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The Best Virtual Mailbox Services

Which Virtual Mailbox Service is the Best?

When you hear the term "virtual mailbox" , you might think it's referring to your email inbox. The concept is similar, but it relates to your real-world, physical mail and making it 100% digital. Still, many people aren't sure how exactly it all works.

First, you authorize a company to act as your agent (by submitting a notarized copy of USPS Form 1583) and select one of their available addresses. Once you've forwarded your mail or changed your address on file with your credit card company, the DMV, and anywhere else that sends it to you, the virtual mailbox company will scan the outside of everything that comes in your name. You then sign in to your dashboard, indicate what you'd like done with each piece - scan the contents, forward to your location, or shred and discard - and you're done.

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2024 Virtual Mailbox Service Reviews

Top Consumer Reviews Best-In-Class Blue Ribbon Award US Global Mail Review 5 Star Rating

US Global Mail

5 Star Rating
  • Choose between two company-managed addresses (TX/CA) or a partner address near you
  • Unlimited envelope scanning on all plans
  • Integrates with Google Drive and Dropbox
  • 30-day guarantee
  • "A+" rated and accredited by the BBB
  • In business for over 20 years
Top Consumer Reviews Best-In-Class Blue Ribbon Award

US Global Mail makes it so very easy to get and use your virtual mailbox. Whether you need an address near you or you want your mail to be personally handled by their employees, you'll have plenty of options with this company.

Three low-cost plans to choose from

You won't pay a ton of money for your virtual mailbox at US Global Mail. There are three options you can consider:

  • Basic ($14.99 billed monthly, $9.95/month billed annually): this plan gives you one recipient name and 45 days of free physical mail storage, plus discounts of up to 50% off retail shipping rates.
  • Plus ($19.99 billed monthly, $14.95/month billed annually): this plan lets you add multiple family members as recipients, gives you 90 days of free physical mail storage, priority response time, and discounts of up to 80% on retail shipping rates.
  • Business ($34.99 billed monthly, $29.95/month billed annually): US Global Mail's highest tier of services provides the ability to add multiple company names and family members, 180 days of free physical mail storage, and that discount of up to 80% on shipping rates.

Get a lot for your monthly fees

You'll be stunned at how much you get with your USGM virtual mailbox. There's no limit to the number of inbound envelope scans, and check deposits are free too. Given that most rival services have limits on how many pieces you can receive each month and charge you $4.95 or more for deposits, US Global Mail could save you a lot of money if you anticipate getting a lot of mail or making many deposits.

Pay-per-scan on content

The one little downside of USGM's virtual mailbox plans is that they don't include any content scanning. If you need to see what's inside an envelope, you'll pay $3 per piece plus $0.50 per page. It's also an extra charge if you need their staff to open and inspect a package or if you go in person to pick up your mail. Why? US Global Mail has a strong digital-only approach to mail processing, so their locations aren't really designed to prioritize in-person interactions or lots of hands-on work.

USGM helps you "go green"

That hands-off mindset is part of US Global Mail's "green" initiatives. Not only do they recycle all junk mail and pieces that clients indicate should be discarded, but they also plant a tree for every customer who signs up for their virtual mailbox service. We support their efforts.

Best Virtual Mailbox Services

Remote notarization available

Remember how you'll need to turn in a notarized USPS Form 1583 to authorize any virtual mailbox service to receive your mail? That can be tricky to do if you're already abroad somewhere. US Global Mail has you covered: you can schedule a Zoom appointment with a remote notary right on the USGM website. You'll pay either $15 or $25 for the service, depending on the date you choose, but there's no more convenient way to get it done from just about anywhere.

30-day guarantee

US Global Mail offers a 30-day guarantee on all virtual mailbox plans. It could be more clearly worded - since the FAQ says "if you leave in the middle of your account term, you will not get a refund" - but we're fairly confident that the statement applies after the initial 30-day period.

Stellar reputation

This virtual mailbox service has an excellent reputation. Not only has the company earned the Better Business Bureau's top accolades - an "A+" rating and accreditation -but thousands of clients give US Global Mail a perfect five-star rating too. The reviews from long-term clients who wouldn't trust their mail to any other company are particularly convincing. We were especially pleased to see comments from expats who describe USGM's support team as having a "can-do attitude" , getting mail and packages forwarded to destinations all around the world - without any hefty markups on shipping fees.

#1 for virtual mailboxes

US Global Mail earns our highest recommendation for virtual mailboxes. While it would be a nice perk if their plans included a few scans in the monthly packages, there's still so much value included in what USGM already offers. No other virtual mailbox provider gives you unlimited envelope scans and check deposits for less than $10/month. US Global Mail should be the first company you consider when shopping for a virtual mailbox service.

