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Where is the Best Place to Find Sports Memorabilia?

Collecting sports memorabilia is an important hobby for many sports enthusiasts young and old. If this rings true for you, maybe you've found yourself looking for a few small collector's items, or have been compiling favorite sports teams' swag for years. Either way, you'll want the biggest possible selection of memorabilia at your fingertips.

With a click of a few buttons, avid sports memorabilia collectors will discover treasure trove of signed player cards, jerseys, trophies, or gear signed by their favorite athletes. It's likely that sports enthusiasts will find keepsakes they didn't even know existed on the market as they browse the inventory of different online retailers. This makes one's hobby of collecting sports memorabilia even more fun and exciting!

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2023 Sports Memorabilia Store Reviews

Press Pass Collectibles Review Top Consumer Reviews Best-In-Class Blue Ribbon Award 5 Star Rating

Press Pass Collectibles

5 Star Rating Top Consumer Reviews Best-In-Class Blue Ribbon Award

Press Pass Collectibles is your one-stop-shop for old-school memorabilia. Not only do they have sports memorabilia, but they also carry fascinating historical items as well. This may include stumbling across a letter signed by Alexander Graham Bell, signed photographs of members of Apollo missions, or a comic book signed by Stan Lee. Press Pass Collectibles has earned our highest rating for sports memorabilia shopping.

Fanatics Authentic Review 4.5 Star Rating

Fanatics Authentic

4.5 Star Rating

If you're an avid sports memorabilia collector looking for a specific item, the Fanatics Authentic website will make your search a breeze. Not only are their categories of products straightforward, but their search function thoroughly narrows down results by keywords like dates, players, teams, numbers, and more. There are thousands of certified collectors' items at Fanatics Authentic, making it a good place to browse for memorabilia.

Fan's Edge Review 4.5 Star Rating

Fan's Edge

4.5 Star Rating

Fan's Edge is owned and operated by Fanatics Authentic, which is a good thing considering the good reputation of Fanatics. Both of their websites are very similar, along with their inventory. At the time of this review, both sites were running a sale, but discounts were bigger at Fan's Edge, making their pricing more affordable.

Gameday Sports Review 3.5 Star Rating

Gameday Sports

3.5 Star Rating

Gameday Sports Memorabilia specializes in autographed products. Whether it be a football, photo, jersey, or helmet, almost everything for sale has been signed by an athlete. The only products sold without autographs are display cases. We are impressed with the customer-oriented policies at Gameday Sports Memorabilia, making it a good sports memorabilia retailer.

Sports Memorabilia Review 3 Star Rating

Sports Memorabilia

3 Star Rating

Sports Memorabilia is another Fanatics-owned company that exclusively sells sports memorabilia. With tens of thousands of signed items featuring NBA, NFL, MLB, and other professional teams and athletes, the company is average among their competitors. Many of the products listed can be found for similar prices through other sports memorabilia retailers.

Steiner Sports Review 3 Star Rating

Steiner Sports

3 Star Rating

Steiner Sports is owned by Fanatics and sells many similar products. Since its acquisition in 2019, their inventory has been full of high-end sports memorabilia like other sister sites owned by Fanatics. Steiner exclusively sells sports memorabilia from the NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL, NCAA, soccer, and other sports. Because of its similarity to other sports memorabilia sites, it does not stand out as anything extraordinarily unique.

Sports Integrity Review 2.5 Star Rating

Sports Integrity

2.5 Star Rating

Sports Integrity offers fewer selections of sports memorabilia than their competitors. Some redeeming factors that we liked about their online store are the ability for customers to leave reviews about the company and products, unsigned memorabilia items, and a blog about important dates and products. However, for customers looking for a big selection of sports memorabilia, this wouldn't be the first place we would suggest.

Sports Collectibles Review 2 Star Rating

Sports Collectibles

2 Star Rating

Sports Collectibles sells autographed jerseys, helmets, balls, photos, and other gear. In addition to their sports memorabilia department, they also have political, movie, TV, music and celebrity memorabilia for sale. Disappointingly, some of their categories have either a slim product selection or have no items in stock.

