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Byte Review

Friday, July 19th

2024 Teeth Aligner Reviews

Byte Review 4.5 Star Rating


4.5 Star Rating
  • Priced from $1,999 to $2,399
  • HyperByte device
  • Lifetime guarantee
  • Satisfied customers

Byte is based out of Los Angeles, California and has licensed orthodontists nationwide. They are a member of the American Teledentistry Association. Their goal is to provide a beautiful smile to everyone, instead of just those in higher income brackets.

Straightforward package

When choosing Byte for your teeth aligning journey, you will receive many parts. The first is the impression kit. After that is done, you will receive your aligners, HyperByte device and teeth whitening kit. After the treatment is complete, you will order your retainers. All of these are included in the price.


One unique part about Byte is their HyperByte device. This device is FDA cleared. It is a high frequency vibrating device that can help speed up your treatment. The gentle vibrations act as a personal gum massager and makes wearing the teeth aligners more comfortable. The vibration also helps your aligners settle in the proper place on your teeth. You will use this every day for 5 minutes.

How they work

You will begin by sending an impression of your teeth to Byte. They will create your custom teeth aligners and send them to you. Each set of aligners should be worn for 7 days. Sometimes, they will ask you to wear them longer. While wearing the aligners, you may not drink anything other than water - even with a straw. Make sure you keep all of your aligners, even after the 7 days, as you may need to go back to a set. Every week you will send in pictures of your smile to licensed orthodontists to determine the next week's plan. After you are finished with your aligners, you will move into a retainer.

All-day aligners

If you choose to purchase the all-day aligners, you can expect to wear them for 22 hours a day for approximately 4 months. The cost will be $1,999 for the entire package. You will need to wear these almost all the time, minus eating and drinking. The process will work faster though, due to constantly having them on.

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At-night aligners

If you choose to do the night time aligners instead, you can expect to wear them for 10+ hours a day for at least 5 months. This will cost $2,399 for the entire package. You can simply wear these at night and while you are sleeping. The process is slower, but you won't have to wear them while you are out and about.

100% guarantee

Byte stands behind their product with a 100% guarantee. If your smile moves out of alignment and is no longer straight, they will assist you in getting it back. This is a lifetime guarantee and at no additional cost to you.

High customer reviews

Byte has earned an "A+" rating with the Better Business Bureau. They also have a 4.5 out of 5 star rating on the BBB website. Some customers state the aligners did not straighten their teeth. One customer said that they used them for 4 months and had not achieved final results. Byte does advertise that 4 months is a minimum though, so that can be expected. Other customers state that they began seeing results within a few months. Most customers are satisfied with their purchase of teeth aligners from Byte.

Excellent choice

Byte is an excellent choice for purchasing teeth aligners. They have licensed orthodontists to follow your progress weekly. Their HyperByte is a unique device designed to further assist your teeth aligning properly. They also offer the lifetime guarantee and have satisfied customers. Byte is one of our top two choices for teeth aligners today.

Where Can You Buy the Best Teeth Aligners?

Teeth aligners, or clear aligners, are a type of orthodontic treatment that uses a series of clear plastic trays to gradually move teeth into their desired position. They are an alternative to traditional metal braces - and they are much more discreet and comfortable to wear.

Aligners are customized to fit each patient's teeth and must be worn for at least 22 hours a day, for a period of several months to a few years, depending on the severity of the case. They can be removed for eating, brushing, and flossing, but should be worn consistently for the best results. They also do not require you to go to a dentist or orthodontist, saving you time and money.

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Teeth Aligner FAQ

Teeth aligners are clear plastic trays designed to straighten the teeth. Customers use these instead of traditional metal braces. They can be easily removed for eating and drinking.
Teeth aligners work by using a series of custom-made clear plastic trays that gradually shift and straighten teeth over time. The trays are designed to fit snugly over the teeth and each one is slightly different from the last, with subtle adjustments to gradually move the teeth into the desired position.
Teeth aligners are generally considered safe when used under the guidance of a licensed dental professional. They are made from medical-grade materials and have been approved by regulatory agencies such as the FDA. Some people may experience mild discomfort or irritation during the initial adjustment period, but these issues usually resolve quickly. It is important to follow the instructions given by your dentist or orthodontist to ensure the safe and effective use of teeth aligners.
The time it takes for a teeth alignment process varies based on type of aligner and each individual person. Regular clear aligners take approximately 4-6 months to reach desired results. Nighttime aligners take longer to achieve results. You can expect these to take approximately 10 months.
Patients typically wear each tray for two weeks before switching to the next one in the series until the treatment is complete. The aligners should be worn for at least 22 hours a day to ensure optimal results. There are also nighttime aligners which can be worn for 10 hours a night.
Teeth aligners are generally less noticeable than traditional braces and can be removed for eating and cleaning. They may be more comfortable to wear, with less irritation to the mouth and treatment time may be shorter for minor tooth movements. On the other hand, traditional braces are typically more effective for complex tooth movements and severe misalignments, require fewer adjustments and may require less discipline to wear consistently, may be covered by insurance more frequently than teeth aligners, and can serve as a visible reminder to keep up with good oral hygiene habits.
Numerous companies offer sale prices on their teeth aligners. Some also offer free shipping or extra products for free such as teeth whitening.
When using at-home teeth aligner kits, you will be assigned a medically trained doctor to oversee your case. Most companies have you send pictures of your dental progress. They monitor and make changes to your treatment plan as needed.
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The average price of teeth aligners is $2,500. This can be higher or lower depending on which program you choose. Most dental insurances will cover the teeth aligners, depending on what your plan says about braces. When looking at the price, almost every company also includes teeth whitening kits with their aligners. You may not get whiter teeth included in the price at your dentist.

Always double check with your personal dentist before starting a teeth alignment regimen. There are certain cases where at-home teeth alignment can cause tooth loss or improper shifting.

Overall, teeth aligners work by using gentle pressure to move your teeth into proper alignment over a period of months. They are a popular alternative to traditional metal braces because they are virtually invisible, removable, and require fewer office visits.

When thinking about shopping for teeth aligners, here are some additional factors to keep in mind:

  • Price. How much do the aligners cost? Do you pay it in one lump sum or can you pay in installments?
  • Time. How long will you need to wear the teeth aligners to see your desired results?
  • Guarantee. Do the aligners come with any guarantee? Is there a warranty if your teeth shift after your course of treatment is complete?
  • Ease. How easy is it to use the teeth aligners? How many steps are involved?
  • Extras. Does the company include anything extra their competitors don't? These may include tools to speed up the alignment process, extra dental attention and retainers included in the price.

To assist you in finding the best teeth aligners, Top Consumer Reviews has evaluated and ranked some of the most popular teeth alignment options. We hope this leads you to a relaxing and calm experience picking the right teeth aligners for your beautiful new smile!

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