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The Best Vehicle Inspection Services

What's the Best Place to Get Vehicle Inspections?

Automobile inspections are an essential part of ensuring that your vehicle is safe and roadworthy. Whether you're buying your next car or just want to make sure that your current vehicle is compliant with state laws, it's important to have it inspected.

While it can be tempting to skip inspections to save time and money, the consequences of a neglected car can be dire, both for you and for others on the road. Fortunately, there are many businesses and services available to check into a car's history and make sure you're not getting scammed on your next car.

Friday, February 23rd

2024 Vehicle Inspection Service Reviews

Top Consumer Reviews Best-In-Class Blue Ribbon Award CARCHEX Review 5 Star Rating


5 Star Rating
  • Starting at $129.95
  • Provides CARFAX certified inspections
  • 24/7 customer service
  • Inspections done by ASE certified mechanics
  • Car database of every inspection ever done
  • Accredited by the BBB with an "A+" rating
Top Consumer Reviews Best-In-Class Blue Ribbon Award

CARCHEX is a long-standing option for vehicle inspections. They work to provide an all-around approach to serving your automotive needs, providing vehicle inspections, protection, auto insurance, and auto finance. The company has been in business for over 20 years and has relationships with industry-leading automotive companies such as Kelley Blue Book, CARFAX, and even the official DMV website. CARCHEX is available to users 24/7 and offers inspections starting at $129.95.

Easy process with 24/7 service

To get your vehicle inspected, you just need the vehicle's zip code, year, make, and model. Customers are presented with two straightforward package options regardless of their vehicle information. Pricing can vary slightly depending on the specifics of the vehicle, but the Silver and Gold options for inspections have clearly marked price minimums, so you know a ballpark price before you get started.

Comprehensive inspection report

CARCHEX provides a very comprehensive inspection report, which includes all of the following:

  • Condition of body and paint, dents, scratches, and rust
  • Condition of tires and wheels
  • Condition of windows and glass
  • Condition of the interior
  • Note any missing parts
  • Note any problems like oil leaks
  • Evaluate electrical items
  • Check the drivetrain performance
Best Vehicle Inspection Services

Silver and gold standard

CARCHEX offers two packages to choose from - the Silver and the Gold. Both of these include the comprehensive inspection report.

  • The Silver package starts at $129.95 and provides a 2-5 mile road test with an ASE-certified technician who will travel to the vehicle to perform a 155-point pre-purchase inspection.
  • The Gold package starts at $139.95 and provides the same features as Silver, but it also includes a CARFAX vehicle history report. CARFAX is the most trusted provider of vehicle history information with data available for all used cars of model years 1981 and later.

Fast and wide database of cars

One of the things we loved about CARCHEX is that they're fast. Customers can enter the VIN number of a vehicle they are interested in on the CARCHEX website, and if that vehicle has already been inspected, you can access the information right away. If not, an inspection can typically be completed within 2-3 days of placing an order, and the inspection can take place wherever the vehicle is located Monday - Friday within normal business hours. CARCHEX employs ASE-certified mechanics who are sent to the inspection location. These mechanics are guaranteed to have worked in the automotive industry for years to ensure that customers receive accurate and thorough inspections.

Stands out as a customer favorite

In terms of customer satisfaction, CARCHEX checks out. The company has earned accreditation and an "A+" rating from the Better Business Bureau. CARCHEX has an average of 4 stars across different review sites with over 75% of the ratings being 5 stars. These positive reviews noted that clients loved the customer service at CARCHEX. Review after review noted the professionalism of the CARCHEX representatives and one reviewer specified that they didn't feel pressured by CARCHEX as they continued researching cars. The lower reviews revealed some concerns from customers about the warranty plans with CARCHEX. Others felt that it was hard to get a hold of service representatives. However, only 11% of the reviews on the site were low-scoring .


Overall, CARCHEX is a trusted one-stop shop for all things automotive, providing well-rated services for vehicle inspections. CARCHEX offers easy and accessible 24/7 service with inspections starting at $129.95. Their Silver and Gold packages provide customers with options for standard inspections or those with CARFAX certification. With CARCHEX's positive reviews for their customer service, an "A+" rating from the Better Business Bureau, and partnerships with leading automotive brands in the industry, CARCHEX checks out as the top option in this review.

