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Jacobs Ladder Review

Monday, April 15th

2024 Stair Climber Reviews

Jacobs Ladder Review 4.5 Star Rating

Jacobs Ladder

4.5 Star Rating
  • Four models to choose from
  • Jacobs Ladder X (JLX): $6,999
  • The Stairway GTL: $6,999
  • Jacobs Ladder: $5,999
  • Jacobs Ladder 2: $5,299
  • Same, reputable Stair Master but redesigned
  • Designed for the home and gym
  • For all fitness levels, mostly the intense

Jacobs Ladder has been around since around the year 2000. In the early days, they struggled to make a profit - that is, until Jillian Michaels brought Jacobs Ladder to The Biggest Loser audience, and the rest is pretty much history. Stair Master is now the parent company of Jacobs Ladder, and it seems like a good, natural fit. There are four models of Jacobs Ladder to choose from, so you can choose the equipment to fit your home gym space and your workout needs, whether you're in physical rehab, a beginner, or a professional athlete.

"Love to hate it"

That's their motto. " Serious cardio" is another. These stair climber cardio machines burn calories at a higher rate with a lower perceived level of exertion. If you're ready for a challenge for a next-level cardiovascular workout, read on and hop on. Get a great machine that offers the intense interval training that you deserve. Challenge your body to get into its best physical condition.

Also great for physical rehab, weight loss, beginners

Although Jacobs Ladder focuses on the intense athlete and boasts about the benefits for them, Stair Master recognizes that people not necessarily in tip-top condition need a place to start. If you're back from an injury, Jacobs Ladder stair climber can help you rehabilitate, since the workouts are low impact and deliver strengthening results. If you want a machine to support your weight loss journey, Jacobs Ladder is great for your fitness routine as it's easy on the body while you build strength and endurance.

Best Stair Climbers

Remember the Stair Master? This is it.

Stair Master used to be in almost every major gym as the only stair climber. Stair Master still exists, in the form of Jacobs Ladder. There are now three Jacobs Ladder models and a Stairway STL that are of course, excellent stair climbers to keep you, or get you, in your best physical shape:

  • Jacobs Ladder X. Also known as JLX, this $6,999 stair climber is crafted for dedicated athletes and professionals. It's the first big update in twenty years, with four climbing positions. This largest model is the one you'll love to hate.
  • The Stairway GTL. Built for the gym, sized for the home. At $6,999 it's self-powered and revolutionary in speed control, in that even when you're tired and need support from the handles, the stair speed stays steady.
  • Jacobs Ladder. At $5,999, it's best for an intense workout but feeling less exertion, less strain on the body. Great for physical rehabilitation, high intensity, endurance, and circuit training.
  • Jacobs Ladder 2. It's almost the same as the Jacobs Ladder, but more affordable. At the lowest price of $5,299, it carries the smallest footprint and has the longest warranty. It's also the only one that requires electricity, so be sure an outlet is nearby.

Serious name dropping

Jacobs Ladder is trusted by pro athletes including the Dallas Cowboys, New York Yankees, Philadelphia Flyers, and the Tennessee Titans. Actors training for intense physical conditions in the following programs trust Jacobs Ladder: Robert Downey, Jr., as "Iron Man" , Showtime's "Billions," and CW's "Legends of Tomorrow." Some of the college athletics who trust Jacobs Ladder are Duke, Penn State, Syracuse, Arizona State, and the University of Texas. The military relies on Jacobs Ladder in West Point, Navy SEALS, Army Rangers, FBI-Quantico, the Department of Defense, the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center, and more. Several police and fire departments rely on Jacobs Ladder to keep their first responders in top condition, as well as numerous nationally-known health club franchises including EOS Fitness, Club 4 Fitness, EXOS, and YMCA/JCC. There are even more locations, departments, and facilities within each category, but there's a fine line between name dropping and well, bragging.

Made in the USA

More bragging rights include that these incredible machines are designed and built in Niagara, NY, USA.

You pay for shipping

Shipping will cost almost $400 if shipped to a location in the US.

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There's a 2-year warranty on parts and 1 year on labor. Jacobs Ladder 2 doubles that, at a 4-year warranty on parts and 2 years on labor.

Specs, including cup holders

Your Jacobs Ladder stair climber will take up significant floor space as, depending on the model, they can be 75" - 80" long. The width ranges from 27.5" to 37.25" , depending on if you have the cup holders. Machine weight is heavy at 300-375 pounds, and you'll need 7.5' or 8.5' of ceiling height, depending on the model. Only the Jacobs Ladder 2 requires electricity.

As expected, customers rave about it

Those who have bought the Jacobs Ladder products love them. It's the best workout machine they've used, and they love the low impact. When people finally took the plunge on this pricey unit, they said it was worth the wait. A few said they wish it worked the upper body more, yet others who have compared brands of stair climbers say Jacobs Ladder is the best for a whole body workout.

It's near the top of our list

The reputation and longevity of Stair Master products is outstanding. The four Jacobs Ladder stair climbers give a whole-body workout for beginners, but are especially beneficial for those who are serious athletes. There are some downsides, though. This hefty machine comes with a hefty price tag, meaning there's no product less than $5,299 (plus shipping) to choose from. It also takes up a good amount of floor space, and it may not fit well in a typical home. Still, all things considered, we'd be putting a Jacobs Ladder stair climber in our home gym if we had the money to spend.

Where Can You Find the Best Stair Climbers?

