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Where Can You Find the Best Transcription Service?

Imagine you've just wrapped up a lively brainstorming session with your marketing team. Ideas were flowing freely - but no one remembered to take detailed notes. Here's where transcription services come to the rescue. They can turn all those spoken words into a clear, written format, so no winning idea gets lost.

Simply put, transcription services take what's said in audio or video and turn it into text. And this isn't only useful for missing meeting notes. It also spans across various fields like legal, medical, and business, making sure important spoken information is accurately captured and easily revisited in text form.

Sunday, July 14th

2024 Transcription Service Reviews

Top Consumer Reviews Best-In-Class Blue Ribbon Award Transcribe Me Review 5 Star Rating

Transcribe Me

5 Star Rating
  • Starts at $0.79 per minute
  • Hybrid human-and-AI transcription service
  • Provides legal, medical, enterprise, and general transcription with dedicated process for handling HIPAA compliant files
  • Focus on data privacy
  • More than a decade in business
  • "A+" from the Better Business Bureau
  • Offers different accuracy options with corresponding discounts
  • Additional services available (translation, machine transcription, custom AI training datasets, data annotation)
  • Positive customer feedback and responsive support team
Top Consumer Reviews Best-In-Class Blue Ribbon Award

TranscribeMe is a hybrid human-and-AI transcription service that provides legal, medical, enterprise, and general transcription for audio and video files. They focus on your data's privacy and offer great rates. TranscribeMe has been in business for more than a decade and enjoys an "A+" grade from the Better Business Bureau.

Save by opting for 98% accuracy

Several of the services in our review boast 4-step accuracy processes. But what if you're happy with less than 99% accuracy and would prefer the cash value? That's exactly what TranscribeMe offers. For $0.79 per minute, you can get a 98% accurate First Draft transcription a day after you submit your audio file. (Speaker IDs and Timestamps are available, but not included. They don't specify how much extra you'll have to pay for these.)

Standard for $1.25

If you really do need that extra 1% accuracy, you can opt for Standard transcription for $1.25 per minute. You'll receive files transcribed this way between 1 and 3 business days after submission - a little slower than comparable plans from rival services, but still good. Speaker IDs and Timestamps are not included with this plan. 99% accuracy is guaranteed with this plan, whereas for the First Draft plan, the 98% figure is just an estimation.

Verbatim for $2

If you need absolutely everything written down, including false starts and "um" s and "ah" s, the Verbatim plan is for you. This plan starts at $2 per minute and does include Speaker IDs and Timestamps.

Best Transcription Services

Automatic transcription for less than a cent per minute

TranscribeMe offers other services, including:

  • Translation: $0.11 per word
  • Machine transcription: $0.07 per minute (wow!)
  • ?Custom AI training datasets: $2 per minute
  • Data annotation: $0.10 per task

Separate registration process for HIPAA compliant files

Need medical transcription handled with extra care for HIPAA files? TranscribeMe has your back. With a dedicated process that delivers top-notch access and security, they'll guide you through the setup personally after you submit your request. They prioritize privacy and confidentiality, using Verbatim transcription and customizing the handling of all your private info according to your needs - ensuring your files are transcribed accurately and securely with your peace of mind intact.

Your unique requirements are taken into consideration

The same goes for Legal transcription - the site recommends you get in contact with their sales team so they can talk about your needs and connect you with the most knowledgeable transcriptionists on their staff who will best be able to complete your project. This includes depositions, legal annotations, notices, hearings, and more. This is one of the things we like best about TranscribeMe - instead of simply claiming that they can handle every type of transcription you could possibly need, they take steps to demonstrate that they'll handle your project with the consideration it deserves.

Best Transcription Services

Robust privacy policy

TranscribeMe safeguards your privacy by strictly managing and protecting the information you provide. Your data, used only for processing and enhancing services, is neither sold nor rented to third parties, and all team members adhere to confidentiality through Non-Disclosure Agreements. Your sensitive details, like payment info, are encrypted to ensure security. You maintain control, with options to view or delete your data whenever you wish.

Great customer support

Customers have offered positive feedback about TranscribeMe's transcription services. One customer mentioned how TranscribeMe successfully managed a multi-phase transcription project in multiple languages, providing hassle-free coordination, timely updates, and the delivery of accurate transcriptions. Another customer highlighted the user-friendly interface and the ability to transcribe content in any language, with the support team readily available to assist with challenges. Overall, customers wholeheartedly recommend TranscribeMe for its exceptional user experience, efficient process, and responsive support team.

The top choice for transcription

TranscribeMe is the #1 option for transcription services due to their combination of human and AI transcription, competitive pricing, and commitment to data privacy. Whether you're looking for legal, medical, enterprise, or general transcription, TranscribeMe has you covered. Their dedicated support team, positive customer feedback, and Better Business Bureau backing make them the top choice in the industry.

Transcription Hub Review 4.5 Star Rating

Transcription Hub

4.5 Star Rating
  • Cost-effective; starts at $0.75/minute
  • Specializes in legal and medical transcription
  • HIPAA-compliant for handling sensitive medical details
  • Guarantees 99% accuracy and supports multiple audio and video formats
  • Serving over 8,000 customers in the US, Canada, and the UK
  • Skilled transcriptionists who are knowledgeable in jargon
  • Student discounts available for Education Transcription
  • Supports more than 35 languages for translation services

Transcription Hub is a transcription services company designed for enterprise needs. They offer cost-effective, secure, and accurate audio/video transcription, serving over 8,000 customers in the US, Canada, and the UK. They particularly shine with legal and medical transcription, employing only the most skilled transcriptionists who won't just guess at jargon, and placing great importance on the security of your files.

