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The Best Steak Clubs

Which Steak of the Month Club is the Best?

Subscription boxes are all the rage, but it might surprise you to know that something as delicious as a USDA Prime Porterhouse can show up on your doorstep every month. Meat lovers, rejoice!

There are two main types of Steak Clubs to choose from: gourmet, special occasion cuts or time-saving packages that let you skip the supermarket. Most fall into the first category, giving you the chance to sample steaks from around the nation (or even the world) that you wouldn't find at your local grocery store. These Steak of the Month Clubs don't typically let you customize what you receive, because you're on a set schedule of steaks that the company chooses for you.

Thursday, June 1st

2023 Steak Club Reviews

Top Consumer Reviews Best-In-Class Blue Ribbon Award Chicago Steak Company Review 5 Star Rating

Chicago Steak Company

5 Star Rating
  • 6- or 12-month options
  • Monthly costs average out between $133 and $167
  • Choose between Five Star Reserve or Premium Angus beef
  • Free shipping on all clubs
  • 3,000+ 5-star reviews from happy customers
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee
  • Gift packaging included at no extra charge
  • Rewards program that can be used for discounts or gift cards from major retailers
Top Consumer Reviews Best-In-Class Blue Ribbon Award

Do you want to get "the very best steaks money can buy" on a regular basis? Yes, please! Chicago Steak Company offers USDA Prime beef, raised in the Midwest, and dry- or wet-aged. These meats absolutely stand up to the competition, earning a People's Choice award in 2015 against seven top-name rivals at American Cut Steakhouse in Manhattan.

Choose from four plans

There are four main plans to choose from in Chicago Steak Company's Steak of the Month Clubs:

  • 6-month Five Star Reserve Steaks: This package, priced at $999.95, includes four 6-oz USDA Prime filet mignons, four 12-oz USDA Prime boneless strips, 16 8-oz Gourmet steak burgers, four 16-oz USDA Prime ribeyes, four 8-oz USDA Prime top sirloins, and eight 8-oz USDA Prime steak burgers over the course of your membership.
  • 12-month Five Star Reserve Steaks: For $1,799.95, you'll get all of the cuts included in the 6-month plan, plus eight 8-oz Wagyu beef burgers, 12 2-oz Premium Angus Beef Medallion filets, four 16-oz USDA Prime bone-in ribeyes, plus additional shipments with filet mignons, top sirloin, and ribeye cuts.
  • 6-month Premium Angus Beef: You'll pay $849.95 for this subscription, which includes one delivery each of four 6-oz filet mignons, four 10-oz boneless strips, 12 2-oz medallion filets, 16 8-oz steak burgers, four 10-oz ribeyes, and four 14-oz T-bones.
  • 12-month Premium Angus Beef: for $1,599.95, your 12 deliveries will include two months of four 6-oz filet mignons, two months of four 10-oz boneless strips, two months of four 10-oz ribeyes, plus one month each of six 6-oz top sirloins, 12 2-oz medallion filets, 16 8-oz steak burgers with six 6-oz lemon-herb chicken breasts, four 14-oz T-bones, four 8-oz flat iron steaks, and eight 8-oz steak burgers.

Odd or even?

When you choose a six-month plan, you'll get deliveries every other month for a full year, and you choose whether you want them in the odd months or the even ones. All plans include the delivery fees in the price.

Best Steak Clubs

Phenomenal options for gift-giving

Chicago Steak Company is an excellent choice for gift-giving too. Every box is delivered in a beautiful black and gold gift box, and you can include a personalized message during checkout. On the second step of the checkout process, there's also an option for sending a gift notice email too. It's a little confusing, but deeper into the checkout is also where you get the ability to set the delivery date for your Steak of the Month Club; up until then, we weren't sure that Chicago Steak Company even offered that. Of course, you can always go the easy route and send a gift card; your recipient could use it to choose a steak subscription or buy cuts a la carte as they prefer.

Rewards program is generous

Another nice perk here is the rewards program. From a la carte purchases to steak club memberships, every order earns points that can be exchanged for discounts (*yawn*) or for gift cards from some of your favorite big-name retailers (Nice). Rack up extra points for writing reviews on your orders or making more than one purchase a month, but be aware of the fine print that says you'll have to request those rewards points directly by emailing or calling the company (they don't accrue automatically like regular purchases do).

Customers are over-the-moon happy here

While there are hardly any reviews specific to Chicago Steak Company's Steak of the Month Clubs, the company itself gets thousands of five-star ratings from very satisfied customers. People say that these are some of the best steaks they've ever had, and many shoppers praise packaging and delivery that goes above and beyond to ensure freshness and flavor. Also, this company goes the extra mile to keep you happy, demonstrated by their 100% satisfaction guarantee and ample reviews that describe professional and pleasant responses from Chicago Steak Company reps when issues have arisen.

