending them a video. After that point, they ignored the customer's messages. (That's cold.)

Best Robot Vacuums

ILIFE vacuums unsafe on stairs

One customer bought an ILIFE robot vacuum and found out it had a serious case of acrophobia. Yup, the vacuum's sensors bailed every time it approached stairs or any elevated surface, causing the poor bot to tumble down. (Imagine the chaos that could bring to your home, not to mention the potential danger to your pets, or the "floor art" it could create.) When the customer asked for a refund, citing the safety issue, ILIFE's response was a big fat "Nope!" They offered a replacement instead. But here's the kicker: they claimed this was "normal operation" for their vacuum and advised not to use it around open areas, as per the fine print in the usage manual. This suggests ILIFE knew about this safety issue but chose to play "not it" instead of fixing it.

You get what you pay for

An ILIFE vacuum might be a good choice for newbies to robot vacuums, particularly for your home's main floor (don't even think about the second floor). Remember, the attractive price tag reflects what you're paying for, so don't get too attached. It's likely not going to be part of your family for more than a year, and it's certainly not worth giving it a cute name as some robot vacuum owners love to do. As for ILIFE's customer service, let's just say we're not exactly awestruck by their performance. We give ILIFE an overall average rating.

Dreame Review 3 Star Rating


3 Star Rating
  • Models priced $100 to $1,500
  • Offers 2-in-1 vacuum and mop
  • Some products can run up to 180 minutes constantly due to large battery capacity
  • Uses high-performance LiDAR navigation for accurate cleaning
  • Allows customization of cleaning modes and setting of virtual walls via a mobile app
  • Offers replacement parts for easy maintenance and repair
  • High-end models offer advanced features like automatic refills, drying of mops, and self-cleaning
  • Advanced AI learns home layout and adjusts cleaning path accordingly

Dreame Technology, also known as "Dreame" or "Dreametech," is a Chinese company established in 2017. It specializes in creating household appliances, with a focus on cleaning and personal care items such as cordless vacuums, scrubbers, hairdryers, and robot vacuum mops.

2-in-1 vacuum mop for $399

The Dreametech D10 Plus Robot Vacuum and Mop is Dreame's bestselling midrange vacuum, priced at $399 depending on when and where you buy. It's an automated 2-in-1 vacuum and mop that offers 45 days of hands-free cleaning, thanks to its auto-empty base station that quietly collects and stores dirt and dust in a 2.5L dust bag. This vacuum is strong and efficient, with a maximum suction pressure of 4000Pa to lift dirt from your floors. It can run up to 180 minutes constantly, thanks to its large 5,200mAh battery. The vacuum uses high-performance LiDAR navigation for accurate and systematic cleaning without missing or repeating any spots. You can also adjust the mopping feature based on your floor's cleanliness level. The vacuum is supposedly compatible with Alexa voice control, giving you the power to start, pause, or stop the cleaning process with just your voice. You can also customize its cleaning modes, set virtual walls, and more using an app on your phone. However, some users have reported difficulty in connecting it with Alexa.

Vacuums don't actually connect to Alexa as advertised

In a review, one user expressed their love for the vacuum after just a few days, stating it's a great replacement for their older robot vacuum from a competing brand. They appreciated its ability to clean their entire house while they slept without getting stuck, which they mentioned is a common problem with other robot vacuums. The user was impressed by the vacuum's cleaning power and its ability to handle pet hair. They also enjoyed the vacuum's voice features, which updates them on its status and provides solutions when it gets stuck. However, they expressed disappointment with the device's advertised Alexa compatibility, which they couldn't get to work. They're not alone - this seems to be a common issue with Dreame.

L10s does everything by itself

Looking for a high-end robot vacuum? Dreame's Dreametech L10s Ultra Robot Vacuum and Mop Combo might be just what you need. For $899, it offers a host of impressive features. Imagine this: your vacuum not only cleans but also dries its mops, refills its water tank, and adds cleaning solution all by itself. It even empties its dust box into a large bag, which means you can enjoy up to 60 days of hands-off cleaning. With its advanced AI, the vacuum quickly learns your home layout and adjusts its cleaning path based on obstacles, flooring type, and room. It has a powerful suction of 5,300Pa and automatically detects carpets, boosting suction or lifting mop pads as needed. The vacuum's dual rotary mops spin quickly and apply firm pressure to thoroughly clean up to 2,152 square feet, leaving your floors refreshingly clean.

