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The Best Wedding Invitation Sites

Where is the Best Place to Create Wedding Invitations?

There are so many to-do items and details that go into planning a wedding! One of the first is to design invitations to let your loved ones know about your big day. It's exciting to make it official and get the word out about your celebration. It's important to find a good place that will let you customize your invitations to fit you and your significant other's style as well as provide a quick turnaround time to make sure you have plenty of leeway when getting them in the mail.

Your friends and family will want to be there for your wedding and to know about other important events that go along with it - like a reception or dinner. In addition, most couples add information about their wedding registry to their invitations, so you'll be sure to get gifts that will help you jumpstart your new life with your spouse.

Thursday, May 23rd

2024 Wedding Invitation Site Reviews

Top Consumer Reviews Best-In-Class Blue Ribbon Award Zazzle Review 5 Star Rating


5 Star Rating
  • "A-" rating from the Better Business Bureau
  • Over 200,000 wedding invitation options
  • Get 20% off your order by providing your mobile number
  • 30-day return policy
  • Fantastic customer reviews
Top Consumer Reviews Best-In-Class Blue Ribbon Award

Zazzle is a design platform that's only 15 years old - with over 30 million customers and counting. They allow people to create and customize over 1,000 different types of products ranging from card games to skateboards. They've partnered with well-known brands like Hallmark, Marvel, Getty Images, and Disney, allowing people to use images from those companies to make their own unique products.

Something for everyone

There is no shortage of wedding invitation templates at Zazzle. There are a staggering 200,000+ choices for you to pick from, which might seem overwhelming to begin with. Luckily you can use keywords to narrow down the categories of invitations available. You could shop elegant, modern, budget, simple, greenery, eucalyptus, rustic, watercolor, or other specific designs. To narrow down your options even more, you can view invitations by design color, number of photos, foil, type, shape, price, delivery date, and a long list of other filters. There's something for everyone at Zazzle.

Tons of designs, minimal customization

Since independent designers are selling their products on Zazzle, you can't alter the overall look of the invitations you see as much as you can on some other platforms. That's one reason it's nice to have nearly limitless design choices here. Once you click on an invitation style you like, you can view a list of similar styles that you might prefer or just get started personalizing the invitation you see with your wedding details. With the text boxes provided you'll input information like your names, wedding date, start time, location, dress requirements, and more. From there you can change the size of the invitation if you choose to, change the shape, paper type, printing process, and select whether or not you want to attribute the designer/Zazzle on the card. Once you've double-checked all your information, you're ready to add them to your cart.

Stay within a budget

In addition to sitewide sales that they frequently run, Zazzle invites you to sign up to receive text messages and get a code for 20% off your order. Since the cost of some invitations are slightly higher than what we've seen through other retailers, it's a great idea to take advantage of this. You can find budget wedding invitations for as low as $0.35 at Zazzle or spend over $10 per card. Since there are so many choices, you shouldn't have a problem finding a lot of beautiful designs that fit comfortably in your budget.

Best Wedding Invitation Sites

30-day return policy

Shopping at Zazzle is low risk since they allow you to return wedding invitations (and any other type of invitation) if you're unhappy with the end result. You can send them back within 30 days regardless of customization for a replacement, credit or refund. This is extremely generous and should help customers feel extra reassurance when shopping online here.

Cost of shipping varies

If you make frequent purchases through Zazzle, it would be worth paying $9.95/year for a Zazzle Black Membership because it means you always get free shipping. If not, you can input your zip code when you're viewing a wedding invitation, see when it will be printed by, and choose a shipping speed to find out when you can expect your order to arrive. The cost for shipping will be determined by the quantity of products you're ordering, where you live, and how soon you need your order.

Safe choice

Zazzle has an "A-" rating from the Better Business Bureau and very favorable reviews from thousands of customers. Comments about high-quality products, prompt service, great selection, and fast delivery are just a few of the reasons we are so impressed with Zazzle and have given them our highest rating for wedding announcements. You will undoubtedly find a design you like here and be able stay within budget, all while depending on a 30-day return policy if needed. You can't go wrong with Zazzle, so we suggest making this your go-to place for wedding invitations and other card printing services.

Ann's Bridal Bargains Review 4.5 Star Rating

Ann's Bridal Bargains

4.5 Star Rating
  • "A+" Better Business Bureau rating
  • All cards under $1
  • Quantity doesn't change price
  • Great customer reviews

Ann's Bridal Bargains is a specialty print shop. All of their wedding invitations are sold for 99¢ or less since their philosophy is that every couple deserves wedding invitations they can be proud of that come in way under budget. They say that their secret to low prices is theirs to keep - while customers just need to worry about enjoying the benefits and finding the designs they like.