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Sports lovers used to have to go store to store to find memorabilia of sports teams and players they admire. This took time and was very limiting as far as finding exactly what they were looking for. Now with a convenient, online search it is easy to find the priceless items you may be wanting and compare costs between retailers. With a bit of online browsing, you can add to or start a collection of what used to be hard-to-find items you can be proud of.

Before jumping online to browse the world of sports memorabilia, we suggest you keep the following criteria in mind when choosing a retailer:

  • Cost/Value. Any memorabilia could be considered priceless to someone looking to collect it. Cost will vary greatly depending on the type, age, and autograph on the product you are looking for. Check to see if the particular item is available elsewhere for a lower price. If not, it is likely priced fairly and it's up to you to decide what it is worth to you!
  • Return Policy. If you purchase a signed baseball and the autograph is so faded you can barely see it, maybe you'll decide to return it. There are lots of reasons customers return purchases and you'll want to make sure you have this option. Something else to look out for is a restocking fee.
  • Selection. Some retailers offer product categories that come up empty when you're searching. This can be disappointing and frustrating when you're looking for a specific item. If you shop at a retailer with a big selection, you'll have an easier time finding what you're looking for and discover new treasures as well!

To help you identify the best sports memorabilia retailers, TopConsumerReviews.com has reviewed and ranked a variety of options to give you an idea of which choice might be the most effective for you. We hope this information helps you find all the memorabilia you have been searching for!

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Sports Memorabilia Store FAQ

Sports memorabilia can be anything from sports cards to trophies, to equipment, to autographs. They are collectibles associated with sports from teams and players of the past and present. The items can be traded or sold for up to millions of dollars. Sports memorabilia is a multi-billion dollar industry worldwide.
Anyone can collect sports memorabilia! The hobby is most common among middle-aged men, but children and women get into it as well. Anyone who is a sports lover understands the excitement of having items that represent their favorite teams and athletes.
To know if a sports memorabilia item is authentic, first make sure you are buying and trading from a reputable company. Most companies will provide a certificate of authenticity with their items that includes a tamper-proof holographic sticker with a serial number. The serial number is used to match the certificate with the collector's item.
Yes! When it comes to collecting sports memorabilia or any other kind of antiques, they usually become more valuable the longer they are around - when there are fewer of them left. This is especially the case for items that are signed by or were used by legends like Babe Ruth, Michael Jordan, or Muhammad Ali. These types of collector's items are in high demand and therefore grow in value year after year.
If you're collecting sports memorabilia for trading or selling purposes, you'll likely have different items coming and going all the time. This is a fun hobby and potentially a way to make some extra cash on the side. For those who are collecting sports memorabilia to keep, you could find unique ways to display your items around your home or office. This might mean framing photos to hang on walls or put on a desk, framing jerseys, or getting a display case for balls and other equipment. You can get really creative with ways to highlight your hobby of collecting sports memorabilia that is important to you.
When it comes to finding out the worth of a collector's item, the internet can pretty much tell you all you need to know. If you happen to have a local antique store or know a sports memorabilia expert, you could get their opinion on the worth of your items. However, a quick internet search of what your item is can at least show you what similar items are going for. You might be able to find listings for that exact item from the past and use that to gauge what it might go for now. There are online appraisers that you can message online to guide you in the right direction as well. Some people like to use an auction house when it comes to selling their item to make sure they get top dollar.
If collecting sports memorabilia sounds like something you are interested in, Top Consumer Reviews has reviewed and ranked a variety of retailers that sell a huge range of items. Decide what type of collector's items you're interested in and what team or athlete you'd like to own something from. Browse through the company's site for items that fit what you're looking for and start there. You'll likely find a lot of other cool items that excite you! You don't have to buy a lot at once, but get an idea of what's out there and slowly start building your collection. You'll learn a lot along the way and have a great time doing it!
Some companies offer a return policy on their sports memorabilia items. Typically, you can send things back within 30 days of purchase. However, the market for buying and selling sports memorabilia is so big that you could always turn around and resell any items that you have if needed. Pay close attention to the company policies of the place you do your online shopping so that you know what your return options are.
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