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The Best Wedding Favor Stores

What's the Best Place to Buy Wedding Favors Online Today?

Planning your dream wedding involves so many details. With themed decor, dresses, guests, and invitations to work with, there are tons of moving parts that need your attention. And if you want to build a truly memorable experience for yourself and your guests, wedding favors are a popular way to make lasting memories for your special day.

As you wrap up your celebration, one of the final touches is a party favor for your guests - a small token of appreciation for their presence at your wedding and their role in your life's journey. Wedding favors are a lovely way to extend a piece of your celebration so your guests leave with not only the joy of witnessing love but also a tangible keepsake. And as many people are finding out, online wedding favor stores are a great way to shop for these gifts.

Sunday, May 19th

2024 Wedding Favor Store Reviews

Top Consumer Reviews Best-In-Class Blue Ribbon Award Etsy Review 5 Star Rating


5 Star Rating
  • Prices from $4.50 to $450
  • 100,000+ different favor options
  • Handmade and custom items
  • Offers favors for other events
  • Returns based on each seller
  • "A+" rating and accreditation from the BBB
Top Consumer Reviews Best-In-Class Blue Ribbon Award

If you're someone who loves unique products and enjoys supporting small businesses, Etsy is the perfect wedding favor marketplace for you. Founded in 2005 by entrepreneur Rob Kalin and partners Chris Maguire and Haim Schoppik, Etsy is a marketplace for handmade items and wares that are made and sold directly to the consumer. With millions of items crafted by independent sellers, Etsy has made a significant impact on the retail world. Its sleek platform, extensive selection, easy transaction processes, and the opportunity to support local businesses set it apart.

100,000+ favors available

Etsy has an impressive collection of over 100,000 different handmade wedding favors, making it one of the largest selections available. When you first click on Wedding Favors from the filters, it shows you an impressive 1,354 different options. However, these are just the suggested picks. If you want to dig deeper, you can start applying various filters, such as special offers (like free shipping), shipping times, prices, wedding themes, colors, occasions, holidays, shop locations, and item types. Once you do, you'll start seeing results in the tens of thousands.

Custom wedding favors are a breeze

Browsing through the wedding favors, you'll find that most of them are customizable with your names, wedding date, and personal message. Etsy's top hits for any search are always classy and unique. As you explore, you'll encounter sellers with high ratings from past customers and positive feedback on their products. From floral soaps and candles to seeds and pots, flash drives, tumblers, fans, lip balms, coloring books, hot sauce, and more, Etsy offers a truly massive range of products.

Best Wedding Favor Sites

Great value for money

To get a solid price comparison among all of the retailers in our review, we examined the number of items available in various price ranges at each store. This allows you to gauge whether the product selection leans toward budget-friendly options or if it's more oriented toward higher-priced items. For Etsy, we found that most of the items (93,867 of them, in fact) were in the $25 and under category. But don't worry if you want high-end items; there's still plenty to pick from.

Tons of options

Although the lowest number of favors were in the $240+ category, there were still an impressive 1,786 items to choose from. To get an idea of what you're paying for, the cheapest item on Etsy's wedding favor section was a handmade beach seashell candle for $4.50. The most expensive item was a personalized candle in the shape of a wedding gift for $450 that came with 285 different options.

Etsy facilitates sales, but doesn't own the inventory

The most important thing to know about Etsy is that you're dealing directly with the creator of the items in most cases. So, while this makes it easy to customize your wedding favors, you might need to do a little extra digging to find things like return policies and savings. While most sellers put all those policies plainly on the product page, it is going to be different with every single retailer. So, keep that in mind while you shop. Understanding how Etsy operates is also important especially when dealing with sellers who may vary in reliability. Before making a purchase, it's crucial to read the shop policies of the seller you're buying from to understand how long you have to return or exchange an item. Keep in mind that most sellers don't allow returns or exchanges for customized items or anything perishable, making many wedding favors final sales.

Best Wedding Favor Sites

Top scores in reliability from the BBB

Etsy has an impressive reputation. At the Better Business Bureau, the company has a top score of "A+" and full accreditation. In terms of reviews, you'll need to take a look at individual sellers to get a clear idea of their reputations. Each product and each "shop" on Etsy has different reviews and sometimes their own ratings on sites like Trustpilot and Sitejabber. However, it's clear that Etsy is an extremely trustworthy platform from its BBB rating, so you can turn your attention to finding the best seller for your wedding aesthetic instead.

Tons of options at this top-rated retailer

The bottom line is this: Etsy is a fantastic place to shop for wedding favors. While the handmade and small business aspect might mean slightly higher prices in some cases, the majority of Etsy's inventory is highly affordable. Plus, the ability to sort by cost helps you find the best options for your budget. Purchasing wedding favors through Etsy guarantees you'll discover high-quality, unique items that will thrill your guests with tons of opportunities to customize items. Etsy's reputation with an "A+" BBB rating solidifies its position as a top choice for wedding favors, earning it our first-place ranking.

