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The Best Wall Art Stores

Where Can You Find the Best Wall Art?

Are you looking for a particular piece of art to decorate your wall space? Perhaps you're redecorating your living room and want to add a striking piece above your sofa. Or, maybe you're designing the interior for a whole house and want to achieve a beautiful, cohesive look. Art stores are an essential place to go when providing that finishing look for a home or space.

In today's digital age, the way people shop for wall art has undergone a profound transformation. Online platforms have become increasingly popular for art enthusiasts and interior decorators alike. This surge in online art shopping can be attributed to several factors that have created a compelling and convenient experience for consumers.

Thursday, February 22nd

2024 Wall Art Reviews

Top Consumer Reviews Best-In-Class Blue Ribbon Award Artfinder Review 5 Star Rating


5 Star Rating
  • Connects over 7,000 artists from around the world with buyers
  • Focuses on making art easy to discover and affordable for everyone
  • A living wage employer with commitments to equality and environmental sustainability
  • Meets high standards for social and environmental performance
  • Organized categories and filters for easy navigation
  • Personalized shopping experience by connecting buyers directly with artists
  • "Ships to" filter for global delivery options, though dependent on the artist's location
  • Delivery times vary as artworks are dispatched directly from artists
  • Offers repair, replacement, or refund for damaged artworks
  • Ensures customer satisfaction with a no-risk money-back guarantee
  • High Trustpilot rating, praised for diverse art selection and excellent customer service
Top Consumer Reviews Best-In-Class Blue Ribbon Award

Founded in 2011, Artfinder is an online marketplace that connects over 7,000 artists with art enthusiasts around the world. They're on a mission to make sure art is not only affordable and accessible but also a total joy to discover. Plus, they're all about supporting artists, helping them earn a living doing what they love most - bringing more art into people's lives and more joy into artists' work.

Ethically responsible company

Ethics are at the heart of what Artfinder does. As a living wage employer, they ensure fair compensation for their artists and team. In 2017, they kick-started their commitment to equality with their first major campaign, taking a stand against sexism in the art world. Fast forward to 2020, and they've teamed up with Ecologi for a tree-planting initiative, setting their sights on achieving Net Zero carbon emissions within the next decade. What's more, they've earned the prestigious B Corporation certification. This means they meet rigorous standards of social and environmental performance, accountability, and transparency - it's like a badge of honor for companies dedicated to doing good in the world.

Easy shopping

Shopping with Artfinder is easy as can be. Under "Medium" , you'll find the subcategories of Painting, Printmaking, Photography, Sculpture, Drawing, Digital Art, and Collage. You can also shop by subject, including Landscapes, Abstracts, People and Portraits, Nudes, Florals and Plants, Still Life, Animals, Architecture and Cities. We like how neat and tidy these categories are - some websites go a little nuts with subcategories that don't seem to be placed under the correct headings.

Great use of search filters

If you don't have a specific category in mind, just click "shop all art" to be taken to Artfinder's entire catalog of original art from artists around the globe. Spend some time scrolling to get a feel for what you like, then use the filters to narrow it down. Each product listing features the artist name, the medium, the size, and the price. (Speaking of which, there are options for under $100 here.) You can also save artwork for later by utilizing the heart button. If you only want to see artworks that are already framed, click on "More filters" and toggle on the "Framed or ready to hang" setting. Here is also where you can choose style, orientation (landscape vs. portrait vs. square), and dominant color.

Best Wall Art

Meet the artist

When you click on a listing, you'll find more specifications, like if the painting is signed and where, any reviews on the artist's other work (not necessarily the one you're looking at, because, remember, many of these artworks are one-of-a-kind), and the artist's bio in their own words. This is also where you can contact the artist. On the artist listings, you'll potentially find photos of them at work, their YouTube channel, customer ratings of their experiences working with the artist, and a gallery of the artist's work available for sale through Artfinder.

Get inspired

Another way to browse Artfinder's offerings is to check out their Inspiration tab. Looking to update the art on your walls as the seasons change? Check out the Best of the Month subcategory. Editors' Picks showcases hand-selected pieces for those seeking expertly curated art. The Art Glossary might come in handy if you're a newcomer to the art world. Art News will keep you updated on the latest happenings in the art scene, while the New Artists category offers the exciting opportunity to discover emerging talent before they become widely known.

Discounts and credits available

For 10% off your first order, you can sign up for Artfinder's email list or connect on Facebook. There are other ways to save on Artfinder, too. When you sign up, you get a special code to share with your friends. When your friends use this code, they'll get a 15% discount on their first purchase. After they've bought something and are happy with their new artwork, Artfinder will give you a $30 credit as a thank you. It's a win-win for both you and your friends.

Do your gift shopping here

We think Artfinder's curated Gift Collections is a great place to shop for gifts, too. You can find this tab by navigating to the bottom of any page and clicking on "Find a Gift" . If you have an art-lover in your life, what better way to say you appreciate them than with a small, unique art sculpture - as opposed to something mass-produced from a home goods store? Maybe you've got a friend who collects anything and everything with a frog on it. Check out the Curator's Picks: Animal Art category to see if anything there might speak to them.

Best Wall Art

Might not ship to your location

Artfinder's artists are located all over the world, mainly in Europe. Because of this, where they can ship depends on the artist. When you're looking for art on Artfinder, you can use the "Ships to" filter to see which artworks can be sent to your location. If you find something you love but the artist doesn't ship to your country, you might get a message at checkout. But don't worry, you can always message the artist to see if they can make an exception for you.

Delivery time varies

The delivery time for Artfinder's artworks varies since each piece is sent directly from the artist. To know how long it will take for an artist to send out your artwork, just click on the "Shipping" tab on the product page. This tab will tell you how many days the artist needs to get the artwork ready for shipping. It includes preparing the art, handling any needed documents, and booking a courier.

They will work with you if your art arrives damaged

If your artwork arrives damaged, the first step is to contact the artist. They might be able to fix it. If so, Artfinder will arrange for the artwork to be sent back to the artist for repair. Once it's fixed and you're happy with it, the artist will send it back to you. If the artist can't fix it but you can find a specialist who can, Artfinder might help cover the repair costs. Sometimes, for things like prints, the artist can send you a replacement instead. And if none of these options work, you can return the damaged artwork for a refund.

Incredible return policy

Artfinder offers a standout 14-day no-risk money-back guarantee for all purchases. If you're not satisfied, they'll handle the return shipment at no cost to you. Just ensure it's within 14 days of receipt, the artwork is in the same condition and in its original packaging. If your artwork arrives damaged, send Artfinder a photo of the damage to assist the artist in understanding the shipping issue. Remember, proper packaging is key for a successful return and refund.

Best Wall Art

Customers are very happy

Artfinder has a stunning 4.9 rating average across more than 6,000 reviews on Trustpilot. Customers say they're highly impressed with Artfinder, valuing its user-friendly interface, diverse art selection, and exceptional service. The website's ease of use, with its clear pricing and straightforward navigation, is a hit among savvy art enthusiasts globally. Customers particularly appreciate the quick and safe delivery of artworks, which consistently arrive in perfect condition. A standout aspect is the direct communication with artists, adding a personal touch to each purchase and making the art more meaningful.

Artfinder connects artist and buyer

One customer, while attending a conference in Arlington, USA, spotted an artwork she admired in a gallery window. She wasn't able to visit during its opening hours, so she was delighted to discover the same artist on Artfinder when she returned to Switzerland. This experience highlights the global reach and convenience of Artfinder, which allowed her to easily purchase the artwork and even enjoy a friendly exchange with the artist herself.

Highly recommended

We have nothing negative to say about Artfinder whatsoever. Between their extensive catalog, their emphasis on ethics, helping artists create sustainable careers, their generous 14-day no-questions-asked satisfaction policy, and the curated shopping experience, we're confident Artfinder will help you find the perfect piece to tie your living space together or a thoughtful gift for a friend. For these reasons, we give Artfinder 5 stars, our top rating.

Saatchi Art Review 4.5 Star Rating

Saatchi Art

4.5 Star Rating
  • Hosts over 1.5 million artworks from around 100,000 artists worldwide, including paintings and sculptures, each with a Certificate of Authenticity
  • Free Art Advisory service offering tailored recommendations, and an interactive quiz for customized art suggestions
  • Easy browsing through categories and exhibitions, with a feature to create personal Collections of favorite artworks
  • Filter by various criteria like style and price, plus a Visual Search tool for discovering similar artworks
  • "The Other Art Fair" provides a platform to meet and support emerging artists in major cities globally
  • Strong Trustpilot rating, praised for quick shipping and effective artist support
  • Collaborative art commissioning with progress updates and a 50% upfront deposit
  • Offers returns for store credit or partial refund, with specific conditions for special commissions and framed works
  • Varied shipping times based on artwork and destination, with secure packaging to protect the art during transit

Based in Los Angeles, Saatchi Art showcases an impressive array of over 1.5 million artworks from nearly 100,000 artists across the globe. From captivating paintings to unique sculptures, Saatchi Art offers a little bit of everything for art enthusiasts and collectors. Each original piece comes with a Certificate of Authenticity, ensuring its legitimacy, while prints are offered as quality reproductions for more affordable prices.