Slim selection, but still unique

On Ann's Bridal Bargains' website, you'll be able to choose between engagement and wedding announcements. In total, there are 29 wedding invitation designs and 14 engagement invitation designs. This is a significantly slimmer inventory than what you'll find through the other sites in this review, but we like that nearly all of them are meant to feature your photos: they'll be unique no matter what. Plus, with the price you're getting, you can't be too picky.

Same low price regardless of quantity

The main categories for products at Ann's Bridal Bargains include 99¢ wedding invitations, 79¢ save the dates, 79¢ wedding announcements, 79¢ bridal shower invitations, 59¢ thank you cards, and 99¢ ceremony programs. With all categories highlighting pricing under a dollar, you can see that this company aims to save people money. The least amount of cards you can order at a time is 25. However, whether you order 25 or 3,000+ the price per card is the same. For people who have a small wedding guest list, they'll be happy to see that they won't be spending any more money than those whose list is a mile long.

Minimal design changes

When you go to customize your announcement, you'll first select the paper type. Matte 94 lb comes standard with all purchases, but you could pay a bit more per card to change the paper to a thicker matte, add shimmer, add texture, or even make the whole invitation into a magnet. You'll add the image(s) you want to use, adjust the fonts, change text alignment, and fill in your personal details before adding your wedding announcements to your cart. Customers can't completely alter the overall design of the card, but you can make small changes so all your design elements flow.

Best Wedding Invitation Sites

Standard shipping

The cost to ship your invitations to your home depends on the cost of your order. Standard shipping for orders up to $99 costs $9.99. Anything up to $200 is $12.99 and anything above $200 is $14.99. If you opt for standard ground shipping, it will take up to nine business days for Ann's Bridal Bargains to produce and ship your invitations, which isn't bad at all.

Contact customer service with concerns

If you have concerns with your personalized products from Ann's Bridal Bargains, you should contact their customer service team. They don't give information about how they resolve issues, but we assume they will reprint or give store credit if necessary. Only non-personalized products can be returned within 30 days and qualify for a refund.

Cheap AND high quality

Even though "cheap" products can sometimes signal low quality, that doesn't seem to be the case at Ann's Bridal Bargains. Not only do they have an "A+" rating from the Better Business Bureau, but customers are extremely satisfied with their purchases. They have hundreds of reviews attesting to the great pricing, high quality, and awesome designs of cards. Although you won't get as big of a selection here, Ann's Bridal Bargains is a fantastic option if you want to save money in at least one area of your wedding planning. It's a great idea to look through their inventory and consider printing your announcements here.

Vistaprint Review 4 Star Rating


4 Star Rating
  • "A+" Better Business Bureau rating
  • Frequent sitewide savings
  • Highly customizable cards
  • 100% guarantee

When VistaPrint was founded, their goal was to provide custom, up-to-date marketing materials to help business owners grow brand recognition through a variety of products. To this day they are still best known for their business cards, but they offer hundreds of different types of marketing materials, signs and banners, photo gifts and wall art, invitations, clothing, labels, promotional products, and more. There are over 380 types of wedding announcements you can choose from at VistaPrint and customize to make your own.

Most announcements don't have photos

There is a good range of different styles of wedding invitations to choose from at VistaPrint. We noticed that there are a lot that don't feature any photos, which is uncommon for wedding announcements. However, if you find a design you like, you could always add a standalone photo of you and your intended with it. You can narrow down the designs by style and themes (bold and colorful, elegant, floral, fun and whimsical, minimal, and more), trim, embossed foil, size, color, and more.

Lots of design freedom

We like that when you're browsing the cards on VistaPrint, you can roll your mouse over the color options and immediately see the different variations available. Once you select a card you like, you can also drag and drop the text boxes, photos, and graphics to change the overall layout of the card however you prefer. Unlike some other invitation sites, you can delete certain parts of the design, enlarge them, change the color, change fonts, and end up having the card look quite different than when you started. The platform allows you to do a lot of customization, so you can get creative and make sure the overall design is exactly the way you want it to be.

