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The Best Tea Clubs

Where Can You Find the Best Tea Club?

For tea connoisseurs and fans around the world, tea clubs are a popular option. Loose-leaf teas are often crafted with precision by skilled artisans, resulting in an exceptional tea-drinking experience. Becoming a member of a tea club can help you find new and exciting teas to try.

On top of providing an exciting new variety of teas, tea clubs offer unmatched convenience. Instead of trying to find a local tea shop or browsing store after store, a tea club will send a thoughtfully curated selection straight to your door. To savor a diverse array of teas, a club offers a luxurious experience with carefully chosen teas sourced from all corners of the world.

Friday, July 19th

2024 Tea Club Reviews

Top Consumer Reviews Best-In-Class Blue Ribbon Award Sips By Review 5 Star Rating

Sips By

5 Star Rating
  • Priced at $16 per box
  • 4 teas per shipment
  • Exclusive teas and blends
  • Free shipping with 3-month commitment
  • 45 brews per box
  • Shop individual teas
  • "A-" rating and accreditation with the BBB
Top Consumer Reviews Best-In-Class Blue Ribbon Award

Sips By was established as a start-up led by women, infusing the business with a sense of innovation and inclusivity. In 2017, they launched Sips By in a living room with the aim of creating an enjoyable, personalized, and budget-friendly way to explore and discover exceptional tea.

Personalization plus affordability

What sets Sips By apart is definitely affordability, but also the personalization involved in the club option. With their unique tea selections, customers can take advantage of Sips By's vast network of over 150 tea brands from all corners of the globe. In fact, they have over 1,000 individual teas for you to try.

Four teas per shipment

When you join the Sips By tea club, you can expect to receive four premium teas meticulously chosen from the brands that are carefully curated by Sips By, allowing you to enjoy up to 45 cups of tea from a single shipment. On top of this, Sips By offers exclusive tea brands and blends that are created in-house just for your enjoyment. As a bonus, you can join the site for free to start taking quizzes and building your tea profile before you ever pay for a delivery.

Best Tea Clubs

Take the quiz

Arguably, the crown jewel in Sips By's offering is their streamlined online quiz. Unlike many other tea club boxes that make selections on behalf of their members, Sips By's approach puts you at the center. Your tea journey is paved with teas that cater to your unique tastes, making your subscription box a truly personalized treasure trove of delightful sips. Taking the quiz is quick and easy, but each question is thoughtfully designed to help you build a profile of tea preferences that Sips By will use to send you the perfect box of tea.

Your tea, your way

From questions about flavors like chocolate notes, citrus, floral, savory, spicy, or malty undertones, to your preference for caffeinated or decaffeinated options, to your desire to have loose-leaf teas or convenient tea bags, Sips By leaves no stone unturned. On top of that, you can even snag iced tea from Sips By if that's your favorite way to enjoy it. Plus if you have dietary preferences or specific allergies, Sips By takes note of those as well, underscoring their commitment to a holistic and tailored tea experience.

Free shipping with a 3-month commitment

While you can join the site for free, if you want to start reviewing teas each month, you'll have to sign up for the Sips By subscription. You can choose two ways to pay, and one is a slightly better deal than the other. First, you can opt for monthly shipments. The cost is $16 per box, but you will have to pay $3.95 for shipping. On the other hand, you can also commit to three months of the subscription, which will still be $16 per month, but you don't have to worry about the shipping costs: with a 3-month commitment, delivery is totally free.

Best Tea Clubs

Convenient tea shopping online

The icing on the cake? If you want extra teas or just to browse the Sips By inventory, they have a convenient online shop. With options like "Sparkling Nectar Glitter Tea" and "Cozy Cloud Chai," there's always something unique and flavorful to try. Plus, if you sign up for a membership, you'll get discounts and perks for shipping with Sips By which makes it easy to try extra teas outside of your regular shipments.

Customers return year after year

Sips By has a solid reputation overall. With an average star rating of 4.3 out of 5 across different third-party review sites, customers praise the flavors, the quantity, and the personalization of Sips By. On top of the overall positive customer reviews, Sips By also holds an "A-" rating and accreditation from the BBB, which is impressive for a business that was started so recently. According to reviewers, Sips By is a tea club that you want to stay subscribed to. Many of the reviewers are customers who have continued their subscriptions for multiple years and are still happy with this club's new, exciting, and unique tea selections.

Top option curated for you

Sips By doesn't just offer a tea club - it offers an experience tailored exclusively to you. With a vast network of over 150 tea brands from around the world, Sips By crafts a tea selection that aligns with every customer's distinct preferences. With four teas per package and up to 45 individual cups, this club's price is competitively low and offers an impressive variety with each shipment. Whether you're seeking the joy of variety, the thrill of exploration, or the comfort of familiarity in your tea journey, Sips By is undeniably your top option. It encapsulates the essence of a tea club, transforming it into a personally curated adventure that keeps the excitement brewing in every cup.

Tea Runners Review 4.5 Star Rating

Tea Runners

4.5 Star Rating
  • Prices from $22-26 per delivery
  • 4 boxes of tea per shipment
  • 40 brews in each shipment
  • Curated boxes
  • Choose your own teas
  • Free shipping on all boxes
  • Lots of 5-star ratings from happy subscribers

Tea Runners stands out as a highly popular loose-leaf tea subscription service in North America. Their mission revolves around introducing individuals to new teas while recognizing the diverse preferences and habits of individual shoppers. With four box options, three delivery schedules, and over 30 featured teas each month, Tea Runners provides complete flexibility, allowing subscribers to pause, skip, or adjust deliveries as needed with a satisfaction guarantee. The company was founded in 2016 by Charlie Ritchie and Jewel Staite and stands out as a top-notch provider of tea.

