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The Best Travel Visa Services

What's the Easiest Way to Get a Travel Visa?

Online travel visa providers have revolutionized the way individuals apply for visas when planning their international trips. These services offer a wide range of benefits that simplify and expedite the travel visa application process, making it more convenient and accessible than ever before.

One of the most significant advantages of using online travel visa providers is the convenience they offer. Traditionally, getting a travel visa required multiple visits to embassies or consulates, which could be time-consuming and inconvenient. With online travel visa providers, you can complete the entire application process from the comfort of your own homes or office. This eliminates the need for in-person visits and long waiting times, saving you valuable time and effort.

Sunday, April 14th

2024 Travel Visa Service Reviews

Top Consumer Reviews Best-In-Class Blue Ribbon Award Passport Visas Express Review 5 Star Rating

Passport Visas Express

5 Star Rating
  • Can apply for multiple visa types (tourist, business, student)
  • Works directly with embassies of 150+ countries
  • Three tiers of service (Regular, Preparation, Concierge)
  • Thousands of five-star reviews
  • Customer service is easy to reach
Top Consumer Reviews Best-In-Class Blue Ribbon Award

Passport Visas Express has been providing expedited passports and express visa services for nearly two decades. They have received recognition from reputable sources like CNN, BudgetTravel, and The Washington Post as a reliable and affordable solution for obtaining travel visas online.

Works with embassies of most nations

Get started by selecting your travel destination: when you click on the button, it'll show you some of the most popular countries (China, Thailand, India) or you can select "view all countries" if where you're going isn't on that short list. Passport Visas Express works directly with the embassies of more than 150 countries, so you shouldn't have a hard time finding your location here.

You'll know if you need a visa

We were glad to see that this service makes it abundantly clear when travelers don't need a visa for travel to a particular destination. For example, at the time of this evaluation, Brazil had paused its requirements for tourist entry visas, and PVE stated that upfront at the top of the country-specific page. Helpfully, they also listed out other expedited visa types that were on offer, such as work, diplomatic, and non-US citizens.

You won't pay for something you don't need

Similarly, we were really impressed when we went to look up the Australian tourist visa, which is known as being both lengthy and expensive. What seemed like a downside - seeing that Passport Visas Express had it as "service currently unavailable" - turned out to be a huge mark in this company's favor. Why? When we reached out to their live chat agent (who responded promptly, by the way), they explained that at the moment, Australia was requiring all tourist visas to go through their embassy directly, with no third-party assistance allowed. Other companies were not so clear about that - and were perfectly willing to take our money for something we might not have needed (a different type of visa for those who didn't qualify for what the Australian government was offering to direct applicants).

Best Travel Visa Services

Very transparent visa process

So, let's take a look at a country with a long list of visa requirements: China. How does Passport Visas Express do? In a word, excellent. From the very first moment you land on the China visa page, you'll be able to see exactly what to expect: pricing, process, and more. For example, on a basic tourist visa, you'll pay service fees starting at $449 (on top of the required consular fees, of course). You'll also need to enter your zip code to get the application requirements for the consulate nearest you. We love how PVE spells out each step needed, from the tourist visa application review to the flight confirmation and beyond.

DIY or concierge, you choose

Generally speaking, there are three levels of service available from Passport Visas Express. Regular lets you complete your travel visa application at your own pace, with their team on standby to answer any questions you might have, and then you send your application to them for processing. You can also opt for the Preparation service as an upgrade during checkout; this tier connects you with one of their experts over the phone, who will complete the application for you during the call and then send it to you to print, sign, and return for processing. Finally, if you prefer to skip online checkout completely, you can call for Personal Concierge service: the agent will create your order, ensure all needed services are included, fill out your application, and send it to you for your signature.

Thousands of 5-star ratings

PVE holds up really well when you consider its reputation too. Across nearly 6,000 reviews on Trustpilot, more than 95% of clients gave this travel visa service a 4- or 5-star rating, averaging an impressive 4.9 out of 5 stars. People describe their experience as being quick and easy, and many mention how pleased they were with the availability of the customer support team. While we wish that Passport Visas Express would put something on their site about how they handle rejected visa applications - is there a refund? Does it only apply in certain circumstances? - the overwhelmingly positive feedback from clients, especially those who have used this travel visa service on multiple occasions, leaves us feeling like that's a pretty minor concern overall.

#1 pick for travel visas

When it comes to applying for a travel visa, it doesn't get much better than Passport Visas Express. They deliver on their promises, returning your passport with a completed visa right on time and giving you all the help and reassurance you might need along the way. You should feel very comfortable entrusting this service with your documents. We're pleased to name Passport Visas Express as our new #1 pick for getting help with travel visas.