Consult a curator

Saatchi's Art Advisory service is, as one collector put it, it's "the art world equivalent of having Anna Wintour come clothes shopping with you." Here's how it works: after you answer a brief questionnaire about your art preferences, their expert curators, well-versed in various art and design aspects, get to work. They consider your responses on preferred categories like painting, drawing, sculpture, or photography, your style choices - maybe you're into Abstract, Street Art, or Realism - and even specifics like artwork orientation, size, and budget.

No advisory fees

In 2-3 business days, your personal curator, who could be anyone from Rebecca Wilson, an expert in emerging artists, to Erin Remington with her modern art history prowess, will reach out with a curated selection of about 30 artworks. This selection is tailored just for you, ensuring a range that's diverse yet aligned with your tastes. Whether it's Megan Wright's design and sales insight or India Balyejusa's combination of art history and education, each curator brings a unique perspective to the table. The aim is not just to pick wall art but to find pieces that resonate with you and enhance your space. To top it off, this service doesn't cost you a penny in advisory fees.

Fun quiz to narrow down choices

If you'd rather not speak to a curator just yet, you can take Saatchi Art's quiz, "Find Art for Your Design Style" . It's a quick and easy way to discover art that aligns with your personal taste and home decor. It guides you through simple questions about your preferences in color, patterns, materials, and even your dream destination, along with the architectural style of your home. You'll also pick out your favorite room aesthetics and artworks from a few images. Once you complete the quiz and enter your email, you'll receive personalized wall art recommendations from Saatchi Art's curators, tailored to your unique style, making the whole process of finding that perfect piece for your space both fun and effortless.

Best Wall Art

Browse however you like

When you arrive on the homepage, you have a few ways to start shopping: explore this week's newest additions, browse a curated selection, or go straight to the curator herself for a consultation. You can also always shop by category laid out on the page (including Paintings, Photography, Fine Art Prints, and Sculpture). During a visit to the site, curated exhibitions such as "Arresting Abstracts" and "Love Letters to the Planet" were on display. The 54 artworks in the latter exhibition were all unique but cohesive at the same time. Our favorite was "Autumn Tree under Moon" by Thomas Lamb, a UK artist. There were lots of paintings we wanted to come back to later, which is why we appreciate Saatchi's Collections feature.

Save your inspirations

On Saatchi Art, creating Collections offers a personalized approach to organizing and showcasing your favorite artworks, different from the usual "save-for-later" feature on other websites. You can start a collection either from your Collections page or while browsing artwork thumbnails, choosing between Community Collections for various artists' works, or Portfolio Collections for artists to add their own pieces. Collections can be public or private, and adding or removing artworks is as simple as clicking a button. For instance, if you're an interior designer looking for inspiration, you can create different collections based on themes or color schemes, making it easier to visualize and present ideas to clients. This feature not only helps in organizing your wall art preferences but also in curating a personalized gallery that reflects your style or professional needs.

Easy to search and filter

If you're up for exploring everything Saatchi Art has to offer, you can do that, too. Want to filter for wall art from a specific country, or in a particular color or size? No problem. There are filters for orientation, price, material, and medium too, so you can really zero in on what you're looking for. And the style options are extensive - think everything from Fine Art to Abstract, Modern to Figurative, and styles like Abstract Expressionism, Realism, Minimalism, Pop Art, and so much more. In terms of price, it ranges from $135 to $103,000.

Visual Search is better than Pinterest

The Visual Search feature on Saatchi Art's website is really impressive. It starts by showing you a random selection from their extensive catalog. Let's say a certain piece catches your eye, maybe because of its color scheme or subject matter, but it's not quite what you're after, or perhaps it is, and you're looking for similar works to complement it. With just a click on the artwork, you're shown a range of similar paintings. And if you feel like starting over with a different piece, simply hit "restart" for a fresh array of options. What's really handy is that you can filter these selections by size or price range to suit your specific needs. Honestly, the way this feature works is so intuitive and enjoyable, we could see it becoming a go-to for art browsing and inspiration, potentially even replacing Pinterest for some art enthusiasts.

Best Wall Art

See the art in person

"The Other Art Fair," presented by Saatchi Art, is more than just an art fair; it's a vital platform supporting over 1,600 emerging artists annually in cities like London, Los Angeles, and Sydney. Picture yourself wandering through the fair in places like Brooklyn or Melbourne, engaging with artists and exploring a curated selection of over 2,000 artworks. This fair isn't just about browsing and buying; it's an opportunity for art enthusiasts to directly support up-and-coming talents. As you chat with the artists and learn about their work, you become part of their growth story. For those keen on discovering unique pieces and supporting the next big names in art, this fair offers a chance to connect with artists at the start of their careers, making it both a rewarding experience for shoppers and a crucial stepping stone for artists. If The Other Art Fair is being hosted in a city near you, it could be worth checking out.

An art revolution

Both buyers and artists have high praise for Saatchi Art, highlighting it as a valuable platform for art discovery and career growth. Buyers often express gratitude for being introduced to new artists and artworks, like beautiful gouache paintings by Charlotte Evans, noting how Saatchi Art has made collecting art, even for those without huge budgets, an accessible and satisfying experience. They appreciate the ease of the entire process, from finding a piece they love to getting it on their walls, often likening it to having a personal art assistant. Artists, on the other hand, credit Saatchi Art for significantly expanding their reach and providing career-changing opportunities. Many artists have sold works internationally through Saatchi Art, with some noting that it's the best online platform for artists, effectively acting as their personal gallery. The impact of Saatchi Art on their confidence and understanding of the power of the internet in art promotion is frequently mentioned, with artists feeling supported and part of what they describe as an art revolution.

High ratings on Trustpilot for customer service

Saatchi Art enjoys a 4.3 rating from 9,000+ reviews on Trustpilot. Customers share stories of how artworks, even those shipped internationally, arrive quicker than expected, beautifully exceeding their online representations. And then there's the ease of communication - Saatchi Art keeps you in the loop about everything, from when the artist will ship your piece to any details you might want to discuss directly with the artist. For many, the joy of supporting independent artists worldwide, particularly from countries with limited opportunities, is a significant draw. Affordability is another highlight, with high-quality art fitting comfortably into varied budgets, enhanced by the perk of free shipping. These positive experiences contribute to Saatchi Art's strong reputation among art enthusiasts and collectors.

Stay in the loop during a commission

When you commission a piece of art through Saatchi Art, the process is both thorough and collaborative. Initially, they'll ask for a non-refundable deposit of 50% of the artwork's price. This upfront payment, crucially, includes the cost of shipping, though it's important to remember that any taxes will be added later on in the final invoice. If it fits the style of the artist, they'll also arrange for you to approve some preliminary sketches before the artist gets down to creating the actual work. This is part of their commitment to keeping you in the loop throughout the process. They stay in close contact with the artist, asking for progress photos to make sure everything is going as planned. Once the artwork is finished and you give it the thumbs up, you'll pay the remaining 50% of the cost (plus any customs or duties that might apply). After that, your commissioned artwork is all set to be shipped to you. This process ensures that what you envision is what you receive, with clear communication and collaboration every step of the way.

Best Wall Art

14-day satisfaction guarantee

With Saatchi Art, if an original artwork doesn't quite win your heart, you have a 14-day window from the time you receive it to decide. You can choose a full store credit or get a refund minus a 20% processing fee. In case the artwork arrives damaged or not as expected, there's an option for a full refund. Organizing a return is easy through their Contact Us form, but remember, it must be in the original packaging. Keep in mind, though, that special commissions, limited and open editions, and frames are final sales and can't be returned. Also, any modifications like stretching or cropping make the artwork ineligible for return. Saatchi Art's policy is designed to make sure you're not just content but delighted with your art, offering peace of mind with every purchase.

Allow 2-3 weeks for processing and shipping

When you order from Saatchi Art, the shipping timelines vary depending on what you buy. Original artworks and limited edition prints typically take 11 to 14 business days to process and ship, factoring in both the origin and destination of the artwork, plus any time needed for customs clearance for international shipments. From the shipping date, it usually takes another 7 to 10 business days for the artwork to reach you. Unframed prints, shipped from the U.S., are dispatched within 3 to 5 business days, and if you're in the U.S., they should arrive within 7 to 10 business days. Framed prints also ship from the U.S. and take about 5 to 7 business days to dispatch, reaching U.S. buyers in 10 to 12 business days. For international buyers, customs requirements of your country might affect the delivery speed.

Safe packaging

The way your artwork will be shipped depends on the piece. Artworks are shipped directly from the artists and could come in a sturdy cardboard box, a wooden crate for larger pieces, or a dent-resistant tube, especially for oversized works. These shipping methods are chosen to ensure the artwork's safety and integrity during transit, whether it's flat-packed, crated, or rolled. Upon arrival, especially for works on paper, it's recommended to take them to a professional framer for careful handling. Check the product description to find out which shipping method applies to your artwork.

