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Life Fitness Review

Sunday, April 21st

2024 Treadmill Reviews

Life Fitness Review 3 Star Rating

Life Fitness

3 Star Rating
  • Prices from $3,399 to $16,999
  • 8 models in stock
  • 7 years to lifetime warranty on the frame
  • 15-day limited return policy

Life Fitness is a brand that's known for producing fitness equipment used in both fitness centers and home gyms. Their line of treadmills is one of the widest ranges in our review with a total of 10 different models to choose from.

Models are very similar

It can be a bit tricky to discern the distinctions among them in terms of cost and features. Many of them seem quite similar in style and price, potentially causing confusion for customers. One of the models was completely out of stock with another only available through "special order" . This left 8 models available for regular purchase, which was better than expected. Typically, finding exercise machines marked as "in stock" at Life Fitness can be a bit challenging.

Equipment Overview:

  • Type of treadmills: Touchscreen and Traditional LCD
  • Price range: From $3,399 to $16,999
  • Different models: 10
  • Can stream live/pre-recorded workouts: Yes
  • Financing available: Yes
  • Level of incline: Up to 12%-15% (depends on model)
  • Return policy: 15 days, only if defective or damaged
  • Warranty: Frame: 7 years-lifetime, Mechanical parts: 1-10 years, Electronics: not listed, and Labor: 1 year
  • Shipping: Up to $300

Basic model: F3 Folding Treadmill

If you're judging by price point, the "basic model" seems a little odd at Life Fitness. The base model at Life Fitness costs $3,399. While there are a few cheaper options due to promotions, this is the lowest-tier treadmill available from this brand. The base model has the Go Console which features a maximum speed of 10 mph and its standout feature: the ability to fold, providing an efficient space-saving solution if you have limited room. The heart rate monitoring system includes contact hand sensors and wireless telemetry for accurate tracking during workouts. The Quick Start function memorizes preferred walk, jog, and run speeds, along with three different incline positions. The treadmill can track two user profiles, each with 13 preloaded workouts, and you can create one custom workout per profile. Backed by a 3-year warranty and offering incline capabilities ranging from 0% to 12%, this model is highly user-friendly. However, the cost is a little questionable. With many companies offering fully built-out treadmills with high-end tech and some with touchscreens for this price, $3,000+ seems a little steep for a base model.

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Top-tier model: Elevation Series Treadmill

If you thought the base model was a little pricey, wait until you see the tag on their top-tier model. The Elevation Series Treadmill is Life Fitness' top-of-the-line treadmill starting at $15,299. However, this is a sale price for an outlet promotion. The regular price for the Elevation Series is $16,999. So what does Life Fitness offer for this steep price?

  • The centerpiece of the Elevation Series is the 21.5-inch HD touchscreen
  • The treadmill is equipped with connectivity to the Apple Watch and Samsung Galaxy Watch, Bluetooth and Polar Heart Rate
  • You can upgrade your workouts with entertainment options, such as streaming video and music apps like Spotify
  • On top of that, the Life Fitness On Demand Workout Classes feature instructor-led sessions
  • The interactive Lifescape courses provide a unique experience by simulating outdoor environments from around the world

The treadmill also offers internet browsing via Wi-Fi directly from the built-in touchscreen. With up to 25 preloaded workouts, and support for various apps, including YouTube, Flipboard, Chess, Solitaire, Sudoku, Pandora, BBC, and ESPN, you'll never be bored during a workout. The speed ranges from 0.5 to 14 mph, and the Elevation Series offers an incline range from 0% to 15%.

Life Fitness dropped free shipping

Life Fitness provides free shipping for certain items like towels or dumbbells, but unfortunately, this offer doesn't include their large exercise machines. This means you'll have to cover the shipping costs for any treadmill you buy from Life Fitness. We noticed during our research that Life Fitness had previously provided free shipping but has recently discontinued this service, making it less competitive than other brands in the market that offer no-cost delivery. Considering the price of the machines themselves, it seems unnecessary to charge for shipping too.

