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The Best Wedding Planning Guides

Where Can You Find the Best Wedding Planning Guides?

When the big question has been popped and the answer is an enthusiastic "YES", you need to start planning. Whether you're imagining a small, romantic destination wedding at an exotic locale or a huge church ceremony with a few hundred - or thousand - friends and family members, there's a lot that goes into the decisions between now and "I do".

There are a wide range of websites offering to take the stress out of that process by helping you with everything from theme possibilities to recommended vendors like photographers and caterers in your area. The best wedding planning guides include a jaw-dropping array of tools that let you manage your guest list and RSVP's, track your budget, and keep track of your extensive to-do list - usually through a convenient app that you can access anytime, anywhere.

Thursday, February 9th

2023 Wedding Planning Guide Reviews

Zola Review Top Consumer Reviews Best-In-Class Blue Ribbon Award 5 Star Rating


5 Star Rating Top Consumer Reviews Best-In-Class Blue Ribbon Award

Zola may be the newcomer among online wedding planning guides, but it quickly reached the top of our rankings. Their 100% free features include tools like customizable checklists, streamlined management of your guest list and RSVP's, and some of the most attractive wedding website templates available today. From getting pre-addressed paper invitations to match your site to creating your gift registry from home (or anywhere!), Zola is the best resource for making your wedding planning as enjoyable and easy as possible.

The Knot Review 4.5 Star Rating

The Knot

4.5 Star Rating

As the most diversity-supportive all-in-one Wedding Planning Guide in our review, The Knot gives you all of the tools and tips you need to have the nuptials of your dreams. From checklists to registries that include options to request dinero instead of dishes, this service takes the hassle out of every aspect of wedding planning. Although a handful of users report having problems with the app being buggy or with managing their RSVP lists, The Knot still represents one of the best resources available for online wedding planning.

Wedding Wire Review 4.5 Star Rating

Wedding Wire

4.5 Star Rating

Wedding Wire is one of three fantastic options for all-in-one Wedding Planning. From streamlined gift registries to an awesome seating chart tool and much more, this service can take a lot of the stress out of creating your special day. Although the templates and designs for your wedding website aren't as graphically gorgeous as our top two picks, Wedding Wire's features and reputation make this an excellent option when choosing a wedding planning guide.

Appy Couple Review 4 Star Rating

Appy Couple

4 Star Rating

For couples who want a wedding website creator that's simple, streamlined, and beautiful - not to mention fully loaded with tools for easily managing RSVP's and guest lists and much more - Appy Couple should be the first wedding planning guide to consider. Although this service doesn't give much guidance in terms of dresses, themes, party favors and other particulars, it's an excellent choice if you want the most up-do-date tech tools for keeping everyone connected as the big day approaches - and for as long as you want afterwards.

Here Comes the Guide Review 3.5 Star Rating

Here Comes the Guide

3.5 Star Rating

When you need a reputable list of vendors in your area, Here Comes the Guide should be on your list of good resources. This Wedding Planning Guide offers detailed information on and links to many venues, photographers, and other service providers you'll need for your big day. This site also gives great advice for planning, including online and printable checklists, wedding ideas for numerous themes and styles, all with a relaxed, encouraging tone. You won't find mobile apps for managing guest lists and gift registries here, so this is probably ideal for people who are specifically looking for vendors or who just want some inspiration as they plan their wedding.

A Practical Wedding Review 3.5 Star Rating

A Practical Wedding

3.5 Star Rating

A Practical Wedding is a great resource for couples planning a non-traditional wedding, from LGBTQ+ to large blended families and much more. This service promotes diversity in its target audience and its featured vendors, which you'll see as soon as you visit the site. A Practical Wedding's tools and vendor database are limited compared to our higher-rated services, so this isn't the wedding planning guide for people who want seamless technology for planning their guest list, managing a gift registry, and so on. But, if you're looking for a modern, everything-friendly site that has lots of suggestions, community input, and advice for planning your wedding, give A Practical Wedding a look.

Woman Getting Married Review 3 Star Rating

Woman Getting Married

3 Star Rating

Woman Getting Married helps couples plan their weddings with recommendations for dresses, themes and ideas, venues and other vendors, an online checklist, and photos/suggestions from real weddings. Most of the articles and tips featured felt fun and approachable (like what you'd see on social media). However, Woman Getting Married's vendor database wasn't as inclusive as other sites we reviewed, and the printable checklist was too basic to be useful for most couples.

