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The Whistling Kettle Review

Sunday, March 3rd

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The Whistling Kettle Review 2.5 Star Rating

The Whistling Kettle

2.5 Star Rating
  • Prices from $20 to $30 per month
  • 3 teas per box
  • Decaf options
  • Free shipping for $60+

Since 2004, the folks who started The Whistling Kettle have been chasing their dream of offering great tea selections for the modern times we live in. They focus on making sure they have tea that suits everyone, and their New York location has been recognized as the best tea shop in the area by Times Union for two years straight. They firmly believe that tea isn't just something from the past - it's a tasty and relevant drink for our time, the 21st century.

Four boxes to choose from

The teas they send in your club membership are loose-leaf teas only. You won't see any tea bags here. In terms of their shipment boxes, they offer some unique blends. You can choose between the Adventure Box, which lets you try out every kind of tea they have - black, green, oolong, pu-erh, and both flavored and unflavored herbal teas, the Caffeine Free box which is full of decaf teas, the Black Edition, which offers a range of their black pure and flavored teas, and finally the Premium bx which focuses on pure, unflavored teas.

All teas are selected for you

There isn't a lot of detail on how the teas are selected for each shipment, but it's clear that the customer isn't very involved. The site also notes that within a 6-month period, you may start to see repeating teas in your orders, which might turn away customers who are looking for something unique in every box. If your goal is to try out as many new teas as possible, The Whistling Kettle might not be the best option out there for you.

High prices and no bonuses

Almost all of the Deluxe subscription boxes are $20 per month with the exception of the Premium box which is $30 per month. All of the boxes allow for 1, 3, 6, and 12 month plans, as well as month-to-month commitments. However, unlike other subscription sites, The Whistling Kettle doesn't offer any discount for subscribing for a longer period. Given that this site is already more expensive than many of the top competitors, this sets The Whistling Kettle back even further in the rankings.

Best Tea Clubs

Free shipping on orders $60+

Again, The Whistling Kettle is a little behind the crowd when it comes to shipping. For a site that sets itself apart by being for the "modern" consumer, this is particularly disappointing. You can only get free shipping from The Whistling Kettle if you buy enough to meet the minimum, which is $60. So, if you pick out just one box, you won't qualify for free shipping no matter which box you choose, which could be frustrating for customers.

Company is NR by the BBB

Some of the poor qualities at The Whistling Kettle made more sense when we checked them out on the BBB. While the company does have a page on the Better Business Bureau, it is completely unrated. On the other hand, the company does have a decent rating of 4 stars out of 5 from different review sites, but it is missing a presence on popular verified review sites to support that reputation.

Missing some key features

At the moment, The Whistling Kettle isn't keeping up with the pack. While they have some good features, the fact that you might see repeats of teas within 6 months is a huge downside for customers hoping to try new teas in every shipment. With costs that are higher than many options in this review (though it isn't the most expensive) The Whistling Kettle doesn't stand out as a top performer. In fact, it's a little lower than average considering the benefits (like free shipping) seen at most other companies. For this reason, The Whistling Kettle only gets 2.5 stars out of 5. However, the company is still worth looking into if you're interested in supporting a NYC business.

Where Can You Find the Best Tea Club?

For tea connoisseurs and fans around the world, tea clubs are a popular option. Loose-leaf teas are often crafted with precision by skilled artisans, resulting in an exceptional tea-drinking experience. Becoming a member of a tea club can help you find new and exciting teas to try.

On top of providing an exciting new variety of teas, tea clubs offer unmatched convenience. Instead of trying to find a local tea shop or browsing store after store, a tea club will send a thoughtfully curated selection straight to your door. To savor a diverse array of teas, a club offers a luxurious experience with carefully chosen teas sourced from all corners of the world.