Tons of tea in each box

Every package comprises 4 loose-leaf teas accompanied by detailed tasting notes and brewing guidelines. Each pouch contains approximately 1 ounce of tea, sufficient for crafting around 30 to 40 cups of tea in every box. Tea Runners had over 350 teas available at the time of this review, with ongoing monthly additions and the removal of less popular options. Included are unique and elusive teas from small-batch producers that might be challenging to come across elsewhere. And, as a bonus, you can also send a tea subscription as a gift.

Customize your experience

On top of the professional sourcing that Tea Runners does for their customers, you have the option to completely customize your tea experience. Tea Runners offers four different boxes. You can choose to either let them curate the box for you, or you can pick the teas yourself. First, you choose between the box type you'd like: Original which includes 4 types of tea, Black which includes 4 black teas, Herbal which includes 4 herbal teas, and Pure which includes only pure teas without flavors or blends.

Best Tea Clubs

Choose your teas

Once you select your box, the site will autofill the box with recommended types of tea for this month's shipment. If you don't like any of them or want to try something different, you can add or subtract teas from the scrolling list. For example, if the suggested "Sweet Hibiscus" doesn't sound like your thing, you can change it out for "Carrot Cake Rooibos" . As a bonus, you can easily add a fifth tea to your box for just $5 extra.

Pricing is mid-range but worth it

When you get to Tea Runners' pricing, you'll see it's a little more expensive than our top option, but you're getting a lot of value for your money. There are four levels of commitment available at Tea Runners which include:

  • 1 Box: $26 each month
  • 3 Boxes: $69 every three months
  • 6 Boxes: $137 every six months
  • 12 Boxes: $265 every twelve months

If you get a longer subscription, you will be paying as low as $22 per box instead of $26 if you pay month-to-month.

Free shipping on most orders

Tea Runners ships their tea everywhere. But, if you're lucky enough to live in the US or Canada, you get completely free shipping, no matter which subscription you choose or how many boxes. And, this free shipping doesn't come at the cost of speed. All orders ship within 24 hours via USPS or UPS. The only time customers will pay for shipping is if they order something from the online shop. But, if you put over $49 worth of tea in your cart, you qualify for free shipping again.

Best Tea Clubs

Rave reviews for Tea Runners

If you're looking for a top-reviewed company, you will be thrilled with Tea Runners. Across four different review sites, the average rating is 5 stars out of 5. Customers love the tea flavors and the flexibility. They also praise the company's fast shipping and unique blends that help Tea Runners stand out from the competition. While Tea Runners doesn't have a page yet on the BBB, it's clear that subscription box enthusiasts and tea fans are thrilled with Tea Runner's business model. It comes very highly recommended.

Top option for flexible shipments

If it weren't for the higher pricing than our top option, Tea Runners would have taken the top spot. The variety of teas, the customizability, and the guaranteed free shipping on all subscription boxes make this service a standout company for your next tea club. With 4 teas in each box and enough to last you more than a month of sipping, it's a no-brainer that this company deserves the hype it's getting from verified reviewers. For this reason, Tea Runners comes in as a close second place in our review for tea clubs, and the best company if flexibility is the quality you look for most.

Free Your Tea Review 4.5 Star Rating

Free Your Tea

4.5 Star Rating
  • Prices from $60 to $70 per shipment
  • Prepay from $108 to $252
  • 4-6 teas per shipment
  • Loose-leaf style
  • Free shipping on all orders
  • Samplers available
  • Tons of 5 star ratings from customers

How do you like your tea? Hot? Iced? Herbal only? Free Your Tea offers everything. This company has been on the tea club marketplace since 2016. Founded by Knud Berthelson, Free Your Tea was conceived with the intent of providing tea enthusiasts the chance to explore premium-quality varieties that often aren't included on the shelves of local supermarkets. After all, why should coffee lovers and craft beer aficionados have all the flavorful excitement, right?

Loose leaf only

The name itself - Free Your Tea - provides a glimpse into the nature of your tea deliveries. Every tea you receive arrives as loose leaves, embracing the philosophy of #NeverBagged. This choice isn't just for aesthetics - whole leaves retain their freshness over time, ensuring a premium taste experience. Plus if you happen to be one of those individuals who brews a cup of tea and then gets swept away by life's happenings, you'll be delighted to know that loose-leaf teas are less likely to turn bitter when steeped for too long. Further, Free Your Tea focuses on flexibility. You can choose between regular and caffeine-free varieties or even iced teas. With each subscription, you can brew 60 or more cups of tea.

Pick the teas that speak to you

What sets Free Your Tea apart is their unique approach to personalization. Rather than offering a standardized selection each month, they invite you to participate actively in curating your tea journey. There's a 3-step process to getting teas delivered right to your door. Step 1 involves sharing your overall preferences, like how much caffeine you want and the types of tea you enjoy, as well as your desired level of personalization for your tea deliveries. In Step 2, you can get more specific by providing detailed preferences about flavors, styles, and ingredients you prefer or dislike. Finally, in Step 3, you get to rate the teas you receive, indicating whether you want them again in future deliveries and adding any comments you have.