Stair climbers, often known as "stair steppers," have been around fitness centers for about 40 years. They're a refreshing change to the treadmill and exercise bike, and offer an intense workout. Depending on factors such as your fitness level, age, weight, and chosen resistance level, you could burn an impressive 500 calories in about half an hour on a stair climber.

There are a variety of reasons why stair climbers are so popular. For example, stair climbers are renowned for their effectiveness in calorie burning and weight loss. The rhythmic movement engages major muscle groups such as the legs, glutes, and core, leading to an efficient way to burn calories. This makes stair climbing an attractive option for individuals aiming to shed excess weight or maintain a healthy weight.

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Stair Climber FAQ

A stair climber is a type of exercise equipment that uses either a rotating series of steps or pedals pushed up and down - imitating the motion you'd make when going up a staircase. The "stairmill" option is most commonly found in gyms and health clubs, while the pedal variety can be seen both in fitness centers and in home use.
Stair climbers are low-impact, delivering an intense workout that is gentler on the joints than running on a treadmill. It also doesn't have to be either-or: if you like to mix up your workouts and target different muscle groups, alternating between using a treadmill and a stair climber is a great option.
That will depend on the stair climber you choose. Most models have clearly-listed dimensions for both floor space and ceiling height requirements, so be sure to look at them carefully and map out the space in your home before making your purchase.
You can get a good-quality stair climber for just under $1,000. If you want a high-end model exactly like what you've seen at your local gym, expect a price tag upwards of $10,000.
The more resistance levels your stair climber has, the greater variety you'll be able to get in your workouts. If you have people of multiple heights who will use the machine - for example, maybe you're 4'11" and your roommate is 6'5" - you might want to choose a model with adjustable stride lengths. From there, you should consider how much tech you want it to have, like Bluetooth connectivity with fitness apps or heart rate monitoring through hand grips and/or a chest strap.
Most stair climber manufacturers aren't quite there yet. However, at least one company offers a separate membership to an online platform where you can get live workouts, exercise in real time with a friend, or stream videos to make your workout routine more interesting.
That depends on the manufacturer's policy. Some offer no returns at all, while others may give you 4-6 weeks to try it out. You may also have to pay restocking fees if you return your stair climber.
Yes. Most stair climbers have warranty coverage on the frame and welds, parts, and labor. The timeframes vary: you might get a lifetime warranty on the frame with one manufacturer, while another only covers the frame for three years. Read the warranty coverage and terms carefully before you buy a stair climber.
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Continued from above...

Another reason why stair climbers are popular is their efficiency in providing a cardiovascular workout. The repetitive motion of climbing stairs elevates the heart rate, enhancing blood circulation and promoting cardiovascular fitness. This aerobic exercise is essential for maintaining a healthy heart and lungs, reducing the risk of cardiovascular diseases, and improving overall endurance. Stair climbers offer an alternative to high-impact cardiovascular activities like running, making them accessible to a broader demographic, including individuals with joint issues or those seeking a gentler form of exercise.

The low-impact nature of stair climbing is another key factor contributing to its popularity. Unlike high-impact exercises that can put stress on the joints and increase the risk of injury, stair climbing provides a challenging workout with minimal impact. This makes it an ideal choice for individuals with joint concerns, older adults, or those recovering from injuries who still want to engage in effective exercise without compromising their joint health.

Are you wondering which stair climber or stepper suits you best? There are a few styles available. There's a "stair mill" where you literally climb stairs that resemble a rotating staircase like an escalator at the mall. The intensity of the workout is determined by the speed you choose. These machines are the heaviest yet sturdiest of the stair climbers, and although they can take up more space in your room, they offer pretty intense workouts, just like the stair climbers in the gym.

Another form is the stair stepper. You'll push up and down against foot pedals, and the workout intensifies when you increase the resistance. Some of this type have handles so you can work your arms and upper body as well.

A third type to consider, especially if you have shorter ceilings in your home, is the recumbent, or seated stair stepper. You'll get your great full-body stepper workout, but your head won't approach the ceiling since you're seated.

Which stair climber is the right one for you? Since there are many options to consider, it can feel overwhelming. Here are some factors to keep in mind as you begin to shop. Before you know it, you'll find the stair climber that's best not only for you, but for the space in your home.

  • Price. How much are you willing to spend for the stair stepper and any accessories such as the console for tracking your fitness and viewing any classes, or the floor mat to go underneath the machine? Also consider any apps for online subscriptions for classes to participate in while you're working on your step climber. And are the apps free or will you pay a monthly subscription for stepper classes?
  • Available space. Where do you plan to place your stair climber? The traditional gym-like machinery will take up more floor space and require a higher ceiling. The stepper versions take up the least amount of floor space. The recumbent style isn't affected by the ceiling space, or lack thereof.
  • Fitness goals. Consider if you are new to stair climbing or if you're the gym rat who wants to bring that intensity home. Certain stair climbers are ready for the challenge, and others are built more for a light workout only.
  • Return policy. What if the machine doesn't fit in your space, if it's too noisy, or you just don't like it? Check to see if there's a satisfaction guarantee. If so, are you responsible for return shipping? And is there a restocking fee? If so, how much would you actually get back if you returned it?
  • Reputation. What do users say about the stair climber? Is it durable? Was it easy to assemble? Are they still motivated to use it, even months later? If they interacted with customer service, was the department helpful?

Top Consumer Reviews has evaluated and ranked the top stair climbers on the market today. We're confident that this information will help you to narrow down the options so you can find the perfect stair climber for your home gym and your stair climbing workout.

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