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Cupshe Review

Thursday, June 13th

2024 Swimsuit Store Reviews

Cupshe Review 4 Star Rating


4 Star Rating
  • Free expedited shipping always
  • All swimming suits $42.99 or less
  • Orders of $59+ ship free
  • Women's, men's, and children's swimsuits
  • 25% off sitewide on first order with email signup
  • 30-day return policy
  • Thousands of swimsuit choices

If you've ever searched for a swimsuit style online, odds are you got an ad for Cupshe with one of the cutest swimsuits you've ever seen along with too good to be true pricing. So what's the deal with this company? Cupshe aims to celebrate women by designing affordable swimwear with every body shape in mind. Their motto is "Live Life on the Beach" and they design styles that "take you from beach to brunch effortlessly." Cupshe has been featured by Bazaar, Elle, Cosmopolitan, Popsugar, Vogue, Nylon, BuzzFeed, Forbes, ENews, People, Byrdie, and US Weekly.

Selection for men, women, and children

There are 499 one-piece swimsuits, 847 bikinis, 81 tankinis, and 392 swimsuit coverups listed on Cupshe's website. They even have a few swimming suits for little girls and board shorts for men. These numbers are likely constantly changing as they add new inventory. The sizing at Cupshe is very inclusive ranging from XS - XXLDD. You can narrow down swimsuit options by size alone or choose to look at a specific color or trend. There are so many different styles here varying from bright floral cheeky high waisted bikinis to scalloped necklines on a lavender purple tankini to a tasteful, classy black one piece and everything in between.

Won't break the bank

If $9 swimsuit bottoms or a $15 swim top isn't cheap enough for you, Cupshe offers 25% off sitewide if you'll sign up with your email address and phone number for their marketing list. Their most expensive swimming suit is a "whopping" $42.99, so everything here is truly inexpensive. If you spend over $59 on your order, Cupshe will ship your swimsuits to you for free.

Positive customer reviews

With swimming suits so affordable, can we trust the quality? Cupshe lets customers leave honest reviews on the swimsuits they buy, so this is how we tell if Cupshe is legit or not. Some swimsuits haven't had any reviewers, which isn't helpful. Others have quite a few along with pictures of people in swimsuits. Most of them are actually really positive and people like the look, materials, and fit. For each swimsuit, Cupshe gives details about their model's height, bust, waist, and hips along with product features and how to care for the swimsuit, so you should be able to gauge your size pretty accurately before ordering, which will help with overall satisfaction.

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Return shipping based on quantity

There is a standard 30-day return policy at Cupshe, so you can send back your suit within this time for a full refund minus shipping costs. If you're returning 1-2 swimsuits, the charge is $5.69. For 3-5 swimsuits it goes up to $10.69, and if you're returning 6+ suits, the cost is $14.69 for return shipping.

Bad BBB rating, but praises from customers

It's odd because the Better Business Bureau gives Cupshe an "F" rating due to undelivered merchandise and reports of poor quality. Normally we'd want to run from somewhere like this, but interestingly, there are nearly 200 reviews on the BBB's site that give Cupshe extremely high ratings - nearly 5/5 stars. Other third-party sites have nearly 15,000 customer reviews for this place and overall they are rated quite high. Many people report being a loyal customer of Cupshe for years and having no issues during that time. Prices are so low that it is low-risk and people say their customer service is fantastic, so they feel confident when shopping here.

Give them a try

Cupshe is a store that seems too good to be true, but it turns out this really might be a fantastic place for you to get your next swimsuit. We wouldn't expect that what you buy from here will last years or be suitable (ha) for heavy wear, but for the most part, we trust that the color, style, and sizing will be what you see online. If you want a fun new swimsuit (or a few), give Cupshe a try. You'll get a great deal and have an incredible selection to choose from.

Where is the Best Place to Buy Swimsuits Online?

Shopping for swimsuits probably means the weather is heating up or you're headed out for a fun vacation. Either way, there are about a million styles of swimsuits to choose from, that you can wear when you're soaking up the sun. However, not everyone loves shopping for swimsuits because it can be hard finding something that fits well and makes you feel confident in yourself.

It's important to find the right store that has options you can be excited about. While there will always be a few brick-and-mortar swimsuit stores you can visit to see their selection in-person, online swimsuit stores are becoming increasingly popular. Peek under the covers (or the towel), and it's easy to see why.