Best Robot Vacuums

Most people are happy with it

Now, let's talk about the reviews. One user reported no issues in the first two days, even with a house full of pets. However, another user mentioned their vacuum tends to eat cables. Many users praised its stylish design, quick mapping, effective mopping, and strong vacuuming performance. You can also customize your cleaning settings and control the vacuum using voice commands. But be aware, some users found the app a bit complicated. Also, a few users reported quality control issues - their first vacuum was a dud and they had to reach out to customer service for a replacement. Like the other model we mentioned, the L10s also has issues connecting to assistants like Alexa.

30 days to return for total refund

If you're not happy with your Dreame robot vacuum, you can send it back within 30 days of getting it for a complete refund. Strangely, though, their policy says it can't have been used and must be in the original packaging with all the stickers and tags. (We don't think this is how the return policy actually works in practice, because we've heard from customers who have returned a used vacuum within the 30-day window.) When it comes to the warranty, the main parts of the vacuum and the battery are covered for a year. However, parts that get used up, like filters and brushes, don't have a warranty.

Replacement parts available

Dreame Technology sells plenty of replacement parts for their vacuums. This is helpful if something breaks or wears out. You can find mop pads, brushes, dust bags, and even special kits for certain models. This way, you can fix your vacuum on your own without spending a lot on professional repair. By replacing old parts, you can keep your robot vacuum in good working order for longer.

Best Robot Vacuums

Quality control issues

Dreame can sometimes struggle with quality control. This means the first vacuum you receive might not work properly. Some people believe that if your vacuum is still working after 30 days, you're good to go. This is because any parts that aren't of good quality would likely break within that time. It's frustrating because these vacuums aren't cheap, but it's not a big deal as long as the company replaces any broken ones. The problem is, Dreame isn't great at doing this.

Dreame's customer service is dishonest

One customer had a frustrating experience with Dreame after buying a vacuum for $2,200. The product they received was defective but the company did not provide a refund. Even though the customer service team was polite and claimed they wanted to help, they never actually offered a solution. They didn't provide a repair, a replacement, or a refund, despite the customer showing evidence of the product's issues. Another customer had bought an expensive vacuum that came with a defective water pump. They had a difficult time with Dreame's customer service for over two months trying to get a refund or replacement. Despite their efforts, they received no help, with the company only telling them they were "checking with the relevant department." After this long process, the customer was left without a vacuum and without their money. Ultimately, they were told their refund attempt had "failed" . The customer believed Dreame's actions were dishonest, and we think so too.

Cool features don't make up for quality control issues

Robot vacuum connoisseurs often recommend Dreame over competing brands because of their plethora of features. To us, though, they just aren't reliable enough to earn a high rating. The combination of poor quality control and bad follow up from customer service leave us a little disappointed.

Yeedi Review 2 Star Rating


2 Star Rating
  • Priced between $199.99 and $899
  • Multiple models available with different features
  • Some vacuums can both vacuum and mop
  • Equipped with obstacle avoidance technology
  • Capable of mapping home layout
  • Battery life ranges from 110 to 240 minutes
  • Some models can be upgraded with a self-empty station
  • Newest model includes edge-hugging mopping and strong suction

Yeedi, a budget version of its parent brand Ecovacs, is a China-based company that makes service robots. The company claims to constantly upgrade their technology for an improved user experience, boasting over 2,000 patents in the industry.

Focus on robotics

Yeedi aims to integrate their robots into homes across various sectors like navigation, cleaning, interaction, and even hosting. Despite their "A+" rating from the BBB and more than a decade in business, some users aren't entirely satisfied, describing Yeedi as a "cheap", poorly constructed version of Ecovacs. Keep reading to get into the nitty gritty of how Yeedi's robot vacuums do with the nitty gritty to be found on your floors.

Priced between $199.99 and $899

You can choose from several models of Yeedi vacuums. The Vac 2 is priced at $199.99 and can vacuum and mop at the same time, avoid obstacles, map your home, but it only has a battery life of 110 minutes. The Vac 2 Pro, on the other hand, does all the same things as the Vac 2 but the battery life lasts for 240 minutes. It can also be upgraded with a self-empty station. Yeedi has sold other models like the Vac Max, Yeedi Vac, Yeedi Cube, and Yeedi Vac Station, but they were not available at the time of this review. Yeedi's newest model, sold directly from the Yeedi website, is the M12 Pro+ for $899. It includes features like edge-hugging mopping, tangle-free vacuuming, strong suction for big particles, and a spacious dust bag. It also comes with a station that can empty the dust bag and clean and dry the mop for you. (Just a heads up: the Yeedi robot vacuums only work with 2.4Ghz Wifi.)