Won't burn a hole in your wallet

Transcription Hub offers three pricing tiers for General Transcription based on delivery time. Each plan includes a guarantee of 99% accuracy, multiple speaker accommodation, specialized terminology, verbatim (meaning filler words aren't left out unless you specify otherwise), and support for multiple audio and video formats. A 5-day turnaround time starts at $0.75 per minute. For 2-day express transcription the price is $1.25 per minute. 1-day delivery is $1.75. The addition of timestamps is only an extra $0.15 per minute - about half the cost of leading transcription services.

Best Transcription Services

Student discounts available

For more specialized transcription, pricing varies slightly:

  • Education Transcription: $0.71 to $1.66
  • Medical Transcription: $0.95 to $2.15
  • Legal/Insurance Transcription: $0.75 to $1.75 (the same as General Transcription)

If you're a student or educator with a valid educational institution email address, you'll qualify for discounts between 5% and 73% for Education Transcription. If you're in need of translation services, Transcription Hub supports more than 35 languages and charges less than a cent per word.

Transcriptionists are of a higher caliber

You can certainly find a couple of other services in our review that offer transcription with faster turnaround times for lower prices, but those services don't operate the same way as Transcription Hub. For one thing, competitors' transcriptionists are not necessarily equipped to deal with medical or legal jargon. Rival services also often have high turnover rates - a quick search on their names reveals a plethora of guides on how to use these services to make "beer money" , as well as angry reviews from transcriptionists who found the work or company was not to their liking for one reason or another. We found very little like this when we searched for more information on Transcription Hub.

Trusted by insurance, healthcare, and law enforcement sectors

Encouragingly, Transcription Hub has an "A+" rating from the Better Business Bureau and has been accredited since 2015. And if you're still not sold, check out the "Case Studies" tab on Transcription Hub's website: there you'll find case studies that provide insights into how the company has managed transcription challenges across various industries, such as universities, insurance claims management companies, healthcare companies, and law enforcement departments. These case studies delve into the unique challenges faced by organizations in these sectors and demonstrate how Transcription Hub met their needs.

Best Transcription Services


Transcription Hub seriously values your privacy, especially when it comes to sensitive medical details. They proudly offer HIPAA-compliant medical transcription services, ensuring that your data is handled with the utmost care and in line with all relevant regulations. Their specialized team isn't just well-acquainted with medical jargon but is also keenly aware of all the ins and outs of HIPAA and other crucial medical transcription standards.

Employees are NDA-bound

To top that off, they're not only guarding your data against external threats but internally as well. Every single member of the Transcription Hub team is bound by a strict confidentiality agreement to protect your data. They're also more than willing to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement with you, providing an extra layer of assurance that your information is in safe hands. With Transcription Hub, you're getting more than just outstanding transcription services; you're gaining a trusted ally that prioritizes and protects your privacy at every turn.

Can't go wrong with Transcription Hub

To sum up, Transcription Hub is the service for you if you need a service you can depend on to keep your data (or that of your patients or clients) as secure as possible. They're also going to be able to handle legal and medical terminology, which can't always be said for some better-known transcription services. Factor in their low prices, 100% human transcription, and 99% accuracy guarantee, and they make the top of our list for transcription services.

Rev Review 4 Star Rating


4 Star Rating
  • Mobile app
  • $1.50/minute for human transcription
  • Delivery within hours at no extra cost
  • In-platform transcript editor
  • Translation available in 17 languages
  • 72,000 native English-speaking transcriptionists

Rev is a leading speech-to-text service that claims to be the "#1 provider in the world" . Founded in 2010, Rev offers fast and affordable services by connecting skilled freelancers with customers in need of accurate transcriptions, captions, and subtitles. With a network of over 72,000 native English-speaking freelancers and advanced speech recognition AI, Rev delivers high-quality results at a large scale. Businesses and individuals rely on Rev for reliable and speedy speech-to-text solutions.

One rate for human transcription

Rev's pricing is pretty straightforward: $1.50 per minute of audio with the option to add timestamps for an additional $0.30/minute. While this is a little higher than some competitors, they don't charge extra for multiple speakers, and you don't pay more for fast delivery times.

Integrates with other apps

Something we really like about Rev is its ease of incorporation with your workflow. You have the convenience of placing audio transcription orders directly from your YouTube, Dropbox, Vimeo, or Google Drive account.

Get your files within 12 hours

How fast is Rev's delivery? Pretty darn speedy. All projects under 30 minutes in length can be expected to be delivered within 12 hours, but often much sooner. Other services with plans that look cheaper on the surface often have longer wait times for delivery, and in order to get them sooner, you're looking at paying as much or more than Rev's single plan $1.50 fee.

Rush orders available for an extra $1.25/minute

However, if you do need those files even sooner than 12 hours from submission, you have the option to pay an additional $1.25/minute for priority completion ($2.75/minute total, plus 30 cents if you need timestamps). Priority projects are given to Rev's top transcriptionists to make sure you're not sacrificing quality for speed. We do think Rev's final review process could be improved: long rush files are split into multiple parts to be simultaneously worked on by multiple transcriptionists, and then they're stitched back together into one file. Rev says this means that there might be inconsistencies in speaker names for files over 30 minutes - for example, one transcriptionist might spell a speaker's name as "Katy" , and the other might opt for "Katie" .