Save by buying more

We wish you could search for wedding invitations by price in case you're trying to stick to a budget, but that's not the case. Luckily VistaPrint does display the price per card on the main page so you don't have to click on each product to see the cost. There isn't a lot of price variation between cards since most are either $1.39/card or $1.70 when you buy 10. The price per card drops the more you buy, so you'll get a better deal if your guest list is long. As you design your announcements, there will be options like gold or silver embossed foil, specialty trims, upgraded paper, and custom envelopes that will affect your end price. Keep in mind if you decide to print and add a photo along with the announcement you're buying from VistaPrint, that's another added cost you'll have to consider.

Best Wedding Invitation Sites

Shipping cost based on order total

The cost of shipping your wedding invitations will depend on how much you spend and how soon you need your order delivered. If you spend over $75, the cost for standard, 8-day shipping is $12.99. Priority (4-6 day) shipping is $18.49, and express shipping (4 days) is $35.49. If your order total is less, the cost of shipping is also slightly less expensive, but most people will be spending at least $75 on wedding announcements. VistaPrint's shipping page gives a breakdown of the price to expect based on how many invitations you're ordering so you know what to anticipate.

Love your cards or get a refund

VistaPrint stands behind everything they sell with their 100% satisfaction guarantee. This means if you aren't completely happy with your order, they'll work to make it right. This could result in an order reprint if necessary, issuing an account credit, or even refunding you in full if that's what you prefer. The company asks that you contact their customer service team with any issues you have and work through a solution together.

High quality, but some delivery issues

VistaPrint has an "A+" rating from the Better Business Bureau, but reading through their customer reviews made us unsure of whether or not to think this is an awesome company or an unreliable one. Some people are thrilled with VistaPrint and have used them for years without any issues to report. Other people said their orders took a long time to arrive or never showed up at all. There were quite a few people extremely frustrated after they tried to work through issues with customer service, which is never a good thing. Overall, there don't seem to be major quality issues, which is reassuring, but delivery could be unpredictable.

Consider using VistaPrint

We trust that this is generally a reliable company with a good satisfaction guarantee, selection, and pricing. We recommend at least considering VistaPrint for your wedding invitations.

Minted Review 3.5 Star Rating


3.5 Star Rating
  • Products created by independent artists
  • "A+" Better Business Bureau rating
  • Free recipient addressing
  • Free samples available
  • Free shipping on wedding orders over $200
  • Satisfaction guarantee

Minted was founded in 2007 as a design marketplace for independent artists to sell their artwork, gain recognition, and grow their business. Their artists and designers come from over 100 countries worldwide and are found in all 50 states. The product selection available to customers on Minted's website comes from monthly design contests that are held online where the "crowd" votes on new artistic submissions that are used to curate the selection of these unique products.

Over 1,200 choices

You can find nearly every type of card at Minted - whether it be holiday, greeting cards, event invitations, thank you cards, or wedding announcements. They also have personalized gifts, stationery, artwork, and home decor. There are over 1,200 styles of wedding invitations to choose from. Many of them have a modern appeal while others are simplistic or decorative, and every style is quite different since they are all created by designers of different backgrounds and tastes.

Customize to your style

Most of the wedding invitation choices have the option to put at least one photo on them. All invitations come in multiple sizes, portrait or landscape options, different color themes, multiple silhouette shapes, and a variety of paper choices so you can take a design and make it your own. All invitations come with the option to request a free sample of the invitation to see paper quality and color tones up close before deciding to place a big order.

Recipient addressing for free

Minted will allow you to upload all your recipients' addresses for your wedding invitations and print them on envelopes at no additional cost. This will save you from having to purchase address labels - or from your hand cramping up after addressing all your invitations. At the end of the design process, you'll pick your favorite envelope style and type in the names and addresses of the people you're mailing your announcements to. The catch is that if you want them to also print your return address, you'll have to pay either $45 or $65 extra depending on if you want them printed or skinny wrapped.

Best Wedding Invitation Sites

Save year-round with a Minted membership

Minted gives customers 20% off their first order if they sign up for their email list. Most wedding announcements range anywhere from $2.30 to $7 per invitation depending on the quantity you order. Bulk orders will save you money since the more you buy, the cheaper each individual invitation gets. If you want to become a member of Minted, you can pay $38 a year and get free shipping on all your orders, plus a 20% discount year-round on all products. When the holidays roll around, you get 30% off holiday cards and receive a gift box for signing up that includes a greeting card set, gift wrap essentials kit, and a tea towel.