Fun and accessible

To wrap up, Saatchi Art does a fantastic job of making high-quality wall art accessible. With its enormous collection that spans a global network of artists, the platform excels in offering something for everyone, from unique originals to more affordable prints. We love the different ways to explore their catalog, and the free advisory service is a perk. The non-refundable deposit for commissioned works might be a consideration for some buyers, but all in all, Saatchi Art stands out as a go-to spot for art lovers of all stripes. Whether you're just starting to dip your toes into the art world, or you're a seasoned collector, Saatchi Art is an excellent source. They make exploring and buying art not just easy, but also a whole lot of fun. They earn a very high rating in our review.

ArtExplore Review 4.5 Star Rating


4.5 Star Rating
  • Affordable, high-quality art without excessive markups
  • Majority from marginalized groups, offering unique creations
  • Sizes, frames, and signature placement options
  • Range from $220 to $690 for standard unframed art
  • Careful packaging and free worldwide delivery
  • 30-day policy with prompt handling of shipping damage
  • Over 2,000 positive testimonials
  • Direct artist communication during the commissioning process

ArtExplore is a platform founded by a group of young artists who were dissatisfied with the high prices of original and large art due to markups from art agents, dealers, galleries, and shops. They decided to change this by creating an in-house artist team powered by technology, eliminating unnecessary costs. Now, ArtExplore offers high-quality artwork at affordable prices, trusted by collectors, designers, and buyers worldwide. Their mission is to provide hand-painted paintings of the finest quality, optimal size, lowest price, and fastest shipment to customers globally, disrupting the art industry for the better.

No photographic art

When you land on ArtExplore, you can start in several places. You can check out the "Featured Style" category, which includes options like Transitional Art, Color Abstract Art, and Summer Beach Art. Under "Painting Subject" you'll see Animal Art, Architecture Art, Wabi Sabi Wall Art, and more. There's also a "Best Sellers" tab, and an "All Painting" tab divided into subcategories. You won't find any photography on ArtExplore; it's all traditional media.

See their art in expertly designed interiors

The "For Designer" tab caught our eye. Here you can peruse the interior design projects ArtExplore has contributed to all over the world. We wouldn't be surprised to encounter any of these images on Pinterest. The only thing we found fault with on this page was that there was no link to purchase any of the featured wall art, or even any details about it, like name or artist.

Meet the artists

By checking out the "Artists" page, you can get acquainted with the people behind the paintings. 85% of their team consists of artists from marginalized groups (women and people of color). Most of them also appear to be quite young - in their 20s and 30s. In fact, each profile includes the artist's birth year right at the top. We really enjoyed clicking on their profiles to read their bios and credentials, as well as getting to see images of the artists at work. Often, their studio spaces seem to reflect their personalities, and each profile is unique. June Wei, born in 1991, was a favorite of ours. Her extensive 26-page collection includes everything from mesmerizing abstract art to realistic yet painterly portraits of horses that seem to breathe.

Best Wall Art

Affordable bespoke pieces

So how much can you expect to spend on a hand-made painting from ArtExplore? (Remember, these aren't prints!) We're surprised and pleased to report that the range is between $220 and $690. However, note that these prices are for the unframed, standard size of each artwork - you can size up or down and add a frame, and the price will scale with those adjustments.

Signed by the artist where you choose

In the Product Details section of every work, you can see materials, availability (some paintings are kept in stock, some are made to order), shipping time, how it will be packed, and where on the painting the artist's signature will be located (you get to choose between the back of the canvas or in one of the corners). If none of the sizes are right for your space, you can contact ArtExplore to get a quote and they should get back to you within 24 hours. You'll also find customer reviews, if there are any, on each product listing. All the ones we encountered were extremely positive.

Unframed paintings come with margins for stretching

When it comes to ArtExplore's shipping policy, they take great care to ensure your artwork arrives in perfect condition. Unframed and not stretched paintings are carefully rolled, packed, and shipped in a high-quality hard paper tube to prevent any damages during shipping. This method is completely safe, and once you stretch the painting on a wooden base, it returns to its original flat state, ready to be framed or gallery wrapped. There's an additional 2"-5" white margin or border around the image, suitable for various wooden stretch bars. In-stock items are typically shipped within 1-3 business days, while made-to-order items may take 1-3 weeks. If you have a deadline, it's best to contact them by email to talk about your options. ArtExplore offers free worldwide 5-7 day shipping via FedEx or TNT Express.

Best Wall Art

Thousands of satisfied customers

ArtExplore features over 2,000 customer reviews on their website, complete with accompanying photos. These reviews consistently highlight excellent communication with the artists and the careful, protective packaging of their artwork. Customers rave about the superb quality of the paintings, noting how they enhance the ambiance of their living spaces. Many find the beauty of the artwork truly captivating and appreciate the friendly and communicative approach of the seller. The reviews often express high levels of satisfaction, with some customers rating their experience as "A++++++" and praising the deep and detailed textures of the paintings.

30-day return policy

ArtExplore does have a return policy, which we find generous, considering much of their work is made-to-order. You can return items within 30 days to get a refund. Just make sure the item is in its original condition and packed well. Framed paintings can't be returned. If you cancel your order more than 10 days after purchase, there's a production fee of 50-150 USD. In the case that your items get damaged during shipping, let them know with your order number and a photo of the damaged artwork, and they'll take care of everything to send you a replacement in a few days.

A top choice

We're truly impressed with the ethos of ArtExplore and the remarkable quality of their artwork. This is the place to shop if you want a piece that holds meaning and conveys the spirit of the artist, who you'll have the opportunity to personally communicate with during the commissioning process. The positive customer reviews, along with excellent customer service and careful packaging, further highlight the exceptional experience of purchasing from ArtExplore. We wholeheartedly recommend ArtExplore to collectors, designers, and art enthusiasts worldwide, seeking beautiful and affordable wall art that enhances their living spaces.

Minted Review 4 Star Rating


4 Star Rating
  • Independent artists compete in contests, and winning designs become prints and stationery
  • Personalized recommendations from Minted's stylists
  • Use a mobile tool to visualize art in your space
  • Explore textile art, kids' art, and curated series
  • One-of-a-kind pieces available
  • Art comes with all necessary hardware
  • 30-day returns with some exceptions
  • Minted More offers discounts and perks

Minted was founded in April 2007 by Mariam Naficy. Initially focused on selling high-end stationery, Minted adopted a crowdsourcing model when they realized that designs from independent artists were outperforming established brands. It's an inclusive platform where artists of all backgrounds, from illustrators to stay-at-home moms, across all 50 states and over 100 countries, can showcase their work. Fueled by a belief in meritocracy and independence, Minted constantly presents fresh, trendsetting ideas through its community-driven, technology-powered marketplace. Minted has grown into a leading design marketplace, making its mark in over 75 million homes globally.

Collection curated by people like you

Minted only showcases art from independent artists around the world. What's unique about it is that it only features art from artists who win their regular contests. These contests are open to everyone, and people like you can vote for your favorite designs. The winning artworks then get turned into products like prints, stationery, and canvases.

Free art consultations

Minted has really stepped up their game when it comes to art styling. Now, they offer personalized sessions with their stylists, who are available for virtual meetings or email consultations to suit your schedule. It's as simple as choosing the option that best fits your life. If you're always on the go, an email consultation might be just the thing for you. Or, if you prefer a more interactive experience, a virtual meeting can help you articulate your vision and preferences in real time. What's great is that these sessions are totally complimentary, making expert art advice accessible to everyone.

No obligation to buy

The process is designed to be seamless and tailored just for you. You start by completing a form to share your tastes and style preferences. Then, based on this information, your Minted stylist will curate art suggestions that perfectly match your space. These suggestions, along with any needed revisions, are made to ensure that the final selection is something you'll absolutely love. What happens next? Your selected fine art pieces will be waiting in your Minted account cart with no obligation to buy. This pressure-free approach ensures that you're making choices that truly resonate with your personal style. Plus, you can expect to receive these personalized recommendations within just 2-3 business days. And if you have specific framing and finishing preferences, Minted stylists can accommodate those too. It's all about creating a space that feels uniquely yours, with wall art that complements and enhances your surroundings.

Best Wall Art

Meet the stylists

Get to know Minted's stylists on the "Meet the Stylists" page, where you can get an idea of their backgrounds, aesthetic preferences, and philosophies - there's Melanie from Georgia, with a Master's in Graphic Design, who loves the blend of minimalist and maximalist in "Girl in Blues"; Cherie, a California native whose casual, eclectic style is reflected in her favorite, "Orange bloom"; Khariza from San Francisco, whose love for travel influences her choice of "Leisure, Interrupted"; Mary, a Bay Area-based interior designer who finds comfort in "Benevolent Ceramics II"; and Rachel, a fine arts graduate inspired by nature, who is drawn to the soothing colors of "Aki". Each stylist brings their own flavor to Minted's art selection, offering a range of perspectives to match any style preference.