Best of the best

There are a lot of really terrific Steak of the Month Clubs out there, but Chicago Steak Company edges out the competition to secure a first-place ranking. Not only do you get an incredible variety of top-quality beef in your membership, but you also can take advantage of a fantastic rewards program and an ironclad satisfaction guarantee. This company earns our highest recommendation.

US Wellness Meats Review 4.5 Star Rating

US Wellness Meats

4.5 Star Rating
  • Grass-fed and pasture-raised meats
  • Can buy individual cuts
  • Very affordable
  • 10% discount on all subscription boxes
  • Minimum order: 7 lbs. and $75
  • Minimum order: 7 lbs. and $75

Also known as Grassland Beef, US Wellness Meats has a strong commitment to providing high-quality meats from farms that take good care of their livestock and the land in equal measure. In business since 2000, this company sources all of its beef (and other products) from farms that use no growth hormones, antibiotics, pesticides or even artificial irrigation systems. While around 85% of their beef is domestically-sourced, originating from four founding cattle farms in Missouri and Illinois as well as a few carefully-chosen partner farms, some cuts come from a farm in Tasmania - and all products are clearly labeled to let you know where it was raised.

Build the box you want

This Steak of the Month Club is a little different from most. Instead of getting preselected steaks and other cuts of meat, with no say-so in what you receive, this company offers subscription plans that you customize. Choose from a la carte items or from US Wellness Meats' pre-curated boxes like Keto or Carnivore, select your delivery schedule (weekly, bi-weekly, monthly or bi-monthly), name your subscription (for example, Jana's Monthly Steaks or Tyson's Bi-Weekly Beef), and you're good to go. Shipping is included with all orders, but there's a $9.50 "handling fee" that essentially means you're paying for delivery.

Keep the minimums in mind

This set-up makes it a little challenging to compare with more traditional Steak of the Month Clubs. The good news is that all subscriptions automatically earn a 10% discount, and you can make your membership as big or small as you like - almost. US Wellness Meats has a minimum order requirement of $75 and 7 lbs. of meat, so your customized box will need to meet both of those thresholds every time you order.

Best Steak Clubs

A little challenging for gift-giving

Obviously, this DIY-style Steak of the Month Club might not be the ideal choice for gift-giving. You can absolutely send an e-gift card that your fortunate recipient could use to create a subscription, or you could take a guess at what they'd like in a membership and include a gift message during checkout. That leaves you in charge of the subscription, though, and you'd have to make any changes (or cancellations) on their behalf.

Thousands of five-star ratings

Whoever is lucky enough to get a recurring subscription from US Wellness Meats can count on getting delicious beef for reasonable prices. We're happy to see more than 3,000 customers who give this company a perfect five-star rating, citing terrific customer service, great value for the money, and saying that they've loved everything here enough to order again and again. Even though this steak supplier doesn't have a clearly-stated satisfaction guarantee posted on the website, their responses to shopper feedback clearly demonstrate that they're proud to be a company to rely on.

Top pick to keep your freezer full

While US Wellness Meats doesn't quite reach our highest spot among Steak of the Month Clubs, they're a very close second. They sell great-quality beef (and other products, by the way), offer the most flexibility around, and their customer service reputation is excellent. This is our top pick for anyone who wants to keep their freezer well-stocked with the steaks and other cuts they prefer and not be locked into a predetermined selection. Give US Wellness Meats a try if that sounds like what you're looking for.

Amazing Clubs Review 4.5 Star Rating

Amazing Clubs

4.5 Star Rating
  • 4 premium USDA Choice steaks each month
  • Just under $130/month
  • Free shipping
  • "A+" rated and accredited by the BBB
  • Excellent reputation with customers
  • Fantastic for gift-giving
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee

Amazing Clubs regularly takes a first-place finish in our evaluations of monthly clubs, and their Steak of the Month Club is definitely a contender. Each delivery comes with your choice of four NY strips, filet mignons or boneless ribeyes, all USDA Choice and shipped fresh, not frozen.

Same cuts, different sources

But, if you're already familiar with Amazing Clubs, we want to point out that this particular membership doesn't work exactly like their other gourmet food subscriptions: while the farms and ranches may vary, you'll always get the same cuts you select during sign-up - or let them surprise you with two different ones each month. That's why you won't find much of interest when you click to see "Previous Selections" .

Flexible and affordable

Amazing Clubs stands out with respect to flexibility. You can choose a Steak of the Month Club plan that ships out monthly for three, six or twelve months; there's even a seasonal membership that delivers steak every three months for a year. You also get to indicate which month you'd like your steaks to start arriving; Amazing Clubs ships all of their products during the last week of the month. Each plan costs just under $130 per month; you'll get a few dollars' discount for the longer memberships, and delivery costs are always included.

Discounts on the regular

Speaking of discounts, this provider is well-known for offering promotions. (In fact, once you get on their email list, don't be surprised when you start getting offers almost daily). The promo we see most often pops up when we've been on the site for a little while and then we move the mouse as if we're going to a different webpage, so look out for that when you're browsing the Amazing Clubs' shop too.