Physical Address Review 4.5 Star Rating

Physical Address

4.5 Star Rating
  • Eight address locations to choose from: NY, CA, NV, TX, FL, ID, GA, DE
  • Same-day scanning of all received mail
  • No third-party mail centers used to process your mail
  • Free check depositing
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • "A+" rated by the BBB
  • In business since 2013

When you first visit the Physical Address website, you might be put off. It's not mobile-responsive or beautifully designed, and you might think it's too amateurish to consider for your virtual mailbox. Think again. There are tons of reasons why Physical Address should be on your list.

Affordable pricing based on number of pieces scanned

You won't have to pay a ton of money to get a virtual mailbox from Physical Address. Their pricing is based on the number of included envelope scans per month:

  • Plan 30 ($7.98/month): this entry-level plan includes 30 envelope scans and 10 content scans.
  • Plan 50 ($10.98/month): this tier takes your envelope scans up to 50 and content scans to 25 per month.
  • Plan 100 ($16.98/month): no surprises here, with 100 envelope scans and 50 content scans per month.
  • Plan 200 ($26.98/month): 200 envelope scans and 100 content scans per month come with this level of service.
  • Save 20% on any plan if you pay annually instead of monthly
  • Corporate plans are available (more than 300 mail items per month); call for a quote

Tons included in your plan

What many rival virtual mailbox providers charge you for, Physical Address gives you for free. This includes an unlimited number of recipients on your plan, three months of (non-parcel) storage, local pickup if you want to get your mail in person, secure shredding, and registered agent services. Given how affordably-priced the plans are here, that's a huge value for what you pay.

No-fee check deposits (beyond postage)

Another big perk is not having to pay for check deposit services. Other than the cost of the postage to forward your checks to the bank you designate, Physical Address doesn't add on any service fees. Compare that with competitors who charge up to $10 per check and you'll see just how affordable these virtual mailboxes are.

Best Virtual Mailbox Services

Fewer address choices but better service

This isn't going to be your virtual mailbox of choice if you're looking for hundreds or thousands of address locations. Your options here are limited to Wall Street, NY; Laguna Beach, CA; Las Vegas, NV; Dallas, TX; Orlando, FL; Boise, ID; Atlanta, GA; and Wilmington, DE. Why? The reason is actually another mark in Physical Address' favor: they process all of your mail themselves, not relying on third-party mail centers to do the heavy lifting (so to speak). That means your mail will get same-day scanning, and you're not waiting for it to be handed off from one location to another or relying on a partner location to deliver quality service.

Recommended by 99% of clients

Are you worried that Physical Mailbox sounds too good to be true? Affordable and reliable? Have no fear, because these virtual mailboxes are as promised. The Better Business Bureau gives the company an "A+" rating, and clients agree - to the tune of 99% of them rating the service with four or five stars. From long-term clients who have had a Physical Address virtual mailbox for five years or more to brand-new customers, everyone describes the customer service team as friendly and responsive, with few problems getting mail processed quickly and accurately. This applies both for business owners using the service as their company location and people living abroad and getting mail scanned and forwarded.

Excellent value, terrific service

Physical Address is the best virtual mailbox option you've never heard of. You get a genuinely impressive number of features for a super-low monthly price, especially looking at competitor services that get super-spendy with a la carte options. Plus, you're protected by a 30-day money-back guarantee here, making it absolutely no risk to see if Physical Address works for your virtual mailbox needs. Give them a try.

Docufree Review 4.5 Star Rating


4.5 Star Rating
  • Pricing based on your business needs
  • Request a quote via online form or toll-free number
  • Available services include virtual PO box, physical mail services, real-time alerts, eForms and eSignatures, automated workflows, and more
  • "A+" rated and accredited by the BBB
  • In business since 1999

If you're looking for virtual mailbox services for your business or organization, look no further than the award-winning options at Docufree. Awarded a Bronze Stevie designation in 2022 for its Digital Mailroom legal solutions, the company works with a broad spectrum of industries. Some brands in Docufree's portfolio are probably very familiar to you: Kaiser Permanente, Panasonic, Ryder, Alaska Airlines, and Four Seasons, to name a few.

Efficient way to handle your company's physical mail

Think about how much time your business spends on handling mail pieces, from the moment mail is delivered to your mailroom to sorting and distribution to the intended recipient(s). Tired of the hassle? That's where Docufree can help. We encourage you to read through the case studies linked at the bottom of the site to get an idea of how your company's productivity (and profitability) could be amplified by outsourcing mail handling to a virtual mailbox. Your employees will get an email notification and a link whenever something needs their attention, all routed automatically by Docufree's system.

