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The Best Scabies Products

What Are the Best Products for Dealing with Scabies?

If you recently came down with an intense case of itching (particularly at night) accompanied by a rash, you may be experiencing some of the uncomfortable symptoms of scabies. Also called sarcoptic mange, scabies are a very contagious condition that cause an urge to itch away the inflamed area, sometimes resulting in open sores.

Unfortunately, it can take as long as 6 weeks after contact for symptoms to start if you've never had scabies before. During this time, you can still spread them, so it's a vicious cycle. At the first hint of scabies, it is important to get rid of them as soon as possible.

Tuesday, April 23rd

2024 Scabies Product Reviews

Gotucream Review Top Consumer Reviews Best-In-Class Blue Ribbon Award 5 Star Rating


5 Star Rating Top Consumer Reviews Best-In-Class Blue Ribbon Award

Gotucream is a fantastic option for scabies due to the product's natural ingredients, painstaking process to preserve quality, fast-acting formula, and great customer reviews. Within a few hours you'll experience symptom relief and your scabies should be completely eliminated in just one week. All orders ship for free and Gotucream comes with a 90-day money-back guarantee that allows you to get a full refund on opened or empty jars if you are disappointed by the product. You can't go wrong with Gotucream, our #1 choice among OTC scabies remedies.

Emuaid First Aid Review 4.5 Star Rating

Emuaid First Aid

4.5 Star Rating

EMUAIDMAX First Aid is an ointment formulated for over 100 conditions. Seems too good to be true, right? Maybe not. They have thousands of 5-star reviews with reports that this solution helps with everything from scabies to hemorrhoids. It comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee, so in the event that you're let down by EMUAIDMAX, you don't have to worry that you've wasted your money. Although it isn't formulated just for scabies, it will likely prove valuable to have on hand for whatever skin ailment you or your family members are dealing with.

Naturasil Review 4 Star Rating


4 Star Rating

Naturasil is a reputable company that specializes in homeopathic solutions for people dealing with common skin conditions. Their scabies kits are used by individuals and families to get rid of both the dermatological problems that come with scabies as well as furniture, bedding, and other places that mites could hide. They offer free shipping on orders over $50 and give a 33-day money-back guarantee, so you know you'll get your money back if their system doesn't perform like you hoped.

Mite-B-Gone Review 3.5 Star Rating


3.5 Star Rating

Mite-B-Gone is a topical cream made by Nature's Innovation, Inc. It contains natural ingredients and also comes with an informative e-book on the topic of mite infestations. This may be useful for anyone needing to dive deeper into learning about how to rid their body and home of mites. Mite-B-Gone is reasonably priced and comes with free shipping and returns. It mostly has good reviews, but isn't ranked quite as high among customers as some other scabies options we've found. Because of this, they've fallen into the middle of our scabies product recommendations.

Premo Mite Killer Review 3 Star Rating

Premo Mite Killer

3 Star Rating

Premo Mite Killer is an all-natural spray that can be used around your home and animals. It is made up of only 3 ingredients and gentle enough for people with allergies. It won't take care of scabies that have infested your skin, so it will need to be used in conjunction with another scabies product. It also has some mixed reviews, so it may not be the most powerful solution on the market. Using Premo Mite Killer as a preventative measure may be the best way to get the most out of it. It's something that can't hurt, but isn't our top choice for getting rid of scabies.

Scabiesun Review 2.5 Star Rating


2.5 Star Rating

Scabiesun is a simple cream that can be used on scabies or anything else that causes itching and burning. It took us a while to find a full ingredient list and there isn't a lot of information about Scabiesun. Not as many people have tried out Scabiesun and left reviews about it as some better scabies products we reviewed. Of those that did, not everyone was pleased with their results. This isn't the best choice for scabies, so spend your money somewhere else first.

Manuka Natural Review 2 Star Rating

Manuka Natural

2 Star Rating

Manuka Natural has a line of creams, oils, soaps, and supplements that handle a variety of conditions. Their products are derived from the Manuka plant in New Zealand where all orders are created and shipped. We found that Manuka Natural lacked key information about their scabies products and we didn't find many reviews from customers to bolster our confidence in spending money here. There are companies that offer better information and promises about their scabies solutions, so we would choose one of them instead of Manuka Natural.

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One of the most unsettling things about scabies is knowing that it is caused by burrowing mites who have made their way into the upper layer of your skin and are laying eggs. Once these eggs hatch, your symptoms may continually grow more aggravating and intense.

Scabies is not life-threatening, but can easily be picked up through close physical contact at school, a nursing home, or within a family. It is surprisingly common with over 200,000 cases per year being reported to a physician.

Thankfully, there are ways to eliminate the nasty buggers and find relief from the itching that scabies cause. There are a lot of prescription creams you can get through a doctor, but you could save yourself time and money by trying an over-the-counter product.

Many non-prescription options are made with natural ingredients to help heal your damaged skin and soothe any discomfort. They're tried and tested by others who have dealt with scabies, so you'll be able to get a good idea of their effectiveness and how quickly they will get rid of scabies based on customer reviews. That is something you don't usually get with a doctor-prescribed medicine.

With one of these effective products, you will be well on your way to finding relief from scabies and the discomfort you've felt. Here are a few things to consider when deciding which product to go with:

  • Brand reputation. It's important to find a company that is well-liked by customers and has proven effective for a lot of customers. You'll want to buy from a company that has good communication with buyers and is transparent about the ingredients of their product.
  • Cost. You'll be saving a lot of money with an over-the-counter solution for scabies, but you will still want to get as good of a deal as possible. How does the price of one scabies product compare to another? Does the company offer free shipping?
  • Return policy. Sometimes you try a product that doesn't give you the results you hoped for. Look for a company with a satisfaction guarantee or the option to return the product if you need to try something different.

Top Consumer Reviews has reviewed and ranked the best non-prescription options that provide relief from scabies. We hope this information helps you find healing and get rid of your symptoms as soon as possible!

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Scabies Product FAQ

Scabies is a skin infestation of the human itch mite. These mites burrow into the skin and lay eggs. Scabies is found around the world, across all socioeconomic classes and cultures.
You'll usually notice a pimple-like rash that's very itchy. The rash most commonly appears at the wrist, armpit, between the fingers, along the waist, and on the elbow, but it can affect anywhere on the body.
Yes. Scabies is transmitted by direct, usually prolonged, skin-to-skin contact. That's why there are often outbreaks in child care facilities, nursing homes, and prisons: crowded conditions with frequent skin-to-skin exposure.
There are two components: symptom relief and elimination of mites and eggs. You may need a prescription from your doctor for the latter part, but there are plenty of over-the-counter products that can help relieve your symptoms (and that may get rid of the infestation too). It is recommended that all members of a household go through the process at the same time, even if they're not showing an active infestation.
Not usually. There's a risk of skin infection due to itching, but scabies itself isn't life-threatening. It's mostly just irritating - and contagious.
Not necessarily. If you buy an effective product (prescription or over-the-counter) and apply it correctly, your costs should be minimal. It gets expensive, though, if multiple rounds are necessary. Be sure to follow the instructions to the letter, so you can get rid of scabies the first time.
Unfortunately, it can take anywhere from 2-4 weeks for the itching to disappear completely. If you're still feeling itchy after that, you may have to do another round.
That depends. Most prescriptions aren't going to come with a refund policy; too bad for you if it doesn't work. On the other hand, there are lots of over-the-counter remedies for scabies that offer a satisfaction guarantee ranging from 30 days to a year. Those can be a great alternative if you want to go a more natural route that avoids chemical scabicides.
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