Best Robot Vacuums

Mapping doesn't work as promised

Yeedi's vacuums come with a feature called "real-time mapping," which should let the robot learn your home's layout and create an efficient cleaning path. The company says it can remember multiple floor maps, which sounds ideal if you have a multi-story house. But in reality, a lot of users have faced issues with it. Imagine spending an hour waiting for the robot to map your home only for it to forget everything the next day. It's like trying to teach a toddler - constantly repeating the same steps but not making any progress. Some users also mentioned that the robot moves randomly rather than following a set path, often getting stuck or hitting objects. Despite removing all obstacles, some found that the robot could not store all the rooms separately on its map.

Quality declines after just a year

One Yeedi vacuum user reported that their vacuum's cleaning times began to increase about a year after they bought it, starting from about an hour and eventually reaching up to 95 minutes. This is because the vacuum repeatedly cleans the same areas. The user, who has pets and hardwood floors, wound up needing to empty the vacuum's bin every 20 minutes. They also mentioned that the suction dock fails to clean out the trash as it's supposed to. This kind of babysitting defeats the purpose of having a robot vacuum, doesn't it? To add salt to the wound, when one of the side brushes gets lost, you can't simply replace the single brush. Instead, you'll probably have to purchase a complete set of accessories. Ironically, a device meant to save you time and effort might demand more of both.

Customer service won't help you if your vacuum breaks

Yeedi claims that all of their vacuums come with a 1-year warranty, and that if you have any issues within that period, they'll replace your vacuum for free. However, there are myriad customer reviews that prove that just isn't true. Some customers purchased their Yeedi robot vacuums through a third-party retailer, and when they had issues with the product, they were told by the retailer to reach out to Yeedi directly. Some customers couldn't reach customer service at all; others were dragged along for several months, meaning the 1-year window nearly ran out. (Was that intentional? The customers seem to think so.)

Best Robot Vacuums

Positive reviews may be fake

One common sentiment we see from unhappy customers on various social media platforms is that the positive reviews on Yeedi's listings on most retail platforms are fake. We ran an analysis on the Vac 2 Pro's listing on one of these platforms to detect fake reviews, and it came back with a "C" grade, with 47% of the reviews likely to be unreliable. Yikes!

Save your money

You won't be surprised at our recommendation: don't buy a robot vacuum from Yeedi. Between the issues these vacuums have with mapping, running into furniture, and not emptying themselves like they're supposed to, it'd probably be faster for you to just vacuum the house yourself. And, considering the issues with Yeedi's customer service, you won't have much protection on your investment when your vacuum inevitably stops working (if it ever functioned in the first place).

TP-Link Review 2 Star Rating


2 Star Rating
  • Competitive prices for high-end models, with top-tier model priced at $289
  • Offers a variety of robot vacuum models to suit different needs
  • Top-tier models boast impressive features like 4200Pa suction power and LiDAR & Gyro dual navigation system
  • Some models come with an auto-empty dock for hands-free maintenance
  • Customizable cleaning options available for different areas
  • Auto-charging feature ensures continuous cleaning
  • Provides voice and remote control through the Tapo app
  • Some models offer carpet auto-boost for extra suction on carpets
  • Vacuums are designed to work efficiently, even in the dark
  • Some models offer dual functionality as both robot vacuums and mops
  • 1-year warranty

TP-Link, a company from China that makes networking hardware and other tech products, has been around for 15 years. In 2019, they started a new brand called Tapo. One of the first products they made for Tapo was a small smart plug that works with Wi-Fi and can be controlled with Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant. Now, Tapo also makes security cameras, smart lights, and robot vacuums.

Few vacuums available for purchase

Finding these robot vacuums can be challenging with some popular third-party online retailers - we mostly found replacement kits and accessories when we searched for Tapo Robot Vacuums. It's simpler to visit the TP-Link website directly, navigate to the robot vacuum category, and select the vacuum you're interested in. Look for a "Buy Now" link, which will direct you to various options for purchase, including big box stores. Unfortunately, the majority of their vacuums lack a "Buy Now" link - or if there is a link, it redirects to a non-existing page on the TP-Link website.

Seven models

Tapo offers seven different robot vacuum models. These can be grouped into three categories: high-end models with an auto-empty dock, mid-range models that lack an auto-empty dock, and entry-level models that are both robot vacuums and mops. Let's focus on the ones you can actually buy right now, and we'll also give you a heads-up on a few others, just in case they come back in stock later.

Tapo RV30C Plus has everything

Priced at $289, this top-tier model comes with all the bells and whistles. It boasts a whopping 4200Pa suction power, making it a beast at picking up debris and dust. Thanks to its LiDAR & Gyro dual navigation system, it maps your home accurately in just 8 minutes and makes sure no spot is missed, even in the dark. One of its coolest features is the auto-empty dock with a large 4L dust bag, letting you go hands-free for up to 70 days. Plus, it has customizable cleaning for different areas, auto-charging, carpet auto-boost for extra suction on carpets, and voice & remote control through the Tapo app.