Document conversion and remote signing

Advanced document handling is simple with Docufree's Digital Mailroom. You can easily turn a document into an e-form, with drag-and-drop fields as needed, the option to input data, and the ability to e-sign. This is especially handy if you've got a distributed team setup and need everyone to be on the same page (see what we did there?).

Best Virtual Mailbox Services

Get a quote

Unsurprisingly, your costs will vary here, depending on how you set up the virtual mailbox system for your company. The best way to get started is to fill out Docufree's quote request form on the website. You'll enter your name and company name, your email and phone number, as well as a brief summary of your current process for handling mail. A Docufree solution expert will reach out to discuss your needs and come up with a package price.

Fantastic track record

Docufree is a trusted source of virtual mailbox services for big businesses. Not only has the company received that Stevie award we referenced earlier, but the Better Business Bureau also gives Docufree its highest rating and accreditation.

Ideal virtual mailbox service for large companies

Docufree is the #1 choice for virtual mailboxes at the enterprise level. With over 1,000 big names that have trusted this company's Digital Mailroom to process all inbound mail pieces, it's easy to see why this should be the first place you look if you'd like to do likewise at your workplace. Docufree doesn't have anything to offer solopreneurs or individuals working abroad, which keeps the service from earning our very highest rating, but it's the obvious solution for corporate-level virtual mailboxes.

Post Scan Mail Review 4 Star Rating

Post Scan Mail

4 Star Rating
  • Over 400 mailing addresses to choose from
  • View your dashboard via desktop or mobile app
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • "A+" rated by the BBB
  • In business since 2012

Anaheim, California is where Post Scan Mail calls home, but you'll have more than 400 addresses in the US and internationally to choose from. The company has been in operation since 2012.

Post Scan Mail has your back

Many virtual mailbox options use third-party mail centers to receive and process mail, and Post Scan Mail is no exception. But, one big perk here is that their support team will actually help you if you experience any issues with one of their partners: if you've had a piece of mail go missing or your location experiences a disruption in service, PSM reps will work with you to get it taken care of. Similarly-structured virtual mailbox providers don't go as far to keep you happy.

Small businesses and individuals give it five stars

You'll see that attention to detail reflected in the thousands of five-star reviews left by Post Scan Mail clients. You're protected by a 30-day money-back guarantee, but many customers say you'll never need to use it: small business owners and expats alike describe using PSM for years and never having an issue worth mentioning. The Better Business Bureau agrees, giving Post Scan Mail a perfect "A+" rating.

Best Virtual Mailbox Services

3 plans to choose from

How do you get started with a virtual mailbox at PSM? You'll first enter a zip code or city/state where you'd like to look for an address. Look through the results list to see the overview of available locations and their corresponding prices (which varies based on the location you choose). Expect the cost to roughly follow this pattern:

  • Starter ($15+ per month): includes 30 incoming pieces of mail, one recipient, no included document scanning.
  • Standard ($20+ per month): includes 60 incoming pieces of mail, two recipients, and open/scan of 10 items (up to 10 pages each, then $0.25 per additional page).
  • Premium ($30+ per month): includes 120 incoming pieces of mail, six recipients, and open/scan of 20 items.

In most stateside locations we selected, those prices were accurate.

A few things to be aware of

There aren't many downsides to choosing Post Scan Mail for your virtual mailbox. But, you should be aware that you won't get check depositing here (at least, we didn't see it listed as a service at any of the locations we researched). Also, you're not informed which mail center will be serving the address you choose, though you can easily look up the address online and find out on your own. That's a smart idea because you can check out the reputation of the actual location (which might or might not be as positive as PSM's).

Good choice for individual consumers and small businesses

We've got plenty of love for Post Scan Mail's virtual mailbox services, with their 30-day money-back guarantee, top-notch support, and track record of numerous five-star customer reviews. It's not going to be your top pick if you're a big business trying to replicate a large mailroom or if you're not comfortable with the idea of third-party mail centers getting involved in your mail handling, but most small businesses and individuals will find Post Scan Mail to be a great option for virtual mailboxes.

Virtual Post Mail Review 3.5 Star Rating

Virtual Post Mail

3.5 Star Rating
  • Services starting at $20/month
  • No contracts, setup fees, or cancellation fees
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • All mail processed at a commercial address, not a PO Box
  • In business since 2009

If time is of the essence, consider Virtual Post Mail for your virtual mailbox needs. Unlike some competitors who use third-party mail centers to receive and scan your mail, VPM handles everything at their own warehouses. That means you'll get same-day envelope scanning of each piece; compare that with rival services whose processing can take a week or longer before it hits your digital dashboard.