View art in your space in virtual reality

Had a meeting with a stylist, but not ready to pull the trigger on purchasing the pieces she picked out yet? Minted has a nifty mobile-only tool that lets you see exactly how their wall art would look in your space. It's really easy to use. Just grab your phone, pick any Minted fine art piece you fancy, and choose the size and frame that suits your taste. Then, hit the "View in my room" link right below the art piece. Next, pick a wall in your home where you're thinking of hanging the art. The tool will guide you through the steps to virtually place the art on your wall. You can move your phone around to adjust the position and angle until it looks just right. Found the perfect match? Save the image and share it with your friends and family to get their thoughts. It's a great way to make sure you're choosing the right piece for your home.

Textile art

If you prefer to jump right in and see what's on offer, Minted has a diverse and eclectic range of categories that makes browsing through their collection exciting. Dive into the Art Prints category where you can explore everything from new arrivals to pairs and sets. They have an array of painting prints, photography prints, drawing prints, and more. Looking for something one-of-a-kind? Check out their original art section. Here, you can find paintings, sculptures, and the not-so-common textile art and mixed media art. These pieces bring a unique flair to any collection. Take, for example, their textile art like "Copper" by Meghan Shimek. It's a woven wall hanging made from wool and copper, offering a unique aesthetic that combines softness and sheen.

Children's art and curated series

Minted hasn't forgotten the little ones. Their children's art section includes everything from nursery art to teen art, with options for personalized prints too. It's a vibrant selection filled with painting prints, photography prints, and more, all curated by consumers like you. Get inspired by Minted's Collector's Series, featuring themes like '90s Nostalgia and "Grand Millennial" . You can also shop by style, with choices ranging from line art to minimalist and geometric art.

Best Wall Art

Find your frame of reference

Minted's array of framing options ensures you can find just the right match for your artwork. They offer an impressive selection of 18 frames, in four distinct finishes and 13 sizes. When choosing a frame, think about the frame material and how it complements your art. For example, textured wood frames go well with nature-themed prints, whereas abstract pieces might look best in sleek metal frames. Color selection is also crucial; pick a frame that enhances the colors in your artwork. And for the glass, Minted provides a choice between UV Plexi Glass and Standard Plexi Glass, with the former being ideal for areas with strong natural light due to its anti-glare properties.

Four framing styles

Minted's mounting options add a unique touch to your wall art:

  • Float Mounting: This style gives the illusion of the artwork floating above a 100% cotton mat board. It's a modern approach that suits organic-edged artworks like sketches, watercolors, and certain photographic styles.
  • Matted Presentation: For a more classic and traditional look, matted art highlights pieces with a central focus, creating a layered framing effect and drawing the viewer's eye inwards. It's ideal for classical paintings and various photography styles.
  • Full Bleed (Standard): Offering a contemporary feel, the full bleed method extends the artwork to the edges of the frame, making it suitable for detailed and abstract works, especially modern photography.
  • Canvas: For those who prefer the texture of canvas, Minted prints art on high-quality canvas material, available with premium wood framing. This option is great for reproductions of oil paintings, abstracts, and original canvas works, including children's art (because it is lightweight and safer if it falls).

Ready to hang

Each Minted piece is carefully packed and delivered with all the necessary hardware installed, ready for display straight out of the box. If you need help deciding where to hang your art, Minted offers assistance through their art stylists. Just text them your photo for guidance. When hanging, aim for the middle of the print to be about 58"-62" inches from the floor, based on your preference. Use painter's tape to mark the desired position. Lastly, check the type of hardware on your frame - whether it's hanging wire, corner brackets, D-rings, or a sawtooth bracket - and follow the specific instructions for a flawless setup.

Originals available with Certification of Authenticity

At Minted, you have the option to explore both prints and original art. Their "limited edition" wall art prints are particularly unique. These are non-personalized prints that come in a fixed number for each size, color palette, and printing method. Once they're sold out, that's it - Minted won't release them again in that specific configuration. Each of these prints includes a certificate of authenticity, ensuring you know exactly what you're getting - the artwork title, size, colorway, and the number of prints in the edition.

Best Wall Art

Refunds are case-by-case

And if you're ever not happy with your purchase, Minted's got you covered. You can return most items for any reason, although there are a few exceptions like Commissioned Original Art, Customizable Fine Art, and Furniture. For a smooth return process, just have your order number, a description of the problem, and a photo illustrating the issue ready. They'll work with you on a case-by-case basis for either a replacement or a refund.

Artists can address concerns with commissions

Now, if you're eyeing something truly unique, Commissioned Original Art is made-to-order by Minted artists and doesn't fall under the usual return policy. But if there's an issue, you can directly contact the artist to discuss any concerns. Customizable Fine Art, where you can tweak the color, crop, and rotation, is also available on select prints. While these can't be returned unless there's damage or a mistake on Minted's part, you do get to review proofs before finalizing your order.

30-day returns for limited and open editions

For standard art prints, Minted wants you to absolutely love what you buy. They offer a 30-day return window for limited edition and open edition fine art prints, as well as children's art prints. And if you're shopping for holiday gifts, there's an extended return period for orders placed in November and December.

Shipping prices vary

The shipping cost for your Minted order varies based on the size and format of the piece, with prices ranging from $4 to $145 for Standard Shipping. However, they do offer a perk for higher-value purchases: if your fine art print order exceeds $500, you can enjoy free shipping and returns using the code "SHIPFREE" . This is nice, but it's not quite as generous as some other wall art retailers that give you free shipping for spending over $100 and let you return anything you buy.

Best Wall Art

Get 20% off art with membership program

If you decide to join Minted More, you're in for some neat perks. For $38 a year, you'll get a cool 20% off on all sorts of fine art, stationery, and gifts. Plus, they throw in a 30% discount on holiday cards and free standard shipping, which is pretty handy if you shop there often. And as a little welcome, new members get a special gift box filled with handpicked designs from Minted's artists, valued at $160. It's a great way to get introduced to what Minted offers and save some money if you love picking up unique art and gifts throughout the year.

Some issues with frame quality

Minted has an "A+" grade from the Better Business Bureau and a 3.5 rating across nearly 2,000 reviews on Trustpilot. However, it's worth mentioning some of the complaints we found in their reviews. Take, for example, a customer who paid $433 for a framed art piece and ended up with a frame that didn't meet expectations: it looked cheap, was scratched, and even had flaking paint. Then there's another case where someone spent $500 on an art print, only to be let down by poor mounting work, like visible tears and wrinkles, and to top it off, they couldn't get a timely response from customer service. Also, some people find hanging the artwork tricky because of Minted's unique bracket system. One customer even ended up damaging their art in an attempt to get it hanging just right. These stories show that while the art itself gets thumbs up for quality, the areas of framing, mounting, and hanging could use some attention, especially when you consider the price people are paying for these pieces.

Recommended by TopConsumerReviews

There's a lot to appreciate about Minted and its options for wall art. They offer free art consultations without any pressure to purchase the recommended pieces. Their collection is globally curated through a unique voting process and features an extensive range of categories, including textile art and curated series. They have a strong reputation, as shown by their good ratings on the Better Business Bureau and Trustpilot. Plus, their customer support is generally proactive in addressing issues and making things right when needed. Areas for improvement? The quality of frames could be better, and their return policy can be a bit confusing with several exceptions. Overall, we're fans of Minted and believe it's an excellent destination for purchasing original artwork and prints from emerging artists.

Kathy Kuo Home Review 3.5 Star Rating

Kathy Kuo Home

3.5 Star Rating
  • Founded by award-winning interior designer, offers diverse home furnishings and decor
  • Browse by type, subject, size, layout including multi-panel and triptych
  • Some with artist-added brushstrokes
  • Included in price, but limited frame style customization
  • U.S. only, free on orders over $100
  • "A+" from BBB, 4.3-star average on Trustpilot

Kathy Kuo is an award-winning interior designer and entrepreneur, and founder of Kathy Kuo Home. Kathy was born in Taiwan, grew up in Boston, and now lives in New York City. She's known for her work on TV and is a proud mom of two. Established in 2012, Kathy Kuo Home is an online boutique that offers a wide range of home furnishings and decor, including furniture, outdoor dining, bar lighting, decor, mirrors, and art. Kathy's shop has a bunch of different styles like French Country, Modern Classic, and more, so there's something for everyone's taste.

Shop by type, subject, and size

If you're shopping for wall art, the first place you should go is the tab labeled "Mirrors & Art" . Hovering over it will bring up a drop-down list of subcategories including Paintings, Photography, Drawings, Mixed Media. Under Art by Subject, you can browse the categories of Landscape, Seascape, Abstract, Floral & Botanical, and Animals & Nature. There's also Art by Scale: Mini (Under 16"), Small (17-24"), Medium (25-36"), Large (37-48"), and Oversized (49"+).

Designer wall art selection

Paintings, ranging from abstract and graphic to modern and traditional styles, are excellent options for designer wall art. At Kathy Kuo Home, you can find a specially selected range of art pieces, including designer and landscape paintings, abstract works, and others, perfect for adding a finishing touch to your living room, dining room, or bedroom.

Best Wall Art

Smaller catalog

Kathy Kuo Home's collection is both diverse and select, offering a respectable range of wall art. The catalog, though not as extensive as some competitors, includes a variety of styles like diptych, multipanel, single piece, and triptych. The theme selection is broad, featuring 115 abstract pieces, 10 animals and nature-themed works, 2 architecture pieces, 20 floral and botanical, 44 landscapes, 14 pieces centered on people, and 25 seascapes.