Travel Visa Pro Review 4.5 Star Rating

Travel Visa Pro

4.5 Star Rating
  • Mostly offers tourist and business visas
  • VIP and Executive Choice concierge service available
  • Help available via phone, text, live chat, online form, or in person at one of 50+ USA office locations
  • "A+" rated and accredited by the BBB

If you want all of the features of a large agency with the one-on-one service of a boutique travel visa company, Travel Visa Pro is the right place for you. In business for over a decade, this service specializes in making travelers' lives easier with full-service in-person locations and simple online applications, support even on weekends and at night, and the kind of attention you'd expect from a world-class travel visa provider. You can also get passport services here, whether you need one for the first time or you're replacing a passport that's expired or stolen

Won't make you apply for something you don't need

Let's take a look at how Travel Visa Pro did with three countries we used for comparison across providers.

  • With respect to Australia, who was requiring applicants to get tourist visas directly through a government website at the time of this evaluation, Travel Visa Pro didn't spell that out. But, in contrast with some rival visa platforms who let us go ahead and apply for... something... TVP said that we would need to reach out to them so that they could research our request, because the requirements weren't updated in their system. We would have liked to see a clear explanation of what was going on with Australian tourist visas, but this approach was good enough for us.
  • Brazil was also a special case at the time of this evaluation: it wasn't requiring tourist visas for US passport holders, but those fees were scheduled to be reinstated in a few months. While Travel Visa Pro didn't have anything about the reinstatement date, it correctly indicated that we wouldn't need a visa for tourism of 90 days or less.

Excellent choice for Chinese travel visas

China was the third destination in our comparison, and we were pleased to see that TVP offered several travel visa types (employment, family visit, business, crew, tourist) - because the visa types for other countries here were more limited than some rival services. The information provided for travel to China was the most comprehensive we saw on any visa site, explaining everything from different visa types to document and photo requirements. Travel Visa Pro also gave us lots of options for processing time on our China visa: 16-30 days for a service fee of $499, 11-15 days for $999, and 5-10 days for $1,499. That's a big advantage over many rival services who were only offering 15-30 day processing at the time of this evaluation. We could also opt for concierge service for $199 (VIP) or $499 (Executive Choice): extras with those packages include overnight inbound and outbound delivery, photo printing, and so on. Those services are available as a la carte purchases if you prefer not to pay for a package, but the bundled services will always be a better deal.

Best Travel Visa Services

Round-the-clock support

We appreciate that Travel Visa Pro makes it easy to get help, too. You can reach out via phone, email, text, or online form 24/7 - or you can even visit one of their in-person locations nationwide. That makes this an excellent choice for anyone who might want a little face-to-face reassurance that their travel visa application will be in good hands.

Travelers love this company

And yes, Travel Visa Pro really does live up to its promises. Everywhere you look, you'll find almost nothing but five-star reviews for this travel visa and passport service. Some of the phrases that jumped out at us include "TVP saved my trip and my sanity" , "reliable and extremely responsive" , and "I wish more companies were this good" . The Better Business Bureau agrees, giving Travel Visa Pro its accreditation and an "A+" rating.

Best for travelers who need extra support or quick processing

Travel Visa Pro comes in as a very close second to our #1 pick in the industry. TVP wasn't quite as clear on why certain countries weren't available for visa applications, and travelers who need visa types beyond tourism or business might not be able to apply here, depending on the destination. But, this company goes above and beyond most rival services with respect to customer service, especially with the ability to reach out to a rep 24/7. If you think you might need a little extra reassurance during your travel visa application process, or if you're in a tight situation time-wise, we strongly recommend that you get in touch with Travel Visa Pro.

Visa HQ Review 4.5 Star Rating

Visa HQ

4.5 Star Rating
  • Many different travel visa types available (artist, athlete, courtesy, missionary, research, tourist)
  • Website is very easy to use and informative
  • Pricing is typically competitive
  • Help available via phone and email

Since its establishment in 2003, VisaHQ has been a leading provider of online visa services and U.S. passport solutions. They offer a convenient and efficient way for travelers to apply for visas to nearly any country worldwide. With their advanced online platform, customers can easily complete a single electronic form for some destinations, eliminating the need for paper documentation. VisaHQ also assists US citizens with passport services, including obtaining, renewing, and replacing passports.

Could be a little clearer when requirements change

How did VisaHQ do when we looked at three countries for comparison (namely Australia, Brazil, and China)? At the date of this evaluation, Australia was requiring tourists needing their most basic tourist visa (subclass 601) to apply directly through their government website, and VisaHQ disappointed us by not explaining that. Instead, their site defaulted to the tourist e-visa (class 600) "if you cannot get subclass 601" . Confused? We would have been too, if we didn't already have the heads-up about what was going on at the time.