Return products for any reason

Minted generously says you can return any item for any reason. They handle return requests on a case-by-case basis, so it's not clear-cut whether or not you will for sure get a full refund for your wedding invitations if you aren't happy with them. Since you're custom-creating the invitation and picking nearly every detail yourself, it may be more likely that you'll get a store credit, reprint, or be able to exchange your order. If for some reason the final wedding announcements you receive don't appear the same as you saw online, you can contact Minted's customer service with your order number, a description of the problem, a photo illustrating the issue, and your preference for a replacement or refund. Minted will work with you to resolve the issue as best as possible so that you're happy with your experience with the company.

Decent customer ratings

The Better Business Bureau gives Minted an "A+" rating, but surprisingly some of the reviews from customers are just average. The main issues include working with customer service and finding that some vendors are less reliable than others. In some instances, production is delayed, causing people to be without important wedding announcements in time for the big day, which is extremely frustrating.

Unique, independent designs

The idea behind Minted allowing independent artists to have a platform to show off their creative works and grow their businesses is fun. We like that it makes for so many different creative designs and styles that can cater to everyone's tastes. It's also nice that you can customize the invitations to still make them your own. Overall, Minted is a unique place to look for wedding invitations, but it may not be as consistently reliable as the highest-rated companies we've reviewed.

PsPrint Review 3.5 Star Rating


3.5 Star Rating
  • 15% off your first purchase with email signup
  • "A+" Better Business Bureau rating
  • Satisfaction guarantee
  • Print your custom creations

PsPrint is a Deluxe company that's been in business for over 25 years. They boast that they've served over 750,000 customers by providing high-quality printing and affordable pricing. Here you can design nearly any type of print material for business, marketing, and event purposes. The company mostly seems to cater to business printing, but they do have a small selection for wedding invitations.

Use a template or upload your own

The creation process for wedding invitations at PsPrint is a bit different than what you might be used to through other companies. If you want to browse their templates, there are 28 options, all of which come in a variety of colors. You can upload your own pictures to some of them, change the text information, select the edge type, color scheme, and even opt to make your invitation into a magnet. Where PsPrint differs is that they allow you to either create your own design on their website or upload a design you created on another platform. This way you can make it 100% original, then choose the type of paper, size, quantity, and production time (1, 2, 3, or 5 days).

Average pricing

If you're interested in receiving promotional emails from PsPrint, you can provide your email address and get 15% off your first purchase. The price of your wedding invitations here will depend on whether you use one of their templates or upload your own invitation, quantity, the production time you choose, and other details. We wish they were more transparent with the pricing of their templates. A price isn't shown when you're browsing them, so you have to select a style and start customizing to know the cost. On average, they are advertised as $80.79 for 50, which comes out to about $1.60 per invitation. Where PsPrint is a little more on the expensive side is with shipping. Standard delivery will be at least $14 for an order.

Best Wedding Invitation Sites

Satisfaction guarantee

PsPrint has a satisfaction guarantee that allows you to contact customer service within seven days of receiving your order if you aren't completely satisfied with the print job of your products. They'll work with you to resolve your issue, which means you may or may not get a refund in the end. They'll most likely offer to reprint your wedding invitations, but it will depend on the situation.

Weak template selection

If you're wanting a big range of templates you can easily edit and use for your wedding invitations, PsPrint isn't a great option. You can get really custom here, but the platform is really geared to marketing materials and functions a bit differently than other card companies. Some might find it easier to browse a big list of beautiful designs and choose one. However, if you want to custom create a wedding invitation on a different software so you can have 100% creative liberty, PsPrint is a good option for getting them produced and mailed to you.

Fantastic customer reviews

The Better Business Bureau gives PsPrint an "A+" rating. They have tens of thousands of customer reviews and most of them are extremely positive, which is reassuring. No doubt this is a professional and reliable company, but it isn't the most conventional place to turn for wedding invitations. This isn't a bad thing though, so if you like the website and options for printing here, then go for it. Otherwise, you have other great choices for wedding invitation templates through other companies.

Invitation Consultants Review 3 Star Rating

Invitation Consultants

3 Star Rating
  • Satisfaction guarantee
  • Lots of wedding card categories
  • Orders ship in 2-3 days
  • Periodic sitewide sales

Invitation Consultants was founded in Tampa, Florida in 1999. Over the years they've implemented their love of color and paper to make creative invitations and cards for nearly any occasion. Whether you're announcing your wedding, a new baby, or your annual Christmas party, Invitation Consultants has uniquely-crafted designs that are modern and classy.

Mix and match categories

There are quite a few categories of wedding cards to choose from when you're browsing Invitation Consultants' online store. They have foil pressed invitations, RSVP cards, wedding insert cards, engagement announcements, save the date cards, reception invitations, rehearsal dinner invitations, wedding programs, and more. Some couples will probably need to mix and match from these categories depending on the events taking place around the wedding.