Pomcar Review 4.5 Star Rating


4.5 Star Rating
  • Inspection prices from $180 to $195
  • ASE certified technicians
  • Previews for reports available
  • Only charged when inspection is scheduled
  • Accredited by the BBB with "A+" rating

Pomcar is a pre-purchase inspection service that's been open for just a few years. However, it's already built itself a fantastic reputation with consumers and stands out as a trustworthy and competitive option for vehicle inspections. Their process promises to be customer-focused, so until they confirm there is a technician available to do your ordered inspection, you won't be charged. Their pricing ranges from $180-$195 depending on how detailed you want the report to be.

Three different inspection types

Pomcar offers three different tiers of inspection: Starter, Experienced, and Professional. The tiers have minimal differences, and all of them are competitive with the rates at other inspection companies. The pricing is as follows:

  • Starter: $180
    • Basic inspection of entire vehicle
    • 270 points of focus
    • Photographs included
    • Includes 3 points of specific interest determined by the customer
  • Experienced: $185
    • Same 270-point inspection as Starter
    • Includes additional fuel check
  • Professional: $195
    • Same 270-point inspection as Experienced
    • Includes VIN confirmation and diagnostic scans

Simple and user-friendly process

The Pomcar process is a simple one that involves several steps. First, you need to choose the vehicle that you want to inspect and provide the seller's contact details. You can also request up to three checks for things you personally want the inspector to look for. After that, a Pomcar technician will be selected based on their location, availability, and experience with the specific make and type of vehicle. The technician will then confirm the vehicle's availability with the seller and schedule an inspection at a convenient time. Pomcar only charges you once the inspection has been scheduled.

Best Vehicle Inspection Services

Broad inspection report

The inspection itself is a comprehensive 270-point pre-purchase inspection. The inspections can include the following elements:

  • VIN certification
  • Tires
  • Brakes
  • Interior and Exterior
  • Undercarriage
  • Electrical
  • Engine
  • Fluids
  • Diagnostic scan
  • Road Test

However, some of these like the VIN certification and diagnostic scan are reserved for the highest price tier.

Only uses ASE-certified technicians

We loved that the Pomcar network only accepts experienced technicians who meet their high standards. The majority of these technicians are ASE-certified. So, Pomcar's pre-purchase inspections provide in-depth analysis, from a professional and certified eye, leaving no room for interpretation, adding meaningful insights to the Pomcar report.

No database, but previews available

While Pomcar doesn't have an online database like some vehicle inspection options, where you can review all previously-inspected cars, Pomcar does offer sample inspection reports. That way, you know exactly what you're getting before you purchase. These are real reports from real cars with all of the key information that you'll receive when you purchase an inspection. These are easily accessible from the landing page of the Pomcar site or from their side navigation bar.

Best Vehicle Inspection Services

Top rated by users and BBB

In terms of user satisfaction, Pomcar is accredited by the BBB and it has an "A+" rating despite only being in business for a few years. On top of that, the business has a 4.1-star average rating out of 5 stars across different customer review sites. The positive reviews noted that they loved the personal touch of Pomcar. For example, customers received emails from Pomcar immediately after submitting their request for an inspection.

Great customer reviews

Clients also noted that the process of filling out the forms and getting the inspection set up was extremely user-friendly. Users agreed that the reports were detailed and helpful for the purchase of their used vehicle. The few negative reviews for Pomcar complained that the customers were frustrated by rescheduling the inspection because they were on tight timelines, and others noted that they felt the price was too expensive. However, Pomcar representatives have addressed all of these negative reviews to attempt resolutions with those clients.

Impressive service

Pomcar is a pre-purchase inspection service that has made a name for itself in a short period of time. Their customer-focused process ensures that clients are not charged until there is a technician available to do their ordered inspection. With three different tiers of inspection, Pomcar offers competitive pricing for their comprehensive 270-point pre-purchase inspection, which is the highest number of points in this review. Their network of experienced technicians who meet their standards and are ASE-certified ensures in-depth analysis from a professional and certified eye. Although they don't have an online database of all inspected cars, Pomcar provides sample inspection reports that are accessible from their landing page.

Strong choice

With a positive reputation from customers and accreditation by the BBB, and a modern, user-friendly website, Pomcar easily scores high in our review of vehicle inspection services. They should be a strong contender in your decision when you purchase your next car.