Best Steak Clubs

Top choice for gift-giving

When it comes to gifting a Steak of the Month Club, this is probably our favorite option. Not only will your lucky person get some delicious dinners, but their monthly package also comes with a steak lover's newsletter called The Sizzle, with fun facts, details about the monthly meat selections, recipes and more. You can choose the date you'd like your recipient to get an email announcement of your gift, have a message sent via USPS, or even print out an announcement at home. (That last option is great if you need an impressive last-minute gift). Your gift recipient will be in full control of their deliveries; like any other customer, they can pause their membership or skip a shipment whenever they wish.

You'll love it, guaranteed

While there aren't too many reviews specific to this Steak of the Month Club, you can trust Amazing Clubs to provide world-class customer service. It's just what they do. They absolutely honor their commitment to their "You'll Love It!" Guarantee across all of the different gourmet foods and other products they offer. Both customer feedback and our own personal experience have shown that if anything goes wrong with your delivery or the quality of the steaks you receive, Amazing Clubs will do everything to make it right: usually a reshipment at no charge, or an extension of your membership by an extra month if you prefer. Or, if you just don't want any future deliveries, you can cancel and get a full credit for any unshipped steaks, no questions asked. Is it any wonder that the Better Business Bureau gives this company their highest rating and accreditation?

Can't go wrong with this club

Fortunately, you probably won't ever need to put Amazing Clubs' customer service team to the test, because their steaks are delicious. People really appreciate that they arrive fresh, not frozen, so be ready to get cooking when your shipment arrives. This is one of our top choices among Steak of the Month Clubs, particularly for gift-giving.

Larder Meat Co. Review 4.5 Star Rating

Larder Meat Co.

4.5 Star Rating
  • 8 subscription boxes to choose from, but none with 100% steak
  • "A+" rated by the Better Business Bureau
  • Meat delivered frozen in a biodegradable cooler
  • All products labeled with the farm it came from
  • All meats come from ethically-minded California farms
  • Every box comes with an "extra" (seasonings, recipes, pantry items)
  • All deliveries start the week of the second Monday of the month

If you love the thought of supporting a small family owned-and-operated business with your Steak of the Month Club, we encourage you to check out Larder Meat Co. The Jensens are natives of California and have ample experience as farm-to-table restaurant founders, and they put that expertise to good use in sourcing beef, pork and chicken from responsible farms and ranches throughout the state.

Watch for savings

As we browsed the Larder Meat Co. site, we got a pop-up offer of a 10% savings for signing up for their email subscription list - so keep an eye out. You can also save money by referring your friends: send them a code for $20 off and get $20 off for yourself. Just look for that link at the bottom of the site.

Not just steaks

When it comes to monthly subscriptions here, there's no one club that delivers strictly steak. The closest you'll come is by customizing your box: for $179, you'll choose a total of eight items, which could include "easy steak" (easy-to-prepare cuts like top sirloin or flank) or loin steak. Your other items are selected from a variety of products, ranging from whole chicken or thighs to burger patties, beef stew meat, or wild-caught local fish (such as black cod, rockfish, and so on).

Subscription box contents vary

Otherwise, you could choose a preselected box: 100% Grass Fed priced at $169 for a small box or $209 for the large, Pasture-Raised Mixed for $199, and so on. The majority of the preselected boxes don't have many steaks (if any); we recommend that you look at the contents of each one to see what they include, especially if steaks are a high priority.

Add to the deliciousness

Larder Meat Co. puts in some nice touches. First, your boxes can always include add-ons. Maybe you've got guests coming for a special dinner and you need some extra steaks: just add them to your next box, no problem. Second, every subscription box comes with a fun bonus, usually a locally-created seasoning or other pantry item and a recipe from Chef Jensen. While most of their rivals include recipes and let you tack on one-off products, very few spice things up (pun intended) with a tasty surprise in each shipment like this service does

Best Steak Clubs

Shipping can be costly

The delivery schedule here can be... interesting. Larder Meat Co. starts delivering monthly orders during the week of the second Monday - but you can still indicate your preferred delivery date (usually a Wednesday). Just be aware that this is not an on-demand subscription box and you'll be fine. Also, your shipping fees will depend on where you live. Their posted policy states that delivery is free in certain western states and $40 elsewhere, but we were quoted a $30 fee for every shipment to a state on the East Coast.

Memberships can be sent as a gift

Right by the delivery date request in the checkout process is where you can indicate if you're having this club sent as a gift. Enter the "to" and the "from" and your personalized message, and they'll take care of the rest.

