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The Best Thyroid Health Products

Which Products Offer the Best Thyroid Support?

About 20 million Americans have some form of thyroid disease, with women being more likely to experience thyroid problems than men. While surgery, radioactive iodine procedures, and hormone replacement therapy are all commonly-used strategies for managing thyroid problems, many people are leery of such invasive methods that can often come with side effects.

Fortunately, there are a number of established, safe over-the-counter supplements that can offer support for thyroid health. They often contain nutrients like iodine, selenium, and vitamins B and D, which play vital roles in thyroid function.

Friday, March 1st

2024 Thyroid Health Product Reviews

Thyroid Assist Review Top Consumer Reviews Best-In-Class Blue Ribbon Award 5 Star Rating

Thyroid Assist

5 Star Rating Top Consumer Reviews Best-In-Class Blue Ribbon Award

Thyroid Assist by Native Remedies is one of two #1 picks for thyroid support. It's an herbal formula designed to combat the fatigue and low energy often associated with hypothyroidism. With a liquid format and key ingredients like Bladderwrack Thallus, Oatstraw Herb, and Coleus Root, it's easy to take and effective over time. While it's priced a bit higher than some rivals' products, Native Remedies offers discounts and promotions to help you save. Thyroid Assist stands out with its exceptional 1-year money-back guarantee, and customer testimonials attest to its effectiveness. Plus, Native Remedies holds an "A+" rating and accreditation from the Better Business Bureau. Thyroid Assist is the ideal choice for natural support of hypothyroidism.

ThyroSoothe Review 4.5 Star Rating


4.5 Star Rating

ThyroSoothe by Native Remedies is our top choice for addressing hyperthyroidism symptoms. This thyroid support supplement contains three herbal ingredients: Bugleweed, Lemon Balm, and Motherwort. It's offered in a liquid form and priced at $39.95 per bottle, lasting about 40 days at full strength. Native Remedies frequently offers discounts and promotions, making it more budget-friendly. Users have reported positive results, including improvements in sleep patterns, mood, and hot flashes. Best of all, this product is backed by an exceptional one-year satisfaction guarantee, and Native Remedies has an "A+" rating and accreditation from the Better Business Bureau. With its risk-free guarantee and potential benefits, ThyroSoothe is our preferred supplement for managing hyperthyroidism.

Thyroid Helper Review 4 Star Rating

Thyroid Helper

4 Star Rating

Thyroid Helper by Wellness Resources is a thyroid support supplement with carefully selected ingredients designed to optimize thyroid health, including tyrosine, selenium, manganese, guggul, and ashwagandha. The product offers in-depth explanations of how these components benefit your metabolism, energy levels, and mood. Priced at $25.99 for a 90-capsule bottle, you're advised to take 1-2 capsules up to three times daily. Wellness Resources offers a 90-day money-back guarantee (one-bottle limit), has an "A+" BBB rating, and has been in business since 1985. While Thyroid Helper has seen a slight drop in ranking due to more generous return policies and lower pricing among competitors for a one-month supply, it remains a recommended thyroid support supplement.

Thyroid Essentials Review 4 Star Rating

Thyroid Essentials

4 Star Rating

Thyroid Essentials by Healthy Choice Naturals offers comprehensive thyroid support with a blend of key ingredients, including Magnesium, Zinc, L-Tyrosine, Selenium, Manganese, Vitamin B-12, Iodine, Copper, Molybdenum, and more. Despite an outdated website and limited customer reviews, the company, in operation since 2003, maintains an impressive "A+" rating and accreditation with the Better Business Bureau. Priced at $24.50 for a 30-day supply, you can enjoy discounts when purchasing multiple bottles. The product comes with a generous 90-day return policy, allowing for returns of opened or used products, making Thyroid Essentials a worthwhile option for your thyroid health needs.

Thyroid Synergy Review 3.5 Star Rating

Thyroid Synergy

3.5 Star Rating

Thyroid Synergy by Designs for Health is a reliable thyroid support option from a trusted company with a long history. Packed with essential minerals, vitamins, and nutrients, it aids thyroid function effectively. Priced at $45.12 for a two-month supply, it's budget-friendly, and most customers qualify for free shipping. With an average rating of 4.5 stars across nearly 500 reviews, it's been effective for many users, addressing issues like TSH levels and symptom relief. However, the return policy is less flexible, offering refunds only for unopened products with a 30% restocking fee (and sometimes no returns are offered at all). If you're comfortable without that kind of a satisfaction guarantee, Thyroid Synergy offers dependable thyroid support.

