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Where Can You Get the Best Website Templates?

While it's easier to create a website now than ever before, it's not so easy to design your website in a way that will be visually appealing, easy to use, and fast to load. For that type of attention to detail, you still need the skills of creative people who can pull those elements together into a beautiful website that meets your needs. You generally have two choices: hire expensive people yourself, or use a website template.

Website templates are example layouts that website designers can use to create functional and beautiful websites faster than if they were to try to design a whole website from scratch. They're a way to accelerate the pace of website design and development using tried and tested design techniques and patterns common to most websites. They're also a way to quickly get design inspiration from the efforts of others, usually for a low purchase price or, in some cases, even free!

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2023 Website Template Provider Reviews

Elegant Themes Review Top Consumer Reviews Best-In-Class Blue Ribbon Award 5 Star Rating

Elegant Themes

5 Star Rating Top Consumer Reviews Best-In-Class Blue Ribbon Award

Elegant Themes has evolved with the massively-popular WordPress content management system to become the premier website template and design system for WordPress sites. Its ease of use, extensive and powerful modules, and editing user interface make it a breeze for any site owner to achieve gorgeous website designs. Their support team and massive online community are ready to help anyone who needs it. And the price guarantees a quick return on investment. We recommend and give Elegant Themes our highest ranking.

Elementor Review 4.5 Star Rating


4.5 Star Rating

Elementor is a very popular and powerful WordPress theme builder and page builder that comes with a library of over 100 ready-made website templates or "UI Kits" that you can import and work on immediately. With lots of primary and community support, as well as numerous native and third-party add-ons, Elementor is a fantastic website template and editing system for any website. We give it one of our highest ratings for a balance of utility and versatility in creating powerful website experiences.

Template Monster Review 4.5 Star Rating

Template Monster

4.5 Star Rating

Template Monster has hundreds of thousands of website templates, most of which are modern and ready for WordPress and other popular CMS software. Their prices are very reasonable and the support is excellent. We can recommend Template Monster for your website template needs.

Envato Review 4 Star Rating


4 Star Rating

Envato has a great reputation in the web design and development industry for having everything a designer needs to execute visually-compelling layouts for all types of devices and screen resolutions. Unlimited downloads and a free 7-day trial are a big plus. You should spend some time on Envato exploring all they have to offer.

Bootstrap Made Review 3.5 Star Rating

Bootstrap Made

3.5 Star Rating

Bootstrap Made has all Bootstrap framework website templates and offers free, Pro Single, pro Unlimited, and full membership plans. You get premium support via email with paid plans as well as full access to Sass/SCSS files for styling. It's great if Bootstrap is all you want, but this service has too few templates and not enough detail about what you can do with them. Be sure you ask some questions before you purchase from Bootstrap Made.

One Page Love Review 3 Star Rating

One Page Love

3 Star Rating

One Page Love is a service that sells single-page website templates for musicians, restaurants, and other endeavors that have very little content and/or don't require multiple pages to get their message out. For what it does, it's effective enough. But due to this hyper-focus and clunky search capability, it is not going to be the most useful site for the majority of people searching for website templates. Check out other services first and come back to One Page Love if it's still useful.

Canva Review 2.5 Star Rating


2.5 Star Rating

Canva has name recognition among marketers, social media influencers, and people needing quick graphic design in a DIY fashion. However, it's not particularly great when it comes to creating and publishing websites from scratch or from its pre-made website templates. Too many reviewers give Canva negative feedback for us to recommend it very highly, so look at other options first.

Creative Market Review 2 Star Rating

Creative Market

2 Star Rating

Creative Market has a large selection of not only website templates but many other assets that website and digital designers rely on to do their jobs. However, the antiquated credits purchase system, and the fact that there's a lot of negative sentiment about the online service, causes us to not recommend them at this time.

Templates Review 1.5 Star Rating


1.5 Star Rating

Templates has many problems with the browsing and purchase experience for anyone looking for website templates that will be the basis for great website design. Browsing the site had the feel of opening someone's junk drawer and trying to make sense of what's in there. Demonstration versions of the templates had responsiveness issues that we could not overlook. Look elsewhere for quality website templates.

Dream Template Review 0.5 Star Rating

Dream Template

0.5 Star Rating

Dream Template is so old it still offers Flash templates, which have officially not been supported by web browsers since 2020, but also for many years before that. It's really only good for experiencing the nostalgia of bygone website design eras. We recommend not wasting any time on this site since it will likely not contain products with the latest and greatest practices in website template development.