Best Tea Clubs

Pay-as-you-go or prepay options

There are 10 different ways to pay for your tea club subscription. The two basic options appear at the top of the page under the Personalized Tea Subscription. You can opt for 4 teas bi-monthly for $60 per shipment or 6 teas quarterly for $72 per quarter with an automatic renewal. The other 8 boxes are larger bundles that are available in a pre-paid format. These include:

  • Varietea with 2 shipments of 6 teas for $108 (not personalized)
  • 2 shipments of 6 teas that ship quarterly for $120
  • 3 shipments of 4 teas that ship bi-monthly for $156
  • 3 shipments of 6 teas that ship quarterly for $162
  • 4 shipments of 6 teas that ship quarterly for $192
  • Four Seasons with 4 shipments of 6 teas for $192 (not personalized)
  • 6 shipments of 6 teas that ship bi-monthly for $252

The tenth box appears to be a typo, as it says there are 6 shipments of 6 teas for $240, but the total number of teas is 24. So either the number of teas or the price is wrong, which could confuse and frustrate customers.

Free shipping for all teas

If you're looking for a way to keep costs down at Free Your Tea, shipping is it. According to Free Your Tea's site, shipping is a gift they're happy to give you. Unlike some subscription box sites, Free Your Tea never charges for shipping. So, even if the prices for the boxes are a little high, the shipping is always on the house.

Buy samplers separately

If you're not sure about the teas, you can easily buy a sampler set from the online shop at Free Your Tea. This is great for customers who want to give tea as a gift or for those looking to enhance their subscription by buying extra teas in between shipments. The samplers range from $51 to $65, so they're not super cheap (like buying individual teas), but it can be a way for customers to "test the waters" before committing to recurring subscriptions.

Best Tea Clubs

High ratings despite the price

The company's reputation is pretty solid, but there aren't a lot of reviews for Free Your Tea on verified third-party review sites. However, the testimonials out there show delighted customers are thrilled with this tea shop's commitment to quality and shopper satisfaction. Subscribers commend Free Your Tea as a fantastic way to explore novel tea varieties. The attentiveness of their customer service team and the precise customization resonate deeply with subscribers. The company has tons of 5-star reviews with 89% of all customers rating it with top marks. So, even though the price is a little high, customers are saying it's worth it.

Top marks for variety in shipments

Free Your Tea falls just short of securing our top spot due to its pricing, which is marginally higher than that of our highest-ranked tea club. However, this price difference is negligible in the grand scheme of things. Considering the large number of teas (4-6) in each shipment, Free Your Tea offers excellent value compared to its competitors. While some might prefer a slightly lower price point, it's important to acknowledge that with Free Your Tea, you're receiving a generous tea harvest in every delivery. For their commitment to quality and their exciting variety (including iced tea), you should put Free Your Tea near the top of your list for your next tea club.

Plum Deluxe Review 4.5 Star Rating

Plum Deluxe

4.5 Star Rating
  • Prices from $10 to $15 per month
  • 1-2 teas in each box
  • Samples included in each box
  • Regular and decaf teas
  • 20-40 cups of tea
  • Free shipping on all subscriptions
  • "A+" rating from the BBB

The origins of the name Plum Deluxe may not be immediately evident, as it doesn't solely relate to plum-infused teas, but rather to the historical English meaning of "plum" as something fortunate and unexpected. This tea club stands out as a haven for those seeking a niche, yet profoundly personal, organic tea journey. Plum Deluxe meticulously crafts an intentional and thoughtfully curated tea-drinking experience that resonates with a distinct Portland, Oregon vibe - the very city where their studio is nestled.

1 or 2 teas per shipment

Diving into the world of Plum Deluxe, you'll discover a spectrum of membership options that cater to varying preferences and thirst for tea exploration. The two main offerings are the "One Tea/Month" package, which treats you to 1 ounce of tea, and the "Two Teas/Month" package, giving you 2 ounces of tea. While this isn't as many tea varieties as at other competitors, the teas are curated and mixed specifically for Plum Deluxe, so you can't find these teas anywhere else. With every ounce of tea, you unlock the potential to create 15-20 cups of aromatic pleasure.

Boxes are curated but you can buy separate

All of the teas at Plum Deluxe are selected seasonally. Customers don't have a lot of say in what they get, as the teas are curated for them. In essence, apart from the choice between caffeinated and decaf, there's no way to convey what tea you want for your subscription. However, you can shop for specific teas (or repurchase a favorite) from the Plum Deluxe site. Their range of teas includes:

  • Black
  • Chai
  • Decaf
  • Green
  • White
  • Herbal
  • Oolong
  • Puerh

On top of types, you can also browse by flavor notes like "nutty" or "spicy" if you're looking for a specific tea experience.

Best Tea Clubs

$10 to $15 per month

There are two subscription tiers at Plum Deluxe. The lowest tier starts at $10 per month and includes 1oz of a single type of tea. On top of this, you can sample a second type of tea from the Plum Deluxe shop, though the quantity of the sample is much smaller. The second, higher tier offers 1 oz of a seasonal curated tea and 1 oz of a surprise tea from the Plum Deluxe shop. This tier costs $15 per month and also includes a sample size of a tea from the online store. Each oz of tea provides 10-20 cups of tea, so you can expect to receive up to 20-40 cups of tea depending on which box you choose. Compared to some of the high-cost options in our review, Plum Deluxe is extremely competitive despite having fewer types of tea per box than some competitors.

Free shipping on all subscriptions

If the low costs here don't already catch your eye, the free shipping definitely will. With the subscriptions at Plum Deluxe, you never have to pay for shipping. So, on top of lower-than-average costs for the subscription boxes themselves, customers get those boxes every month without any extra charge. On top of that, customers who pay for the monthly subscription get extra bonuses and discounts if they shop for individual teas from Plum Deluxe, making it easier and cheaper than ever to add to your tea collection.