Automobile Inspections Review 4 Star Rating

Automobile Inspections

4 Star Rating
  • Prices from $199 to $399
  • International inspections
  • Services for classic and antique cars
  • Services for exotic cars
  • "A+" rating from the BBB

Automobile Inspections has been providing comprehensive vehicle inspection reports for long-distance car buyers since 1995. With a network of over 800 inspectors across the USA and Canada, they offer auto appraisal services internationally.

Wide range of vehicles

Offering comprehensive options like vehicle inspections for classic cars, used cars, antique and vintage cars, muscle cars, street rods, motorcycles, RVs, and more, Automobile Inspections stands out among the competition. The company operates throughout the United States and parts of Canada with competitive inspection prices starting at $199.

Inspection process is straightforward

Ordering an inspection from Automobile Inspections is a straightforward process. Customers can order an inspection online by selecting the category their vehicle fits into from six different options. You can choose from any of the following:

  • Used Car and Truck
  • Exotic Car
  • Classic Car and Truck
  • Antique and Vintage Car
  • Street Rod and Custom Car
  • RV and Motorhome
Best Vehicle Inspection Services

Signup is simple, packages are extensive

After selecting a car type, customers provide their name, phone number, email, address, payment information, and specific package option choices. The online form is simple and fast to use, and package details are extensive, leaving customers with no questions about what they are paying for. Reports include a thorough examination of the vehicle's condition, including the bodywork, full exterior and interior inspection, engine, test drive, electrical, and underbody among others. Reports will cover the body, paint, signs of accident damage, rust, or Bondo as well as function checks of the engine, test drive, underbody, tires, wheels, instrumentation, and interior.

Pricing is transparent and competitive

Automobile Inspections offers one clear-cut price for each vehicle type, except for Used Cars and Trucks which have two different packages to choose from. Pricing for the car types is listed as follows:

  • Exotic Car: $399
  • Classic Car and Truck: $379
  • Antique and Vintage Car: $399
  • Street Rod and Custom Car: $399
  • RV and Motorhome: $399

For the Used Car and Truck options, customers can choose between Basic and Full reports. The basic report starts at $199, while the full report is priced at $349. The difference in price includes more thorough inspections of the underbody, trunk, engine, paperwork, and extra checks in all the other categories too.

Best Vehicle Inspection Services

No questions about what you're paying for

One of the reasons that Automobile Inspections stands out is its transparent pricing and report details. Every type of inspection is laid out on the website with absolutely zero questions left as to why you're paying the asked price and what you get for your money. Compared to other options in our review, Automobile Inspections' clear pricing is available prior to putting in your car's information. This, in particular, is essential for boosting customer confidence.

A+ service with testimonials

In terms of customer satisfaction, Automobile Inspections has received an "A+" rating from the Better Business Bureau. Customers who gave the company 5 stars noted that this was one of the best places that they found for judging the quality of luxury vehicles. Customers also loved that the company works across borders. Canadian testimonials said that Automobile Inspections made it easy to learn more about cars for sale in the US and make an informed purchase. There are hundreds of positive testimonials on the Automobile Inspections website that are worth checking out if you're not sure about the company. Customers who didn't love Automobile Inspections were frustrated by the price. Reviewers felt the price was higher than competitors and not worth the extra for the service.

Service is worth the price

Overall, Automobile Inspections is a reputable company that has been providing comprehensive vehicle inspection reports for long-distance car buyers since 1995. Their network isn't as large as some companies, but they offer services across the USA and Canada. The company's focus on providing thorough inspections for a wide range of vehicles, transparent pricing, and excellent customer service has earned them an "A+" rating from the Better Business Bureau and many positive testimonials from satisfied customers. While some reviewers have noted that the price is higher than competitors, the level of service provided by Automobile Inspections is thorough, making it a valuable investment and worth looking into to inspect your next dream car.

Car Saints Review 3.5 Star Rating

Car Saints

3.5 Star Rating
  • Prices range from $159.99 to $499.99
  • Works with classic and exotic cars
  • Works with salvage cars
  • Works with RVs and mobile homes
  • Offers free access to already complete inspections

Car Saints is an inspection service that provides a network of experienced vehicle inspectors across the United States. The business has been open since 2012 and aims to offer the best possible service to both buyers and sellers of vehicles, regardless of their location. Car Saints provides impartial third-party inspections of used vehicles. Their pricing is a little confusing, but it is all marked on the site and easy to find.