Personalization Mall Review 4.5 Star Rating

Personalization Mall

4.5 Star Rating
  • Prices from $2.99 to $104.99
  • 210 different favor options
  • Specializes in custom items
  • 30-day returns
  • "A+" rating and accreditation from the BBB

Personalization Mall is a company that's been in operation for over 25 years. Since 1998, the company has progressed from its modest origins to becoming one of the top providers of personalized gifts and custom decor.

Millions of orders

With an extensive repertoire of over 25 production processes and thousands of personalized products, they have successfully fulfilled tens of millions of orders. Their collaboration with 1 800 Flowers in 2020 further expanded their capabilities, enabling the creation of an even wider range of personalized gifts. However, one thing sticks out about Personalization Mall that puts a shadow on the experience: the website. Instead of a smooth modern site, Personalization Mall is cluttered and hard to navigate. But don't let that deter you; this is one of the most trustworthy places to shop on our list, and that's worth a little hassle in the browsing department.

200+ options, but no filters

At Personalization Mall you'll find 210 different products available under the wedding favor category. This is a solid inventory, outshining many of the other companies in this review that have less than 100 wedding favors on sale. However, with this large number of items comes some frustration as there aren't any filters to help you narrow down your options other than the price range. So, other than being able to filter by your budget, you'll have to scroll through 6 pages of items to find your perfect wedding favors. There are some fun things to find here, though, if you're willing to dig. You can get personalized candy wrappers, tumblers, coffee mugs, glass coasters, and more. But, going forward, we'd love to see some more filters. For a company operating in the post-2020 internet era, there's really no excuse for not adding filters to your online retail site.

Best Wedding Favor Sites

Prices are very affordable

To show you a price comparison across all the retailers in this review, we looked at how many favors were in each price range at different retailers. This way you can see how many items fit into each price category and whether or not this site will be in your budget or focus on more high-end items. For example, at Personalization Mall most of the wedding favors fell in the "Under $20" category while the lowest number of items fell under the $50+ category. So, most of the items at Personalization Mail are very affordable.

Lacking search and filter options

While we usually offer a most and least expensive item analysis too, Personalization Mall doesn't have any organizational tools like "sort by price" so we had to do a rough estimate of the price range based on the items we browsed. For example, the cheapest item we found was a paper wedding coaster for $2.99. The most expensive option we saw was an engraved serving tray for $104.99. There may be more and less expensive items on the site, but without more robust filters and organization, it's hard to find anything on Personalization Mall.

30-day returns and quality guarantee

Personalization Mall offers a guarantee of quality that promises the products will be free from manufacturing errors or defects. If your order encounters a quality issue, you can feel confident in returning it in new condition and its original packaging for a swift exchange of the same item or an immediate full refund. It's important to note that personalized items generally cannot be accepted for return unless there's a manufacturing error or product defect. The timeframe for these returns is 30 days, which matches other return policies in this industry.

Best Wedding Favor Sites

Top-rated for high-quality items

When we checked on Personalization Mall's reputation, it's clear that their many years in business have paid off. The company has an impressively sturdy reputation with both the Better Business Bureau and customer reviews. For example, Personalization Mall has an unbeatable "A+" rating and accreditation from the BBB, and on Trustpilot, the company has a solid 3.9-star rating out of 5. According to customers, the quality of personalized items is very high, and shipping was quick and came without any problems with the items or the order. It seems most customers agree that Personalization Mall's quality guarantee stands up to scrutiny.

High quality with low prices

Personalization Mall is one of those cases where you don't want to judge a book by its cover. While the site is clunky and doesn't facilitate quick shopping or browsing, the pricing is competitive, and Personalization Mall stands out as one of the fan-favorite sites on the BBB and in customer reviews. You can find some unique items at this site if you're willing to dig a little, and with most of their inventory in the budget-friendly zone, it's definitely worth a browse if you're trying to keep those wedding costs down.

Kate Aspen Review 4 Star Rating

Kate Aspen

4 Star Rating
  • Prices from $0.50 to $39.50
  • Order in bulk
  • 130 different favor options
  • Custom items
  • Returns within 30 days
  • "A+" rating from the BBB

Kate Aspen stands out as a top-notch designer and producer of favors and gifts for weddings, bridal showers, baby showers, and other special occasions. This retailer's offerings seamlessly blend timeless products with up-to-the-minute colors, themes, and designs, giving brides that Pinterest-perfect feel.

Personalized favors and gifts

Since opening in 2004, the Kate Aspen collection has expanded to include personalized favors, wedding decor, and small gifts. Originally exclusive to online boutique wedding websites, Kate Aspen products are now more accessible than ever. Whether through online boutiques, various retail stores, or directly from Kate Aspen, their favors and gifts are ready to make your celebration pop.

Fun and aesthetic selection

Kate Aspen doesn't stand out quite so much with respect to the number of wedding favors as some of its competitors, but all of the items at Kate Aspen have that "Pinterest" aesthetic feel that many brides (and grooms) love for their wedding. With 130 items to choose from, you may feel a little limited at first, but as you go through the variety of filters and unique wedding favors, there is a competitive variety despite the lower inventory. You can shop by whether or not an item is custom, shop by a theme, or narrow down your options by price or specific items.