Very loyal customers who love this company

Larder Meat Co.'s customer feedback is largely what takes this steak subscription from a four- to a four-and-a-half-star rating. Out of the three dozen reviews posted to their site (and independently verified as legitimate customers/orders), we didn't see any that didn't enthusiastically recommend this company and its products. There's definitely a loyal following here, and it's always a good sign to see people who order time and again from the same supplier. Even with that spendy shipping cost, these meat subscriptions seem to be well worth the money.

The little company that could be your new favorite

If you're looking for a Steak of the Month Club with some flexibility and flair, we'd point you in the direction of Larder Meat Co. True, you won't get "steak, all steak, and nothing but the steak" with these plans, but you could very well discover your new favorite place to get steaks, sausages, ground meats and so much more.

Porter Road Review 4 Star Rating

Porter Road

4 Star Rating
  • All beef pasture-raised in Kentucky, Tennessee, and Pennsylvania
  • Subscription boxes cost between $100-$127 per delivery
  • Free shipping on all subscription boxes
  • No long-term commitment required
  • Deliveries every 2, 4, or 8 weeks
  • Can include add-on items as desired

All of the steaks sold by Porter Road are pasture-raised in Kentucky, Tennessee or Pennsylvania - on farms that are visited regularly to ensure the highest standards are being met. Every piece of beef is then hand-cut at their facility in Kentucky, dry-aged for at least 14 days, and packaged with biodegradable insulation and gel packs.

Lots of clubs to choose from

At the time of our most recent shopping trip to the Porter Road website, there were five Steak of the Month Club subscriptions to choose from: Butcher's Choice, Weeknight Heroes, Best of Porter Road, Beef Box, and Beef & Pork Basics (the latter two were sold out, though). No matter which box you choose, the per-serving cost is under $5/pound - pretty impressive. However, none of the subscriptions are all steaks; figure that you'll always get items like hot dogs, bacon, or ground pork/beef, which are usually much less costly than a filet mignon or ribeye.

Butcher's Choice Box is ideal if you want lots of steak

We recommend the Butcher's Choice Box. For just $127, it includes two premium dry-aged steaks (ribeye or strip, depending on availability), two sirloin filets, two pork chops, a pound each of ground beef and pork bacon, and "an additional assortment that changes each month" . As with all subscriptions here, you can add extras to your first box during checkout, like Italian links or osso buco, and then you'll have that option a week before each future box is shipped out.

Nice discounts for military, first responders, teachers

As we browsed the Porter Road site, we got a pop-up offering a 10% discount on our order if we entered our email address. That's a nice extra savings on a Steak of the Month Club that's already budget-friendly and that always includes free shipping too. We also noticed during checkout that Porter Road gives 10% discounts to military, first responders, government employees and teachers who verify their status through GovX ID; your savings will be applied once your details have been confirmed.

Best Steak Clubs

No-hassle gift-giving

Gifting a Steak of the Month Club is no problem with Porter Road. You'll find the "Gift a Box" button right next to the one you click to select a box for yourself. Even if you forget, don't despair: just enter your message in the special instructions/gift note box on the first page of the checkout process.

Treats customers right

Reputation-wise, Porter Road does fairly well - despite having a completely blank Reviews page on their site. Digging around to see what customers have said, we found plenty of praise for the delicious cuts and eco-friendly nature of this company. Even on the few negative reviews we read, it was easy to see that Porter Road wants their shoppers to come away happy, no matter what it takes. You should expect them to work with you, hassle-free, if you experience a problem with any part of your Steak of the Month Club.

Well worth your consideration

Tasty and affordable beef, plenty of add-on possibilities, gift-giving options and a company with good morals: what more could you want from a Steak of the Month Club? Porter Road should be on your list when deciding which subscription to buy - for someone else or for yourself.

Mr. Steak Review 4 Star Rating

Mr. Steak

4 Star Rating
  • Family owned and operated
  • All USDA Prime meats sourced within 250 miles of Omaha, Nebraska
  • Steaks are hand-cut, hand-selected
  • 4 boxes to choose from
  • Priced from $145.80 to $336.60 per delivery
  • Can get deliveries every 4, 6 or 8 weeks
  • Add-ons available to customize the box
  • Free shipping on $175+, $10 per delivery for smaller orders
  • Committed to sustainability and social responsibility
  • "Grill School" to help you cook your steaks perfectly
  • 7-day refund policy

Could there be more of an expert on all things beef than a company called Mr. Steak? You can rely on this business to help you get your grill on, on the regular, with high-quality steaks and other cuts. All of the meat in their Steak of the Month Club is USDA Prime, raised on family farms with the highest of standards for ethical and humane processing and sustainability.

Head to Grill School for an education in steak

Need some guidance to get your steak cooked to perfection? Mr. Steak's got you covered. Just check out their super-cool Grill School to find everything from recipes to tips-and-tricks videos. After all, no one is born knowing how to make the perfect steak, so why not take advantage of the decades of experience behind this family-owned and operated company?