Lots of visa types available

On the other hand, we were very pleased with VisaHQ's results for a Brazilian tourist visa: they correctly identified it as not necessary (which was true at the time of our visit), as well as informing travelers of the exact date when that visa requirement for US citizens was scheduled to be required again. We also appreciated that many different visa types were available for this destination country, all visible with a handy scroll bar on VisaHQ's main Brazil visa page: artist/athlete, courtesy, missionary, official, scientific, and so on.

Visa requirements clearly explained

And China? VisaHQ did well there too, offering help with visa types ranging from tourist to journalist and many others. As you may know, the Chinese visa process is not simple, and this site does a great job of explaining absolutely everything a traveler will need to do and provide. You complete the application form online and print it off, then send it in along with your other documents (passport, proof of residency, the Where You Stay form).

Best Travel Visa Services

Transparent pricing

For any country where you need a travel visa, VisaHQ clearly spells out what your total cost will be right on that country's page. For example, a Chinese tourist visa would incur a fee of $784: $185 for the embassy fee and $599 for VisaHQ's service fees. Is that a reasonable cost? That depends: on the China main page, it said those fees would cover a turnaround time of 7-9 business days, which is a steal compared with rival travel visa services. However, when we got into the application, the processing time was shown as 15-20 business days: honestly, that's the timeframe we were expecting in current conditions, and that puts VisaHQ as a little more costly than other services charging in the neighborhood of $499 for that processing speed.

Good reputation

Overall traveler feedback for VisaHQ is definitely positive. Out of 3300+ reviews, the company earned an average of 4.4 out of 5 stars. One of the most frequent compliments is on the processing speed for travel visas: many customers say that their applications were approved and passports returned well in advance of the promised timeframe. Other clients praise the customer service team, with one person saying that VisaHQ gave them "the most rapid response [they] have ever had in dealing with customer service by email" .

Not a favorite of the BBB

But, should you go out looking for VisaHQ reviews yourself, be prepared to find an "F" rating from the Better Business Bureau (we were surprised too). That's for failing to respond to two complaints out of the five filed with the BBB over the last three years: not what we would call an egregious pattern of misbehavior, anyway. And, most of the complaints we spotted as we sifted through reviews elsewhere were responded to appropriately and quickly by VisaHQ representatives.

Excellent option for travel visas

VisaHQ is one of our preferred providers of travel visas. The site is one of the easiest to use that we've ever seen, making it fast and simple to choose the right visa for your trip and to understand what the requirements for approval will be. Less experienced travelers will benefit from having access to customer support reps via email and phone, and everyone can appreciate getting their visa paperwork processed and completed faster than promised. Give VisaHQ a look the next time you're planning on traveling internationally.

iVisa Review 3.5 Star Rating


3.5 Star Rating
  • Good for tourist visas
  • In business for 10+ years
  • Almost 35,000 five-star reviews
  • Decent refund policy

The company iVisa, founded in 2012 by two friends pursuing their MBAs at Harvard Business School, was born out of their own frustrations with the cumbersome visa application process. As avid travelers, they understood the hassle of dealing with government offices and extensive paperwork while trying to balance their growing families. They aimed to create a streamlined solution that would enable hassle-free travel without the need for time-consuming forms or visits to foreign embassies. Since its inception, iVisa has served over one million satisfied customers who appreciate the simplicity of their processes.

Helpful FAQ for newbies

If you're a first-time applicant for a travel visa, you may have questions regarding the necessity of a visa, the application process, and the expected timeframe for obtaining one. iVisa offers a helpful FAQ page to address such concerns and provide clarity. This page covers topics like eVisas, visa validity duration, application status tracking, typical visa processing times, and other essential information.

Isn't always clear with countries' requirements

Using the iVisa site is pretty straightforward. Select the country you're from and your intended destination, and you'll see what's required for that location, including details on government fees. But, here's what we didn't love. We checked out a country that, at the time of this review, wasn't requiring tourist visas for US citizens (Brazil). iVisa told us that - but at the same time, we were pushed to use the service to take care of our health declaration. When we tried to start that process, we were then told no, it wouldn't be necessary until a date in the future when the country was reinstating required tourist visas. It felt very confusing, and if we hadn't already been familiar with the travel visa requirements for that destination, iVisa certainly wouldn't have set our mind at ease.

Visa types limited to tourism

Another drawback we found when using iVisa was not being able to choose among different travel visa types. Not everyone needs a simple tourist visa: some travelers need options for business, missionary work, scientific research, and so on, and we didn't find that kind of help here (despite easily getting it through some of iVisa's rivals in the industry).

