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Month Club Store vs Salsa Delivery

Thursday, January 21st

2021 Salsa Club Reviews

Month Club Store Review 4 Star Rating

Month Club Store

4 Star Rating
  • Cost: Starting from $14.74/month

Offering flavors of salsa from around the region, the Month Club Store has been spicing up the US from their Salsa of the Month Club. Hot? Mild? Medium? Salsa of the Month Club from the Month Club Store offers customers the option for exclusive and customizable salsa memberships, that taste testers have approved. Taste testers, chosen from the Month Club Store, know the industry and only choose the best salsas to be delivered in their monthly offerings. You even get to choose the level of salsa heat (that option we really like) when customizing Salsa of the Month Club membership.

Salsa Delivery Review 3 Star Rating

Salsa Delivery

3 Star Rating
  • Cost: $19.95/month

Salsa Delivery ships their own brand of salsa, Salsa Loca, and with each shipment you get the Salsa Loca brand of tortilla chips. Choose from several different club customization options and your fresh salsa will be cold shipped anywhere in the continental U.S. Their salsa price is not out of the normal range but after adding in the cost of cold shipping each month, Salsa Delivery's Fresh Salsa of the Month Club is a much higher priced option. Because of that added cost of membership they rate lower on our list.

Where Can You Find the Best Salsa?

Mild, spicy, chunky, thin, red, green, tangy, fiery, regular, hot, roasted, thick - there are dozens of ways to describe your favorite salsa, and, thankfully, dozens of options available.

Yes, your local grocery store may have a few of the national salsa brands, but what if your taste buds are in the mood for something different, something new? Something better. Then what? We think that, whether it's for you or that salsa lover in your life, joining a salsa club could be the best answer.

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Salsa clubs are a super easy way to experience an endless range of interesting salsas. Each month you or your gift recipient receives a new selection of salsa without trekking around town searching for something other than the normal super market brands. We know, it sounds pretty great. Basically, just sign up, sit back, and enjoy.

Like anything you buy on the internet, not all salsa clubs are created equal. For you, knowing what to look for before committing to a salsa club will be an invaluable tool. We've whittled down our list of club features that will aid in your salsa club decision making process. As you consider all of the wonderful possibilities, here are several criteria to keep in mind:

  • Price: what is the cost per shipment?
  • Salsa Selection: where are the monthly salsa club selections sourced from?
  • Duration: how long is the club commitment and can you cancel at your convenience?
  • Frequency: how often do you receive shipment?
  • Shipping: is shipping included in the monthly cost or an additional fee?

TopConsumerReviews.com has reviewed and ranked the best Salsa Clubs available today. We hope these reviews help you find the best Salsa Club membership to meet your needs!

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