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Trademark Factory Review

Sunday, January 17th

2021 Trademark Registration Service Reviews

Trademark Factory Review 3.5 Star Rating

Trademark Factory

3.5 Star Rating
  • Cost: Packages start at $1995
  • Free comprehensive trademark search

As one of the newest Trademark Registration services on the market, Trademark Factory has one of the most unique "how we got started" stories we've ever seen. Andrei Mincov started out as a Russian copyright lawyer two decades ago; his father, a famous composer, heard his music being used by a big-name company without his permission, and his son was inspired to act. Many years later, Mincov has worked with many individuals and companies, including names you'd recognize (but you'll have to check out Trademark Factory's "Why Us" page to find out who).

Since 2015, Mincov has specialized in Trademark Registration, bringing on a team of experts who work together to offer some unique features compared with other services on the market.

First, Trademark Factory offers a free, comprehensive trademark search in all of their packages: no nickel-and-dime here. You'll also get a 100% money-back guarantee on their two highest-end packages: if you're told that your trademark can be registered but it's rejected for any reason, you'll get a full refund.

You can speak with a Trademark Factory rep with no obligation. Look for the red "FREE CALL" button at the top of the page. Otherwise, you can jump right to the process of Trademark Registration under the Apply Now tab by entering details about your brand and where you want to protect it (i.e. US or Canada), and make your payment. Within 2 business days, the service will let you know if your brand is trademarkable. If so, they'll move forward with your application. If not, you can opt for a full refund, select a new brand to trademark (with free registrability checks on any additional brands), or have Trademark Factory file your application anyway.

We really liked that, even on the page where you enter your business info, you get a popup explaining how it works and (again) offering you the chance to "speak with a real person first". There's no hard sell: Trademark Factory wants you to understand the process and your options, with no gimmicks or bait-and-switch techniques.

Best Trademark Registration Services

Finally, the most unique feature of Trademark Factory's registration services is their all-inclusive flat fee. They offer three packages to choose from - but steel yourself, because the price tag may take your breath away:

  • "I Feel Lucky" Package, $1995. This gives you up to 90 minutes of follow-up work, but no money-back guarantee or weekly monitoring or defense of your trademark in any opposition proceedings.
  • "All-Inclusive" Package, $2995. You'll get unlimited follow-up correspondence and the money-back guarantee if your trademark doesn't go through.
  • "Ultimate" Package, $5995. You'll receive all of the features of the All-Inclusive, plus defense of your trademark in opposition proceedings, along with lifetime weekly monitoring of any newly-filed trademark applications that might be too similar to your own brand.

None of those packages include any government fees you'll pay for Trademark Registration. Also, FYI, the small print at the bottom of the pricing breakdown says that Trademark Factory offers both volume discounts for multiple trademarks, as well as payment plans.

Is it worth the investment? That's a call that only you can make. When it comes to reputation, Trademark Factory is doing well: an A+ rating with the BBB in Canada and zero registered complaints there in the 3 years since their file was opened. And, at the time of our review, they had done more than 3000 free trademark searches, filed over 1000 trademarks (with only 8 refusals), and had 610+ "happy clients".

If you expect your case to be complicated, it might also be worth the higher fees. We recommend that you watch the video on the Trademark Factory site called "The Deadly Danger of Low Trademark Fees"; we found it on the pricing page. You might also appreciate the Resources tab, with FAQs about Trademarks, a 5-minute quiz to help you determine if you need to trademark your brand, and more.

Overall, we love everything about Trademark Factory - except the extremely high fees, especially when compared with other Trademark Registration services. If you've got that kind of money to spend and you want someone to handle everything from start to finish, this may be the service for you. But, for many business owners, especially those who are just starting out and want to get their trademark registered, the sticker shock will probably be enough to push them in the direction of the less costly options in our review.

What's the Best Trademark Registration Service?

Before you choose a provider for registering your trademark, it's important to understand the process and the reasons why it's a smart idea for your business.