Best Wedding Favor Sites

Some standout wedding favors

A few of the wedding favors that caught our eye include

  • Heart-shaped dishes
  • Tea flavors
  • Glassware
  • Survival kits

However, there are some items that are supposedly only available at Kate Aspen that are actually sold at other wedding sites too, so if you're looking for that one-of-a-kind wedding favor, you might not find it here.

Lower-end prices with bulk orders required

To really figure out how prices stack up at all the wedding favor stores we looked at, we checked out the price ranges at each store and how many items were in each price "area" . This way, you can see if the stuff they have is more on the budget-friendly side or if they lean towards the pricier options. At Kate Aspen, the majority of its inventory is in the $1 to $10 range, with 78 of the products in this category. The category with the least number of items was the $30 to $40 range (incidentally the highest price range at Kate Aspen). Here there were only 4 products to choose from.

Wide range of prices

As a final look at the pricing to give you an idea of your value for money, we looked at the least and most expensive items at this retailer. The least expensive item at Kate Aspen is the credit card bottle opener gift which is $0.50 per item, though you do need to buy a minimum of 12. The most expensive item at Kate Aspen is the gold "kissing bell" card holders which are $39.50 for a set of 12. Keep in mind that many of the items at Kate Aspen do need to be ordered in bulk sets.

Best Wedding Favor Sites

Standard 30-day return policy

If you need to return something, you'll find the return policy at Kate Aspen is pretty standard for the industry. You just need to contact them within 30 days of getting your items. Keep in mind, though, that there are some things you can't send back or get your money back for, like personalized or edible stuff, and certain beauty and personal care items. But if you can return your items, make sure you get a return authorization number, or else you'll be charged an additional $20 fee for restocking.

Good ratings from the BBB but reviews are scarce

When we went digging for Kate Aspen's reputation, we found that Kate Aspen is owned by the parent company The Aspen Brand. This company has an impressive "A+" rating from the Better Business Bureau. On the other hand, it was a little tough finding reviews for Kate Aspen. It has some mixed ratings from blog reviewers, but no presence on third-party review sites to help us understand these mixed ratings against the "A+" rating from the BBB. However, given that everything else about the company is standard and their favor quality is said in blog reviews to be quite high, especially for the prices, it's worth checking Kate Aspen out.

Great for the Pinterest-perfect wedding

With the aesthetic approach, Kate Aspen has a strong foothold in the wedding industry. Whether you're looking for star-themed, gold and silver, ocean, or even cooking-themed, you can find wedding favors to fit your special day. The prices are fair and even though you need to buy in bulk, the number of items in each purchase isn't ridiculous (usually around 12). With an "A+" rating from the BBB, Kate Aspen stands out better than most. Only its more limited inventory than other retailers knocks it down from being a top competitor. With all these factors considered, Kate Aspen earns a solid rating in this review.

Minted Review 4 Star Rating


4 Star Rating
  • Prices from $3 to $625
  • 51 different favor options
  • Custom items
  • Returns are case-by-case
  • "A+" rating and accreditation from the BBB

Minted started back in 2007 with the idea of selling fancy stationery. But once they noticed that designs from independent artists were way more popular than those from big brands, they switched things up. Now, Minted is like a creative hub.

Specialize in fine art

Minted gathers content from artists worldwide and turns it into cool stuff like art, home decor, stationery, and wedding favors. They started out as one of the first companies to use crowdsourcing, hosting art and design challenges every month since 2008. The standout feature of Minted is that it specializes in offering fine art.

Beautiful favors, but limited selection

Since Minted is a catch-all site with a variety of different gift options and unique stationery, it doesn't stand out as well for its selection of wedding-specific items. There are only 51 different wedding favors available at Minted. However, the selection is unique and offers a range of fun items like woven fans, luggage tags, potted succulents, and games of Jenga. And of course, you can pick from unique pieces of fine art too, if that's in your budget. You can narrow down the selections through helpful filters for product type, color, and whether or not you want to customize the items. The overall feel of these favors is a home-grown garden-style aesthetic, which may be limiting if your wedding doesn't fit that theme.

Best Wedding Favor Sites

Wide range of prices

To complete a solid price comparison across all the retailers in our review, we analyzed how many items are in each price range. This way you can see if the product selection is budget-friendly or more high-end. At Minted, there are no pricing filters beyond ascending and ascending prices. So, we just looked at the least and most expensive favors available from Minted instead. Starting with the least expensive, you can find a set of matches for $3 each. On the other hand, the most expensive item is a sunset painting for $625. The range here is fairly impressive, with low-cost items as well as unique pieces that you'll never find somewhere else. However, the items remain themed to an outdoorsy or flowery style. So, if you're looking for a different wedding aesthetic, Minted might not be up to the task.

Returns lack transparency

The one place we weren't impressed with was Minted's return policy. While Minted promises to allow returns, there are no dates or timeframes listed on the returns page. Instead, the company just promises that they'll deal with returns on a "case-by-case basis" which could mean anything. Given that many of the items at Minted are very expensive, this could pose a problem if you don't love the wedding favors you end up with. We'd like to see a little more transparency for the returns.