Good options, but package confusion

Car Saints offers six easy-to-find vehicle inspection package tiers on their website. The first three, Car Saints Basic, Car Saints EMR, and Car Saints Classic, are listed on the front page. The prices on this page start at $159.99. However, when you click the call-to-action to begin your inspection order process, the page opens up to six options that have different names from the first three - along with completely different prices. So, it's not completely clear if the Basic, EMR, and Classic are available for purchase or not, as they aren't selectable.

What's offered

Here's a layout of the pricing. On the first page you see the following options:

  • Car Sayings Basic: $159.99
  • Car Saints EMR: $299.99
  • Car Saints Classic: $319.99

However, these choices can't be clicked on. When you travel to the next page, you see the following pricing options from the selectable options which can be clicked on for purchase:

  • Car Saints Vehicle Inspection: $189.99
    • For vehicles from 2003 and newer
    • 160 Point inspection
    • Sometimes includes a test drive
  • Car Saints EMR Vehicle Inspection: $299.99
    • For vehicles like Porsche, Land Rover, Lotus, AMG, Audi, BMW
    • For modified race vehicles
    • Full inspection of interior, exterior, and modifications
    • Review aftermarket components
    • Sometimes includes a test drive
  • Car Saints Salvage Vehicle Inspection: $249.99
    • For rebuilt or repaired vehicles
    • Not for motorhomes or exotic cars
  • Car Saints RV, Van & Commercial Vehicles: $319.99
    • For conversion vans, motorhomes, and commercial vehicles
    • Full interior and exterior inspections
    • Review of aftermarket components or amenities
    • Sometimes includes a test drive
  • Car Saints Classic Vehicle Inspection: $339.99
    • For vehicles older than 2002
    • Interior and exterior inspection
    • Looks for restoration quality
    • Allows for special requests from customer
    • Sometimes includes a test drive
  • Car Saints Arbitration Inspection: $499.99
    • Only for arbitration or buybacks

Free database for previously reviewed cars

One thing we love about Car Saints is that they offer an easy-access database of all the cars they have already inspected, and you don't need to pay a dime or even make an account on their site to view the results. You can search the Car Saints database by the make of the vehicle, the state the vehicle is located in, or by body style. Once you select your search, you can narrow down the parameters to look for the car you want. If it's already been inspected by Car Saints, you're good to go.

Best Vehicle Inspection Services

Website needs updating

However, a place Car Saints could improve is their website. While the design itself is fresh and modern, there are some errors across the site that make it feel less polished and trustworthy than it should. The confusing packages and prices are one area they could improve. There are also some typos across the site such as "Car Saint" on one listing instead of Car Saints.

Few reviews, but Car Saints gets top marks

In terms of customer satisfaction, there just aren't enough reviews out there to get a good read on Car Saints. There are just under 20 total reviews across different sites, and Car Saints isn't rated by the BBB. However, of the reviews that exist many of them are positive. On Yelp, there are just 10 reviews, but all of them are 5 stars out of 5.

Positive customer reviews

The feedback from users noted that the service from Car Saints was fast with one reviewer noting that his inspection was started within 3 hours of ordering. Multiple reviews noted that Car Saints was the "best place" to order an inspection from, and several reviewers said that they used the feedback from others at Yelp to make their decision to use Car Saints, and felt it was completely worth the risk on a company with so few reviews.

Good middle-ground option

Car Saints offers a valuable service to both buyers and sellers of used vehicles across the United States. Their network of experienced inspectors and easy-access database of previously inspected cars are particularly noteworthy. However, their confusing pricing structure and lack of customer reviews may leave some potential clients unsure of what to expect. Despite this, the few reviews that are available are overwhelmingly positive, indicating that Car Saints is worth a chance. Because of this, they earn a middle ranking in our review.

Lemon Squad Review 3 Star Rating

Lemon Squad

3 Star Rating
  • Standard car inspection starts at $199
  • Prices range from $189- $613.97
  • Nationwide inspection services
  • Inspections done by ASE certified mechanics
  • 6 different vehicle types
  • CARFAX reports optional

LemonSquad is an automotive company whose name is based on the concept of a "lemon" vehicle, or one that has a significant defect that requires constant repairs or is unsafe to drive. Thus, LemonSquad promises to specialize in helping customers avoid buying "lemons" as they search for their next dream car.

Variety of inspection packages

LemonSquad offers a variety of inspection packages that vary based on the car you want inspected. The lowest price starts at $189, and can go up to $613.97 if you choose the most expensive package with all the possible add-ons. However, if you're looking to get a standard car inspection, the price will start at $199.