Now Thyroid Energy Review 3 Star Rating

Now Thyroid Energy

3 Star Rating

Now Thyroid Energy is a supplement for thyroid health and metabolism. It contains beneficial ingredients like Ashwagandha and Iodine but ranks average among similar products. Also, caution is needed for certain individuals who may already be taking other medications. This thyroid support supplement comes in capsule form, priced at $39.49 for a two-month supply and often with free shipping. Reviews are generally positive, with an average rating of 4.5 stars but based on limited feedback. Unfortunately, because refunds are unlikely here, Now Thyroid Energy comes in as a little less appealing than alternative supplements with better policies.

ThyrAid Review 2.5 Star Rating


2.5 Star Rating

ThyrAid is a thyroid supplement designed to offer comprehensive support for thyroid health, immune system enhancement, and hormonal balance. While it contains a blend of minerals, vitamins, and herbal extracts and is manufactured in the USA, it has some drawbacks. Priced at $49.50 for a one-month supply with no return or refund policy, it falls below average among thyroid supplements. Customer feedback is mixed, with 20% of users giving it low ratings. If you choose ThyrAid, be aware of its potential limitations and higher-than-average price point.

Thyroid Support Review 1.5 Star Rating

Thyroid Support

1.5 Star Rating

Vita Balance's Thyroid Support uses six ingredients (such as ashwagandha, iodine, and zinc) to support thyroid hormone production. It costs $23.95 for a one-month supply, with discounts available for bulk purchases. However, we have concerns regarding the company's credibility, limited product reviews, and a vague returns policy. Overall, Thyroid Support's effectiveness and the company's transparency are less than ideal, so you should probably explore higher-rated options for your thyroid needs.

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The thyroid is a small, butterfly-shaped gland located in your neck, just below your Adam's apple. Despite its modest size, the thyroid plays a crucial role in your body's overall health. It's like a conductor, orchestrating your metabolism and influencing various bodily functions.

The thyroid gland produces hormones called thyroxine (T4) and triiodothyronine (T3). These hormones regulate your metabolism, affecting everything from energy levels to body temperature. When the thyroid doesn't produce enough hormones, it can lead to symptoms like fatigue, weight gain, sensitivity to cold, and sluggishness. In contrast, when the thyroid produces excessive hormones, symptoms may include weight loss, rapid heart rate, anxiety, and heat sensitivity.

When comparing these products, consider the following factors as you decide which one is right for your needs:

  • Cost. Evaluate the monthly expense, accounting for potential dosage adjustments.
  • Ingredients. Take a good look at the blend of vitamins, minerals, and herbal extracts for effectiveness and safety.
  • Method of use. Choose a product that suits your preferences, whether it's in pill, capsule, or liquid form.
  • Effectiveness. Look at reviews from other users to gauge how well the supplement actually works.
  • Satisfaction guarantee. Opt for products with generous refund policies to minimize any financial risk. Your best bet, regardless of cost, is to choose a thyroid support product that lets you try it for an extended length of time (at least a month, preferably longer) and get your money back if you don't see the results you hoped for.

Top Consumer Reviews has conducted an extensive review and ranking of the best OTC thyroid support products available today. Your thyroid's health is integral to your overall well-being, and whether you're currently dealing with a thyroid issue or looking to maintain its optimal function, we trust that this information will aid you in finding the right supplement to maintain your health and vitality.

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Thyroid Health Product FAQ

Your thyroid regulates your metabolism. It's a small gland found near your windpipe at the front of your neck. Even though it's very small, weighing in at less than an ounce, it's still a crucial part of your overall well-being: the thyroid impacts your breathing, digestion, muscle contraction, body temperature, and much more.
Hypothyroidism is when your thyroid gland doesn't produce enough hormones. If your thyroid is underactive, you may feel fatigued, get frequent headaches or joint pain, experience depression or difficulty concentrating, or feel especially sensitive to cold.
Hyperthyroidism is when your thyroid gland is overactive and produces hormones in excess of what your body needs to function properly. People with hyperthyroidism often report heart palpitations, anxiety, increased appetite, sweating, weight loss, and tremors in the fingers and hands.
In the US alone, over 12% of people will experience a thyroid disorder in the course of their lifetime. Unfortunately, as many as 60% of those individuals never realize they have a thyroid problem.
If you suspect you are having issues with your thyroid, consult your physician. He or she will review your symptoms, medical history, and family background to determine if testing is warranted. Any blood work will usually test your levels of TSH: if that thyroid hormone level is normal, you probably don't have a disorder.
Depending on the type of issue you're experiencing, your thyroid problem may be handled with prescription medication, radioactive iodine, or even surgical removal. However, many patients prefer to try a less invasive, gentler approach before resorting to such measures. There are a number of thyroid support products that may help alleviate your symptoms and return your thyroid to normal.
Not at all, You can easily get a one-month supply for around $10, depending on the product you choose. Many products come with free shipping or offer discounts when you buy more than one bottle at a time.
Many of them do. Check the refund policy on any thyroid product you're considering: you may have up to a full year to try it and determine if your thyroid levels are improving, though most products come with a shorter 30- or 60-day return period.
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