Few to no original paintings

The majority of the art pieces at Kathy Kuo Home are prints, not originals. Some of these prints are enhanced with real paint brushstrokes, adding an element of texture and authenticity. However, the website does not provide a direct filter to distinguish between prints, originals, or those with added brushstrokes. Shoppers will need to delve into the individual item descriptions to find this information, which can be a bit inconvenient for those specifically looking for one type over another.

Frame included in cost

One great feature of Kathy Kuo Home is that the frame cost is already included in the price. This means that when you see a price tag, like $1,470 for the 50x50 Isabella Coastal Beach Blue Abstract Painting, it might seem high at first. But remember, this is the total price. Other sites might seem cheaper initially, but they often add the frame cost later during checkout, and it can increase the initial estimate by roughly 30%. When you compare the full prices, Kathy Kuo Home's prices are actually similar to what their competitors offer.

Best Wall Art

Might not be able to choose frame

You won't always get to choose between frame styles. For example, that aforementioned abstract painting only comes in a simple silver frame. We don't think this is too big of a problem, though. The chosen frame, whether selected by the artist or a curator, typically complements the painting's colors well. If there are additional options for customization, it will be indicated in the product description, and you'll be prompted to call their design specialists to find out more.

Descriptions can be contradictory

In the product descriptions on Kathy Kuo Home, you'll find useful details like whether the item is made in the USA, if it's ready to hang on the wall, and the type of installation mechanism it comes with, such as pre-installed wire or D-ring hangers. They also describe the construction materials of the item. However, sometimes these descriptions can be a bit confusing. For instance, one painting is described as being "constructed from canvas, aqueous water-based acrylic gel and wooden stretcher bar with wood frame," but then further down it's described as being "hand stretched over 1.5 inches stretcher bar. Image is printed on linen." So, which is it: linen or canvas? We're not sure either, and if you care about the answer, you might need to reach out to a design specialist for more info.

Great customer rating

Kathy Kuo Home has an "A+" rating from the Better Business Bureau and a 4.3-star rating average on Trustpilot from nearly 2,000 reviews. Because their selection is so broad, though, many of the reviews are about furniture, not wall art. However, customer service is reported to be responsive, and indeed, they've replied to nearly every review on Trustpilot, whether positive or negative.

Best Wall Art

Free shipping on orders over $100

Kathy Kuo Home's shipping policy comes with free curbside delivery for orders over $100 within the contiguous U.S., and a $15 flat rate for smaller orders. The delivery timeline for artwork varies depending on the piece. Made-to-order items might take 8 weeks or longer to ship. Ready-to-ship items from the warehouse process in 5-10 days, and then delivery times depend on the carrier. Check the product description to find out which timeline applies to a piece. International shipping is available, but costs are provided post-order, which is inconvenient.

Some returns allowed

Regarding returns, some items are non-returnable, while others can be returned within 7 days but are subject to a restocking fee. This information is detailed in each item's description. If you're not completely happy with your purchase, returnable items in unused and resalable condition are accepted within 7 days of delivery. Returns over $100 incur a 20% restocking fee, while items under $100 have a flat $15 return fee. Your original shipping fees are not refundable. Certain items, like wired or assembled products, custom-made items, used or altered items, final sale items, and international orders, are not eligible for returns.

Good, but too generalized

Generally speaking, we like the wall art we saw on Kathy Kuo Home. However, the selection size leaves something to be desired - wall art is only one small part of this luxury furniture and decor boutique, after all. This might be a good place to shop if you're looking for a multi-panel set of complementary paintings to add some visual interest to a large empty spot of wall in the room you're redesigning. We do appreciate the transparent pricing on wall art that includes the cost of the frame, but the descriptions of items could benefit from standardization. And, if you do find a must-have piece here, be sure to read the return policy carefully - you might not qualify for a return.

Great Big Canvas Review 3.5 Star Rating

Great Big Canvas

3.5 Star Rating
  • Based in Raleigh, North Carolina, specializing in wall art like canvas prints, framed prints, and posters
  • Uses high-quality, environmentally safe materials and archival inks for durable, detailed art
  • All products are assembled domestically, though materials are from overseas
  • Occasional promotions for savings, including a 50% off banner noticed during our visit
  • Features collections like "Harmonies of Heritage" for impactful space decoration
  • Over 700,000 images available, including trendy categories and seasonal collections
  • Offers Canvas Print, Framed Canvas, Metal Print, and more, each tailored to fit customer specifications
  • High average rating on Trustpilot and "A-" from the BBB, praised for quality, selection, and customer service
  • Reasonable shipping rates and 30-day return policy with full refund or credit options

Great Big Canvas, founded in 2002 and based in Raleigh, North Carolina, specializes in providing a range of wall art, including canvas prints, framed prints, and posters, available online and in retail stores. Their mission is to inspire and transform spaces with art that aligns with individual visions and styles, offering expertly curated collections for varied tastes. Emphasizing quality and eco-friendliness, they use high-quality, environmentally safe materials and archival inks to ensure durability and detail. Their products are all assembled in the USA.

Reasonably priced

During our visit to the Great Big Canvas website, we noticed a prominent banner announcing a 50% discount across their entire catalog (in certain styles) for a limited time. This offer included popular styles such as floating frame and solid-faced canvas prints. It's a good idea to regularly check their site for similar deals. These occasional promotions can provide significant savings on already quite reasonably priced wall art pieces.

Environmentally friendly

Great Big Canvas is really focused on ensuring the highest quality and being environmentally conscious when it comes to their wall art. They go the extra mile by using top-notch canvas wraps and archival inks in their prints, which guarantees that all the intricate details are preserved and that the colors won't fade over time. It's not just about creating visually stunning pieces, though. They also care about the environment and make sure that their canvas is artist-grade and free from any harmful additives that could harm the planet. So you can trust that they not only deliver amazing art but also do it in a sustainable and eco-friendly way.

Best Wall Art

Curated series

If you're looking to make a significant impact on your space, whether by covering a large wall area or creating a cohesive design across multiple walls, the Gallery Walls and Curated Art Sets page on Great Big Canvas is worth exploring. When we last checked, they were featuring a photographic homage entitled "Harmonies of Heritage: Louis Armstrong, Carmen Jones, and West Indian Arrivals" . For the film geeks out there, there are curated movie poster sets, ideal for adding a cinematic touch to a home theater. These collections are thoughtfully assembled to create striking visual narratives in any room.

700,000 images

With more than 700,000 images on their site, you shouldn't have any trouble finding prints of well-known artwork at Great Big Canvas. If you have someone specific in mind, you can always use the search bar, but if you prefer to browse for a while, you can narrow this enormous catalog down by subject, color, style, room, and more. We took a look at the Featured tab. Under Curator's Choice were some on-trend categories such as Dark and Light Academia, Urban Elegance, Ancient Origins, and Pomegranate Noir. Below that, you'll find Seasonal Collections and Art & Decor Trends. One of our favorite featured pieces on this page was With All Senses by Treechild Art, a Switzerland-based digital artist who does colorful illustrations of florals, portraits, and animals.

Get your piece in any format

Wall art from Great Big Canvas can be applied to multiple formats, including Canvas Print, Framed Canvas, Framed Print, Metal Print, and Rolled Print. Canvas art prints are known for their durability and vibrant colors, while framed canvases bring an extra touch of elegance with handcrafted wood frames. If you're after something modern, their metal prints are a standout, especially for showcasing landscapes or digital art in striking detail. And for those who prefer something a bit more classic, their framed art prints and giclee poster prints offer a mix of timeless style and affordability. Each piece is customized to your specifications, making sure that what you choose fits perfectly in your space.

Save artwork to favorites

In the individual product pages, you'll be able to see product specifications like if it's ready to be hung, the materials used, sizing choices, and product reviews. You can use the heart icon to save things for later - and also see how many other people have added a given piece to their favorites.

Best Wall Art

Mainly reproductions

Great Big Canvas primarily focuses on reproductions rather than original artwork, offering a wide selection of prints but with limited options for original, one-of-a-kind pieces from emerging or established artists. Their standard offerings include custom-crafted art in various formats such as gallery-wrapped canvas, framed canvas, framed art prints, metal prints, and more, but these are typically not original paintings or drawings.

Supported young artists in the past

Previously, Great Big Canvas had a collaboration with ArtStartArt. The ArtStartArt x GBC collection supported student artists by providing a platform for them to sell their original pieces. This initiative helped art students reach the art-buying market and succeed as creators and makers post-graduation. The collection featured works in various styles and mediums, including oil paintings, photography, acrylics, and pen and ink. Students were directly involved in pricing, packing, and shipping their work, with ArtStartArt providing support. Although this collaboration financially supported and introduced artists to the business side of art, it appears that the program is no longer active, as the link to the ArtStartArt catalog now leads nowhere.