Best Transcription Services

Transcript Editor gives you control over the final product

Many transcription services deliver your transcriptions in Word or Plain Text formats. Rev, however, gives you access to your files via their free Transcript Editor. They have a demo of this nifty tool on their site, so you can get a feel for its capabilities. A few things it can do: find and replace words, highlight, remove filler words, and alter timestamps. If you're happy with your transcription and don't feel it needs any editing, you can go ahead and download it in multiple file formats directly from the Transcript Editor.

AI and translation services offered

Apart from human transcription, Rev also offers:

  • Live captioning for Zoom. This AI speech-to-text service is installed as software, after which it will automatically caption every Zoom meeting connected with your account. Rev is not transparent about the cost for this service.
  • AI auto audio transcription. This service costs $0.25 per minute of audio and is recommended for personal projects with quick turnaround times.
  • Subtitle translation for global reach of videos. This costs $5 to $12 per minute, depending on which of the 17 supported languages you choose.

No refunds promised

If you're unhappy with the quality of your transcription, all you need to do is leave a 3-star or lower rating on it from the transcript Workspace page and include a comment explaining why you're unsatisfied. After that, Rev's Quality Control team will review it, but they make no promises for refunds or reworking the file. This renders Rev's 99% satisfaction guarantee somewhat toothless.

Best Transcription Services

Thousands of happy customers, despite BBB rating

Rev has not been accredited by the Better Business Bureau, but they currently have a "C-" grade. On a more positive note, Rev does have a 4.2-star rating on Trustpilot across 6,000+ reviews. Happy customers report quality transcriptions that include correct spellings of difficult speaker names and fast turnaround times.

Customer service is lacking

However, we found the occasional report that when there were quality issues, customer support was unhelpful and refunds were impossible to attain - even in one case where a customer paid 82 euros for a transcript which was blank except for a couple of quotation marks when it was delivered. It seems fair to say that most of the time Rev delivers on their promises, but they don't do well with making things right when they do mess up - which may be the reason for the "C-" from the BBB. Rev's customer support is available via phone Mon-Fri from 9am-4pm CT and 24/7 via live chat or email.

One of our top picks

We really like Rev's simple pricing structure, their range of services, and most of all, their lightning-fast delivery. While we think they have room for improvement when it comes to making good on their promises for customer satisfaction, they're still a very good choice for your transcription needs.

Trint Review 4 Star Rating


4 Star Rating
  • AI-driven transcription of audio and video files
  • 7-day free trial
  • Starts at $60/month
  • Transcripts can be translated into over 50 languages
  • Real-time collaboration in a single workflow
  • Unlimited transcription in the Advanced plan
  • Mobile app for easy file uploading
  • Custom dictionary for enhanced accuracy
  • Integration with apps like Zapier
  • Prompt and proactive customer support
  • Strong data encryption and privacy measures

Trint, created by journalist Jeff Kofman, is a tool that changes audio and video into text using AI technology, making life easier for people in journalism and media. After spending over 30 years in the field and dealing with slow, manual transcription, Kofman developed Trint to help tell stories faster and with less hassle.

More than just transcription

This platform doesn't just transcribe but also helps users translate, edit, and work together in one easy workflow. It's not only used by big news organizations like the BBC and Washington Post but also supports podcasters and other content creators in speeding up their work process. Trint aims to solve a common problem in journalism: slowing down stories with slow transcription work.

Not pay-as-you-go

Trint is a little different from most other services in our review. Instead of charging you by the minute, Trint offers three plans billed monthly or annually. The Starter plan includes only 7 audio files per month (no specified runtime limit), subtitle and closed caption creation, automatic speaker identification, and up to two other users. If you pay monthly, it'll cost you $60. If you subscribe for the year, you'll pay $48 per month, saving $144 over that 12-month period.

Best Transcription Services

Limits on transcription make Starter plan a poor fit for most

One obvious drawback: if you don't use transcription services often, you might end up paying for more than you need. And if you use transcription services very often, but your files tend to be shorter (like if you run a YouTube channel with regular uploads under 10 minutes), you might hit your cap before getting much value for your money. We have trouble picturing the kind of user the Starter plan would be ideal for. In fact, many freelancers who used Trint before (when they had a pay-as-you-go model) have left negative reviews, saying this new monthly payment model has made the service impractical for their needs.

Advanced plan includes unlimited transcription and mobile app

The Advanced plan costs $75 monthly or $60 if you pay for the year. This plan is the one we would recommend, because it includes unlimited transcription. You can also use their mobile app to upload your files, the shared Workspace feature for team collaboration, the custom dictionary, and you'll be able to translate your transcripts into over 50 languages. Users of this plan are very satisfied, saying they love the unlimited transcription. The mobile app has also been praised, with users calling it "slick" and "responsive" . By all accounts, Trint's in-site editor and interface are also intuitive and highly functional.

Enterprise plan comes with integrations and analytics

The Enterprise plan offers live, shareable transcription allowing multiple users to collaborate on projects in real-time. It also provides integration with apps like Zapier, advanced analytics, and 24/7 access to a Dedicated Customer Success Manager. The cost isn't provided upfront; interested parties should contact Trint directly for pricing. This plan is well-suited for larger businesses, media houses, podcasting teams, multinational corporations, and research-heavy academic institutions. Those prioritizing continuous support and in-depth data insights about their transcription activities would find the plan especially beneficial.

Best Transcription Services

Data is encrypted

Because Trint is AI-driven, it turns your recordings into text without humans ever listening in, and your audio files are kept under digital lock and key. They're stored securely in places like Amazon Web Services, and Trint uses tough encryption to keep your data safe. Trint's team can see the names of your files but can't peek into the content unless you give the go-ahead. So, your recordings stay private.