Solid reputation from BBB and Trustpilot

On the bright side, Minted's reputation is more than solid. The company has an impressive "A+" rating and accreditation from the Better Business Bureau. On top of that, Minted also has fairly solid reviews with a 3.5-star rating on average from Trustpilot. In general, customers praised the service team at Minted and loved the different areas of the site. Customers appreciate the handmade feel and uniqueness of the art pieces offered by Minted. While the ratings could be higher due to complaints about "extra charges" when making purchases with Minted, these were few and far between.

Best Wedding Favor Sites

Art and plant-lover's dream

Getting unique artwork is one of the more unique ways to do wedding favors, but it might not be the most cost-effective. While Minted offers items that are cheaper and more traditional, the styling of most wedding favors is pretty standardized. If you're not into greenery, succulents, or natural woods, Minted's wedding favors might not be for you. However, if your wedding aesthetic does fall under that umbrella, you might find a lot of fun pieces to give as wedding favors for your big day.

Still earns a high rating

Considering the limited applicability for a wider range of wedding aesthetics, and the more limited inventory, Minted doesn't quite make it to the top echelon of wedding favor sites. On the other hand, it is an interesting find and could fit in with a lot of spring weddings. With an "A+" rating from the BBB it definitely has a solid reputation to consider. So for those reasons, Minted still earns a high rating.

Forever Favors Review 3.5 Star Rating

Forever Favors

3.5 Star Rating
  • Prices from $0.35 to $46.96
  • 377 different favor options
  • Custom items
  • Returns within 30 days
  • "A-" rating and accreditation from the BBB

Forever Favors is a site that prides itself on being connected to some of the most popular wedding websites online today. The company has partnerships with The Knot (another site in this review) as well as WeddingWire, which helps customers plan their weddings from top to bottom. While the details on how this site got started are pretty scarce, Forever Favors is designed to help couples thank their guests for helping them create a memorable wedding day.

300+ favors available

At Forever Favors, you can find 377 different options for wedding favors including a wide range of customizable items. You can expect to find things like stickers, shot glasses, jars of honey, hugging bear sculptures, monogrammed glassware, and more. However, if you're looking for the smoothest browsing experience, Forever Favors falls behind. For example, their wedding favors are all laid out in a long scrolling window, which makes it a lengthy process to look through the company's inventory.

No true filters

For a comprehensive price comparison across all the retailers in our review, we analyzed the different price ranges at each store. This analysis helps you determine whether the product selection is geared more towards budget-friendly options or if it tends to feature higher-priced items. However, Forever Favors has one snag: there aren't any true filters to help you narrow down the favors to what you need most.

Budget friendly

The entire site is wedding favors, so you can do some things like pick by theme or by season, but narrowing the price to "all items under $25" isn't a feature that Forever Favors offers. So, we can only tell you the least and most expensive item on the site, as price sorting is available. At Forever Favors, the least expensive item is a "small hearts" sticker for $0.38 and you have to order a minimum of 2. The most expensive item is a set of 100 customizable, round paper coasters for $46.96. So, in general, this is a very budget-friendly site.

Best Wedding Favor Sites

30-day return policy

The Forever Wedding Return policy is pretty standard. You can make returns in a 30-day period from the date of purchase. If you don't make it within that timeframe, though, you won't be able to return or exchange your items. To qualify for a return, the item must be unused and in the same condition as when you received it, including the original packaging. Refunds are not applicable to engraved or personalized items, but if your items include self-assembled labels or tags, the parts of the item that weren't personalized might be eligible for return, with restocking fees.

Solid reputation from the BBB, but no buzz

Despite some clunkiness in the site design and lack of filters, Forever Favors has a solid reputation. The company holds an "A-" rating from the Better Business Bureau. However, customer reviews from trusted third-party review sites like Trustpilot or Sitejabber are scarce. So, while Forever Favors has the support of the BBB, there aren't many customers talking about their experience, which raises a few questions about how popular this site actually is despite being partnered with some pretty popular wedding websites.

Great low-cost option

At the end of the day, the very low prices at Forever Favors can get you some impressive and unique wedding favors. With a supportive rating from the BBB, we feel pretty confident about Forever Favors' reputation. So, if you're shopping for wedding favors on a budget, this might be a great option for you. However, keep in mind that not a lot of customers are talking about this store, and browsing might take a little extra time. But if you're patient (and mindful of the company's strict return policy) this could be a great place to find deals and keep those wedding costs to a minimum.

Hanson Ellis Review 3 Star Rating

Hanson Ellis

3 Star Rating
  • Prices from $1.39 to $34.95
  • Order as many as you need
  • 88 different favor options
  • Custom items
  • Returns within 30 days

Hanson Ellis is a company that has been making moments memorable since its establishment in 1999. Initially focusing on providing wedding favors and gifts, Hanson Ellis now ventures into the realm of corporate promotional products too.

Well designed weebsite

Some well-known entities like SpaceX, PF Changs, Delta, Wells Fargo, Lexus, and Ronald McDonald House trust Hanson Ellis for their customized products. The best part about Hanson Ellis is the well-designed website. You can dive into a dedicated category for wedding items, providing options based on your theme, wedding function type, or the preferences of the bridal party.