Best Travel Visa Services

Fees vary

What will you pay for iVisa's help in getting your travel visa application processed? That depends on the location and the speed you prefer. For example, if you're traveling to Brazil, you'd pay $35 for standard processing, $65 for rush processing, and $100 for super rush processing - on top of any governmental fees the country requires at the time of your application.

Decent refund policy

iVisa's refund policy is good but a little convoluted. If you decide to cancel your visa application, you can get all of your money back if your status is "received" or "in progress" . Once it switches to "information needed" , your refund amount drops to "up to 90%" , and then down to zero if your visa application reaches "waiting on government" or "complete" status. What if your travel visa application is rejected? Your ability to get a refund from iVisa will depend on what type of service you purchased. Guided visa services - US B1/B2, Australia Visitor, UK Visitor, Canada Visitor, China, and Schengen visas - are all non-refundable if your application is denied, unfortunately. But, other travel visas here are covered by a full refund policy.

Mixed but generally positive client feedback

How about reputation? iVisa has nearly 35,000 five-star reviews on Trustpilot, and most clients wind up happy with the service they receive. People usually describe it as fast and affordable, and they feel that the process of getting their travel visa was made much easier to understand with iVisa's help. But, if you scroll through some of the most recent reviews, not everyone is thrilled with the experience here. Although only 10% of iVisa clients would rate the service as three stars or lower, those less-than-glowing reviews often relate to some of the downsides we mentioned: taking travelers' money for services they might not really need, not offering refunds when clients expected them, or taking weeks (or months) to process visa applications that could be accomplished by applying directly with the destination government's embassy in a matter of days.

Good but not our favorite anymore

iVisa is still a reputable place to get your travel visa - at least, as long as you're traveling as a tourist and not needing a more specialized kind of permission to enter the country. We're encouraged by the fact that 90% of iVisa's clients still give the service a 4- or 5-star rating too. But, with respect to overall clarity on countries' requirements, iVisa has fallen behind some of its competitors and is no longer our highest-ranked option for travel visas. You may want to see what rival services have to offer before deciding on iVisa for your trip.

TDS Review 2.5 Star Rating


2.5 Star Rating
  • Multiple visa types available (tourist, student, and more)
  • Service mostly consists of filing your completed application: you do the work to get it filled out, and they take it to the embassy or consulate
  • In business for over 30 years

For over 30 years, Travel Document Systems (TDS) has worked with corporate and individual international travelers, cruise lines, NGOs, travel agents, and tour operators to provide expedited visa and passport processing. With locations in DC, San Francisco, New York City, Chicago, Houston, Atlanta, Seattle, and LA, this company is just a short walk from most embassies, consulates, and the US Passport Agency itself.

Might give you a visa you don't actually need

How did TDS perform when we looked at three popular visa destinations (Australia, Brazil, China)? We had mixed feelings with the Australia results: at the time of this evaluation, Australia was requiring tourists staying less than 90 days (which, honestly, is most people) to apply for an ETA visa through their channels only and not with third-party help. TDS correctly identified that - but their Australia page defaulted to the Long Stay (90+ days) visa, something that many inexperienced travelers might not realize isn't the documentation they need.

Some countries have available visas beyond tourism

Brazil came up roughly the same way: TDS showed the tourist visa as not required for US passport holders (which was correct at the time of this review) but defaulted to a 10-year validity visa that might not be what the average tourist wants. Other visa types were also available for Brazil, such as student, technical, and work.

Okay for multiple visa types in China

Finally, China. It was noteworthy that there was a disclaimer about Chinese visas on every country page we saw, not just China's itself - explaining that processing times were much longer than what was posted on the site because of the volume of applications being processed at the Chinese embassies and consulates, even for clients paying for Express (2-3 business day) processing. But, TDS also encouraged prospective clients to email them if they have a tight departure, to verify whether or not they can help within the needed timeframe. We appreciate that! TDS offers help with many different types of visas in China, including business, tourist, student, and visiting family/friends. You'll pay $269 for Regular travel visa assistance here and $319 for Express, but again, TDS explained very clearly that the 5-7 business days or 2-3 business days given as timeframes weren't applicable at that time.

Best Travel Visa Services

Be aware of what services are included in your initial fee

We would recommend going through the Document Requirements listed for each country's visa process. You'll find helpful information, both in general and specific to TDS' processes. For example, as we browsed the list for a Nepali tourist visa, that's where we spotted the fact that we'd have to pay an extra $50 for someone at TDS to review our documents for completeness and correctness (we would have thought that was part of the service fee, but apparently not). We also saw that travelers can pay an extra $12 to have TDS format a selfie and return it digitally for printing. In other words, when you pay the generic fee for a travel visa here, you're still doing most of the work yourself. That's fine if you know that all you're getting is someone to file your visa paperwork for you, unless you choose to pay more for additional services.