Best Robot Vacuums

Tapo RV30C needs to be emptied sooner

For a bit less, at $229, the RV30C gives you many of the same awesome features as the RV30C Plus, like the 4200Pa suction and the smart navigation system. It doesn't have the auto-empty dock but comes with a large 800ml dust bin that needs emptying every 14 days. It also supports customizable cleaning, auto-charging, and control via voice or the Tapo app.

Vacuums from the RV20 and RV10 lines are unavailable

Here's a breakdown of the vacuums not currently available for purchase from TP-Link.

  • Tapo RV20 Plus and RV20: These models are known for their ultra-slim design, making them great at getting under furniture to snag hidden dirt. They've got MagSlim LiDAR navigation for efficient cleaning and customizable features. The Plus model also includes an auto-empty dock.
  • Tapo RV10 Lite: This one is more basic but still a solid choice, especially for tackling pet hair and everyday messes with its 2000Pa suction. It's got a large 800ml dustbin, perfect for less frequent emptying, and offers simple control via the Tapo app.
  • Tapo RV10: Previously sold for $129.99, this vacuum & mop combo is a deal if it comes back. It offers a neat zigzag cleaning path and the ability to vacuum and mop your floors.

1-year warranty on vacuum, 30 days on parts

As a TP-Link robot vacuum owner in the U.S., you get a limited warranty from the delivery date. This only covers issues caused by material defects or poor workmanship, but not if you bought it second-hand, modified it, or got it from an unauthorized seller - so make sure that big box store is approved. If your vacuum breaks down, they usually swap it with a refurbished model. If your model is out of stock or discontinued, they might give you a different model with similar features. The warranty doesn't cover normal wear and tear, misuse, or damage from external factors. It also doesn't cover software-related issues, virus damage, or misuse of non-public or third-party software. The warranty lasts for a year for the robot vacuum, but not for parts that wear out and need regular replacement. Accessories like brushes, mop pads, filters, and boundary tape are only covered for 30 days.

Best Robot Vacuums

No customer reviews

As you might expect, given that many of their vacuums are not currently available for purchase, there aren't many customer reviews available either. We scoured the web for complaints or praise about these vacuums and came up empty handed.

Too little information to recommend

These vacuums seem promising, but that's no good if you can't actually purchase one. We also didn't love that we had to click so many links on their website just to find out if the vacuum was even available. Until these issues are resolved, unfortunately, we have to give TP-Link a lower rating in our review.

OKP Review 1.5 Star Rating


1.5 Star Rating
  • Affordable price range, with models starting at $149
  • Offers 10 different vacuum models
  • Some models are slim in design and have sensors to avoid obstacles
  • Frequent deals on their robot vacuums
  • Vacuums can handle various types of flooring, including hard, wood, and tile floors, as well as low pile carpet
  • Vacuums are controllable via an app or voice commands
  • Some models boast long battery life, up to 120 minutes
  • Higher-end models offer self-cleaning and self-emptying base features
  • Offers a 12-month warranty for products bought from their website

There's no official information on OKP's website about their location, no details on a parent company if one exists, and we couldn't find a Better Business Bureau listing. However, the terms and conditions of the vacuums suggest they're based in China. On their website, they state that they were founded in 2019 and now serve millions of customers in 10 countries.

10 models starting at $149

OKP offers three different series of vacuums (K, L, and C) with 10 options total. The brand doesn't make it clear what sets each series apart. The prices usually range from $149 to $499, but you can sometimes find them for as low as $75 when there's a sale. Take the OKP LIFE K3 Robot Vacuum for example. It's a pretty cool gadget. It's got four different cleaning modes, strong suction, a slim design, and a battery that lasts for 100 minutes. Its sensors stop it from crashing into things. While it can handle hardwood floors, it can't handle high pile carpet - just low pile.

$300 vacuum on sale for $100

Frequent deals on robot vacuums are available from OKP. When we were shopping at a third-party retailer, we spotted one usually priced at $299.99, on sale for only $99.99. This model, simply titled the OKP Robot Vacuum Cleaner, is powerful enough to pick up dust, paper, pet hair, and more, and can even clean along walls and corners with an edge brush. Whether you have a hard floor, a wood floor, a tile floor, or a low pile carpet, this vacuum can handle it. Its smart technology lets it avoid obstacles like stairs and furniture. You can control it with an app or voice commands, setting schedules and choosing from 4 cleaning modes to make sure it cleans the way you want it to. It has a long battery life, running for up to 120 minutes and then returning to its dock to recharge. Plus, it's quiet, so it won't disrupt your day.