4 address locations

Virtual Post Mail offers four locations for your virtual mailbox's address: California, Delaware, Florida, and Nevada. Don't be fooled into thinking that such a limited address range means that this company isn't doing a brisk business: since its start almost 15 years ago, VPM has processed almost 13 million pieces of mail and deposited nearly $450 million in checks for more than 27,000 customers.

4 virtual mailbox options

Virtual Post Mail divides their services into tiers based on the number of recipients on the mailbox and how much mail will be processed per month:

  • Starter ($20/month): this entry-level plan includes two recipients, processing of 25 pieces of mail per month, and 10 free document scans. You can include extra recipients for $5 per person per month. You'll be charged $0.50 for every additional piece of mail that comes in.
  • Plus ($35/month): this tier includes processing of an unlimited number of mail pieces, 50 free document scans, and you can add more recipients for $3.
  • Business ($60/month): boost your recipients to 10 and get up to 100 free document scans. You'll also have no limits on the number of pieces processed, and you'll pay $2 per recipient per month if you need more than 10.
  • Premium ($90/month): VPM's top level of service includes 20 recipients ($2 per person per month if you need more) and 150 free document scans. As you'd expect, this tier also gives you an unlimited number of mail pieces.

Several services are pay-as-needed

Other services you may need with your virtual mailbox are a la carte here. Depositing checks will cost $10 each (which is pretty spendy compared with other companies), extra content scans are $1 for the initial ten pages and $0.25 for subsequent ones. And, as with most virtual mailbox providers, Virtual Post Mail charges per package and pound for forwarding. Take a look at VPM's Custom Pricing list to see what you might pay for the kinds of services you're likely to need.

Best Virtual Mailbox Services

Storage is free for 30 days

Your virtual mailbox at VPM comes with 30 days of free storage. Within that timeframe, you'll need to indicate how you want each piece to be handled (scanned, shredded, forwarded). Otherwise, you'll be charged $1.50 per letter/magazine and $20 per package for each month beyond the first 30 days.

Not many reviews from clients

The Better Business Bureau's listing for Virtual Post Mail was "Not Rated" at the time of our evaluation. There's no way to determine why: it usually means that a company is under review, and the BBB is waiting to collect further information before issuing an updated rating (which could be higher or lower than the previous one). Still, feedback from Virtual Post Mail clients isn't exactly abundant beyond the testimonials hand-selected by VPM for the website and a handful of reviews in various other places. Most comments are positive, though some describe issues with package forwarding and slow loading of email scans.

Not bad but not amazing either

Virtual Post Mail isn't a terrible option for virtual mailboxes. It's an ideal option if you hate the idea of working with third-party mail centers, but not so great if you need an address outside of the four places they offer. You might want to circle back to Virtual Post Mail if one of its higher-rated rivals doesn't quite meet your needs.

iPostal1 Review 3 Star Rating


3 Star Rating
  • Prices start at $9.99/month and vary by location
  • Over 2,500 real physical street addresses to choose from, in all 50 states and international
  • "A+" rated and accredited by the BBB
  • In business since 2015

The company iPostal1 offers mail scanning services to home-based businesses, expats, renters, and frequent travelers. No matter which state you would like your mail to call home, iPostal1 has a location for you - as well as several dozen overseas. There are more than 2500 real physical addresses in the company's network of mailbox locations, office buildings and workspaces, and discounted international forwarding destinations.

Pricing determined according to the address you select

The virtual mailboxes from iPostal1 can be used by renters, frequent travelers, expats and home-based businesses. You'll have more than 2,500 real physical addresses to choose from, all within this company's network of third-party mail centers, workspaces, and office buildings within the US and overseas.

Prices are based on your selected virtual mailbox address

What will it cost to use an iPostal1 virtual mailbox? That depends on the address you select. This site isn't as easy to use as some of its similarly-structured rivals: instead of letting you enter a zip code or city/state to see all of the available locations, you'll have to select a state and then choose a city from the dropdown list. That's not very helpful if you're trying to pick an address in a state you don't know well (for business purposes or whatever reason): there's a big difference between Champaign and Chicago, for instance. It's not the biggest downside, but it can make the setup process take longer here compared with other virtual mailbox options.

Pricing and plans aren't well-defined

In general, iPostal1 has these packages and pricing:

  • Virtual Mailing Address ($9.99+ per month)
  • Virtual Business Address ($9.99+ per month)
  • Virtual Office ($39.99+ per month)

What will you get with each of those packages? It varies widely depending on the center that will service your virtual mailbox. Pricing here gets further divided into annual vs. monthly payment plans, plus color-coded tiers of service based on how many incoming mail pieces are included (30-24 per month). Some positives are that each and every plan comes with up to five recipient names - or one company name and four recipients - plus free storage for 5-30 days (based on the size of the package) and depositing of up to five checks for a $4.95 fee plus postage.