Top flavors according to customers

On top of their great pricing and shipping, Plum Deluxe also has a solid reputation. The company has received an "A+" rating from the BBB. On top of that, the customer reviews available for Plum Deluxe have an average score of 4.5 out of 5 stars. In general, the reviews state that the flavor of the teas is fantastic and customers across the board agree that shipments always have something new and exciting. While a few customers had problems with shipping times, the overwhelming majority of reviewers were totally pleased with their experience at Plum Deluxe.

Best low-cost option

Overall, Plum Deluxe emerges as a compelling choice suitable for tea enthusiasts who want to find a budget-friendly way to explore brand-new tea flavors from around the world. With perks like free shipping, samples of teas on their site, and the ability to buy individual items if you want to add a favorite to your pantry, there are almost no downsides to Plum Deluxe. While we do wish they had more than one tea in the lowest tier box, this does help keep the shipments affordable for those on a budget. With rave reviews from customers regarding flavor, this tea club doesn't cut corners on quality, so we definitely recommend this as a budget-friendly option.

Atlas Tea Club Review 4 Star Rating

Atlas Tea Club

4 Star Rating
  • Priced at $14 per box + shipping
  • Farm fresh selection
  • 2 teas per box
  • 30 days of tea per box
  • Money-back guarantee
  • -star reviews for quality

Atlas Tea Club is a company that runs both a Coffee Club and a Tea Club. It was originally created to showcase the diverse and rich story of coffee from all corners of the globe and later they added tea to their roster. Every month, they take customers on a "journey" to create an adventure across the globe that uncovers the unique flavors of different regions. Their goal is to blend the thrill of exploring with your love for tea, offering a chance to savor the world's flavors, one cup at a time.

Farm fresh tea

As part of the Atlas Tea Club, you can expect to receive specialty-grade, single-origin teas that are hand-picked at their peak freshness, ensuring the highest quality for tea enthusiasts. With a global reach, Atlas Tea Club offers a curated selection that includes teas from diverse regions such as Malawi, Myanmar, India, and Ecuador, offering unique flavors not typically found in stores. The company is dedicated to maintaining farm-to-cup freshness for peak flavor and aroma.

Pick from three categories

Teas are selected for customers by Atlas Tea Club experts, who seek out farm-fresh teas and send them directly to your home. You can customize what kinds of teas you want to receive, ensuring you get a selection that speaks to your individual tastes. To pick out your box, you have two steps. First, you can select between Variety, Pure, and Blended teas. Then, within each type, there are three subtypes to select from in step 2. The complete options look like:

  • Variety
    • All Types
    • Flavored and Pure Teas
    • Herbal Blends
  • Pure
    • All
    • Black
    • Green and Oolong
  • Blended
    • All Types
    • Flavored and Pure
    • Herbal Blends

Flat rate for all boxes

With the Atlas Tea Club, you get 2 types of tea every four weeks along with tasting notes, a postcard from the country featured in your box, and enough tea bags for over 30 cups of tea (enough to have one cup a day for the entire month). The pricing for the subscription box is simple: Every box is $14. That's it. You do have to pay for shipping, but we checked out the cost at our local address and the shipping is $4.95, making the entire box incredibly affordable. Compared to other boxes that send 2 types of tea, you're getting more bang for your buck with Atlas Tea Club by far.

Best Tea Clubs

Money back guarantee

As an added bonus, Atlas Tea Club offers a satisfaction guarantee. This guarantee promises that customers can get their money back if their tea isn't fresh. Atlas Tea Club prides itself on providing fresh tea directly from the farm, so customers can get the top-quality experience of flavor. So, if your tea arrives in any condition but completely fresh, you can contact them for your money back.

Top scores for quality and variety

In terms of company reputation, Atlas Tea Club is a standout on our list. With the average star rating for the company between 4.8 and 5 stars total across different review sites, it's clear customers love buying tea from this club. Customers enjoy the level of detail added in the boxes with postcards and tasting notes for each of the teas. Even customers who note that they are picky about tea have nice things to say about the selections from the Atlas Tea Club. With the ability to customize to taste, reviewers are raving about the quality and flavor here.

Great low-cost option

The bottom line? Atlas Tea Club is a terrific option. With 2 teas per shipment and a shipment every 4 weeks, you get a full month of tea with every box. All of their teas are internationally sourced with unique flavors and blends you can customize depending on your preferences. With their low cost, money-back guarantee, and rave reviews, Atlas Tea Club stands out as a great, affordable tea service.

Art of Tea Review 4 Star Rating

Art of Tea

4 Star Rating
  • Pricing from $81 to $254 depending on subscription
  • 6 different tea types
  • 3,6, and 12 month subscriptions
  • Tea quiz available
  • Rated 4.7 out of 5 from customers

Located in Los Angeles, California, Art of Tea is an importer and wholesaler of a variety of teas. The company specializes in crafting premium organic teas and botanicals through meticulous hand blending.

Led by a Master Tea Blender

The roots of Art of Tea go back to 1996 when Steve Schwartz embarked on a journey of in-depth exploration into preventive medicine at the Ayurvedic Institute in New Mexico. Since then, the company has grown to be a prominent provider of organic and specialty teas. Schwartz, recognized as a Master Tea Blender in the tea industry, has earned accolades for his award-winning blends both under the Art of Tea label and through private label collaborations with tea companies globally.