Not overly unique

Many of the wedding invitation styles from Invitation Consultants don't feature any photos. However, a few of them do. To narrow down the features you want on your announcement, you can narrow down by orientation, photo count, size, foil item, multiple colors, and designer. There are a good range of designs ranging from floral to simple and professional, but you can't make many changes to the templates. We wouldn't say that anything here is exceptionally unique since you could find similar cards through another retailer. However, what they offer is beautiful and would meet the needs of most customers.

Not your cheapest option

We wish you were able to narrow down cards by price, but unfortunately this isn't an option. The least expensive cards are going to be around $1.49 each, but this is only if you're buying about 700 of them. If you're buying around 100 invitations, you'll spend at least $1.50 here and most cards are over $2. This isn't crazy expensive, but if you want to change the shape of the invitation or type of paper, that's an added cost and it makes Invitation Consultants one of the more expensive retailers in the end. At the time of this review, they were running a 30% off sale that helped with the price of invitations, so if you're able to shop here during a sale, you'll get optimal pricing.

Best Wedding Invitation Sites

Orders ship in 2-3 days

Most orders ship within 2-3 days. The cost for shipping is dependent on your order total - the more you buy, the more you pay for delivery. If you receive your order and realize you made a mistake on spelling or wedding details, you can get them reprinted with a 25% discount. With custom orders there are no instances where you can change your mind about the purchase and get a refund. Invitation Consultants does not accept returns. However, they do have a satisfaction guarantee in the event that your wedding invitations get damaged, lost in shipping, or have a glaring issue upon arrival. You can report any problems within 14 days of delivery and they'll work with you to get replacements.

Old customer reviews

There aren't very many recent reviews from customers who have shopped at Invitation Consultants. Much of what we found came from 2012 or 2013, with a few as "recent" as 2017. Although almost all customers were thrilled with their purchases, it doesn't tell us a lot about the current state of the company. Has their quality remained the same? Surely their prices have gone up over the last 10 years. Is their customer service reliable? The Better Business Bureau doesn't have a rating for Invitation Consultants, so this doesn't help us get an idea of how well the company is performing.

Average store

Overall, Design Consultants has a good selection of wedding invitations and they have a lot of options for other card inserts that relate to your big day. However, their designs aren't anything we haven't seen before and you will probably spend a little more here than you might at a higher-rated invitation retailer. This isn't a bad option for wedding announcements, but it's also not our favorite. Design Consultants sits in the middle of the pack as far as rankings go.

The Knot Review 3 Star Rating

The Knot

3 Star Rating
  • 430 templates and many color options
  • Sample cards before purchase
  • Lots of customization freedom
  • Free reprints if plans change

The Knot Worldwide is a family of brands that operates in 16 different countries. Their sister sites include The Bump, The Guest, The Bash, Wedding Wire, Hitched, How They Asked, and others. Collectively the services provided by The Knot Worldwide provide tools, content, products, and services for couples planning weddings and starting their family. One small aspect of their company is wedding invitation printing.

430 templates

There are 430 templates for wedding invitations offered by The Knot Worldwide. They can be sorted by style, color theme, foil, season, and number of photos (either 0 or 1). The designs here are beautiful and we noticed that a lot of them were made in collaboration with Vera Wang. You can easily change the color schemes to see the different variations. Only 6 of the 430 cards have the option to add photos, so you're pretty limited if that's what you're looking for.

Lots of customization choices

Before submitting an order, you can ask for a sample of the invitation to be mailed to your house so you can see the colors up close, feel the paper, and decide if it's the right choice for you. With each invitation you can choose between signature, pearlescent, or recycled paper, select your fonts, move text boxes around, and of course add all your wedding details. You can upload any images you want and add them to your invitation as well, so you can get pretty creative here.

Plan on $2 - $3 per card

Most of the wedding invitation templates from The Knot are over $2. As with most card companies, the more you buy, the less you spend per card. You can't sort by price, so you'll have to click on a card to view pricing options. If you're planning to buy around 100 invitations, you should budget between $1.99 and $3 per card here. That doesn't include optional paper upgrades or envelope personalizations.

Best Wedding Invitation Sites

Shipping calculated at checkout

Most orders are printed within four business days once a purchase is finalized. The cost of shipping is determined by your total purchase, so you'll find out what that will be when you're checking out. We wish they were more upfront about it, but that's not the case.

