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NordVPN Review

Friday, April 19th

2024 VPN Service Provider Reviews

Top Consumer Reviews Best-In-Class Blue Ribbon Award NordVPN Review 5 Star Rating


5 Star Rating
  • 6,730+ Mbps
  • 5,400+ VPN servers
  • Verified no-logs policy
  • Choose among three plans
Top Consumer Reviews Best-In-Class Blue Ribbon Award

NordVPN is a VPN service that goes the extra mile and offers double encryption for your internet connection. In other words, they encrypt your information by sending it through two different servers that change your IP address and scramble your data so that others cannot trace it back to you or read what you're sending and receiving.

Three Simple Pricing Plans

You have three plan options with NordVPN, each adding more features as you upgrade.

  • Standard: $11.99 per month, $59.99 per year, or $78.96 billed every two years
  • Plus: $12.69 per month, $68.23 per year, or $95.96 billed every two years
  • Complete: $13.99 per month, $83.88 per year, or $126.96 billed every two years

Each plan comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee in case NordVPN turns out to not be what you need. Be aware that if you buy NordVPN from any of the app stores and later wish for a refund, you may need to obtain the refund from the app store rather than NordVPN.

Comprehensive VPN Features

With all NordVPN plans, you get a secure, high-speed VPN, malware protection, and a tracker and ad blocker. Upgrading to the Plus and Complete plans gives you access to a cross-platform password manager and a data breach scanner. Though, if you already use a major brand-name password manager, you already have these features. With the Complete plan, you also get 1 terabyte (TB) of cloud storage for files that need to be stored securely.

Your Privacy Is Their Top Concern

NordVPN does not log your activity as you browse, so you can be more sure of anonymity. Your IP address is anonymized. If there's a problem with your VPN connection, your traffic will still be protected by the kill switch feature which will turn off your connection until the VPN can be fixed.

Another way that NordVPN protects your connection is using an "onion" router system. Like the layers of an actual onion, an onion network changes, via layers, where traffic enters and exits the various networks on the internet. Data never takes the same route twice so it's impossible to trace you.

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Plenty of Room for Multiple Devices

A total of six devices can use NordVPN at the same time. You can use it with Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS, and Android operating systems as well as Chrome, Edge, and Firefox browser extensions, proxy services, and network-attached storage systems. You can even set it up on your router so that, if you have more than six devices, all of your devices can be connected using just one NordVPN device "slot" on your router.

A Word of Advice

Something to remember with all VPNs is to never allow your browser permission to know or share your location when it asks. If you do permit this, there is no way for NordVPN to shield your connection information from the wider internet.

World-Class Support

Getting support with NordVPN is very simply done through the Help link on every page of the website or in the app. You can search for troubleshooting information or connect with a representative through live chat or email.

Excellent Reputation

NordVPN doesn't have a Better Business Bureau rating because it's owned by a Lithuania-based company called Tesonet. However, there are numerous user reviews found online. NordVPN is a very popular and well-liked option. Those who like it say that they appreciate the customer service, low-cost and powerful features, the fact that NordVPN is based outside of the US for better accountability, and the speed of connections. The small handful of users who didn't like NordVPN had problems with upgrades, customer service, problems with refund amounts, and servers being shut down that people had come to have a preference for.

#1 VPN on the Market

Despite any issues, NordVPN is a very popular, capable, and trustworthy VPN service that we can highly recommend. The price is in the right range for almost everyone to afford it if they need it.

Who Has the Best VPN Service?

A VPN is a virtual private network that allows you to browse the Internet securely. It makes a private network for you that is encrypted (scrambled) so that all the data coming to or leaving your computer is unreadable to anyone trying to peek at your browsing habits. But if you have nothing to hide, why would you want to use a VPN?

The reality is that there are plenty of people in the world who would love to access your private information such as passwords and bank account numbers. For example, a hacker might want to steal your password as you submit it from your computer to your email provider to log in. There are also people who want to know what you're looking for on the Internet. Marketers want to see your exposed data about what you like to shop for. Governments desire to know at every moment what their citizens are discussing, searching, and browsing.

