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Docufree Review

Tuesday, February 7th

2023 Virtual Mailbox Service Reviews

Docufree Review 4.5 Star Rating


4.5 Star Rating
  • Pricing based on your business needs
  • Request a quote via online form or toll-free number
  • Available services include virtual PO box, physical mail services, real-time alerts, eForms and eSignatures, automated workflows, and more
  • "A+" rated and accredited by the BBB
  • In business since 1999

If you're looking for virtual mailbox services for your business or organization, look no further than the award-winning options at Docufree. Awarded a Bronze Stevie designation in 2022 for its Digital Mailroom legal solutions, the company works with a broad spectrum of industries. Some brands in Docufree's portfolio are probably very familiar to you: Kaiser Permanente, Panasonic, Ryder, Alaska Airlines, and Four Seasons, to name a few.

Efficient way to handle your company's physical mail

Think about how much time your business spends on handling mail pieces, from the moment mail is delivered to your mailroom to sorting and distribution to the intended recipient(s). Tired of the hassle? That's where Docufree can help. We encourage you to read through the case studies linked at the bottom of the site to get an idea of how your company's productivity (and profitability) could be amplified by outsourcing mail handling to a virtual mailbox. Your employees will get an email notification and a link whenever something needs their attention, all routed automatically by Docufree's system.

Document conversion and remote signing

Advanced document handling is simple with Docufree's Digital Mailroom. You can easily turn a document into an e-form, with drag-and-drop fields as needed, the option to input data, and the ability to e-sign. This is especially handy if you've got a distributed team setup and need everyone to be on the same page (see what we did there?).

Best Virtual Mailbox Services

Get a quote

Unsurprisingly, your costs will vary here, depending on how you set up the virtual mailbox system for your company. The best way to get started is to fill out Docufree's quote request form on the website. You'll enter your name and company name, your email and phone number, as well as a brief summary of your current process for handling mail. A Docufree solution expert will reach out to discuss your needs and come up with a package price.

Fantastic track record

Docufree is a trusted source of virtual mailbox services for big businesses. Not only has the company received that Stevie award we referenced earlier, but the Better Business Bureau also gives Docufree its highest rating and accreditation.

Ideal virtual mailbox service for large companies

Docufree is the #1 choice for virtual mailboxes at the enterprise level. With over 1,000 big names that have trusted this company's Digital Mailroom to process all inbound mail pieces, it's easy to see why this should be the first place you look if you'd like to do likewise at your workplace. Docufree doesn't have anything to offer solopreneurs or individuals working abroad, which keeps the service from earning our very highest rating, but it's the obvious solution for corporate-level virtual mailboxes.

Which Virtual Mailbox Service is the Best?

When you hear the term "virtual mailbox" , you might think it's referring to your email inbox. The concept is similar, but it relates to your real-world, physical mail and making it 100% digital. Still, many people aren't sure how exactly it all works.

First, you authorize a company to act as your agent (by submitting a notarized copy of USPS Form 1583) and select one of their available addresses. Once you've forwarded your mail or changed your address on file with your credit card company, the DMV, and anywhere else that sends it to you, the virtual mailbox company will scan the outside of everything that comes in your name. You then sign in to your dashboard, indicate what you'd like done with each piece - scan the contents, forward to your location, or shred and discard - and you're done.