Read the details for each location

As you look at the available addresses in the city you've selected, it's important to compare them carefully because some offer more for the same monthly fees. For instance, within one suburb we entered there were two virtual mailbox addresses priced at $9.99 to start. However, one included free local pickup of letters and packages while the other had per-item fees for that option. And, iPostal1 doesn't disclose the name of the mail partner that will be servicing your virtual mailbox: you'll have to search for it on your own and check out the location's reputation.

Best Virtual Mailbox Services

Thousands of positive reviews

The Better Business Bureau gives iPostal1 its accreditation and "A+" rating. And, if you look up this virtual mailbox company online, one of the first things you'll see are thousands of four- and five-star reviews that will make you think that clients absolutely love the service here.

Positive reviews from new clients

That might leave you wondering why iPostal1 barely gets an "average" ranking here. As we delved more deeply into their high reviews, we noticed that a significant percentage of them were written by brand-new clients who said it was easy to sign up and they liked the pricing - and that they chose iPostal1 because of its high ratings. (Feels a little like Inception, don't you think?) True, there are some long-term users of iPostal1's virtual mailbox service that have good things to say.

Disappointing service after the sale

And yet, when you look at the negative reviews, you'll see clients saying that it's hard to get help from the company's support team. When they realized they weren't seeing any images coming through after a month or two of service, their voicemail requests for help went unanswered. It's not enough to push iPostal1 to the bottom of our list, but it's definitely something to watch.

30-day refund isn't really happening

Most virtual mailbox services that come with a 30-day refund policy mean what they say. But, if you read the fine print on iPostal1's, it says that you're ineligible if you've used your account in any other way in that first month. So, if you sign up for an account and wind up not liking it, you get nothing back.

Better choices for virtual mailboxes exist

iPostal1 has some positives, like offering thousands of address possibilities and pricing options, and anyone would be wowed by the company's numerous five-star reviews. However, going beyond that first impression, you may wind up realizing that there's nothing overly noteworthy about the virtual mailbox choices here - and that you can get more for your money with a higher-rated provider. You should definitely do your research before choosing iPostal1.

Anytime Mailbox Review 3 Star Rating

Anytime Mailbox

3 Star Rating
  • Pricing starts at $5.99/month
  • Addresses available throughout the US and worldwide
  • "A+" rated and accredited by the BBB
  • In business since 2013

Anytime Mailbox has been in operation since 2013, and the company can connect you with more than 1700 choices for your virtual mailbox address - both inside and outside of the US (with the exceptions of Alaska, Nebraska, and North Dakota).

Price will depend on the address you choose

Anytime Mailbox relies exclusively on third-party mail centers to service your virtual mailbox. That means that even though they advertise plans starting at $5.99/month, it will always be dictated by the address you choose and who operates the location. As an example, one city in Florida had virtual mailboxes at several different mail centers with starting prices ranging from $9.99 to $63.99.

No responsibility for the service you receive

We reached out to Anytime Mailbox through their online chat during regular business hours. The chat said they were "short staffed due to the recent outbreak" (which had been ongoing for years at that point) and that replies would come in three minutes or less, but we didn't reach a rep until the 10-minute mark. When we asked what service Anytime offers once a customer has chosen a virtual mailbox address, she said that they are "only the software company for the virtual mailbox portal used by the mail center operator" . In plain English, that means that you have no recourse if your virtual mailbox center shuts down, loses your mail, or causes some other problem. You'll want to take note of the mail center's name when browsing available addresses: at least that way, you can check out their reputation and see if issues are likely.

Best Virtual Mailbox Services

Still gets lots of positive reviews

Shortcomings aside, Anytime Mailbox still garners lots of strong reviews: thousands of 4- and 5-star ratings representing nearly 90% of its clients. The Better Business Bureau also gives this virtual mailbox platform an "A+" and accreditation. That's surprising when you think about how small Anytime Mailbox's role is in the overall customer experience.

Results may vary

We have a hard time giving Anytime Mailbox anything other than a "just average" rating. Sure, the company gets a strong BBB rating and lots of positive client reviews, but essentially it's just a referral platform that can connect you to mail centers that offer virtual mailboxes. We don't love the idea of getting zero support if there's a problem, or relying solely on third-party partners to deliver good service. We suggest looking at Anytime Mailbox's higher-ranked rivals first.

