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Squaremouth Review

Friday, September 22nd

2023 Travel Insurance Plan Reviews

Top Consumer Reviews Best-In-Class Blue Ribbon Award Squaremouth Review 5 Star Rating


5 Star Rating
  • One-stop shopping for policies from more than 30 providers
  • All insurers quoted through SquareMouth have to comply with "Zero Complaint Guarantee" and have a high A.M. Best rating
  • Four policy types available: standard single trip, annual/multi-trip, cruise, adventure/sports
Top Consumer Reviews Best-In-Class Blue Ribbon Award

SquareMouth has helped more than two million customers to find the right travel insurance. This service brings you quotes from more than 30 top names in the industry and makes it easy to compare their coverage and benefits. Over the last year alone, SquareMouth sold nearly $100 million in travel insurance policies.

Best selection of insurers and policies here

To make a fair comparison across travel insurance websites, we used the profile of two 35-year old travelers taking a $3,000 trip to Mexico in six months, paid in full on the date we requested the quote. Naturally, because SquareMouth is a referral service, we got many more options than with platforms that only offer policies from a single insurer: 56 that best matched our search criteria, out of a total of 102. The top five policies ranged in price from $106 to $208 and included plans from Trawick International, Seven Corners, Tin Leg, Generali Global Assistance, and IMG.

Information at a glance

What we really like about using SquareMouth is how easy it is to see at a glance what each policy has to offer. On our list, we noticed right away that one insurer was a Forbes 5-Star Travel Insurance Provider in the previous calendar year, another was featured by Forbes for offering superior coverage during the pandemic, and a third got kudos from Forbes for its travel delay benefits. All policies had a preview of the coverage for COVID-related cancellations or medical, trip cancellation and interruption, medical evacuation and general medical benefits. It was also very easy to click the "Compare Policy" checkboxes and see any travel insurance that we wanted to see side-by-side.

Easy to compare

Another thing we liked about SquareMouth is how easy it is to compare all the policies they match you with. You can sort the results by least expensive to most expensive, and use their side-by-side comparison tool to evaluate the details of each policy.

Take advantage of thousands of customer ratings

Another big benefit of using a referral platform like SquareMouth is being able to see hundreds - or thousands - of reviews from other travelers. Every quote tells you how many policies that company has sold via SquareMouth and since what year, plus ratings from clients. You can click on the "Full Policy Detail" and read what clients have said, while getting the complete information about any travel insurance coverage you're considering.

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No upselling here

We also appreciate that this travel insurance service aims to "downsell" you: in other words, they'll recommend the lowest-priced policy that still matches the coverage you need. SquareMouth doesn't base its sales on commissions, so there's no reason for them to push policies that are more costly.

Terrific variety of travel insurance types

A final reason to consider getting your travel insurance through SquareMouth is the variety of coverage types available here. Our quote was for a traditional single-trip policy, but what if you're an avid traveler who wants to cover multiple trips in a year? Or you're taking a cruise? Maybe you're an adventurer participating in skydiving, an athlete competing in amateur sports competitions, or bringing expensive gear for skiing or scuba? When you get an insurance quote from a single insurer, the answer may be "no" , but through SquareMouth you can find policies from companies that will say "absolutely!" .

Disappointing drop in the BBB rating

All of these positives are why we were shocked to see that since our last review, SquareMouth's listing with the Better Business Bureau had dropped to a "D-" for failing to respond to 13 customer complaints. That's not a huge number, but we were puzzled to see that most of those were in the most recent one-year period. We wonder what SquareMouth's excuse would be for not addressing such a small number of client concerns.

Digging deeper

However, this disappointment should not be a huge factor in whether you use SquareMouth. Why? If you look at the BBB complaints, you'll see that they're all related to failures on the end of the insurer - not SquareMouth. So, they logged their complaints with SquareMouth, when really their complaints were with an entirely different company. Of course, ultimately your satisfaction with your travel insurance will depend on that insurance company.

Outstanding choice

Overall, SquareMouth is an outstanding place to shop for travel insurance. We love being able to see thousands and thousands of customer ratings - and this site offers more client reviews than any other provider we evaluated. With their large insurance network, you'll get a competitive quote and be able to check out other customer reviews and comments. Once again they earn high marks in our review of travel insurance providers.

Who Offers the Best Travel Insurance?

With daily news stories of delayed and canceled flights, lost baggage, and travelers stranded overseas in the middle of a natural disaster, it's easy to see why travel insurance is so important. Like most types of insurance, travel insurance is bought in the hopes that you'll never need it. But, for most travelers, it's worth the price for the protection it provides.

