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Trint Review

Sunday, April 21st

2024 Transcription Service Reviews

Trint Review 4 Star Rating


4 Star Rating
  • AI-driven transcription of audio and video files
  • 7-day free trial
  • Starts at $60/month
  • Transcripts can be translated into over 50 languages
  • Real-time collaboration in a single workflow
  • Unlimited transcription in the Advanced plan
  • Mobile app for easy file uploading
  • Custom dictionary for enhanced accuracy
  • Integration with apps like Zapier
  • Prompt and proactive customer support
  • Strong data encryption and privacy measures

Trint, created by journalist Jeff Kofman, is a tool that changes audio and video into text using AI technology, making life easier for people in journalism and media. After spending over 30 years in the field and dealing with slow, manual transcription, Kofman developed Trint to help tell stories faster and with less hassle.

More than just transcription

This platform doesn't just transcribe but also helps users translate, edit, and work together in one easy workflow. It's not only used by big news organizations like the BBC and Washington Post but also supports podcasters and other content creators in speeding up their work process. Trint aims to solve a common problem in journalism: slowing down stories with slow transcription work.

Not pay-as-you-go

Trint is a little different from most other services in our review. Instead of charging you by the minute, Trint offers three plans billed monthly or annually. The Starter plan includes only 7 audio files per month (no specified runtime limit), subtitle and closed caption creation, automatic speaker identification, and up to two other users. If you pay monthly, it'll cost you $60. If you subscribe for the year, you'll pay $48 per month, saving $144 over that 12-month period.

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Limits on transcription make Starter plan a poor fit for most

One obvious drawback: if you don't use transcription services often, you might end up paying for more than you need. And if you use transcription services very often, but your files tend to be shorter (like if you run a YouTube channel with regular uploads under 10 minutes), you might hit your cap before getting much value for your money. We have trouble picturing the kind of user the Starter plan would be ideal for. In fact, many freelancers who used Trint before (when they had a pay-as-you-go model) have left negative reviews, saying this new monthly payment model has made the service impractical for their needs.

Advanced plan includes unlimited transcription and mobile app

The Advanced plan costs $75 monthly or $60 if you pay for the year. This plan is the one we would recommend, because it includes unlimited transcription. You can also use their mobile app to upload your files, the shared Workspace feature for team collaboration, the custom dictionary, and you'll be able to translate your transcripts into over 50 languages. Users of this plan are very satisfied, saying they love the unlimited transcription. The mobile app has also been praised, with users calling it "slick" and "responsive" . By all accounts, Trint's in-site editor and interface are also intuitive and highly functional.

Enterprise plan comes with integrations and analytics

The Enterprise plan offers live, shareable transcription allowing multiple users to collaborate on projects in real-time. It also provides integration with apps like Zapier, advanced analytics, and 24/7 access to a Dedicated Customer Success Manager. The cost isn't provided upfront; interested parties should contact Trint directly for pricing. This plan is well-suited for larger businesses, media houses, podcasting teams, multinational corporations, and research-heavy academic institutions. Those prioritizing continuous support and in-depth data insights about their transcription activities would find the plan especially beneficial.

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Data is encrypted

Because Trint is AI-driven, it turns your recordings into text without humans ever listening in, and your audio files are kept under digital lock and key. They're stored securely in places like Amazon Web Services, and Trint uses tough encryption to keep your data safe. Trint's team can see the names of your files but can't peek into the content unless you give the go-ahead. So, your recordings stay private.

Not HIPAA certified

However, there's a heads-up for those in the healthcare field: Trint isn't HIPAA certified. This means if you're handling sensitive health info, this platform might not check all the regulatory boxes for you. But, Trint does take data safety seriously and follows robust global standards (like ISO 27001). If you ever want to say goodbye to Trint and take your data with you, they'll wave farewell, deleting your data within a 30-day window.

Same problems with accents found across all AI solutions

There aren't many complaints about Trint, but it's worth mentioning the few that are out there. For one, it doesn't do much better than its AI-utilizing competitors when it comes to transcribing international accents. Some users say there are hiccups involving editing speaker names (where changing one name alters all subsequent speaker names too) and that large files can be slow to upload. None of these complaints have been dealbreakers for anyone, but if you're not sure if they will be for you, you can take advantage of Trint's 7-day free trial to test it out for yourself.

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Email support available

Customers only have good things to say about Trint's customer support. They say it's prompt, proactive, and that bugs are consistently fixed. If you need help, you can use their live chat or reach out via email. You should receive a response within a day.

