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BM Bridal Review

Monday, June 17th

2024 Wedding Dress Store Reviews

BM Bridal Review 1 Star Rating

BM Bridal

1 Star Rating
  • From $49 to $999
  • Over 1,350 wedding dresses
  • Custom-made wedding dresses
  • 22- to 28-day production times
  • Optional expedited production for $40
  • 6 color choices for most dresses

BM Bridal specializes in made-to-order bridesmaid dresses, but they have a host of dresses for prom, wedding guests, and brides as well. The company says they have over 10 years of experience under their belts with a focus on making affordable dresses that will fit any aesthetic. BM Bridal says they are based out of Oregon, but their website gives an address in the United Kingdom, and it also seems like they have a lot of ties to China based on information we gathered from digging deeper into the company.

Custom-made dresses

There are over 1,350 wedding dresses listed on BM Bridal's site. Considering they specialize in bridesmaid dresses, we were shocked to find so many wedding dresses here. All of them are made-to-order, so you'll need to account for production and shipping times when you're shopping at BM Bridal. Depending on the style of dress, production time is usually around 22-28 days and then shipping takes another 5-7. If you want to rush the order and cut production to 10-15 days, the cost is $40 extra.

Color options

When you find a dress you like, you can choose your size (2-26) or input custom sizing if needed. A few of the dresses come in multiple colors like white, ivory, red, blushing pink, champagne, or black. Unfortunately you can't see the dress in the other colors if they are selected. You just have to imagine how it would look and trust that the tiny color swatch you see is accurate.

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Odd product listings

We'd like to see more consistency in the dress listings here in order to make us feel like all of these dresses are available and legitimate. Some photos look like they were taken on mannequins in a few different showrooms, some are on models like you'd see on a magazine cover, others are posed in a room, and some look like they were taken on someone's wedding day. It kind of looks like someone did a quick search for "wedding dresses'' and then just started making product listings with the images they found. This doesn't prove that BM Bridal is legitimate, and it is a bit of a red flag for us.

Skeptical of pricing

We love a great deal as much as the next person, but the prices of these BM Bridal dresses just don't feel right. The least expensive wedding dress you can get here is $49, but it is listed for 50% off. Even so, this dress is layered with detailed applique and sheer netting around the neck. At the very least, we'd expect to see a dress like this for around $500. We can't imagine that paying even $100 for it would make the company any money and result in a dress that looks like what we see online. The most expensive dresses at $1,000 are beaded in thousands of crystals with a long train and layers of fabric. They are truly beautiful, but again, these types of dresses would cost thousands of dollars elsewhere.

Returns discrepancies

Standard size dresses are eligible for returns as long as the tags are still attached and nothing has been washed. BM Bridal says you will need to contact them within 2 business days if you are choosing to send anything back and then the item needs to be shipped within 14 days. On top of you paying for shipping to send the dress back, a 10% restocking fee will also be assessed. They also say, "When you ship the dress, please mark the price is 5-10 dollars." We have no clue what that could mean. They also list their address on the returns page, but then include "This address do not accept packages." There are some major issues with their returns information, so we aren't confident that you'll be getting any money back if you try and return something here.

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Not a fan fave

BM Bridal, also connected to the business name SuZhou, has an "F" rating from the Better Business Bureau. Their customer reviews aren't quite so bad, but they aren't glowing either. Some people report that the wedding dress they bought here fit them perfectly and the custom alterations were perfect. A lot of customers love the design options, comfortable fabric, and high quality craftsmanship. However, woven throughout these good recommendations are people who describe BM Bridal as a scam and say the quality is cheap, customer service is awful to work with, dresses arrive looking completely different than what is listed online, and some people didn't even receive their orders at all. It makes us think that some of the really good reviews are fake, which is disappointing.

Not trustworthy

You don't want to take a gamble with your wedding dress, and BM Bridal isn't a reliable place to shop for one. There are too many issues with customer reviews, incomplete information, odd pricing, and inconsistent product listings. We don't trust this company, so we would never recommend purchasing a wedding dress here.

Where is the Best Place to Buy a Wedding Dress Online?