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Virtual Mailbox Service FAQ

A virtual mailbox makes all of your physical mail digital. You choose a location to receive your junk mail, letters, and anything else you might get via USPS, FedEx, UPS, and so on. Everything you get will be scanned on the outside, to give you an idea of what it contains. After you view the scan image, you decide if the piece of mail should be opened and scanned, forwarded to you (wherever you may be), or shredded and discarded. To sign up, you'll typically need to fill out USPS Form 1583 and have it notarized: this authorizes the virtual mailbox company to receive mail in your name.
Virtual mailboxes are frequently used by RVers, travelers, and digital nomads who need a way to get their postal mail without having a fixed permanent address in the US. They're also popular with small business owners who don't want to have their residence showing up as the location of their business. And, even some big corporations use virtual mailboxes as a way of outsourcing the time-consuming task of sorting physical mail: it gives them all of the services of a mailroom without the hassle.
Depending on the virtual mailbox provider you choose, your services might include check depositing, remote notarization, junk mail recycling, and package processing. Some virtual mailbox companies include those services as part of your monthly or annual fees, while others charge a la carte as needed.
Maybe. Some virtual mailbox providers process all of your mail themselves, so you're limited to the company's locations (often a choice among 3-5 addresses in that many states). Other services use a network of third-party mail centers - like the UPS Store and Mailboxes Etc. - which gives you hundreds, if not thousands, of address choices.
Typically, the envelope scans of your mail pieces are made available on a digital dashboard. You'll access it through your desktop browser, though some services include a smartphone app for easy access on the go. Keep in mind that scanning the contents of your mail may come at an extra cost.
Yes, that's typically included in virtual mailbox services. You can pay to have the package forwarded to your current location and/or to have an employee open and inspect the package's contents. Be aware that you'll likely have a limited window to decide what should be done with the package (forward or discard); after as few as five days, you could be charged for storage.
No problem! Your virtual mailbox dashboard should let you specify what you want forwarded and where it should go. You'll usually pay a per-item fee plus postage; some companies give you big discounts over retail shipping fees, while others seem to use it as a money-maker and upcharge on the delivery fees. If you think you'll need a lot of forwarding, be sure to read the details on estimated costs.
Not necessarily. Many virtual mailboxes cost $10/month or less. Shop around to see which providers have the services you need, keeping in mind that some features are pay-per-use and can add up quickly.
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There are several other services that can be included with your virtual mailbox plan. These include check depositing (by forwarding them to the bank of your choice), package inspection, mail and package forwarding, and even remote notarization of your USPS form. Be aware that some providers include such features with your monthly or annual plan, while others will charge a la carte for any extra services you use. Those can really add up, so it's smart to have an idea of what your average needs will be and choose a virtual mailbox service that won't wind up costing an arm and a leg.

Wondering why virtual mailboxes are so popular? Think about how many people are traveling without a fixed permanent address, working as digital nomads around the globe, or operating a small business out of their home and don't want prospective customers to know the address of their residence? Virtual mailboxes can be a fantastic solution in those cases. Even large corporations are taking advantage of outsourcing their brick-and-mortar mailrooms and having all inbound mail received and sorted digitally, saving their employees time by having everything routed automatically to the right person.

With more than a dozen well-known options for virtual mailboxes, you might feel overwhelmed deciding which one is right for you. It's worth taking some time to compare them carefully, because it can be costly and time-consuming to set up the service - and to cancel and reroute your mail if you don't wind up liking it. Keep in mind these factors as you evaluate several different virtual mailbox options:

  • Available Services. Will the virtual mailbox company have each service you anticipate needing? Consider how many recipients you'll want to include (the number of people in your family or traveling party), how many pieces of mail you expect to get each month, and how often you'll need the contents scanned.
  • Preferred Address Type. Do you need an address in a particular state (for business purposes)? Does it need to be a physical street address or is a box number sufficient? Some virtual mailboxes are only available in a handful of states.
  • Pricing. How much will the monthly service cost? Can you get a discount by paying annually, once you know you like it? Which services are included with your virtual mailbox plan, and what do the a la carte extras cost?
  • Reputation. What do clients say about their experience with the virtual mailbox service? Does mail get processed quickly and accurately? Is it easy to reach a support rep if there's a problem? Does the company have lots of positive reviews and/or a good rating from the Better Business Bureau?

Virtual mailboxes can take care of getting your mail to you no matter where you roam, and TopConsumerReviews.com has evaluated and ranked today's most popular options. We're sure this information will help you choose the right service for your needs, business or personal!

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