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Where Can You Find the Best Trophies and Awards?

That's a great question if you're in charge of recognizing athletes for their participation and accomplishments, giving employees a well-deserved award for being their team's MVP during a tough quarter at work, or giving any other type of praise and applause in a more formal, tangible way.

Trophies and awards really run the gamut when considering options for designs, shapes, materials, and budgets. On one end of the spectrum, you'll find the inexpensive plastic-and-metal trophies common at Little League baseball end-of-season awards nights, usually with a generic inscription congratulating the little slugger for being a part of the team.

Sunday, December 10th

2023 Trophy Store Reviews

Awardsco Review Top Consumer Reviews Best-In-Class Blue Ribbon Award 5 Star Rating


5 Star Rating Top Consumer Reviews Best-In-Class Blue Ribbon Award

For more than 60 years, Awardsco has been delighting customers with their jaw-dropping selection of trophies and awards, certificates, medals and plaques for every occasion. There's no other website that makes it easier to find exactly what you need for your next sports awards night or company recognition ceremony. Although their return policy only ranks as "good enough", everything else about this trophy store should leave you feeling very confident in your purchase - from first-rate customer service to high-quality merchandise. This is our highest-ranked provider of trophies and awards.

Dinn Bros Trophies Review 4.5 Star Rating

Dinn Bros Trophies

4.5 Star Rating

As you'd expect from one of our highest-ranking trophy stores, Dinn Bros. brings you all of the awards, trophies, medals and other recognition products you need. But, on top of that, you'll get the industry's best satisfaction guarantee, novel gifts and other items that go well beyond trophies, along with the only "zombie guarantee" we've ever found (we're not kidding). Dinn Bros. keeps their customers happy - and laughing - which puts them almost at the top of our recommendations among trophy stores.

Same Day Awards Review 4.5 Star Rating

Same Day Awards

4.5 Star Rating

Getting to the Same Day Awards online store might frustrate you at first - but their pricing and ability to deliver first-rate trophies and awards as quickly as today or tomorrow make it worth the effort. Customers have uniformly positive things to say about this trophy store's reliable delivery and high-quality products, particularly for those last-minute orders.

Crown Awards Review 4 Star Rating

Crown Awards

4 Star Rating

If you've ever gotten a trophy or plaque, chances are good that someone bought it at Crown Awards. With more than four decades in the industry, this trophy store has more than 100,000 customers - and nearly as many 5-star reviews! You might have to spend a little more for engraving if you need extra characters on your trophy or plaque, but this company's track record for great products at great prices make it worth your consideration if you need a wide selection to choose from.

Decade Awards Review 4 Star Rating

Decade Awards

4 Star Rating

Decade Awards has the broadest selection of any trophy store in our review, from the typical participation awards for every imaginable sport and activity to high-end etched crystal obelisks that cost well over $2000. You'll get free engraving on every order, and the company will go to great lengths to accommodate any extra text needed - at no cost to you. The only downside is that Decade Awards no longer has a posted satisfaction policy on their site, leaving it unclear what options you have if something you receive doesn't match your expectations. On the whole, however, we think this trophy store is still a solid option for any awards you may need.

Quick Trophy Review 4 Star Rating

Quick Trophy

4 Star Rating

QuickTrophy prides itself on being your one-stop trophy shop. The company maintains a well-stocked warehouse of thousands and thousands of components for trophies, medals and other awards, so that your order can be assembled and shipped accurately and quickly right away. This store has one of the best return policies in the industry, making it worth your time to navigate through some long lists of products to find what you're looking for. If you want to work with a company that offers a more personal touch on every order you place, QuickTrophy may be the right trophy store for you.

Trophy Central Review 3.5 Star Rating

Trophy Central

3.5 Star Rating

Trophy Central has provided trophies and awards for an impressive array of more than 100,000 customers, including numerous Fortune 500 companies and schools across the country. A unique rewards program could be a compelling reason to shop here, especially if you're a frequent customer. On the other hand, this trophy store doesn't have as broad of a selection as many of the retailers we evaluated, which could be a problem if you're shopping for awards in one of the less-popular areas of interest.

