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We Scribe It Review

Sunday, April 21st

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We Scribe It Review 2 Star Rating

We Scribe It

2 Star Rating
  • Founded in 2008
  • U.S.-based transcription service
  • 98% accuracy guarantee
  • Utilizes native English-speaking transcribers without voice recognition software
  • Offers different transcription types (General, Legal, Medical)

WeScribeIt, founded in 2008, is a U.S.-based transcription service with a 98% accuracy guarantee, achieved by utilizing native English-speaking transcribers without voice recognition software. Offering 24/7 services across various domains like legal, medical, and event transcriptions, the company emphasizes affordability, transparent billing, and prides itself on timeliness and professionalism among its global clientele.

General transcription starts at $1.50/minute

WeScribeIt offers General, Legal, and Medical transcription with extra charges for speakers and priority completion. Here's a breakdown of their costs for Regular 10-16 hour delivery:

  • General: $1.50/minute
  • Legal: $2.00/minute
  • Medical: $3.15/minute

Prices are not competitive

For 6-hour Express delivery, General transcription jumps to $2.25/minute. There's no indication of whether any of these rates include speaker labels or time coding, but even if they do, these are not competitive prices. When you add in extra charges for multiple speakers ($0.50/minute for 2 speakers, $0.75 for 3 or more), you're looking at a large bill.

Potential discount for slow turnaround

In WeScribeIt's FAQ, they mention that you can receive a discount if you choose a significantly slower turnaround time of 1-2 weeks. However, there's no further information provided regarding the amount of the discount or how to indicate your preference for this option.

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Very little online presence

We can't find anything about WeScribeIt in the realm of third-party consumer reviews. They're not listed with the Better Business Bureau, Trustpilot, or even G2. We checked out the social media profiles they included on their website, but all were dead ends. WeScribeIt's website does have a testimonials tab, but the reviews are not dated, and obviously, WeScribeIt is only going to include quotes that reflect positively on their company there.

Seems like no one is home

We were curious to find out if anything had changed about WeScribeIt since the time of our last review. It would look like the answer is no: even an embarrassing typo in the FAQ promising the "exprience" of their typists had not been corrected.

Better choices available

Wrapping things up, we find ourselves hesitant to put our stamp of approval on WeScribeIt. There's a surprising lack of an online footprint, especially concerning when there are no customer reviews to be found outside of those on their own website. This makes it pretty tough to double-check their claims and really know what we're getting into - or what could justify their steep prices. Add to that a website which, typos and all, hasn't seen a noticeable update since our last visit, and our confidence wavers. They don't come across as terrible, per se, but without a clear picture of their reliability, endorsing them is a bit out of our reach.

Where Can You Find the Best Transcription Service?

Imagine you've just wrapped up a lively brainstorming session with your marketing team. Ideas were flowing freely - but no one remembered to take detailed notes. Here's where transcription services come to the rescue. They can turn all those spoken words into a clear, written format, so no winning idea gets lost.

Simply put, transcription services take what's said in audio or video and turn it into text. And this isn't only useful for missing meeting notes. It also spans across various fields like legal, medical, and business, making sure important spoken information is accurately captured and easily revisited in text form.

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Transcription Service FAQ

Transcription services convert live or recorded speech into text for legal, medical, educational, or business purposes. A university student may record a lecture and have it transcribed to more easily take notes, or a court reporter may record the audio of a criminal trial and submit it to one of these services for transcription. Many transcription services also provide captioning for YouTube videos or other mp4 files.
By outsourcing the transcription of your file, you save yourself frustration and time, and as we all know, time is money. However, if you are determined to transcribe your audio all by yourself, some transcription services provide in-site dictation, editing, and automatic speech-to-text tools.
The pricing model of transcription is based on dollars-per-minute. Depending on the service you choose, the language and complexity of the audio, how polished you want your final transcript to be and how fast you need it, manual transcription will run you anywhere between $0.75-$3 per minute.
Most transcription services offer both automated and manual transcription options. Automated transcription is done by running your audio through speech recognition software, and the quality of the finished product will depend on whether or not the audio you submitted was clear enough to be understood by the AI. Manual transcription is done by an actual person. Automated transcription is cheaper, generally costing $0.10 per minute of audio. Manual transcription is more expensive, but it is typically much more accurate and is the only viable option for difficult audio files.
Most transcription services offer a 99% accuracy guarantee. If you are unhappy with your transcript, they will rework it until it meets 99% accuracy or until you are satisfied.
If you opt for automated transcription, turnaround typically takes between 5 minutes and 5x the length of the audio. Manual transcription turnaround times will depend on the service and the length and complexity of the audio, but most services advertise 24 hours between when you submit your audio or video file and when you receive your finished transcript.
Yes, you can. Most services offer foreign language transcription, though you should be aware that you may be paying as much as $7 per minute of audio depending on the language.
Most transcription services offer transcription for medical, academic, and legal purposes for an extra fee. Some services only do this sort of transcription. A mark of a transcription service well-suited to medical, legal, and academic transcription is their commitment to customer security. These services bind their employees to a non-disclosure agreement, and, at your request, will destroy their copy of your files upon completion of your order.
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You'll find two main types of transcription: manual and automated. Manual involves a person listening to the audio and typing it out, capturing nuances and context but potentially taking more time and being a bit pricier. Automated uses technology to transcribe quickly and usually at a lower cost, but may miss the mark on accuracy, especially with tricky audios or specific jargon.

Some services offer both manual and automated types of transcription services, while others offer just one. Some transcription services even give customers complete control over the transcription process by providing them with tools to dictate and edit within the platform themselves.

What you may not know is that transcription services can do more than just turn spoken words into text. Some services offer extras like identifying different speakers, adding time stamps, and keeping track of specialized terms. Also, given that some recordings can contain sensitive information, top-tier services prioritize robust data protection to keep your information safe.

In terms of user experience, high-quality transcription services focus on making things easy for clients from start to finish. This includes an easy-to-navigate website, straightforward file uploading, clear pricing, and timely delivery of transcriptions.

Trying to find a trustworthy online transcription service can be tough. Most have thousands of transcriptionists, which means the quality can vary a lot from project to project, and reading customer reviews might not give you a clear picture of what to expect.

Before you pick a transcription service, think about these points to make sure you know what you're looking for:

  • Pricing. Understand what you're paying for. Good services will tell you upfront about extra costs for things like poor audio quality, strong accents, adding timestamps, or handling multiple speakers.
  • Quality control. A quality control team should review your final transcription before it makes it to your inbox to make sure it's good quality, meeting both the service's and your standards.
  • Customer service. If your transcription isn't satisfactory, the transcription service should offer to fix it or refund you some of your money.

Top Consumer Reviews has reviewed and ranked the best transcription services available online today. We hope our evaluation will help you find the right service, where every spoken word will be accurately - and affordably - captured in text!

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