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SureFit Review

Saturday, March 2nd

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SureFit Review 4 Star Rating


4 Star Rating
  • Prices from $19.99 to $229.99
  • 100 items in stock
  • Free shipping in $119+
  • 30-day returns
  • Price match guarantee
  • "A-" rating from the BBB

SureFit started out over a century ago in Philadelphia, and it has now evolved into one of the most widely recognized slipcover brands in the world. It's highly likely that you've come across their home decor offerings at a local department store or other retailers specializing in items like pillows and drapes. On top of having physical locations to buy their products, this wide-reaching company has a huge online inventory with 100 different products listed under the slipcover heading on the website.

Good navigation, but filters need some fixing

SureFit impresses us with its shopping experience. The company offers pet furniture covers, regular furniture covers, and traditional slipcovers. These categories are conveniently located at the top of the page. SureFit accommodates a wide spectrum of furniture, including sofas, loveseats, chairs, wing chairs, recliners, dining chairs, sleepers, and ottomans. To make sure you find exactly what you want, there are plenty of filters on the left side of the page including those for product type, size, cushion size, fit, style, pattern, and materials. There was only one place where we were a little confused: the filter for size appeared three different times in the left nav bar, which seemed like a developer mistake.

Wide price range for all budgets

To do our price comparison, we checked out the range for all slipcovers at SureFit, and then we checked out the prices for just loveseat slipcovers, to compare SureFit side by side with other retailers on our list. Like with many slipcover retailers, there is no custom section to compare at SureFit, so only the two price ranges will be checked. The SureFit prices for all slipcovers range from $19.99 to $229.99 which represents both budget items and more luxurious slipcovers. For the loveseats, the prices ranged from $49.99 to $194.99. In most cases, your choice will come down to two fits: form and relaxed. The relaxed slipcovers by SureFit utilize woven fabrics, offering a looser adjustability that works well with skirted furniture. Various fabrics like cotton duck, stretch suede, designer suede, stretch pique, and denim are at your disposal.

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Free shipping on $119+

SureFit's shipping policies aren't as generous as some of its competitors. For instance, you'll need to spend a minimum of $119 to qualify for free shipping. However, the standard shipping is no more than $12.50 as a flat-rate fee, so you don't have to worry about the prices changing depending on your purchase and all orders will ship within 2-3 business days.

30-day returns

SureFit also offers an industry-standard return policy. Like with many other retailers we evaluated, SureFit grants a 30-day window starting from the date of purchase, rather than from the date of receipt. As a bonus, SureFit offers a prepaid return shipping label, though the cost of shipping will be charged to you during the return process.

Price match guarantee within 14 days

One bonus we really love about SureFit is their price match guarantee. The guarantee states that if customers find the same item at a lower price elsewhere, customers can contact SureFit to start the price match process. This price match can be requested either during the purchase or within 14 days after the purchase has been made.

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Huge jump in reputation

A pleasant surprise regarding SureFit is that their score with the Better Business Bureau has gone up significantly since the last time we reviewed the company. While SureFit used to have a "D-" rating, it has now risen to an impressive "A-" rating. While there still aren't a ton of reviews out there for SureFit, the reviews on Trustpilot show that customers have given the company a 3.5-star rating out of 5 overall. In general, comments show that the slipcovers themselves are good, but some customers feel that the customer service team could be more friendly, so you might want to keep that in mind while shopping.

A solid choice for slipcovers

With a site like this that has a long history, a good variety of products, colors, and styles, as well as competitive pricing for both customers on a budget and those looking for something a little more luxe, SureFit stands out as a fantastic option for slipcovers on the market today. While it isn't as competitive with return or shipping policies, the price match guarantee is a standout feature. With a newly elevated "A-" rating from the BBB, we definitely feel comfortable recommending SureFit for your next slipcover.

Where is the Best Place to Buy a Slipcover?

Whether you're looking for something to protect your precious furniture from pet fur or claws, or you're trying to transform the vibe of your furniture on a budget, there are plenty of slipcovers for sale that are stylish and functional. If you want to make your home look fancier and more stylish, the basic styles you find in local stores might not be enough. That's where shopping online comes in.