Watch that grade

And reputation? Interestingly, the TDS website proudly displays a badge from the Better Business Bureau to prove their accreditation there - but when you click on the link, the BBB listing for this company not only showed no accreditation but also a "D-" grade. Oops. Fortunately, though, that rating was for failing to respond to two complaints out of a total of three filed over the last three years - and there were no complaints filed with the BBB in the most recent 12-month period (so not exactly an avalanche of poor customer experiences).

Where's the recent feedback?

Feedback elsewhere was a little... mystifying. There were nearly 5,000 reviews on Trustpilot, averaging about 4.4 out of 5 stars... but none of them were newer than 2018. Similarly, on Shopper Approved, TDS stopped participating in their rating collection back in 2021 - and even the TDS website copyright ended in 2022. And, when we called the local number for the Washington DC headquarters during normal business hours, we got a recorded message saying all agents were busy and inviting us to send an inquiry via email. Curiouser and curiouser, as Alice in Wonderland would say...

Below average for travel visa services

TDS might be a solid place to get a travel visa - but it's hard to feel overly confident about that, with customer feedback dropping off to almost nil over the last few years. We appreciate the accurate information on each country's visa requirements pages, but at the same time we were discouraged by not being able to reach someone during regular business hours. Our recommendation is to keep TDS in mind as an option, but only after you've checked out our higher-ranking providers of travel visa services first.

Rush My Travel Visa Review 2.5 Star Rating

Rush My Travel Visa

2.5 Star Rating
  • Mostly tourist visas, though other types (work, student) available for some destinations
  • Expedited service available for some destinations
  • Refunds available within first 72 hours

Rush My Travel Visa tells you what you need to know right in the company name: they specialize in getting your visa application done quickly. This is a service of Expedited Travel, who also offers passport services, and the company is registered with many foreign consulates.

Might charge you for something you don't need

As a way to gauge the accuracy of various travel visa services, we usually looked at three countries: Australia, Brazil, and China. At the time of this evaluation, Australia was not allowing third-party help for travel visas, requiring visitors to go directly through the government website/app. And yet, Rush My Travel Visa was still offering its service at a price of $45 for their service plus $20 in embassy fees. That didn't leave us feeling super confident.

Not always clear on whether or not you'll need a visa

The travel visa page for Brazil wasn't any better. While it stated very clearly that "Brazilian travel visas are required for all US Citizens" , Rush My Travel Visa only offered work and student visas - probably because, at the time of our visit to the site, Brazil had temporarily suspended the tourist visa requirement. But, there was no mention of that on the country page here.

Best Travel Visa Services

Cheaper - but slower - than most for Chinese travel visas

China travel visas were a little more robust, though. We were able to choose visas for tourists, business, work, students, or crew, and the pricing was spelled out clearly. For a standard multiple-entry tourist visa to China, Rush My Travel Visa charges a service fee of $334, in addition to an embassy fee of $140 and an extra $10 service fee for having RMTV pay those fees on your behalf. However, the only processing speed was 25-40 business days, with no options for expediting paperwork. That's ironic for a service that literally has the word "rush" in its name.

Very limited refund policy

How about refunds? If you cancel your travel visa order within 72 hours, you can get a full refund. Beyond that, though, Rush My Travel Visa will not return your money - even if your application is incomplete or inaccurate, or your visa application is rejected. We wish they would take responsibility for errors on their part - or at least spell it out if they already do that, instead of leaving it unstated.

You'll either love it...

Looking at reviews in places like Trustpilot, they were almost all positive. Customer gave praise for specific customer reps and their hands-on help during the application process, quick turnaround times, and being able to get visas done right when clients had made a mess of it on their own.

Best Travel Visa Services

...or hate it

However, the company (under parent brand Expedited Travel) has only earned a "B" rating from the Better Business Bureau, with nearly 150 complaints filed there over the last three years. People complained about a lack of customer service, unclear requirements for submitting visa and passport applications, and documents that were so delayed that trips had to be canceled. Not exactly encouraging, despite the increase from a "C+" rating the last time we looked.

Do you feel lucky?

Obviously, Rush My Travel Visa is getting mixed client feedback. It's hard to reconcile such different experiences. We're left wondering if it's the luck of the draw when choosing Rush My Travel Visa.

Try a different service for travel visas

Despite the positive feedback, we can't give Rush My Travel Visa a high rating. With constantly-changing visa requirements, a service like this one needs to be 100%^ up to date at all times, and there's no excuse for taking money from nervous travelers who should go directly to the destination government to complete their paperwork instead. Beyond that, this service doesn't offer as much as its rivals do - for visa types or processing speed. We strongly recommend that you look at a higher-ranked travel visa provider instead of RMTV.

