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The Best Treadmills

Where Can You Find the Best Treadmills?

With so many people dropping their gym memberships and turning to home fitness, it's no surprise that these popular cardio machines have seen a dramatic rise in popularity. You may have even tried to shop for one, only to find that they're out of stock - indefinitely!

Fortunately, there are several online retailers that have managed to keep up with demand on all types of treadmills, from budget models with the most basic features to the high-tech equipment with all the bells and whistles. If you're buying a treadmill for the first time, you might feel a little lost as to what to look for.

Wednesday, December 6th

2023 Treadmill Reviews

Xterra Review Top Consumer Reviews Best-In-Class Blue Ribbon Award 5 Star Rating


5 Star Rating Top Consumer Reviews Best-In-Class Blue Ribbon Award

Xterra treadmills are made for just about everyone, from first-time home exercisers on a budget to joggers who want to sync their treadmill with their favorite fitness apps. This retailer has one of the widest selections of machines on the market, solid return policies and warranty coverage, and a strong reputation for providing good treadmills at impressive prices. The market for treadmills is very competitive, and Xterra manages to edge out its rivals for a first-place ranking.

ProForm Review 4.5 Star Rating


4.5 Star Rating

Affordability, high-tech features, and a great reputation: what more could you want from a company that sells treadmills? ProForm gives you all of that and then some. Each machine they offer comes with a one-year membership to iFit's on-demand and live workouts, and you'll get a lot for your money with any of the five treadmills they sell. There's even one that folds up flat enough to fit under your bed. This is one of the best stores to shop for your treadmill.

Nordictrack Review 4 Star Rating


4 Star Rating

NordicTrack is one of the best places to get a treadmill. All of the models they sell come with a one-year membership to iFit, an award-winning fitness-on-demand platform, plus plenty of other features that make them one of the most popular brands on the market. For treadmills with great warranty coverage, up to 40% incline, and excellent longevity, look no further than NordicTrack.

Horizon Review 3.5 Star Rating


3.5 Star Rating

Horizon Fitness has been around for a long time, and you'll be impressed with their fully-featured-yet-affordable treadmill selection. Half of their machines are designed to respond instantly to changes in incline or speed, and they work very easily with your favorite on-demand or live fitness apps. But, with an alert from the BBB due to the company's more recent failures in keeping up with demand and responding to customer issues, Horizon Fitness stays in the middle of our rankings for now.

Bowflex Review 3 Star Rating


3 Star Rating

Bowflex isn't just for strength workouts anymore. Their selection of treadmills is small (just two models) but both have a nice set of features for a reasonable price - including integration with the JRNY app and a free two-month subscription with your purchase. Almost every other aspect of the Bowflex treadmill experience is "good enough" , from warranty coverage to return policy and customer feedback. You won't be wowed by what you find here, but you probably won't be disappointed either.

Peloton Review 3 Star Rating


3 Star Rating

Peloton is probably the first name that comes to mind when you think about getting live coached workouts on a treadmill (or bike, their original product). Is it the best option? Looking at Peloton's higher-than-average pricing, more limited-than-most warranty coverage, and extensive issues with delays in shipping and post-purchase service, you may find yourself considering higher-ranked companies for your purchase.

Precor Review 2.5 Star Rating


2.5 Star Rating

Precor enjoys a longstanding reputation among users of cardio equipment. Their treadmills can be found in many workout centers and home gyms, and the warranty coverage is better than most. On the downside, you'll get very few high-tech features with a Precor treadmill, despite having some of the highest prices in the industry.

Life Fitness Review 2 Star Rating

Life Fitness

2 Star Rating

LifeFitness is a well-known brand of treadmills, often spotted at gyms around the world and known for being extremely sturdy over years of use. You'll find their machines have a much steeper price tag than most retailers', but without significant benefits to match. Factor in high shipping fees and delivery times ranging from 6-12 weeks, and you'll soon understand why LifeFitness treadmills come in low in our rankings.

Sole Fitness Review 1.5 Star Rating

Sole Fitness

1.5 Star Rating

SOLE Fitness used to be our first-place winner among retailers of treadmills. Unfortunately, their reputation in recent months has sharply declined - reflected by an "F" rating from the BBB, numerous complaints about missing deliveries and an AWOL customer service team. You'll have a better experience if you buy your treadmill somewhere else.