Not HIPAA certified

However, there's a heads-up for those in the healthcare field: Trint isn't HIPAA certified. This means if you're handling sensitive health info, this platform might not check all the regulatory boxes for you. But, Trint does take data safety seriously and follows robust global standards (like ISO 27001). If you ever want to say goodbye to Trint and take your data with you, they'll wave farewell, deleting your data within a 30-day window.

Same problems with accents found across all AI solutions

There aren't many complaints about Trint, but it's worth mentioning the few that are out there. For one, it doesn't do much better than its AI-utilizing competitors when it comes to transcribing international accents. Some users say there are hiccups involving editing speaker names (where changing one name alters all subsequent speaker names too) and that large files can be slow to upload. None of these complaints have been dealbreakers for anyone, but if you're not sure if they will be for you, you can take advantage of Trint's 7-day free trial to test it out for yourself.

Best Transcription Services

Email support available

Customers only have good things to say about Trint's customer support. They say it's prompt, proactive, and that bugs are consistently fixed. If you need help, you can use their live chat or reach out via email. You should receive a response within a day.

Our top pick for users in media

Trint stands out in the transcription world with its AI-driven approach, designed especially for journalism and media. While it faces common AI challenges like handling diverse accents, its features, especially in real-time collaboration, set it apart. The pricing models might not be for everyone, with the Starter plan's limitations being a potential drawback. However, larger teams and businesses will find value in the Advanced and Enterprise plans. Trint keeps user data safe, though those in healthcare should note the lack of HIPAA certification. Overall, Trint offers a comprehensive transcription solution, combining security with functionality, backed by reliable customer support

Sonix Review 3.5 Star Rating


3.5 Star Rating
  • Affordable pricing starting at $0.16/minute for AI transcription
  • Get finished transcripts in minutes
  • Built-in transcript editor with timestamps and speaker labels
  • Supports transcription in nearly 40 languages and translation in 40+
  • Special discounts for students, educators, and non-profits
  • First 30 minutes of transcription are free
  • Responsive to feature requests and implements user ideas

Sonix, an AI-powered transcription platform, focuses on simplifying and enhancing how users handle audio and video content, offering services that span from transcription to extensive video production in multiple languages. Used by millions across 100+ countries, Sonix is designed to be intuitive yet potent, aiming to alleviate tedious manual work and streamline content-related workflows.

Pricing starts at $0.16/minute for AI transcription

Sonix has 3 plans which are charged on an hourly basis. For the Standard plan, you'll pay $10 an hour, which is "dirt cheap" compared to paid services, as one user put it. The rate works out to $0.16/minute compared to the $1.50 charged by other services, but keep in mind Sonix is all AI - no humans here. The Standard plan operates on a pay-as-you-go model. Transcription hours are purchased upfront and utilized according to the user's pace and need, but don't worry about not having exactly an hour of audio to be transcribed - Sonix will prorate your hours, so if you only upload 47 minutes of audio, that's all you'll be charged for.

Languages other than English supported

The Standard plan includes a built-in transcript editor, timestamps down to the word, speaker labels, a custom dictionary (to indicate your preference for particular spellings), and customer support via email. Sonix also supports transcription in nearly 40 languages and translation in over 40, although these cost extra.

Best Transcription Services

Premium and Enterprise plans have more capabilities

You might consider a Premium subscription if you regularly have a high volume of audio to transcribe, or if you're in need of advanced collaboration capabilities for your team or more robust features, like multiple custom dictionaries and customizable subtitle font on videos. This plan has a base rate of only $5 a month, but an additional fee of $22 per user per month, so it's really more like at least $27 a month. However, you can save 25% if you subscribe for the year. The Enterprise plan has features like topic detection, personal information redaction, team activity tracking, and phone support. You'll have to reach out to get the pricing for this plan.

Discounts for students, educators, and non-profits

Sonix knows that students often have a lot on their plates. Think about all those lectures, group chats, and extracurricular meetings they have. It can be hard to keep track. That's why Sonix offers special discounted pricing for students, but also educators, faculty members, and non-profit organization employees, too. Additionally, Sonix provides an interesting opportunity for users to get a free subscription to their Premium Plan by writing an online article of over 300 words about Sonix.

First 30 minutes are free

If you're not sure about Sonix, you can try them out with 30 minutes of transcription on them. All you need to do is create an account - no credit card required. Already signed up for a plan? You still get 30 free minutes on the house.

Best Transcription Services

No human touch

AI speech-to-text services have some drawbacks. One of them is that the quality of the final transcript really depends on the quality of the audio, even more so than with human transcription. Unlike humans, you can't prompt an AI model to focus harder or advise it that one of your speakers has a lisp. It can't train its ear past the data it has been trained on to adapt to a heavy accent. So, if you have audio that was recorded in an echoey classroom without great sound treatment and lots of crosstalk, Sonix may not be the service for you.

Responsive to feature requests

Sonix values your feedback and actively encourages users to share their ideas for future updates. They have a dedicated feature request board where you can contribute your own suggestions and upvote ideas from other users. Sonix does take this feedback seriously - several customers have mentioned in their positive reviews that their ideas have been implemented in Sonix updates.

Customer service available

Got questions? You can visit Sonix's help center, or reach out via email, or, if you're subscribed to the Premium or Enterprise plans, you can get in touch via phone. Users have found customer service to be responsive and helpful.

Best Transcription Services

Get your transcript lightning fast

One customer raved about the speed with which they received their finished transcripts - several hours of audio in about five minutes. How's that for a fast turnaround time?