Best Robot Vacuums

$500 vacuum can handle carpets and hardwood

On the higher end ($499.99, on sale for $249 when we shopped), you'll find the OKP L3 robot vacuum, for both hard floors and carpets. It's advertised as easy to use, with an app that supposedly lets you set cleaning schedules, adjust suction power, and more. If you have pets, the company states that it's effective at picking up hair and it even self-cleans to prevent tangles. OKP asserts that it can run for up to 120 minutes at a time, and if it's not done cleaning when it runs out of power, it will return to its dock to recharge and then resume cleaning. Plus, it promotes a self-emptying base feature, which means, according to OKP, you won't have to empty the dust bag for up to 70 days.

OKP underdelivers

However, it doesn't sound like this vacuum lives up to what OKP promises. Some users found it stops working after only a few uses and has trouble staying connected to the network. One customer said it broke completely in six months and they got no help from customer support. Another said their vacuum quit after just 27 days and often got lost during cleaning. Users also said the vacuum struggles to avoid obstacles and needs help, making it almost as much work as vacuuming yourself. It has trouble switching from hardwood to rug floors. Also, it doesn't go back to its base when full, instead waiting until the brush is jammed and then asking for help. Lastly, users didn't like the high cost of the dust bags, which are $75 for a pack of 10, making the vacuum expensive to maintain.

OKP manipulates reviews with bribes

We took a look at the reviews on OKP's other vacuums, and it doesn't seem like the issues with the OKP L3 are isolated to that model. To make things worse, we doubt whether positive reviews for OKP vacuums can be trusted. Some customers have reported that the company repeatedly contacted them, requesting changes to their negative reviews. In some cases, the company promised refunds as part of their attempts to persuade customers to alter their reviews. However, the refund amounts offered were often much less than what the customers had paid for the products. On top of that, those customers reported that even the partial refunds were not promptly received, further eroding their trust in the company. It's clear that OKP is engaging in review manipulation, and unfortunately, there's no way to tell which positive reviews are actually legitimate.

Best Robot Vacuums

12-month warranty

OKP offers a 12-month warranty for products bought from their website. If something goes wrong with your robot vacuum within the first year, they might fix or replace it. But remember, this doesn't cover everything. It won't cover physical damage you cause, damage from incorrect installation or misuse, or problems not caused by defects in the product. Also, parts that naturally wear out over time, like the side brush or the cleaning brush, aren't covered. You should also keep in mind that lots of customers have had a hard time with getting OKP to honor the warranty despite their vacuums' issues occurring within the allotted 12-month window.

Cheap for a reason

OKP vacuums are a basic choice for those on a budget. The sale prices may make you think you're getting a great deal on a high-quality vacuum, but in reality, they're usually not as expensive as the sales suggest. You might get to use your vacuum for a few months before it stops working, and replacing it might not be easy. These vacuums are good for cleaning up small messes, like crumbs, but they struggle with thick carpets and some types of pet hair. If you get one, be ready to possibly buy a new one within a year. Worth it? Not exactly.

Ecovacs Review 1.5 Star Rating


1.5 Star Rating
  • Range of models between $100 to $1,500
  • The DEEBOT T20 Omni model features a unique hot water mop cleaning, built-in voice assistant, powerful suction
  • Deebot N8 Pro Robot Vacuum and Mop can run up to 110 minutes and resumes cleaning after recharging
  • Offers a 30-day return or exchange policy
  • All products come with a 12-month warranty

Ecovacs Robotics is a Chinese robotic appliance company that was founded in 1998. They have a lot of different kinds of robot vacuums, ranging in price from $100 all the way up to $1,500. So no matter your budget, they likely have a model that could work for you.

Independent voice assistant with top model

The DEEBOT T20 Omni is Ecovacs's top-selling robot vacuum and mop. Its price ranges from $649 to $1,100 based on where you buy. Ecovacs claims that this model is the first of its kind to use hot water to wash its mop, helping to dissolve dirt and oil. It has a special system that lifts the mop up to 9mm when it detects a carpet, keeping your carpets clean and dry. It has powerful suction to get rid of dust and dirt from various surfaces, including hardwood floors and carpets. It uses advanced technology to avoid objects, and it can even work in the dark. You can customize your cleaning experience, setting up virtual walls and no-go zones, and scheduling cleaning routines. The T20 Omni comes with its own voice assistant, so you don't need Alexa, Google Home, or Siri. It also has a dual spinning mop system that mimics human hand movements for effective cleaning. The package includes the robot vacuum, an OMNI station, mopping pads, an auto-seal dust bag, side brushes, a cleaning brush, a multi-function cleaning tool, a user manual, and a 12-month warranty.

