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US Wellness Meats Review

Tuesday, March 21st

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US Wellness Meats Review 4.5 Star Rating

US Wellness Meats

4.5 Star Rating
  • Grass-fed and pasture-raised meats
  • Can buy individual cuts
  • Very affordable
  • 10% discount on all subscription boxes
  • Minimum order: 7 lbs. and $75
  • Minimum order: 7 lbs. and $75

Also known as Grassland Beef, US Wellness Meats has a strong commitment to providing high-quality meats from farms that take good care of their livestock and the land in equal measure. In business since 2000, this company sources all of its beef (and other products) from farms that use no growth hormones, antibiotics, pesticides or even artificial irrigation systems. While around 85% of their beef is domestically-sourced, originating from four founding cattle farms in Missouri and Illinois as well as a few carefully-chosen partner farms, some cuts come from a farm in Tasmania - and all products are clearly labeled to let you know where it was raised.

Build the box you want

This Steak of the Month Club is a little different from most. Instead of getting preselected steaks and other cuts of meat, with no say-so in what you receive, this company offers subscription plans that you customize. Choose from a la carte items or from US Wellness Meats' pre-curated boxes like Keto or Carnivore, select your delivery schedule (weekly, bi-weekly, monthly or bi-monthly), name your subscription (for example, Jana's Monthly Steaks or Tyson's Bi-Weekly Beef), and you're good to go. Shipping is included with all orders, but there's a $9.50 "handling fee" that essentially means you're paying for delivery.

Keep the minimums in mind

This set-up makes it a little challenging to compare with more traditional Steak of the Month Clubs. The good news is that all subscriptions automatically earn a 10% discount, and you can make your membership as big or small as you like - almost. US Wellness Meats has a minimum order requirement of $75 and 7 lbs. of meat, so your customized box will need to meet both of those thresholds every time you order.

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A little challenging for gift-giving

Obviously, this DIY-style Steak of the Month Club might not be the ideal choice for gift-giving. You can absolutely send an e-gift card that your fortunate recipient could use to create a subscription, or you could take a guess at what they'd like in a membership and include a gift message during checkout. That leaves you in charge of the subscription, though, and you'd have to make any changes (or cancellations) on their behalf.

Thousands of five-star ratings

Whoever is lucky enough to get a recurring subscription from US Wellness Meats can count on getting delicious beef for reasonable prices. We're happy to see more than 3,000 customers who give this company a perfect five-star rating, citing terrific customer service, great value for the money, and saying that they've loved everything here enough to order again and again. Even though this steak supplier doesn't have a clearly-stated satisfaction guarantee posted on the website, their responses to shopper feedback clearly demonstrate that they're proud to be a company to rely on.

Top pick to keep your freezer full

While US Wellness Meats doesn't quite reach our highest spot among Steak of the Month Clubs, they're a very close second. They sell great-quality beef (and other products, by the way), offer the most flexibility around, and their customer service reputation is excellent. This is our top pick for anyone who wants to keep their freezer well-stocked with the steaks and other cuts they prefer and not be locked into a predetermined selection. Give US Wellness Meats a try if that sounds like what you're looking for.

Which Steak of the Month Club is the Best?

Subscription boxes are all the rage, but it might surprise you to know that something as delicious as a USDA Prime Porterhouse can show up on your doorstep every month. Meat lovers, rejoice!

There are two main types of Steak Clubs to choose from: gourmet, special occasion cuts or time-saving packages that let you skip the supermarket. Most fall into the first category, giving you the chance to sample steaks from around the nation (or even the world) that you wouldn't find at your local grocery store. These Steak of the Month Clubs don't typically let you customize what you receive, because you're on a set schedule of steaks that the company chooses for you.

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Steak Club FAQ

Yes! Can you think of any other club you'd like more?! Steak of the Month Clubs deliver all of the best ribeyes, filet mignons and other cuts right to your home - or to a lucky gift recipient.
Most steak clubs take great pride in sourcing their beef from top farms, mostly in the United States. Some even tell you exactly which farms your steaks come from, where they're processed, and so on.
That depends on the steak club you select. Almost all of them have monthly deliveries and you just choose how long you want your membership to last: three months, six months, or a full year are the most common lengths. A few providers also offer bimonthly or quarterly steak shipments.
Maybe, maybe not. Some Steak Clubs are set up more as a recurring stock-the-freezer plan, and those usually let you select from a list of steaks, ground beef, or even other meats like pork and seafood. However, many Steak of the Month Clubs have a set schedule of products and you don't get to pick and choose.
Are they more costly than a steak from the supermarket? Yes, almost always. But, for high-quality beef that comes right to you, they're usually worth the price. Keep an eye on delivery fees, though: some clubs include shipping in the cost, while others charge fees of up to $20 (or more!) per shipment on top of what the Steak of the Month membership costs.
Yes, most of the time! Many Steak of the Month Clubs would be very happy to deliver to the recipient of your choice, allowing you to enter a gift message during checkout. Gift certificates are usually an option too.
Not much, most of the time. A few Steak of the Month Clubs pull out all the stops and include recipes, pairings, and details about the steaks' origins, but the majority just deliver your beef.
Yes, almost always. Steak of the Month Clubs go to great lengths to package your products carefully, so that the meat arrives in perfect condition. But, things happen and sometimes your steaks might be thawed or spoiled before delivery. The best providers will give you a full refund or a new shipment, no hassle involved.
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On the other hand, the memberships meant to fill your freezer often let you specify several types of steak or other meats you prefer. Either type of Steak Club can be an impressive gift to give!

The foodie-focused ones tend to have more gifting features, like personalized messages or fancy wrapping, but almost every Steak of the Month Club lets you set how often you'd like the steak to be delivered and can accommodate you if you need to pause or skip a shipment.

Best of all, the most reliable Steak of the Month Club providers make your purchase risk-free with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. They understand that customers might feel a little nervous about buying steak online, with all of the potential for spoilage during transit. Your purchase will almost always be protected by a refund/replacement policy that will make it right if your meat doesn't come in perfect condition.

Which Steak of the Month Club is right for you? Here are some things to keep in mind as you decide:

  • Value. What will you get for what you pay? If you're paying top dollar for a steak, it should taste amazing. Watch out for delivery fees that can significantly raise the price per month, too.
  • Options. How many choices do you get for the length of the club, what's included, and when deliveries can be paused? How much say-so do you get over what's in your package? Are there add-ons like extra steaks, ground beef, or even other types of meat that you can include with your first delivery (or subsequent ones)?
  • Reputation. What do other customers say about their experience with the Steak of the Month Club - or with the company as a whole? Does it tend to impress or disappoint?

TopConsumerReviews.com has evaluated and ranked the best Steak of the Month Clubs available today. We hope this information helps you choose the best subscription to keep your grill going year-round!

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