6 different clubs to choose from

Art of Tea goes the extra mile to accommodate diverse tastes. Their offerings include the Caffeine-Free Club, an enticing choice for those seeking herbal and botanical blends without the stimulating effects. The Classics Club, on the other hand, caters to individuals eager to uncover the intricacies of each tea type. The Single Origin Club features rare and exceptionally high-quality teas, while the Explore Club introduces an array of blends sourced from exotic locales. If you're looking for something to bolster your health, the Wellness Club is a great option. For those on the go, the Pyramid Sachets Club packages Art of Tea's most beloved teas in convenient sachets, perfect for a busy lifestyle. On top of the clubs, you can also buy individual teas from the Art of Tea shop if you want more of a particular tea.

Best Tea Clubs

Selection is hands-off for customers

For the selection process, customers don't have a lot of say beyond choosing which club type they prefer. The final selections are chosen by the Art of Tea employees and sent to you depending on which teas are in stock. Adding an extra layer of engagement, their website features a complimentary Tea Quiz designed to recommend teas based on your individual preferences. Although these results might not directly translate to the teas included in your monthly club subscription (a feature we wish they offered), they do enable you to explore and purchase separate products that align perfectly with your taste.

3 pricing options without renewal

You have the choice of selecting from that array of 5 options: Caffeine Free, Classic, Single Origin, Explore, and Pyramid Sachets. After deciding which one, you can pick a duration between 3 months, 6 months, or 12 months. It's important to remember that Art of Tea doesn't allow automatic renewal of subscriptions, so if you want to continue getting regular shipments, you'll have to come back to purchase. However, this does make these clubs particularly ideal for gifting.

On the spendy side

On that note, the prices for Art of Tea aren't the most budget-friendly. The prices include:

  • $81 for a 3-month subscription
  • $133 for a 6-month subscription
  • $254 for a 12-month subscription.

While this is more expensive than many tea clubs on our list, it doesn't come with any recurring costs, so you don't need to worry about being charged unexpectedly.

Best Tea Clubs

Top-rated for unique teas

In terms of reviews, there isn't a ton of feedback for Art of Tea. For example, we couldn't find a listing for Art of Tea on the BBB website. On the other hand, the reviews that are out there are super positive. Despite the higher-than-average cost of the tea clubs here, customers agree that the company has some of the most unique flavors out there. One customer noted that their tea tasted exactly like lemon meringue pie, as well as other unique and exciting flavors customers couldn't find anywhere else. The average star rating for Art of Tea is a solid 4.7 stars out of 5.

Sophisticated tea for connoisseurs

Sophisticated flavors and a unique selection are where it's at with the Art of Tea. With Art of Tea, they're devoted to the craft of tea, ensuring that there are options for everyone including caffeine-free selections. The only place this site isn't as competitive is their pricing. There are plenty of services that offer quality tea clubs that aren't nearly this expensive. However, if you're looking for an exclusive, top-tier service with unique and well-reviewed teas, Art of Tea stands as a solid choice that will undoubtedly leave you savoring each cup with delight.

The Tea Spot Review 3.5 Star Rating

The Tea Spot

3.5 Star Rating
  • Pricing from $38.95 to $44.95 per quarter
  • Monthly subscription costs $19.95
  • 3-4 teas per package
  • Loose leaf and sachets
  • Free shipping in 48 states
  • "A+" rating from the BBB

Founded by Maria Uspenski, The Tea Spot stands out as a company that focuses on health. Thinking of tea as a source of holistic wellness, The Tea Spot emphasizes its role in promoting healthy hydration, stress management, and antioxidant intake.

Both hot and cold teas

The Tea Spot highlights both hot and cold pure tea for hydration benefits in their boxes, making it a preferred choice for athletes worldwide. Committed to the highest standards of food safety and quality, The Tea Spot, a Colorado-based Public Benefit Corporation and certified B Corp, allocates 10% of its profits for wellness initiatives, contributing over 10 million cups of tea for charitable causes.

Seasonal themed tea

With its focus on health, The Tea Spot offers tons of different teas as part of its clubs. There are four different box types to choose from as well as a sampler. The four boxes include Black tea, Green tea, Herbal tea, and Organic tea. Each of these is delivered quarterly, and 3-4 types of tea that are whole leaves. Many of the teas can be enjoyed hot or iced and are selected to follow a seasonal theme (spring, summer, fall, and winter). The Tea Spot also offers the Tea Sipping Club which ships monthly and has caffeinated or caffeine-free teas. This subscription offers 3 teas every month with both loose-leaf and sachet options.

Best Tea Clubs

Teas are curated for you

All of the teas at The Tea Spot are selected for you by their tea experts on staff. The focus is on the health benefits of hydration and stress management to give your physical and mental health a level up. However, customers looking for something more personalized might be disappointed in all the teas being selected for them. In terms of personal taste, The Tea Spot leaves it up to you to buy from their online store if you're looking for something specific.

Most prices are quarterly

With five different options, there's a decent span in pricing. The quarterly boxes are a little expensive, especially since they only include 3-4 teas, but considering you get a 3-month quantity, it does make the price more competitive. And, their monthly box is competitive with some of the lower-priced tea clubs in our review. The fee schedule shakes out as follows:

  • Black Tea Quarterly: $38.95
  • Herbal Tea Quarterly: $38.95
  • Green Tea Quarterly: $44.95
  • Organic Tea Quarterly: $44.95
  • Tea Spot Sipping Club: $19.95

Free shipping for 48 states

If you're worrying about shipping, you can forget about it completely. There are no shipping costs for customers within the 48 contiguous states in the US. So, you can order as many subscription boxes (quarterly or monthly) as you want. All you have to pay is the listed cost for the subscription.