Sasquatch Mail Review 2.5 Star Rating

Sasquatch Mail

2.5 Star Rating
  • Mail forwarding priced at $9.99/month or $99.99/year
  • Unlimited incoming mail and recipients
  • Virtual phone service for $9/month after 60-day free trial
  • Addresses available in Delaware, Florida, Idaho, and Wyoming
  • In business since 2018

In 2018, Idaho-based Sasquatch Mail started out as a basic mail forwarding platform; since then the service has expanded to include virtual mailbox options for businesses and individual consumers. With a physical presence in Idaho as well as Florida, Wyoming, and Delaware, Sasquatch's available mailbox addresses will always come from one of those four locations. Every piece of mail is handled by one of their employees: you'll never be contracted out to a third-party mail center here.

One low price, pay monthly or annually

There's nothing complicated about the pricing on virtual mailboxes with Sasquatch Mail. Simply decide if you'd rather pay $9.99/month or $99.99 per year. With that, you'll get an unlimited number of recipients and scans on incoming envelopes, 30 days of physical storage, and free shredding and recycling. Any mail you don't designate for shredding or forwarding within the first 30 days will automatically be discarded: Sasquatch Mail doesn't sneak in charges for mail storage like some of their rivals do.

How about a virtual phone number?

One nice add-on service here is the virtual phone number. Choose a number from any state and get unlimited voicemails, calls and texts - through your browser or forwarded to any number (like your cell). You'll get a free trial for 60 days, and after that it's priced at $9 per month.

Best Virtual Mailbox Services

Not much else offered here

There aren't many other services you can get with your Sasquatch Mail plan. Some extras come a la carte, like $2 to scan the contents of a piece of mail or forward it (plus postage). Others just aren't available, such as check depositing. Clearly this isn't the virtual mailbox for you if you're expecting a high volume of mail pieces: definitely not the right fit for an expanding business.

Very little feedback from clients

Does Sasquatch Mail have hardly any feedback because they're so new or because no one is using their virtual mailboxes? It's hard to tell. There's no listing with the Better Business Bureau, and reviews in other places are few and far between. And even those aren't the most positive: one person criticized getting a video of "Another One Bites the Dust" when they canceled the service, and another mentioned that it felt unprofessional to reach Sasquatch's voicemail and hear that the staff was out having a beer. One user complained that it was hard for them to get their mail forwarded to another country. It's good that the owner responded to all of those complaints, but it would be better if they didn't exist to begin with.

A more experienced virtual mailbox service would be better

Your costs could add up quickly with Sasquatch Mail, even with their lower-than-average monthly/yearly pricing. Between that and the apparently miniscule client base, this virtual mailbox service just doesn't measure up to the rest of the competition. You could leave this as a last resort if for some reason you can't get service with a more popular platform, but overall we don't recommend Sasquatch Mail at this time.

Earth Class Mail Review 2 Star Rating

Earth Class Mail

2 Star Rating
  • Services starting at $19/month
  • All plans include up to 50 pieces of mail per month, free shredding, 30 days of physical mail storage
  • No cost for mail scanning on documents of 20 pages or less
  • Plans for individuals/small offices and larger businesses/enterprises
  • In business since 2004

For nearly 20 years, Earth Class Mail has been providing virtual mailbox services - including check deposits totaling more than $2.4 billion and receiving over 18 million pieces of mail. Notable names in their client portfolio include Coinbase and Lyft, but Earth Class Mail is perfectly suitable for the average consumer or small business too.

Personal virtual mailboxes

If you anticipate getting at least 50 pieces of mail a month, Earth Class Mail's slightly higher than average pricing might be worth it to you. All plans come with free secure shredding and up to a month of physical mail storage too. Virtual mailbox plans include the following:

  • Personal MailBox ($19/month): if all you need is a place to get mail, this will be your most affordable option. You'll get a Beaverton, Oregon address for one recipient.
  • Shared MailBox ($29/month): this is the same plan as Personal, but for up to five recipients. This is the right plan for families and groups of travelers.
  • Premium MailBox ($79/month): designed to serve small organizations and offices, this plan gives you a choice of over 80 address locations nationwide for up to 20 recipients.

Business virtual mailboxes

There are also plans specific to the quantity of mail received by businesses. Earth Class Mail's enterprise-level virtual mailrooms include these options:

  • Startup MailRoom ($139/month): you'll get processing of up to 100 pieces of mail at your choice of address (also 80+ possible locations to choose from).
  • Business MailRoom ($229/month): designated as the plan for "high-volume mail scanning for medium to large businesses" , you'll get handling of up to 250 pieces of mail every month for a single address.

Extra services don't come cheap here

Anything else you need will come at a high a la carte price with Earth Class Mail. Extra recipients at your address will set you back $5 each per month. If you receive a lot more mail than you were anticipating, you'll pay $1 to $2 per item, depending on your original plan level. If you need storage beyond the 30-day free period, you'll pay $1.50 per month, per piece. Check depositing is even more expensive at $39/month for depositing up to five checks, and we've heard that package and mail forwarding comes with serious upcharges compared with regular postage rates. The only complimentary service we found with ECM is for scanning contents: if a particular piece is 20 pages or less, they'll scan it for free.