Comprehensive standard reporting

Lemon Squad offers six different inspection packages, depending on the type of vehicle that needs to be inspected. Each package includes a comprehensive mechanical inspection, a computer diagnosis of the engine, transmission, ABS, and airbag, an inspection of the steering, brakes, and suspension, fluid level checks, and more than 25 pictures. The inspector will also look for previous damage.

Best Vehicle Inspection Services

6 vehicle inspection pages to choose from

LemonSquad offers six different inspection packages for you to choose from. These are organized by the type of vehicle you're purchasing, and include the Exotic, Standard, Classic, Commercial, Motorcycle, and RV.

  • The Exotic
    • Price: $259
    • For high-end vehicles like Porsche, Jaguar, Bugatti, Lamborghini
    • Includes a road test
  • The Standard
    • Price: $189
    • Best for most vehicles
    • Includes a road test
  • The Classic
    • Price: $299
    • For cars over 20 years old
    • Offers over 40 pictures
    • Checks for previous body repairs by other owners (like rust repair and Bondo)
    • Includes road test
  • The Commercial
    • Price: $269
    • For all commercial vehicles
    • Examines commercial components (eg. liftgates) for function
    • Includes road test
  • The Motorcycle
    • Price: $189
    • For all motorcycles
    • Does not include a road test
  • The RV
    • Price: $449
    • Includes motorhomes and towables
    • Includes over 40 photos
    • Includes audio and video components
    • Does not include road test

CARFAX available

On top of vehicle types, LemonSquad offers a few add-ons and extras as well. If you're not satisfied with the standard inspection options, you can add a CARFAX vehicle report for $34.99, a market value assessment for $49.99, and/or a verbal inspection report for $29.99. We love the final option because if a customer isn't well-versed in technical jargon, the verbal report allows the customer to speak to a LemonSquad representative and ask any questions they have about the vehicle report.

Inspections across the nation

One of the most impressive things about LemonSquad is that they offer nationwide coverage. No matter where you live in the USA, LemonSquad has an inspector in your area who can take a look at the vehicle you're eyeing. Their technicians are ASE certified, and inspections traditionally take 2 business days, though LemonSquad does note that there is a possibility for extensions based on location or how many technicians are available at the time you order. You can place your inspection online or over the phone.

Best Vehicle Inspection Services

Ratings have fallen for LemonSquad

Unfortunately, in terms of customer satisfaction LemonSquad has fallen slightly in recent years. Previously the service had received an "A+" rating from the Better Business Bureau, but now they have an "NR" rating because LemonSquad was acquired by Wrench Inspection Company, LLC. Unfortunately, this company has no current information on the BBB site, as the page was being updated at the time of this review. According to user reviews, this NR rating may be due to poor customer experiences as well as the company's acquisition. On sites outside of LemonSquad, the company has received an average rating of 2 stars out of 5. However, on the LemonSquad site, there are only 5-star reviews, so it may be important to take those with a grain of salt.

Customer reviews for LemonSquad aren't so sweet

Positive reviews covered that having a vehicle report from LemonSquad was essential to feeling confident in buying a new car. Customers also noted that LemonSquad found details about cars they were going to buy that changed their minds about the purchase. For example, one user noted that the dealership lied about a bent bumper that LemonSquad found and photographed that the customer may not have known about prior to purchasing the vehicle. The 1-star reviews, which make up the majority of feedback about LemonSquad, noted that inspections were incomplete with errors including inspectors who didn't drive the car (despite that being included in the package) or who never looked inside the car or under the hood. Other unsatisfied customers complained that they couldn't get a hold of customer service representatives after paying.

Great features but poor reviews

Overall, LemonSquad seems like a decent option for those who are in the market for a used car and want to avoid buying a lemon, but there are some things to watch out for. The six different inspection packages and nationwide coverage make it a competitive option. Additionally, the ability to add extras like a CARFAX vehicle report and verbal inspection report is a nice touch for those who want additional information. However, the company's recent acquisition and resulting NR rating from the BBB, along with negative reviews from customers regarding incomplete inspections and difficulty reaching customer service representatives, are concerns to keep in mind. So, because of these concerns, LemonSquad sits around the middle of the pack in our review. Despite the positives, there are more trustworthy options to go for.