88 unique wedding favors

Hanson Ellis is a unique spot to pick out wedding favors because of the fun themes that are available across the site. But, the number of products available at Hanson Ellis is lower than some of the competitors. There are only 88 total items available in the main wedding section. This isn't the lowest we've seen, with this inventory sitting around the middle of the pack. However, these include some really unique finds like home, accessories, bags, apparel, and spa items. One of our favorites was a set of teas that you can give to your guests to try at home. There is also a range of unique themes like beach, which includes fun items like a treasure chest or message in a bottle, and an "oasis" theme.

Best Wedding Favor Sites

Affordable pricing

Since Hanson Ellis doesn't do any filters for price ranges, we'll make our price comparison by just looking at the least and most expensive items available from this retailer. Starting with the least expensive, Hanson Ellis offers a turtle seashell favor for $1.39 each. The most expensive favor at Hanson Ellis is a hand-painted thai-blossom parasol for $34.95. While the options are limited at this retailer, it's nice to see the prices aren't too high. And with all these unique favors, you can have some truly stand-out wedding favors without breaking your budget. Plus, with no purchase minimums, you can choose how many you want of each item, or even mix-and-match.

Sales available for subscribers

If you're looking for further ways to save money, at the top of Hanson Ellis' website, a promise may await - an instant promo code is yours if you click on a designated link. This link guides you to a form where you join their subscriber list. The reward? A list of discount codes corresponding to your spending amount. Enjoy $5 off a purchase of $100, $10 off $200, $25 off $500, and so on.

30-day limited returns

As is customary in the world of wedding favor stores, Hanson Ellis follows suit with limited return options. Non-personalized/non-custom orders and non-perishable items are the only ones eligible for return. Hanson Ellis' return window is 30 days from receipt of your order. In the rare case of a defect in a personalized item, Hanson Ellis offers exchanges or credits toward an alternative product.

Best Wedding Favor Sites

Missing reviews, but a favorite with bloggers

While Hanson Ellis lacks a Better Business Bureau rating (with the page showcasing only an "NR" where the rating should be), and has limited customer feedback, the little information available paints a positive picture. In the absence of a comprehensive BBB rating, we checked out the blog ratings and company affiliates. Given that Hanson Ellis has star-studded partners, and there are some pretty happy reviewers on wedding blogs, this retailer might be worth your time even with that "NR" rating.

Best for very unique favors

Despite the rocky review situation, Hanson Ellis impresses with its extensive brand collaborations and unique selection. While accreditation and a BBB rating would add a layer of assurance, the overall consensus suggests that if you discover products you love here, the investment will be worthwhile. However, with a limited return policy and a more limited inventory (despite its uniqueness), Hanson Ellis falls to the middle of the pack rating.

My Wedding Favors Review 2.5 Star Rating

My Wedding Favors

2.5 Star Rating
  • Prices from $2 to $39.99 + fees
  • 60 different favor options
  • Custom items
  • 30-day returns

Whether you're navigating the intricate landscape of a wedding, bachelorette party, birthday bash, anniversary soiree, or retirement gathering, My Wedding Favors can cater to your every celebration need. While details about their history and Better Business Bureau rating remain elusive, the array of wedding favors available at My Wedding Favors might suggest the company is a seasoned player in the celebration industry. Plus, the website is user-friendly, making the shopping experience (specialized just for wedding favors) fun instead of adding to the stress of wedding planning as a whole.

Around 60 items to choose from

With around 60 options for wedding favors, My Wedding Favors offers you a somewhat limited selection of wedding favors. This retailer's inventory includes items categorized by favors, occasions, gifts, decor, themes, and more. Unfortunately, the items at My Wedding Favors don't stand out as being particularly unique. While they have fun favors like shot glasses, place set holders, ceramic dishware and decor, and lots of votive candle holders, you can find many of these items (sometimes the exact same things) at other retailers on our list.

More expensive than competitors

While My Wedding Favors positions itself as a purveyor of elegance, prices trend slightly higher compared to competitors. Looking at the range of prices and how many items are in each range gives you a clear idea of where most of the inventory falls at My Wedding Favors. For example, the majority of the wedding favors here are in the $20 to $30 range with 29 items. This is much higher than most of the companies we've evaluated. The price range with the least number of favors is the $30 to $40 range with only 4 items.

Personalization - if you can afford it

In terms of full price range to see what you're getting for your money, we also looked at the least and most expensive items at My Wedding Favors. For the least expensive item, My Wedding Favors offers a personalized shot glass for $2.20. However, you have to buy a minimum of 48 glasses and pay a $35 personalization fee. Ouch! For the most expensive item, you can get a bridesmaid gift box set. This is $39.99 but thankfully doesn't come with any extra fees like the personalized items.

Best Wedding Favor Sites

30-day returns for like-new items

Like many of its competitors, My Wedding Favors' return policy allows a 30-day window for returns from the date of receipt. Similar to other sites that offer custom items, many products from My Wedding Favors are non-returnable and non-refundable. These include consumables, personalized items, cosmetics, and personal care products. Further, if you don't return items in perfect condition, you'll have to pay a restocking fee, though the amount of this fee isn't listed.