Handy Visas Review 2.5 Star Rating

Handy Visas

2.5 Star Rating
  • Offers primarily tourist visas to about 100 countries
  • Can add another traveler to initial application
  • In business since 2019
  • 100% refund if your visa application is denied

Handy Visas started in Spain in 2019, aiming to turn the travel visa application process into a more carefree, streamlined process for travelers on all five continents. Since inception, the company has sold more than a million services with a 99% approval rate on travel visas.

Not necessarily clear

To make a fair comparison across travel visa providers, we often went by the A-B-Cs of Australia, Brazil, and China: all countries that had at some point required US citizens to have a visa for entry. During this evaluation process, Australia was requiring applications to be made directly through their own website or app and not using a service like Handy Visas. On the Australia page, Handy Visas correctly identified that we would need a visa as a US passport-holder, but it wasn't until we went further into the "apply now" process that we were told that Handy Visas would be unable to process our request. Also, the site didn't explain that it was because of the Australian government's policy change: because we were directed to contact our nearest embassy or consulate, we would have been left thinking there was a problem on our side if we didn't already know about the direct-apply requirement.

Could be more specific

Handy Visas got it mostly right when it came to Brazil, telling prospective US travelers that a tourist visa wasn't required at the time and not even directing people to any kind of application. Well done! But, unlike some rival sites, Handy Visa failed to mention that the requirement was scheduled to be reinstated in the near future, which would have been helpful to know.

No help for US citizens needing a Chinese travel visa

And China? Total fail for US passport holders trying to use Handy Visas. All we got was this: "Citizens of United States need to apply for a Visa for China. We recommend contacting the nearest embassy or consulate of China for more information." Or how about we go to a competitor travel visa service who will gladly help us apply for a Chinese travel visa?

Best Travel Visa Services

More "no" than "yes" here

So, if you're keeping score, at this point Handy Visas had yet to come up with a destination country they could help us with. Let's try a few more. Nepal? Yes, we would need a visa - and Handy Visa's link took us to the Nepali government website to apply directly (guess you don't want to help us with that one?) Russian Federation? We were redirected to a .ru website that gave us a 502 Bad Gateway error.

Higher fees than rivals

Finally, we found one: India. We had to go deep into the application to find out that there were multiple travel visa types available here (like tourism, business, medical treatment). It was also a nice perk that we could add another traveler to our application once we finished entering our own details. However, it was only when we got to the payment page that we finally got to see how much we'd be paying for the service: $89 for standard 1-business-day processing time. That's quite a bit more than many competitor services, and much more than if you apply for it directly with the Indian Embassy online.

Support only offered via email/DM

One very important aspect of using Handy Visas is this: they offer 24/7 customer support... but only via email/online message, and they tell clients to expect a 72-hour turnaround time. That's okay if you're not on a tight deadline, but not ideal if you've got an extremely time-sensitive situation or if you're a less-experienced international traveler who wants an answer now and not three days from now.

Best Travel Visa Services

Unexpectedly good acceptance guarantee

On the other hand, this company offers a guarantee that beats almost every other travel visa service out there: if your application is denied by your destination country, you'll get a full refund of the fees you've paid. That alone is reason to see if Handy Visas can help you with your needed travel documents.

Mostly positive ratings from travelers

Plus, client ratings of Handy Visas are surprisingly good, though most of them are coming from travelers outside of the US. On Trustpilot, 90% of users across 900+ ratings give this travel visa service a 4- or 5-star score, citing ease of use and prompt emails when issues need to be corrected in the paperwork. But, as you'd expect, for people in a pinch who need a rapid response, Handy Visa's 72-hour-via-email situation can be a source of complaints.

Not awful, but not the best for US travelers

We're so conflicted when it comes to ranking Handy Visas. On the one hand, we love the refund policy and we're encouraged to see hundreds of recent reviews from customers who had no problems getting their travel visas here. However, on the other hand, Handy Visas couldn't take care of our Chinese tourist visa at all, and we have huge reservations about working with a Spain-based company that only takes questions and concerns via email with a three-day turnaround. All of that combined puts Handy Visas as just below average in our rankings, particularly for anyone traveling on a US passport.

Travisa Review 2 Star Rating


2 Star Rating
  • Multiple visa types available (tourism, missionary/religious, artist/athlete, and more)
  • In business for 30+ years
  • Worked with more than 5 million travelers

Travisa has been providing immigration and visa services for over 30 years, catering to both corporations and individuals. With a team of over 1,600 skilled professionals, including immigration experts, lawyers, and migration consultants, spread across 60 offices in 27 countries, Travisa is the primary visa service provider for 75% of Fortune 500 companies. They offer a comprehensive range of services through their two primary brands: Newland Chase, a subsidiary specializing in global immigration strategy and advisory services for corporations, and Travisa, offering business and other travel visa services for corporate and individual clients.