Four Steak of the Month Clubs to consider

Mr. Steak's monthly club lets you choose among four different boxes:

  • USDA Prime Starter: priced at $145.80, this package comes with 1 USDA Prime Flat Iron Steak - 8oz, 1 USDA Prime New York Strip, Center Cut - 10oz, 1 USDA Prime Bone-In New York Strip - 20oz, 1 USDA Prime Boneless Ribeye - 12oz, and 1 pack Wagyu Burgers (2 8oz patties).
  • USDA Prime Family Favorites: for $188.10, you'll get 2 USDA Prime Flat Iron Steaks - 8oz, 1 USDA Prime New York Strip, Center Cut - 14oz, 1 USDA Prime Filet Mignon, Center Cut - 10oz, 1 USDA Prime Boneless Ribeye Steak - 12oz, and 1 pack Wagyu Burgers (2 8oz patties).
  • USDA Prime Grill Masters: this subscription sells for $260.96, and it comes with 2 USDA Prime New York Strips, Center Cut - 14oz, 2 USDA Prime Filet Mignons, Center Cut - 6oz, 1 USDA Prime Boneless Ribeye - 12oz, 1 USDA Prime Bone-In Ribeye - 20oz, and 1 pack Wagyu Burgers (2 8oz patties).
  • USDA Prime Big Boys Bone-In: priced at $336.60, Mr. Steak's biggest subscription box has 2 USDA Prime Bone-In New York Strips - 20oz, 1 USDA Prime Cowboy Ribeye - 32oz, 1 USDA Prime Porterhouse - 24oz, and 2 USDA Prime Bone-In Ribeyes - 20oz. This one must be really popular, because it was sold out during our last visit to the website.

Add extras and save on shipping

What if you'd like a little extra something with your Steak of the Month delivery? No problem. Once you've chosen the box you want and the preferred delivery schedule (every four, six or eight weeks), you'll be taken to a list of all of the add-ons you can include in your first box. How about beer bratwurst with cheddar cheese? A four-pack of Craft Brisket Blend burgers? An extra steak for dinner guests? Your extras will only come with the initial shipment; if you'd like something added to your subsequent boxes, you'll have the opportunity to specify that the week before it ships. It might be worth it to add just enough to reach a total of at least $175; otherwise, you'll be paying $10 per delivery for shipping fees on each box.

Best Steak Clubs

No problem to give as a gift

Mr. Steak makes it pretty easy to give their Steak of the Month Club as a gift, too. On their main Subscriptions page, just look for the button for gifting a membership. You'll follow the same steps as a regular subscription, including any add-ons, but the final page will ask you for your gift recipient's name and email address. Be aware that your person will get an email notification right away: you can't specify a delivery date for it. They'll get a second email when their order ships.

Solid reputation for quality and attention to customers

Each of the Steak of the Month options has two or three dozen reviews, which is actually pretty impressive; many of their rivals only have a handful of comments from subscribers. Strangely, though, we couldn't find a way to actually read those reviews: the stars are displayed but that's it. Fortunately, we were able to find shoppers who describe individual steaks as "the best they've had" and who won't get their beef from any other store. Better yet, we've found that Mr. Steak's representatives always respond to their customers, whether they're offering praise or reporting an issue.

Trust this steak club to deliver

We love that shoppers can choose from four different Steak of the Month Clubs here, and that there's always the option to add on a little (or a lot). We're not as impressed with the $10/month delivery fee on the lowest-priced subscription, or with the fact that gift-givers can't choose a date for their gift announcement to go out. But, those are pretty minor issues compared with the excellent reputation and high-quality steaks on offer. Mr. Steak gets a strong recommendation from us.

Greensbury Review 3.5 Star Rating


3.5 Star Rating
  • All beef is organic and grass-fed
  • Steaks are flash-frozen and shipped in dry ice
  • Guaranteed to stay fresh in your freezer for up to 12 months
  • Complimentary rewards program, must opt in

Greensbury is the creation of Todd Horowitz, an entrepreneur committed to the grass-fed movement. Since 2007, the company has helped connect environmentally-conscious customers with organic, grass-fed beef and other products that are sustainable and humane without compromising on taste or quality.

Five plans, only one with "just beef"

Greensbury offers five subscription plans, but only one comes with strictly beef: the aptly-named Beef Lovers pack. Each box has two 6-oz filet mignons, four 10-oz NY strip steaks, two pounds of ground beef, and four 8-oz flank steaks. You can choose a delivery frequency of four, six or eight weeks, and you'll pay $175.99 plus shipping fees of $9.99 per box. The company says that each box has about 15-20 servings of meat; you can do the math and see if you think that it's a good per-serving price, but we can say fairly confidently that this is one of the more affordable Steak of the Month Clubs out there.

Great option for high-protein diets

Also, if you're following a diet plan like Whole 30 and you need a reliable source of high-quality protein, consider the other subscription plans here. There's a Beef & Chicken option that mixes steaks with chicken breasts and thighs, a Lean Proteins box that has no beef but instead offers a mix of poultry/pork/fish, a Meal Planner pack with easy-to-cook chicken and beef cuts, or the Family Favorites selection that has beef, fish, chicken and bacon.