Dreamweaver Review 0.5 Star Rating


0.5 Star Rating

Dreamweaver has a somewhat deceptive name in that it is only very loosely associated, through an affiliate relationship, with Adobe's once-popular Dreamweaver website editor. That and the fact that we encountered malware and broken demo sites throughout the Dreamweaver catalog easily make this our least-favorite choice among providers of website templates.

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However, it's very important to know what you're getting yourself into when you download a website template with the intent to create your own website with it. Here are some things to consider when researching and buying a website template.

  • Page Builder. Does the website template include a page builder? Page builders can make the task of converting a website template into a live website with your own design, images, and content a lot simpler than trying to create it by learning to code. The easiest page builders to use are ones you pay for and that have been around for a long time. Some page builders are better than others when it comes to flexibility and generating responsive design.
  • Variety. How diverse are the different types of designs in the catalog of website templates a vendor provides? If they all look the same - like they were produced by a small group of designers or copied from a low number of original designs - move along to a different provider. Bad templates are also dated-looking as if they came from the early 2000 internet era, so keep an eye out for more modern designs.
  • Support for Modern Web Design. Modern web design means that the website template conforms seamlessly to different screen sizes on multiple devices and browsers. If you find that a template scrolls horizontally on a mobile device or that the elements seem to "fall apart" when changing the browser viewport width, then the template is not a good one.
  • Reputation and Support. Does the website template vendor enjoy a high number of positive reviews? It's important to choose a vendor that provides quick, reliable, and thorough support, preferably via live chat so you don't have to wait long for help.
  • Cost. Quality website templates shouldn't be cheap, but they also shouldn't cost you an arm and a leg like a custom design would. Fortunately, most website template vendors don't have high costs for their templates, although some do have low quality for the cost. Be sure to test the template demo thoroughly before buying.

To help you get the best templates for your website, TopConsumerReviews.com has evaluated and ranked the top website template vendors on the market today. We're confident that this information will make it easy to set up your own website!

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Website Template Provider FAQ

A website template is a premade structure for your website. It applies a set of comprehensive layout and display features to your site and is a great shortcut (both time- and budget-wise) to get it up and running fast, with a look unique to your business, service, or personal page.
There's an affordable website template for every use. If you're really on a budget, you can find templates for under $5! On the other hand, if you need something bespoke or that is practically guaranteed not to be in use by another business, your template may cost as much as $500 (or more).
Free website templates aren't terrible. They definitely save you money! They come with some downsides, though. You usually can't get any support, and with so many people using free templates you run the risk of having your site look just like someone else's (or LOTS of "someone elses" ). It might be worth it to consider buying a website template: after all, you can get some really well-designed ones for less than $15.
There are two main approaches you can take: how do you want your site to look, or what do you want it to do? If appearance is everything, we recommend shopping for a website template by topic. Many providers let you browse according to a category, like Food & Restaurant or Business & Services. That's a great way to get a template that will deliver the overall appearance you want your site to have. On the other hand, maybe you have specific requirements for what your website can handle: appointment booking, testimonials, or events calendars, for example. That's another good way to start narrowing down your choices.
Sometimes you can simply download it to your computer and then give it to a web designer to load onto your site. If you're doing it yourself, you can upload the template into the website content management system (like WordPress) and activate it. That's it!
That's a really smart question to ask, because they're not all the same. Use a provider that's known for offering solid customer service in case you hit any snags when applying the template to your site. Also consider whether you're making a one-off purchase or you'll need access to many different templates: there's no need for a recurring membership if you're only building a single website.
Maybe, maybe not. If you've purchased a monthly or annual plan, you may be able to cancel future payments but there's no guarantee you'll get a refund of what you've already spent. If you bought a single website template, you may be able to request your money back from its author, especially for reasons of security vulnerabilities or it not being as described prior to purchase. Always read the refund policy before purchasing a template.
Yes...and no. A website template is a great starting point for most smaller companies, organizations and individuals. It's enough to get you up and running, and maybe keep you there for a long time. As you start to grow, though, your website will need to grow with you - and, at that point, you may need to consult with a web design professional who can add in any features or requirements you have that go beyond what a website template can do for you.

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