Performs well with up-to-date visa requirement info

To see how Travisa measures up, we looked at visas for three different countries: Australia (who, at the time of this review, was requiring visa applications to go directly through the government and not through any third-party service), Brazil (who had paused requiring tourist visas), and China (who's known for having a lengthy, somewhat difficult travel visa process). We were glad to see that Travisa got it all right. Unlike some of its competitors, this service didn't start us down a path of some unrelated paperwork or anything we didn't absolutely need. We also appreciate that Travisa offers many different types of travel visas, including professional artists, missionaries, and business travelers, not just your standard tourist paperwork.

Detailed information if you dig for it

When you select your destination country and visa type, you'll get a long list of things to know before you go, including entry restrictions, processing times, and service fees. Looking at China as an example, Travisa says to expect to pay $140 in consular fees and $185 for their standard processing of 8 business days "or longer" . But, when you click on "see more details" , you'll also learn that there's also a 6.9% processing fee when Travisa pays your government agency fees.

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BBB rating drop

That should clue you in to the fact that Travisa still ranks low here because of ongoing less-than-positive client feedback. For example, the Better Business Bureau gives this travel visa service a not-impressive "B-" rating for failing to respond to a couple of customer complaints there, a drop from its previous "A-" rating the last time we evaluated the service. That in itself wouldn't be a huge issue, but the complaints continue elsewhere.

Travelers complain about surprise fees

The most frequently mentioned problem? Lack of transparency in pricing. Time and again, clients say they paid one amount when they submitted their application, only to get further charges down the road - ones that they say were never spelled out in an invoice, during checkout, or anywhere easily discovered during the Travisa paperwork process. You'll see roughly the same results when you look up the reputation of Travisa's parent company, CIBT. While CIBT does better with the BBB ("A+" rating and accreditation), client feedback is equally bad: you'll see words like "scam" , "rip off" , and "never again" in many different reviews.

Not a good choice for individual consumers

It's no wonder that Travisa remains low in our rankings of travel visa companies. Although we were glad to see that their country-specific pages were up to date - after all, some of their rivals' sites weren't - that's not nearly enough to compensate for Travisa's lack of transparency in pricing and overall poor track record. You'll save yourself a lot of stress and money by going with a higher-ranked travel visa provider and avoiding Travisa.

Visagov Review 1 Star Rating


1 Star Rating
  • Based in Spain
  • Limited refund policy
  • Limited destination countries

Headquartered in Madrid, Visagov is on a mission to make it as easy as possible to travel abroad. However, because Visagov is based in Spain, it might not be the visa service of choice for US travelers. The only way to contact the company is via email: not the most reassuring situation if you have an urgent issue or your application is particularly time-sensitive. We're not sure how that lines up with the "24/7 visa and travel assistance" they so proudly advertise.

Very limited list of destinations

We also had a hard time finding all of our target destinations in Visagov's list of countries: neither Brazil nor China were included. Australia was there, but at the time of this review the country was requiring travelers to apply for a visa directly with their government and not through a third-party service like this one - but Visagov was still accepting applications. We had similar issues looking at other countries in Visagov's list. Mexico or Montserrat? "Application temporarily unavailable." ETIAS (to enter the Schengen area in Europe)? Nowhere to click to apply.

Website is difficult to use

When we finally found a country whose travel visa we were eligible to apply for - New Zealand - the process was mostly uncomplicated, winding up with a total charge of $64 USD. The only irritating part was trying to find "United States" in the various country dropdown lists (country of passport issuance, residency): it's not alphabetical, so you have to scroll through until you happen to spot it.

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You may or may not qualify for a refund

Visagov has a refund policy, but it's not the most straightforward. If your visa application is denied by the destination government, you'll get a refund of those fees. But, the policy also says "you will never receive a payment corresponding to [their] handling and processing fees, any other refund request will be excluded" .

Some travelers actually like this service

With all of that, it was surprising to find quite a few 4- and 5-star reviews on Trustpilot. Some clients actually had a good experience using Visagov. On the other hand, complaints were as you'd expect: hard to reach customer service when they needed help, incorrect info on documents that couldn't be fixed in time to process the visa paperwork, and so on.

Worst travel visa service in our evaluation

That still doesn't change our mind: Visagov is our lowest-rated travel visa provider, particularly for US citizens. You might not find the country you're visiting in their list, and even if you do, the application might not be available. And who wants to work with a provider that can't even be reached on the phone or at least via live chat? We don't. Avoid wasting time (and money) by going directly to one of Visagov's higher-ranked competitors instead.