Best Tea Clubs

Praise as a one-stop tea shop

While there aren't loads of reviews out there for The Tea Spot, this Colorado company has impressive ratings. The company holds an "A+" rating from the BBB as well as an impressive 4.4-star average from reviewers. It's important to note that at most verified third-party review sites there aren't more than 50 total reviews for The Tea Spot, but the ones that are there are extremely positive. Customers love the fresh taste and aromas of the teas sent by The Tea Spot. There are loads of reviews complementing their single-purchase products too, so if you're looking to level up your tea game, you can get everything you need from teapots to steeping cups all in one place.

Great option for health-conscious customers

While the prices look a little higher at first glance, it's important to remember you're paying for three months of tea. With 3-4 teas to try each quarter, customers can feel confident that their health will be supported by the brews they get from The Tea Spot. With the option to get deliveries quarterly or monthly, there's a decent amount of flexibility here too. Though some customers might be disappointed in the lack of personalization at The Tea Spot, it remains a competitive service for your next tea club, especially if health and wellness are things you're looking to support.

Amazing Clubs Review 3.5 Star Rating

Amazing Clubs

3.5 Star Rating
  • Prices from $27.95 to $29.95
  • 20 teabags per shipment
  • 2 teas per shipment
  • Satisfaction guarantee
  • Free shipping within the US
  • "A+" rating from the BBB

Amazing Clubs is a club site that offers a wide selection of "Of the Month" club choices tailored to various preferences. Established in 2003, Amazing Clubs is an online hub for both personal and gift club options ranging from beer and wine to snacks and sweets, catering to diverse tastes. Notably acknowledged as the #1 Tea Club for seven consecutive years according to the Wall Street Journal, Amazing Clubs has a standout tea club that promises to offer you "twice as much tea" as other clubs.

Not as many options as competitors

The Amazing Clubs Tea Club subscription offers two types of tea in every package, with 20 teabags for each variety. On top of that, you gain access to their monthly newsletter that comes with each shipment of tea. It's important to note that the tea club's offerings lack caffeine-free alternatives, which might be a downside for tea enthusiasts who only want herbal or non-caffeinated options. While the website claims that Amazing Clubs guarantees the most affordable prices for tea clubs, our research revealed that several competitors in the tea club domain offer lower price points with a higher variety of teas as Amazing Clubs only offers two types per shipment.

Surprise tea selections

All of the options are chosen by Amazing Clubs. Customers are meant to be completely surprised by the contents, so the process is totally hands-off. Based on our research, we found that the flavors available from Amazing Clubs range from robust black and green teas as well as fruity oolongs and even some custom blends.

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Monthly or seasonal shipments

For your minimum of 40 cups of tea, there are a few different ways to pay for the Amazing Clubs Tea Club. There are different commitment durations to the club that come in flexible durations, spanning 3 months, 6 months, or 12 months to accommodate various preferences. On top of the standard options, Amazing Clubs also offers a seasonal duration which sends you a package every 3 months, and a pay-as-you-go box which is just a month-to-month subscription.

Pricing options

Keep in mind, the pricing schedule is charged monthly no matter which duration you choose. The prices shake out to:

  • 3 month: $29.95
  • Seasonal: $29.95 per shipment
  • 6 month: $28.95
  • 12 month: $27.95
  • Pay-as-you-go: $29.95

The "Love it" guarantee is legit

An outstanding feature of Amazing Clubs is their notable "They'll Love It Guarantee." Basically, if you're not satisfied with Amazing Clubs' service, you can reach out to the company for assistance. Amazing Clubs affirms that you have the ability to cancel your membership at any time and for any reason. Furthermore, they assure you that you'll receive full credit for any items that haven't been shipped, all without any unnecessary complications. Having experienced several of the clubs offered by this provider ourselves, we can attest to their commitment to this guarantee.

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Web UI could use a refresh

One area of the site that could use a little sprucing up is the visual clutter and design. You might find some sections of the content a bit overwhelming and tough to read, especially if you're using a small screen or not in the mood for a bunch of text. It could end up kind of turning off customers who want a quick and easy scan of the details they need to pick out a tea club.

Free shipping within the US

On the other hand, the free shipping policy at Amazing Clubs makes it highly competitive in this review. As long as you're within the continental US, your shipments with Amazing Clubs are free of charge. So, what you see is what you get with the pricing of the Amazing Clubs Tea Club.

5-star ratings for customer service

When it comes to making customers happy, Amazing Clubs really knows what they're doing. They've got a high "A+" score from the Better Business Bureau, which shows their top-notch customer service. On top of that, customers have given them around 3.8 stars out of five on average in their reviews on different websites, and on Trustpilot, they've got a perfect 5-star average with over 1,500 individual reviews to back up the score. In general, the reviewers comment on how quick and nice the folks at Amazing Clubs are when they help out with questions and concerns. They've tackled all kinds of problems, from gift certificate questions to cancel requests, and customers agree that Amazing Clubs stands by their "love it" guarantee.

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Great for a club one-stop-shop

With a long history of providing great service with their gift-of-the-month clubs, Amazing Clubs has earned a reputation for delivering consistent quality across the board. The customizable nature of their tea club membership makes this a great choice for a wide spectrum of tea aficionados who want different shipment times or commitment lengths. Further, the extremely positive feedback for Amazing Clubs makes this service stand out as a company that customers trust and return to for clubs of every kind.