Pep Boys Review 2.5 Star Rating

Pep Boys

2.5 Star Rating
  • Inspection costs $129.99
  • ASE certified inspectors
  • Nationwide locations
  • In-person inspections
  • Best for yearly inspections or for selling your car
  • "A+" rating by the BBB for parent company

Pep Boys started back in 1921 as a local mechanic shop. Now, Pep Boys is a popular franchise with locations across the country.

One-stop shop

When it comes to cars, Pep Boys is the ultimate one-stop shop. Pep Boys and their ASE-certified Technicians claim to cover all your automotive needs, from oil changes to transmission maintenance and everything in between, including inspections. Pep Boys has a wide-reaching presence in the United States and Puerto Rico, boasting over 1,000 locations and 9,000 service bays to help you get your car inspected wherever you are. However, there's only one inspection option with Pep Boys, which is limited compared to some of the competition, but the $129.99 price is very competitive.

One inspection for all

With Pep Boys, you can prepay for your assessment online, but you do have to take your car in person for the actual inspection. The price is regularly $129.99, but there are often sales. For example, at the time of this review, the inspection was on sale for $74.99. This inspection includes a 160-point assessment including a review of all major systems and common problem areas. Some of the assessment areas are:

  • Air conditioning (HVAC)
  • Steering and suspension
  • Braking system
  • Wheels and tires
  • Comprehensive vehicle inspection

All inspections from PepBoys include a CARFAX history report with the service price.

Best Vehicle Inspection Services

You have to be there in person

Pep Boys works a little differently from some of the other options we evaluated. This service does require the car owner to take the car to a Pep Boys location to have it inspected. While other options in this review offer inspections anywhere across the country, even sending technicians out to the car's location, Pep Boys is more limited. You will have to drive your car to Pep Boys to complete the inspection. Thus, this service will be better for customers who are looking to sell their car or complete the required yearly vehicle inspection required by law in some states.

All technicians are certified

One thing we love is that all of the technicians at Pep Boys are ASE certified. These technicians have completed the required training and have obtained their Automotive Service Excellence Certified Master Technicians requirements, meaning they are qualified to work on every mechanical, electrical component, and system in a vehicle.

Positive reviews for speed and friendliness

In terms of customer satisfaction, Pep Boys sits at about the middle of the pack. The Pep Boys company was acquired by Icahn Enterprises in 2016. Icahn has an "A+" rating from the BBB despite Pep Boys itself being unrated. In terms of reviews, Pep Boys has earned 2.8 out of 5 stars on average across review sites, which doesn't build the most confidence in the business. In terms of positive reviews, customers gave Pep Boys 5 stars for the speed of their service and how friendly their technicians are.

Best Vehicle Inspection Services

Some mixed reviews as well

While most of the reviews are not for the inspection service, the general consensus is that Pep Boys is an honest mechanic business, and they won't lie to you to make more money on fixes. However, the lower ratings for Pep Boys completely disagree with these positive reviews. Users noted that Pep Boys overcharged them for things like oil and tire alignment, as well as taking an hour longer than they promised. Similarly, most of the reviews focus on non-inspection services, but with the higher volume of poor reviews, Pep Boys doesn't stand out as an example of customer service.

Good if you're selling your car

Overall Pep Boys is a more limited option compared to other options in this review. You have to go in person to get your car inspected, making this service better for individuals looking to sell their cars or those who need to complete annual inspections by state law. And despite having ASE-certified inspectors and a long-standing business, Pep Boys isn't very popular with reviewers. The feedback offers conflicting reports on effectiveness, prices, and trustworthiness, with the negative reviews far outweighing the positive on all review sites. Thus, Pep Boys gets a lower-than-average rating from us since customer satisfaction is essential, especially with something as important as your car.

AIM Mobile Inspections Review 2 Star Rating

AIM Mobile Inspections

2 Star Rating
  • Nationwide services
  • Inspections for private customers and dealerships
  • Won awards with AVIS

AiM has been in the vehicle inspection business since 2005, inspecting over 12,000,000 vehicles each year across all 50 states. They offer a wide range of services to their customers, including inspections, wholesale floor plan audits, and insurance claims management.

Both new and used cars

Their inspection services cover new and used cars and are designed to verify their condition, prevent damage during transportation, and provide peace of mind to potential buyers. The options include inspections for buyers and dealerships, so AiM is a great place to go for both business and personal purposes. There are no prices available without first putting in your car's VIN and other pertinent information.