Save with discounts and rewards

You may be able to save 10% on your order. Look for a pop-up offer as you browse the site, asking for your email address in exchange for a discount code. It's also a good idea to sign up for their Market Points rewards program; there's no charge, and you'll earn points on every purchase that can be exchanged for discounts on future orders.

Best Steak Clubs

Good (if hard to find) customer reviews

Greensbury doesn't have any reviews listed specifically for their subscription packs, and even their overall reviews aren't easy to find on their own website. Fortunately we found them with some digging, and we were pleased to see that there were over 1200 independently-verified shopper reviews averaging about 4.5 stars out of 5. Even though Greensbury doesn't have a detailed satisfaction guarantee beyond "products will stay fresh for up to 12 months in the freezer" , their responses to the handful of negative reviews we spotted give us confidence that they will be happy to fix any problems that may come up.

Lackluster for gift-giving

The biggest gap we've found in Greensbury's service: there are absolutely no gifting options, unless you're interested in corporate-level gift-giving or you want to send a gift card. Most companies will at least give you the ability to specify a shipping address that's different from the billing one, and to enter a personalized message. Nope, not here. This is one of those retailers you'll use to fill your own freezer, but probably not to impress a friend or coworker with your generosity.

Good overall, just not amazing

Greensbury is pretty easy to like. They offer affordable meats, easy subscriptions with no long-term commitments, and they seem to be doing a good job of keeping their clients happy. This company ranks a little lower than some, mostly because of the lack of gift-giving choices with the subscription plans and since there's no membership with just steaks, but overall Greensbury is a steak supplier you can entrust with your purchase.

Snake River Farms Review 3.5 Star Rating

Snake River Farms

3.5 Star Rating
  • Specializes in American Wagyu beef and Kurobuta pork
  • Loyalty points earned with every order
  • Frozen products guaranteed for up to 6 months after delivery
  • Fresh (unfrozen) products have a 15-day guarantee
  • Free shipping on all subscriptions
  • Orders arrive the first Thursday of every month

At Snake River Farms, all of the beef comes from their proprietary breed of "American Wagyu" cattle, first bred about 30 years ago. If you choose this Steak of the Month Club, you can trust that SRF has kept a careful watch over every step of the process, from the pastures where the cows are raised to the processing and packaging.

Three club choices

You've got three Steak of the Month clubs to pick from here:

  • Beef: each package comes with an assortment of American Wagyu beef in classic cuts like filet mignon and lesser-known cuts like bavette or flat iron.
  • Beef & Pork: a mixture of Kurobuta pork and American Wagyu beef.
  • Dry-Aged: a mixture of American Wagyu and USDA Prime subprimal cuts that are dry-aged for flavor and tenderness.

Free shipping, easy gifting

Shipping is included at no charge on all subscriptions, and any plan can be sent as a gift: just check the box during checkout, enter the email address of your recipient and your gift message, and they'll get an email with what you wrote when their tracking notification is delivered.

How much, exactly?

For all plans, you can choose a small or a large box for delivery every month or every three months. You'll also indicate if you want your shipments to last for three months, six months, or a full year. Here's the thing: Snake River Farms doesn't come out and tell you what you're getting in each of those boxes or how much. "Small" and "large" isn't terribly descriptive, right?

Best Steak Clubs

Customer service gives a hint

We reached out to their customer service team via live chat and got some examples of prior months' deliveries. In a $225 small beef box, there were two 8-oz boneless Black Grade filet mignon, one Black Grade Teres Major boneless steak, and one Black Grade Zabuton steak. The large beef box had the same cuts, but it included two more filet mignons, all priced at $325 (yes, that means that each filet mignon is worth $50, if adding two of them brings the price up by $100). Generally speaking, you can expect small boxes to contain 6-8 servings of meat and large boxes will have 10-12.

Might be worth it, might not

Is it worth the money? Maybe, maybe not. There are about a dozen reviews for each of the Steak of the Month Club packages here, and some of them describe contents that make the per-serving price pretty astronomical. $225 for two packs of hot dogs and 1 lb. of ground beef?! Plus, while the majority of customers rave about the quality of the meat at Snake River Farms, not everyone agrees. Some shoppers say that the both the size of the steaks and the overall quality were a disappointment for what they paid, and that it wasn't hassle-free to get a refund or replacement despite SRF's quality guarantee (6 months on steaks delivered frozen, 15 days on dry-aged products that arrive fresh not frozen).

Check out the competition first

We appreciate that you don't have to pay for your Steak of the Month membership upfront - you're not locked into a long, expensive plan if something goes wrong. And, more than 700 people have given Snake River Farms a perfect five-star rating, so clearly something is going right here. However, with many rivals offering steak clubs that are not only more affordable but also seem to perform better long-term, we suggest looking at a few higher-ranked Steak of the Month Clubs before you commit to SRF.