Our top pick for users in media

Trint stands out in the transcription world with its AI-driven approach, designed especially for journalism and media. While it faces common AI challenges like handling diverse accents, its features, especially in real-time collaboration, set it apart. The pricing models might not be for everyone, with the Starter plan's limitations being a potential drawback. However, larger teams and businesses will find value in the Advanced and Enterprise plans. Trint keeps user data safe, though those in healthcare should note the lack of HIPAA certification. Overall, Trint offers a comprehensive transcription solution, combining security with functionality, backed by reliable customer support

Where Can You Find the Best Transcription Service?

Imagine you've just wrapped up a lively brainstorming session with your marketing team. Ideas were flowing freely - but no one remembered to take detailed notes. Here's where transcription services come to the rescue. They can turn all those spoken words into a clear, written format, so no winning idea gets lost.

Simply put, transcription services take what's said in audio or video and turn it into text. And this isn't only useful for missing meeting notes. It also spans across various fields like legal, medical, and business, making sure important spoken information is accurately captured and easily revisited in text form.

The Best Transcription Services Compare Transcription Services Compare Transcription Service Reviews What are the best Transcription Services Best Transcription Service Reviews

Transcription Service FAQ

Transcription services convert live or recorded speech into text for legal, medical, educational, or business purposes. A university student may record a lecture and have it transcribed to more easily take notes, or a court reporter may record the audio of a criminal trial and submit it to one of these services for transcription. Many transcription services also provide captioning for YouTube videos or other mp4 files.
By outsourcing the transcription of your file, you save yourself frustration and time, and as we all know, time is money. However, if you are determined to transcribe your audio all by yourself, some transcription services provide in-site dictation, editing, and automatic speech-to-text tools.
The pricing model of transcription is based on dollars-per-minute. Depending on the service you choose, the language and complexity of the audio, how polished you want your final transcript to be and how fast you need it, manual transcription will run you anywhere between $0.75-$3 per minute.
Most transcription services offer both automated and manual transcription options. Automated transcription is done by running your audio through speech recognition software, and the quality of the finished product will depend on whether or not the audio you submitted was clear enough to be understood by the AI. Manual transcription is done by an actual person. Automated transcription is cheaper, generally costing $0.10 per minute of audio. Manual transcription is more expensive, but it is typically much more accurate and is the only viable option for difficult audio files.
Most transcription services offer a 99% accuracy guarantee. If you are unhappy with your transcript, they will rework it until it meets 99% accuracy or until you are satisfied.
If you opt for automated transcription, turnaround typically takes between 5 minutes and 5x the length of the audio. Manual transcription turnaround times will depend on the service and the length and complexity of the audio, but most services advertise 24 hours between when you submit your audio or video file and when you receive your finished transcript.
Yes, you can. Most services offer foreign language transcription, though you should be aware that you may be paying as much as $7 per minute of audio depending on the language.
Most transcription services offer transcription for medical, academic, and legal purposes for an extra fee. Some services only do this sort of transcription. A mark of a transcription service well-suited to medical, legal, and academic transcription is their commitment to customer security. These services bind their employees to a non-disclosure agreement, and, at your request, will destroy their copy of your files upon completion of your order.
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You'll find two main types of transcription: manual and automated. Manual involves a person listening to the audio and typing it out, capturing nuances and context but potentially taking more time and being a bit pricier. Automated uses technology to transcribe quickly and usually at a lower cost, but may miss the mark on accuracy, especially with tricky audios or specific jargon.

Some services offer both manual and automated types of transcription services, while others offer just one. Some transcription services even give customers complete control over the transcription process by providing them with tools to dictate and edit within the platform themselves.

What you may not know is that transcription services can do more than just turn spoken words into text. Some services offer extras like identifying different speakers, adding time stamps, and keeping track of specialized terms. Also, given that some recordings can contain sensitive information, top-tier services prioritize robust data protection to keep your information safe.

In terms of user experience, high-quality transcription services focus on making things easy for clients from start to finish. This includes an easy-to-navigate website, straightforward file uploading, clear pricing, and timely delivery of transcriptions.

Trying to find a trustworthy online transcription service can be tough. Most have thousands of transcriptionists, which means the quality can vary a lot from project to project, and reading customer reviews might not give you a clear picture of what to expect.

Before you pick a transcription service, think about these points to make sure you know what you're looking for:

  • Pricing. Understand what you're paying for. Good services will tell you upfront about extra costs for things like poor audio quality, strong accents, adding timestamps, or handling multiple speakers.
  • Quality control. A quality control team should review your final transcription before it makes it to your inbox to make sure it's good quality, meeting both the service's and your standards.
  • Customer service. If your transcription isn't satisfactory, the transcription service should offer to fix it or refund you some of your money.

Top Consumer Reviews has reviewed and ranked the best transcription services available online today. We hope our evaluation will help you find the right service, where every spoken word will be accurately - and affordably - captured in text!

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