Have you ever thought that this coverage was just an unnecessary, added expense? That's fairly common: most people assume that they've got protection through their credit card company, their regular health insurance, even their homeowners' policy. In some situations, that may be accurate - but unless you know the details of those types of coverage, you're more likely to be left paying out-of-pocket expenses you thought were taken care of... but aren't included.

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Travel Insurance Plan FAQ

Travel insurance is exactly what it sounds like: coverage for unexpected events before or during a trip. If you've been working and saving for your dream vacation, you want the peace of mind that comes from knowing that you won't lose it all if something happens and you have to cancel or come home early. Travel insurance is the way to go!
Your coverage will always depend on the plan and insurer you select. Typical benefits include trip cancellation or interruption, emergency medical transportation, issues with lost/stolen/delayed baggage, emergency medical/dental coverage, and a 24-hour assistance hotline.
Read all of the fine print of any travel insurance policy you're considering, and you'll quickly see that the coverage is not comprehensive. For example, your policy won't cover anything booked after the start of a "known event" (like a pandemic or natural disaster). You'll also need a rider if you plan on participating in "risky activities and sports" like bungee jumping, skydiving, and so on.
Yes, but you'll have to take a few extra steps (and probably pay a few extra dollars!). You'll need a plan that has a Pre-Existing Medical Condition Exclusion Waiver, for starters. Other requirements vary by insurer, but it's common to see policies where you have to be medically able to travel on the date you purchased coverage, as well as needing to buy your travel insurance within two weeks of making your first deposit or payment.
It's surprisingly affordable - and a smart way to make sure that you don't lose your vacation money if you have to cancel a trip or come home sooner than expected! The amount you'll pay depends on the travelers' ages, the total cost of the trip, and how much coverage you want.
That's up to you, but can you afford to lose money if something goes wrong before or during your trip? There are always risks involved with traveling, from stolen luggage to having to cancel because your partner or child gets sick, and having a good travel insurance policy is an affordable way to mitigate those risks.
You'll often get offers for coverage at the time you book your flight/hotel/rental car, but they're not always your best option. You might get better coverage for less money by getting a quote online from an insurance referral service or directly from a travel insurance provider. The process is quick and easy: you should have policy documents in your inbox within minutes of finalizing your application and paying the premium.
Absolutely! Millions of travelers get their coverage online every year. Just be sure to check the reputation of any insurer you're considering, and read the plan details carefully so that you get the benefits you need.
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Continued from above...

And, even if you do have that kind of protection, travel insurance policies can amplify your benefits. For example, if you choose a plan that offers $500,000 in primary medical coverage, you might not need to touch your regular health insurance: your bills will be reimbursed up to that amount, no matter what your everyday health plan includes. Car rental insurance can go above and beyond what's paid for by your credit card company or even your own vehicle's coverage - and that can be critical if you're driving in another country and have an accident.

What type of travel insurance do you need? Naturally, that depends on your trip, your travel party, and your budget. A single-trip policy will be more affordable than multi-trip coverage - but if you're traveling internationally more than once in a year, the annual policy becomes much more economical. Do you need to be able to cancel for any reason? Is it important to you to have a waiver of the pre-existing conditions exclusion? Are there any children under 18 in your party that might be included at no extra charge, depending on the insurer you select? These are all factors that will influence your decision when picking a travel insurance plan.

Confused yet? You do have a lot of options. Here are some criteria to help you sort through them and ultimately wind up with the travel insurance coverage you need:

  • Quote process. How easy is it to get a quote that matches your insurance needs? Does the site explain the questions it asks, and does it display all of the possible plans in a way you can understand? Can you buy your policy right then and there, or do you have to click through to another site?
  • Value. What's included for your premium? From one site to another, you will probably see the same price on any given plan because the states regulate travel insurance prices. However, it's worth your time to compare premium prices and benefits among different insurers, so that you get the most for your money.
  • Reputation. It's easy for an insurance company to get high marks from customers if they never had to make a claim on the policy. What do clients who've filed claims say about the way they were treated? Were they reimbursed quickly? Did they get updates about the status of the claim? It's also good to check the Better Business Bureau's rating of any travel insurance service you're going to use.

To help you get the protection you need on your next adventure, TopConsumerReviews.com has evaluated and ranked today's most popular sources of travel insurance. We're confident that this information will make it easy to protect yourself and what you've spent on your trip - and to have backup if something goes off track on your journey. Bon voyage!

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