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Home Depot vs Discount Filters

Thursday, September 28th

2023 Water Filter Store Reviews

Home Depot Review 5 Star Rating

Home Depot

5 Star Rating
  • Over 2,000 products, from entire filtration systems to replacement cartridges
  • Easy-to-use website
  • Convenient to buy online and pick up in store
  • 5% discount on subscriptions
  • Free delivery or ship-to-store on most water filters and filtration systems
  • Free in-home water test
  • 90-day return policy on unopened, unused items
  • "A+" rated and accredited by the BBB
Top Consumer Reviews Best-In-Class Blue Ribbon Award

It's no surprise that Home Depot has it all - and that's certainly the case for water filters. From basic replacement cartridges for your refrigerator's water dispenser to whole-house systems that purify every drop in your home, you can buy them here. Home Depot even provides complimentary in-home water testing and filtration product recommendations if you're not sure where to start. Home Depot earns our highest ranking among retailers that sell water filters and filtration systems.

Discount Filters Review 4.5 Star Rating

Discount Filters

4.5 Star Rating
  • 1-year satisfaction guarantee on all water filters
  • Free shipping over $50
  • Free returns on all orders for up to a year
  • 90-day low price guarantee
  • "A+" rated by the BBB

Discount Filters is one of our favorite places to buy all of our filters - water and HVAC. The company has a stellar track record for high-quality products and attention to customer satisfaction, and it only misses our first-place ranking by a hair (because their prices aren't always the lowest). We feel that you can trust Discount Filters with your business.

Where Can You Buy the Best Water Filters?

That may depend on the type of filtration you're looking for. Are you trying to install a new whole-house system? Or maybe your biggest need is to have chemical-free drinking water on demand? While some water filter retailers sell all of that and then some, most online stores focus on a particular filtration need.

For example, many customers shopping for water filters are looking to replace a cartridge in their refrigerator; in that case, it's important to determine if you need an OEM filter that matches your fridge's brand or if an aftermarket filter compatible with your model would be enough. Most off-brand filters are designed to perform as well as or better than their brand-name counterparts, but make sure that using one won't void any warranty coverage still remaining on your appliance.

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Water Filter Store FAQ

A water filter is exactly as the name suggests: a way to deliver clean water for drinking, washing or cooking that is free from pollutants. You may have a water filter built into your refrigerator, a water softener for your home, or a model installed on your kitchen faucet.
There are almost too many kinds of water filters to name. Most people are familiar with the ones for refrigerators with in-door water dispensers and ice makers, but there are also whole-house water filters, filters that are installed on a kitchen faucet, even water filters for RVs!
If you don't like the everyday taste of your water, you may want to consider a water filter. This is very common for homes that use well water because of the "eggy" (sulfuric) taste, but people on "city water" also use water filters to make sure there are no pollutants still in their drinking water. A water filter is a simple, usually inexpensive way to get water that tastes great and is good for you too (and it's much cheaper than buying bottled water!).
Most fridges have an indicator light to tell you when to change the filter. If not, you can either set a schedule to swap it out regularly, based on the manufacturer's recommendations (usually every three months or so) or change it when you notice a difference in the water's taste. (We recommend the former!)
It can be tricky to get the exact filter your system uses. Most online retailers of water filters have helpful tools to make sure you get the right one, and you can always reach out to their customer service team via phone, email, or sometimes even live chat if you need extra help.
You'll always get the best selection at the best prices when you shop online. Your local brick-and-mortar home improvement store may not even carry the water filters you need. Why not get the right filters the first time and have them delivered right to your home?
Check the store's return policy. Most online retailers of water filters understand that you might have gotten the model number wrong when you ordered, so they provide generous return policies of 30-90 days just in case. There are even some stores that give you a full year to make returns, as long as the water filters are unused and in the original packaging.
Obviously a whole-house filtration system will cost more than a simple cartridge replacement for your refrigerator! But, there are filtration options for every budget.
Compare the Best Reviews

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If you're starting from scratch and researching the best whole-house water filtration system, it's a good idea to consider customer feedback. Is the system straightforward enough that you can install it yourself, or do clients recommend hiring a professional to set it up properly? That can add $1,000+ to your total cost, and most water filter companies will leave that part (finding a plumber and negotiating the labor costs) up to you.

Shopper comments can also give you a good heads up as to how a water filter system might work in your part of the world: you can imagine that weather conditions in Seattle would affect an outdoor installation much differently than one in San Antonio.

What else should you keep in mind as you decide where to buy your water filters? Here are some factors that can guide your choice:

  • Selection. How many options can you choose from? If you're shopping for a fixture like a faucet or showerhead, can you get it in a finish that matches what you already have? Are there options that are suitable for the water in your home (well vs. city water, hard water, and so on)?
  • Value. Are the water filters a good investment? Do customers say that they perform well - and consistently so? Do you get what you pay for?
  • Customer Service. Can you easily access help if you need it? This is especially important if you're trying to get the right replacement water filter for an appliance. What is the retailer's return policy if you happen to get the wrong one, or if your water filtration system doesn't work as promised?
  • Reputation. Does the company have a positive rating from the BBB? How about customer reviews? Particularly on a large purchase like a whole-house water filtration system, you want to see that previous clients have had a good experience at every stage of the process, from sales to post-installation service and warranty work when required.

TopConsumerReviews.com has evaluated and ranked the best water filter retailers on the market today. We're confident that this information will help you get the cleanest, best-tasting water on the planet - right at your home or office!

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