Shipping cost depends on the piece

Great Big Canvas offers reasonable shipping rates based on the size and quantity of items ordered. The estimated shipping cost is visible in the shopping cart, with the final total calculated at checkout. When we added a 20" x10" Solid-Faced Canvas to our cart, shipping was only $9.99. The 48" x24" size cost $29.99.

Delivery timelines for art

At Great Big Canvas, each print is custom-made, resulting in varying production times. While customers can choose a preferred arrival date at checkout, the exact arrival time prior to this point is unclear. Production for large or multiple items may take longer. Although they offer expedited shipping, it's not specified on their FAQ page whether the stated shipping times for US (3-5 business days) and Canadian/Australian (5-10 business days) orders refer to expedited or standard shipping, leading to some ambiguity in expected delivery times for different shipping options.

Best Wall Art

Returns and exchanges

Within 30 days, unsatisfied customers can opt for an exchange, store credit, or refund. The full amount, including shipping, is offered for exchanges and store credits. For refunds, the item's cost is returned, but shipping is non-refundable. Returns or exchanges are not processed after 30 days. The canvas workmanship is guaranteed for one year. Note that color differences may occur due to monitor variations, and they print colors as per the artist's specifications.

Customers love GBC

Customers generally have positive experiences with Great Big Canvas, as reflected in their 4.6-star rating average on Trustpilot across 14,000 reviews and an "A-" rating from the Better Business Bureau. Reviews highlight the reliability and quality of their products, with customers expressing satisfaction in the artwork's appearance and the honest pricing. Occasional issues like shipping complications are noted, but the company's responsiveness in resolving such matters, like replacing lost items, is praised. Customers appreciate the selection and customization options, finding the framing varieties particularly useful for personalizing their space. The quality of communication, secure packaging, and timely delivery also receive compliments.

Great, but not amazing

Great Big Canvas offers a robust selection of prints, comparable to similar competitors, but they don't feature original artworks, which might be a deciding factor for some. Their ethical practices are commendable, yet their closest competitors excel with better ethics and ongoing initiatives to support artists, as opposed to Great Big Canvas's discontinued programs. However, if you find something appealing on their site, there's no reason not to go for it. They boast a solid reputation and are a reliable choice. In essence, while Great Big Canvas is a good option, it doesn't particularly stand out in a crowded market for wall art.

Art Review 3 Star Rating


3 Star Rating
  • Art is a major online wall art retailer with a global reach of over 19 million customers in 150 countries since 1998
  • Diverse ways to start your art search, including trends, artists, best sellers, and more
  • Offers framing options like framed, canvas, acrylic, and wood mount
  • Provides overviews of art movements and artist backgrounds
  • Extensive selection, including lesser-known works by obscure artists
  • Offers a Price Match Guarantee within 60 days of purchase
  • Provides free shipping on all orders, with exceptions for oversize items
  • Certificates of Authenticity for Limited Edition and high-end works
  • Allows returns within 45 days

Art.com Inc., known simply as Art, is a major player in the online wall art market, boasting a reach of over 19 million customers across 150 countries. Since its inception in 1998, their mission has been to assist people in finding art that resonates with them, enhancing the appeal of their personal spaces. Over the years, they have expanded their offerings to include more than 2 million images, catering to a diverse clientele that ranges from national retail partners to museums, hotels, and interior designers.

Lots of ways to shop

When shopping, you have several ways to start your search. You can explore the "Trends" category, which includes options like Buffalo & Bison, Hawaii, World Maps, and Mountains under "Popular Trends" . Under "Seasonal Trends" , you might find Fall Landscapes, Organic Minimalism, and Reimagined Fine Art. Hovering over the "Artists" category reveals a list of all the greats (think Kandinsky, O'Keefe, Monet, Kahlo) as well as some Rising Stars (Emma Scarvey, Lucia Heffernan, Hyunah Kim). The Best Sellers category is broken down into subcategories such as Affordable Art and Famous Art. This is also where you'll find Art Movement and Price subcategories. If you're after Photography, you'll find that on this website, too.

Website is missing a couple finishing touches

The final appearance of your wall art can come in a few different styles. You can get your art framed, which means it's in a high-quality, hand-made frame. Or, you can get it on canvas, where the details are really clear and the "textrues" [sic] are rich. There's also art on acrylic, which gives a modern style, and wood mount, which makes the art look contemporary and slick. This information was found on a page that showcases a video of Art's "Finishers" (the people in their warehouse who put together your order by hand) and ensure it has all the important finishing touches, like flush frames, no extra scraps of canvas hanging off, and no bubbles in wood-mounted laminate - so we find it a little ironic that their website ignores the finishing touch of the correct spelling of "textures." Also, there are other videos on this page, but we weren't able to get them to play.

Overviews of movements and artists

After you've chosen a category or entered a search term, you'll be taken to a result page where you can then refine your options with filters that cover materials, size, shape, subjects, color, art type, style, the room of the house you're decorating, and price. We like that when browsing by category, for example, the Art Nouveau movement, you're given an overview at the top of the page that explains hallmarks of that style, the most recognizable pieces, and the time period during which the style flourished. If you're shopping for one of the Rising Star artists, you'll be given their background and a description of their style and technique.

Best Wall Art

Obscure artists represented

Art's catalog is all-inclusive. We would be surprised if you had difficulty finding even lesser-known artwork by renowned artists - because we had no trouble finding lesser-known artworks by obscure artists. For example, a search on Evelyn de Morgan, one of the lesser-known Pre-Raphaelite artists, turned up 82 results. So, if you're after something highly specific, Art is probably the way to go.

Price Match Guarantee

This website is likely going to be your most affordable option out of all the wall art sources in our review - and in fact, they have a Price Match Guarantee. In order to take advantage of it, your match request must be made within 60 days of purchase and doesn't apply to Art purchases that later drop in price, in-store purchases, bulk orders, auction prices, or clearance sales from other retailers. The product has to be identical in several details such as print type, image, frame, and size. To request a match, you need to email Art with specific product details and screenshots.

Framing costs a lot extra

When perusing the Affordable Art category, we spotted offerings such as a 16x16 print of Klimt's Tannenwald for only $15. A 22x28 print of Caspar David Friedrich's Wanderer Above the Sea of Fog started at $25. However, keep in mind that this advertised "starts at" price doesn't include the frame. It's a big jump in price for that upgrade: that Friedrich painting goes from $25 to $104 to frame it in the solid wood Classic Frame, the cheapest option.

Best Wall Art

Free shipping

Fortunately, Art offers free shipping on all orders, with no minimum spend. (Note that if your purchase is over 33 inches wide or 44" long, it'll be subject to oversize shipping charges.) And if you sign up for the mailing list, you can get $25 off your first order of $150 or more. Depending on the type of art you buy, the longest you can expect to wait (according to their Shipping Policy page) is 5-7 business days. However, some customers have reported longer delays.

Results page has room for improvement

Right above that "starts at [price]" label on your search results page, you'll see a clickable "Multiple Sizes" label. At first this seems like a useful way to tell at a glance whether this piece of artwork will fit in your space, but it turns out that not every product with this label actually comes in multiple sizes (bummer!) On the other hand, we like that you can click on the heart icon at the top right corner of every listing to save it for later. Suggestions based on your browsing history will appear at the bottom of product pages.

Authenticity assured

Art has Limited Edition and high-end works, too. These pieces will most often come with a Certificate of Authenticity, but also disclaimers, too: for example, a Kandinsky print comes with the warning that as a rare collectible, it may show signs of age or evidence of handling. We appreciate this transparency.

Best Wall Art

Return policy doesn't hold up to scrutiny

Art's return policy sounds good on paper. They say you can send back any wall art you buy from them within 45 days for a full refund. If the art is damaged or wrong, they'll pay for the shipping. If there's nothing wrong with it and you just don't like it, you have to pay to send it back. However, a customer review tells a different story. This customer bought art from Art and didn't like it. When they tried to return it, they couldn't find a way to do it on the website. Even after asking for help and being told they'd get a shipping label to send it back, they never received the label.

Customer support is terrible

We found many reviews just like that one from other disgruntled customers reporting similar customer service issues. Even in cases where there were defects in the purchases (which is apparently not a rare occurrence), customers were unable to get the problem resolved, costing them hundreds of dollars. We understand that sometimes the wrong item gets sent to a customer by accident, but if a company doesn't have a rock-solid customer satisfaction policy in place to correct the mistake, we're going to find it hard to recommend them.

Poor customer service tanks rating

While Art has an "A+" rating from the Better Business Bureau and has been in business for nearly 30 years, unfortunately they don't hold out so well when it comes to customer reviews. Buyers frequently express dissatisfaction with aspects like customer service, delivery dates, and refund issues. While some customers appreciate the quality, packing, and shipping of orders, others have raised concerns about inconsistent product quality. We appreciate Art's Price Match Guarantee and their wide, budget-friendly catalog, but we have to hold back on rating them as well as we'd like when there's a chance your order might be defective and it might not be made right.