Omaha Steaks Review 3 Star Rating

Omaha Steaks

3 Star Rating
  • $129.99 to $169.99 per month (doesn't include shipping)
  • Choose monthly, every other month, or quarterly deliveries
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee
  • "A+" rated and accredited by the BBB

Omaha Steaks calls itself "America's Original Butcher" , with origins dating back to 1917 for this family-run business. When most people think of mail-order meat, this is the brand that usually comes to mind.

Get steak every 1, 2 or 3 months

Choosing your Steak of the Month Club with Omaha Steaks is based on the answer to just one question: how often do you want it to be delivered? You can choose monthly, bimonthly or quarterly shipments. You may find it helpful to look at their "steak schedule" to see which months have the cuts you like best. For example, at the time of this review, January and October had four 5-oz Butcher's Cut Filet Mignons and four 5-oz Butcher's Cut Top Sirloins, while six of the 12 months included bacon-wrapped Filet Mignons. Plus, most months you'll get eight steaks but June's package only has six (because two of them are 18-oz T-Bones).

Shipping gets costly

If you opt to get your steaks monthly, you'll pay $129.99. The bimonthly box is priced at $149.99, and quarterly deliveries are $169.99 each. Unfortunately, shipping is only included on the quarterly box, because it meets the minimum order to qualify for free delivery. That means you should expect to tack on an additional $19.99 per delivery, making this Steak of the Month Club that much more expensive.

Rewards program is worth it

The only other way to get free delivery is to sign up for Omaha Steaks' Steaklover Rewards Gold program. For an annual fee of $39.99, you'll qualify for free shipping on every delivery priced over $79.99 (essentially every Steak of the Month Club shipment), free products, and double the reward points you'd get with their complimentary rewards program. Do the math: if you're doing the month-to-month or bi-monthly membership, it's worth it to spend $39.99 once to not pay $19.99 every time you get your steaks. Still, compared with other steak subscriptions that include the delivery fees, Omaha Steaks comes across more than a little nickel-and-dime.

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Decent gift-giving options (even Braille)

Omaha Steaks' clubs can be sent as a gift. During checkout, you'll enter the shipping address and on that page you can enter your personalized message - either just on the first shipment or have it included with every delivery. There's no special gift packaging option, however. Alternately, it's easy to send gift cards, whether you prefer an electronic one delivered via email or a physical card that gets sent in the mail. (We thought it was pretty cool that Omaha Steaks offers Braille gift cards by special request!)

Mixed reviews from clients

For the most part, Omaha Steaks maintains the kind of reputation you'd expect from a steak company with over 100 years in business. The BBB continues to give them an "A+" and accreditation, and there were only a few dozen complaints registered there in the year prior to this evaluation. Foodie feedback in other places doesn't look as good. We found comments saying that the steaks were much smaller than expected, or that the quality wasn't even as good as what they could get from their local butcher. (Of course, we doubt that the butcher is packaging up their steaks to ship nationwide.) The retailer seems to do a good job of honoring their 100% satisfaction guarantee, and most people have no issues with the customer service here, but in our experience the steaks aren't nearly as impressive as you'd imagine for what you're paying.

Get more for your money somewhere else

Omaha Steaks gets points for being around for a long time. It's not easy to maintain a reputation for so many years. But, lots of options have emerged for Steak of the Month Clubs, and some of Omaha Steaks' competitors are, frankly, doing it better. This isn't a terrible way to get steaks delivered on the regular or as a gift, but we recommend taking a look at the other possibilities before settling on this one.

Good Chop Review 2.5 Star Rating

Good Chop

2.5 Star Rating
  • $149 or $269 per month
  • 36 or 72 servings of steak and other meat delivered every four weeks
  • Pause or cancel anytime
  • All meats from the US
  • All steaks are from Angus breeds
  • Pause or cancel your club anytime
  • Free shipping
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee

What if your Steak of the Month Club could make it so you never had to go to the grocery store for meat - ever? That's what Good Chop wants to do for you. This membership program delivers every four weeks: either 36 or 72 portions ranging from steaks and ground beef to other meats like chicken breast and pulled pork. All of the meat on offer here is sourced solely in the United States.

How much meat do you want?

To get started with Good Chop, you first indicate whether you'd like a Medium Box or a Large Box. There's no difference between the two other than size: the Medium lets you choose six different types of meat for a total of about 36 portions, while the Large gives you twelve meat choices and up to 72 portions. You'll pay $149 for each Medium box and $269 for each Large. During our most recent visit to Good Chop, there was an $80 discount available - spread out over the first three monthly deliveries - so be on the lookout for any promos that might be in effect when you're ready to order.