Inspections for private customers and dealerships

AiM's has a variety of inspection options, including new car inspections, pre-purchase used car inspections, and dealership used car inspections. For new vehicles, they conduct "cause and effect" studies to identify problem areas in the transportation process and recommend preventative measures to protect them from damage. For used cars, they conduct damage classification and identification, repair verification, insurance estimates, buybacks, and custom studies. Pricing for all of these depends on the particular vehicle submitted for evaluation.

Four inspection options

For customers looking to buy a pre-owned car and verify that it's a safe option, AiM offers the pre-purchase used car inspections. There are four different packages: Preferred, Plus, Premier, and Commercial.

  • The most basic package is the AiM Preferred, which includes a 150-point inspection, bumper-to-bumper test, 15+ condition photos, tire inspection, and an overall grade between an "A" and "F". This package is available for all consumer vehicles from the 1981 model year to present.
  • The Plus option offers a comprehensive vehicle history on top of the benefits of the Preferred package.
  • Premier offers the same benefits as the Plus option but with the addition of a scientific lab analysis of the engine and transmission fluids to give you a clear idea of the internal components.
  • Finally, the Commercial option is specifically geared toward the purchase of a commercial vehicle.
Best Vehicle Inspection Services

Nationwide services

One of the reasons AiM is popular is that they have services nationwide, with 1,200+ full-time, professional inspectors. With car experts spread across the country, they promise top-tier service anywhere in the US. With full-time employees, they can get to your inspection right away and provide accurate and timely information before your next automobile purchase.

Not popular with reviewers

Despite its impressive reputation and awards from AVIS, AiM does have a few areas of concern to keep in mind. The company is not rated by the BBB, and doesn't have a lot of customer reviews, although AiM is highly reviewed as a place to work. AiM's auto inspection services have an average of 2.5 stars out of 5. It's important to note that there are fewer than 100 total reviews, so this 2.5-star rating may not completely represent consumer opinions of this service.

Mixed reports

Happy customers noted that using AiM's inspection service saved them from buying a car that would have been completely unsuitable. However, in lower reviews, some customers have reported issues with the accuracy of their reports, that inspectors didn't complete all the steps like test driving, and many customers mentioned difficulty in reaching customer service representatives.

Customers don't recommend it, and neither do we

While AiM seems reputable, we don't love that they don't offer clear prices, or even minimums on the site before adding your personal information. With this in mind as well as the less-than-stellar user reviews and customer complaints, AiM isn't one of the top-rated options in this review. It may still be worth looking into as a service that has won a few awards, but if customer satisfaction is your top concern, you may want to keep searching.

Your Mechanic Review 1 Star Rating

Your Mechanic

1 Star Rating
  • Inspection prices range from $189 to $613.97
  • Inspections are outsourced
  • Multiple services offered outside of inspections
  • ASE certified mechanics complete the inspections

Your Mechanic offers a pre-purchase inspection service that provides customers with the convenience of having their car inspected at their location. The inspection includes a 150-point check that is competitive with other options in our review.

Inspections are outsourced

It covers various aspects of the car's condition, including fluids, brakes, tires, and engine. Your Mechanic also offers a variety of other services including oil changes, diagnostics for cars that won't start, battery replacement, and towing among other options. However, when you dig into the inspection properly, it's clear that Your Mechanic doesn't actually do their own inspections. Instead, they outsource to another company.

A little misleading

What we don't love about Your Mechanic is that they talk about the inspection mechanics as if they work for the company itself - when, in reality, the inspections are outsourced to a different company. In fact, if you check out our review for LemonSquad in this category, you'll have a clear idea of what Your Mechanic offers, as they used LemonSquad for their inspection service. So, when Your Mechanic claims to have ASE-certified mechanics at their disposal, they're really talking about the mechanics at LemonSquad.

Best Vehicle Inspection Services

Prices are the same despite outsourcing

Based on the prices seen in the LemonSquad review, the cost of jumping from Your Mechanic to LemonSquad isn't any extra. The price for an inspection still ranges between $189- $613.97 and a standard vehicle inspection for the average car or truck starts at $199. So, Your Mechanic doesn't add any cost to the top for going through their website. However, it remains that Your Mechanic is not its own inspection service.

Customers aren't impressed with other services

In terms of customer satisfaction, it's clear that if you want to use the services offered by Your Mechanic, it may be better to look somewhere else. Your Mechanic has an "F" rating from the BBB as well as only 1 star from consumer reviews and only a 2.8-star average across different review sites. So, users aren't even impressed with the variety of other services offered by Your Mechanic.

