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Aerie Review

Sunday, March 26th

2023 Swimsuit Store Reviews

Aerie Review 4 Star Rating


4 Star Rating
  • Women's fashion bikinis and one-piece swimsuits, sizes XXS to XXL
  • Affordable prices
  • Lots of reviews from women showing how the suits fit in real life
  • Easy-to-shop website
  • Free returns, no time limit

Aerie is a division of American Eagle Outfitters, and they have a surprisingly good selection of just over 300 swimsuits for women.

300 swimsuits under $50

There are two primary swimwear lines at Aerie: regular and Real Good. The latter uses fabrics made with recycled nylon, which has less carbon emissions impact as regular nylon. Altogether you'll find just over 300 swimsuits to choose from, most priced under $50.

Results list gives you a great overview

Aerie doesn't let you browse all of their swimsuits at once. You'll have to start by choosing a style - bikini tops, bikini bottoms, or one-piece - or shop by New Arrivals or the Real Good collection. From there, it's easy to use filters to see options according to fit, size or color, and then sort by price, newest, or styles that are only available online. The results list makes it so easy to see what options you'll get with each swimsuit. Aerie has some fantastic sizing options, such as different lengths for shorter and longer torsos. You can also see at a glance if the swimwear has a "cheeky booty" or "full coverage booty" style. Clicking the little hearts in the upper corner of each thumbnail image will save any swimsuits you like to a favorites list for quick shopping later.

Unlimited return timeframe - at no cost

Aerie's return policy is nothing short of extraordinary. As long as your swimsuit still has the tags and hygienic liner in place, there's no time limit on when you can send it back for a full refund. They'll even cover the cost of return shipping, or you can bring it to an AE location near you.

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Lower BBB rating than expected

American Eagle Outfitters has a disappointing "B-" rating from the Better Business Bureau. But, when we scrolled through the customer complaints filed with the BBB, it was obvious that a lot of them were related to specific store locations or to clothing outside of the Aerie line.

Very satisfied swimwear customers

Besides, if you look at most of the reviews on the swimwear Aerie sells, they're really positive on the whole. For example, one of the most popular swimsuits we found was the Wrap One-Piece, available in Olive Fun and True Black in sizes from XXS to XXL and with long torso options. More than 600 women took the time to leave a rating for this swimwear, giving it an average of 4.2 out of 5 stars.

Reviews are your best source of info

Those reviews are a key feature of shopping for swimsuits at Aerie. Want to see how they look on everyday people and not just models? Wondering how people of your height and weight say the suit fits in the size you're considering? Even reviews can be filtered until you get just the ratings from women similar to you.

Great option for women's swimwear

All in all, Aerie gives you a ton of perks if you're shopping for women's swimsuits. Their return policy is unbeatable, the online store is intuitive to navigate, and best of all Aerie's customers are usually very happy with the swimwear once they get it home and wear it at the pool or the beach. Shop Aerie with confidence!

Where Can You Find the Best Selection of Swimsuits?

Let's face it: most of us really don't like shopping for swimwear, even when we have hundreds of options right at our fingertips. Standing in front of a changing room mirror, under harsh lighting and with barely enough room to turn around, is not exactly a recipe for a mood-boosting retail experience. What if it didn't have to be that way?

Good news: it doesn't! You can buy your next swimsuit online and try it on in the privacy of your own home, no fluorescent lights required. Snap a photo and text your friends to see if they like it, use a filter to see how you'd look wearing it at the beach - it's really that easy.

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Swimsuit Store FAQ

The sky's the limit! From cute, crocheted bikinis to high-performance racing suits for triathletes, there's an abundance of variety when it comes to shopping for swimsuits.
That's easy: to get the best selection! Local inventory can be limited, particularly if you're looking for a swimsuit out of season (like buying a tankini in January for an escape to the Caribbean!). Shopping online makes it so much more likely that you'll find something you love in your size.
As much or as little as you wish. You can find swimwear for as little as $15 or as expensive as $1500! But, most swimsuits will fall somewhere in the $30-$100 range.
Most online retailers of swimwear have helpful sizing guides. Take accurate measurements and buy the suit that's the closest fit. Another option is to buy 2-3 sizes in the same suit and return the ones that don't fit. Just be sure to check the store's return policy first!
Not necessarily. Most swimsuits stretch out over time, so starting off with one that feels just a little bit too snug can actually be a good thing. This is especially true with competitive swimsuits, where loose swimwear = slower race times!
Fortunately, yes: the majority of swimsuit retailers offer you a 30-day return period, and some even cover the cost of return shipping. Make sure not to remove any hygienic liners that may come with your swimsuit bottoms until you're sure you're keeping your purchase.
For women, the best option is typically a one-piece racing suit, although in more recent years many manufacturers have offered two-piece designs suitable for lap swimming (usually with a drawstring on the bottoms!). For men, avoid board shorts and look for either a bikini-style bottom or "jammers" (which are like biker shorts without the padding).
Given that swimsuits aren't cheap and that they can wear out quickly, you'll want to take good care of it to help it last as long as possible. Some tips for keeping your suit in good condition include rinsing before and after you get in the water, letting it air dry flat instead of hanging it by the straps, and keeping it out of direct sunlight. (And try not to forget it in your swim bag because it will mildew!)
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But wait. Do stores really let you return swimsuits if you don't like how they look or fit? Yes! Of course, you usually have to keep the hygienic liner in place, the tags attached, and return it in unworn, unwashed condition in order to be eligible for a refund.

Better yet, many top online retailers of swimwear make it easy to get the right fit on your first try. How? Some provide tools that take your measurements and your feedback on how certain brands fit you (e.g. too small, too large, true to size) to give you an approximation of how any particular trunks, bikinis or one-pieces might fit. Also, look for detailed customer reviews: they're usually sortable by height and weight so you can choose ratings from shoppers with your same body type, and many times they even include candid photos.

There are a lot of online swimwear retailers to consider, from household name brands you already recognize and love to lesser-known stores with plenty of trendy and classic styles you might not find anywhere else. Where should you shop? Here are some factors to keep in mind to help you pick:

  • Who you're buying for. Some stores only sell women's swimsuits, while others include apparel for the whole family.
  • What size you need. Almost every swimsuit retailer carries standard sizes from S-XL, but not everyone has options for smaller/bigger ends of the spectrum. If you're typically challenging to fit or you need options like long torso styles, maternity or mastectomy wear, there are stores that are happy to accommodate you!
  • How easy it is to shop. The best online swimwear stores will help you find several items you'll like. They accomplish this with filters and sorting features, reviews and ratings from customers, and plenty of information about each swimsuit (like fabric, sizing charts, and so on).
  • How long you have to make a return. Some stores only give you 15 days, while others have no time limit at all! Be sure you understand the retailer's return and refund policy before you make a purchase, especially if you're shopping ahead of time and might not try the suit on right away.
  • What others say about the store. Does it have a good reputation for treating customers well? Has the Better Business Bureau given the retailer a strong rating?

TopConsumerReviews has evaluated and ranked today's top online retailers of swimsuits. We're confident that this information will help you find the perfect apparel for your next trip to the beach or pool!

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