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Limited 15-day returns

Returns aren't top-tier at Life Fitness either, which is particularly disappointing given the high price point. You can only make returns within a 15-day window. However, these returns are applicable only for treadmills that are either defective or damaged during transit. If your concern involves not being satisfied with the treadmill, you won't be able to return your machine. Once you've received your treadmill from Life Fitness, the option for a changed-your-mind refund is no longer available.

Customer service doesn't match premium price

Life Fitness generally maintains a fairly positive reputation. The brand currently holds a "B" rating from the Better Business Bureau, and most of the brand's treadmills receive a customer rating of at least 4 out of 5 stars on the Life Fitness website (though three of them are entirely unrated). However, Life Fitness doesn't fare as well on third-party review sites. Trustpilot rates the brand only 2.4 out of 5 stars. Recent reviews highlight issues like malfunctioning machines, monitors failing within a few weeks, and sluggish responses from customer service. Given the comparatively high cost of Life Fitness treadmills compared to other brands, one would expect superior quality and service, and according to the reviews, customers aren't getting it.

Mid-tier service for high-budget customers

The treadmills at Life Fitness offer a wide variety of options, but they may only be suitable for those who have a larger-than-average budget. With the base model starting at $3,399, you're definitely not going to find any budget-friendly treadmills from Life Fitness. Considering that despite this price the return and shipping policies aren't customer friendly, the company fell in our rankings. If you're looking for the best value, this may not be the best pick for you. However, the warranties are competitive despite complaints about the customer service, so it earns a middle-ground rating. If high-tech and high-end are your jam, Life Fitness might be worth a look.

Where Can You Find the Best Brand of Treadmills Out There Today?

With a rising interest in health and fitness, treadmills have become very popular in recent years. A treadmill is a traditional but reliable piece of equipment, offering a way to bring the jogging track (or your favorite uphill hikes) into your personal home gym. Putting in even a half-hour on a treadmill can promote heart health and aid in weight management.

Treadmills allow you to control the intensity of your workout, adjusting speed and incline according to your fitness level. The convenience of having a treadmill at home eliminates weather constraints or time limitations, making it easier to maintain a consistent exercise routine right in the comfort of your home. And buying a treadmill online has become easier than ever before.

The Best Treadmills Compare Treadmills Compare Treadmill Reviews What are the best Treadmills Best Treadmill Reviews

Treadmill FAQ

As one of the most commonly-used pieces of gym equipment, treadmills are usually the first machine people think of when setting up a workout space at home. Whatever your level of fitness, a treadmill can help you make progress: from low-intensity walking to running intervals on an incline, the possibilities are endless (and they don't depend on the weather).
It depends on the model you choose. Some machines allow you to fold the tread surface up towards the console, similar to a Murphy bed. But, with the higher-end machines that come with plenty of features like live-coached workouts or sky-high incline capabilities, you're likely to need a reasonable amount of floor space. Check the dimensions of any treadmills you're considering and compare them against the places you're thinking of keeping your machine.
You might be surprised to learn that you can get a basic treadmill for under $600. On the other end of the spectrum, you'll see prices in the $9,000 and up range for models exactly like what you'd use at a fitness center or gym. Fortunately, there are plenty of mid-range options that give you good features, top-notch tech and durability without breaking your budget.
Yes. Coverage varies, and most manufacturers have different timeframes of warranty protection for the frame, electronics, and any labor costs. You may also be able to add an extended warranty and/or maintenance plan, to keep your treadmill in good shape for longer.
How does "free" sound? Many retailers of treadmills give you no-cost delivery. Just be aware that if you return your treadmill, you're likely to be on the hook for the shipment costs to get it back to the store (and your refund may have their original shipping costs deducted from it).
Check the retailer's policies. Many offer return periods of 30-60 days, but some provide none at all. You may have to pay restocking fees of up to 25% too, in addition to the return shipping costs (which could get expensive on such a heavy piece of equipment).
Yes, though not all retailers offer it as an add-on service with your treadmill purchase. Look for that option during the checkout process. Otherwise, the company might be able to recommend an installer in your area. If all else fails, it might be worth it to call a fitness center or sporting goods store near you to get the name of a professional they trust.
There's no better way to get the world's widest selection of treadmills - at the best prices. Shopping online makes it easy and even fun to check out all of the latest features and see what customers say about the machines once they're in home use. And, there's no need to rent a truck or try to fit your treadmill in the back of your car with so many retailers offering free delivery right to your doorstep.
Compare the Best Reviews

