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Amazing Clubs vs Casa de Jorge

Monday, April 15th

2024 Salsa Club Reviews

Amazing Clubs Review 5 Star Rating

Amazing Clubs

5 Star Rating
  • Priced from $26.95 to $28.95 per month, depending on length of membership
  • Comes with two jars (12-16 oz each) per delivery
  • Tells you in advance what you'll be getting and allows you to skip a month as desired
  • Free shipping
  • Many different membership lengths to choose from (3/6/12 months, seasonal)
  • Can choose monthly or every-other-month deliveries
  • Pay in full or pay as you go
  • Each delivery comes with a fun newsletter
  • Great for gift-giving
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee
Top Consumer Reviews Best-In-Class Blue Ribbon Award

For many years, Amazing Clubs has been a pioneer in the online club industry. One of their offerings is the Salsa of the Month Club, which features a diverse selection of unique salsas from around the world. Members can choose the delivery frequency and duration of their subscription, all while enjoying fresh salsas crafted by salsa experts. Additionally, shipping is always complimentary, and the "They'll Love It Guarantee" ensures customer satisfaction. Overall, Amazing Clubs is the top choice in the salsa club market.

Casa de Jorge Review 2 Star Rating

Casa de Jorge

2 Star Rating
  • Priced at $25.99/month
  • Comes with two 12 oz jars per delivery
  • Free shipping - or not?

Casa de Jorge is the most limited salsa club in our review. Even the company's own storefront doesn't seem to know what they offer: will your membership be month-to-month, six months long, or a year long? Will you get free shipping or will each delivery cost nearly $20 to deliver? Casa de Jorge hasn't put much effort into their salsa of the month plan, and you'll probably be happier with a different club.

Which Salsa Club is the Best?

Salsa clubs that offer monthly deliveries can be a fun and interesting way to explore different flavors and varieties of this popular condiment. Whether you're hosting a party or just having a few friends over, having a selection of different salsas on hand can be a great way to impress your guests and add some flavor to your menu. Or maybe you just have the late-night munchies and need a perfect topper for your tortilla chips.

With this unique subscription, you don't have to worry about running out of salsa or making a trip to the grocery store to restock. You can enjoy fresh, delicious flavor at home without any hassle. Salsa clubs often offer a variety of flavors and styles, from mild and traditional to spicy and exotic. You can sample different types of salsa and discover new favorites that you might not have tried otherwise.

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Salsa Club FAQ

Everywhere, from coast to coast! Typically crafted in small batches by boutique-style producers, the salsas included in a membership plan are fun, flavorful, and much more interesting than anything you'll find at your local grocery store.
While salsa clubs are usually a monthly subscription, some providers let you customize the delivery schedule. Maybe you want it to arrive every other month or once a quarter. No problem! You can also choose how many times you'd like to get new salsas, anywhere from two months to a full year.
They cost more than grabbing a bottle off the shelf at the supermarket, but the variety and fun factor make salsa club subscriptions well worth the money. You'll spend anywhere from $14 to $29 per delivery, which usually includes two full-size bottles of salsa.
Sometimes. Many salsa clubs charge a delivery fee in addition to the monthly subscription price, while others include the shipping costs in what you pay for the membership. That can really drive up the price, so be sure you know what you're getting.
One of the reasons salsa clubs are so popular is because of the excellent customer service they tend to provide. If anything goes wrong with your delivery, or if you get a salsa you really don't like, most membership providers will do everything they can to make it up to you: a replacement, a refund, or adding an extra month to your plan.
No, but most clubs let you see in advance which ones are included in upcoming deliveries. If there's one you know you don't want, you can sometimes skip that month altogether. A few salsa subscriptions do allow you to indicate what heat level you prefer.
How about a fun newsletter that tells you where your salsas came from, suggests pairings and recipes, and gives you fun facts about all things salsa? Those are commonly included with salsa club deliveries. There's even a subscription that sends you chips to dip with each shipment!
¡Si! What a fun way to send a special someone a gift that keeps on giving throughout the year. Depending on the club you choose, you might be able to request a handwritten gift card that's included in the first delivery or an email announcement delivered to the lucky recipient on the date you specify.
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Most of these clubs take pride in the quality of their products, using companies that prioritize fresh, high-quality ingredients to make their salsa. You can be sure that the salsa you receive is made with care. Better yet, quite a few salsa subscriptions come from small, independent businesses run by passionate salsa makers. By subscribing to their monthly deliveries, you can support their endeavors and help them to continue doing what they love.

Not all salsa clubs are the same. Some give you a surprise selection each month, and half the fun is anticipating the arrival of your box and discovering what new flavors await you. Others cater to those who like to know exactly what they're getting, and you may just have your favorite, tried-and-true salsa regularly delivered to your doorstep. It's up to you!

So, now comes the fun part: picking the right salsa club for your palate (or as an amazing gift for a lucky friend). Here are some ideas that can help you narrow it down a little:

  • <>Variety. If the recipient is a true foodie, variety really is the spice of life (and of salsa clubs). Make sure the membership you pick will deliver a wide range of flavors and heat levels, to satisfy that culinary curiosity.
  • Cost. Most salsa clubs come in around $15-$25/month. Keep an eye on extra costs: not every membership includes free shipping.
  • Quantity. How much salsa will you get each month? Expect 1-2 jars in each delivery, but double-check the club you're considering.
  • Reputation. What do salsa lovers say about the club? How's the customer service?

Here at Top Consumer Reviews, we're big fans of salsa - and we've put our expertise to work for you, evaluating and ranking today's most popular salsa clubs. We're sure you'll find one that is the perfect fit - all you have to do is add the guac and you're ready to get snacking!

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