Free reprints if you change plans

If you've paid for your wedding invitations from The Knot and after they've been shipped you have a change in wedding plans, you don't need to panic. The Knot offers free reprints within 14 days of the delivery of your package. This means they'll let you change the date or location printed on your cards at no cost. However, they don't offer refunds or reprints just because you don't like the invitations or you used a photo that was low quality.

Less than favorable reviews

The Knot Worldwide has a "B" rating from the Better Business Bureau (BBB). They are not accredited by the BBB and the reason for their average rating is the 160+ complaints filed against the business. Customer reviews are directed at a lot of aspects of this business including booking honeymoons, creating shower registries, finding wedding vendors, and other services. However, most reviews are negative with a lot of frustration over how customer service handles issues.

Give them a shot

We wish we knew more about their wedding invitation printing services specifically, but since this is such a big company with many different functions, it's hard to narrow them down. Since The Knot isn't a crowd favorite, we've given them an average rating. If you love what they have to offer, you could give them a shot - but keep your expectations in check.

Shutterfly Review 2.5 Star Rating


2.5 Star Rating
  • 100% happiness guarantee
  • Save 20% when you sign up for texts
  • Browse products using your own photos
  • Afterpay options

Shutterfly first existed as a source to print 4x6 photographs from your digital camera in 1999. They now provide a massive range of custom photo services for those looking to make personalized cards and stationery, prints, gifts, calendars, wall art, home decor, and wedding products. All of their inventory can be customized using photos uploaded from your phone or computer. They have a few sister companies that include Tinyprints, Lifetouch, Groovebook, and Spoonflower.

Lots of photo card choices

There are over 350 wedding invitation templates that you can narrow down by foil color, trim options, the number of photos you want to use, design color, theme, style (artistic, contemporary, modern, vintage, whimsical), price, card size (5x7 or 6x8), designer, and format. If you want to upload the photo(s) you're planning to use on your announcement, Shutterfly will show it on all the applicable designs so you can quickly see what styles go along with your picture. Unlike some other retailers, Shutterfly has a lot of designs that feature photos.

Minimal design change options

Shutterfly has three different paper options that you can have your wedding invitations printed on (signature smooth, pearl shimmer, or luxe double-thick cardstock) and they offer pre-printed addressing on most envelopes. Their customization tools are easy to use, but you aren't able to make many changes to the card you select. For example, you can't drag and drop text boxes or change fonts on most products, so what you see is what you get.

Frequent sitewide sales

As with most other online card stores, the more wedding invitations you purchase from Shutterfly, the cheaper each card is. Wedding invitation pricing is based on ordering 75 cards, although you can order anywhere from 1 to 1,000. A sale for 50% off cards plus free shipping was happening at the time of this review, so some invitations were as inexpensive as $0.98 per card. If you are willing to provide your mobile number to Shutterfly, you'll also get a code for 20% off your order, which could save you quite a bit in the end.

Best Wedding Invitation Sites


If you need to make a big order from Shutterfly and don't want to pay for it all at once, you have the option of using Afterpay. This is a service that breaks up your total into four interest-free payments that you can pay off every two weeks so your purchases don't hit your wallet too fast and furious.

The Shutterfly satisfaction guarantee

Shutterfly has a 100% happiness guarantee policy that says if you aren't happy with your order once it arrives, contact their customer service and they'll take care of it. Nowhere does it specifically say you'll get a refund, so you can't necessarily depend on that, but you'll most likely get the option for reprints or a store credit. Shutterfly also promises to never delete the photos you upload to their site and they provide free, unlimited storage of your images.

In a downward spiral

Shutterfly has a lousy "D-" rating from the Better Business Bureau, which is significantly lower than ratings they've had in the past. This was as disappointing as the thousands of poor reviews they receive directly from customers who have used their services. Over the last year, people have been very frustrated by how long it takes to receive their orders and many say that they are poor quality. Some people wait months and have a hard time communicating with customer service about the status of their shipments. Others said their cards unexpectedly arrived with big Shutterfly watermarks on them that they were furious about.

Better choices available

It seems most people would not recommend this company, which is unfortunate. Shutterfly hasn't always had a poor reputation, but apparently their company has taken a dip recently. They have a lot of work to do to get customer satisfaction back on track. In the meantime, we recommend ordering wedding announcements from a higher-rated company.

Fine Stationery Review 2 Star Rating

Fine Stationery

2 Star Rating
  • 15% off your order with email signup
  • 100 invitation choices
  • Easy-to-use website
  • Wedding invites, thank you cards, and gifts available

Fine Stationery began with just one employee, a young mom, working out of her garage in 2000. The company has grown to become a national leader in the customized stationery industry. Their assortment of products also includes wedding announcements and gifts, business cards, holiday and event invitations, baby announcements and other customizable gifts.