Better tea clubs available

However, considering that there are other options with cheaper prices with more tea variety in each package (Amazing Clubs only sends 2 teas per shipment), this isn't quite as competitive as it could be for customers looking to try more new flavors and unique combinations. As a one-stop shop, Amazing Clubs is top-notch, but for tea, you might want to find a spot more specialized for a more unique tea experience.

Simple Loose Leaf Review 3 Star Rating

Simple Loose Leaf

3 Star Rating
  • Pricing from $18 to $19.90 per month
  • 3 teas per package
  • Includes international tea options
  • Free shipping
  • Rated 4.7 stars by reviewers

Founded in 2013, Simple Loose Leaf offers tea enthusiasts a selection of good quality tea club packages to cater to different tastes, through their commitment to sourcing leaves from diverse corners of the world including China, India, Sri Lanka, Japan, and more. Despite their wide-reaching approach, what sets this family-owned business apart is their choice to focus on simplicity as well as their long-standing partnership with a charity in Arkansas.

3 types of tea per box

The highlights of Simple Loose Leaf include single-origin teas, blended teas, and naturally flavored selections. This box promises an exploration of varied profiles. Like a few other options in our review, Simple Loose Leaf offers personalized boxes based on a quiz to make sure that each box is a perfect fit for your tastes. Upon receiving a Simple Loose Leaf tea club box, you'll unveil a curated assortment of 3 different types of tea which will provide you with enough leaves to make 21+ cups of tea with each package.

Quiz is a little unclear

At Simple Loose Leaf, the company uses a quiz-based selection process. We've seen this in a few different places. Unfortunately, it's a little confusing how to use the quiz here. The quiz is advertised on the page where you buy your subscription. However, to actually take the quiz, you need to follow the quiz tab on the top navigation bar. This will help you through the quiz and prompt you to make an account with Simple Loose Leaf. Yet, it is unclear whether this quiz actually helps the company curate your tea selections, or if it's just a fun way to engage customers on the site.

Mid-range for pricing

In the realm of Simple Loose Leaf, a medley of membership options awaits tea enthusiasts, each offering its own unique tea journey. To join the tea club, you can choose between a monthly recurring payment, a 3-month subscription, a 6-month subscription, and a 12-month subscription. Both the recurring monthly payment and the 3-month subscription costs $19.90 per month. The 6-month box is a little cheaper at $19 per month, and the cheapest per box is the 12-month subscription which costs $18 per month. Since this is neither the cheapest service nor the most expensive, Simple Loose Leaf stands as a decent middle-ground selection for a tea club.

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Free shipping available

One bonus with choosing Simple Loose Leaf is that the company has completely free shipping for all of its subscription boxes. There aren't any minimums or commitments required. If you order a tea club box from Simple Loose Leaf, you won't pay for shipping no matter what.

Reviewers love Simple Loose Leaf

While there isn't a BBB profile for Simple Loose Leaf, the company does have an outstanding reputation with third-party reviewers. For example, on one site, Simple Loose Leaf had a very impressive average rating of 4.7 stars out of 5. On another site, the company had earned a perfect 5-star rating from all reviewers. While we'd like to see a little more feedback across the board to really get a clear idea of the business, this family-owned tea club does stand out for its customer service. Reviewers noted that they like the variety of teas as well as the unique and interesting flavors. The boxes come on time, and "love" is one of the most popular words in reviews for Simple Loose Leaf's tea club.

Good mid-range option

In a world filled with diverse tea club offerings, Simple Loose Leaf emerges as an option that embraces simplicity as a virtue. While the tea offerings might not be as elaborate or expansive as some competitors, the company still offers unique and tasty teas. However, we wish they would connect the quiz to the purchase process so it is clear whether your choices directly affect which teas you receive. For this reason, it sits as a middle-ground service compared to others whose quizzes work clearly. Otherwise, Simple Loose Leaf is an affordable service for 3 teas each month, and is still worth checking out.

The Whistling Kettle Review 2.5 Star Rating

The Whistling Kettle

2.5 Star Rating
  • Prices from $20 to $30 per month
  • 3 teas per box
  • Decaf options
  • Free shipping for $60+

Since 2004, the folks who started The Whistling Kettle have been chasing their dream of offering great tea selections for the modern times we live in. They focus on making sure they have tea that suits everyone, and their New York location has been recognized as the best tea shop in the area by Times Union for two years straight. They firmly believe that tea isn't just something from the past - it's a tasty and relevant drink for our time, the 21st century.

Four boxes to choose from

The teas they send in your club membership are loose-leaf teas only. You won't see any tea bags here. In terms of their shipment boxes, they offer some unique blends. You can choose between the Adventure Box, which lets you try out every kind of tea they have - black, green, oolong, pu-erh, and both flavored and unflavored herbal teas, the Caffeine Free box which is full of decaf teas, the Black Edition, which offers a range of their black pure and flavored teas, and finally the Premium bx which focuses on pure, unflavored teas.

All teas are selected for you

There isn't a lot of detail on how the teas are selected for each shipment, but it's clear that the customer isn't very involved. The site also notes that within a 6-month period, you may start to see repeating teas in your orders, which might turn away customers who are looking for something unique in every box. If your goal is to try out as many new teas as possible, The Whistling Kettle might not be the best option out there for you.

High prices and no bonuses

Almost all of the Deluxe subscription boxes are $20 per month with the exception of the Premium box which is $30 per month. All of the boxes allow for 1, 3, 6, and 12 month plans, as well as month-to-month commitments. However, unlike other subscription sites, The Whistling Kettle doesn't offer any discount for subscribing for a longer period. Given that this site is already more expensive than many of the top competitors, this sets The Whistling Kettle back even further in the rankings.