Perigold Review 2.5 Star Rating


2.5 Star Rating
  • Arrival times are often faster than estimated, thanks to the use of Wayfair's delivery service
  • Customers can find 1,074 one-of-a-kind art pieces
  • Perigold offers a broad price range, starting at $28 for prints and going up to $28,457 for high-end art
  • The store offers a 30-day return policy and free shipping for orders over $35, with a flat rate of $4.99 for orders under $35
  • Perigold is suitable for quick decor solutions rather than significant wall art investments

Perigold, a luxury brand under the Wayfair Inc. portfolio, offers prestigious home design brands. With white-glove delivery and expert concierge service, Perigold promises a premium customer experience. They have an extensive selection of over 75,000 products from top brands, catering to a sophisticated clientele. Perigold specializes in luxury and high-end products, setting itself apart from Wayfair's broader offerings.

Arrival times are faster than estimated

Perigold actually uses the same last-minute Wayfair delivery service as other Wayfair concepts, so you can expect efficient shipping. According to an employee, they usually give customers an estimated time of arrival (ETA) that ends up being earlier than expected. The customer service representatives who handle Perigold are the same as the ones who handle Wayfair support, except they have slightly more tenure.

No way to filter by style

There are 52,560 results for wall art on Perigold. The categories include Framed Wall Art, Oversized Wall Art, One of a Kind Art, Multi-Piece Wall Art, Wall Accents, Tapestries and Wall Hangings, Paintings, Drawings, Prints, Photography, Textual Art, Abstract Wall Art, Nature Wall Art, Animal Wall Art, Beach & Coastal Art, Portraits, and Watercolor Paintings. You can also filter the results by frame type, art subject, shape, and color. For more granular options, you can click "show more filters." Notably, there's no option to sort by art movement or style.

Best Wall Art

Originals available

You can indeed buy original art here - it's in the one-of-a-kind category, which brings up 1,074 results. We found no results when we searched their help site for information on certificates of authenticity. It seems that if the piece comes with one, it'll say so in the product description, but there's no guarantee about it. If it's been signed by the artist, this will be indicated in the product description.

Product descriptions are lacking important information

Perigold's price range is wide, starting at $28 for a 12"x8" print (on sale from $62) and going up to $28,457 for an oil painting by artist Miroslav Antic. One thing competitors do better than Perigold is including information about the artist in the product descriptions. We've found that in a few product descriptions, but not all. If you're seriously considering dropping 28 grand for a piece of wall art, it might be nice to have some more information about the piece readily available.

30-day return policy and free shipping

Perigold has a flexible return policy that allows customers to return most items within 30 days of delivery for a refund or store credit. Just keep in mind that you may need to cover the return shipping costs, and the item must be in its original condition and packaging to be eligible for a return. When it comes to shipping, Perigold offers free shipping for orders over $35. For orders under $35, there's a flat shipping rate of $4.99. You'll see the associated shipping costs clearly stated in the shopping cart and during the checkout process.

Best Wall Art

Rated poorly on Trustpilot

While Wayfair LLC has an "A+" rating on BBB, Perigold has received a lower rating average of 1.4 stars on Trustpilot from 73 reviews. There was a specific incident where a customer ordered art that didn't match the advertisement and it ended up costing them $593. The item was back-ordered and when it finally arrived, it was not satisfactory. Despite returning the item within the specified time frame, the customer did not receive a full refund. After reaching out to customer service, they were only refunded $39, leaving them disappointed and questioning the whereabouts of the rest of their money.

Good as a quick fix, not for large investments

Overall, Perigold gives the impression of fine art being more of an afterthought than a main offering, which makes sense, considering they're an offshoot of Wayfair who sells every home furnishing under the sun. The advertisement of their offerings as "luxury art" seems more of an attempt to appeal to people with more money than refined taste. If you're just looking for something to cover the blank space on the wall in your living room, you might very well find something you like here, but be aware you might run into trouble with the refund process.

One Kings Lane Review 2 Star Rating

One Kings Lane

2 Star Rating
  • High-end home furnishings, decor, and wall art
  • Art prices range from $75 to $27,975
  • Handled by a team with expertise in home decor

One Kings Lane is an online home furnishings and decor retailer founded in 2009, known for its curated collections and flash sales of high-end home goods and furniture. It has since expanded to offer a wide range of products, including wall art, catering to various interior design styles.

Filters are lacking

When you visit this site, you'll find yourself on a page with all of their art offerings - a total of 3581. From here, you can scroll and see what catches your interest, or you can narrow down your options using filters such as category (paintings, mixed media, photography, vintage reproductions, drawings, maps, flags, and posters), brand, color, condition (new or vintage), and price range. However, you won't find comprehensive style filters here, such as impressionism, abstract, or surrealist.

Original vintage paintings

Prices range from $75 to a jaw-dropping $27,975. The latter product is an antique 1868 painting by Adolf Henrik Mackeprang titled Cattle at the River Crossing. It's offered by the brand Vermilion Designs Interiors, whose collection spans from traditional to contemporary and transitional designs, including a range of antiques from the elegant 18th and 19th centuries to chic mid-century modern vintage pieces.

Return policy doesn't apply to all paintings

Unsurprisingly, the $27,975 painting cannot be returned, and the same goes for many other paintings on their site. To confirm, you can refer to the product description. However, some prints may be returnable within 30 days, although restocking and return shipping fees will be charged.

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Check description for return policy

In the product pages, you'll find a description of the product, its dimensions, its medium, and what the frame is made of. You'll also find the individual shipping and return policy applicable to each individual product. Here's also where you'll find customer reviews if there are any for that particular product (there weren't any on many of the paintings we saw).

Customization options are rare

You can't typically customize the frame with One Kings Lane wall art, although we noted a few exceptions to this in the catalog, like Benson-Cobb's Land's End abstract painting for $1,035, where you could choose between a "natural" color frame and a silver color. The same goes for color and material: sometimes you'll be able to customize, but usually not, and there's no way to filter in the catalog for just the ones that are customizable in case you're shopping to fill a blank space on your wall of a particular size.

No professional curators

At One Kings Lane, the product curation is handled by a team with expertise in home decor and industry trends, rather than traditional art curators. This team consists of seasoned industry insiders and passionate home-decor buyers who share the customers' enthusiasm for design and exceptional value. Their focus is more on selecting items that align with contemporary home decor trends and customer preferences, rather than the specialized field of art curation found in museums or galleries. One Kings Lane is therefore best suited to a broader audience, without much appeal for those focused on curating a high-quality collection.

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30 days for returns

If you've got an item you're not thrilled with, you can generally send it back within 30 days of delivery. But there's a catch: items marked as "final sale," "clearance," "as is," or "made-to-order" don't qualify for returns. Again, One Kings Lane makes it clear which items are non-returnable on the product's description page.

15% fee on returns

When it comes to the nitty-gritty of returns, there are some fees involved. For standard deliveries, like those through UPS, there's a 15% return fee. This fee gets taken out of your refund, but it won't be more than $100. Remember, they won't refund the original shipping charges. For bigger items that need entryway or white-glove delivery, the return fee jumps to a flat $300 per item.

Only ships within USA

As for shipping, they've got their rates laid out clearly in their FAQ. For orders between $50 and $150, Standard shipping is $14.95. That price increases all the way up to $97.95 for orders between $850 and $1,000. Take note: One Kings Lane doesn't do international shipping. So if you're outside the U.S., you might need to look elsewhere. If you need any help or have questions, their customer care team is just an email or phone call away during their business hours, Monday-Friday between 9am and 7pm EST. They don't do price matching with competitors or price adjustments, so what you see is what you get in terms of pricing.

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Poor customer service despite "A+" with the BBB

One Kings Lane might have an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau, but the real story seems to be in the customer reviews, and let's just say, they're not all glowing. We came across several reviews where customers had less-than-ideal experiences. Issues ranged from being overcharged without a refund to receiving completely different items from what was ordered. In some cases, customers received damaged goods or prints in poor condition, and when they tried to sort things out, they hit roadblocks with customer service.

Chance for incorrect replacements

What really stands out in these reviews is the frustration customers felt with the response (or lack thereof) from One Kings Lane. Whether it was a long wait to speak to someone, receiving incorrect replacements multiple times, or feeling like their concerns were not taken seriously, the common theme was disappointment. Some customers even expressed regret for recommending the site to others, based on their experiences.

Don't shop here first

Considering all this, it's tough for us to recommend One Kings Lane confidently. Even if you're just casually browsing for art and something catches your eye, the customer feedback suggests you might not get what you expect. And if you run into issues, there's a chance the customer service might not be as helpful as you'd hope. So, while they do have a decent selection and the website looks fine, it might be wise to proceed with caution (or not at all) based on these customer experiences.

Ballard Designs Review 2 Star Rating

Ballard Designs

2 Star Rating
  • Ballard Designs specializes in traditional home furnishings and decor
  • Actively engages with a large following on social platforms
  • Offers furniture, lighting, wall decor, and more
  • Serves both regular customers and interior designers
  • Collaborates with independent artists for unique artwork
  • Provides a 90-day return window, excluding fees, and a one-year defect guarantee
  • Shipping charges range from 10% to 15%, capped at $350
  • Smaller items delivered in 3-7 days, with potential extra fees for bulky items and personalized orders

Ballard Designs, started in 1982 by Helen Ballard Weeks in Atlanta, Georgia, began as a small brochure and has grown into a well-known company selling home furnishings and decor. They're known for their traditional style in furniture and decor.