Look anywhere else before Your Mechanic

Overall, there isn't really a great reason to use Your Mechanic over other options in this review. While Your Mechanic does offer a range of services, it's clear that there are better options available in the market. The fact remains that Your Mechanic outsources its inspection services to another company in this review that is much higher rated. Furthermore, Your Mechanic's customer satisfaction ratings are far from impressive, making it the last choice option in our review. Moreover, the cost of using Your Mechanic is not any cheaper than using the outsourced inspection service directly. Why bother?

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Regular vehicle inspections are required by law in most states. Inspections help to identify potential safety hazards before they become major problems. Regular inspections can also help you save money in the long run by catching minor issues before they turn into costly repairs. Most people can get a basic inspection done at their local mechanic.

Regardless of whether your car is coming from a dealership or through a private sale, it's always safer for you to get a vehicle inspection done. This is especially true in states like Florida, where regular inspections are not required by law. Whether it's a regular used car, a classic car, or an antique car, each comes with its own host of problems.

With classic cars, you can find parts that have been replaced or even the entire engine was taken out, making the classic car worth much less than the asking price. If you're buying from a dealership, usually these cars have been inspected already. If you want someone in your corner, though, hiring an outside inspector can help you avoid buying a lemon from the dealership or keep you from missing problems you'd be left repairing if you purchased the vehicle.

When it comes to finding a reputable inspection service, there are several factors to consider. First and foremost, you want to make sure that the service is licensed and certified. This ensures that they are following state regulations and have the proper training and equipment to perform inspections correctly. This is especially important if you live somewhere where regular inspections are required by law.

If you're still not sure where to start looking for a good vehicle inspector, here are a few key factors to keep in mind:

  • Cost: Since many states require inspections, you don't want to be paying a ton of money regularly. Instead, look for a reputable option that charges competitive but fair rates. Value for your money is important, but safety is key with inspections.
  • Vehicle type: Not all cars are created equal. Most inspection services will offer a variety of car types, but you want to make sure your inspector services your specific needs. For example, most inspectors will service exotic cars, but not all will inspect antique cars.
  • Certification: Make sure that the inspection service that you're considering uses certified mechanics and professionals who know what they're looking for. This is especially important if your state requires inspections by law.
  • Service locations: It's important if you want to order an inspection online that they service the area where you or the car are located. Some offer nationwide service while others provide international services, allowing you to order inspections on cars in another country.

To help you feel confident about ordering your next vehicle inspection, Top Consumer Reviews has reviewed and ranked the best companies that offer inspections online today. We hope this information helps you feel confident about your next car and supports you through your purchase or ongoing maintenance!

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Vehicle Inspection Service FAQ

Exactly what it sounds like: an evaluation of a car's primary systems (for example steering, suspension, or drivetrain). The extent of the inspection varies, from a basic "yes, this vehicle is drivable" to an in-depth bumper-to-bumper examination.
Most vehicle inspections are related to a sale. Prospective buyers often want reassurance that they're not buying a "lemon" , especially if they're looking at a car offered by a private seller and not a dealership.
Costs vary by provider and according to how extensive you want the vehicle to be evaluated. Expect to pay anywhere from $125 to $600, with higher costs for exotic or specialty models.
You're right to think that buyers will want to know that the car you're selling is reliable and doesn't have any undisclosed issues. However, paying for an inspection in advance might not reassure them - after all, you chose the mechanic. It might be wiser to wait until you have an interested buyer; you can then offer to cover or share the cost of an inspection by the mechanic of their choice.
Absolutely! Even cars that seem to be in pristine condition can still have hidden problems. Can you tell just by looking if the vehicle has been in an accident or if the electrical system is on the verge of shorting out? A vehicle inspection is a smart way to know exactly what you're getting, and you can use the information to help in the price negotiation process.
Fortunately, many vehicle inspection services are mobile. Wherever the car is located, the mechanic will meet you there and perform the inspection on-site.
Unfortunately, no. That's why it's important to choose an inspection service with a good reputation, because once the evaluation has been completed you're usually not able to get a refund if you're unhappy for some reason.
Many services offering vehicle inspections have been on the market for decades. It's always a good idea to see what previous clients have to say about any service you're considering, along with looking up the company's rating from the Better Business Bureau. You'll come away with peace of mind regarding the vehicle and the inspection service!
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