Blue Ribbon Awards Review 1.5 Star Rating

Blue Ribbon Awards

1.5 Star Rating

Blue Ribbon Awards comes up really short when considering online trophy stores. Their website is outdated and hard to use, links to customer testimonials go to blank pages, and there's no easy way to find the right trophies and awards you need. Plus, with a minimum spend for free shipping that's twice as high as the competition and zero return policy, this store just doesn't measure up. We suggest that you look at the higher-rated sellers of trophies and awards in our review.

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On the other end of the spectrum, the sky's the limit: crystal, art deco glass, and other high-quality materials make up the products you'll find here. Think of what you'd expect when honoring someone for a lifetime's worth of achievements in a highly-competitive field, and you'll get an idea of the types of awards on the upper end of the price range.

Can't find a specialty trophy store near you? No problem! Most teams, organizations and companies turn to trusted online providers of trophies anyway: why not, when the options are plentiful, prices are competitive, and you can get your order just as quickly as if you purchased it from a local brick-and-mortar shop? Even your customizations can be taken care of quickly, ensuring that you have the perfect award for the ceremony, right on time.

So, how can you decide which trophy store should get your business, both now and hopefully for years to come? Here are several factors that may influence your purchasing decision when ordering trophies:

  • Selection. How many different types of trophies are in stock? You don't want to hand out the same thing year after year, so choosing a store with a wide variety in the category you need (e.g. soccer, academics, etc.) makes it easier to keep your recognition fresh with each season or year.
  • Service. What does the trophy store do to make your purchase easier? Is it difficult or time-consuming to get customizations? Can you get expedited delivery if needed? What will you spend for shipping?
  • Price. Given that many trophy stores sell awards that are very similar, how does the company measure up when looking at price? Are they competitive with other retailers?
  • Reputation. How well is the company doing when it comes to keeping customers happy? Do they offer a satisfaction policy that gets you a refund or replacement if your awards or trophies arrive and don't look like they did on the website? Has the company been rated by the BBB?

TopConsumerReviews has reviewed and ranked the best trophy stores available today. We hope this information helps you find the ideal trophies and awards for your next recognition ceremony, end-of-season banquet, or celebration of excellence!

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Trophy Store FAQ

You're only limited by your imagination. Trophies can be purchased pre-made and are a great choice for end-of-season awards ceremonies, sporting events, and much more. Metal or plastic? Crystal or acrylic? You'll find all of that and then some. And, for the truly special moments, consider a custom-designed trophy for the occasion.
Not necessarily. You can find options starting as low as $3!
That depends: are you buying a ready-made trophy that's in stock and just adding engraving, or are you designing a one-of-a-kind award? If you're going with something in stock, you can probably get your trophies in under a week.
Many trophy stores give you free delivery with your order! If you have a rush job, you might be able to pay extra for expedited shipping.
There are two basic types of personalization: the engraving that specifies the award recipient, award type, and so on, and the customization to include your group's logo or other images. Each trophy store has its own process for submitting the latter and it may take some time to work out the details. On the other hand, the engraving information is usually entered right on the website at the time you place your order.
Sometimes. Check the retailer's policy if you think you might need to return some of the trophies you're buying (like if you have fewer athletes than anticipated).
You won't find a better selection anywhere else! Plus, many trophy stores you'll find online have been in business for decades and have a loyal customer base: you can trust them to get your trophies done right. It's also an easy way to make sure that all of your engraving is accurate - with names spelled correctly and all of the other information exactly as you intended - because you can see it for yourself before you enter your order.
There are a lot of really great options out there, so it may be hard to choose! Pick one with a strong reputation - look for an "A+" rating from the Better Business Bureau and/or plenty of positive customer reviews. After that, as long as the store you're considering has what you want in stock, at a price you like, and can get it to you on time for your event, you can trust that your trophy order is in good hands.
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