Best Virtual Mailbox Services

This company's reputation is going down

The Better Business Bureau gives Earth Class Mail a disappointing "D-" rating, due to failure to respond to some customer complaints. We were unhappy to see that the BBB's low grade matched up with client feedback elsewhere: some people love their virtual mailbox service, but just as many hate it. One reviewer described Earth Class Mail as offering the worst customer service he'd seen in 30+ years of business. Recent complaints say that clients often feel "nickel-and-dimed" with extra fees here, that there are challenges getting the mail forwarding to work consistently, and that they're charged well after they've canceled their virtual mailbox service.

Pay $50 to cancel?!

While we understand ECM's logic behind their $50 cancellation fee, used to process your mail for up to six months after you terminate your virtual mailbox account (since it takes awhile for your senders to get your new address), we didn't see that fee charged by any other provider. And that's also no excuse for continuing to charge monthly fees after clients have closed their accounts.

Not a virtual mailbox service we recommend

Earth Class Mail makes a lot of promises to prospective customers and during the onboarding period, but they drop the ball once they've gotten a new customer. There's no excuse for a big company like this to not respond to every single complaint received or to continue charging monthly fees after cancellation. We recommend that you get a virtual mailbox somewhere else.

Traveling Mailbox Review 1.5 Star Rating

Traveling Mailbox

1.5 Star Rating
  • Over 50 addresses to choose from
  • Pricing starts at $15/month
  • 30 days of free storage
  • Easy integration with Google Drive, OneDrive, Dropbox, Evernote and Box
  • "A+" rated and accredited by the BBB
  • In business since 2011

North Carolina-based Traveling Mailbox has been in business since 2011. Your virtual mailbox can have an address in 50+ different locations across several different states. This service is best for travelers, expats, and small businesses who want easy access to their mail no matter where they are.

5 virtual mailbox plans to consider

Depending on how much mail you expect to receive and have scanned, you'll have five plans to choose from with Traveling Mailbox:

  • Basic ($15/month): this is a great starter plan for most consumers. It includes 40 incoming envelopes each month, 35 page scans, and three mailbox recipients.
  • Extended ($25/month): this tier jumps up to five recipients, 100 incoming envelopes, and 80 page scans. With the Extended plan and all higher tiers, your unused envelope and page scans can roll over from month to month.
  • Small Business ($55/month): with this package, you'll get 200 incoming envelopes, 180 page scans, and 10 mailbox recipients.
  • Enterprise Tier 1 ($99/month): this business-level plan provides 500 incoming envelopes, 500 page scans, and an unlimited number of mailbox recipients. Enterprise plans give you a dedicated account team, support and mail processing seven days a week, and 99% uptime guaranteed.
  • Enterprise Tier 2 ($1 per envelope scan): you'll have to call to set up a Tier 2 plan with Traveling Mailbox. You pay per scanned envelope, but you get unlimited page scans.

Fax services, integrations, and shredding are included

No matter which plan you select, you'll always get free shredding. Also, junk mail won't ever count towards your received mail total, and your virtual mailbox can easily be integrated with your Google Drive, Dropbox, Evernote, Box, or One Drive account. Finally, Traveling Mailbox gives you a toll-free fax number for receiving and sending faxes at no extra charge.

Pay-as-you-go services

Other services are available here for an extra fee and are listed at the bottom of the page. For example, checks can be mailed to your bank for deposit ($4.95/check plus postage), and mail can be stored past the included 30-day period ($1 per envelope per month).

Best Virtual Mailbox Services

We're disappointed with this service

Our impressions of Traveling Mailbox aren't very positive. First, we spotted typos throughout the whole site (like spelling "peice" wrong in one of the large headers). More importantly, this virtual mailbox provider gets disappointed reviews from clients - despite having an "A+" and accreditation from the Better Business Bureau. In one place we found customer comments, more than half gave Traveling Mailbox the lowest possible rating.

Delays in scanning

The biggest source of trouble seems to lie in the distributed nature of these virtual mailboxes: unless you choose their NC headquarters as your address, your mail will be received at the location you selected and then physically forwarded en masse to the North Carolina warehouse. That can equal huge delays of two weeks or longer: some people said that mail pieces were marked as delivered by FedEx or USPS, but Traveling Mailbox didn't have it processed and loaded to the dashboard for a long time. When a service is often described as "unreliable" or "incompetent" , you should probably leave it alone.

Use a different virtual mailbox service

We're not sure what would motivate anyone to choose a virtual mailbox that can take weeks to upload envelope images, especially when other services exist that do it on the same day - and for less money. Traveling Mailbox is our least favorite option among virtual mailbox providers, but fortunately you've got plenty of reliable, affordable rivals to choose from.