Quality assurance is lacking

Despite having high ratings on some online retailers, there are a lot of issues with the T20 Omni. According to some, the vacuum's brushes get tangled with hair easily, despite being advertised as "tangle-free." Secondly, the robot gets disoriented and fails to clean if there are objects near its base station. Thirdly, it struggles with mapping especially when the base station is placed near a diagonal wall. Lastly, its mop mechanism frequently gets stuck on rugs, causing the mop to fall out. It seems like Ecovacs needs to do a better job with quality assurance testing.

Best Robot Vacuums

Vacuum-mop combo for around $200

If you're shopping in the $100 to $200 range, you might consider the DEEBOT N8 Pro Robot Vacuum and Mop. This vacuum offers carpet and hard floor cleaning with 2600Pa suction. It automatically avoids carpets while mopping hard floors and doubles the suction power when vacuuming carpets. The N8 Pro uses a laser-based 3D technology called TrueDetect to avoid objects and prevent getting stuck. It also uses TrueMapping, a technology that employs LiDAR navigation and dToF detection sensors, to generate precise maps for efficient cleaning. The cleaner can run up to 110 minutes and resumes cleaning from where it left off after recharging. The box includes the robot, charging dock, mopping pads, side brushes, an air filter, and an instruction manual. It comes with a 12-month limited warranty.

N8 only cleans for about 40 minutes

Your experience with the N8 Pro could be quite positive based on one user's experiences over the last 2.5 years. It's good at picking up small bits of dirt from medium to high pile carpet but doesn't quite match the T20. When it comes to battery life, you might get around 40 minutes of cleaning on high suction. It's fairly good at avoiding obstacles, especially if your house is usually tidy, but you'll need to make sure cords are out of the way. The N8 Pro is a bit noisier than the T20 when on max suction. One thing to note is that trash can pile up in the center of the waste bin, which can stop it from being emptied properly. When cleaning, it tends to stay an inch or two away from objects, which can leave some debris along the edges. The N8 Pro uses a simpler app compared to the T20, which you might find easier to use.

Vacuums supposedly come with a 12-month warranty...

Let's say you bought a DEEBOT vacuum, but you're not happy with it. You have a 30-day period to return or exchange it. To get a full refund, you need to have the original receipt, the RMA Number (which you can get by contacting Ecovacs), the original packaging, and all the accessories that came with the vacuum. However, the cost of shipping the vacuum back to Ecovacs will be deducted from your refund unless the vacuum is broken. If your vacuum has been damaged or excessively worn due to misuse, it is not covered by the refund policy. If your DEEBOT vacuum is defective, Ecovacs claims they will replace it with the same or similar model. All Ecovacs products allegedly come with a 12-month warranty that covers manufacturing defects. This warranty doesn't cover defects caused by misuse, such as using the vacuum for commercial purposes, unauthorized repairs, or using non-Ecovacs parts with the vacuum.

Best Robot Vacuums

...but good luck with that

Ecovacs seems to be yet another robot vacuum company in our review that doesn't keep its word when it comes to warranties and repairs. In online forums comparing robot vacuum brands, it's common knowledge that you'll be out of luck if your Ecovacs vacuum breaks. We found dozens of reviews backing this up. For example, one customer's $1,500 vacuum broke after just six months. Despite receiving a replacement, the new vacuum also didn't work properly. When they asked for further help, they were told the warranty had expired. Another customer had their vacuum break, but after three unsuccessful repair attempts, the company refused to replace it because that model had been retired during the process. There's even a case where a customer received a broken, dirt-filled vacuum as a replacement. These experiences suggest that Ecovacs might be deliberately delaying repairs to avoid having to fix or replace broken products.

You can do better

We recommend that you skip Ecovacs and look for a company with better customer service. Ecovacs seems more interested in saving money than helping you when their vacuums break. They've been known to waste your time with pretend fixes and replacements that don't work. If their vacuums lasted longer, it might be a different story. But from what we've seen, most people only get about a year of use before major problems start.

Roborock Review 1 Star Rating


1 Star Rating
  • Range of prices from $239 to $1,599
  • Helpful quiz for personalized vacuum recommendations
  • Vacuums come with a variety of advanced features, including automatic washing and drying mops, dirt detection, and detergent dispensing
  • Includes obstacle avoidance, LDS laser navigation, an adaptive route algorithm, and ultrasonic carpet sensing
  • Offers app control, third-party voice control, and an intelligent voice assistant
  • Vacuums are compatible with Alexa and Google Home
  • All products come with a one-year warranty
  • Free shipping on all vacuums
  • Returns for any reason within 30 days of delivery

Roborock, which is also known as Beijing Roborock Technology Co. Ltd, is a company based in China. They're known for robot vacuum cleaners and cordless handheld vacuums on the higher end of the typical price range.