Steaks come every four weeks, free delivery

You'll never pay extra for shipping on your monthly steak delivery. You can also pause your subscription or skip months whenever you like, but keep in mind that your next shipment won't happen for another four weeks. Your Good Chop steaks and other products should arrive perfectly frozen and can safely be stored in your freezer for up to a year from the delivery date.

Can't gift this club

If you're looking to give a Steak of the Month Club as a gift, Good Chop really isn't the best choice. Yes, you can include a gift message during checkout in the comment section of the checkout, and that's about it. But, you're left in charge of the membership: your recipient would have to go through you to change their order, pause their deliveries, or skip a month. That's fine if it's someone you live with, but an employee? Maybe not. You can't even buy gift certificates or gift cards here.

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Not a lot of customer comments

Because Good Chop is so new to the business, shopper feedback isn't exactly plentiful. There's no BBB listing we could find, and even the company's social media channels didn't have much new content in the months prior to this evaluation. (We did get a hold of someone at their customer service toll-free number, though, so Good Chop is still in business.) There are a few unboxing videos around the internet, but we all know there's typically an incentive involved there and may not be the most objective reviews.

Complaints on their social media page

Unfortunately, right in the comments on Good Chop's social media posts are a fair number of complaints from customers saying that deliveries often contained meat that was partially defrosted or even spoiled. True, this retailer has a 100% satisfaction guarantee, but it's better to get it right instead of having to offer refunds - and they don't seem to be accomplishing that yet.

Has room for improvement

Good Chop's premise is solid: why spend time and money going to the store for your steaks and other meats if it can come right to you? It's too soon, though, to see if they're going to consistently deliver steaks and other meats in perfect condition. We're optimistic that, over time, Good Chop will get things figured out and that those improvements will be reflected in their customers' comments. Until then, we recommend that you look at a higher-ranked company for your Steak of the Month Club.

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On the other hand, the memberships meant to fill your freezer often let you specify several types of steak or other meats you prefer. Either type of Steak Club can be an impressive gift to give!

The foodie-focused ones tend to have more gifting features, like personalized messages or fancy wrapping, but almost every Steak of the Month Club lets you set how often you'd like the steak to be delivered and can accommodate you if you need to pause or skip a shipment.

Best of all, the most reliable Steak of the Month Club providers make your purchase risk-free with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. They understand that customers might feel a little nervous about buying steak online, with all of the potential for spoilage during transit. Your purchase will almost always be protected by a refund/replacement policy that will make it right if your meat doesn't come in perfect condition.

Which Steak of the Month Club is right for you? Here are some things to keep in mind as you decide:

  • Value. What will you get for what you pay? If you're paying top dollar for a steak, it should taste amazing. Watch out for delivery fees that can significantly raise the price per month, too.
  • Options. How many choices do you get for the length of the club, what's included, and when deliveries can be paused? How much say-so do you get over what's in your package? Are there add-ons like extra steaks, ground beef, or even other types of meat that you can include with your first delivery (or subsequent ones)?
  • Reputation. What do other customers say about their experience with the Steak of the Month Club - or with the company as a whole? Does it tend to impress or disappoint?

TopConsumerReviews.com has evaluated and ranked the best Steak of the Month Clubs available today. We hope this information helps you choose the best subscription to keep your grill going year-round!

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Steak Club FAQ

Yes! Can you think of any other club you'd like more?! Steak of the Month Clubs deliver all of the best ribeyes, filet mignons and other cuts right to your home - or to a lucky gift recipient.
Most steak clubs take great pride in sourcing their beef from top farms, mostly in the United States. Some even tell you exactly which farms your steaks come from, where they're processed, and so on.
That depends on the steak club you select. Almost all of them have monthly deliveries and you just choose how long you want your membership to last: three months, six months, or a full year are the most common lengths. A few providers also offer bimonthly or quarterly steak shipments.
Maybe, maybe not. Some Steak Clubs are set up more as a recurring stock-the-freezer plan, and those usually let you select from a list of steaks, ground beef, or even other meats like pork and seafood. However, many Steak of the Month Clubs have a set schedule of products and you don't get to pick and choose.
Are they more costly than a steak from the supermarket? Yes, almost always. But, for high-quality beef that comes right to you, they're usually worth the price. Keep an eye on delivery fees, though: some clubs include shipping in the cost, while others charge fees of up to $20 (or more!) per shipment on top of what the Steak of the Month membership costs.
Yes, most of the time! Many Steak of the Month Clubs would be very happy to deliver to the recipient of your choice, allowing you to enter a gift message during checkout. Gift certificates are usually an option too.
Not much, most of the time. A few Steak of the Month Clubs pull out all the stops and include recipes, pairings, and details about the steaks' origins, but the majority just deliver your beef.
Yes, almost always. Steak of the Month Clubs go to great lengths to package your products carefully, so that the meat arrives in perfect condition. But, things happen and sometimes your steaks might be thawed or spoiled before delivery. The best providers will give you a full refund or a new shipment, no hassle involved.

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