Reviews suggest problems with customer service

While digging for details about My Wedding Favors' reputation, we found that the company doesn't have any presence on the Better Business Bureau. On top of that, the customer reviews aren't great. The average rating for My Wedding Favors is 2 stars across multiple review sites, which is a bit concerning. Most of the reviews cover grievances about customer service, late delivery despite paying for expedited shipping, missing shipments with no tracking, and tons of customers complaining about the return process. Overall, it seems safer to pick a retailer that prioritizes customer satisfaction a bit more than My Wedding Favors.

Nothing special and no real positives

Given the low inventory offerings, the pretty standard wedding favors, and the problems with customer service and shipping, My Wedding Favors emerges as one of the lower-rated options on the market. It really doesn't deliver on any count. There's nothing special on the site you can't find elsewhere, the selection is limited, the prices are higher, and there's not a lot of support from customer service according to the reviews out there.

The Knot Review 2 Star Rating

The Knot

2 Star Rating
  • Prices from $3.10 to $29.99+
  • 150 types of custom text
  • Specializes in custom items
  • 7-day returns

The Knot, most well-known as a complimentary wedding planning site offering various services, is actually a site that offers much more. The Knot's services include the hosting of wedding websites, help with designing things like invitations, and the ability to browse an online shop.

Wedding favors, websites, invitations, and more

Despite being designed to make a virtual space for you and your guests to join in your wedding journey, The Knot goes beyond just websites and invitations: you can now shop for all your wedding favors in its on-site shop. Here you'll see wedding favors and other extras for your special day that still fall under your chosen aesthetic.

Fun variety of wedding favors

You can find a fun variety of items at The Knot like wedding flip-flops, salt and pepper shakers, compasses, tags, stickers, sunglasses, and golf balls. The only snag we ran into is that you can't see all the items in one place. Instead, you need to narrow down your wedding favors by type before you can begin browsing prices. However, if you love things to be organized and categorized, this might be a great shopping experience for you.

Best Wedding Favor Sites

150+ options for customization

The Knot offers over 150 different styles of text to personalize your favors, so once you narrow down the perfect product, you can make it yours. To give you an idea of the inventory, we checked out two categories: glassware and coasters. Under the general glassware category, you can find 15 different types of glasses all able to be customized. If you go with coasters, there are 4 products to customize. So, in general, the inventory options seem a bit lower at The Knot than at competitors, since most of the "uniqueness" of the items is based on your own custom additions.

Hard to find price range at The Knot

To show you a price comparison across all the retailers in our review, we looked for the different pricing tiers at each company so you can see how many items fit into each price category and what that might mean for your budget. However, at The Knot, finding the prices is a little more frustrating than with other retailers. You have to click all the way through the different items to find out both how much they will cost and how many items you'll get in your order. For example, paper coasters at The Knot start at $29.99 for 50 coasters, but there is a "setup fee" for your design and additional color fees if you choose something that isn't included in the design. On the other hand, for something that we expected to be more expensive, like the champagne flutes, the items start at $3.10 per glass and don't require a purchase minimum, which is a bonus.

Only 7 days to return

If you're not entirely thrilled with a purchase from The Knot, the site notes that you can reach out within 7 days of receiving the order and discuss a potential refund. This is the shortest return window in our review, far below competitors which usually offer around 30 days to make a return. Also, you'll be able to recoup the purchase price but do keep in mind that the shipping and processing fees won't be included in your refund.

Best Wedding Favor Sites

Scarce reviews for the shopping experience

Unfortunately, it looks like a lot of customers aren't too happy with The Knot. No matter where you check, The Knot tends to get an average rating of just 2-3 stars out of 5. Reviewers have shared their struggles in reaching The Knot's customer service, making it a bit frustrating. However, many of the reviews for The Knot are for the wedding website side of the company and specific reviews about buying from the shop are somewhat scarce. Unfortunately, The Knot is not rated by the Better Business Bureau, so we can't use that to help gauge the company's reputation.

Not worth the hassle of browsing

While The Knot is a very popular pick for wedding websites, the low ratings and extremely limited inventory make this site much less suited for wedding favors than its competitors. On top of it not having as many options in the inventory, The Knot also has a clunky browsing experience with hidden extra costs that you can't see until you've clicked through all the sub-categories. Plus, if you don't like your items, your return window is extremely limited.

Beau Coup Review 2 Star Rating

Beau Coup

2 Star Rating
  • Prices from $0.50 to $111.99
  • 698 different favor options
  • Regular sales and deals
  • Offers favors for other events
  • 30-day returns

Beau Coup is a family-owned business that specializes in supplying party favors. They offer options not only for weddings but also for a spectrum of events, including retirement parties, baby showers, Christmas celebrations, bridal showers, and beyond.

Favors stand out from the pack

Representing a fusion of brands like Gifts For You Now, 800 Bear, My Walk Gear, and Pro Gift Source, Beau Coup has a range of unique wedding favors that stand out from the pack. With an easily navigable and aesthetically pleasing website, the journey to finding your ideal wedding favors seems promising. However, given some of the feedback from reviewers, this may not be the case.