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Expert guidance is another valuable benefit provided by online travel visa providers. These services often employ professionals who are well-versed in travel visa regulations and requirements. They can review documents, provide advice, and ensure that applications are accurate and complete. By having experts oversee the process, you can have peace of mind, knowing that your application is being handled by knowledgeable individuals that also help reduce the chances of errors or omissions that could lead to visa rejection.

Another hidden benefit of online visa providers is that they can increase the chances of visa approval. Due to their extensive knowledge and experience with visa regulations, these services understand the specific requirements of destination countries. They can provide valuable insights and advice on gathering the correct supporting documents and preparing applications that comply with the embassy's guidelines. This attention to detail significantly enhances the likelihood of obtaining a travel visa successfully.

Of course, you need to understand what a visa is and why you might need it for an upcoming trip. A travel visa is an official paper that a country's government gives you to let you enter and stay in their country. Common visa types include tourist visas, business visas, student visas, and work visas. Countries have different visa rules, depending on factors like the purpose of your visit, how long you plan to stay, and where you're from.

There are additional services that some online travel visa providers offer, that can enhance your overall travel experience. For instance, some platforms provide visa tracking services, which allow you to monitor the progress of your application. Additionally, some providers offer visa expediting services for urgent travel needs, ensuring that you receive your travel visa within a shorter timeframe.

So, which service should you choose to make it fast and easy to get your next travel visa? There are lots to choose from, and many of them seem pretty similar at first glance. But, if you're trying to narrow down the possibilities a little, here are some factors that might tip the scale towards one or the other:

  • Ease of navigation. Getting a travel visa (especially on short notice) can be nerve-wracking. The best services are simple to use from the get-go, showing you exactly which countries require visas and what you can expect from the application process.
  • Timeframe. How long does the visa service say it will take to get your application approved and your passport back into your hands? Can you get it expedited if you're supposed to travel in the near future?
  • Fees. Governmental fees will be the same no matter where you apply for your visa, but check out how much the service charges to take care of the application for you. Pay close attention to shipping/delivery fees.
  • Reputation. What do other travelers say about the travel visa service? Did they get their paperwork done on time? Would these clients use this service again?

If you're traveling to a country that requires a travel visa for entry, you can simplify your life by using one of the top-rated services in our rankings here at Top Consumer Reviews. We've done the work to show you the best of the best - and the worst of the worst - so that you can rest assured that your travel visa paperwork is in good hands. Enjoy your trip!

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Travel Visa Service FAQ

A travel visa is the documentation that gives you permission to enter a foreign country. Issued by that country and often affixed to a page in your passport, a travel visa can make or break your vacation or business trip if you've done everything correctly or forgotten to do it at all!
You'll want to look that up prior to planning travel. If you're a US citizen, there are many countries that allow you to enter without a travel visa, especially if you're staying for 90 days or less. How is it determined? Largely by the relationship between the US and that country. For example, because the US requires Brazilians to have a travel visa, Brazil "kindly" reciprocates and requires the same for US travelers.
That also varies widely by country. You could spend as little as $20 (Cambodia) or as much as $250 per day (Bhutan).
The most common requirements are an application, several recent passport-sized photographs, and your actual passport. You may also have to supply a detailed travel itinerary, invitation letters from a citizen of your destination country, proof of income/assets or health information such as proof of yellow fever immunization.
Sometimes. While the US requires many travelers to make a personal appearance at a consulate to get an entry visa, most countries don't have the same requirement for US citizens.
The steps required to get an approved travel visa can be tedious and complicated for an inexperienced traveler. And, if you don't live within easy driving distance of a consulate or embassy for your destination country, you could spend a lot of time and money just traveling to get the visa itself. Using travel visa services to apply on your behalf is an affordable, time-saving way to get it done.
Fees vary based on the destination country and the processing timeframe you need. You could spend as little as $39 on a no-rush process for a straightforward visa, or as much as $800+ to get your visa approved in 1-2 days for a more "difficult" location. Obviously the more lead time you have, the less expensive the service will be.
It can be a nail-biting experience, knowing that you have a trip coming up and your passport is...somewhere else. If you're lucky, you're going to a country that offers an eVisa and your passport never has to leave your hands. In that case, you should only need 3-5 days to get your travel visa via email; print your documents and bring them with your passport when you arrive in-country. While most travel visa services offer expedited processing options, many embassies and consulates do not. If time is of the essence, it's a good idea to reach out to a travel visa service right away; they can give you their best estimate as to how long it'll take and the fastest possible way to get your paperwork in order.
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