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Your first consideration might be your budget, so keep in mind that you can get decent, entry-level treadmills for under $750. If money is no object, decide which features matter the most to you. For example, do you want the biggest variety of workouts? In that case, look for treadmills that have a wide range of incline settings: most machines with an incline will give you up to 15%, but some go as high as 40%.

One of today's most sought-after features in the home fitness world is the ability to access live workouts. This is a fantastic substitute for expensive boutique gym classes or even your average fitness center workout: take classes with top trainers from around the world, compete with other people on a live leaderboard, or access pre-recorded workouts (not just for the treadmill, but also for strength, yoga, and much more). Not every treadmill has that capability built in: you might have to prop up your tablet or smartphone on the machine's console and use a third-party app to get it done.

As you decide which type of treadmill you want and where to buy it, here are several additional factors to keep in mind:

  • Availability. Does the retailer have treadmills in stock for immediate shipment? If not, how long is the wait time to get your machine delivered?
  • Treadmill Features. If you need a machine with specific capabilities, like decline settings or Bluetooth connectivity, does the store offer something that works? Be sure to consider other features like folding vs. non-folding models, user weight capacity, room space requirements (especially if you're choosing a treadmill with a high incline setting), and so on.
  • Price. Can you get a treadmill that fits your budget? Don't forget to factor in any required delivery fees: some retailers include shipping in the cost, but others may charge up to $400 for shipping and set-up.
  • Reputation. What do customers say about the durability and overall performance of the treadmill? Are there any complaints filed with the Better Business Bureau? Does the company get high marks for customer service?
  • Warranty. What kind of coverage does your treadmill have if something breaks down? Most treadmills come with a lifetime warranty on the frame and welds and more limited terms on the motor, belt and electronics - but some only cover those components for a year or less.

TopConsumerReviews.com has reviewed and ranked the best online retailers of treadmills available today. We hope this information helps you find the right fitness equipment for your home - at the best price!

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Treadmill FAQ

As one of the most commonly-used pieces of gym equipment, treadmills are usually the first machine people think of when setting up a workout space at home. Whatever your level of fitness, a treadmill can help you make progress: from low-intensity walking to running intervals on an incline, the possibilities are endless (and they don't depend on the weather).
It depends on the model you choose. Some machines allow you to fold the tread surface up towards the console, similar to a Murphy bed. But, with the higher-end machines that come with plenty of features like live-coached workouts or sky-high incline capabilities, you're likely to need a reasonable amount of floor space. Check the dimensions of any treadmills you're considering and compare them against the places you're thinking of keeping your machine.
You might be surprised to learn that you can get a basic treadmill for under $600. On the other end of the spectrum, you'll see prices in the $9,000 and up range for models exactly like what you'd use at a fitness center or gym. Fortunately, there are plenty of mid-range options that give you good features, top-notch tech and durability without breaking your budget.
Yes. Coverage varies, and most manufacturers have different timeframes of warranty protection for the frame, electronics, and any labor costs. You may also be able to add an extended warranty and/or maintenance plan, to keep your treadmill in good shape for longer.
How does "free" sound? Many retailers of treadmills give you no-cost delivery. Just be aware that if you return your treadmill, you're likely to be on the hook for the shipment costs to get it back to the store (and your refund may have their original shipping costs deducted from it).
Check the retailer's policies. Many offer return periods of 30-60 days, but some provide none at all. You may have to pay restocking fees of up to 25% too, in addition to the return shipping costs (which could get expensive on such a heavy piece of equipment).
Yes, though not all retailers offer it as an add-on service with your treadmill purchase. Look for that option during the checkout process. Otherwise, the company might be able to recommend an installer in your area. If all else fails, it might be worth it to call a fitness center or sporting goods store near you to get the name of a professional they trust.
There's no better way to get the world's widest selection of treadmills - at the best prices. Shopping online makes it easy and even fun to check out all of the latest features and see what customers say about the machines once they're in home use. And, there's no need to rent a truck or try to fit your treadmill in the back of your car with so many retailers offering free delivery right to your doorstep.
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