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Instead of driving to different exercise equipment stores, and listening to various sales pitches, you can shop right from the comfort of you own home. You can explore a wide variety of brands, models, and pricepoints. And many companies even offer free shipping, right to your door.

Treadmills are a popular choice for many due to their advantages. Treadmills offer a predictable and cushioned surface, reducing the impact on joints. So, for joggers looking for an option that's lower-impact than running outside or on a track, treadmills can create a perfect solution. The machines offer a range of fitness levels, from walking for beginners to high-intensity sprints for advanced workouts. Whether you're getting started on your home gym journey or you're a seasoned athlete, a treadmill is a great addition to your workout routine.

As you explore various treadmill brands, you'll discover a wide array of options on the market. Modern treadmills come equipped with features like built-in screens for virtual classes, fitness app connectivity, and even virtual jogging tracks like mountainscapes that make it feel more realistic for runners who prefer the challenges of outdoor exercise. Even if you've been to the gym in the last few years, you may be impressed with some of the major technological improvements in today's treadmills.

Today, treadmills are more than just a simple cardio tool. They can serve as your personal fitness cheerleader, providing stats to track your progress and celebrate fitness milestones. Whether you pick one with a touchscreen or just the usual LCD stat trackers, you can rest assured that you'll get a full rundown of your fitness and performance whenever you need it.

Choosing the right treadmill can be daunting with the number of treadmill brands available. Some of the models and brands look so similar you might be asking: "What's the difference?" Don't worry. To help you navigate the choices and find the perfect fit, we've sifted through the best options and put together a checklist to help you narrow your search.

Here are some things to keep in mind:

  • Number of treadmill styles. The more treadmill models a brand has in its inventory, the better your chances are of finding your perfect match. Also, keep an eye on what's in stock or not. If a brand doesn't keep its machines in stock, it might be a good idea to check somewhere else.
  • Features. What features are on your must-have list? Do you want your treadmill to connect with your smartwatch or fitness apps? Do you need a machine with steep incline capabilities? Do you want a touchscreen or interactive display? Checking out the brands that offer the most features can help you find your ideal treadmill.
  • Price vs. value. While some lower-end treadmill models provide significant features, you can also find some pricier options may not deliver as expected. So, make sure you get the perfect balance for your budget. The most expensive model might not actually be the best, whereas the cheapest out there might be missing some features you need for your fitness. So, make sure that you're getting the value you deserve for what you're paying.
  • Customer-friendly policies. Not all brands offer the same benefits. You'll want to check on things like return policies and whether or not the delivery includes professional setup. You'll want to make sure the brand you choose will have your back during and after purchase.
  • Reputation. Along with customer policies, you'll want to see how well different brands actually perform by checking shopper reviews and Better Business Bureau scores. Even if the warranty is promising, it's best to make sure you'll get real help if something goes wrong. Checking on reviews from customers just like you can help you see the full picture.

Are you ready to get a running start on your fitness? Top Consumer Reviews has reviewed and ranked the best treadmill brands available online today to help you feel confident in your newest addition to your home gym. We hope this helps you get a head start on your fitness journey and start enjoying your cardio. Ready? Set? Sprint!

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