Your data is protected

For those wary of new AI services like Sonix, especially with concerns about how these speech-to-text tools use audio data to improve, understanding their data handling is crucial. Sonix promises an automated system where humans don't access your files unless you give clear permission, and any deleted file is gone for good. While they highlight strong security measures, including adherence to SOC 2 Type 2 standards and using Drata's platform for constant internal checks, it's always wise for users to study such policies closely. With the rise of AI tools, being cautious and informed about where and how your data is used is more important than ever.

Straightforward and affordable

Sonix impresses with its affordable, straightforward service, delivering as promised without posing significant risk, thanks to its free trial and low prices. While it might struggle with some audio files and lacks human review, its low price makes these manageable caveats. If a budget-friendly transcription tool is what you're after and you don't mind that it's AI-powered, Sonix warrants consideration.

Scribie Review 3 Star Rating


3 Star Rating
  • $1.25/minute (+$0.30 for time coding)
  • Complimentary re-reviews until the file reaches 99% accuracy
  • 24-hour turnaround time
  • 4-step human transcription process for accuracy
  • Cost calculator and demo available on their website
  • Positive customer support experiences

Scribie offers a transcription service that turns spoken words into written text, employing both artificial intelligence and human review. Their mission emphasizes a strong focus on the accuracy of transcripts, adopting a method that involves collective effort from multiple transcribers to minimize errors.

$1.25/minute doesn't include time coding

We followed a prominently featured link on Scribie's website to a comparison between Scribie and a leading competitor. Initially, we were quite convinced that Scribie was the better service. That was until we checked the date of that blog post and compared the pricing they promised in it to the current pricing listed on their site. In the blog post, they boast that time coding is included in their flat rate of $0.80 per audio minute where their competitor charged an extra $0.30 on top of a flat fee of $1.50/minute. Well, Scribie is now not much better than the competitor they disparaged for these "hidden fees" : as of this review, Scribie's per-minute fee is $1.25, and time coding is - you guessed it - an additional $0.30. We'd recommend Scribie update this blog post or take it down altogether to avoid future embarrassment.

24 hours until delivery

So what do you get for that $1.25? The typical promise of 99% accuracy and a 24-hour turnaround time. If your audio is unclear, though, be prepared for delays and lower accuracy. If you need your files sooner than next-day, you can pay an additional $1.25/minute for Rush Order prioritization.

4-step accuracy process

How does Scribie reach that promise of 99% accuracy? After you submit your audio files and payment has gone through, Scribie begins their 4-step human transcription process. First, your files are split up into smaller portions and typed up by one or more transcriptionists. Next, Scribie's reviewers check their work and add time codes, if you've paid for those, and speaker tracking. Third, those smaller portions are stitched back together and double-checked for any mistakes or inconsistencies (like in speaker names or alternate spellings of words). The final step is an assessment of the overall accuracy of the file to make sure it's at least 99%. If not, it goes back to step three. Your file will be delivered in the format of your choice.

Best Transcription Services

Use the cost calculator and schedule a demo

The landing page of their website features a handy cost calculator with toggles for Rush Order and Time-coding that will adjust the price when turned on or off. If you want a custom quote on their letterhead, you can submit a request by clicking the link below the calculator. You can also request a demo of their services, which might be a good idea if you're working with audio with heavy accents or poor quality and you aren't sure if Scribie can handle it. Note that poor audio might be subject to additional charges.

Sign up for their newsletter to save

Scribie offers seasonal promotions that you'll only be privy to if you sign up for their newsletter. Otherwise, they don't offer any discounts, which they justify with the claim that their prices are "already the lowest in the industry."

Free re-reviews until your file is near-perfect

We found another discrepancy in Scribie's return policy. In their Customer Guide, they say that you can cancel your order as long as it hasn't reached 60% completion, but on the landing page, they say it's 40%. We're guessing it's the latter number in actuality, but Scribie should fix this. If you do choose to cancel, you'll be refunded for the amount of work that wasn't finished. If you've already received your transcript, though, the only thing Scribie will do is offer complimentary re-reviews until your file has reached 99% accuracy.

Best Transcription Services

Not many reviews, but customer support is good

It's hard to find reviews for Scribie online, but the ones we did find consistently mention positive experiences with customer support, fast turnaround times, and value for money. One complaint was that Scribie no longer offers automated transcripts at all, which used to be free, and later cost 10 cents per minute. Another user complained that Scribie's formatting requirements are too strict and that they had to reach out to customer support to convince them to accept the order.

Scribie supplements human transcription with AI

We suspect Scribie has quietly made some sneaky changes to their business model to make more money. They stopped offering their free and later paid auto-transcription service, requiring you to pay for the "human" transcription service. They've described themselves as "combining the best of both worlds - AI and Human transcription." While not explicitly stated, this suggests a shift in their transcription process since our last evaluation. Now, their transcribers appear to act more as proofreaders for AI-generated transcriptions rather than actual transcriptionists. Previously, Scribie offered an AI option for free, leaving the editing work up to you.

Not a standout anymore

Wrapping up, we're feeling a bit let down by Scribie compared to our last look at them. They used to stand out with cool options like free automated transcripts, but those days are gone. Now, with sneaky price changes and some unclear info on their site, we're left raising an eyebrow. They're not messing up big time, but they're not wowing us either. They still do a solid job turning speech into text and their customer service is decent, but they've lost some of the unique perks that used to give them an edge. So, Scribie's okay, but they've lost a bit of their original charm, landing them squarely in the middle of the transcription service pack.