Let's start with the US Patent and Trademark Office: the gateway to Trademark Registration. According to them, a trademark - sometimes called a "service mark" - "includes any word, name, symbol, device, or any combination, used or intended to be used to identify and distinguish the goods/services of one seller or provider from those of others, and to indicate the source of the goods/services."

The Best Trademark Registration Services Compare Trademark Registration Services Compare Trademark Registration Service Reviews What are the best Trademark Registration Services Best Trademark Registration Service Reviews

Trademark Registration Service FAQ

Intellectual property can be protected in several ways, one of which is through trademark registration. Having a trademark helps ensure that your goods, services, brand or slogan can't be used by someone else.
Good question! A trademark is used to demonstrate ownership of a slogan, brand, symbol - one that you use to differentiate your goods and services from other sellers' and providers'. In contrast, patents are used to protect how an innovation works or looks, while copyrights protect creative works like music, movies, or even computer code.
Almost anything used to represent your brand can be protected through trademark registration. Whether you use a tagline to make your company memorable, have a logo emblazoned on your signage and business cards, or use a unique font that you want to keep as your own, it all qualifies as eligible to be registered as a trademark.
It can get complicated to accurately complete all of the paperwork required for trademark registration. Using a service that specializes in this process can save you some time and a considerable amount of worry. The best services walk you through each step, ensuring that your application is filled out properly before it is submitted to the US Patent and Trademark Office.
The US Patent and Trademark Office charges a base fee of $400 or $600, depending on whether you file electronically or on paper. That's in addition to any fees paid to a trademark registration service, which usually range from $99 to over $1900, depending on the level of service you select.
Getting the initial paperwork completed may be done as quickly as one business day. From there, most services offering help with trademark registration will conduct a search to ensure that your trademark doesn't conflict with others that have been registered by other applicants. Once your trademark has been cleared, your application will be sent to the USPTO for registration. From there, it can take several months for your application to be reviewed and approved.
Absolutely. Many of these services have been available for decades. It's a wise choice to use a trademark registration service, to make it less likely that your application will be rejected - which would add even more time to an already-lengthy process. For extra reassurance that the provider you've selected is a reputable one, be sure to consider feedback from previous clients or look for a rating from the Better Business Bureau.
That depends on the service you select. Some offer an error-free guarantee, but only a few will give you a refund on the fees that you paid for their assistance. Also, if the service has already paid the required fees to the USPTO on your behalf, you won't get those funds back.
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Continued from above...

In layman's terms, your trademark is how you represent yourself to the world. Think about some of the most recognizable brands and you'll probably picture a logo, slogan, even the font used in the company's name. (Nike "Swoosh", Coca-Cola, or the Golden Arches, anyone?)

So, why register a trademark? One of the most important reasons is to prevent any other business from taking your brand identity, intentionally or accidentally. Trademark Registration offers you legal protection, gives your business a certain level of prestige or respectability, and can even be used to help file for trademarks in foreign markets if you choose to expand your reach.

Trademark Registration can get complicated. For this reason, many businesses opt to use a service that specializes in registering trademarks, to ensure that every necessary requirement is met. These Trademark Registration services are often very affordable, especially when considering how much time and effort it would take for an already-busy company owner to do the work on their own.

What should you look for as you decide with Trademark Registration service is best for your business? Here are several criteria to keep in mind:

  • Services Provided. What is included in the services offered? Are there multiple packages to choose from?
  • Fees. What will you pay to register your trademark? Is it a flat fee, or are there extra a la carte charges to watch out for? Are the fees reasonable compared with other Trademark Registration services?
  • Ease of Use. Does the company's website clearly explain what to expect during the process of registering your trademark? Can you get live help from a customer service agent? Does the Trademark Registration provider do all or most of the work for you, or will you have to put in some effort on your own?
  • Reputation. What do other businesses say about their experience with the service? How many trademarks has the service registered?

TopConsumerReviews has reviewed and ranked the best Trademark Registration services available today. We hope this information will help guide your decision as you ensure that your company's identity is established and protected for years to come.

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