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Veaul Review

Friday, April 19th

2024 Wedding Dress Store Reviews

Veaul Review 2 Star Rating


2 Star Rating
  • Thousands of wedding dresses
  • Most dresses under $1,000
  • 7-day return policy

Veaul is a Chinese-based clothing retailer "with an affordable item for wedding stuff" . The broken English and less-than-great usability of their website immediately made us skeptical. The company was founded in 2014 and offers wedding dresses, bridal accessories, formal dresses, and shoes. Veaul says their website is jointly operated by Meledo Company Limited, a company with almost no background information online. However, some reports have said that the company is linked with many untrustworthy online stores.

Middle-man retailer

Veaul's display of wedding dresses feels overwhelming: there are thousands of them with many different types of pictures. Some photos of dresses are set up in a showroom, some are worn by models, others are on mannequins. It's clear that these dresses aren't all coming from Veaul - they appear to be a go-between matching customers with different retailers from all over.

Thousands of bridal gowns

There doesn't seem to be much rhyme or reason to the organization of the dresses on Veaul's website, so you'll want to use their filter features to narrow down your options. You can select the category of dress, pattern, price, color, hemline, material, silhouette, embellishment, neckline, sleeve and other details to find the style of dress you like best. The sizes of the dresses depend on the design. They all have US and UK sizing, usually ranging from 00-16. For $20 extra, you can provide your exact measurements and have a dress tailored to you.

Big, extravagant wedding dresses

Prices for wedding dresses from Veaul range from $40 - $1,530. In truth, nearly every bridal gown featured on this retailer's site looks like it should easily cost over $1,000. Veaul advertises that they sell "cheap" wedding dresses, but if you're paying cheap prices, there's no way you'll receive a wedding dress that matches what you see on the website. Frankly, all of the styles are huge with nearly every dress having a full, multi-layered skirt and a long train. On top of this, most of them are decked out in lace and embellishments. If you're wanting a more simple, modern wedding dress, you'll likely feel that Veaul offers styles that seem much too extravagant. These types of dresses are what you'd expect at a royal wedding.

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Plan weeks in advance

Veaul says each of their dresses is made from scratch. They need 11-13 days to make your gown and then an additional 3-15 days to get your package from their facilities to your home. The cost for shipping depends on the weight of your order, but standard shipping starts at $14.99.

Make quick returns, expect slow refunds

If you need to return your wedding dress and didn't have it tailor-made, you can send it back within 7 days of receiving it. Once your return is processed back at the Veaul facility, it will take around 20 days for you to receive your refund. This seems like a really long time, but it's better than not getting a refund at all, which is what some people have claimed happened to them after trying to send their merchandise back to Veaul.

Not worth the risk

The Better Business Bureau doesn't have a rating for Veaul. They have a few customer reviews online, though. Some say they are happy with their purchase, but others say dresses are roughly and cheaply made and some orders don't show up at all. We don't get great vibes from this company and can't imagine they are making top-of-the-line gowns like they show on their website in 11-13 days for only a few hundred dollars. Dealing with customer service in China and expecting refunds for your returns sounds difficult, so it will be more worth your time to shop at a higher-rated wedding dress retailer with solid customer reviews.

Where is the Best Place to Buy a Wedding Dress?

It may be one of the most important pieces of clothing a woman will ever buy. As something that many girls dream of from a young age, it symbolizes one of the most memorable days of her life. Every bride wants to feel beautiful, confident, and special in her wedding dress - finding the right one is a big deal!

However, finding the right wedding dress is no easy task. Brides want their dress to reflect their style and remain attractive since it will be memorialized in wedding photos for years to come. In short, it has to feel perfect! No bride wants to wear a wedding dress design that many other women have worn, so it's helpful to find a retailer with hundreds of styles to choose from. It may take weeks or even months to settle on "the" dress, but the hunt will be well worth the time.

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Wedding Dress Store FAQ

Congratulations! You can start looking for your dress whenever you like, but a good rule of thumb is to have your date and venue arranged first - so that you'll have an idea of the season, look and theme for your wedding. (For example, a beach wedding in August requires a very different dress from a cathedral wedding in January!)
Most off-the-rack dresses will fall somewhere in the $500-$3000 range, but you can find options priced much lower and much higher. You'll likely need alterations as well, so don't forget to factor in those costs (which will depend on which service you use).
In today's world, you can buy anything on the web - including a wedding dress! In fact, as many as 20% of brides in the US get their dresses online. If you've had a hard time finding one that you love locally, the internet may be your best option. Online retailers of wedding dresses make it much easier to find the right sizes, hottest trends, and all of the accessories to match.
That can be tricky, but almost every single online wedding dress store has a helpful sizing guide. You can usually reach out to the store's customer service team for extra help in taking measurements and finding several dresses to choose from that should be a good fit. Keep in mind that wedding dresses tend to be sized differently from regular clothes, often 1-2 sizes higher than what you wear day-to-day. (So unfair, we know!)
For wedding dresses, it's usually free. (Good luck finding anything else about your wedding that will be!) A few retailers have a minimum order requirement, but let's be honest: with as much as you'll spend on a wedding dress, you probably won't have a hard time reaching that amount!
That's probably the biggest fear brides-to-be have when buying their wedding dress online, but rest assured that most stores let you send it back - as long as it's still in new condition with all tags attached (no wearing it for your big day and then returning it!). Make sure you read the return policy of any store you're considering for your purchase, though: some don't accept returns under any circumstances!
When budgeting and planning for wedding attire, many brides forget that it's not just the dress. You'll need shoes, any desired accessories like a veil, gloves, and/or jewelry, and suitable undergarments!
Great question, because without preservation your dress may yellow or oxidize, experience mold or mildew, or be permanently creased in the wrong places. You can pay a professional to preserve your wedding dress; expect to pay anywhere from $250 to $700 for the service.
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Shopping online not only makes it convenient to find thousands of unique wedding dress styles, but it also allows you to find the best prices. Wedding dresses can easily cost a few thousand dollars, and being able to compare prices between retailers can save you hundreds of dollars! You can view multiple dresses at once and do easy comparisons to make the decision process as stress-free as it can be. You'll also save yourself hours by not having to drive to and from different wedding dress retailers .

As you browse different retailers for wedding dresses, there are some essential things to keep in mind:

  • Selection: Are there plenty of designs and styles that fit your taste? Are most wedding dresses in stock? Or will you have to wait weeks or months for them to ship?
  • Quality: Are customers able to leave unfiltered reviews and include photos of themselves in the wedding dresses purchased from the retailer? What does the Better Business Bureau say about the reliability of the company?
  • Return Policy: There is no messing around when it comes to having your wedding dress fit perfectly and be top quality, especially when you're not trying it on before you place your order. If a dress arrives and doesn't meet your standards, can you send it back for free alterations or a full refund? Make sure the retailer stands behind their wedding dresses 100%.

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