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Paragon Sports Review

Saturday, December 4th

2021 Sporting Goods Store Reviews

Paragon Sports Review 3 Star Rating

Paragon Sports

3 Star Rating
  • Cost: From $15 to $2,800

Paragon Sports is where rugged meets classy. You'll pay a pretty penny for the apparel and gear sold through their store, but you'll get a high-end product in return. Paragon Sports' brick-and-mortar store is located in New York City, so if you're not nearby, the online store is the way to go. The website is professional, clean, and easy to navigate.

Focused no apparel

Paragon Sports' bread and butter is the apparel for sports and outdoor hobbies, not so much the gear specific for performing them, although they do carry some. You can find categories for men, women, and children here in name-brands that literally cover the whole alphabet from A - Z. Customers can shop by the type of apparel they're looking for or by the sport they're wanting to play. From travel to camping to cycling to ice hockey, they pretty much have something for all athletes in any season.

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Free shipping over $49

Shipping is free if you spend $49 or more on products at Paragon Sports. This would be easy to do considering you can expect to spend around $50 or more on any given product. The price tags for their apparel might be limiting for some customers who are wanting good clothing and gear, but not necessarily the high-end fancy stuff. For an initial purchase, to help offset higher prices, customers receive 15% off their whole purchase if they subscribe to Paragon's email list.

30 day return policy

If something doesn't fit or meet a customer's expectations, there is a 30-day return policy in place. We wouldn't be concerned with the quality of their products since they carry expensive, name-brand items.

High end appeal

One main reason for not giving Paragon Sports a higher rating is because it may be too high-end for the average customer. They also carry more apparel than actual sports gear, so we suggest looking at our highest-rated sporting goods stores for sport-specific equipment.

Where Can You Find the Best Sporting Goods?

Regardless of the sport you're into, all of them require some sort of gear in order to participate. You're into running? You need good shoes. You like football? You'll have to get a good helmet. Your friends invited you to play pickleball? Go find some good paddles! Trying yoga? Buy a good mat. You want to be a tennis player? You get the idea.

Some sports are more common and easy to find equipment for - like soccer, football, and baseball. As newly-created sports like spike ball or pickleball become popular, it might be harder to find what you need to play. Ideally you'll want to know what sporting goods store will keep up with the latest trends in sporting equipment function and design.

The Best Sporting Goods Stores Compare Sporting Goods Stores Compare Sporting Goods Store Reviews What are the best Sporting Goods Stores Best Sporting Goods Store Reviews

Sporting Goods Store FAQ

That's easy: if you need it to play or practice a sport, it's considered "sporting goods" ! Think of it as all the equipment involved in activities like baseball, lacrosse, or even yoga, from bats and balls to protective gear and uniforms.
Selection, availability and pricing. You'll have a hard time finding a local retailer that can beat online stores in all three of those aspects. Especially at the peak of the season, when inventory near you is at an all-time low, shopping online makes it easy to get what you need.
Choose a store that has what you need in stock and that has a great reputation for quality and customer service. You can also look for customer-friendly perks like a rewards program, free shipping, or frequent promotions and discounts. You may want to consider buying from a retailer that has a brick-and-mortar store near you, for simple returns and the ability to order online and get same-day pickup.
Many stores will give you free shipping on orders that meet a minimum amount (like $50). Given how spendy sporting goods can be, you should be able to qualify with most purchases.
If you're in a rush, you might have the option of paying for expedited shipping to get next-day or 2-day delivery. Otherwise, expect your order to take about a week to arrive.
Most online sporting goods stores offer a 30-day return policy on new, unused items. Some retailers go the extra mile and let you return your purchase with no time limit, as long as you have the receipt. Be aware that returns may incur a restocking fee and/or shipping fees to send the items back to the store.
Yes! Some sporting goods stores will give you a generous discount if you're buying equipment for a team. Look for that information in the links at the bottom of the retailers' websites, or reach out to their customer service team before placing an order.
Sometimes. You can usually see those options after you add an item to your cart (e.g. monogramming), or you may need to work with a customer service rep to place a manual order (e.g. putting team logos on shirts).
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Equipment isn't the only thing you might be looking for to participate in your sport. A store's selection of apparel, accessories, and even energy-boosting foods should be taken into consideration. When you're looking for high quality gear, it can be frustrating if you can't find everything you're looking for at one store. Finding a store that has "thought of everything" when it comes to equipment for a wide range of sports is important.

Before jumping online or heading out to make a sports-related purchase, we suggest you keep the following criteria in mind when choosing a sporting goods retailer:

  • Cost/Value. You'll want gear that can take a beating and maintain both quality and safety. This means you might be spending a bit more for a good product, but don't get ripped off by thinking you need to pay sky-high prices. There is almost always an affordable product that is functional and long-lasting, even if it isn't the flashiest product or made with extra special materials.
  • Return Policy. What if your baseball bat breaks? Or the soles of your new running shoes come unglued? Not cool. Make sure you understand if the retailer allows you to return any products whether they are defective or you change your mind about your purchase.
  • Selection. Find a store that is thorough with their inventory for the sports you're interested in. You should be able to buy your gear there, as well as apparel and any accessories you might need. There are also lots of designs for all sporting equipment, so you'll want to have a lot to choose from!

TopConsumerReviews.com has reviewed and ranked the best Sporting Goods Stores available today. We hope this information helps you find all the gear you need to be at the top of your game!

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