Vacuums that can do it all

Roborock vacuums come with a lot of features. They can automatically wash and dry mops, detect dirt, dispense detergent, refill tanks, and empty dust. They're also equipped with obstacle avoidance, LDS laser navigation, an adaptive route algorithm, ultrasonic carpet sensing, app control, third-party voice control, and an intelligent voice assistant. With 13 models available, you can find one that fits your budget, with prices ranging from $239 to $1,599. One thing to note, it would have been helpful if their comparison tool included prices in its overview of pros and cons.

Take a quiz for a personalized recommendation

Roborock provides a helpful quiz to help you find the right vacuum. It asks about your living situation, like the number of people and pets in your home, and the type of home you have. It also considers the kind of floors you have and whether mopping is important to you. The quiz even asks about how much upkeep you're willing to do on your vacuum. Lastly, it takes your budget into account, whether it's below $500, between $500 and $900, or above $900.

Q7 robot vacuum/mop combo costs between $460 and $870

For a hypothetical 2-person family with a dog living in a multilevel home with carpet and hardwood flooring, we were recommended the Q7 Max. It costs $459.99 (on sale from $869.99). The Q7 features automatic dust collection, high power suction, simultaneous vacuum and mop, app-controlled mopping, LiDAR navigation, 3D mapping, custom cleaning routines, and compatibility with Alexa and Google Home. It also includes a child lock, washable air filter, and ScratchSafe wheels and brushes. It operates on 100V-120V but only supports 2.4GHz Wi-Fi.

Best Robot Vacuums

Vacuum has a lot of issues despite high price

We like that there are customer reviews on each product page on Roborock's website. According to those, the Q7 is just okay. It has a tendency to lose its Wi-Fi connection, requiring you to reset and reconnect it frequently. The auto-empty dock might not work as promised. Also, some users have reported difficulties in getting the vacuum to clean consistently. It may refuse to clean certain types of carpet or prematurely return to its dock. Lastly, the mopping function might not fully remove stains, such as those left by coffee on hardwood overnight.

Promises of 1-year warranty and 30-day satisfaction

When you buy any Roborock vacuum, shipping is completely free. If you're not happy with your purchase, you can return it for any reason within 30 days of delivery. Also, all Roborock products come with a one-year warranty.

Reviewers have had major issues with customer service

However, Roborock might not keep their word about warranty and replacement. Customers have expressed severe dissatisfaction with Roborock's customer service. One customer reported an unresolved technical error with their Roborock vacuum cleaner, despite reaching out to the company multiple times over two months. They received repeated promises of case escalation, but no follow-through. Another customer shared a similar experience, where they sent numerous emails and even bought new parts to try to fix the problem on their own. However, when they suggested a product replacement, the company stopped replying to their emails.

Best Robot Vacuums

Customer service will block or ignore you

Another customer had a similar experience with Roborock. When they noticed that their S7 vacuum cleaner seemed to be scratching their floors, they reached out to customer service, who denied that this was possible. Despite the company's denial, the customer found worn plastic tabs on the vacuum's plate that could've caused the scratches. They managed to stop the scratching sound by adding felt pads to these worn areas. After several calls to customer service about the issue, the company blocked the customer's phone number. The customer is now considering filing a complaint with the Better Business Bureau.

"F" grade from the BBB

Speaking of the Better Business Bureau, we thought you might like to know that Roborock's not doing so well over there - their company has an "F" rating. We're not surprised; the general consensus over on Reddit is that "Roborock doesn't follow up on customer complaints."

High hopes but ultimately disappointing

We'd advise you to stay clear of Roborock until they sort out their customer service issues. $800+ is a lot of money to spend on a household appliance that may not work longer than a year, and we're troubled by the company's practice of blocking customers who rightfully demand restitution for malfunctioning products. The "F" grade from the BBB doesn't help things either. Better luck next time, Roborock.

Compare the Best Reviews

Continued from above...

One of the main reasons robot vacuums are so popular is their unparalleled convenience. Unlike traditional vacuum cleaners that require manual operation and supervision, robot vacuums autonomously navigate through the home, effortlessly cleaning floors all by themselves. This hands-free approach to vacuuming saves time and effort, letting you enjoy a cleaner living environment without the hassle of manual labor.