Online you can find lots of different choices with different fabrics, patterns, and designs to choose from. Today's retailers offer on-trend and reasonably priced slipcovers that fit your furniture perfectly. This gives you a wide range of possibilities to pick the perfect slipcover for your furniture.

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Slipcover Store FAQ

A slipcover is a removable, fitted cover for a couch or chair. Slipcovers come in many different fabrics, patterns and colors and can be custom-made to fit even the most one-of-a-kind pieces of furniture.
Why not? You won't find a more versatile way to change your decor in an instant, make a set out of your mix-and-match furniture, hide pet-and-kid stains, and extend the life of your upholstery.
That's probably the most important question to answer while shopping for a slipcover. Most online retailers have sizing guides to help you take accurate measurements and select the right slipcover for your furniture.
Only if you want them to be! Most slipcovers are under $100, but there are options well over $1000. Many online stores offer free shipping, making your purchase even more affordable.
That depends on the size and the fabric. Some slipcovers are machine washable, while others are dry clean only. Be sure to follow the manufacturer's recommendations for any slipcover you buy.
You can expect a minimal amount of shrinkage after the first few washes, but it shouldn't affect the fit. Consider line drying your slipcover to reduce shrinking and wrinkles too.
Yes! They usually have a zipper feature to make it easy to open the sofa bed when needed.
That depends on the retailer. Most stores give you 30 days to return your purchase, and it almost always has to be in new, unused condition with its original packaging. If you've bought a custom-made slipcover, chances are good that it won't be returnable.
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Continued from above...

Historically, slipcovers were often regarded as less-than-appealing due to their ill-fitting nature and lack of style and sophistication. You might have noticed that the regular stores near you don't have many choices when it comes to slipcovers. Usually, you'll find only a few options, and they're mostly simple washable pads that you can put on your chairs or sofas. These are good for protecting your furniture from everyday use and things like spills or pet accidents.

A slipcover should be so good that even your guests struggle to tell if you have a cover or if that's just your original sofa or loveseat. Considering the advancements in online shopping, there are tons of ways to get a slipcover that's truly unique. Some retailers offer slipcovers where you can design your own item by picking out fabric, design, and size. So, if you don't see an option on a retail site that fits your personal style, you can design one to suit any piece of furniture you own.

No matter what design you want, or what you need a slipcover for, you can give your living space a whole new look by picking out the right slipcover online. However, there are tons of retailers to choose from, and it can be a little overwhelming to try and pick just one.

To get you started on protecting and upgrading your furniture, we've put together a list of things you can consider to help you decide where to buy your next slipcover:

  • Cost. With so many types and styles of slipcovers, prices can be all over the place. Keep in mind how much you want to spend and if things like luxe fabrics or separately-wrapped cushions are going to be a must-have for you. The total budget can be a great way to narrow down options that fit your needs best.
  • Returns. The return policies for slipcovers can be as short as 30 days and up to 180 days. Knowing how long you might need to see if a product will fit your home or if you're gifting a slipcover and are worried about returning it later on, the length of the return policy can influence where you buy. Further, some places will charge you for return shipping while others include shipping when you make a return.
  • Selection. Sometimes having lots of choices can help, or it can be overwhelming. However, the more items in stock, the more likely you are to find the best slipcover for you. Keep an eye on the retailers that have a ton of inventory to make sure you get the highest chance of finding the one that fits your furniture best.
  • Reputation. If you get to the end of your research and you're still not sure, checking out reviews and a company's BBB score can help you solidify your decision. Knowing that other customers just like you have loved the shopping experience can give you the peace of mind that you need to pull out the credit card and get your new slipcover on its way home.

To make sure your furniture is protected and stylish, Top Consumer Reviews has evaluated and rated the best options for buying slipcovers online today. We hope this helps you get back to enjoying your favorite furniture without any worries about stains, pets, or even a style that doesn't fit your current aesthetic. Enjoy your all-around style upgrade with your next slipcover!

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