Go Transcript Review 2.5 Star Rating

Go Transcript

2.5 Star Rating
  • Starts at $0.84/minute
  • 6 hr turnaround available
  • 99% accuracy guaranteed
  • Customer loyalty program
  • Mobile app

GoTranscript began as an Edinburgh-based startup in 2005. With a team mostly made up of native English speakers in the UK and the US, they offer human-powered transcription services that don't rely on inaccurate speech-to-text software. If you're looking for translation services, they do that too.

Cost structure of plans is based on turnaround time

The 5-day service is the cheapest, priced at $0.84 per minute. The 3-day service costs $1.03 per minute, the 1-day service costs $1.22 per minute, and the 6-12 hour service costs $2.34 per minute. All plans offer discounts for bulk audio uploads, which means that the more audio you need to be transcribed, the lower the cost will be. If this seems confusing, don't worry - you can use their cost calculator to get an accurate estimate.

Upload your files directly to site or via shared link

Starting a project with GoTranscript involves a couple of straightforward steps. Users first upload their audio or video files, easily done either directly via their web platform or through a shared link. GoTranscript requests audio submissions with a minimum quality of 44.1 kHz and clear, loud volume for accurate transcription. Users are encouraged to reduce background noise and contact Customer Support if they have any doubts about the audio's suitability. The next step is payment, which can be done with all the major credit cards, debit cards, and PayPal.

Best Transcription Services

4-step transcription process

Once the financial part is squared away, the files go through a careful 4-step transcription process. This begins with basic transcription, followed by a general review, detailed proofreading, and finally, multiple quality checks and edits, which collectively aim for a 99% accuracy rate. The finalized product typically lands in the user's email inbox in Microsoft Word format, but GoTranscript offers an option for other formats if you request it in the upload process comments.

Full Verbatim available upon request

Transcriptions come in Clean Verbatim format usually, but you can ask for Full Verbatim instead. Clean Verbatim means they remove any unnecessary words or sounds like "um" for an easy read, while Full Verbatim writes down everything exactly as heard. GoTranscript lets clients pick between adding timestamps either every two minutes or when the speaker changes.

Loyal customers are rewarded with discounts

If you frequently use transcription services, GoTranscript's loyalty program can save you a few bucks. By visiting the Customer Loyalty Program page while signed in, you can see how many hours of audio you've uploaded. If you've uploaded 2,500 minutes of audio, all future projects are eligible for a 5% discount. 5,250+ minutes earns you 10% off, and 10,000+ minutes is worth 15% off. If you're a college student, you're immediately eligible for 10% off.

Best Transcription Services

Partial refunds for late projects

GoTranscript promises to deliver transcriptions on time but acknowledges that issues like poor audio quality might cause delays. If they don't meet the promised delivery date, they say they'll provide a partial refund.

24/7 customer support

Clients who face issues with the transcriptions or translations can contact GoTranscript's Customer Support within seven days of receiving their materials. Support is supposedly available 24/7 via email and live chat.

Fake reviews?

When we looked at GoTranscript's customer reviews on a couple of third-party websites, we were initially pleased to see that they had earned a 4.3 rating and had reviews from actual customers. In the past, many of their reviews came from the freelance transcriptionists they hired. However, we quickly noticed that there were several identically-worded 5-star reviews from different users that had clearly been copied and pasted. This suggests that Go Transcript is paying for fake reviews. Unfortunately, because of this, we don't think we can reasonably trust the content of any other 5-star reviews.

Best Transcription Services

Quality of transcriptions is often poor

Taking a closer look at GoTranscript's lower-rated customer reviews reveals some concerning issues. One user from Singapore pointed out that despite its affordable price, the transcription service was lacking with the Singaporean accent and specific medical terms, requiring a lot of extra editing work. Another customer expressed frustration with not only receiving a transcription instead of a requested translation but also experiencing a delay in delivery and a refusal of a refund when the mistake was pointed out - so much for that satisfaction-or-your-money-back guarantee. Another customer even said that their transcriber seemed to have been guessing at unclear words. These negative reviews seem more believable compared to the identical 5-star ones we found earlier.

Look elsewhere

GoTranscript looks okay on the surface, but unfortunately, we just can't trust a company that appears to be purchasing positive reviews. We also spotted a few grammatical errors on their website that lent to the impression that GoTranscript's sleek website and promises of 99% accuracy are something of a facade. We recommend you look elsewhere for your transcription needs.

We Scribe It Review 2 Star Rating

We Scribe It

2 Star Rating
  • Founded in 2008
  • U.S.-based transcription service
  • 98% accuracy guarantee
  • Utilizes native English-speaking transcribers without voice recognition software
  • Offers different transcription types (General, Legal, Medical)

WeScribeIt, founded in 2008, is a U.S.-based transcription service with a 98% accuracy guarantee, achieved by utilizing native English-speaking transcribers without voice recognition software. Offering 24/7 services across various domains like legal, medical, and event transcriptions, the company emphasizes affordability, transparent billing, and prides itself on timeliness and professionalism among its global clientele.

General transcription starts at $1.50/minute

WeScribeIt offers General, Legal, and Medical transcription with extra charges for speakers and priority completion. Here's a breakdown of their costs for Regular 10-16 hour delivery:

  • General: $1.50/minute
  • Legal: $2.00/minute
  • Medical: $3.15/minute

Prices are not competitive

For 6-hour Express delivery, General transcription jumps to $2.25/minute. There's no indication of whether any of these rates include speaker labels or time coding, but even if they do, these are not competitive prices. When you add in extra charges for multiple speakers ($0.50/minute for 2 speakers, $0.75 for 3 or more), you're looking at a large bill.