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VPN Service Provider FAQ

A Virtual Private Network is security software that hides your personal identity and information from hackers, businesses, and government agencies. You will want to use a VPN if you're concerned about a person or entity finding out which websites you've visited and when or monitoring your general activities online.
Nothing in technology is 100% secure. You should research which VPNs offer the best security and choose from among those options. Every VPN provider is operated by human beings who can make mistakes. But there are several that have strict policies, protocols, processes, and procedures for ensuring that user data is protected.
VPNs give you an alternative IP address to the one your hometown internet service provider will give you. The alternative IP address can be located in another town, region, or a whole other country entirely. It's usually up to you. When you browse with a VPN, it's harder if not impossible for a hacker, business, or government agency to trace your web activity to your precise location. Another thing a VPN does is fully encrypt or scramble your data transfers so that anyone trying to peek at your data stream will not be able to interpret what they see.
In most cases using a VPN is very simple. You sign up for a pricing plan and then download the VPN software to your computer. Once you install the software, it may ask you for some information so it can configure your services. After it's done, every time you start your computer the VPN software can immediately begin hiding your activity online.
A VPN can be useful if you want to access websites, watch videos, or transfer file content to or from other countries that ban foreign IP addresses. For example, if you want to watch a streaming movie that is only available in the Netherlands, simply open your VPN software and choose an IP address location in the Netherlands. The VPN will make it appear to the movie streaming service as if you're online in that country. However, be aware that streaming video service providers are becoming increasingly sophisticated at detecting VPN use and blocking you. Be sure to research what you can and cannot do with a specific VPN.
It could be, so definitely do your research. With some VPN providers, your IP address is fully logged or tracked. In that case, you are not 100% protected from inquiries by businesses or law enforcement organizations in the event that your connection is compromised or comes under suspicion of illegal activities. Even if a VPN provider says they don't log your IP address, it's not necessarily a good idea to take them at their word. Many VPN companies want to protect themselves first in the case of a court order or law enforcement action against any users on their service.
Most democratic countries do not have laws against using a VPN. In some countries, however, it is highly illegal to use a VPN. Be sure to read the terms of service of the VPN provider as well as research the laws in your country before buying, installing, or using a VPN solution.
You don't need to use a VPN at home if your connection is protected from intrusion by a properly-configured router and Wi-Fi access point. VPNs are most useful when you're connecting from a public hotspot such as at a cafe or library. But, home use still has the advantage of helping to further secure your data and hide your location from outside entities that try to watch what you're doing online.
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Your credit card information is particularly important to protect. Most websites these days have end-to-end encryption to protect sensitive purchase information. But for the ones that don't, or for when that technology fails, a VPN adds a layer of protection to keep hackers from "sniffing" out your credit card information.

Another bonus? If you want access to streaming media that is only available in certain countries, a VPN can make it look to the streaming services in those countries as if you're a resident, and therefore you'll have no restrictions on accessing your favorite TV shows and movies.

Do you browse the Internet from public Wi-Fi connections in places such as airports, coffee shops, or shopping malls? If you do this without a VPN, your data is openly exposed to hackers who make a habit of monitoring unsecured Wi-Fi signals for data to steal.

You can't even trust your own internet service provider (ISP) with sensitive information about your browsing habits. They are often looking for additional revenue streams, including selling information about which websites your IP address has been accessing. A VPN hides that information from your ISP.

For people living in countries where the government has little or no respect for the right to privacy, a VPN is absolutely necessary. Otherwise, government bureaus, agencies, and leaders could have full access to everything you say or do online, including planning protests, criticizing laws and policies, or donating money to political organizations.

Therefore, it's critically important that you research the features, reputation, security, performance, customer service, and cost of various VPN services before you decide which one to subscribe to. Here are some factors to consider.

  • Features: What does the VPN offer that makes it better than any other VPN service? What is the purpose of those features?
  • Cost: How much does the VPN subscription cost? Is there a free trial? What about a money-back guarantee? Does the VPN service offer a lower cost per month if you pay annually?
  • Reputation: Does the VPN company enjoy a good reputation among its customers? If not, why not, and can you live with that? If others had a bad experience, how long had they been customers, and what was done, if anything, to resolve their concerns?
  • Security: What features does the VPN system include to keep you protected at all times from people snooping into your data stream? Do they log your activities? Do they have enough IP addresses for you to connect through so that it's harder for government officials, marketers, and hackers to deduce a pattern around your browsing? What's in place in terms of automatic cutoff in case the VPN service fails without your knowledge?
  • Performance: How fast is the VPN connection while you browse? Does it connect and disconnect quickly?
  • Customer Service: What are the options for contacting support if needed? Do they have live chat, email, and telephone support? Are they courteous and quick when answering questions?

TopConsumerReviews.com has compiled a report of the best VPN services available and ranked them in the order of quality and reliability. We hope these reviews will help you find the right VPN service to make browsing the Web 100% secure!

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