The Best Tea Clubs Compare Tea Clubs Compare Tea Club Reviews What are the best Tea Clubs Best Tea Club Reviews

Tea Club FAQ

Everywhere! Most tea clubs source their leaves and bags worldwide, though some will include brands you'd find at your local grocery store too. Some of the best tea clubs give you a quiz at the start of your membership, so that they can customize each delivery to include only the types of tea you'll absolutely love - or new ones you're willing to try, if you enjoy experimenting a little.
Every month. You'll get to decide how long you'd like to receive new teas in your mailbox, anywhere from three months to a year.
Depending on the company you select, expect to pay anywhere from $7.50 to $36 per month. But, you'll potentially get a LOT of tea to try; the higher-priced tea clubs yield up to 70 cups in each package!
That also depends on the tea club you choose. Some give you free shipping on every delivery, others have a certain minimum order to qualify, and a few tack on delivery fees to your monthly cost. It's a good idea to check out all the details of the tea club you're considering before you commit to a membership.
You'll have a hard time finding any online retailer that doesn't offer some kind of happiness guarantee and return/replacement policy. Tea clubs are no different, and you shouldn't have any trouble getting your money back or a new shipment if something isn't quite right with any of your monthly deliveries.
Most definitely. While it's exciting to see new tea companies jump into the ring with their fun monthly clubs, there are some subscriptions that have been in business for a decade or more. Customer reviews are a great way to see how any tea club, brand-new or well-established, is doing at delighting its subscribers.
Some tea clubs include filters, often reusable, for steeping your loose-leaf tea. Almost every club provides information about each tea you receive, from its origins to recommended pairings with sweets or other food.
Without a doubt! A year-round subscription delivers the perfect flavors for a steaming cup in the colder months and varieties to make the ideal iced tea when summer is in full swing. Many tea clubs let you enter gift-giving information so that a greeting can be included, or you may even be able to have an email announcement sent on your recipient's special day.
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Teas are available in a range of categories, including traditional loose-leaf teas and convenient tea bags. And there's no need to compare well-known brands with limited batches you can find locally. With a tea club, the club's experts handle that for you (or for anyone you'd like to surprise with a tea gift).

Tea and the enjoyment of tea have been around for thousands of years. According to popular legend, Chinese emperor Shen Nong accidentally discovered tea in 2737 BCE when tea leaves blew into a pot of boiling water he was preparing. Quickly, tea's journey extended beyond China's borders, as it spread to the neighboring countries of Japan, Korea, and Vietnam.

In the 17th century, the British and Dutch East India Companies introduced tea to Europe, triggering a global demand. From its origins as a revered medicinal infusion to becoming an integral part of cultures worldwide, tea's history is a tale of discovery, trade, and tradition that continues to be celebrated today.

Teas continue to be cherished for their intricate flavors, aromas, and the sense of comfort and refinement they bring to moments of leisure or social gatherings. Being part of a tea club lets you relish these exquisite teas at a discounted rate compared to buying them individually. Plus, a top-tier tea club goes beyond just delivering teas; they provide in-depth information about each unique selection and its origin.

If you're not sure where to start, don't fret. We've gone through all the options for tea clubs and made up a list to help you narrow down your choices:

  • Cost. One way to figure out which club is the best for you is through your budget. Some clubs focus on premium teas from around the world, while others focus on in-house blends and fun flavors. Knowing how much you're willing to spend on unique teas can help you keep track of which tea clubs are right for you.
  • Club length. Do you want just a few months of fresh tea? Or maybe you're looking to send tea as a gift for a year? Or maybe you just want to go month-by-month and see how it feels. Not every tea club has the same options for length and delivery times, so knowing how often you want your tea (and for how long) can help you to decide.
  • Free shipping. Hey, everyone loves free shipping, right? Some of the best tea clubs offer completely free shipping. So keep an eye on shipping costs to make sure you're not overpaying on top of the cost of the subscription.
  • Reputation. In case you're still uncertain, it's smart to examine the company's standing. Take a look at customer reviews or check the Better Business Bureau's assessment. This way you can see whether a club is offering the tea experience you and fellow enthusiasts need.

To make sure you get the top quali-tea (pun intended) Top Consumer Reviews has searched out the best tea clubs out there and ranked them for you. This way, you can sit back and enjoy the soothing aromas of your new (or favorite) teas. So whether you'd like a soothing herbal, a strong black, or even something in the middle like a fruity rooibos, there's a tea club out there just for you!

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