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Free shipping on orders $60+

Again, The Whistling Kettle is a little behind the crowd when it comes to shipping. For a site that sets itself apart by being for the "modern" consumer, this is particularly disappointing. You can only get free shipping from The Whistling Kettle if you buy enough to meet the minimum, which is $60. So, if you pick out just one box, you won't qualify for free shipping no matter which box you choose, which could be frustrating for customers.

Company is NR by the BBB

Some of the poor qualities at The Whistling Kettle made more sense when we checked them out on the BBB. While the company does have a page on the Better Business Bureau, it is completely unrated. On the other hand, the company does have a decent rating of 4 stars out of 5 from different review sites, but it is missing a presence on popular verified review sites to support that reputation.

Missing some key features

At the moment, The Whistling Kettle isn't keeping up with the pack. While they have some good features, the fact that you might see repeats of teas within 6 months is a huge downside for customers hoping to try new teas in every shipment. With costs that are higher than many options in this review (though it isn't the most expensive) The Whistling Kettle doesn't stand out as a top performer. In fact, it's a little lower than average considering the benefits (like free shipping) seen at most other companies. For this reason, The Whistling Kettle only gets 2.5 stars out of 5. However, the company is still worth looking into if you're interested in supporting a NYC business.

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Teas are available in a range of categories, including traditional loose-leaf teas and convenient tea bags. And there's no need to compare well-known brands with limited batches you can find locally. With a tea club, the club's experts handle that for you (or for anyone you'd like to surprise with a tea gift).

Tea and the enjoyment of tea have been around for thousands of years. According to popular legend, Chinese emperor Shen Nong accidentally discovered tea in 2737 BCE when tea leaves blew into a pot of boiling water he was preparing. Quickly, tea's journey extended beyond China's borders, as it spread to the neighboring countries of Japan, Korea, and Vietnam.

In the 17th century, the British and Dutch East India Companies introduced tea to Europe, triggering a global demand. From its origins as a revered medicinal infusion to becoming an integral part of cultures worldwide, tea's history is a tale of discovery, trade, and tradition that continues to be celebrated today.

Teas continue to be cherished for their intricate flavors, aromas, and the sense of comfort and refinement they bring to moments of leisure or social gatherings. Being part of a tea club lets you relish these exquisite teas at a discounted rate compared to buying them individually. Plus, a top-tier tea club goes beyond just delivering teas; they provide in-depth information about each unique selection and its origin.

If you're not sure where to start, don't fret. We've gone through all the options for tea clubs and made up a list to help you narrow down your choices:

  • Cost. One way to figure out which club is the best for you is through your budget. Some clubs focus on premium teas from around the world, while others focus on in-house blends and fun flavors. Knowing how much you're willing to spend on unique teas can help you keep track of which tea clubs are right for you.
  • Club length. Do you want just a few months of fresh tea? Or maybe you're looking to send tea as a gift for a year? Or maybe you just want to go month-by-month and see how it feels. Not every tea club has the same options for length and delivery times, so knowing how often you want your tea (and for how long) can help you to decide.
  • Free shipping. Hey, everyone loves free shipping, right? Some of the best tea clubs offer completely free shipping. So keep an eye on shipping costs to make sure you're not overpaying on top of the cost of the subscription.
  • Reputation. In case you're still uncertain, it's smart to examine the company's standing. Take a look at customer reviews or check the Better Business Bureau's assessment. This way you can see whether a club is offering the tea experience you and fellow enthusiasts need.

To make sure you get the top quali-tea (pun intended) Top Consumer Reviews has searched out the best tea clubs out there and ranked them for you. This way, you can sit back and enjoy the soothing aromas of your new (or favorite) teas. So whether you'd like a soothing herbal, a strong black, or even something in the middle like a fruity rooibos, there's a tea club out there just for you!

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Tea Club FAQ

Everywhere! Most tea clubs source their leaves and bags worldwide, though some will include brands you'd find at your local grocery store too. Some of the best tea clubs give you a quiz at the start of your membership, so that they can customize each delivery to include only the types of tea you'll absolutely love - or new ones you're willing to try, if you enjoy experimenting a little.
Every month. You'll get to decide how long you'd like to receive new teas in your mailbox, anywhere from three months to a year.
Depending on the company you select, expect to pay anywhere from $7.50 to $36 per month. But, you'll potentially get a LOT of tea to try; the higher-priced tea clubs yield up to 70 cups in each package!
That also depends on the tea club you choose. Some give you free shipping on every delivery, others have a certain minimum order to qualify, and a few tack on delivery fees to your monthly cost. It's a good idea to check out all the details of the tea club you're considering before you commit to a membership.
You'll have a hard time finding any online retailer that doesn't offer some kind of happiness guarantee and return/replacement policy. Tea clubs are no different, and you shouldn't have any trouble getting your money back or a new shipment if something isn't quite right with any of your monthly deliveries.
Most definitely. While it's exciting to see new tea companies jump into the ring with their fun monthly clubs, there are some subscriptions that have been in business for a decade or more. Customer reviews are a great way to see how any tea club, brand-new or well-established, is doing at delighting its subscribers.
Some tea clubs include filters, often reusable, for steeping your loose-leaf tea. Almost every club provides information about each tea you receive, from its origins to recommended pairings with sweets or other food.
Without a doubt! A year-round subscription delivers the perfect flavors for a steaming cup in the colder months and varieties to make the ideal iced tea when summer is in full swing. Many tea clubs let you enter gift-giving information so that a greeting can be included, or you may even be able to have an email announcement sent on your recipient's special day.

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