One of the most important purchases you will make for your wedding day is the dress. It's a piece of clothing you'll reflect on and probably hang onto forever. It's not just any dress, but one that will mark one of the biggest milestones of your life with the person you love, surrounded by friends and family.

You'll need to find a wedding dress that is timeless, fits your style, makes you feel beautiful, and will bring a smile to your face when you look back on old photos and remember your special day. Shopping online gives you access to view all of these options and compare prices at the same time.

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Wedding Dress Store FAQ

Congratulations! You can start looking for your dress whenever you like, but a good rule of thumb is to have your date and venue arranged first - so that you'll have an idea of the season, look and theme for your wedding. (For example, a beach wedding in August requires a very different dress from a cathedral wedding in January!)
Most off-the-rack dresses will fall somewhere in the $500-$3000 range, but you can find options priced much lower and much higher. You'll likely need alterations as well, so don't forget to factor in those costs (which will depend on which service you use).
In today's world, you can buy anything on the web - including a wedding dress! In fact, as many as 20% of brides in the US get their dresses online. If you've had a hard time finding one that you love locally, the internet may be your best option. Online retailers of wedding dresses make it much easier to find the right sizes, hottest trends, and all of the accessories to match.
That can be tricky, but almost every single online wedding dress store has a helpful sizing guide. You can usually reach out to the store's customer service team for extra help in taking measurements and finding several dresses to choose from that should be a good fit. Keep in mind that wedding dresses tend to be sized differently from regular clothes, often 1-2 sizes higher than what you wear day-to-day. (So unfair, we know!)
For wedding dresses, it's usually free. (Good luck finding anything else about your wedding that will be!) A few retailers have a minimum order requirement, but let's be honest: with as much as you'll spend on a wedding dress, you probably won't have a hard time reaching that amount!
That's probably the biggest fear brides-to-be have when buying their wedding dress online, but rest assured that most stores let you send it back - as long as it's still in new condition with all tags attached (no wearing it for your big day and then returning it!). Make sure you read the return policy of any store you're considering for your purchase, though: some don't accept returns under any circumstances!
When budgeting and planning for wedding attire, many brides forget that it's not just the dress. You'll need shoes, any desired accessories like a veil, gloves, and/or jewelry, and suitable undergarments!
Great question, because without preservation your dress may yellow or oxidize, experience mold or mildew, or be permanently creased in the wrong places. You can pay a professional to preserve your wedding dress; expect to pay anywhere from $250 to $700 for the service.
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When you used to have to shop store-to-store for a wedding dress, it took a lot longer to make a selection. Now that you have the option to buy online, you can secure your dress within a day or two and rest easy knowing that the most gorgeous wedding dress out there is about to be yours.

Finding a wedding dress that checks all your boxes doesn't have to stretch your wedding budget. There are many retailers out there with a range of unique designs that are sure to get jaw-dropping reactions.

Whether you want a short or long dress, strapless or long sleeve, glittery or plain, you can specify these requests with filtering tools and set your price range at the same time. This is the easiest way to see all the wedding dresses you've dreamed of that come with an affordable price tag.

Some companies will custom-make dresses while others are ready to ship as soon as you hit the "checkout" button. Make sure to plan ahead when you're shopping for a wedding dress to account for shipping times and any alterations you may need once the dress arrives.

We're so excited for you to get shopping for the perfect dress! Before you dive into all the options out there, we recommend taking a few things into consideration:

  • Customer reviews. What have other brides said about their experience with a particular company? Do they report that dresses arrived on time, the material was high quality, and the sizing was accurate? It's really useful to read what others have to say about a company or particular dress.
  • Selection. How many dress styles does a company have? No one wants to have a dress that looks "just like everyone else's" , but rather one that feels like you. Ideally the company is transparent with their lead times if they have to make the dress and has a lot of in-stock options as well.
  • Return policy. If your wedding dress doesn't fully meet your expectations, you deserve to find one that does. Check the return policy with the company you're shopping at to make sure they let you send it back for a full refund if it isn't high quality, doesn't appear as it looked online, or the sizing is wrong.

Congratulations on your engagement! We're excited for you to go shopping. Top Consumer Reviews has reviewed and ranked the best places for you to find beautiful wedding dresses online. We hope this information helps you find a wedding dress that you love for your big day.

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