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Why Shop Online for a Wedding Dress

Sunday, May 19th

Why Shop Online for a Wedding Dress

If you saw an amazing wedding gown in an expensive bridal salon but have decided against the steep price tag, you're not alone. Consumer purchases of expensive wedding dresses is on the decline. Some blame the economy for the downward purchasing trend in dresses priced $2000 or more and others have identified the impact as the result of great looking lower priced options. Designers and dress makers alike are becoming very savvy at creating beautiful wedding gowns using expensive looking fabrics for a fraction of the cost of silk and other high end materials.

Benefits of Shopping Online for your Wedding Dress:

If you are looking for a beautiful wedding gown that fits well into your budget you may be unsure of where to start. Surprisingly, the internet brings infinite possibility when it comes to finding that perfect gown that meets all of your needs and is value priced. Without an expensive store front, employee wages, benefits, commissions, and the cost of sample dresses an online wedding store is able to save hundreds or even thousands of dollars over your typical bridal shop.

When you're serious about finding that perfect wedding gown consider starting your search from the ease of your home computer and here's why:

  • Convenience should come with a price tag. For most of us, meshing our work schedule with bridal shop hours is nearly impossible. Unless you work nights and don't require much sleep, you'll probably be able to fit in one shop each Saturday for a month. If you've ever gone wedding dress shopping you know how long the process can take. First you have to sort through the inventory that they allow you to see, you're introduced to a sales assistant, you may wait for a fitting room, once they have room a few gowns are brought in and the process of trying them on begins. The effort can be exhausting, frustrating and very time intensive.
  • Large selection leads to success. Dress shops have lowered their sample dress inventory as a result of cost savings. You're sure to see the best selling dress samples and others similar but variety and selection are not as abundant as they used to be. If you are looking for a strapless ivory sheath dress in the right price range you may only find one to choose from. Online dress companies provide a long list of options to help you find exactly what you're looking for.
  • Save your money for your honeymoon. Online dress shops offer the best priced selection of dresses available anywhere. Again, without overhead and a large sales staff the mark-up is minimal. Money saved on your wedding dress can be used elsewhere such as, for more flowers or for your honeymoon
  • Comparison shopping is smart. Whether you're buying a TV, washing machine or wedding dress it's always good to see what the competition is selling theirs for. The internet allows you to quickly and conveniently compare prices to find the best value for your money.
  • Salespeople are there to make a commission. Similar to test driving cars, wedding dress sales staff are their to make a commission. As you're trying on dresses you'll sense the rush, lots of fake compliments and then a huff or puff if you don't ultimately buy the dress. When you're making a big and important decision you don't want to be rushed and you don't want any additional unwarranted stress. Shopping online is void of sales staff and one of the reasons that many people prefer to make many major purchases these days.
  • Returns should be easy. Many online wedding dress stores provide convenient no hassle returns or exchanges when doing business with them. Returning wedding gowns at a local dress shop is often prohibited or comes with a significant fee. Before finalizing your purchase make sure you completely understand the return policy so that if you decide against the gown that there's no surprises.
  • Read what the others are saying. Online product reviews make it easy to locate solid online bridal shops with quality selection, good customer service, and a return policy you can live with. These product reviews will help you quickly find the companies worthy of your time.

The list of benefits of shopping online for that prefect wedding dress is creating a new trend in dress sales. Brides are able to reduce stress, save money, substantial time and avoid pushy and often rude salespeople by effectively finding their prefect wedding dress from the convenience of their home.

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Wedding Dress Store FAQ

Congratulations! You can start looking for your dress whenever you like, but a good rule of thumb is to have your date and venue arranged first - so that you'll have an idea of the season, look and theme for your wedding. (For example, a beach wedding in August requires a very different dress from a cathedral wedding in January!)
Most off-the-rack dresses will fall somewhere in the $500-$3000 range, but you can find options priced much lower and much higher. You'll likely need alterations as well, so don't forget to factor in those costs (which will depend on which service you use).
In today's world, you can buy anything on the web - including a wedding dress! In fact, as many as 20% of brides in the US get their dresses online. If you've had a hard time finding one that you love locally, the internet may be your best option. Online retailers of wedding dresses make it much easier to find the right sizes, hottest trends, and all of the accessories to match.
That can be tricky, but almost every single online wedding dress store has a helpful sizing guide. You can usually reach out to the store's customer service team for extra help in taking measurements and finding several dresses to choose from that should be a good fit. Keep in mind that wedding dresses tend to be sized differently from regular clothes, often 1-2 sizes higher than what you wear day-to-day. (So unfair, we know!)
For wedding dresses, it's usually free. (Good luck finding anything else about your wedding that will be!) A few retailers have a minimum order requirement, but let's be honest: with as much as you'll spend on a wedding dress, you probably won't have a hard time reaching that amount!
That's probably the biggest fear brides-to-be have when buying their wedding dress online, but rest assured that most stores let you send it back - as long as it's still in new condition with all tags attached (no wearing it for your big day and then returning it!). Make sure you read the return policy of any store you're considering for your purchase, though: some don't accept returns under any circumstances!
When budgeting and planning for wedding attire, many brides forget that it's not just the dress. You'll need shoes, any desired accessories like a veil, gloves, and/or jewelry, and suitable undergarments!
Great question, because without preservation your dress may yellow or oxidize, experience mold or mildew, or be permanently creased in the wrong places. You can pay a professional to preserve your wedding dress; expect to pay anywhere from $250 to $700 for the service.
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