Wedding Planner Guide Review 3 Star Rating

Wedding Planner Guide

3 Star Rating

For more than 30 years, Wedding Planner & Guide has been the go-to resource for couples in Madison, Wisconsin. Unless you live in that area, you won't find much on this site for connecting with vendors near you, but you may get inspiration from the beautiful images featured there. You can also get a free printable checklist to help you figure out the details of your wedding. Wedding Planner & Guide doesn't have as much to offer as our top-rated wedding planning guides, but it might be a good place to start if you just need a little inspiration.

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You can also get inspiration and advice from real couples. Thinking of having a wedding in the woods during winter? Check out what other brides and/or grooms did - and maybe even get practical tips for staying warm and keeping everyone from getting wet! Not sure how to navigate tricky family dynamics, which friends to invite to be in the wedding party, or how to word an invitation that includes everyone? Most of these wedding planning guides have in-depth advice and answers to guide you.

You've got a lot on your mind already, so how can you tell which online wedding planning guide is the right fit for you and your significant other? Here are several factors to keep in mind as you consider what's available:

  • Cost. Most online wedding planning guides don't charge to use the service. If you're interested in a paid planning tool, will you get enough value out of what you pay to make it a better choice than a free option?
  • Services Offered. What kind of help or advice are you looking for? Do you need an all-in-one site that gives you access to an app, checklists, plus ideas and inspiration for everything from flowers to food? Or maybe you're just at the beginning stages of planning and want to know if there are any available venues in your area? Choose a wedding planning guide that fits your needs.
  • Inclusivity. If you're planning a non-traditional wedding, can you find resources on the site? Are there couples and stories that you can identify with that are featured in the photos and articles?
  • Use of Technology. With so much of today's world online, it makes sense that more couples are taking advantage of fully-featured tech tools to streamline their wedding planning. Are you interested in having an app that you (as well as friends and family) can use to update RSVP's, list and/or buy items on a gift registry, and more? Not every wedding planning guide offers that capability.

TopConsumerReviews.com has reviewed and ranked the best Wedding Planning Guides available today. We hope this information helps you create and plan the best wedding you've ever dreamed of!

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Wedding Planning Guide FAQ

Congratulations! Your head is probably spinning with thoughts of "What do I wear?" and "Where do we want to get married?" Using a wedding planning website should be the first thing you do!
A wedding planning guide is any service that helps you, well, plan your wedding! Some are really robust, offering an all-in-one location for sending out invites, creating a gift registry, and even sharing day-of event photos! Others are more static: you may find some downloadable checklists and shopping guides, but not much more. Whichever type you choose, it's a great way to sort through all of the possibilities and start narrowing down the choices until you've got your dream wedding ready to become a reality.
The best ones are actually free! (And since there isn't much else about your wedding that will be, enjoy that!) Many couples are pleasantly surprised at how much they can do with an online wedding planning guide, all at no cost.
Popular features that many wedding planning services offer include a website (that can be used as an online invitation as well as a place to manage RSVPs, share photos, etc.), seamless integration with gift registries, question-and-answer tools for deciding on everything from budget to catering, and an easy way to create and send paper invites. Some wedding planning guides also provide vendor recommendations for venues, florists, and so on.
That's totally up to you. If you decide to go all-digital, don't forget to consider if your great-aunt Agatha will be able to access your online invite, mark the date in her paper calendar, and find the address to get to your wedding on the right day and time. On the other hand, if you've got a small group of close friends that you're inviting and they're all as tech-savvy as you are, there may be no need to spend the time, money, or paper on printed invitations.
Not necessarily, but there's a way to finesse it so that it's not seen as gauche or presumptuous: choose a wedding planning service that has a "Cash" , "Experiences" , or "Honeymoon" registry option! Especially with so many weddings where couples are combining fully-equipped households or have already established a home together, many guests welcome the idea of not adding more stuff to the mix - and instead, being able to help fund a dream destination honeymoon or something fun like cooking lessons for two.
That varies by provider. Some give you lifetime access at no cost, while others let you keep the site active for a year and then charge a fee to keep it up thereafter.
Most services let you set whether your website is publicly visible, searchable on search engines, and so on. You may also be able to make your wedding website password-protected; just make sure that the way you give guests the password is also secure!
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