Potential discount for slow turnaround

In WeScribeIt's FAQ, they mention that you can receive a discount if you choose a significantly slower turnaround time of 1-2 weeks. However, there's no further information provided regarding the amount of the discount or how to indicate your preference for this option.

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Very little online presence

We can't find anything about WeScribeIt in the realm of third-party consumer reviews. They're not listed with the Better Business Bureau, Trustpilot, or even G2. We checked out the social media profiles they included on their website, but all were dead ends. WeScribeIt's website does have a testimonials tab, but the reviews are not dated, and obviously, WeScribeIt is only going to include quotes that reflect positively on their company there.

Seems like no one is home

We were curious to find out if anything had changed about WeScribeIt since the time of our last review. It would look like the answer is no: even an embarrassing typo in the FAQ promising the "exprience" of their typists had not been corrected.

Better choices available

Wrapping things up, we find ourselves hesitant to put our stamp of approval on WeScribeIt. There's a surprising lack of an online footprint, especially concerning when there are no customer reviews to be found outside of those on their own website. This makes it pretty tough to double-check their claims and really know what we're getting into - or what could justify their steep prices. Add to that a website which, typos and all, hasn't seen a noticeable update since our last visit, and our confidence wavers. They don't come across as terrible, per se, but without a clear picture of their reliability, endorsing them is a bit out of our reach.

Transcribe Review 1.5 Star Rating


1.5 Star Rating
  • $20 per year +$6 per hour for automatic transcription
  • Self-serve transcription software
  • Yearly subscription model
  • Focus on privacy
  • Supports transcription of speech in more than 80 languages
  • Geared towards freelance transcriptionists
  • Self Transcription plan with keyboard shortcuts, unlimited dictation, integrated editor and media player, and playback loops
  • Automatic Transcription plan with machine transcription, turnaround in less than an hour, timecodes, speaker identification, and video subtitle creation
  • Can be used offline

Transcribe by Wreally is a self-serve transcription software with two plans based on a yearly subscription model. They say their focus is on privacy and that they support transcription of speech in more than 80 languages.

Primarily a tool for freelance transcriptionists

It seems like Transcribe by Wreally is more geared towards freelance transcriptionists, helping them streamline their workflow. It may not be the ideal solution for people in other industries who are in need of a comprehensive transcription service. For $20 a year, you can take advantage of their Self Transcription plan, which includes keyboard shortcuts, unlimited dictation, their integrated editor and media player, and playback loops.

Yearly subscription plus $6 per hour

Transcribe also offers an Automatic Transcription plan. For $20 per year plus $6 per audio hour, you get all the same Self Transcription features plus machine transcription, turnaround in less than an hour (although most automatic services provide this in minutes), timecodes, speaker identification, and video subtitle creation. How affordable this plan is in comparison to other services depends on how often you need transcription services.

Best Transcription Services

Mixed customer reviews

What do Transcribe's users have to say? There's a page full of glowing testimonials on their website, but we did some digging into less biased reviews and came back with a different picture. Some users find it affordable and handy for taking notes and doing interviews. But many point out significant issues that decrease Transcribe's value as a time-saving tool.

Editing Transcribe's mistakes is time-consuming

Customers mention problems like random capital letters, added words, and misspelled words, such as "acreditacion" instead of "accreditation." Common words like "been" are often wrongly changed to "being," and saying "comma" can give unexpected words like "karma" or "comedy." Some users feel cheated, as they had to spend extra time fixing many errors and dealing with poor punctuation. While it helps a bit with making timecodes and subtitles, many users are frustrated and wish it saved them more time and effort.

Can be used offline

If Transcribe has benefits, it's that it can be used with no internet connection - your work will be saved in your browser's local storage. However, this is another benefit that will probably be most valued by freelance transcriptionists.

Best Transcription Services

Your files never leave your computer

When using the self-transcribe feature, Transcribe by Wreally prioritizes privacy. Your audio and video files are played directly from your computer and are not stored elsewhere. Similarly, any text you type into the editor is only saved in your browser and doesn't leave your computer. This ensures that both your media files and text remain private. However, for the auto-transcribe feature, your audio and video files are uploaded to their servers for machine transcription since speech recognition requires significant computing resources. Rest assured, the uploaded files are deleted shortly after processing. You have full control over your data and can choose to delete the transcript from the servers once you export it.

Doesn't shine

Honestly, there isn't much more we need to say about Transcribe. There are cheaper and higher quality services out there in both human transcription and AI transcription models. Transcribe by Wreally doesn't seem to edge out the competition in any area, and in fact may cause you to lose more time than you save with extensive editing made necessary by poor speech recognition. We recommend you check out one of our better-ranked AI speech-to-text services, if that's what you're in the market for, or one of our human transcription services if you don't want to leave all the editing to a professional.

Temi Review 1.5 Star Rating


1.5 Star Rating
  • AI text-to-speech software for audio and video files.
  • $0.25/minute
  • Turnaround time is just minutes.
  • Pay as you go with no monthly subscriptions, minimums, or additional charges.
  • Free trial available for 45 minutes of audio with no credit card necessary.

Temi is an AI-powered speech-to-text service that can support MP3 and MP4 files. Other than that, they don't have much of substance to say about themselves on their "About" page.