600+ different favors

With 698 different options for wedding favor products on Beau Coup's website, you're likely to find something that fits the bill. The assortment spans from small candies, bottle openers, and soap to Hershey's miniatures, playing cards, and guest books. One feature that stands out is that many of the items at Beau Coup are customizable, allowing you the freedom to add names, the wedding date, and a brief message to your party favors. And, for those mindful of their budget, Beau Coup allows you to sort wedding favors by price. With an inventory that includes items like Reese's peanut butter cup, cork coaster, pencils, bubbles, and wedding matchboxes, there's something fun at Beau Coup.

Best Wedding Favor Sites

Most of their prices fall on the low-end

To do a quick price comparison, we checked out how many items show up in different price ranges at each retailer. This way, you can see if the selection at each retailer is more budget-friendly or more settled in a high-price range. So, at Beau Coup, the price range with the most items was the $10 to $24 range with 138 different items for sale, and the lowest number was the $50+ range with only 14 items for sale. This means most of the items at Beau Coup are highly affordable. To give you an idea of what you might be getting at Beau Comp for your money, the least expensive item is a set of party favor bags in black and white that say "Love is sweet" for $0.50 each (minimum order of 12 units). The most expensive item you can find at Beau Comp is a monogrammed glass decanter with four glasses for $111.99.

Regular savings and coupon codes

Another bonus to the already low pricing, Beau Coup offers ways to increase your savings. By joining their email list, you gain access to a 20% discount code. Plus, depending on when you're shopping, you might run into one of the regular promos offered by Beau Coup. For example, at the time of this review, there was a 20% off promo with a coupon code.

30-day returns don't include shipping

Returning products is quick and easy, but there are a few problems. Returns can be processed within 30 days of delivery. However, the original shipping cost won't be refunded, and the return shipping is on you. On top of that, there are certain items, like personalized or perishable products, and special order items such as cake toppers, ribbons, and plants, that aren't eligible for return.

Best Wedding Favor Sites

Some concerning problems in reviews

Despite its outward appearance as a reliable shopping destination, Beau Coup raises significant concerns, primarily manifesting in its "C" rating from the Better Business Bureau. While this rating is higher than it was the last time we checked out Beau Coup, it's still not great. This dismal grade stems from a failure to respond to customer complaints. Where reviews are concerned, customers are showing their frustrations. The average rating for Beau Coup is 2 stars out of 5. Customers complained about things ranging from abysmal service to incorrect shipments and unfulfilled orders.

Not as reliable as its competitors

Beau Coup has some cute options for wedding favors, and their budget-friendly inventory is a bonus. But with low ratings and a "C" from the BBB, there are some concerns about how trustworthy and reliable Beau Coup is for your wedding favors. Given concerns about unfulfilled orders (and the time-sensitive nature of weddings), it might be safer to go with a retailer you know can deliver and deliver on time.

GB Design House Review 1.5 Star Rating

GB Design House

1.5 Star Rating
  • Prices from $59 to $80
  • Bulk orders
  • 400+ different favor options in one category
  • Custom items
  • Returns within 14 days

One of the newer options on the market is GB Design House (which stands for Gracious Bridal Design House). Offering a variety of party wares, this company offers merchandise for special occasions like birthdays, holidays, and, of course, weddings.

Limited selection

The selection at GB Design is a little more limited than at other sites and while it seems to have a positive reputation online, it's also only got a handful of reviews to its name. However, one of the benefits of going with GB Design House is their impressive selection of custom items that range from monograms to full custom stationery. On the other hand, if you're looking for an established player with an easy browsing experience, GB Design House still has a little growing to do.

It's difficult to find products

The browsing on GB Design House is not what we would call "intuitive" . To get anywhere near a full range of wedding favor products, you have to continuously narrow down until you've made it to a particular item. For example, wedding items are separated into bachelorette party favors, hotel welcome gifts, wedding party gifts, wedding paper goods, wedding decor, wedding party goods, wedding send-offs, and grab-and-go. Once you narrow that down further (we checked out wedding party goods), you have to select another category. Keep in mind, at this point, you still won't see any pricing. From wedding party goods you have to choose from coasters, cups, matches, napkins, stir sticks, water bottle labels, and grab-and-go.

Best Wedding Favor Sites

Hit and miss

Just to get into actual product results, we tested the cups page. Surprisingly, this had 433 different plastic cups to choose from. However, in some of the other categories, like grab and go, there weren't any options at all. So, it's kind of a grab bag on what you'll get in terms of product results on this site. And there's no way to see all the items in one place, which can be incredibly frustrating.

Limited prices with bulk orders only

At GB Design House, we couldn't do either of the two price comparisons that work for other companies on our list: since no page shows all the items (and there's no filter for price ranges), we couldn't look up how many items were under $25 or find the most or least expensive items. Instead, this website requires a lot of guesswork. So, we checked out the pricing on two items that appeared to be the least and most expensive on the site categories. First, for the least expensive, we checked the price ranges on the stir sticks at GB Design House. The cheapest pack of stir sticks was $59 which includes 25 sticks with a custom design on top. For the most expensive item, we checked out the plastic cups at GB Design House. The most expensive was $89 for a pack of 50 (which is the minimum order amount). It appears that all of the items at GB Design House's wedding section are bulk orders only.