No photo cards

There are a total of 100 wedding invitations you can choose from at Fine Stationery. This is a much smaller selection than what's offered by other retailers. The categories you can sort by are style (floral, luxury, modern, romantic, rustic, traditional, and vintage), invitations by season, brand, price, personalization, color, and card format. The most disappointing thing about this site is that they don't have a single wedding invitation that you can put photos on. Since photo cards are so popular, this will likely be a big deterrent to lots of customers.

Not a cheap option

Considering you can't customize any wedding announcements with photos of you and your fiance, the cost of invites are pretty expensive here. The cheapest option is $1.31, but you'll easily be paying over $2 per invitation. You could end up spending between $8 or $12 per card if you choose a premium-weighted invitation - and that doesn't include any add-ons you can choose during the design process. The styles here are plain and not very modern or unique, so we'd have a hard time spending a lot on any of them. If you're wanting a simple and elegant invitation, they have some decent options for that.

Minimal customization

When you go to customize an invitation, you'll first choose if you want the print to be engraved, thermography, letterprint, or flat print. The price quickly adds up if you aren't ordering hundreds of cards, so it's best to shop here only if you have a long guest list. Then you'll edit the text on the template to match the details of your wedding, but you can't move any text boxes or images around: the invitation you get will appear just like you see it on the website. A lot of the cards say they take between 20 and 28 days to be delivered, so make sure you order well in advance at Fine Stationery.

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Bigger orders means higher shipping costs

To know exactly how much shipping is going to cost you, we suggest looking at the shipping chart on Fine Stationery's website. It lays out the cost for ground, 3-day, 2-day, and 1-day shipping when you spend certain amounts on your order. The more your total order costs, the more you should expect to pay for shipping. Ground shipping ranges anywhere from $8.99 to $49.95. In addition, all orders are assessed a $4.99 care and packaging fee.

No refunds on wedding invites

Since wedding invitations are considered a customized order, they cannot be returned for a refund. If you decide to cancel the order after it has been processed and sent to be printed, you'll likely have to pay a cancellation fee. In the event that you made a mistake with the text or or customization of your wedding announcements, Fine Stationery will work with you to correct the mistake and then do a reprint for 25% off.

Not a lot of great feedback

The Better Business Bureau doesn't have a rating for the company and there aren't many customer reviews. Even though you can go on Fine Stationery's website and review any product you buy, we noticed that hardly anyone has done this. There are a few people who have given feedback about this company online and they don't have great things to say. Some say customer service is difficult to get a hold of, items arrived late, and there were spelling errors on their cards.

Better luck elsewhere

We really aren't thrilled by Fine Stationery. Their invitations are nothing exciting, they are expensive, you can't add your photos to them, and the printing seems pretty slow. This is one of our least favorite options for buying wedding invitations, so you're going to have better luck shopping somewhere else.

Hanson Ellis Review 1.5 Star Rating

Hanson Ellis

1.5 Star Rating
  • Unique wedding invitations
  • 30-day return policy on non-custom orders
  • Reputable, well-known clients

HansonEllis has a big selection of products, but wedding favors and gifts are their speciality. The company started in 1999 as a way to create personalized gifts and favors that celebrate life to its fullest. The wedding invitations and gifts from HansonEllis are assembled in California and shipped to customers worldwide. Some of their notable customers include SpaceX, Delta, P.F. Changs, Allstate, Morgan Stanley, Lexus, Ronald McDonald House, Walt Disney World, Smith's, and many others.

Small, atypical wedding invites

Even though HansonEllis talks a lot about the great selection of wedding-related products in their company description, their selection of invitations is practically non-existent - at least in the traditional sense. They have 24 options within their wedding cards, save the date, and invitations categories (some don't even count as invitations). To say they are unique is an understatement. You won't find simple, typical cards with a picture of you and your fiance and wedding details. Rather, you can purchase a message in a bottle with a scroll outlining information about your wedding day, a genie lamp that holds a small message, or a small bamboo box that holds a little wedding invitation inside for your guests.

Odd and expensive

Not only is the selection of wedding invitations options at HansonEllis odd, but also expensive. You'll be spending anywhere between $5.59 and $19.95 per invitation without personalizations of any kind, which will add up quickly. Unless you've got a lot of money to spend on each of your guests and you're going for a really unique wedding theme that no one will forget or probably ever experience again, HansonEllis doesn't make sense for purchasing wedding invitations.