Temi's algorithm is used by other services in our review

When you visit Temi's website, strangely, a pop-up ad for a different service will appear first - one of the top-ranking rivals in our review. You'll need to close the ad to see more about Temi. This other service is Temi's parent company and uses Temi to convert speech to text, even though they primarily do human transcription. Temi is powered by this other service, but using the other service gives you more editing tools than you'll find with Temi.

More expensive than other AI services

Temi offers AI text-to-speech software for audio and video files at $0.25 per minute with a turnaround time of just minutes. You pay as you go - no monthly subscriptions, minimums, or additional charges. However, as far as AI transcription software goes, these are not the lowest prices you'll find. One of the services in our review charges less than a cent per minute of audio, and their editing tool seems to be more robust, too.

Not as accurate as competitors

But what about accuracy? Do you get better transcriptions for the higher price with Temi? Unfortunately, that's not what their customer reviews bear out. Temi has recently been facing some challenges with accuracy, causing a stir among its users. Even long-time customers, who were once happy with the service, are now dealing with major mistakes and missing parts in the transcriptions, even when the spoken words are clear and easy to understand. Users are finding that they have to spend a lot of extra time fixing errors and double-checking the original recordings to make sure everything is correct.

Best Transcription Services

Other missing features

Temi doesn't seem to support a personalized dictionary - which seems like an oversight when you're the one who will need to do the editing to pick up the AI's slack. It also only supports English and has a hard time with non-American accents. If you're transcribing audio from a video, it might not support MP4 files with multiple audio tracks.

Free trial available

If for some reason you're still interested in trying Temi out, you can sign up for a free trial of 45 minutes of audio - no credit card necessary.

Too expensive for its basic features

Temi is much cheaper than human transcription services, but what you save in pennies you'll pay for in time spent cleaning up your transcriptions. With much better AI-powered transcription services available at a fraction of the cost, we don't see much reason to recommend Temi.

Compare the Best Reviews

Continued from above...

You'll find two main types of transcription: manual and automated. Manual involves a person listening to the audio and typing it out, capturing nuances and context but potentially taking more time and being a bit pricier. Automated uses technology to transcribe quickly and usually at a lower cost, but may miss the mark on accuracy, especially with tricky audios or specific jargon.

Some services offer both manual and automated types of transcription services, while others offer just one. Some transcription services even give customers complete control over the transcription process by providing them with tools to dictate and edit within the platform themselves.

What you may not know is that transcription services can do more than just turn spoken words into text. Some services offer extras like identifying different speakers, adding time stamps, and keeping track of specialized terms. Also, given that some recordings can contain sensitive information, top-tier services prioritize robust data protection to keep your information safe.

In terms of user experience, high-quality transcription services focus on making things easy for clients from start to finish. This includes an easy-to-navigate website, straightforward file uploading, clear pricing, and timely delivery of transcriptions.

Trying to find a trustworthy online transcription service can be tough. Most have thousands of transcriptionists, which means the quality can vary a lot from project to project, and reading customer reviews might not give you a clear picture of what to expect.

Before you pick a transcription service, think about these points to make sure you know what you're looking for:

  • Pricing. Understand what you're paying for. Good services will tell you upfront about extra costs for things like poor audio quality, strong accents, adding timestamps, or handling multiple speakers.
  • Quality control. A quality control team should review your final transcription before it makes it to your inbox to make sure it's good quality, meeting both the service's and your standards.
  • Customer service. If your transcription isn't satisfactory, the transcription service should offer to fix it or refund you some of your money.

Top Consumer Reviews has reviewed and ranked the best transcription services available online today. We hope our evaluation will help you find the right service, where every spoken word will be accurately - and affordably - captured in text!

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Transcription Service FAQ

Transcription services convert live or recorded speech into text for legal, medical, educational, or business purposes. A university student may record a lecture and have it transcribed to more easily take notes, or a court reporter may record the audio of a criminal trial and submit it to one of these services for transcription. Many transcription services also provide captioning for YouTube videos or other mp4 files.
By outsourcing the transcription of your file, you save yourself frustration and time, and as we all know, time is money. However, if you are determined to transcribe your audio all by yourself, some transcription services provide in-site dictation, editing, and automatic speech-to-text tools.
The pricing model of transcription is based on dollars-per-minute. Depending on the service you choose, the language and complexity of the audio, how polished you want your final transcript to be and how fast you need it, manual transcription will run you anywhere between $0.75-$3 per minute.
Most transcription services offer both automated and manual transcription options. Automated transcription is done by running your audio through speech recognition software, and the quality of the finished product will depend on whether or not the audio you submitted was clear enough to be understood by the AI. Manual transcription is done by an actual person. Automated transcription is cheaper, generally costing $0.10 per minute of audio. Manual transcription is more expensive, but it is typically much more accurate and is the only viable option for difficult audio files.
Most transcription services offer a 99% accuracy guarantee. If you are unhappy with your transcript, they will rework it until it meets 99% accuracy or until you are satisfied.
If you opt for automated transcription, turnaround typically takes between 5 minutes and 5x the length of the audio. Manual transcription turnaround times will depend on the service and the length and complexity of the audio, but most services advertise 24 hours between when you submit your audio or video file and when you receive your finished transcript.
Yes, you can. Most services offer foreign language transcription, though you should be aware that you may be paying as much as $7 per minute of audio depending on the language.
Most transcription services offer transcription for medical, academic, and legal purposes for an extra fee. Some services only do this sort of transcription. A mark of a transcription service well-suited to medical, legal, and academic transcription is their commitment to customer security. These services bind their employees to a non-disclosure agreement, and, at your request, will destroy their copy of your files upon completion of your order.
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