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Continued from above...

There are several other services that can be included with your virtual mailbox plan. These include check depositing (by forwarding them to the bank of your choice), package inspection, mail and package forwarding, and even remote notarization of your USPS form. Be aware that some providers include such features with your monthly or annual plan, while others will charge a la carte for any extra services you use. Those can really add up, so it's smart to have an idea of what your average needs will be and choose a virtual mailbox service that won't wind up costing an arm and a leg.

Wondering why virtual mailboxes are so popular? Think about how many people are traveling without a fixed permanent address, working as digital nomads around the globe, or operating a small business out of their home and don't want prospective customers to know the address of their residence? Virtual mailboxes can be a fantastic solution in those cases. Even large corporations are taking advantage of outsourcing their brick-and-mortar mailrooms and having all inbound mail received and sorted digitally, saving their employees time by having everything routed automatically to the right person.

With more than a dozen well-known options for virtual mailboxes, you might feel overwhelmed deciding which one is right for you. It's worth taking some time to compare them carefully, because it can be costly and time-consuming to set up the service - and to cancel and reroute your mail if you don't wind up liking it. Keep in mind these factors as you evaluate several different virtual mailbox options:

  • Available Services. Will the virtual mailbox company have each service you anticipate needing? Consider how many recipients you'll want to include (the number of people in your family or traveling party), how many pieces of mail you expect to get each month, and how often you'll need the contents scanned.
  • Preferred Address Type. Do you need an address in a particular state (for business purposes)? Does it need to be a physical street address or is a box number sufficient? Some virtual mailboxes are only available in a handful of states.
  • Pricing. How much will the monthly service cost? Can you get a discount by paying annually, once you know you like it? Which services are included with your virtual mailbox plan, and what do the a la carte extras cost?
  • Reputation. What do clients say about their experience with the virtual mailbox service? Does mail get processed quickly and accurately? Is it easy to reach a support rep if there's a problem? Does the company have lots of positive reviews and/or a good rating from the Better Business Bureau?

Virtual mailboxes can take care of getting your mail to you no matter where you roam, and TopConsumerReviews.com has evaluated and ranked today's most popular options. We're sure this information will help you choose the right service for your needs, business or personal!

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Virtual Mailbox Service FAQ

A virtual mailbox makes all of your physical mail digital. You choose a location to receive your junk mail, letters, and anything else you might get via USPS, FedEx, UPS, and so on. Everything you get will be scanned on the outside, to give you an idea of what it contains. After you view the scan image, you decide if the piece of mail should be opened and scanned, forwarded to you (wherever you may be), or shredded and discarded. To sign up, you'll typically need to fill out USPS Form 1583 and have it notarized: this authorizes the virtual mailbox company to receive mail in your name.
Virtual mailboxes are frequently used by RVers, travelers, and digital nomads who need a way to get their postal mail without having a fixed permanent address in the US. They're also popular with small business owners who don't want to have their residence showing up as the location of their business. And, even some big corporations use virtual mailboxes as a way of outsourcing the time-consuming task of sorting physical mail: it gives them all of the services of a mailroom without the hassle.
Depending on the virtual mailbox provider you choose, your services might include check depositing, remote notarization, junk mail recycling, and package processing. Some virtual mailbox companies include those services as part of your monthly or annual fees, while others charge a la carte as needed.
Maybe. Some virtual mailbox providers process all of your mail themselves, so you're limited to the company's locations (often a choice among 3-5 addresses in that many states). Other services use a network of third-party mail centers - like the UPS Store and Mailboxes Etc. - which gives you hundreds, if not thousands, of address choices.
Typically, the envelope scans of your mail pieces are made available on a digital dashboard. You'll access it through your desktop browser, though some services include a smartphone app for easy access on the go. Keep in mind that scanning the contents of your mail may come at an extra cost.
Yes, that's typically included in virtual mailbox services. You can pay to have the package forwarded to your current location and/or to have an employee open and inspect the package's contents. Be aware that you'll likely have a limited window to decide what should be done with the package (forward or discard); after as few as five days, you could be charged for storage.
No problem! Your virtual mailbox dashboard should let you specify what you want forwarded and where it should go. You'll usually pay a per-item fee plus postage; some companies give you big discounts over retail shipping fees, while others seem to use it as a money-maker and upcharge on the delivery fees. If you think you'll need a lot of forwarding, be sure to read the details on estimated costs.
Not necessarily. Many virtual mailboxes cost $10/month or less. Shop around to see which providers have the services you need, keeping in mind that some features are pay-per-use and can add up quickly.

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