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The Best Structured Settlement Buyers

Who Can You Trust as the Best Buyer for Your Structured Settlement?

If you've been awarded money as the result of litigation, an accident, or any other legal settlement, you likely receive monthly payments for a set number of years. However, that slow trickle of money doesn't do you much good if you need a larger amount of cash right away.

That's where structured settlement buyers come in. These services get approval to buy the rights to a certain amount of your monthly payments, in exchange for a lump sum payment now.

Wednesday, December 8th

2021 Structured Settlement Buyer Reviews

Fairfield Funding Review Top Consumer Reviews Best-In-Class Blue Ribbon Award 5 Star Rating

Fairfield Funding

5 Star Rating Top Consumer Reviews Best-In-Class Blue Ribbon Award

Fairfield Funding is an excellent choice for selling your structured settlement - whether you go for a single lump sum payment or only sell off a portion of your payments. They enjoy a sterling reputation with their customers and the BBB, and they offer a four-point guarantee that ensures you get the best possible rates and service. We were especially impressed to reach a knowledgeable, friendly representative on a Saturday afternoon. Fairfield Funding earns our highest ranking among services that buy structured settlements.

Peachtree Financial Review 4.5 Star Rating

Peachtree Financial

4.5 Star Rating

Peachtree Financial has worked with thousands of clients over the last 20+ years. Their services include an informative website, a single assigned representative to your contract, and even pre-funding payments in states that allow them. This award-winning company really knows their stuff, and customers who have used them for structured settlement buyouts say that the process is smooth and reliable.

DRB Capital Review 4 Star Rating

DRB Capital

4 Star Rating

DRB Capital gives you personalized attention when buying your structured settlement: you'll have a single point of contact every time you call, which saves you time and gives you the confidence that your process is being handled well. This service has increased their rating with the BBB since our last review, and they get plenty of praise from past clients. The only negative for DRB Capital is that they don't give you as much information upfront, before deciding to get in contact with one of their reps.

Stone Street Capital Review 3.5 Star Rating

Stone Street Capital

3.5 Star Rating

Stone Street Capital initially seems like a good choice for selling your structured settlement: a whimsical website with a decent amount of information and an "A+" with the BBB all give that impression. Digging deeper, however, you'll find that Stone Street has had some less-than-reassuring issues in the courts in the past. Still, their strong history and customer focus cannot be ignored.

JG Wentworth Review 3.5 Star Rating

JG Wentworth

3.5 Star Rating

JG Wentworth is one of the most-used services for buying structured settlements, with over $8 billion in future payments purchased in the last three decades. Their website is a fantastic resource for learning about the process, no matter which service you ultimately choose. While this company still maintains a strong BBB reputation, customer comments are either very positive or very negative, and you won't be assigned your own representative for the entirety of your deal. Still, JG Wentworth is a reliable structured settlement buying company.

CBC Settlement Funding Review 3 Star Rating

CBC Settlement Funding

3 Star Rating

CBC Settlement Funding has been in business for a little over 10 years, specializing in buying annuities and structured settlements. We appreciate their commitment to ethical transactions and keeping the customer's best interests in mind, which is reflected in their strong rating from the BBB. However, we encountered numerous glitches on their website, which meant we couldn't determine how transparent this company is with their rates and fees. Plus, several complaints from customers earned CBC Settlement Funding a just-average ranking among similar services.

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Of course, a court will have to approve the terms in order for your structured settlement to be purchased, and it's still critical that you understand all of the particulars before signing on the dotted line. Fortunately, the buyer of the settlement takes on most of the responsibility for doing the legwork: drafting the agreement, getting approval from the court, and setting up the relationship with the payer.

Not all structured settlement buyers are created equal. While there are some that have been in the industry for decades, other opportunistic services seem to pop up overnight, hoping to make an agreement that is more to their benefit than yours. How can you tell which service can be trusted to get you a payout that's fair?

Here are a few criteria you should consider when selecting a structured settlement buyer:

  • Reputation. The best structured settlement buyers have a longstanding track record of honesty and integrity. Look for a strong rating from the Better Business Bureau, preferably with accreditation as well. Also, find out what previous clients say about their experience when using the service.
  • Process. Starting with their website, the settlement buyer should have a process that is easy to understand, transparent with respect to fees and timelines, and informative.
  • Customer Service. How easy is it to get help with your structured settlement buyout? Does the service provide help during regular business hours only, or at other times for those who can't make a phone call during the day? Can you expect representatives that are courteous and knowledgeable?

TopConsumerReviews.com has reviewed and ranked the best structured settlement buyers available today. We hope this information helps you choose the right service to get the funds you need quickly and fairly.

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Structured Settlement Buyer FAQ

A structured settlement is usually awarded after an accident or a win in court. Instead of a one-time lump sum payment, the money is distributed monthly for a certain number of years.
You may want to consider a structured settlement buyer. You sell all or part of your settlement to their company in exchange for a lump sum payment now.
Simple: they make money from it. Most structured settlement buyers/companies levy interest rates on the buyout, which can range from 5-20%. You'll want to get a complete listing of all of the terms and fees before agreeing to sell your structured settlement, especially since some companies are more upfront than others with that information.
They might sound shady, but structured settlement buyouts are fairly common. It's a win for the client who can't wait months and years for their payments to trickle in, and it's a win for the service that makes money on the transaction.
Reputation is everything. If you're considering a structured settlement buyout, be sure the company you choose has a solid reputation: find out what previous clients have to say about the process and experience, and definitely see if the Better Business Bureau has given the service a positive rating. You don't want to entrust such a large financial decision to any buyout provider that can't prove their dependability.
Yes, there are several. First, understand that a settlement buyout will have to be approved by the court. Depending on the circumstances of the settlement, a judge might not give a buyout the green light. Next, if your monthly payments are intended to take care of regular expenses for many years, but you spend a lump sum all at once, you may not have the money you need to pay bills in the future. Another consideration is whether a lump sum payment can disqualify you from receiving Medicaid and SSI benefits. There are other situations where a structured settlement buyout wouldn't be in your best interests; it's worth discussing it with your financial advisor, attorney, or anyone else who can give you an objective assessment of the situation.
Many factors impact how quickly you can get the lump sum payment from your structured settlement. Not only does the court have to approve the arrangement, but some states also have mandatory waiting periods to take into account. Your process could last anywhere from 30-90 days, so don't expect to have a check in hand the day after you contact a structured settlement buyer to get more information.
We recommend that you start by browsing the websites of several companies that offer structured settlement buyouts. You'll find plenty of details about how the process works and what to expect, and you may even find answers to your questions before speaking with a representative. Those representatives will be extremely eager to talk with you, which is why it can be helpful to already have done some research before you reach out. Some services have a live chat feature where you can get help too, if you prefer not to make a phone call or fill out an online form.
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