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Your Wedding Dress is Right at Your Fingertips

Friday, May 14th

Your Wedding Dress is Right at Your Fingertips

Historically when brides shopped for gowns they were limited to local bridal shops, an over priced bridal salon, and perhaps one or two large department stores. With the recent turn in the economy bridal gown shopping has become even more challenging with fewer stores available for your selection.

Some brides even feel obligated to travel across cities and states in search of the right dress. This can be stressful and expensive for those looking for a specific dress within their tight budget and time frame. Thankfully, as consumers the internet allows us to take control of our bridal gown search and save days, weeks, maybe even months of stressful shopping.

Preparing for your Purchase:

  • Get into Shape - If you're wanting to slim down or tone up before your wedding you need to do that in advance of purchasing your dress. Those that buy a smaller dress in hopes they'll lose weight are making a risky financial decision. If you do order your dress and hope to lose weight make sure you order your current size and the seamstress will be able to take in where needed.
  • Measurements - Wedding dress designers do not have a standard size chart they all follow. Before shopping for dresses it's a good idea to have a professional take your measurements. When ordering your dress always error on the bigger end as dresses can be easily taken in where needed but rarely let out.
  • Calculate your budget - Map out how much you're going to spend and where. When identifying your budget don't forget seamstress, slip, shoes, and jewelry costs. Those that start their search without a budget in mind are often making unwanted cuts on flowers, food, and drinks that alter the entire event. It's important to stick to the budget you identify and not quickly give in to the first dress you see. A number of quality designers exist that make wonderful dresses that can easily look just as beautiful if not more beautiful than a dress that costs thousands more.
  • Establish the theme - Do you want a classic wedding, something vintage, rustic, tropical, winter? Choose the theme of the wedding and envision the entire event before choosing a dress that will compliment that theme. A long sleeve formal gown will look out of place at a casual Summer wedding. A short informal gown will look inappropriate at a cocktail reception.
  • Consider your shape - Your shape and height will determine what dresses work best with your figure. A petite bride will want to avoid a large full skirt, a taller bride will benefit from fewer beads and embellishments, and a busty bride will want a scooped or sweetheart neckline to most flatter her body.
  • Identify your personal style - All of us have a style that we feel most comfortable in. Your personal style needs to also be reflected in the dress you choose. Many have luck looking through bridal magazines and finding examples of dresses they like, that compliment their figure, and that have the right fabric and color to compliment the theme. Cut out pictures and keep them for your reference when it's time to begin shopping.

Online Shopping:

  • Independent reviews. Locate uunbiased reviews of different bridal shops to assist in your store search. The internet allows you to locate quality independent company reviews quickly and easily. These reviews help identify online wedding shops that offer the best selection, prices, customer service, return policies and more.
  • Comparison shop. Once you've located two or three shops you are comfortable with compare the selection and prices of several dresses to help find that perfect one priced right.
  • Store policies. Should something occur with the gown or you change your mind you'll want to be able to return for your money back. Fully review the store policies to save you time and heartache in the end.

The internet is a great way to help find the perfect wedding dress quickly and effectively. No need to travel across states or choose a dress that doesn't make you happy as a result of limited selection. Allow the internet to work for you by providing the largest selection at the best prices.

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