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Lemon Squad Review

Tuesday, December 6th

2022 Vehicle Inspection Service Reviews

Lemon Squad Review 4.5 Star Rating

Lemon Squad

4.5 Star Rating
  • Cost: From $169 to $269

True to their name, Lemon Squad's goal is to help customers avoid buying a "lemon", or in other words, a clunker of a car that won't be worth the cost. They boast that you'll always get a person on the phone when you call, there are no hidden fees, they have qualified and experienced inspectors, easy to understand reports, and the best turnaround time in the industry. Now that's a company we can get behind!

Nationwide coverage

Regardless of where you live in the USA, Lemon Squad has an inspector in your area that can take a look at your vehicle. Their technicians are ASE certified and most have been in the business for years. In three easy steps, customers can get an inspection ordered and receive a report. Orders can either be placed online or over the phone. Next, the inspector will contact the vehicle seller and perform the inspection (typically within 2 business days). Lastly, the inspection report will be uploaded, reviewed, and sent out to the customer.

Best Vehicle Inspection Services

4 different inspection packages

Pre-purchase used car inspections come in four different packages depending on the type of vehicle needing the inspection. Each package includes a computer diagnosis of the engine, transmission, ABS and airbag, a comprehensive mechanical inspection of the drive train, inspection of the steering, brakes, and suspension, a road test, fluid level checks, more than 25 pictures, and a check for previous accident and flood damage.

  • Exotic: For higher end vehicles like Porsche, Lamborghini, Bugatti, etc. The cost for this inspection is $229.
  • Standard: For cars newer than 20 years old. The cost for this inspection is $169.
  • Classic: For cars older than 20 years old. In addition to the standard components checked, this inspection includes an examination of rust and bondo, an emphasis on age deterioration, and verification of engine and transmission numbers. The cost for this inspection is $269.
  • Commercial: For all commercial vehicles. The cost for this inspection is $249.

Optional add-ons

Add-ons to the vehicle inspections are optional for customers wanting some additional information on their prospective vehicle. For $29.99, customers can get a CARFAX vehicle history report on any car from 1982 and newer. A true market value assessment can be added for $49.99 that gives customers a better idea of how much their vehicle is worth. Customers also have the option of receiving a phone call by an in-house staff member when they receive their inspection report to go over the report in detail and make sure all of the vehicle information is understandable. The cost for this is $29.99.

In addition to the A+ rating they receive from the Better Business Bureau, Lemon Squad has a slew of happy customers who are both impressed and satisfied by the professional services and fast turnaround time on their inspection. We really don't see any reason not to give Lemon Squad a chance to inspect your next vehicle for you. Their pricing is a bit steeper than our highest-rated inspection service, but you likely won't regret your purchase here.

Where is the Best Place to Get a Vehicle Inspection?

It's likely that at some point most everyone will either buy or sell a used car. There are a lot of anxieties and stresses when buying a used vehicle, but getting an inspection helps to put one's mind at ease regarding the overall condition of the car.

Vehicles are one of the most costly and necessary purchases people have to make, so doing your due diligence before buying one will help ensure you don't encounter problems that could have been prevented. Vehicle inspections usually look for areas of concern with the overall performance of the car.

The Best Vehicle Inspection Services Compare Vehicle Inspection Services Compare Vehicle Inspection Service Reviews What are the best Vehicle Inspection Services Best Vehicle Inspection Service Reviews

Vehicle Inspection Service FAQ

Exactly what it sounds like: an evaluation of a car's primary systems (for example steering, suspension, or drivetrain). The extent of the inspection varies, from a basic "yes, this vehicle is drivable" to an in-depth bumper-to-bumper examination.
Most vehicle inspections are related to a sale. Prospective buyers often want reassurance that they're not buying a "lemon" , especially if they're looking at a car offered by a private seller and not a dealership.
Costs vary by provider and according to how extensive you want the vehicle to be evaluated. Expect to pay anywhere from $125 to $600, with higher costs for exotic or specialty models.
You're right to think that buyers will want to know that the car you're selling is reliable and doesn't have any undisclosed issues. However, paying for an inspection in advance might not reassure them - after all, you chose the mechanic. It might be wiser to wait until you have an interested buyer; you can then offer to cover or share the cost of an inspection by the mechanic of their choice.
Absolutely! Even cars that seem to be in pristine condition can still have hidden problems. Can you tell just by looking if the vehicle has been in an accident or if the electrical system is on the verge of shorting out? A vehicle inspection is a smart way to know exactly what you're getting, and you can use the information to help in the price negotiation process.
Fortunately, many vehicle inspection services are mobile. Wherever the car is located, the mechanic will meet you there and perform the inspection on-site.
Unfortunately, no. That's why it's important to choose an inspection service with a good reputation, because once the evaluation has been completed you're usually not able to get a refund if you're unhappy for some reason.
Many services offering vehicle inspections have been on the market for decades. It's always a good idea to see what previous clients have to say about any service you're considering, along with looking up the company's rating from the Better Business Bureau. You'll come away with peace of mind regarding the vehicle and the inspection service!
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Main systems like brakes, suspension, steering, and emissions are checked. Other important details are looked at including lights, paint, dents, air conditioning and more. Professional mechanics who are trained to look at these critical vehicle parts are available through inspection companies. Whether you're looking to buy a car locally or across the country, online resources allow you to get in contact with an inspection service wherever you need.

When selling a used car, it helps to get the vehicle inspected beforehand so you can use the results as a selling point for potential buyers. If your car is in great condition, you can claim that a trustworthy auto inspection service looked over your vehicle and gave it a good rating. On the other hand, if you as a customer take a potential vehicle in for inspection and find that it is riddled with issues, you could use this to negotiate the price or decide not to buy it.

It is extremely important to know who you can trust before getting your vehicle inspected. It could be a costly error for the customer if major issues are overlooked. On the flipside, blowing small issues out of proportion to make more money on repairs is a concern that many customers have with inspection companies and mechanics. Finding an inspection service with positive customer feedback is crucial.

Before choosing a vehicle inspection company, we suggest you keep the following criteria in mind:

  • Price. How does the cost of the vehicle inspection company compare with their competitors? If you end up needing to get multiple vehicles inspected, you don't want to break the bank to do this.
  • Coverage and Reporting. What does the inspection company look for when you bring your vehicle in? How do they communicate the results to you?
  • Reputation. What do customers have to say about the inspection company? Do they have a loyal customer base or receive lots of critical feedback?

TopConsumerReviews.com has reviewed and ranked the best vehicle inspection services available today. We hope this information helps you find out everything you need to know about the car you hope to buy or sell!

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