14-day return policy

The return policy at GB Design House is pretty shabby. For new, unopened items, you only have a 14-day window from the delivery date to initiate a return for either an exchange or a full refund, minus the shipping cost. It's important to send back items in their original condition and packaging. There aren't any notes specifically about customized items, but given the lackluster return policy for regular items, you may want to check on that before you order.

Best Wedding Favor Sites

Not rated and has only 11 reviews

Unfortunately, the reputation of GB Design House is pretty questionable. The company doesn't have any helpful details on the Better Business Bureau. At the time of this review, GB Design House had an "NR" rating there. On top of that, the company doesn't have any buzz online. There are no reviews on common third-party review sites and only 11 reviews total on Google Reviews. While the overall impression seems good with a 4.3-star average, having so few reviews and an "NR" rating raises a lot of questions about how active this business really is.

GB Design House has a lot of room to grow

At the end of the day, there's just not a lot of positives for GB Design House. With an "NR" rating and limited reviews, it's hard to check into the company to make sure it's a reliable place to shop. Given that GB Design House also has far fewer options for wedding favors than many of its competitors, a confusing shopping interface, and a worse return policy, we just don't see a lot of silver linings with this retailer. With those concerns in mind, we had to give GB Design House a lower rating. We hope that this retailer will take time to make some improvements.

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Wedding favors come in a myriad of options, ranging from bubbles and playing cards to plants, popcorn, hand sanitizer, bottle openers, drink coasters, glassware, and beyond. You can pick something fun and quick or something that lasts for years to come.

The beauty of party favors lies in their versatility. They can take various forms, reflecting the essence of your wedding and your aesthetic. For instance, if you had a Hawaiian-themed wedding, you might consider sending guests home with seashell-shaped chocolates or hibiscus-scented candles.

Plus, since these favors can be personalized, and engraved with your names, wedding date, and a heartfelt message, you're offering a take-home memory that will remind all your guests of celebrating one of the best nights in your life. Whether it's a customized keychain, a succulent plant, or a sweet treat packaged with love, these little gestures create cherished memories and convey the couple's warmth and appreciation for everyone in attendance.

If you love the idea of fun wedding favors, but find yourself unable to pick from the wide variety of vendors and retailers available, don't worry. It's easy to compare prices across different stores, and you can even score some excellent deals when purchasing in bulk. You're bound to discover something special that really reflects you and your celebration.

Since there are so many options, it can be hard to know where to start. As you navigate the world of wedding favors online, consider the following:

  • Cost. Wedding favors typically range from $0.50 to $3.50 each though some are much more expensive when you start looking into fine art or glassware. While seemingly small, costs can accumulate quickly, especially if you're buying hundreds. Compare similar items across various retailers to find the options that fit your intended budget.
  • Selection. For truly unique and exciting favors, you may want a store with an extensive selection. A retailer with 200 options might have some unique finds, while others may have tons of inventory but not have as many memorable gifts for sale. Make sure your chosen store aligns with your wedding theme and has plenty of wedding favors that fit your style to guarantee a perfect fit for your celebration.
  • Reputation. Given the customization involved in wedding favors, precision matters. Choose a reputable company to avoid order mishaps or delays. Check customer reviews and the Better Business Bureau rating to score a smooth and stress-free experience.

To make your wedding planning as smooth as possible, Top Consumer Reviews has ranked and reviewed the best places to purchase wedding favors online today. Our goal is to help you find the most beautiful and distinctive gifts so you can leave a lasting impression on your guests and commemorate your special day in the most charming way possible!

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Wedding Favor Store FAQ

Wedding favors are take-home gifts you give to those who attend your wedding, usually given out at your reception. It's a nice way to thank your guests for coming while offering them something to remember your special day.
No, there's no obligation to give wedding favors to your guests. But, many couples enjoy coming up with something fun or cute to send away with their friends and family. If you don't like the idea of wedding favors that are just more "stuff" , consider consumables like candies or more eco-friendly options like seeds-and-soil plant kits!
Traditional wedding favors include stemware and shot glasses, mesh bags filled with mints or chocolates, candles, and keychains. Most traditional wedding favors have the couple's name and wedding date on them.
How big is your imagination? With customizable wedding favors for just about anything you can think of, there's no limit to the amount of unique wedding favor possibilities. A honey pot with a wooden dipper? Hand sanitizer? Bottle openers in the shape of the state where you met? It's up to you!
They can be as expensive or economical as you choose. There are basic favors that cost less than a quarter each, as well as lavish, one-of-a-kind wedding favors that are $5 or more. Factor in how many guests will be attending and then choose favors that are within your budget.
There's no way to get a better selection of options! Online wedding favor retailers make it easy to find what you want and deliver your order right to your doorstep or venue.
Absolutely! That's almost always the point of wedding favors: sending your guests home with something that has your name and wedding date on it, sparking happy memories of your special day. You can customize practically anything about your wedding favors: the size, shape, flavor, color, or anything else that matches your theme or your love story.
That depends. Are they customized? If so, you probably can't return them unless the retailer made an error or they arrived damaged. On the other hand, if your wedding favors are ready-made with no personalization, most retailers have a return window of 30 days or more.

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