The Best Swimsuit Stores Compare Swimsuit Stores Compare Swimsuit Store Reviews What are the best Swimsuit Stores Best Swimsuit Store Reviews

Swimsuit Store FAQ

The sky's the limit! From cute, crocheted bikinis to high-performance racing suits for triathletes, there's an abundance of variety when it comes to shopping for swimsuits.
That's easy: to get the best selection! Local inventory can be limited, particularly if you're looking for a swimsuit out of season (like buying a tankini in January for an escape to the Caribbean!). Shopping online makes it so much more likely that you'll find something you love in your size.
As much or as little as you wish. You can find swimwear for as little as $15 or as expensive as $1500! But, most swimsuits will fall somewhere in the $30-$100 range.
Most online retailers of swimwear have helpful sizing guides. Take accurate measurements and buy the suit that's the closest fit. Another option is to buy 2-3 sizes in the same suit and return the ones that don't fit. Just be sure to check the store's return policy first!
Not necessarily. Most swimsuits stretch out over time, so starting off with one that feels just a little bit too snug can actually be a good thing. This is especially true with competitive swimsuits, where loose swimwear = slower race times!
Fortunately, yes: the majority of swimsuit retailers offer you a 30-day return period, and some even cover the cost of return shipping. Make sure not to remove any hygienic liners that may come with your swimsuit bottoms until you're sure you're keeping your purchase.
For women, the best option is typically a one-piece racing suit, although in more recent years many manufacturers have offered two-piece designs suitable for lap swimming (usually with a drawstring on the bottoms!). For men, avoid board shorts and look for either a bikini-style bottom or "jammers" (which are like biker shorts without the padding).
Given that swimsuits aren't cheap and that they can wear out quickly, you'll want to take good care of it to help it last as long as possible. Some tips for keeping your suit in good condition include rinsing before and after you get in the water, letting it air dry flat instead of hanging it by the straps, and keeping it out of direct sunlight. (And try not to forget it in your swim bag because it will mildew!)
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First, shopping online for swimsuits is super convenient. Online, the stores are accessible 24/7, which lets you browse and purchase at your leisure without the constraints of store hours or proximity. This is especially important to those of us who have busy schedules or limited shopping options.

Undeniably, the vast array of swimsuits available to you online contributes significantly to their popularity. These stores often feature an extensive selection of swimsuit styles, sizes, colors, and designs. You simply can't match that with the limited selections and sizes at a traditional store. With just a few clicks, you can explore an abundance of styles and colors, and find a swimsuit that works for your body type.

Online swimsuit stores give you plenty of information to help ensure you get the right size while allowing you thousands of options and competitive pricing. It's also a perk that you get to try your swimsuit on from the comfort of your own home rather than in a cold dressing room with harsh lighting (and we all know how THAT goes).

As long as you leave the hygienic liner on the unwashed swimsuit, you can buy as many as you want and return the ones you don't love. Your spouse or friends can help you make a decision about which swimsuits are most flattering and the whole experience can be fun and exciting. As an added plus, online stores typically have prices less (sometimes far less) than what you can find in a local store.

When deciding where to purchase a swimsuit (or a few) online, take the following things into consideration:

  • Customer reviews. What do customers have to say about their experience with the retailer and the quality of the swimming suits? There's nothing worse than paying a lot for a swimming suit that turns out to be thin and sometimes even see-through when it gets wet. Customers will be honest about the fit and how easy it is to care for the swimming suit, so pay close attention to what people say if there are unfiltered reviews on the ones you're eyeing.
  • Selection. Whether you're looking for kids' swim trunks, a men's Speedo (not judging), a bikini, or a full coverage one-piece, you'll want to find a store that has a lot of great patterns and details to fit your personal style. It's also nice to find somewhere that has accessories like swim skirts, kids' floaties, cover ups, and even water shoes.
  • Return policy. Buying a swimsuit may be one of the pickiest purchases you ever make, so there's a good chance you'll need to take advantage of a return policy. It's great if you shop somewhere that offers a generous return window and will give you a full refund without any restocking fees. Pay attention to customer reviews to make sure the store is reliable with their refunds and credits their customers quickly.

Are you ready to get shopping for a swimming suit to enjoy the summer sun (or a tropical winter getaway)? Top Consumer Reviews has reviewed and ranked the best places for you to find good looking, high-quality swimsuits online. We hope this information helps you be able to get out and relax at the beach or pool!

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