Robot vacuums also offer a level of efficiency and thoroughness that rivals traditional vacuum cleaners. Equipped with advanced sensors and intelligent navigation systems, these robotic devices meticulously map out the layout of the home and strategically maneuver around obstacles, furniture, and tight spaces. Additionally, some models feature smart mapping technology that allows users to designate specific cleaning zones or schedule cleaning sessions according to their preferences.

However, not all robot vacuums are created equal. There are different models available from lots of different brands, and each vacuum is designed to tackle different challenges. Some are built for homes with pets, equipped with powerful suction and specialized brushes to pick up hair. Others are designed for homes with various types of flooring, from hardwood to high-pile carpets, adjusting their cleaning mode accordingly. There are even models that can mop your floors after vacuuming them.

As you consider different robot vacuums, you'll notice differences in battery life, suction power, navigation capabilities, and smart features. Some vacuums can map your entire home and follow a precise cleaning path, while others take a more random approach but still cover your floors effectively. Smart features vary too, with some models offering app control, voice assistant compatibility, and detailed cleaning reports.

It's a reality that some robot vacuum companies may have lapses in quality control, meaning sometimes, you might get sent a dud. This makes customer service incredibly important. Dependable customer service that offers prompt support and hassle-free replacements can significantly mitigate these concerns. Look for companies with positive reviews specifically mentioning their responsiveness and problem-solving capabilities. This can be a lifesaver if you encounter any issues with your vacuum.

When shopping for a robot vacuum online, consider the following:

  • Battery life and charging time. Look for a vacuum that can cover your entire home on a single charge. Also, consider how long it takes to recharge, especially if your home is large.
  • Suction power. If you have pets or thick carpets, you'll need a vacuum with strong suction power to effectively remove dirt and hair.
  • Navigation and smart features. Advanced navigation allows a vacuum to clean more efficiently and avoid obstacles. Smart features like app control and voice commands add convenience.
  • Maintenance and durability. Check how easy it is to clean the vacuum and replace parts like filters and brushes. A durable vacuum will offer better long-term value.
  • Price. Balance the features you need with your budget. More expensive models often come with advanced features, but there are also great options available at lower price points.
  • Warranty and return policy. Be sure you understand the warranty and return policy. A good warranty can protect your investment, while a flexible return policy lets you test the vacuum to see if it meets your needs.
  • Customer reviews. Read reviews from other customers to get real-world insights into the vacuum's performance and reliability. Reviews can provide valuable information about how the vacuum handles specific challenges in a home like yours.

Top Consumer Reviews has evaluated and ranked the best robot vacuums available, taking into account factors like cleaning performance, user-friendliness, durability, value for money, warranty, return policies, and customer feedback. Whether you're looking for a basic model to keep your floors tidy or a high-tech machine that can tackle a variety of cleaning tasks, we've got you covered. We hope this helps you find the perfect robot vacuum to meet your needs and make your daily routine a little easier.

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Robot Vacuum FAQ

A robot vacuum is a small, automatic machine designed to clean your floors without you having to push it around. It uses sensors to navigate around your home, dodging obstacles while sucking up dirt and debris from your floors. Some can even be controlled with a smartphone app or voice commands through smart home devices.
Robot vacuums are super handy for keeping your floors tidy day-to-day, but they might not totally replace your regular vacuum. They're great at picking up stuff like hair, dust, and crumbs regularly. However, for deep cleaning or getting into tough spots, you might still need a traditional vacuum.
Think about your home's layout and your cleaning needs. If you have a lot of carpet, look for a robot vacuum designed for that. If you have pets, find one that specializes in picking up hair. Also, consider features like battery life, whether it can map your home for more efficient cleaning, and if it works with your smartphone or smart home system.
Most robot vacuums can handle a variety of floor types, like hardwood, tile, and carpet. However, performance can vary, especially on thick carpets or dark-colored floors, as some sensors might not work as well on these surfaces. Check the specs or reviews to see how well a model does with your type of flooring.
To keep your robot vacuum running smoothly, empty the dustbin regularly and check for tangled hair or debris in the brushes. You should also clean the sensors and filters according to the manufacturer's instructions. Regular maintenance helps prolong the life of your robot vacuum.
Yes, many robot vacuums are designed with pet owners in mind. They have special brushes and suction power to pick up pet hair and dander. Just remember to empty the bin more often, as pet hair can fill it up quickly.
With proper care, a robot vacuum can last several years. The battery may need to be replaced after 2 to 4 years, depending on how often you use it. Regular maintenance, like cleaning the brushes and sensors, also helps extend its lifespan.
Yes, many newer models can navigate multiple rooms and even return to their charging dock when they're low on battery. Some can even map your home and clean specific rooms on demand. However, they can't climb stairs, so if you have multiple floors, you might need to move them between floors manually.
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