Good social media presence

One thing we noticed is how effectively Ballard Designs utilizes social media. They have almost 430,000 followers on Instagram, a popular TikTok account, and a podcast called "How To Decorate." Ballard Designs aims to help people make their homes reflect their own style, offering a variety of furniture, lights, wall decorations, and more. They serve both regular customers and professional interior designers, selling their products through a catalog, online, and in physical stores.

Can't filter by style

With a mere 213 results for wall art, it's safe to say this platform doesn't specialize in it. Remember how we said they lean traditional in aesthetic? Even their attempts at modern art seem to carry a touch of nostalgia. While you can refine your search by subject, color, frame finish, type (framed vs. unframed, canvas, or wood print), and orientation, oddly there's no option to filter by style.

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Wide price range

Pricewise, you'll find Ballard Designs pieces ranging from a budget-friendly $25 to $3,000. However, the bulk of their offerings fall within the $250 to $1,000 range. Interestingly, their best-seller is a somewhat amateurish series of watercolor paintings featuring trees. Unfortunately, it's challenging to get a closer look because the "roll over image to zoom" feature appears to be malfunctioning. As for the specific pricing, a single 13"x13" print from this tree-themed series was on sale for $95.20 at the time of our review, marked down from its original price of $119. It could be worth considering if you're in the market for something rustic and understated.

Exclusive Artists program supports creatives

Ballard Designs does not sell original art in the traditional sense of unique, one-of-a-kind pieces directly from the artist. Instead, they offer an Exclusive Artists program, which is a collaboration with a select group of independent artists. These artists, who typically showcase their work in galleries, create unique pieces exclusively for Ballard Designs. The artwork available through this program is described by Ballard as "the next best thing to original art," offering a high-quality, gallery-like experience at a more accessible price point. This initiative allows customers to access exclusive, artful creations that are not available elsewhere, while also supporting the careers of the independent artists involved.

Standard return policy

If you're not satisfied with your Ballard purchase, you have a 90-day window from the ship date to return it for an exchange or full refund, excluding Shipping & Processing fees. All Ballard products are guaranteed against defects for one year from the shipment date.

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Shipping is 10%-15% of order price

Shipping charges depend on your order's total value. Orders under $200 are charged 15% of the total order value, while orders of $200.01 and above are charged 10% of the total order value, with a maximum cap at $350. These charges are based on the original retail price of the product before any discounts are applied.

3-7 days to arrive

Smaller items are shipped via standard ground service and typically arrive in 3-7 business days for in-stock items. Some bulky or heavy items may carry an additional $20-$40/item oversized handling fee. Be aware that items ordered together may not be delivered simultaneously, and if your order includes personalized items, allow an extra three days.

Expedited shipping

For faster delivery, you can opt for Next Business Day or Two Business Day express service for an additional fee. Express orders received by 4 pm EST are shipped on the same day. The charges for expedited delivery depend on the weight of the items, with separate rates for items under 10 lbs. If the item weighs over 10 lbs., you'll see additional charges at checkout. Keep in mind that expedited order cut-off times may vary around federally recognized holidays.

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Packages arrive damaged

Ballard Designs has a "B-" grade from the Better Business Bureau, but a rating average of only 1.63 on Sitejabber. Customer experience is largely poor, with a range of issues highlighted in reviews. Some customers have expressed frustration with supply chain and customer service problems, alleging that the company avoids taking responsibility for issues and even blocks those who voice concerns on social media. Packaging woes also feature prominently, with reports of items arriving in battered boxes, although the actual products sometimes fare better.

Price does not reflect quality

Product quality varies, with some customers satisfied while others find the value for their money lacking. A common theme is the need for multiple interactions with customer service due to missing or damaged items, adding inconvenience to the shopping experience. Obtaining refunds from Ballard also appears to be a cumbersome process, with lengthy waits and poor communication reported.

Look elsewhere first

We were not very impressed with Ballard's range or selection. After all, they limit themselves to that traditional aesthetic, so you're not going to find a wide variety of styles or cutting-edge designs. We were also quite concerned to read about some of the poor experiences detailed in customer reviews. On top of that, you can't get original paintings here, only reproductions. For these reasons, we would not recommend shopping Ballard Designs as your first choice for wall art.

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Continued from above...

First, the vast and diverse range of art available online is a key driver of their popularity. Unlike traditional brick-and-mortar stores, online art marketplaces offer an extensive array of styles, genres, and artists from around the globe. This immense variety caters to diverse tastes and preferences, letting you explore and discover pieces that resonate with your own personal aesthetic taste.

The convenience of browsing and purchasing art from the comfort of your home has also significantly contributed to the widespread appeal of online art shopping. The online realm eliminates geographical constraints, letting you explore artworks without the need to travel to actual physical galleries. This is particularly helpful for people with busy lifestyles, as it allows them to explore art in their daily routines. Moreover, online platforms often provide sophisticated search and filtering tools, which let you navigate vast collections in order to find the exact piece that you want.

If you want to know more about the art pieces or artists, you can usually find a wealth of information in your online art shopping experience. Online platforms typically offer detailed descriptions, artist biographies, and customer reviews, which can provide valuable context and insight for your decision. This transparency connects you to the artwork which enriches the overall purchasing experience.

When browsing, you'll get to choose from many different art styles and types - like photography, prints, and dimensional art pieces, to name a few. You might stumble upon an original painting that speaks to you, capturing a moment or emotion in a way that's both personal and unique. Original pieces might be a bit pricier, but they're one-of-a-kind. On the flip side, if you're decorating on a budget, there are plenty of prints and reproductions that can add a touch of elegance or quirkiness to your space without breaking the bank. And let's not forget about the stunning photographic prints and digital art that can transport you to different worlds.

For those who want a bit more guidance, some sites even offer art consultation services. Also, if supporting artists is close to your heart, you can look for platforms that give a fair share of the sales to the creators.

Before choosing a wall art retailer, we suggest you keep the following criteria in mind:

  • Customization. Imagine finding a piece you love, but it's just not the right size for your space. No problem - many of these sites let you play around with sizes and frames. Want a sleek, modern look? Go for a canvas print. It's affordable and can change the whole vibe of a room.
  • Extra costs. While it's easy to get carried away in the excitement of finding that perfect piece, remember to factor in extra costs like shipping and framing. Prices can quickly go from the "oh, that's reasonable" to "that's a splurge," so keeping your budget in mind - and maybe shopping with sites that offer free shipping - is a good idea.
  • Quality and authenticity. These are crucial, especially when investing in original art. Many sites ensure authenticity with artist signatures or certificates - a nice touch that adds to the value of your purchase. For prints, quality can vary, so it's wise to check out the site's quality policies and customer reviews.
  • Shipping timeframe. Maybe you've found the perfect piece for your friend's housewarming next week. Check those delivery times to avoid any last-minute surprises, or the chance of showing up empty-handed.
  • Return policy. What if the art doesn't look as great in person as it did online? A good return policy can be a lifesaver, so keep an eye out for that.

To help you identify the best sites to purchase wall art, Top Consumer Reviews has ranked and reviewed today's most popular options. We hope this guide helps you find that perfect piece that resonates with you, fits your budget, and complements your space, all while offering a convenient and enjoyable shopping experience. Happy art hunting!

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Wall Art FAQ

Before purchasing wall art, consider the space where it will be displayed, including wall size, color scheme, and room style. Also, think about your personal taste and the artwork's theme, color, and size. It's important to measure your wall space to ensure the art fits perfectly.
To ensure that the wall art matches your room's decor, look at the colors and style of your room and choose art that complements these elements. Many online stores offer virtual tools to visualize how the artwork will look in your space. Additionally, you can seek advice from interior design experts or use augmented reality apps to preview the art in your room.
Buying wall art online is generally safe if you use reputable websites and check their return policies, customer reviews, and authentication processes. Secure payment options and customer support availability are also important factors to consider for a safe purchase.
The size of your wall art should be in proportion to the intended wall and room size. A common rule is that the art should cover about 2/3 to 3/4 of the wall space available. For large walls, consider larger pieces or a gallery wall of smaller pieces. Always measure your wall space before ordering.
Most online art stores have a return policy, but it varies. Check the return policy before purchasing, including the time frame for returns, condition of the art required for a return, and who covers return shipping costs. Custom or personalized art might not be returnable.
Original art is a one-of-a-kind piece created by the artist, while prints are reproductions of original artwork, often more affordable. Reproductions are copies of famous artworks. Originals are usually more expensive but can be a valuable investment.
Wall art is usually shipped in sturdy packaging with protective materials. Check the shipping policy of the store, including how they handle damage during shipping. Upon arrival, inspect the artwork immediately for any damage and report it to the seller as soon as possible.
Additional costs may include shipping fees, taxes, and in some cases, customs duties for international purchases. Some sellers offer free shipping, but it's always good to check all potential additional costs - like for the frame - to avoid surprises.
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