Best Wedding Invitation Sites

No returns on custom products

If you're one of the bold few who will be purchasing message in a bottle wedding invitations from HansonEllis, it will be helpful to know that you cannot exchange or get a refund for any orders here that have customizations. Non-custom products have a 30-day return window, but that won't typically apply to wedding announcements.

Not a good option

HansonEllis is not rated by the Better Business Bureau and there aren't many customer reviews on their wedding invitation products (shocker!). Regardless of this, we would recommend this company for unique party favors or other custom products, but not for wedding invitations. The selection is not worth your time and it's so expensive that it will be out of the question for many couples anyway. HansonEllis has earned our lowest ranking among vendors of wedding invitations.

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Creating wedding invitations is a key part of a successful wedding and it is also one of the easiest things you'll do. There are quite a few online platforms that allow you to create your invitations within minutes and have them either mailed to your house or directly to guests.

Wedding announcements can be formal or whimsical and fun, reflecting the couple's personalities together. Many people choose to add engagement photos to the invitations, but it isn't absolutely necessary. Whatever your style is, you can easily design a wedding announcement you like among the hundreds of template options available online.

There are quite a few companies that offer custom wedding invitations, so we have provided important information for you to consider when deciding who to buy from:

  • Selection: Are there plenty of options to choose from to reflect your style, fit the photographs you want to use, and include all the information you need? You'll want something unique and beautiful, so be sure to find a company that offers lots of design choices.
  • Cost: How does the cost of wedding announcements from one company compare to another? Do you get better pricing if you purchase high quantities of invitations? Is shipping a reasonable price?
  • Production time: Once you've designed your wedding announcements online, how long does it take for them to be printed and shipped to your house? Make sure you have plenty of time to mail your invitations before your big day.

TopConsumerReviews.com has reviewed and ranked the best wedding invitation companies available today. We hope this information helps you find the right wedding announcements to celebrate one of the most momentous occasions of your life!

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Wedding Invitation Site FAQ

You can get online and create all your wedding invitations in an hour or less. Wedding invitation sites have easy-to-use templates that allow you to drag and drop photos, graphics, and text to make a beautiful design in a short amount of time. You'll be able to select the font, color, and size of your invitations as well. As soon as your design is complete, you can submit your order and receive your invitations within a matter of days.
The total cost of wedding invitations is dependent on a few factors like the type of paper, quantity, and size. They are usually priced individually, but prices tend to drop the more you buy. On average, you can expect to pay between $400 and $650. That number can be a lot higher if you have a long guest list, want addresses printed on all your envelopes or other fanciful options.
The classiest and timeless way to do wedding invitations is on paper in the mail. That way people get a beautiful picture of the engaged couple, all the details for the wedding day, and can save the invitation and look at it so they don't forget. It is a much more formal option than evites. Evites are more acceptable for events like birthday parties or baby showers.
Yes! Some companies charge extra for envelopes, while others have them priced in with the invitation itself. You might choose to change the color of the envelope or have addresses printed for you, which could alter your overall cost. However, envelopes are a necessary part of the deal when you're purchasing wedding invitations online.
Oftentimes companies will mail you your invitation before you place your full order so you know what they look like. This way you get to feel the paper, see the quality of the printing, and make sure everything is formatted the way you want. Another option is just viewing an online preview of your invitation before submitting your full order, which also gives you an adequate idea of how they will turn out.
You could collect wedding invitations the old fashioned way and make a list of all your guests, then text or call to request their address. Another option is to make an account through a website that emails or texts your guest list and asks them to respond with their address. There are quite a few free options for doing this. Also, some people simply put it out there on social media that they're getting married and would like a direct message with people's addresses if they are interested in receiving an announcement.
The most traditional size for a wedding invitation is a 4.5 inch by 6.25 inch rectangular card. Most of the time wedding invitations aren't much bigger than a 5 inch by 7 inch design. If it's too big it will look silly, but if it's too small it might be hard to read. Nowadays there are lots of creative designs for wedding invitations like circular scalloped, oval, or other unique shapes that all come in reasonable sizes and add flair to your wedding invitation.
Some key pieces of information you'll want to include on your wedding invitation include the names of the bride and groom (sometimes the parents of the happy couple are listed too), wedding date, location, and time, and other special ceremonies the guest is invited to. You might include whether or not you'll be serving food, where the couple is registered for gifts, RSVP information, and a note about attire.

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